Roberts Wife

I must thank Robert sometime for his sick and twisted thoughts. You see, my buddy Robert invited me over to his house one night for some sports and beers. One monday night we were obviously tipsy and began divulging our sexual fantasies to each other. We were both married to women whom were sexually dirty in the privacy of the bedroom, but that was where it stopped. Of course, In my mind, I often visualized getting his wife alone and ravaging her cunt so hard. I felt that it was my duty to give her something that she was never to have again, having been married for a while now. But neither he nor her would ever swing that way. So we would tell each other of what nasty things we did with our wives to sort of, get off in a different way. Last week I had told him about how I talked my wife into some costumed roll playing. I had a toga from my college days and she had a Cleopatra outfit to match. We made a pillow stacked harem in our den where we had wine, grapes and some explicit encounters. Robert loved that idea.

He said, “damn you are a lucky guy. Your wife has a shape that would look great in something tight like that.”

I told him “Rob, you have to try the costume thing. The women get so into it. I bet your wife would really dig acting out fantasies.” He told me that they don’t really have any costumes around. He did say however, that his wife had plenty of fancy dresses.

He said too much.

I immediatly ran through what seemed to be dozens of notions in my mind. Different possibilities. And genius struck.

“I have an idea that you might find fun. It’s easy and probably pretty romantic.”

“Really,” he responded. “I am all ears.”

I asked if she had any fancy black dresses. Something that complimented her body. Preferably a v-neck. He told me that one of her friends had just bought her that exact dress. Black, long, elegant, with a deep v-neck that accentuated her bust. Oh my thoughts began racing and my blood got hot. I imagined her in it with her 36B tits creating a lustful cleavage that you’d want to bury your face in and suck away. I said “perfect. And you do still have that black trench coat with a matching black shirt and slacks.”

He responded a “yes, sure. What are you getting at”

“Well”, I said. “I have a phantom mask from Phantom of the Opera. With that and maybe a red rose, the two of you could go see the show which happens to be playing in town for the rest of the week. Have a nice dinner and drinks before, see the show, and return home where you break out the mask and the wine and champagne that you had chilling in the bar, and the two of you passionately make love all night long. She will love it. Im telling you.” He must have dug the idea because I saw his dick rise to a pup tent in his pants. It must have hurt. I know, Ive seen Robert take a piss before when we used urinals next to each other once. We are built roughly the same and coincidentally have the same size cocks, which is the keystone behind my plan which was playing itself out to the tee. I told Robert I’d bring him the mask sometime this week and he’d be set.

Friday night rolled around as it always does. Robert gave me a call before they left to thank me for the idea, the mask, and just for being there. I told him, “forget about it. Twas my pleasure”, as I smirked at myself. “By the way, what time do you plan to get home so I can tell my wife not to call yours and bother you guys.”

“Oh, well be back about 11:30 or so.”

“Ok, you guys have fun and tell me all about it tomorrow.” All was set.

I knew Roberts love for the drink and figured they both would be coming home pretty sloshed. I slipped into Roberts house using the back door with the key he “entrusted” me with as good friends do. I had with me my black shirt with slacks and my black trench coat which funny enough looks exactly like Roberts, due to the fact that they were our wives Christmas gifts to us. I went to Roberts drink cabinet where he had the wine and champagne ready to go. I knew he would have his favorite label for himself, as he only drinks Merlot, and the champagne for his wife. I grabbed his bottle and replaced it with the one I brought which had just enough roach pills to knock him our for hours. My trap having been laid, I made for his guest closet to hunker down and wait.

I had only been there for about 25 minutes or so when the two of them returned home. It must have taken another five minutes for him to find his keys and open the door which indicated to me that he must have been tanked already. This was disheartening as he may not require any more drink and all would be ruined. I cursed myself for not having thought of that. I was pleased though, to hear the next sound be that of a bottle popping which must have been the champagne. “Come on,” I told myself. “One more bottle”. I heard the ‘shrup’ of a corkscrew popping out the cork to the merlot which I hopped Robert would be drunk enough to not notice the diligent efforts I went though to pop back in after dropping the pills. And I guess he didn’t because all I heard was his wife say “OO Robert. I like your mask.”

