The Massage

I have been hinting around to Julie my wife, that I would like to see another man, massaging her and playing with her body as I watched.

I finally asked her one night as we were laying in bed, “Would you like to get an erotic massage from another man as I watch?”.

Julie hesitantly said, ” Yes.”

I casually mentioned one day at work with a co-worker that we were looking for a masseuse to give my wife a massage. My co-worker said that he knew of one he and his wife use from time to time, and that he satisfies his wife in every way imaginable.

I called the masseuse one day, talked with him for several minutes and decided to make an appointment with him to give my wife Julie a erotic massage.

One night while Julie and I were in bed I told her, ” I had found someone to give her a massage and I think that you will enjoy it.” I told her, “I have him scheduled to give you a massage on Saturday night.”

Julie said, “Are you sure about this?”

I said, “Yes I am , I have talked with him and he seems like a nice guy.”

Saturday finally arrived. I could tell that Julie was excited.

She kept asking me,” What he was like?”

I kept telling her, “It’s a surprise.”

I took my wife out to our favorite Italian restaurant, and we both had her have a few drinks with our meal. I had arranged it to where this masseuse that I had found would come over to our house after we got back from our night out on the town.

Julie and I came home from our night out, it was about 7:00pm. We both took a hot shower and waited for him to arrive. After 20 minutes we heard a knock at the door. I answered the door.

Julie called from the bedroom , “Come here would you please?”

I asked Scott to come in, and excused myself and went to see what Julie wanted.

Julie said “I would like it much better if I had massage in the soft bed rather than the hard massage table that he has brought.”

I told Scott, “Julie would prefer her massage on the bed rather than his table.”

Scott said, “No problem, I several clients that like to be massaged on the bed rather than the table.”

Julie excused herself to the bathroom before Scott could see her. Scott went into the bedroom and spread a blanket on the bed and told me to get Julie ready for her massage by having her remove all her clothing, and to have her lie face down on the bed .

Scott excused himself to the kitchen to get his oils that he had brought warmed up.

Julie emerged from the bathroom looking nervous.

I told Julie, “There is nothing to worry about. I had checked this guy out and he is not any threat.” It seemed to put her mind at ease.

Once in the bedroom, I helped Julie out of her robe and had her lay on the bed crossways so that Scott could get to her body better. Julie had really gotten a little to tipsy from the drinks that she had earlier, but was ok.

I said ” I am going to help with your massage tonight, so just relax and enjoy your massage.”

Julie said, “I will try.”

She had no idea what was in store for her.

I told Julie that if she became uncomfortable about anything to say so and things would stop.

Julie gave me a wink and said, “I trust you”.

I turned off all the lights, closed all the curtains, and lit several small candles and placed them around the bed.

I went into the kitchen to tell Scott that Julie is ready. I could tell that Scott was excited about giving Julie a massages due to the large bulge in the front of his pants.

Scott said “Give me a few minutes. I want to warm my oils up a little more.”

Scott and I had talked some while in the kitchen.

Scott said ” Whatever you two feel comfortable with, I will feel comfortable with it too.” After a short pause he added, “Are you a jealous person?”

I said ” No, I am not a jealous person, I just want Julie to feel special , I will go along with what ever she wants.”

Scott smiled and said “Then get ready for an exciting night.”

I returned to the bedroom After a few minutes Scott entered the bedroom.

Julie took a deep breath and she said quietly to me, “Here we go.”

Scott asked Julie , “Are you looking forward to the massage. ”

Julie said, “Yes, I have looked forward to it since my husband had mentioned a massage to me.”

Scott said, “Are there any spots that needs special attention?”

Julie said “All over.”

Scott just grinned and said, ” I think I can take care of those spots to your satisfaction.”

Scott said, “Are you ready?”

Julie said, “Yes!”

Scott asked , ” Do you have a preference in what type of massage you would like?”

Julie said ,”I just want it to feel good.”

Scott said, “Ok, lets get started.”

Scott poured oil on Julies back and massaged her with long strokes, moving from her shoulders down to the tops of her hips, occasionally stroking her sides making sure not to miss her breasts. Julie moaned with every stroke. Scott was working his magic on her. I saw Julie relaxing for the first time in many years. Scott worked on her back for a long time getting all the knots out.

Scott then moved to her butt cheeks. I could see that Julie was squirming slightly to his touch. With every stroke he would slightly spread her cheeks exposing her anus. It was apparent that she was enjoying his touch…she was spreading her legs slightly and lifting her butt when his hands would stroke close to her ass hole. Scott saw what she was doing, so he ran a finger across her anus. Julie let out a moan when he did . Scott looked at me and smiled when she let out the moan. Both of us knew what Julie was wanting.

