Wifes Date

Angie finished drying her long red hair and looked at herself in the mirror thinking how good she still looked at thirty. Angie turned and looked at her profile in the mirror checking out her firm round ass and tiny waist along with her 38 D cup breasts.

Angie placed the palm of her hand near her cleavage tracing the line on her skin from the sun that afternoon. Angie had pale skin, which was speckled with red freckles and had to be very careful not to get too much sun otherwise she would burn.

She tossed the towel onto the bed and opened the dresser drawer and starred at the stack of panties that filled the drawer. Angie looked at the dress hanging on the back of the door which she bought special for her date that night and decided not to wear any panties at all. The green dress she bought clung to her body and the panty line showed and looked ugly and if she had taken more notice when she tried it on she would have picked another material to wear. Angie brushed her teeth leaning over the sink watching her large full tits giggling as she moved the tooth brush around inside her mouth. She couldn’t believe she was actually getting ready for a date with another man.

Angie got angry every time she thought about the mess her husband Walt got them into with his gambling. Walt had made a bet with someone at a poker game and when he told the man he was short of money and couldn’t pay off the debt they had made another agreement with the man.

Walt had said the man was very angry with him and Walt had to come up with an idea to keep from getting himself beaten up because Walt said he was at least 6′ 7″ and massive in size. In addition to this big man, Walt said he had a couple of big body guards with him that night and they looked very intimidating and Walt was afraid for his life.

The man’s name is Bruce and he had mentioned to Walt before the game that he loved redheads’ so that gave Walt the idea that he could fix Bruce up with a redhead just like he had mentioned.

Walt told Bruce that he could arrange a date with a redhead just like he had mentioned before the game and said it was his sister and he would make all the arrangements.

Walt didn’t tell Angie what had happened until the next day and Angie could have choked him on the spot. Angie was so angry with Walt and made him promise that he would stop gambling. Walt was in tears the night he explained everything to Angie and had said that he was sorry and he would never put them in a situation like this again.

Angie stood in front of the mirror applying her lipstick than looked at the amount of cleavage that was showing and tried to pull the dress up further but tugged it back down. She had wished she had picked out something that wasn’t so revealing.

Angie wanted to be nice to this man but at the same time didn’t want to give him any idea’s that he could go further than dinner and maybe a little dancing tonight. Once finished, Angie walked into the bedroom and slipped her wedding band and diamond engagement ring off her finger and placed it in a small drawer in her jewelry box. She would be Walt’s divorced sister for the night and get it over with.

Hopefully Walt would learn his lesson with this and give up gambling like he promised and maybe some of those nasty friends that got him into this situation. Angie walked out into the front room and saw Walk pacing the floor and sat down on the sofa without saying a word.

Walt turned to face his wife and said. “Honey. Please don’t do anything to piss off this guy tonight because he has many friends and I’m afraid of what he could do to us.”

Angie gave her husband a nasty glance and snapped back at Walt and said. “I think you should have thought about that when you made a bet with this man last week. You knew that you didn’t have the money to pay him back but you went ahead and played that silly game anyway.”

Walt looked nervous as he stood in the window as he said. “Honey. I’m really sorry about everything and wished I could take it all back.”

Angie walked over and sat on the sofa as she replied. “Just remember that because of you I have to spend the night out with some strange man I don’t even know and show my ass and hope he doesn’t try anything with me and its all because of you so don’t act like you’re sorry to me.”

They could hear a car pull into the driveway and Walt looked out the window and said. “It must be Bruce, a black customized Hummer just pulled up near the garage.”

Angie walked back into the bedroom to put a final touch on her makeup as she tried to settle her nerves as Walt answered the door and Bruce and two other huge black men walked into the house.

Bruce introduced them as his body guards and looked around the house from where he was standing and said. “You know I don’t usually let people get away with not paying up to me but if your sister is the knockout you told me she is than we will consider this settled and even.”

Walt tried to form a smile as he listened to Bruce’s deep and mean sounding voice as Angie walked out of the bedroom and walked toward the men.

