Movie Night

Shannon was a gorgeous, twenty-five-year-old redhead with a very sexy body. She worked out six days a week and was a very well-disciplined eater. As a result she had a great pair of toned legs, a sexy bubble-butt and a tight, trim waist. Her C-cup breasts were nice and firm and she kept her pussy completely waxed, something that her boyfriend quickly learned to appreciate. She was very much in love with her boyfriend and they talked regularly about moving in together and getting married, even though they had only been seeing each other for a few months.

Shannon was relatively new in town, so she didn’t have too many friends. Over the past couple of months she had been getting closer to one of her coworkers, Linda. Linda was a couple of years younger than Shannon and lived at home with her parents, just like Shannon. She was a beautiful blonde with healthy curves, her body certainly not as tight and toned as Shannon’s, but in no way was it less sexy. She had fairly large D-cup breasts and wide, womanly hips. She, too, had a boyfriend, although she wasn’t nearly as serious about him as Shannon was about her man.

Linda’s parents were going to be out of town for several days. While she would normally invite her boyfriend over so they could take advantage of having the house to themselves, he was out of town as well at a cousin’s wedding. After talking to Shannon, they decided to get together on the Friday night for a girls’ night. The plan was to stay up late watching movies and gossiping, with Shannon spending the night.

After watching the first movie they had rented, they started talking about their boyfriends, and also about their sex lives.

“Chris is actually really good in bed,” Shannon said. “I have an orgasm almost every time.”

“Really?” Linda said. “I’m lucky if Ian can make me cum half the time. What does Chris do that works so well?”

“For starters, he’s well hung,” Shannon explained. “I always used to believe that size didn’t matter, but when we made love the first time I found out how wrong I was.”

“I know what you mean,” Linda said. “My last boyfriend had a really big dick and it was amazing.”

“It’s not just the size, though,” Shannon replied. “He knows how to use it too. You know how most girls say that missionary doesn’t give them enough clitoral stimulation? I don’t know if it’s the angle or what, but he always manages to rub my clit just right.”

“You lucky bitch,” Linda said with a smile.

“Don’t get me wrong, he’s not perfect.”

“Oh really? How so?”

“I wish he would go down on me more often,” Shannon admitted. “I love oral sex so much. I love giving it to him, and I do that at least three or four times a week, but he hardly ever returns the favour.”

“Really? I don’t enjoy it when Ian goes down on me.”

“Maybe he’s just not that good at it,” Shannon said.

“Maybe,” Linda replied. “I guess you can’t expect a guy to know exactly how to go down on a woman.”

“Yeah, I always wondered what it would be like to have a woman go down on me.”

“Hasn’t every woman?” Linda said with a light chuckle. “I’m sure a woman would be much better at it.”

“Nothing beats a hard cock, though,” Shannon added.

“I don’t know, I’d seriously think about giving up guys if I found a woman that was good at eating pussy. Besides, there’s always strap-ons!” Both girls laughed at Linda’s comment.

“Have you ever fooled around with a girl?” Shannon asked.

“No,” Linda replied. “Have you?”

“Once,” Shannon said.

“Really? What did you do?”

“We just kissed a little bit and touched each other.”

“What was it like?” Linda asked.

“It was actually really sexy,” Shannon replied. “It just felt so erotic and taboo.” The room fell silent for a moment, then Linda leaned in and kissed Shannon. Shannon said nothing, choosing instead to return the kiss. Linda stopped for a moment, pulled back, and quickly peeled her shirt off. Her breasts were encased in a simple white bra, and Shannon watched as she now pulled off her pants as well, revealing the matching thong. Shannon reached out and started to gently caress Linda’s breasts.