Scott poured warm oil on her cheeks and let it run down into the crack of her ass. When Julie felt the oil she spread her legs and slightly lifted her butt up off the bed exposing her anus and pussy for Scott to see. Scott slid his fingers down the crack of her ass and began rubbing and pushing just the tip of his finger into the opening of her butt hole making sure not to enter her anal ring.

Julie began breathing even harder and squirming more with each stroke.

While Scott was exploring Julie’s butt hole, I was fingering her pussy. Julie’s pussy was extremely wet. I could see that the blanket that she was laying on was soaked from her pussy juices that was flowing from her. I slid my fingers inside her pussy, searching for her G-spot.

I could see that Scott had a hard on thru his pants. I had a raging hard on as well. My penis was struggling for freedom, so I removed my pants and underwear. When Scott saw me removing my pants he removed his also. I was amazed at the size of Scott’s penis. It had to be at least 7 or 8 inches in length and very thick. Julie knew that we were removing our pants.

Julie began moving her hands, searching for cock.

I was watching Julie’s hand as she searched for Scott’s penis. When Julie found his penis she gasped. She was startled by the size of his massive cock. She tried to wrap her fingers around it, but could not because of the girth of his shaft. She began stroking it slowly at first, playing with his large mushroom head, then increasing the speed of her strokes. I could see that Scott was beginning to leak large amounts of pre-cum from the head of his cock. Julie could feel his warm fluid. Julie could not stand not seeing his massive cock and the pre-cum she was feeling with her fingers any longer, so she turned her head looking down to see what her hand was stroking. I could see Julie smile when she saw it for the first time. Julie ran her thumb into the slit of his penis making Scott leak even more pre-cum.

I was enjoying the sight of Julie playing with another mans cock so much I moved to head of the bed, where Julie still could stroke my cock and where I had a ringside seat of the action that was taking place.

Scott then started massaging her legs. I could see that with every stroke Scott was making on her legs, Julie was spreading her legs farther and farther apart. I could see him looking between her legs, while licking his lips. I could tell what Scott is wanting. He was wanting to run his tongue over and in my wife’s pussy. Julie could tell this was very exciting to me by the amount of pre-cum that was leaking from my cock. And as the more excited I became, the more Julie lost her inhibitions with Scott.

Scott positioned himself between Julies legs. With every stroke of her legs, Scott’s hands would go further and further up Julie’s thigh until he was brushing the hair between her legs with his fingers. Julie would let out a slight moan and her ass cheeks would flex every time Scott would touch her ass. By the time Scott was done with her legs, you could see the glisten from the moisture that was running from her wet pussy onto the blanket. Scott finished with her legs and said, “Roll over so that I can do your front.”

Julie let go of my cock and rolled over. I could see that Scott was looking at my wife’s beautiful big breasts as she turned over. Julie is enjoying two men looking at and touching her naked body.

Julie reached for my cock again and began stroking it.

Scott stood next to Julie’s head.

Scott began rubbing her shoulders and neck.

Julie said, “That feels sooo good.”

Julie was enjoying the massage as well as being touched in her intimate places. Julie turned her head to look at Scott’s cock. As Scott massaged warm oil on her neck I could see Julie move her hand to her side reaching for Scott’s cock again. Instead of stroking Scott’s cock, Julie pulled his cock to her face as she parted her lips. Scott looked down and gently thrust his hips forward, just far enough for Julie to envelope the swollen mushroom head of his cock into her mouth. Julie ran her tongue over the head of his cock, licking the pre-cum off . Scott was enjoying the massage as much as Julie and I was. As Julie licked the head of Scott’s cock , Julie stroked me faster and faster. I could hear the wet sucking sounds from Julie sucking on his cock. Seeing and hearing the sounds of Julie sucking on another mans cock excites me more than anything and is something that I will never get tired of. Julie sucked on Scott’s cock for some time. Julie craned her neck trying to take in as much of Scott’s cock into her mouth as she could. Scott being so long and wide, Julie could not get the entire shaft of Scott’s penis in her mouth.

Scott pulled his penis out of Julie’s mouth still hard and moved down to her side to massage the rest of her body. Julie turned her head to me and opened her mouth wanting my penis in her mouth now. Julie took my penis in her mouth and feverishly began sucking my cock.

Scott poured warm oil on Julie’s chest and began massaging her breasts paying particular attention to her nipples. Julie placed her hand to her side reaching for Scott’s penis. Finding his still hard penis with her hand she began stroking him. Julie would let out a moan every time Scott would touch and gently pinch her nipples. Julie’s nipples got rock hard from his first touch. Scott knew she enjoyed her breasts and nipples being touched . So Scott bent down and took her nipple into his mouth and began sucking and caressing her .

Julie started moving her hips from side to side. I could tell that having another mans hands touching, caressing her body, was turning my wife on. I had never seen Julie like this……. and I had never thought I would see Julie so turned on by a massage.