Angie almost froze in her tracks as she saw the three black men standing at her front door as she walked closer and waited for Walt to introduce them.

Angie stood in front of the men as Walt said. “Bruce. I’d like you to meet my sister, Angie. Angie. This is my friend Bruce and these two men are friends of his and I didn’t get their names.”

Bruce had his eyes fixed on Angie’s exposed cleavage as he took her hand and kissed it and said. “Your every bit as beautiful as your brother told me you were and your red hair is just gorgeous.” Angie smiled and kept it very short because she was so nervous and said. “Thank you very much.”

Bruce was still holding her tiny hand and didn’t let go of her as he introduced the two men who were standing next to him as Billy and Donny and said they were his insurance that they would have a safe night.

Angie stood next to Bruce starring up at his face and even with her 5′ 6″ height and her 5″ heels, she still seemed short standing next to his 6′ 7″ height. Bruce also had broad shoulders and huge hands and the deepest voice Angie thinks she ever heard.

Bruce glanced over at Walt and surprisingly smiled at him and said. “You didn’t disappoint me this time. Consider it even.”

Bruce placed his large arm around Angie and said. “Its getting late, we should get to the club if we’re going to have dinner.”

Walt watched as Angie walked out of the house with Bruce and the other two men and got into the hummer and saw Bruce walking back toward the front door by himself and wondered what was going on.

Walt waited before opening the door and when he did, Bruce stepped inside the house and smiled at Walt and said. “Your sister is hot and if all goes well tonight I’m going to be seeing you more often from now on and just take my advice and don’t do anything stupid like giving her bad advice about me because if you screw this up I won’t call it even any longer.”

Bruce walked back out shutting the door behind him as Walt stood there still shaking wondering how he and Angie were going to get themselves out of this mess. Walt wondered if Angie would be able to handle this in a way that Bruce would just disappear and everything would be forgotten.

Walt paced around the house for the next few hours watching the clock and wondering what was going on with his wife and Bruce hoping he would drop her back off at the house soon.

Walt sat on the sofa and began to dose off when he heard the sound of a car pulling into the drive and the headlights shined into the front room window. Their house was out in the country and stood back in the woods about several hundred feet away from the road so Walt felt comfortable knowing that he had no neighbors that would see these black men coming to his house with Angie so late.

Walt sat up and watched the front door open and saw his wife walk through the door but was surprised to see Bruce follow her inside along with Donny and Billy.

Walt was surprised as he saw his wife laughing at something that Bruce must have said when they came in as she turned toward Donny and Billy and said. “You guys can find glasses in the kitchen toward the left of the stove and just put the extra bottles in the refrigerator.” Bruce walked into the room as Walt starred at him as he sat down on the other end of the sofa and waited for Angie.

Bruce finally looked over at Walt and said. “Your sister is a very special lady and I might say she is very different from the women I dated in the past. Angie brings out the gentle side of my personality that many people don’t see.”

Walt sat there and swallowed hard as he listened to Bruce talk about his wife as if she were already his girlfriend.

Bruce sort of chuckled in his deep voice as he leaned over toward Walt and tried to whisper and said. “With women like your sister Angie, you have to take it slow and easy and build their trust and confidence which will lead up to the big pay off.”

Bruce starred into Walt’s eyes and laughed and said. “You don’t know much about women do you?”

Walt responded with his voice sounding shaky and said. “Well. I think I know my sister fairly well enough to know she doesn’t screw around on the first date.”

Bruce leaned over a little further and grabbed Walt by the shoulder and said. “Excuse me. I hate to sound so blunt with you, because I know she is family but I bet you at poker and won from you already and I bet you the amount of money you lost to me last week that Angie will be giving me all the white pussy I can handle.”

Walt was beginning to shake now as Bruce told him his plans for his wife as he tried to smile at the big man.

Bruce continued as he said. “Face it. Your sister is a fine woman and she does have a pussy along with nice tits and a sweat little ass. Man. That beautiful long red hair and I can’t wait to see the little red muff between her legs.”

