Wife Has a Visitor

The phone rang three times before my wife was able to answer it. I had been outside this Saturday afternoon working in our garden and just came in the door to hear the phone ring. I didn’t know who she was talking to. From her responses on the phone, it seemed to me some one was flirting with her.

After a few minutes, she asked me if it was alright for Jim to come over today. I suddenly knew what it was all about and told her it was OK with me. When she hung up, I told her we were expecting this to happen anytime. She smiled at me and acted very nervous. She went to the bathroom to freshen up.

We had talked about sharing sex with our good friends, Jim and Julie, during the past several months. They indicated they would share, but my wife kept saying, no. Finally, my wife said she would try it, but she wanted complete privacy with Jim for the first time. No one could watch. I thought that would not be a problem, because we could utilize two separate bedrooms. She still wasn’t satisfied with that arrangement. She said Jim could come over sometime when I’m not in the house. After that, we would decide what to do.

My wife came out of the bathroom with her hair combed and her makeup freshly applied. She had put on more lipstick than usual. Her lips looked very inviting. Evidently, she wanted to look pretty and sexy for Jim.

I asked, “Are you going to take off your jeans and put on something pretty.”

“No, Jim will have to be satisfied with me just the way I am dressed.”

I laughed and said, “He will soon take off your clothes anyway.”

She looked a little shocked to realize Jim would soon be seeing her nude. I think she suddenly realized what was going to happen.

She said, “I need some courage. Go fix a strong drink for me”

I went to the kitchen to mix drinks for us, but made hers a triple. As she started sipping her drink, I asked, “What do you want to do when you are in bed with Jim.”

She blushed and said, “I’m embarrassed to talk about it, especially to you. I haven’t had time to think about it.”

She was dressed in jeans and blouse. I suggested she remove her bra so that her nipples would show through the thin blouse.

She said, “ I’ll remove my bra later. I didn’t think about it being daylight. I would feel much better if it was dark to be naked with Jim. I’ll be embarrassed today.”

“You have beautiful breasts and a body you can be proud to show. I’m sure Jim will be very pleased.”

She had quickly consumed the drink and asked for another. I mixed another triple for her. I’ve lived with her long enough to know that when she is feeling high, she loses her inhibitions and becomes sexually aggressive. I expected this second drink would loosen her up. Soon, she started talking more and I knew it was time for me to ask again what she expected to do in bed with Jim. I said, “Are you going to give Jim a blow job?”

She looked a little startled and responded, “Do you think I should and do you think he would like it?”.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Jim would be thrilled if you did. He would love it.”

“In that case, Jim and I will take a shower first because you know I like to be thoroughly clean when doing that.”

“You might consider a six nine position so that Jim can tongue your pussy while you go down on him.”

“Now you’re wanting me to expose the most intimate part of my body to him during daylight.”

“I’m sure that would turn Jim on.”

“OK, if that is what it takes, I’ll spread my legs wide and let him have a close look at my pussy and ass.” She humorously said, “He can even put his nose in it if he desires.”

We both laughed.

“Do you want him to tease your ass with his finger the way you like me to do?”

“That would probably feel good.”

The drinks were making her feel loose and willing to talk sex.

I said, “What else are you going to do with Jim.”

“I’ve decided to give him the best blow job he ever had. Then I’ll let him fuck me as long as he can get an erection. I’ll give him an afternoon he will long remember.” She paused. “Jim should be here any minute now, why don’t you go back and work in the garden. I’ll wait here in the house for him”

I thought, she is really primed for sex. Jim is going to have the thrill of a life time with my wife. I reluctantly returned to hoe the weeds in the garden.

Jim drove his car in the drive way and got out. He noticed me in the garden at the side of the house. He started walking toward me, then I walked to meet him. We shook hands and talked about the beautiful sunny day being a little hot. Nothing was said about sex or why he had come over to our house. We both knew the plan. The less talk right now, the better. I commented that my wife was in the house.

Jim left to ring the front door bell. I heard the door open and my wife’s voice to invite him in. Jim would soon find out what a sexy wife I have.

I continued to hoe the weeds, but my mind was elsewhere. It being a warm day, the windows of our house were open. I was wondering which bedroom they would use. A few minutes later, I heard voices from the upstairs bedroom window on the side of the house next to the garden. Maybe I’ll be lucky to hear what they say.

They were not talking loud enough for me to make out what they were saying. I heard my wife give a little squeal, and then Jim laughed. I wondered what he did to her. I leaned on the hoe handle and listened for more sounds.