Scott continued massaging Julie’s breasts. The more Scott would play with her nipples, the deeper Julie’s breathing got. Scott was sucking on her nipples, taking one into his mouth then the other. Hearing the sounds of another man sucking on my wife’s nipples and the moans that she would let out was driving me crazy.

Scott moved from Julie’s breast to her lower belly. Scott poured oil on her belly and began massaging it in. Scott would massage lower and lower until he was running his hands over the little tuft of hair that was over my wife’s pussy. Julie had her legs slightly parted, allowing easy access to her pussy.

Scott poured copious amounts of warm oil right onto Julie’s hot pussy and began to gently rub her clit with the tip of his finger. Julie began trembling when Scott touched her. I was watching Scott and could see everything he was doing to her. This was such a turn on for me. My wife being touched by another man. Scott looked at me as if for approval to go on. I smiled and nodded back to Scott. Scott nodded back to me. Scott then placed his left hand on Julie’s right thigh and spread her legs apart. Scott then reached with his right hand and slid his middle finger deep inside of my wife Julie’s wet pussy. I watched as she arched her back and gasped. I could hear the sweet sounds of her wet pussy as she was being fingered by Scott.

After a few minutes of fingering Julie’s pussy, Scott lifted Julie’s leg and lowered his mouth between her legs. Scott was eating my wife’s pussy, and she was really enjoying it, as was I. I watched closely as Scott slid his tongue over her clit. I reached down and grabbed hold of both of my wife’s legs and held them in the air while Scott ate my wife out. Her hips began to squirm as he drove his tongue deep into her pussy. Her moans got louder and louder. I could not believe how excited Julie was.

I asked my wife “Does that feel good to you?”

Julie said, “Yes.”

After a few minutes Scott rose up. He moved up higher between Julie’s legs. While still holding my wife’s legs in the air, Scott positioned himself between Julie’s legs .

My wife Julie knew what was in store next. A really good fucking.

My wife looked up at me and asked, “Are you ok with this?”

I looked down at her and said, “Yes, If you are.”

With that Scott took his cock in his hand and guided it to my wife’s pussy opening. Scott looked at me. I nodded to him, giving him permission to fuck my wife. Scott tried several times to penetrate my wife’s pussy. He was much bigger than I am, so it took several tries before he was able to penetrated her. Julie has a very tight pussy for me , so I can only imagine how tight she was for him. Scott started off slowly. Allowing my wife’s pussy to stretch to accommodate his thick cock. Then he started to pump faster.

My wife looked up at me and said, “I love you.”

I said, “I love you too.” “Does that feel good to you?”

She looked up at me and said, “Yes.”

I looked down between my wife’s legs . Watching Scott’s cock sliding in and out of my wife’s pussy is the most exciting thing I have ever seen. I was enjoying the sight of Scott pumping his cock in and out of my wife’s pussy. Faster and faster Scott pumped. With each pump he went deeper and deeper. I looked at my wife’s face as she was getting fucked. She looked so damn sexy and so turned on. I reached down between her legs and started rubbing her clit, as Scott was sliding in and out of her.

Julie said, “I am going to cum!”

I said, “Cum for me baby”

She shuddered with a orgasm. Then another, then another. .

Scott was going deep into my wife’s pussy. Scott got on his knee’s and started fucking her even harder. Julie turned her head and took my cock in her mouth again. Sucking it harder than ever.

I asked her, ” Do you like him fucking you?”

Julie nodded yes.

Watching Scott fuck my wife so hard and fast was getting me close to cumming.

I could see that Scott was getting ready to cum.

I held off until I hear Scott say, ” I’m cumming!”

I couldn’t hold it any longer. The thought of another man cumming inside of my wife sent me over the edge.

I told my wife, “I’m going to cum!”

Scott was cumming deep in my wife’s pussy at the same time I was cumming in her mouth.

Scott thrust hard and deep as he came.

Scott ‘s body shuddered several times, as he drained his balls deep inside of my wife.

I could feel my body shake as I shot my load inside of my wife’s mouth.

I couldn’t believe it. Scott and I both filled my wife full of cumm at the same time.

I looked at my beautiful and very sexy wife Julie. Laying there on her back. Scott’s spent cock in her pussy and my spent cock in her mouth. Julie looked very, very satisfied and content. As well as Scott and myself.

Scott stopped pumping and was resting while still inside of my wife. After a few minutes Scott pulled his cock out of my wife. It was still very long and thick.

Julie had swallowed all of my cumm and was enjoying the feel of my cock in her mouth. I pulled my cock from her mouth.

Scott got up and went to the bathroom to clean up.

Julie and I sat there and visited with Scott for a while.

After drinking a few drinks, Scott said he had to go.

We all decided that we will get together again soon.

Scott left for home and Julie and I went to bed and made love, then fell asleep.

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