Bruce than added. “Patience. My friend. Patience.”

Angie walked into the room and sat down next to Bruce on the sofa completely ignoring Walt on the other end as Bruce leaned forward and said. “Let me see those beautiful earrings I bought you tonight.”

Angie pushed her long red hair to the side and let him see the diamond studded earrings she was wearing as Bruce said. “Walt. Take a look at these earrings I bought your sister tonight and see how beautiful they look on her.” Walt got up and sat in the chair directly in front of them and starred at the large diamond earrings his wife was wearing than noticed the diamond neckless she was wearing too and said. “I don’t remember seeing the neckless on you before?”

Bruce chuckled and said. “I bought that for your sister as well to match the earrings she is wearing.”

Angie put her hand on Bruce’s shoulder and leaned forward and said. “Thank you so much for the presents tonight.”

Angie puckered her lips as Bruce gave her a small peck on the lips than another that lasted a couple seconds longer.

Bruce held Angie’s hand and glanced at Walt and said.” Excuse us while I return the appreciation your sister is showing me.”

Bruce kissed Angie again locking his lips to hers sending his tongue deep into her mouth as Walt looked on in horror but was afraid to say anything to Bruce and figured he’d just get it over with.

Bruce moved closer to Angie and placed his arm around her and waited to see what Angie’s reaction was going to be and he soon found out as she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

Once they finished, Bruce looked over at Walt who was sitting in the chair with a blank look on his face and afraid to say anything to this man in fear of getting harmed and said. “Would you mind going out in the kitchen with the guys so I can talk privately with your sister?”

Walt got up from the chair and walked toward the kitchen and glanced back to see what was going on but Bruce had switched the table lamp off which made it too dark to see anything.

Walt made it into the kitchen and poured himself another drink and joined Donny and Billy on the bar stools at the counter.

Donny laughed at Walt when he sat down next to them and said. “Man. You got a hot looking sister out there. Does she have a twin by any chance?”

Walt tried to smile as he took a drink from his glass as his hand shook and almost spilled some on his shirt.

Billy looked over at Donny and said. “I bet old Bruce is getting some of that red headed pussy right now if I know him.”

Donny replied. “Yeah. Bruce has a special way to seduce women that I never saw before and the way they were dancing at the club tonight. I thought he was going to fuck her right there on the dance floor.”

Donny looked at Walt and said. “I hope this isn’t bothering you too much. You know, your sister is only human and she has sexual needs, just like us men. Isn’t that right Billy?”

Billy stood up and patted Walt on the shoulder and replied. “That’s right. Women are all the same and if they are attracted to a guy then they are going to get just as horny as the three of us and want to fuck.”

Walt looked nervous as he listened to these men and finally said. “Did you see anything else going on besides on the dance floor?”

Donny replied. “Oh man. They were kissing in the back seat, all the way back to your house tonight. As a matter of fact, I don’t think your sister would have come back here tonight but she wanted to check on her daughter.”

Walt had an idea and looked at Donny and Billy and said. “I better go and check and make sure Megan is still sleeping in her room, I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Walt stood up and walked into the front room walking as close to the sofa as he could and as he walked nearby he could see Angie sitting on Bruce’s lap.

As Walt walked closer, he had a view of the rear of the sofa and could only see Angie sitting and a small portion of Bruce’s head. Walt thought he heard kissing noises and his body felt weak wondering if Bruce was sucking Angie’s tits.

As Walt started to walk toward the kitchen, Bruce sort of raised his voice and said. “Walt. Can you come here for a minute?”

Walt’s heart sank as he thought that Bruce was going to yell at him or maybe worse as he slowly walked toward the front of the sofa to see what the big man wanted.

Bruce had dimmed the light but Walt could clearly see his wife still sitting on Bruce’s lap, the straps to Angie’s dress were pulled down and she was holding the top of her dress against her tits keeping them covered.

