Too Much

I just could not take all of him.

I had just moved to a one-horse town in central Pennsylvania. I was most displeased with my circumstances, not mind you with the promotion or the huge raise in pay, but with the idea of having to spend the next three years in this dismal place.

My best childhood friend, Kathleen had done her time in the armpit of the world and now it was my turn. The job was challenging but the community was. So far form my Manhattan home I was sure I would be miserable.

Upon arrival I called Kathleen and asked her just how she survived this place. Her reply to me was. Call Shan and tell him you are a friend of mine. He is filthy rich and showed me the best time a girl can expect in that dump of a town. I told Kathleen that there was no way I could be so forward as to call someone I did not know and ask to see him. She assured me that Shan would be most pleased with my looks and would show me a great time. She also warned me that even if I was six feet tall and of gorgeous proportions she doubted that I could handle the man she was referring to. She farther told me to use her name and just give the man a call. I ended the conversation with a definite maybe.

The following days were filled with unpacking and more work than I could stand, but after several weeks I found my footing and started to pull my life together. As I had more spare time on my hands I started to think about my situation more and more. Here I was twenty eight years old living my dream of making six figures a year and alone as anyone can get. My boredom started to wear on me, the phone call to Kathleen, was boring a hole in my brain. After almost a year in this place I knew I just had to have a man or I would go out of my mind.

I made the plunge I rummaged and found the number Kathleen had give me with trembling hands I called the number. A very masculine voice answered the phone. I blurted out that I was a friend of Kathleen and that I was calling on him by way of Kathleen’s advice. He immediately asked me were we could meet and how was Kathleen. As he spoke he made me feel so comfortable, my fears just vanished. I could not wait to meet this man, this voice that had made my feminine parts water with just the sound of his voice. The date was set we would meet at Harleys bar and Grill Saturday night at 7:00. The days just dragged my mind ran away with me. I was finally going to get to speak with a man, the man with that voice. Not some man I had to deal with daily at work but a real man who knew nothing about me, or I him, the thought was thrilling.

On Saturday morning I drove the 50 plus miles to Harrisburg and purchased some naughty clothing. Not something sluttish mind you, just a little naughty. A rather low cut sweater to show off my large and I like to think perfectly shaped breasts. I also bought a wool Kilt that was just a touch on the short side. This coupled with the just right high heals completed the outfit.

By 6:30 I was frantic, my mind telling me I was a tramp, my mind also telling my to just go for it. I went for it. I drove to Harleys and parked right out front. The place was a dump I would not have been caught dead in a place like this. I went in. There were three patrons at the bar. One with a chain drive wallet and two teeth a very young looking fellow who had just come in from one of the farms in the area, and this hunk, this Adonis this man of a man. He stood a good six foot four inches he had white hair and emerald green eyes he was the picture of my perfect man. This was my wildest fantasy come true he was in a word, Gorgeous. The first thought that came to mind was one of the two men sitting with this gorgeous hunk of manhood was Shan. You can only imagine my relief when he approached me and said with that perfect voice are you Rita. I am sure I sounded like a corking frog with my reply, of yes I am Rita and you must be Shan. His reply. “Yes I am Shan. Shall we leave this place? I know a great place to get some great hot dogs with this most fantastic sauces”. I told him I would love to go with him

If only he knew.

I would have gone to a dogfight with this man. The place Shan took me was only a little better than Harleys, but the beer was cold and I could feast my eyes on this man. I was in heaven after my long celibacy. We danced, we drank and danced some more, and I was in heaven. At exactly 12:00 Shan looked at me and told me he was going to go home. He had to sleep before the competition tomorrow. I asked him what competition and he told me. “ The shooting competition”. He asked me, if I would like to attend. I was stunned, Sunday is my catch up on the housework day, but with an invitation like this how could a girl resist. I found myself saying yes before I could get control of my thoughts.

Shan took me too my car and with a peck on the cheek he drove away with the agreement we would meet again at 8:00 for a light breakfast. I was thrilled.

I went home knowing I was going to bed this man among men or die trying. I melted into a warm tub and with a brand new razor I shaved my pussy bald. I just knew this man would like it this way. I have kept myself this way since college but tonight I shaved with a purpose.

The one thing this town has is going for it is a quaint little farmers market were you can get a breakfast for under three dollars that will not only fill you up but also make your mouth water.

I met Shan at the front door and almost immediately my fluids started to run. I simply had to have this man in my bed. We ate a leisurely breakfast while we spoke of shooting and the competition that he felt was going to be at the shooting range for today’s tournament. I was just thrilled to sit and listen to him speak. Here I was a woman of the world listening to this man like a schoolgirl on her first date. What was the matter with me?