“You’re right,” Linda said. “This does feel taboo.” With that comment she unhooked her bra and pulled it off, revealing her large breasts. Shannon leaned down to start kissing and sucking them as Linda started to run her hands over Shannon’s chest as well. “I wonder what Chris and Ian would think,” Linda said. She did her best to grope Shannon as she felt her lips on her breasts. Shannon then began to rub Linda’s pussy through her thong, making her moan. “See, who needs a cock?” Linda said with a smile. Shannon pulled Linda’s thong aside and started to lightly finger her pussy. She stopped to pull Linda’s thong off completely, leaving Linda completely naked while she was still fully clothed. “That feels so good,” Linda gasped as Shannon continued to finger her pussy. Shannon stopped to take off her shirt, exposing her perky tits, unencumbered by a bra, then she went back to fingering Linda’s pussy. She stopped again a minute later to pull of her pants, revealing the fact that she hadn’t worn panties either. Linda pushed her back on the couch, then bent down and began kissing all around her inner thighs and stomach. Over the course of the next few minutes she grew bolder until she finally started to lick gently at Shannon’s pussy.

The house was dead silent for the next several minutes with the exception, of course, of the moans coming from both women. Shannon was moaning the most, but Linda was clearly enjoying herself as well. She started to use her fingers as well, doing the same things to Shannon that she knew she would like to have done to her.

“Damn girl!” Shannon said. “You’re fucking good with your tongue!”

“Better than Chris’s big dick?” Linda asked.

“No comment,” Shannon said, laughing. A couple of minutes later she was holding onto Linda’s head and pulling her in, grinding her pussy against her face. “I’m so fucking wet for you!” she said. “That feels incredible!” Her orgasm was fast approaching as Linda showed off her newly-discovered skill. “Fuck!” Shannon screamed. “Oh shit yes! I’m fucking cumming! I’m cumming all over your face!” She finished cumming, then Linda sat back and spread her legs.

“I ate your pussy,” she said. “Now it’s your turn to eat mine.” Shannon got into it quite quickly, eagerly lapping at Linda’s soaking wet pussy.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this!” Shannon said. “It feels so right!” For nearly twenty minutes the house echoed with Linda’s cries as her pussy got fingered and eaten. Eventually she came as well, shouting loudly.

“Let’s go up to my room,” Linda said after her orgasm had subsided. Both girls got up and walked up the stairs and into Linda’s room. Linda led Shannon onto the bed that she had lost her virginity on at age eighteen, and had been fucked on by at least ten other guys since, including her current boyfriend. Their lips locked in a passionate embrace, each of them tasting their own juices off the other’s face. They pressed their bodies against each other, almost as though they were both trying to merge with the other.

“This feels so amazing!” Linda said. “You’re so fucking gorgeous!”

“I love every inch of your sexy body,” Shannon said.

“I can’t believe how wet I am! This feels so dirty!”

“Let me see how wet you are. I want to taste that pussy again.”

Linda pushed Shannon onto her back and then turned to straddle her face. She leaned forward and buried her head between Shannon’s legs as both girls started to eat each other out in a sixty-nine position. They both moaned in ecstasy as they ate each other to another orgasm, pussy juices coating each other’s face.

“I want to feel this hot little pussy against mine,” Shannon said. They positioned themselves so their legs were intertwined and moved close to each other, then they began to slowly grind their pussies into each other.

“We’re both so wet!” Linda said, noting the sloppy sound of their soaking pussies rubbing together. The got more and more turned on, grinding their pussies together harder with each passing minute. They each came quite quickly, less than a minute apart, but they continued to grind into each other. “That feels fucking amazing!” Linda moaned. “My pussy is tingling so much!” A couple of minutes later they both came again, this time only twenty or thirty seconds apart.

“I’ve never cum this hard before in my life!” Shannon said. It was only a matter of minutes before they each had a massive orgasm, topping all of the previous ones and cumming at exactly the same time. They both collapsed in post-orgasmic bliss, gasping for air for a solid couple of minutes before finally snuggling up face-to-face.

“I think,” Shannon said, brushing her fingers through Linda’s hair, “that we should make a trip to the store. A strap-on would definitely be a lot of fun to experiment with.”

“Maybe the boys would like to join us,” Linda said.

“I’m sure they would,” Shannon replied, “but I’d rather keep you all to myself.” They smiled briefly before kissing passionately once again…

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Anal Fucking For the Office Slut

Being known as the office tease or slut doesn’t bother me, I enjoy sex a lot in all its forms so being known as promiscuous suits me fine as it means I get a lot of guaranteed action!