Walt waited for Bruce to say something terrible but actually smiled at him and said. “I want to be a gentleman about this and ask you a question if you don’t mind?”

Walt’s voice was shaky as he glanced at his wife and noticed her dress was hiked up around her thigh in addition to the straps being pulled off her shoulders as he replied. “Sure. Just let me know what I can do for you.”

Angie interrupted as she looked at Bruce and said. “Bruce. Walt is my brother so I’ll tell him what we plan on doing this evening.”

Walt swallowed hard as his wife turned and starred him straight in the eyes and said. “Bruce was going to ask you if it was all right to spend the night here with me but I had told him that if it wasn’t for you that we wouldn’t have met and you wouldn’t mind at all.”

Walt swallowed again as his eyes stayed focused on Angie’s and could see that she was looking for revenge for bringing her into this mess and finally replied. “No. You’re right Angie. I don’t mind if Bruce spends the night here. I’ll get the guest room ready for him.”

Bruce chuckled as he looked at Walt and said. “You don’t have to worry about doing that for me. Your sister has everything arranged for me.”

Angie stood up holding her dress in place as she looked back at Bruce and said. “I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

Angie starred at Walt as she walked past him and not saying another word and went directly into their bedroom and shut the door as Walt stood up and said. “Why don’t you go out and tell the boys I want to see them?”

Walt didn’t hesitate as he quickly got the two men from out in the kitchen and brought them back into the living room as Billy said. “What’s up Boss?”

Bruce replied. “You fellows can go back to my place and I’ll give you a call tomorrow when I need a ride”

Bruce walked over in front of Walt and put his large hand on his shoulder and said. “Walt. I want you to do me a big favor and go out into the kitchen and bring the bottle of wine the boys took out there and a bucket of ice with wine glasses and bring them to Angie’s room in a few minutes.”

Walt stood there looking down at the floor wanting to call this all off and tell Bruce the truth but chickened out thinking that Bruce might kill him or at least break some bones and besides he might harm Angie if he found out she was in on this too.

Walt was thinking that maybe Angie would only take this to a level and not give in to sex with this man. He would try and talk to her when he brought the drinks into the bedroom.

Bruce put his other hand on Walt’s shoulder and said. “Listen. I saw the look on your face when I told you I was staying. Your sister is a big girl and she can speak for herself and make her own decisions.”

Walt replied. “No. Not worried about Angie’s decisions at all it’s just that I didn’t know you would have sex with her tonight.”

Bruce chucked as he replied. “I got it. You don’t want to see your sister bang a black man. Is that it?” Bruce continued to say. “Walt. Have you ever been with a black woman?”

Walt said. “No. Never.”

Bruce replied. ” I’ll have to see what I can do for you. Now go get those drinks for me and I’ll see you in the bedroom.”

Walt was in the kitchen getting everything together and was getting ice from the refrigerator when he heard a cabinet door open and slam shut and turned to see his wife standing next to the counter wearing a black transparent nightie.

Walt started to walk toward Angie when she said. “Just stay away from me right now.”

Angie had her packet of birth control pills and was punching a pill out of the little container and placed it inside her mouth followed by a drink of water than set the glass down on the counter and started to walk out.

Walt yelled out and said. “Honey. I’m sorry for getting us into this mess and I’ll make it up to you.”

Angie didn’t say a word as she kept walking back to the bedroom as if she didn’t even hear him speak. Walt noticed how her ass was completely exposed as he watched her cheeks sway with her hips.

Walt was shaking again as he put the ice bucket on a tray along with the wine and the glasses. Walt knew he had done it this time and wondered if Angie would forgive him. How could he stop this man from screwing his wife without getting shot or hurt very badly?

Walt promised himself that he’d never gamble again as long as he lived and would treat Angie better than he had. All he wanted was one more chance and he would show her how he could change.

Walt took the tray and walked toward the bedroom and saw the door closed when he got there. Walt sat the tray down on the floor as he knocked on the door and picked the tray back up and waited.

