Wifes Teen Age Sister

Rita is my wife’s younger sister, and at 19 she has most beautiful ass I have ever seen. It is as round as a perfect circle and best feature of Rita’s body. Her dresses all ways get pinched between those sweet buttocks. I always feel my cock erected when I watch her ass bulging out of her thin body. I wonder weather her ass hole is big like her buns and then I dream about her dark, hairy anus. I am sure that even it will taste good if I eat it.

As discussed earlier Rita telephoned me when she had settled in the metro for her higher studies. She was staying at a hostel. I reached the place in two days and met her in the hostel. She had told the warden that her big brother will be coming for an official trip and therefore she will have to stay with me for a week. When she packed her bag I reminded her to take the school uniform she had brought from home. We reached in the hotel I stay at 5.15 p.m. As soon as we entered the room Rita asked why I insisted on bringing the uniform from home. “I will answer you while we eat some desserts at the hotel”.

While we were eating ice cream I told her about the fantasies I have. Rita was exited to hear about this. She suggested that we would make real each fantasy real during coming days; one by one. We made a schedule and on the first day she has to wear school uniform .

It was day 1 evening Rita came after college, she had a shower and she changed to her good old school uniform. I felt an instantaneous hard-on when I saw her in my favorite fantasy. I stared her for sometime. She had out grown the old garments. Skirt has become short revealing those lovely pair of thighs. Also shirt was tight and her small breasts were struggling to free from that. I could see her brassiere through the shirt, which provoked me further. She had not forgot to wear tie as well as a belt, which were elements of school uniform. After I enjoyed much of the front-view I moved to her back and looked at her beautiful hips.

Her ass was popping out more than usual due to the tight skirt and belt. I could not help approaching her and embarrassing from back. Caressing her boobs I told her that I had never expected this would happen .She replied “I knew someday this would happen.”


“You were always staring on my ass and I felt a burning sensation in my asshole which tempted me to yield.” My prick, which now fully erected was pressing just bellow her buttocks since she was as tall as I was. I kissed on her lips and put my tongue into her mouth. Her great pink tongue plunged deep into my catching hold of my tongue .She closed her eyes and called my name. I felt my rod would explode in the softness of Rita’s ass. She rubbed her ass buns against my stiff cock. Same time I lifted her short skirt and caressed on those lovely thighs. Then I removed her tie, belt and unbuttoned the white shirt. Her small breasts were firmly packed in 34″ white brassier. I wrapped those tits over brassier cups with my palm.

I couldn’t help kissing on bra straps running over her soft back and cutting into her flesh. Her breathing became heavy and she knew this man is going to do wonderfully naughty things to her body. Sunny is going to penetrate where no one has dared to go and he is going to make Rita scream with intense pleasure and lust. Rita began to scratch her nails into tissue of my hairy chest. This exited me and I kissed over the fabric and then unhooked the bra. For the first time Rita was revealing her tits in front of a man.

The feeling of my lips wrapping around her hard nipple send shivers throughout Rita’s body. As my lips move down from my breasts to belly, I caressed her smooth thighs and pressed his mouth on her naval. Soon I unhooked her skirt and it fell down around her feet. Rita was now in pink panties with her ass standing out remarkably. I kneeled and kissed on both of her buttocks alternatively. Then Rita turned 180 degree and her vaginal mount was Projecting profusely, only millimeters away from my face. I stared on that and pressed my lips to it. Aha! The smell was so good.

My hands finally stopped over Rita’s vaginal mount. His palm pressed through the silkiness of her panty. I inserted my hands in the waistband of her panty and pulled down it slowly to reveal one of the best hairy cunts I had ever seen. Her pubic area was lengthy and covered with thin hairs.

I said, “I knew that your cunt is not shaved”.

How did you know?

“Rita, one day I inspected your panty you had put for drying and I found few thin pussy hairs on it”

Do you love seeing ladies panties?

“Certainly! That day I smelled your panty and masturbated”

Have you smelled any other girl’s underwear?

” A lot. On every chance I did! Actually I Had stolen many of these as I love the feminine smell and therefore used ones are best”.

Oh! Panty thief! Saying this Rita rubbed the panties just removed from her body on my face. I inhaled deeply so that I can enjoy the smell of the little cloth that was covered her cunt and ass. . Suddenly Rita felt honey oozing from her cunt

In the room Rita laid across the bed with her legs spread and her pussy winking at me as she continued to rub and play with it ever so often letting her finger dip into her cunt and letting out a little moan as she hit her G spot ether on the in or out stroke. I dropped my robe and joined her on the bed, my cock by now was at the point of no return and there was a little dollop of pre-cum glowing on the tip.

She looked at my cock and quickly took it between her lips and slurped the droplet with her tongue and made a face while saying how good it tasted. I made a dive for her cunt and buried my face in her pussy until I thought Rita was going to take my entire head into her slit which was moist an very tasty as I grabbed her clit between my teeth and nibbled gently as she arched her back and let out a scream as my mouth was filled with her cunt juice as she came like a waterfall. “Oh shit!! put your cock in me now I need to feel it I need fucked and fucked hard”. I of course was ready to respond and I slowly entered her juicy cunt with just the tip of my cock slowly until just the head was buried up to the ridge.

“Oh you panty thief” she moaned “give me the whole thing I want to feel you hit bottom.” I slowly drew my cock out until I felt the lips of her cunt start to grip the end of my cock, then I pushed it back in till I felt the same lips grip the ridge of my cock. “Please don’t tease me” Rita said almost crying in ecstasy, “Put your cock the whole way in.” I continued to do the slow fuck with just the head of my cock until I felt her start to cum, then I plunged the entire length of my cock in to her super hot pussy, as I did several things happened, she came and it felt as though I had put my cock into a vice as she clamped down hard with her pussy muscles and I hit bottom, something I had only done one time before with a different woman, a long time ago.

I continued to pump her and noticed something real strange her cunt seemed to get deeper and tighter, then I realized that I had entered her uterus and was for the first time having a true deep fuck, something that I had only read about and thought my cock was too short to pull off. Rita continued to moan and thrust her hips as I pumped her twat in a slow steady movement.

“Don’t cum inside me she squealed I want to taste it, cum in my mouth, pleasssee.” I didn’t know if I could hold it long enough to get out of her cunt and into her mouth, but I was going to try. I slowly exited her cunt and rolled on my back, beside her on the bed, my cock was pointing toward the roof and I felt that if a fly flew past I would shoot cum to the moon. I raised to my knees and let my balls rest between her tits and the head of my cock brushed her waiting lips which opened to receive my swollen cock.

She raised her head and took my cock into her mouth and applied suction to it an I felt her throat start to give the head that swallowing feeling, she was deep-throating my cock, granted it’s not that long but by now her nose was buried in my pubic hair and my cock was down her throat, and she continued to suck for all she was worth. I felt as though my balls were going to blow-up. I told her that I was going to cum, and she only sucked harder and faster. When I did let go I thought that that I would never stop I came like I never have before I shot and shot until I noticed cum seeping out the corners of her mouth and running down on to my balls. She never missed a drop and still swallowed greedily until I stopped coming and let out a sigh of pleasure. She rose to one elbow and let my cock slip out from between her lips. As she did a drop of cum glistened on her lips and fell to my stomach, which she quickly licked up.

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