I heard Jim say, “Off it comes.”, then a pause, “Your breasts are beautiful.”

I assumed he would be nibbling on them by now. I didn’t hear anything for a few minutes. I could only assume they were kissing and removing their clothes.

The upstairs bathroom also had a small high widow on this side of the house. Soon, I heard the shower going and Jim said, “Come on in”.

I knew my wife was planning to wash his cock before she gave him a blow job. Then there was some giggling by my wife. I heard muffled voices over the noise of water showering on them. I assumed he was washing my wife’s beautiful body after she had washed his cock and balls. A few minutes later, the water was turned off, but I could not hear any voices. My wife gave another little squeal and Jim laughed again. I was curious to know what he was doing. Was he goosing her or giving her a sexy pinch on her butt. I must remember to ask my wife what Jim did to make her squeal.

The window was open in the bedroom and the blind was pulled up. If they walked around the side of the bed next to the window, I might see them. They were very quiet. Now that they had dried off, they were probably standing up and kissing while their naked bodies were pressed together. He probably had a finger in her pussy by now. Maybe she had a hand on his cock.

As they came back in the bedroom, I heard my wife say, “Let me take off the bed spread.”

They both walked by the window giving me a glimpse of my wife’s body from her naked breasts up. I saw the top part of his naked body right behind her. I got a glimpse of him kissing her before they laid down on the bed. They disappeared from my sight. Then it was quiet for awhile. I assumed they had stopped kissing and she probably had his cock in her mouth by now. If so, Jim must really be enjoying it. I knew one thing for sure. I was going to give my wife a very good fucking after Jim left. I kept wishing they would say something so I would know what they were doing.

I heard Jim say, “Ooohhh! That is so good.”

I wondered if she had just deep throated his cock. If so, there would be more noise from him.

Then I heard him continue several times, “Oooooohhhhhh……”

There was no doubt in my mind that she was lying on top of him in a six nine position. She told me earlier that is what she planned to do. She is now alternating going down on his cock, licking the head, feeling and mouthing his balls. She is probably using her tongue all around his bottom similar to the way she does me. During this time Jim is looking at her pussy and ass, probably kissing her clit and running his tongue up and down her slit. She always enjoyed that.

I was wondering if he was fingering her ass as yet. He might not try it on his own, but I think she will tell him to move his finger up and down the crease of her ass and insert it. I couldn’t hear anything from my wife, but I could hear Jim’s vocalization.

Occasionally, I heard Jim say, “You are so sexy. You are the best. Keep doing it.”

Evidently, he is really enjoying the super blow job my wife is giving him. The grunts and sounds of sex continued. Then, Jim’s voice became louder and began to grunt very loud. Evidently, he was shooting his cum, spurt after spurt, in my wife’s mouth. His groans and grunts continued as I knew my wife was continuing to suck the last bit of cum from his cock.

My wife usually becomes vocal when she has an organism, but I didn’t hear her. Of course, she can’t make much noise with a cock in her mouth. Then the noise subsided. They are probably relaxing with my wife still lying on top of him with his limp cock in her mouth. I didn’t hear anything for awhile. They started softly talking but I couldn’t understand very much.

I did heard Jim say, “It won’t take long for me to be ready again.”

“Don’t worry, we have all afternoon”, she said.

I had been leaning on the hoe handle, but didn’t want to work. I decided to sit on a small bench that was handy and listen to more voices and noises from upstairs. I looked at my watch to see that about ten minutes had gone by before I heard them talk again.

My wife said, “I’ll help you get it up again. What position do you want?”

Jim answered, but I didn’t quite understand. Anyway, he is getting ready to fuck her.

My wife said, “Get in position and let me aim it with my hand.”

I then heard Jim give a groan and a big sigh as if he had just plunged his cock all the way in my wife’s pussy. Now they were quiet Probably, slowly fucking and taking time for tongue searching kisses for added sexual pleasure. Jim had already cum once, so they would take their time to enjoy many long kisses while his cock was buried in her hot pussy. I looked at my watch.

I heard Jim say, “You are so sexy, I can hardly believe I am here with you.”

It was quiet again as they continued to fuck. I then thought I heard a faint grunt. Yes, it sounded as if Jim was grunting as the sound became louder. I looked at my watch to see they had been fucking for at least twenty minutes. I could now picture in my mind a vision of Jim pounding his hard cock in her pussy. Then I heard my wife make her usual loud moans as she approaches an orgasm. Her moans sounded so familiar, I knew she was going through an orgasm. Jim became very vocal. Evidently his cum was filling my wife’s pussy. It wasn’t very long before I heard my wife’s voice.