Bruce yelled and said. Come on. “The door is open.”

Walt was able to open the door using a couple fingers on the handle and as the door slid open, he saw Bruce standing with his back toward him on the other side of the bed. Bruce was giving Angie a hug as they stood there without even moving.

Walt said. “Where would you like me to put the tray?”

Walt stood there listening to them kissing than realized that Bruce was naked and saw Angie’s hands around Bruce resting on his hips. The contrast of Angie’s pale white shin against Bruce’s jet black skin allowed Walt to clearly see her fingers as they clung to Bruce. Angie looked so tiny as he stood there looking and waiting for them to tell him where they wanted him to put the wine.

Bruce turned around and Walt saw this mans cock for the very first time and couldn’t help notice how large he was. Bruce’s cock was poking straight out and looked massively big and not only was he long but very thick as well.

Bruce pointed at the dresser and said. “Just put that over there and we’ll take it from there.” Walt placed the tray on the dresser and glanced at the couple as they returned to kissing and completely ignoring him. Bruce was squeezing Angie’s ass with his big hands as they remained locked in a passionate kiss.

Bruce’s cock pointed straight into Angie’s tummy on an upward angle and she seemed to be rotating her hips causing his large cock to move around above her belly button. Walt watched as Angie took hold of the cock making Bruce groan as he whispered and said. “Wait until you feel it inside you.”

Bruce turned and saw that Walt was still standing in the room and chuckled as he said. “You can leave now. We’re not putting on a sex show here.”

Walt hesitated a few seconds until Bruce let go of Angie and walked over and put his arm around Walt guiding him to the bedroom door and out into the hallway and turned and pulled Walt around to face him and said. “Listen. You seem concerned about your sister tonight. Don’t worry about her because I’ll be really gentle with her. Now go and get some sleep.”

Walt stood in the hallway watching the big man turn and shut the door but not before Walt got a glimpse of Bruce’s massive cock.

Walt stood there thinking how he shouldn’t have come up with this silly idea in the first place and maybe he could have paid a hooker to have sex with this man. Why did he have to do this to Angie and himself?

Walt walked into the living room and sat on the chair and grabbed the drink he had put on the table but never finished and finished the contents before laying his head back wondering what Angie might be doing at that very moment and fell asleep.

Walt heard a noise and opened his eyes only to see Bruce sitting on the sofa in front of him with a drink in his hand and smoking a cigarette. Walt lifted his head and looked toward the big guy with his eyes a little fuzzy from being asleep.

Walt sat up straight and saw the man was naked and his cock lay limp between his legs but still very large. Bruce said in a low but deep voice and said. “I didn’t mean to wake you up. I only came out here to have a drink and a smoke and a little fresh air. The bedroom got really hot.”

Walt looked around than said. “Where’s my sister?”

Bruce replied. “Angie is in the bathroom freshening up. She got all sticky and sweaty from the workout we had.”

Walt’s body went weak again as he watched Bruce smoking his cigarette than looked at his watch and noticed it was three in the morning which meant they were in the bedroom for almost four hours. Walt asked. “Is Angie all right?”

Bruce leaned forward as he blew the smoke out of his longs and gave a slight chuckle as he shook his head up and down and said. “Angie’s just fine, maybe a little stretched and sore but she’ll be fine.”

Walt put his head back on the chair and closed his eyes as Bruce put his cigarette out and turned off the lamp.

A few minutes later, Angie walked out of the bedroom with a blanket wrapped around herself and sat on the sofa next to Bruce. The room was dark except the light from the moon shining into the front window.

Walt kept his eyes closed except to slightly glance at the couple as they sat on the sofa just a few feet in front of them. Walt could see Bruce put his arm around Angie and heard the sounds of kissing taking place but could hardly make out their faces.

Walt sat perfectly still in the chair and pretended to be asleep as he listened to them whispering as Bruce said. “He’s asleep. Climb on top of me.”

Angie replied. “No. He might wake up. Why don’t we go back to bed?”