There was an occasion I remember well during a meeting, round a table of 7 people, my colleague to the right of me began feeling my leg. Most girls might feel this as an intrusion of privacy, I don’t, I love being fondled in inappropriate situations! Don’t get me wrong if I know the guy to be a creep I’ll brush him off but in most cases I’m all for some sexual groping!

My colleague, Scott, is a good looking, athletic guy. I knew he had a girlfriend but that was a minor detail and if he chose to feel me up and turn me on then that’s his prerogative! During the meeting his hand moved further up my stockinged thigh till it was at the top of my black stockings. During a part of the meeting where I was required to speak Scott un clasped my stocking and began to push it down my leg, knowing this would put me in an awkward situation at some point! I wasn’t annoyed, rather, very much turned on by this forwardly flirty behaviour!

As Scott moved his hand further up my thigh I spread my legs as wide as I could, giving him room to stroke my moist pussy through my lace knickers. He expertly rubbed me softly, locating my clit which was swelling under his perfect strokes!

The meeting came to an end and in effort to somewhat keep my decency and my job I stayed behind, pretending to sort my papers and notes. Scott left me with a wink and a smile. I redid the clasps on my stockings and fixed my tight pencil skirt which had ridden up. I had a quick feel of my pussy and right enough it was dripping wet!

Later, as I was leaving the office Scott came up to me and whispered that I follow him. I knew that this was going to lead to some sex and in the frustrated state I was in after the meeting I was gagging for a good slamming!

He led me into an empty office where he shut the door, pinned me against it and we kissed passionately. His hands were all over me, gripping my firm ass and feeling the curve of my back. It felt great and I was filling with lust fast! I dropped my bag on the floor and tried to undo his belt and trousers to free the swelling cock I could feel grinding against my stomach.

Scott pulled off my jacket as I took out his cock. I made to fall to my knees but as I did so he pushed me over to the desk and bent me over it. I looked over my shoulder to see him standing back admiring the view of me bent over the desk. Standing in my black high heels spread slightly apart, my long toned stockinged legs leading up to my tight pencil skirt, perfectly showing off the slight curve of my firm ass and my tailored blouse framing the curve of my torso. He was slowly stroking himself and his eyes were filled with lust.

He moved forward and sank to his knees to pushed his hands up legs, pulling my skirt up as he went. He then pulled down my knickers slowly and removed them from my feet. He then felt my ass with his strong hands, all over moving to my pussy lips and back round. Pulling apart my ass cheeks he kissed my ass and began to tongue my asshole. It felt so amazing, the nerves sent shocks of pleasure up my spine making me quiver with lust! Pushing two fingers into my pussy sent more shocks and really got my juices going!

As my asshole relaxed with his tongue teasing it Scott pushed his finger in and began to tease it wider! Once wide enough he stood up, spat into the hole and slowly but firmly pushed his sizeable cock into my tight ass. It sent me into a lustful daze! I could feel his every inch in me and with my asshole contracting he pushed harder and harder, heightening the pleasure!

Scott occasionally pulled out his meat to spit into the gaping hole, the cool of the natural lube sent shivers down my spine but in my aroused state it felt good! After what seemed an age of amazing anal, Scott pushing his large cock into my tight ass I could feel him grow even harder, this naturally felt even better bringing me close to a climax. Scott was obviously close too, telling my his groaning and swelling cock. All of a sudden I could feel the shots of warm spunk filling my ass. Scott his groaning immensely as he sent load after load of his hot cum into me. The feeling of this sent me into an orgasmic bliss, I screamed and bucked against him, pushing his meat further into me, making the orgasm so powerful!

Once Scott was done he pulled out his cock and watched me twitch in my post orgasmic state. I could barely support myself against the desk I was so weak. Once recovered I pulled down my skirt, adjusted my stockings and wiped up the spunk that was running down my leg with my knickers which I picked up from the floor. Scott smiled and took the knickers from my hand and pushed them into his pocket.

He left the office leaving me to ponder what just happened. Amazing anal in a colleagues office at work. What more could an office slut want!