He performed to her in a slobbering dialect some lines from the play and some from himself in character. “I want you tonight Kristine. Taste of this drink” as he certainly was giving her her champagne. From the sound though, he was chugging right from the bottle. “I an not ttthat brop…prober…proper” she said in an inebriated haze. She too began to chug from her bottle and soon enough Robert konked out right there on the couch.

“Yourrree kdding me.” She whimpered. ” No Robbie, ake up.” And to no avail but right as I planned, she gave up and let him be. Extremely disappointed she began her long walk to the bedroom to change her clothes and bring him back a blanket.


I popped out from the doorway to the guest bedroom and caught her by surprise. Her shock was dulled though, by the booze. It was quite dark in the hallway and that coupled with the drink and the fact that me and Robert weren’t that different in looks made her say the next, “Oh…… hi baby. I thought…thought you passed out.” I risked that she might still be in the roll so I grabbed her by her shoulders and slowly turned her around and put my nose to her neck and softly inhaled. The breeze of that brushed her neck and she shivered. “Oh, are you still goin do take me to your lair”.

I grabbed the blanked from her arms and threw it aside and scooped her up in my arms. It gave me quite a feeling to know how she felt in Robert’s arms when he would do this. She had to be about 5’6″ and 135lbs, two inches shorter and 15lbs less than my wife and I relished the difference as she flung her head back in a dizzying act. We slipped sideways into their bedroom and I slowly approached the bed. I scooped her down perpendicular to the bed and took her all in. Her ample breasts heaved and gave a cleavage just as I had imagined. The light in the room was dim but I made out her beautiful face surrounded by her short brown hair and her eyes stayed mostly closed. I was sure the alcohol kept the room spinning just fast enough to keep her mind off of any possibility of what was truly happening. I bend down and eagerly dug my face in that firm chest and began kissing and suckling her cleaveage. I grabbed behind her neck and felt for the clasp. In a swift unlock, the dress was ready to be removed. ” Oh, this is such romantic. I am soooo wet” I never knew how dirty of a talker she could be. It was always the quiet ones. “Are you gonna be not dalking..takling..talking. OOooo, you are soooscardy…scary. YOu stRandge maksed man…fuickkk me”. She didn’t have to ask twice. I pulled the neckline down and took in the sight of her breasts become naked to my eyes. Her nipples were sober enough to stand straight at attention and I made haste to make my lips wrap around them and licked each one with the proper amount of attention. While I sucked one my free hand groped the other. I was hurredly wanting more so I pulled the rest of the dress down and saw the most thrilling thing in a long time. A woman who goes commando. There was no gift to unwrap or pleasure to tease. She was stark naked and her mound was trimmed just right with the landing strip pattern. As I pulled the dress off from her ankes she laid there fully naked for me with only her black high heels on which I was pleasured to leave on. She brought up her feet on the bed and opened and closed her knees all the while covering her pussy with her two hands which sqeezed together her tits. I wanted to cry.

“Well….wat aare you wading for”. I couldn’t answer her so I just dove right in and stuck out my tongue which slid right in her cunt. I ate away at that smooth pussy for what seemed like hours and tasted Robert’s wifes juices. I felt her legs tremble as she flung her head back and opened her mouth silently and her whole body tensed as she shuttered an orgasm and came right in my mouth. Rivers of her cum flowed and I licked them all up. Of course I swallowed and loved it. The climax subsided and her eyes went wide. “Please fuck me…pleaze…”. I could wait no more.