Bruce said. “Come on. Sugar. I want you to ride me right here on the sofa.”

Walt could hear his wife giggle as Bruce tried to pull her on top of him until he finally succeeded in pulling her on his lap as Angie giggled than her giggles were soon replaced by kissing sounds.

Walt had his eyes open enough to see what was going on and saw that Angie was holding the blanket around her body keeping herself covered as she sat on Bruce’s lap.

Angie was sitting with her face toward Bruce and the movements Walt could see with the blanket looked as if she was playing with his cock as they continued to kiss.

Walt could see his wife as she continued to move her body around on Bruce’s lap until he could hear them whispering again. Angie said. “Don’t make any noise. Be very still and help me put it in.”

Bruce replied. “Sugar. Raise your ass a little higher That’s it . . . Slid down.”

Angie replied. “Oh God . . . Slow . . . Don’t wake him . . . Take it easy . . . That’s it . . . Yeah . . . Oh Yeah . . . Good . . . ”

Walt watched as Angie began to move herself around on top of Bruce but all he could see was the blanket and what looked like his wife impaled on Bruce’s huge black cock. Walt had to admit he was turned on watching his wife mount this black man across from him on the sofa and continued to watch and listen.

Angie was whispering again as she said. “Oh yeah . . . That’s it . . . give it to me . . . Don’t wake him up . . . That’s it . . . ”

Walt could hear the kissing again as he watched the blanket slid down off Angie’s shoulders but she quickly pulled it back up trying to keep herself concealed.

Walt saw that Angie had wrapped her arms around Bruce’s neck and it looked like his hands were placed on her ass guiding her around on top of his lap.

Walt could hear Bruce whispering this time as he said. “Uh Baby . . . So tight . . . Pussy . . . That’s it . . . That’s it . . . Come on . . . Squeeze it . . . Yeah . . . I can feel it . . . ”

The blanket started to slip down again but they were moving more rapidly and didn’t seem to care as the blanket fell on the floor below Bruce’s feet.

Walt could see the big cock sliding inside Angie’s pussy as she rotated her hips and Bruce controlled her up and down movements with his hands.

They were kissing again and Walt could hear the combination of both Angie’s wet pussy making wet sounds and their kissing and started to play with his own hard cock through his pants.

Bruce had raised Angie higher as he sucked on her tits and arched his hips up higher to keep her body far enough in the air to suck and bit her nipples.

Bruce was beginning to put more effort into his fucking as he held onto Angie’s hips and bounced her body on his cock much faster. This was causing her large full tits to bounce with each forceful thrust he made inside Angie’s pussy.

Bruce finally let out a groan as he began to shoot his load of seed deep inside Angie’s pussy as she too reached her orgasm and tried as much as possible not to make much noise but they could still be heard around the house.

Angie sat her ass down on Bruce’s lap while his cock finished squirting the last of his cum inside her belly. The only sounds were of them trying to catch their breath than a few little kisses that Angie was giving Bruce as they sat still in front of Walt.

Walt was still trying to pretend he was asleep as he saw Angie as she stood up and as she did her pussy made a loud sound from the mixture of air and Bruce’s cum inside her pussy. Walt could see it but he bet there was cum dripping down her legs at that very moment. The light was very dim but they just starred at each other for a moment when Walt finally said. “Honey. I love you very much and don’t want to lose you.”

Angie just stood there looking into her husband’s eyes for a moment than started to walk past him than turned and said. “There’s extra blankets in the closet if you get cold.”

Walt quickly replied before she disappeared into the bedroom. “Honey. I didn’t mean to get you into this and I really do love you.”

Angie looked at her husband and said. “Walt. We’ll talk about this in the morning. Go to bed now and get some sleep.”

Walt turned and entered the guests’ bedroom and as he laid down on the bed he stroked his cock until he made himself cum as he thought about his wife screwing a black man. Walt got turned on but could never tell Angie the truth about it because if she didn’t plan to kill him now than just the mention of telling her his true feelings would surely get him killed.

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