What Got Into Her

My wife’s name is Cyn. Her black hair, warm brown eyes, copper complexion, long shapely legs that are inches apart as they reach her slim hips and firm cupped buns, her erect posture and lovely upturned nice sized breasts, her quick wit and sexy smile, her high cheekbones and her soft but well defined jaw-line, her smooth almost silky skin, the black hair of her pussy, her soft abdomen, her outward conservatism combined with her hot and uninhibited sexuality…these attributes have emotionally overwhelmed me for twenty-one years of marriage. I am hopelessly in love with her.

I have always suffered with a streak of jealousy, a possessive element in my personality. I am also idealistic, habitually putting girlfriends (before marriage) on a pedestal…it therefore always shocks me to learn from some high school buddy that years ago in high school some girlfriend of mine had been promiscuous…I had never dared to even attempt a sexual move on these girls.

But Cyn had been different. We met in college on a blind date; I had been told that she was hot so I tried to fuck her on our first date. Sure enough, she loved making out and dry-hunching…I even got her down to her underwear without much trouble, but after three years of trying I could never get her to go any further.

She would massage my penis in my jeans, but it wasn’t until that third year that she pulled off my underwear and masturbated me, a relief for me to cum in great explosive shots that rained all over both of us instead of unloading in my pants during our dry-hunching. This experience brought a new intimacy between us in which she confessed to me, after much questioning,her sexual experiences with past boyfriends.

She admitted handling the dicks of two boyfriends in high school though she denied ever witnessing an explosive ejaculation as we were by then sharing; she denied ever having intercourse with anyone though she had dated two boys in college before me…one who had claimed (so I had been told)to have fucked her; she vehemently denied this. I accepted this but today, 20 years later, I suspect she had been fucked regularly by at least this one boyfriend though she still claims I was the only person to have fucked her when we married.

Yes, we had been fucking for a year when we married. From the beginning she seemed far more sexually experienced, more comfortable and uninhibited than me. I learned from her, not vice versa. She was very holsum, a good and serious student, a church-going Catholic, and very popular. She never dressed provocatively, but she was a knock-out with a natural sexuality about her.

There is a careless lack of self-consciousness about her…for example, I often saw her breasts and nipples by easily looking down her blouse long before I ever got my hands on them. By her senior year, she discarded bras permanently and hasn’t worn one during all the years of our marriage.

She never had much patience with my jealousy. She doesn’t have a jealous bone in her body, probably a result of her formidable self-confidence. Her refusal to wear a bra was probably an early challenge to my jealousy during our marriage. Just as I so often got a full view down her blouse, I witnessed other men getting an eyeful. It disturbed me but it was also titillating to witness other men looking at her tits. I knew it was titillating to our male friends…her breasts and nipples are gorgeous and defy gravity. Wives would joke with me about how their husbands found Cyn to be so sexy, some of my male friends even joking about her fine breasts.

I said nothing to her except in our love-making…I’d confess what I’d seen and she would tease me, asking if I liked men seeing her nipples, even asking what I’d do if she let them squeeze her breasts, kiss and fuck her. She knew she was using my jealousy against me. Once when we had gotten drunk with a group of our friends, finding ourselves at a nightclub then driving home (all drunk) with Cyn in the backseat with a male friend (who loved her breasts) and the friend’s wife up front with me, I saw them french-kissing in the backseat with my friend’s hands on her tits.

I was too drunk to care, but in their backseat laughter, I saw his head go under her T-shirt;he had realized his fantasy of getting his lips on Cyn’s breasts, though only briefly. I also realized my dick was rock hard despite the pangs of jealousy. She teased me later in our love-making, asking how I felt about my friend french-kissing her and sucking on her nipples. By this time I was exploring pornography in Penthouse, finding myself fascinated by letters from men whose wives had fucked other men, some even describing the sight of another man’s cock penetrating the pussy of their wife and shooting cum into them. The thought of this drove me wild…unimaginable. I began leaving the most erotic Penthouse letters on female infidelity under her pillow for her to discover, which led to more of her teasing when we fucked.

Such a thought was wildly erotic to me but aroused great jealousy mixed with lust…I’d kill any son of a bitch who fucked Cyn(even if I was sporting a hard-on and ejaculating as I did it). Cyn knew this and loved to tease me during our love sessions…when I’d asked her about those old college boyfriends and whether anyone had fucked her, she would now answer that she’d never tell or “Did I really want to know?” or “Can you handle the truth if I told you?” “How do you know I’m not fucking around now?” My dick would erupt immediately, which she found hilarious.