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Distracted At The Office

Katie was my new secretary. Her desk was at a right angle to mine so that she sat side on to me right in my field of vision as I tried to get on with my work. This I found quite hard because Katie could be a little distracting. Although her clothes made a nod to the professional, it was a little, how shall I say, slutty. Mind you she was the kind of girl who could have made twin sets and floral prints look slutty. She had long, dirty blonde hair and tits like boulders, the kinds of tits that would stand out from behind any kind of top and put sex on you brain. She also those pouty little lips that seemed made for no purpose other than to wrap around some lucky guys cock and suck his brain’s out.

Yes, nature had given Katie the body of a slut. But what God had given Katie had perfected. Today was unusual in that she wasn’t showing any cleavage. Most days I’d have to try my damnedest to keep my eyes away from the valley of breasts as they lay half exposed under her shirt. Once I’d been able to see her black bra peeking out from the white cotton as it pushed her twin mounds of flesh together in the most eye catching way imaginable. It was even worse as she leaned over my desk to show me a client letter or an invoice, her tits thrust into my face, inviting me to gaze down under the fabric which hung away from her body so that I could see the full shape of her large breasts straining against her bra. As she talked to me of mundane billing matters, I could imagine how her breasts would swing free if released from her bra. They would seem to fill my entire field of vision and there were times when my mind would be so full of them that it seemed entirely natural that they should be swinging free, that Katie would take off her bra as she leaned close to, so close that I could feel her breath on my cheek. That instead of getting her answer and going back to her desk she’d carry on leaning over even further, stick her tits in my face so I could lick and nibble on her nipples, feel them harden in my mouth. Having down that she would then lower her heavy breasts onto my cock, now miraculously free of my pants and rub them against it, push her titties into my cock and massage it until she’d pull away just as I came so I’d spray my seed all over those dirty great boobs.

Today instead she was wearing a tight pink sweater that came up to her neck. No cleavage was showing at all but the tightness of the sweater left very little to the imagination. But what was stopping me concentrating on the Johnson report was her skirt. Normally she’d go for plain trousers, focusing most of the attention on her chest. Although there were times when she bent over to look at some files that I could see the outline of her perky little arse straining through the fabric or the line of a g-string poking out over the top. I could feel my cock stirring against my leg as images came unbidden of me standing behind her, slipping her trousers and panties off over her hips, exposing her bare arse, feeling that cute little bottom pushed against my pelvis as I slid my hard, quivering cock into her tight, wet little pussy, fucking her hard from behind while she braced herself, bent over the filing cabinet groaning with delight as I shot my load deep inside her. In reality of course I’d just sit there fidgeting awkwardly hoping I wouldn’t get called away from my desk before my hard-on subsided.

The skirt she had on today was little more than a belt, barely even covering her white cotton panties, panties that I had seen flashing at me twice already as she crossed and re crossed her long legs, legs that I could just imagine spread wide open as I fucked her, her pussy warm and inviting as I filled it with my cock thrusting into her, my pelvis rubbing against her clit, her moaning as I brought us both to a climax. Today those legs were covered in sheer black stockings while suspenders stretched over an inch or two of exposed thighs, thighs that she should be pressing hard against my head as I bury my face in her pussy, sucking her clit and drinking her juices while she comes in my mouth.

I’d had a hard-on all morning and couldn’t even concentrate as my boss came in to talk about the Johnson affair. He’d shut the door so it must be serious. I could tell her was agitated about it but my eyes kept on slipping over to Katie all the same, travelling up her bare thighs and hoping to get another glimpse of panty. Although Katie kept her legs crossed I got far more of a show then I could have hoped for. I turned to look back at Allen unsure how to react, Allen had his back to Katie and couldn’t see what she was up to, couldn’t see her hand slipping in between her legs and rubbing up against where her pussy had to be. Katie’s other hand was on the mouse and she was staring hard at her monitor but there could be no doubt that she was getting herself off. I could see her breathing came fast and shallow as she struggled not to make a noise, her chest expanding making her tits stand out even more against her pink top.