After a wonderful meal we went to the Shooting range and Shan won the meet along with the two thousand dollar prize. He was happy and told me it was time to celebrate. We got in his car and went to the nearest bar/restaurant we could find. This place was a cut above Harleys but not the Ritz by a long shot. We dined and danced; I was in heave with this hunk of a man. At 12:00 midnight Shan told me he would have to go home. I asked him to come over to my home and have a nightcap. It was several seconds before he gave me the answer that he would love to come over and have a drink before he turned in, but there was something I should know. “ I am not an ordinary man you may not want me when you find out the truth about me.” I buffed at his answer and told him there was nothing he could show me I had not seen before.

Sometimes I am a fool.

We arrived home and I poured Shan double Bourbon and the same for myself. We sat on the couch in the living room and snuggled with each other. I placed my hand on Shan leg and quickly drew it back again. He was right. Here was something I had never dealt with before in my life. I have always been somewhat of a size queen but here was something that was beyond my thinking I had touched Shan along side of his knee and my fingers had brushed against a monster. This was not a Dick I had felt. It was a weapon, I am not good at estimating feet and inches so I will not ponder a guess as to it’s dimensions, all I can tell you is that this man was hung like no other I have had. I attentively returned my hand to his leg and we kissed passionately, but nothing could have prepared me for what was inside this man’s pants. I simply had to have a look I undid his belt and pulled down his fly reached inside and was shocked to find there was just no way I was going to release this monster without having Shan stand and trop his trousers. He slid out of his jeans and to my delight there was the biggest shaved cock I had ever seen. Just like the man himself it was huge, it was thick. I immediately knew I was in trouble. There was just no way this man was going to fuck me with that equipment. There was just too much of it. I blurted out that this was something beyond my realms of capability. Shan soothed me and told me he would be gentle with me. He also told me that no woman had ever taken all of him and that he did not expect me to take all of him, but he felt that I would be able to take more of him than any of the other women who had been with him before.

The gauntlet had been laid down I just knew that even if I couldn’t take this monster I was going to have a great time taking as much of it as I could. I stripped in a flash I told Shan I simply had to have a go at this cock of his. I went to the bathroom and got the personal lubricant I knew we would need it no matter how wet I was at the sight of this beautiful man. So tall so blond and those eyes I just had to try and take him all of him. I knelt in front of this man and took hold of the monster between his legs it was all I could do to hold it in my hands. Giving him a blow job or taking this tool into my mouth was out of the question he was just too much I tried to get the head of this monster in my mouth but the best I could do was just half of the head it was huge.

Shan gently laid me back on the sofa and told me to relax. Try as I might there was just no way I was going to relax knowing that no matter how wet he made me he was going to fuck me with that tool of his. He kissed and licked all of the right spots he had me on the verge of orgasm several times but the size of his equipment just kept hushing threw my mind. After several minutes I pulled him to me I just had to try this man among men.

Shan took a great handful of the clear jelly and placed it on his throbbing member he also gave my freshly shaved pussy a great handful. He then in the most gentle voice I have ever herd from a man asked me if I was ready to take him as a lover. I told him I just had to have him, the sooner the better. He placed me gently on by back placed my legs in the crook of his arms and told me to place his cock at the entrance I wanted him to penetrate. I placed the huge monster cock at the entrance of my soon to be ravaged pussy and smiled at Shan. He gave me a strange look and said “ Lady I am going to make you scream”. Scream I did in one mighty thrust he sank his weapon into me there was a ripping feeling and then a white hot searing pain, a pain that took my breath, took my breath away I passed out from the pain I had never in my life felt anything like this. As I told earlier I am a bit of a size queen but nothing could have prepared me for this onslaught. As I regained my head. I was aware of this feeling this awareness of agony. This man was killing me with his cock and I had asked him to do it. My senses slowly returned to me, I looked down between my legs and was horrified to see that Shan had only about half of his organ inside my poor ravaged pussy. I begged him to stop and his reply was if you are a friend of Kathleen then a little of this is just what you need. He fucked me for an hour and a half before he finally came in my poor well-fucked pussy.

When he finally pulled his cock out of my pussy I just knew this was not the end of it. I tried for two more years and never did get more than three quarters of that thing in my poor pussy.

I have now moved back to Manhattan and Shan is still the man I love with all my heart but he is just too much man for me. There is just no way I could be fucked like that for the rest of my life. He asked me to marry, I only wish I was woman enough

Any of you think you can handle Shan drop me a line I will give you his number. He truly is a God among men.

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