These teasing responses reminded me of the pornographic stories I’d been reading; her aggressiveness in bed such as those occasions when she massaged and sucked my dick as I fondled her clit and slid my fingers into her pussy before we fucked, became punctuated with her sexual comments like “You know I love penises”-plural not singular; also “I love when men cum inside me” and other teasing, erotic comments that would bring a quick ejaculation as we fucked.

I admit I became obsessed with thought of my wife crossing the line of adultery, of violating this ultimate code of marital fidelity. My heart would race at the thought. I often beatoff with explosive ejaculations reading and re-reading the Penthouse letters of wives fucking men behind their husbands’ backs, of husbands coming home early from work and stumbling upon their wives being fucked by a neighbor. I graduated to more troubling stories of wives fucking black men, of wives prefering the larger penises of their lovers, also letters from husbands who even encouraged their wives to experiment by fucking another man, of wives being seduced by a neighbor, of another man impregnating someone’s wife, of a husband who actually arranged for another man to seduce his wife, and of wife swapping,…I soon found myself masturbating to all of these various stories.

I particularly got off on stories when the husband described in detail the erotic anguish of watching his wife’s wet vagina being slowly penetrated by another man’s enormous cock and actually seeing cum shoot from the invading penis as the stranger slid his dick in and out of his wife’s cunt. The thought of impregnation still drives me wild.

All of this culminated in several years of crisis in my marriage. I had long been accustomed to many friends hanging around our house,-male and female but particularly male friends who enjoyed us both but had especially good rapport with my fetching, dark-haired, braless wife. They would be drinking a glass of wine as she cooked dinner, just shooting the bull as she tended the kids or other household activities.

As I came home from work, several guys (sometimes with a wife or girlfriend, but more often 2 or 3 male friends) would be chatting with her in the kitchen, Cyn typically in short-shorts with a loose sleeveless blouse or t-shirt ( her nipples always detectable)or bathing suit if she’d been swimming in our pool. In the mornings they’d be around the coffee pot. I’d join them. It was fun. Most were old friends or neighbors, such a plumber named Mike who lived several doors down from us. Mike was blond, slightly above medium height, slightly overweight, loud and boisterous with his laughter and jokes. His marriage was on the rocks, he spent far too much time chasing pussy at local clubs, and relied on Cyn as his marriage counselor and friendly ear to share all his problems with.

Mike confided in Cyn all the details of his marital problems, largely accepting the blame for the break-up. He was a bar hound and compulsively fucked around on his homely wife he’d married after high school. In their long conversations that often went on late into the night, he told Cyn of his long list of female conquests, naming many single and married females, many we knew well. Cyn loved being in on these secret affairs and she would tell me all she learned,-much we found hard to believe. Mike is not particularly good looking, but, as I would soon learn with certainty, he was a very accomplished cuntsman. I told Cyn that he obviously had a crush on her, but I never worried about him because he seemed not to be in her league, just not someone attractive enough to be a threat.

By the time I learned he was fucking Cyn almost daily, they’d been fucking for over two years;by then I knew she would refuse to end the relationship when I learned of it, so I never confronted her with my discovery. I cannot bear the thought of life without the woman I love. I found out the hard way…I witnessed a gang bang of my wife set up by Mike. I’ll never remove from my mind the vivid vision of my wife being fucked by three men.

We had a swimming party at my home one Friday night. Approximately ten couples were there. Cyn and Mike had been bass fishing (he was a big bass fisherman and he often took Cyn–I would soon learn these were invariably fucking expeditions to our weekend lakehouse). They were grilling the fish and fixing supper when I arrived home from work. Everyone soon arrived. The kids were all spending the night out. The alcohol flowed freely and the food was delicious; everyone had a great time in the pool. I’d had a long week and excused myself to go to bed around 11 pm; 6 or 7 people were still there but I assumed they’d leave soon.

I woke up to piss around 1 am and noticed Cyn was not in bed. Perhaps she and Mike were having another long talk about his problems. I went downstairs into our den. No-one was there but I heard music and voices outside. Curious and perhaps suspicious, I did not step out the den door to the patio. Instead I decided to eavesdrop. I went out the front door and snuck around the side of our house to the shrubs that bordered our patio/pool area. Five people were in the pool…Mike was beside Cyn in the shallow end, a doctor friend named Shannon and an unmarried couple, Joe and Allison, were also there. They spoke quietly,often laughing, as they drank wine, a freshly opened bottle at poolside.