My dick was like a rock now and I had no idea what Allen was talking about. Fortunately he didn’t seem to expect much from me and eventually he left. As he turned away Katie’s hand shot out from between her legs only just before he could see her. This was just as well because before leaving Allen paused for a moment to look at Katie and it was quite clear that I wasn’t the only one she had an effect on.

He clearly had something on his mind and I guessed it wasn’t just the Johnson business because he closed the door behind him as he left. Normally doors were left open, closed ones meant private business and were generally avoided. I turned to Katie to ask her to open it but stopped as I saw her looking at me in a way she never had before. She was still a little pink from playing with herself and she fixed me with an expression flirty, naughty but direct. Still keeping my gaze fixed in hers she pushed her chair back from her desk and swung around to face me so I could see her in full view now. I thought she was going to slide her fingers under her white cotton panties and finish what she’d started, fucking herself while I watched.

Instead she put both hands on her breasts and pressed them together, pushing her chest forward and tilting her head back as she rubbed them rhythmically together. She uncrossed her legs but lifted one knee up a fraction so that she could rub her thighs together as she massaged her breasts through her tight top. Her attention may have been firmly on her tits but she was working her stockinged legs in a way that I knew wouldn’t make her come but would just keep her pussy wet and stimulated, ready for whatever the hell she was going to do next. I couldn’t believe this, my cock almost hurt now it was so hard bulging through my trousers wanting to be free, wanting to be fucking my secretary in her skimpy little skirt.

Stopping playing with her tits she brought her head back down to look at me again. She took hold of her top just above her skirt and started to pull it up, exposing her tight little belly. I could see that she had a tattoo of a rose just by her belly button. She paused as she held her top rucked up under her breast. I wasn’t sure if the show was over. I hoped to God it wasn’t but I didn’t see how much further it could go, not here at any rate. I was just about to suggest we get a hotel room and spend the lunch hour locked in the 69 position so that I could taste her sweet pussy while she licked my cock and sucked my balls. As her boss I would have to insist that the skirt and suspenders stayed on while she lost everything else, pressing her titties into my business suit while she swallowed my length, licking the head of my penis til she was ready to swallow what I gave her.

As I opened my mouth so speak she put one finger to her lips to indicate that I shouldn’t say a word. It was also to let me know that I may be the boss but she was one in control. If she wanted her pussy licking she’d let me know. Even if she wanted bending over the desk while I banged her roughly from behind, her panties twitched to one side, she’d still be the one in charge, even as her body shuddered from the force of my cock driving hard and deep into her tight, wet little holes.

She opened her legs, the tiny skirt riding up so I could see right in between her legs, see how wet her panties were. She had even smeared herself a little on the black leather of her brand new executive chair. Suddenly she’d taken her top completely off and let it drop in a little heap beside her. Her lacy black bra that I had only glimpsed before pushed her tits out so as they stood to attention, even bigger then they’d seemed, the pink rounds of her aureoles clearly visible peeking through the lace. I wanted more than anything to go over there and suck and nuzzle on those titties, free them from her bra and let her boobs swing in my face, enveloping me. I knew that this simple wasn’t on however and that if I took any form of initiative it might all be over.

Next she moved her hands down to her thighs, pulling the skirt all the way back and hitching her thumbs in the sides of her panties. Balancing on her elbows she hoist her arse off the chair so that she could peel her panties off her hips. As she did so she moved her thighs up and round, one slightly higher than the other. So although I knew that she must be completely exposed I wasn’t yet able to see the hot, wet little space between her legs that I’d spent so long fantasising about. Maybe I wouldn’t ever, I didn’t know where this was going. My secretary had just got her pussy out at 11.30 am on a workday with only an oak panelled door between us and a couple of hundred of our colleagues. The chances of my aching dick relieving itself and emptying itself into it still had to be slim.