I undid my pants and pulled them around my ankles. That was all I was about to take off in fear that she may notice I have somewhat more of a hairy chest than Robert. I pulled the condom out of my shirt pocked and proceeded to open it. She grabbed my hands and said “Honey, wee havndt neeeededd thossse for yeeers. Besides, I ewant your reaaeal cok in me now.” Shit!! Shit Shit Shit, I didn’t think of this either. Crap, a thousand what ifs ran through my head. Pregnancy, and I don’t know what else. I quickly thought to myself of the years me and my wife have been having sex and I always pull out and cum on her. She has never gotten pregnant. Fine. I can do that. I wanted this even more now that I knew that I won’t be wearing a condom. I threw it aside and got in position above her. Her naked skin was touching my lower chest and her legs wrapped around me. Her ankles and feet met at my ass and pulled me toward her. I grabbed my cock and placed in at the enterance to her body. The warmth of her cunt and the wetness met the tip of my peker which seemed to make it grow another inch. I steadied myself with my hands and let my weight slide my dick slowly into her. I went all the way in without the slightest hesitation of friction. She was so hot and wet. Her body went into tension again as she twinged at the insertion. I pulled back to the tip and slid right back in. I could have done this forever. Long had I wanted just what I was doing. I had seen them together. I had fantasized about doing this very thing. And finally, here it is. I began to fuck Robert’s wife. She now had had another cock in her for the first time since marriage.

I bagan the pounding soo familiar with the scene. I wanted to grunt and make my animal noises but was silenced by my fear. She did not hesitate though and rose her hips to meet each of my thrusts. I wanted this to go on but felt the build up my own climax coming. In and out her pussy walls squeezed my dick and was milking it for cum. I looked at her tits and sucked some more. I decided this would be the place for me to shoot my load. All over Robert’s wives 36B breasts. I pounded away and felt the time grown near. Right then she began to shudder and barely got out an inaudible “I’m cumming…I’m cumming” and I risked in the heat of climax my own “me too”. I knew she was too far gone to realize anything for what she did next would have only been if she believed it was him. She started screaming “IIII’MMM CUUMMING!!!!” and I began to pull out to unload on her and then she locked her ankles and pulled me hard back into her pussy where I came back to reality if only too late and began my unloading. I came five or six heavy and forceful times directly into her wet cunt, my cock head I could feel was rubbing her cervix. I tried to pull out but her own climax made her like a lock-tight that could not be undone. That coupled with my own instinct, I decided it was too late and shoved my dick into her for all it was worth, back to that cervix and my last shot or two was hard enough that she yelled ” I can feel you cumming in me. Cum in me honey. OOOhh yess, cum inside me!!!!

It was over. I collapsed on top of her my face, covered in sweat underneath the mask, smacked down on her chest. Her tits had no cum on them. Her head wend limp and to the side as she passed out. I lifted my head and lightly moved her head. Nothing. She was out out. My cock was still going through its aftershocks and I’m sure still dribbled a few drops of cum inside her. I waited for it to get soft some so I lovingly licked on her tits some more while my dick got back to flaccid and pulled itself out. I pulled back to stand up and looked at the damage I had done. Her legs lay apart like a bomb went off down there. My sperm began to seep from her wedding hole. In a sick moment I bent down and stuck my finger inside her to scoop out some cum. I pulled it out and moved up to her head. I put my finger in her mouth and rubbed the cum on the back of her tongue so that I could tell my self the next time I saw her “My cum has been in her mouth and her pussy.” Man, I am twisted.

I gathered myself and did my belt. I never wanted this to get out so I grabbed Robert off the couch and dragged him back to the bedroom. I threw him on the bed, undid his pants and pulled them down around his ankles. Luckily he looks like me, I told myself. I hope she doesn’t get knocked up. Damn. With my mouth dry and cotton mouthed I headed for the back door and left them to their dreams.

Over the next couple of weeks Robert bragged about that night when we would talk on our sports nights. He said of how he ravaged her so hard that they both passed out and barely remembered a thing. He also told me in confidence of how he came inside her, which she hardly ever lets him do, and luckily moment of passion faded away as she got her period five days ago. I let out a whew! He turned to me and said “you can say that again”. I almost made myself a dad. Dodged that bullet huh?

I responded with “Yeah. YOU sure dodged that bullet!” To this day that secret stays safe with me. I won’t brag about it to anyone except you.

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