Then I saw Mike pass a cigarette to Cyn, his left arm wrapped around her as she leaned against him. She leaned against Mike as he coaxed her to smoke, holding the cigarette to her lips. The acrid smell of marijuana suddenly registered in my brain. “Come on, it’s your turn Cyn,” he urged. She took a deep drag as Mike laughed,”That a girl…hold it in your lungs,’ he told her as he then passed the weed to the doctor.

Cyn looked up at Mike and they kissed, their mouths open, Cyn sucking Mike’s tongue into her mouth then exhaling the marijuana smoke into Mike’s lungs. No one seemed surprised by their intimacy. Mike’s right hand cupped my wife’s right breast as their intense kissing went on. Cyn’s hands were beneath the water. My penis stiffened under my robe. Shannon (the doctor) and Joe each took turns kissing Allison as the weed made the rounds between them, then back to Mike who laughed again as he again held the pot for Cyn to inhale, again exchanging the smoke in an opened mouthed french kiss.

“Hell, why don’t you two fuck and get over with,” the doctor said to Mike and Cyn as the weed was passed backed to him. Mike laughed loudly as his hand returned to Cyn’s breast, both drinking down more wine. “We’re getting there,” he bellowed,holding his bathing suit above the water and flinging it onto the patio.

Mike pressed Cyn into the corner. “Your fingers are fantastic,” I heard him whisper to her. “That’s what all the boys tell me,” she teasingly replied. Then the music stopped.

“I’ll get it,” Mike said as he stepped from the pool. His dick shocked me, stiffly pointing upward as he went into the den to change the cds. His cock was thick, very long, simply enormous. The others laughed at his immodesty. Stunned, I realized my wife was responsible for Mike’s erection.

The doctor called out,”Cyn, it’s time to shed that bathing suit…we’re skinny dipping you know.” She didn’t answer; she seemed semi-asleep in the shallow corner of the pool,her eyes closed. I suddenly realized that the other three were also nude.

“We’ll take care of it,” Mike told them as he stepped back into the pool. His tongue reentered Cyn’s mouth; he used it as a dick to fuck her mouth. He pressed her into the corner. Her legs rose above the water and encircled his waist as he hunched rhythmically against her. He pulled down the shoulder straps of her sheer red one-piece bathing suit. Cyn protested.

“Not here,” I heard her protest. “Let’s at least go inside.”

“Honey, we’ve never done it in front of people,”he urged. “They know about us. Let’s do it right here,-live dangerously with your old man upstairs sleeping like a baby.” He fed her more wine. The weed was passed to him and she again inhaled it deeply, kissing him as she exhaled,sharing it’s intoxication with him.

The three others moved beside them, Joe and Shannon both kissing and fondling Allison. Her breasts rose above the water as she stood briefly. She was lithe with small tits and pointed areolas. “Who’s going to fuck me first,” she asked. Joe moved against her, pinning her to the pool wall beside my wife, her knees also rising above the water to embrace her lover.

“Hell, I guess I’ll have to take seconds on both of them,”the doctor muttered. Mike responded with a laugh and again maneuvered Cyns’s straps off her shoulders, rolling the stretched thin fabric down revealing my wife’s gorgeous breasts. This time there was no protest from Cyn. Her eyes remained closed. The other two men stopped what they were doing and gazed intently upon her tits.

The doctor spoke first: “I hope her pussy is as delicious as those tits.”

“Better than any pussy you’ve ever had…you’ll see,” said Mike as he stepped back to roll the bathing suit down her legs, lifting her exposed shaved pussy to the water’s surface, then he threw her suit onto the patio only a few feet from where I stood in the shrubs. “I shaved that pussy for her,” he bragged as his hands under her rear held her cunt at the surface. His claim cut me like a knife,-Cyn had told me she had shaved her pussy to be sexy for me.

Cyn seemed asleep as they talked about her. Mike again slipped the marijuana between her lips and she sucked the smoke deeply. This time Shannon (the doctor)leaned forward and kissed her, sliding his tongue into Cyn’s mouth. She seemed not to notice. Mike spread her legs. The others watched as Mike’s thick fingers slid between the lips of her vagina, his thumb massaging her clit. My wife caught her breath and began slightly hunching his fingers.

Allison also watched and held the weed to Cyn’s lips for another drag. Cyn sucked again as she hunched more vigorously on Mike’s active fingers…I saw three fingers slide into her puss. “She can take all five,” Mike bragged. His fingers moved in and out. “She loves fucking.”

Allison whispered audibly into Cyn’s ear as she joined the two men in massaging her breasts, mashing her nipples between forefinger and thumb, as Mike focused on her clit and pussy. “You are going to be gang banged tonight, Cyn…all of us will fuck you and you’ll eat all of us.” Her lips went to my wife’s mouth, delicately tonguing her, my wife’s tongue responding and actively reciprocating. I’d never seen two women kiss.