Katie swung both legs over the left arm rest of her chair and let her panties slide down her long legs onto the floor, crossing her ankles. One hand was under the cup of her bra by now and was clearly stroking a nipple. The she leaned back in her chair arching her back, thrusting her tits out even more as she put both hands behind her back to free her bra strap. Suddenly Katie was topless, her boobs dropped only a fraction into a shape even more inviting and delicious then the contrived contours her bra pushed her into. However I didn’t have long to admire them as she almost simultaneously swung her long right around and up on onto the desk. Both hands went straight from bra fastener to her now totally exposed pussy. She was shaved, of course, and glisteningly wet. With one hand she put two fingers deep into her pussy and with the other she rubbed her clit hard. She kept up eye contact for as long as she could but her eyes kept closing and she threw her hand back, her whole body straining. As she played with her pussy her arms pressed her breasts together, jiggling them about while her hands went to work on her cunt. I wanted to stick my cock in the valley of her breasts and let the motion they made as she brought herself to a climax make me come too, spaying over her just like I’ve dreamt of since the first day she came to work for me.

Although she’s somehow managed not to keep quiet she can’t hide the squelching sounds her dripping wet pussy makes as she rams two fingers in her pussy while rubbing her clit as hard as she can. I can see the pink flesh shaking under the onslaught and then finally spasm as she comes. She fixes me with that gaze again even dirtier then ever and lifts the fingers that have been playing with her clit to her mouth, pouts and then licks them clean. She stands up, her skirt falls over her pussy, obscuring it from view and she walks over to me, still in high heels. I’m tight with anticipation. After what I’ve just seen I don’t care what happens or where I am I just want to fuck this brazen little hussy and I think she might just let me

She leans over the desk like she has so many times before but this time it isn’t an invoice she’s got for me. Her tits are dangling over my desk like they have so many times before but this time completely free. Her hard, pouty little nipples imploring me to nibble and lick. I lean forward but she pushes me back. She brings up her other hand, the one that until recently was thrust deep inside her pink, spasming flesh and gives it to me to lick. I can hardly wait to get my first taste of her and greedily lick the still hot juices off her hand relishing the slightly bitter but oh so delicious taste of her cunt.

She walks around the desk and leans over to me and puts her hand down my pants, closing it around my throbbing cock. I think I’m going to come straight away I’m so aroused. She gets down on her knees and opens my fly and pulls my cock out of my pants. Licking her lips she looks me in the face as she purses her now moistened mouth. The tip of my cock is a tight red ball shining with the sticky juices that have been building inside me and have now begun to seep out. She lowers her pursed lips and gently kisses the straining head. Her soft wet lips feel cool and refreshing on my hot, bothered manhood. She takes them away and the raging fires of lust that this little slut has ignited in my come roaring back.

Her tongue flicks out now and she licks the underside of my shaft from just above my balls all the way up to the tip. I shiver as the soft wetness of her tongue brings relief as it travels up and down the length of my cock just like she’s licking an ice cream. This goes on for some while, up and down, wherever her mouth is feels cool and delicious but wherever her tongue isn’t feels like a furnace. Finally as she brings her tongue up over the head she opens her mouth wide and takes me entire cock in her mouth, swallowing the whole length. The pleasure is so intense I moan as I feel right on the edge of emptying my load right down inside.

Immediately she stops. She looks at me hard. I can tell moaning wasn’t allowed. God knows we were taking enough risks I wasn’t sure what difference a little moan could make but she was the boss now. I knew that saying anything could ruin the whole thing, that she’d stop right here and leave me with all this pent up come and lust and nowhere to empty it. There was nothing I could say I just had to look at her imploringly as she looked at me for what seemed like the longest time, my cock burning. Finally she seemed satisfied, put her lips back on my cock and swallowed it in one easy movement.

The relief of feeling those dirty, pouty, little lips wrapped around my cock again, this cock of mine I’ve wanted to put in her since we first met was so great that I came almost at once. As I did I grabbed the hair on the back of her head and pushed me hips in her face. She seemed to love it slurping hungrily on my cock as I came in the back of her throat, I thought about her throat as I kept on coming; pink, wet and warm just like that pussy I still hadn’t got to fuck.

Eventually I stopped and Katie let my dick slide out her mouth. She looked at me, winked, swallowed and licked her lips. She stood up pulling her skirt down, or at least as far as it would go. She picked up her top and slipped it on over her naked breasts, those tits she still hadn’t let me play with. I could still see her hard nipples through the material. Her bra and panties she placed under her desk, then she walked over and opened the door. Seconds later Allen walked through it again and this time he took a bit longer to get rid of. I was able to give him more of my attention this time but my mind did keep straying back to me horny little secretary sitting in the corner with no knickers on.