“Wait a minute before you pull out.”

She had told me that many times when we finished so she could get some tissues to catch the cum before it soiled the bed. I knew exactly what they were doing right now. Sometimes she puts my limp cock in her mouth before getting out of bed to clean up. I wondered if she now had Jim’s limp member in her mouth. I will have to ask her later.

Before today, my wife was very apprehensive about having sex with another man. From what I could hear, it sounded as if her sexual experiment was successful. If so, now maybe we can continue the relationship in a more open fashion. I will have the opportunity to have sex with Jim’s very pretty wife. I heard the commode flush up stairs and assumed my wife and Jim were cleaning up.

I was wondering if they were going to get dressed. They seemed to be in no hurry to come down stairs. I heard them talking in the bedroom but couldn’t hear much what they were saying. It sounded as if they were going to stay upstairs and continue with more sex.

I could barely hear my wife say, “We can do it again if you want to stay.”

Jim responded in a clear voice, “I would really like to stay.”

I could barely hear my wife’s response, “Alright, I’ll help you get it hard.”

I could only assume she would take his cock in her mouth to get it hard. He liked the first blow job so good, maybe she will give him another. It was quiet for a long time. I assume she had his cock in her mouth.

Then I heard Jim say, “Turn around and let’s try it in this position.”

Evidently, he was going to fuck her again now that she had his cock hard. I looked at my watch. Five minutes went by, then ten, then fifteen. He was really taking his time to fuck her and enjoy the feeling. I didn’t hear anything, but they could have switched to other positions during this long time.

Then I heard him grunt and groan loud and practically shout that he was cumming. I didn’t hear anything from my wife. Maybe she was not having an orgasm but was allowing him to fuck her for his own benefit. My wife would enjoy it even though she might not have an orgasm. Jim’s vocal noises finally subsided. Then I heard them talking.

She said, “Let me get the tissues before you pull out”

Jim responded, “OK. That was so good, you are so very sexy.”

Now they began to talk loud enough so I could hear.

He said, “I hope I didn’t wear you out.”

“No, I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m glad you came to see me this afternoon. Now I feel we four can get together to extend our friendship in a more intimate fashion. Sorry, I had such a hang up to begin with. I thought I was going to be embarrassed this afternoon especially since it was daylight, but I feel good about it. You are a very good lover.” She hesitated, then said, “Go ahead and get dressed, I’ll stay right here for my husband. I’m sure he has the hots now.”

I went around to the front of the house to wait for Jim. He came out the front door with a big smile.

He said, “Your wife is upstairs waiting for you. I think she is a fantastic girl. You are lucky to have her all the time. While I was upstairs, we talked about you and your wife coming to our house tomorrow night for a big party. You know what kind of party I’m talking about. I’ll talk to Julie when I get home to see if it alright with her. I’ll have Julie call you.”

While I was talking to Jim, I noticed he had my wife’s lipstick smeared on his lips and on other parts of his face. I didn’t want to tell him that. I wanted him to go home and let Julie see him. The thought went through my mind that he probably had traces of lipstick on his cock. Maybe that is why my wife applied so much lipstick. Maybe she applied more between sexual encounters. When Jim left, I quickly went up stairs. My wife was lying naked on top of the bed waiting for me. She had that fresh fucked look. Her hair was messed up and her lipstick smeared.

She smiled and said, “Did you see my lipstick on Jim’s face? I wanted to send him home to his wife like that. She will know we had a good time.”

I didn’t know girls could be so catty, and we’re supposed to be good friends. I’m sure she did it as a joke.

I said, “I have to take a quick shower to get rid of the garden dirt and sweat.”

When I came back into the room, she was lying on her back with her legs parted. I could smell sex. Her pussy lips were red and swollen from the fucking Jim had given her. I was so turned on by the thoughts of another man fucking my beautiful wife and here she was just waiting for me. I saw tissues laying on the floor. These were the ones she used to catch Jim’s cum as he pulled out of her. Evidently, she had not gone to the bathroom to clean up after the last time because I could see Jim’s cum oozing from her. I assume she wanted me to fuck her with Jim’s cum still in her. That’s OK with me, I’ll just add mine to Jim’s.

I could hardly wait for her to tell me all the details of what she and Jim did. I laid on my back while she moved above me to sit on my cock. Before she could sit on my cock, some cum was dripping out of her pussy down on me. She sat on me as my cock became fully buried in her. She was very juicy and stretched. She then started telling me everything they did from the minute Jim came in the front door until he left.

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