My penis had involuntarily ejaculated in the bushes; now my cum continuously oozed and dripped. My hand used the slick fluid to massage the crown of my cock, squeezing more cum from it’s tip; I manhandled my tight balls as I heard Mike say, “I’ll fuck her now. Turn her and hold her shoulders so you can see.”

He stood on the first step so that his torso was entirely out of the water. No wonder he’s such a cuntsman, I thought silently…that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, bigger than anything I had ever seen in Penthouse. Why didn’t I intervene? I realized now that he had fucked her many times before. This was my chance for those wild Penthouse letters about a husband witnessing his wife being fucked to come to life before my very eyes. I wanted so badly to see those scenes I’d imagined while masturbating, to watch my wife actually do to another man the fucking she had teased me about for so long. I craned my neck to see everything that was happening, the blood pounding in my heart and temples as the moment approached. Would I actually see his seman shoot from his huge cock?…I hoped so. I hoped so! I loved that she loved fucking another man… my lust had prevailed, suppressing the tortured jealousy that burned in the pit of my stomach.

Mike put her ankles on his shoulders, then fucked her with his five thick fingers, rousing her hips to strong undulations, her pussy reaching to swallow his hand. Her eyes opened and her hands grasped his enormous tool. She masturbated and massaged him, rubbing his dickhead into her cuntlips. She hunched forward so her pussy could swallow the crown of his cock.

“We have an audience,”Mike smiled at her as their fucking began.

Her undulations grew more furious, back and forth…I saw his dickhead reappear then disappear inside of her repeatedly.

“Let’s fuck,” my wife demanded loudly as she became increasingly aggressive, becoming the sexually active Cyn that I knew so well as opposed to her earlier passivity that had apparently been induced by the wine and marijuana. His fingers and cock had now turned her on. Her fingers of one hand pulled his cock forward while the other gripped his balls. Cyn became the aggressor. “Mike, fuck me hard.” He did.

In one stroke, his thick penis slammed his entire length…was it ten inches or more?…to the deepest depths of her vagina. Their genitals pounded against one another repeatedly; his thrusts back and forth repeatedly exposed the entirety of his purplish red veiny manhood, the awesome pubic tool sliding forward to repeatedly fill her vagina. I loved it; my cock spurted cum nonstop while they fucked; my heart pounded so furiously that a heart attack seemed imminent.

My wife’s hands moved to his hips, taking control of the timing of their body slams…her fingers moved to his anus, pressing and probing as she pulled him over and over again into her pussy. Two fingers penetrated his anus; her wedding ring disappeared up his ass, bringing a gutteral groan from deep in Mike’s body. I watched the wedding ring appear,then disappear with each finger thrust into his rear.

Cyn climaxed repeatedly as his shaft filled her, her abdomen rising with each forward stroke only to gently subside on each backstroke.

Then his climax arrived. I witnessed a ragged string of white cum explode from his cock on a backstroke. My most erotic hopes were satisfied as his cum splattered into the opening of her pussy lips, then his dickhead invaded the same spot pushing that cum deep into her as he continued to shoot more cum into her as his huge meat filled her. I saw more shots of cum on each outstroke until she held him inside…his hips flexed as he emptied his balls inside of her…her fingers buried in his anus.

Is his cum impregnating her at this very moment? I wondered. My penis spurted more seman into my soaked robe. As I had read about in Penthouse, I had a sudden powerful urge to eat my wife’s pussy, to taste the mixture of his cum with Cyn’s fluids.

Shannon (the doctor)whispered into Mike’s ear, then Mike slid away into the water, exhausted, his cum gathering on the water’s surface at the entrance to Cyn’s pussy. Shannon moved into the fucking position between my wife’s legs. Slightly taller than Mike, his penis stood stiff…shaped more like a long snakelike baseball bat as compared to Mike’s massive cucumber. Cyn watched him use his dickhead to probe between her vaginal lips; we all watched together as the wicked obscene shaft slowly entered her.

“Delicious,” the doctor announced as he settled into a hungry rhythm. “You’ve got a fine pussy, Cyn. I want to fuck you doggy style later but this is too good for now.”

“Have a ball,” I heard my wife say. Everyone laughed as though this comment was the highest humor. Allison resumed french kissing Cyn, who offered no resistence. After 5 minutes of raw sex with my wife, they helped Cyn from the pool onto a patio palette they made with cushions. The doctor’s snakelike cock slithered into her from behind, Cyn on her stomach with her beautiful ass arched in the air to accommadate his greedy plunges into her vagina.