After I finally got rid of Allen I turned back to my work. I’d got eleven emails since I’d last checked. One of them was from Katie.

“After lunch I’ll let you fuck me properly.”

I looked over but she ignored me. I could feel myself getting hard again.

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Wifes Anal Massage

Brett was becoming frustrated with his wife of five years. First it had been all about showing Jan what a gentleman he was and taking her out the old fashioned way. They got to know each other but Jan was slow to come out of her shell. Brett still wondered if there was more he could have done to make her let loose more and give in to the sexual pleasures he could bring her. But she was so shy and he was not big on communication so he just went to the pub instead and dreamed of Jan in ways that would make her blush. If she only knew what he had done to her in his mind…she would probably leave him on the spot!

The day had finished early for Brett and he was on his way home from work two hours earlier than usual. Jan would be surprised and seeing as it was Friday, he would make a nice lamb curry for dinner to give her the night off for a change. He parked his Jeep in next to her hatch in the drive and let himself into the house. Jan was nowhere in sight so he assumed she must be in her garden or green house with her prize orchids. He decided to get a start on dinner so there would be less to do later on. He had just washed his hands and began preparations when he heard what sounded like moaning coming from the bedroom. His stomach twisted at the thought that someone else was in their house and fear gripped him when he thought that Jan might actually be in some sort of danger.

He picked up the lower half of a pool cue and crept quietly up the stairs. Once at the top of the stairs Brett turned down the hallway and saw what looked to be a massage table set up in their bedroom with Jan naked and lying face down on top of it. A very hunky looking muscular man was giving Jan a massage and she was moaning with pleasure. Brett could see why too because the man obviously knew what to do with his hands. Boy did he know what to do with his hands! In fact, his hands were sliding all over Jan’s smooth creamy ass cheeks and it looked as though the tips of his fingers were slipping into her ass crack with each move. The dirty bastard! Brett had a good mind to storm into the room and put an end to this right now. However, something about the way his wife was moaning and the sight of her naked and being obviously pleasured was turning Brett on. He knew this because his cock was pushing up against his jeans with some urgency.

Brett decided to remain standing where he was as they didn’t know he was there and he could watch what went on and get off on the sound of Jan moaning. He could see her ass arching upwards towards the guy’s hands as he worked her and Brett quietly unzipped his jeans to free his desperate member from confinement. Gripping his cock with one hand, he began to pull as he looked and once again his mind went off into dirty places. He dreamed it was his hands working on Jan’s ass instead, with maybe a tongue involved as well…

Jan was moving her legs apart now so the man had better access to her inner thighs. He was rubbing one thigh now with both hands, moving upwards towards her ass again but his hands were staying quite low. Brett just knew the guy was brushing against her thick juicy pussy lips as he got closer. There was no way he could be avoiding making contact with that area when his hands were so close and low. Brett’s cock jumped in his hand. How he longed to be between her legs now, nudging his fat cock head into her wet open pussy.

She moaned suddenly and said “Oh yes!” The man felt encouraged and continued to rub, moving onto her other thigh now for more of the same. Her ass was going up and down as his hands moved up and down in opposing motions. She was enjoying ever second of it. Sweat broke out all over Brett’s body as he pumped his cock excitedly. The guy stopped working on her thighs then and began to gently tickle Jan’s ass all over, making her giggle like a school girl. He tickled her sides, up over her rib cage and Jan’s whole upper body came up off the massage table so he could get to her breasts!

He rubbed his hands over them once or twice but his focus was more on the delicious curve of Jan’s bottom as it wiggled around just inches from his face. He parted her cheeks then and began tonguing her ass! Brett got ready to run as he expected her to take fright or offence at the man’s actions. But he need not have worried because Jan was staying right where she was and continuing to moan in pleasure. The man’s tongue was dipping in deeply into her ass crack and obviously pausing to probe her asshole along the way. Jan spread her legs even wider so her ass and pussy were more accessible. The guy got really excited about that and why wouldn’t he? Jan had a fine ass which never grew any hair at all so it was naturally smooth and obviously very tasty. Brett’s mouth watered at that thought.