Allison moved under Cyn’s face and spread her legs. Cyn ate her pussy while being doggy fucked by the doctor. The doctor climaxed first, his buns clinching as he announced his climax, then pulling his obscene sinuous tool slowly from within her…as it emerged I watched his cumshots dripping from the tip of his cock in long slimy strings onto the backside of her exposed vaginal opening. It was, as the doctor had said, erotically “delicious” to watch.

Allison then climaxed as Cyn licked and sucked her pussy. The slim girl then rolled my wife onto her back and proceeded to gently tongue massage the folds of Cyn’s weary puss, sucking and licking the gobs of cum from her vagina. Cyn climaxed on her tongue. Joe fucked Allison from behind for ten minutes as as she tongued and cleaned my wife’s pussy.

Then Joe fucked Cyn missionary style, the third penis to invade her vagina. He watched his cock slide in and out of her. His penis was more my size, 6 or 7 inches, and he used it well. His fingers stimulated her clit to arouse her then moved his hands to her breasts. I was amazed that Cyn had enough sexual energy left for another fuck.

“Ya’ll have made a whore out of me,” she declared. “Fuck me,Joe, fuck me.” Her hunching began hard and fast. Joe leaned forward and kissed her. I watched her mouth sucking on his tongue, then Cyn slid her tongue into his mouth. Joe’s tongue returned to her mouth and stiffened; Cyn sucked on it like it was a penis.

Mike walked up and stood over them, his champion cock hard again. He watched them fuck until Joe rose to his knees, his hands lifting Cyn’s buns from the cushions…we watched Joe’s excited penis sloshing in and out of my wife’s cum-soaked cunt as he gripped her ass, holding her pussy up at his dick level for his fucking comfort.

Mike straddled Cyn’s chest, his penis standing above her mouth. “I need my super whore to give me more relief.” Their eyes met and both smiled.

Mike leaned forward on his knees and hands so that his great cock pointed down to her mouth. Her mouth opened and he proceeded to fuck her lips. Her tongue bathed his penis and balls in saliva. Her hands massaged his balls and his aroused shaft that hung down from above her mouth, then she sucked loudly on his cockhead until I thought he would cum immediately. Then her hands held his shaft in position for her tongue to concentrate on the sensitive spot beneath the crown of his cock.

“I bet I can make you cum before Joe climaxes in my pussy,” Cyn challenged Mike.

“No way, you whore,”said Mike, accepting the challenge.

“Oh yeah–you’re big dick is putty in my hands—I know what you can’t handle.” Cyn’s tongue sucked on his cockhead, one hand used the lubrication of his pre cum to masturbate the full length of his shaft while her free hand squeezed and massaged his balls.

“You boys can’t last—I’ll have to send you upstairs to get my old man because all of you have run out of steam,” Cyn teased them both. She picked up the pace with her tongue and hands; Cum was freely and fully flowing from Mike’s cock.

“See, here it comes, Mike. You can’t hold it, can you? Can you?” Cyn teased him relentlessly.

Mike couldn’t answer as he strained to control his swollen, purplish, cum-covered cock.

“Now I’ll finish you off while Joe outlasts you,” she teased. Suddenly Cyn lifted her head and her mouth engulfed him to his pubic hairs; Mike climaxed with a huge groan,his balls spasming over and over in the grip of her fingers, his loads of sperm blowing into her mouth as she sucked and swallowed, then sucked him dry. As Mike fell forward, Joe finally climaxed behind him.

I enjoyed the fantastic eroticism of watching these men deposit cum in my wife for the last time that night. I eased unseen out of the bushes and returned to our bedroom to recover from the most sexually explosive and exciting experience of my life. It was no use being jealous, I realized. Cyn was never going to stop fucking other men. I feared her partners would tell others of the night’s events and ruin our reputation and marriage. Amazingly, the secret has so far been well kept by all. And Cyn hasn’t confessed to me and I haven’t told her of what I saw that night. If I told her, I might never see her fucked again…I am going to film everything for now on.

She arrived in my bed that night at daybreak. Naturally I had to eat her pussy to try out the taste of Mike’s cum…a very strange experience but very exciting. Then I fucked her to complete the night’s action. Sloppy seconds…another erotically delicious experience, and now a regular experience. My life will never be the same.

I know I can never change her wildly independent spirit and powerful sexuality. I love Cyn (Sin?) just the way she is. Just to see her bathe or change her clothes is an arousing experience for me. And I enjoy hiding in the lakehouse to watch her fuck when she and Mike go on their bass fishing trips.

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