Excitement went into over drive as the guy reached around under her thighs to pull her ass up high into the air. Now she was on all fours while he continued to eat her ass. Her full tits swayed beautifully back and forth as she pushed back against his face. She couldn’t seem to get close enough and watching her hard nipples caused Brett to begin cumming. He stopped himself letting go all the way, managing to catch some cum with his other hand. He willed his mind to go blank for a few seconds while he closed his eyes and calmed down enough to continue watching. It took more than a few seconds for his cock to settle down a bit but then he was left with a pool of cum in the palm of his hand. He wished it was a pool of his cum in the small of Jan’s back instead…

That was when her moans of pleasure turned into words of filthy demands for more and more! Brett couldn’t believe his ears when he heard his wife yell:

“YES, YES, stick your hot tongue in my tight little asshole!”

“CUM ON, stick more fingers in my shit hole!”

“Make me cum NOW!!!”

He had never ever heard his wife so excited and almost hysterical with lust. This was such a first and it was truly blowing his mind as well as nearly causing his cock to blow up.

The guy was really excited which became suddenly obvious when he dropped his pants and stood there with a raging hard on. He moved around to the side of Jan’s face and she turned her head to look at his big hard cock. He grabbed a fist full of her curly blonde hair and pulled her mouth down hard on his cock. She sucked him and gagged when he filled her mouth with his meat. Then he took it out of her mouth and slapped her cheek with it.

“SMACK, SMACK!” went his cock over and over again and she loved it!

“MORE!!!” She urged in a loud, commanding voice.

He smacked her several more times and then moved around to her ass again. He reached for the massage oil and poured some onto her ass. It ran around into her crack and he spread it with his hands, dipping into her asshole and pussy with his big strong fingers. She moaned so long and loud as he began to rub oil onto his thick veined cock while her ass wiggled invitingly in the air. He wasted no more time lining his cock up at the entrance to her asshole. Then he drove into her well prepared hole and began fingering her clit with precision and expertise. Brett had no time to feel any jealousy as he watched his wife get fucked in the ass by a complete stranger. She just let go and continued to say filthy things in rhythm with his thrusts:

“That’s, it, fuck, me, oh, fuck, fuck, oh, god, yes, fuck, me!”

It was unbelievable. His shy little wife who had trouble just saying the word “cock” yelling as she got her ass pounded. Brett used the pool of cum in his hand as lube and began pulling himself again. He watched and wanked as Jan bounced back and forth to the rhythm of the cock slamming into her over and over again until she suddenly screamed with a big orgasm and began to beg him to stop:

“Oh, fuck, stop, fuck, oh, fuck, stop, oh, stop, stop, stop!”

He pulled his cock out of her ass and walked around to her face once more. She gladly sucked his fat dick until he came, blowing a huge load of cum all over her face and hair. At the sight of another man’s cum spewing all over his wife, Brett let loose with his own silent orgasm without a care about where his cum landed. He quickly moved back out of sight and retreated silently down the stairs. Once back in the kitchen he continued on with dinner preparations as if nothing had happened. The only difference this time was a slight shaking in his hands as he cut the onions and of course, the raging thoughts inside his head.

He heard the man say good bye to Jan before walking down the stairs. As he came into view and saw Brett making dinner he smiled without missing a beat.

“Hi mate, what’s for dinner?” He asked, smiling.

“Lamb curry” Brett replied calmly.

“Sounds tasty,” He said, adding, “But not as tasty as your wife.” Then with a big wink, he and his massage table walked out the door.

Brett’s jaw dropped at the man’s audacity but an idea of what he really wanted to eat for dinner began to formulate in his mind and once again he put dinner preparations on hold and quietly crept up the stairs. Jan was in the shower so he got undressed and waited for her on the bed. He grinned to himself as he thought about what he would do to her. His wife was in for one hell of a surprise tonight! So much for giving her the evening off, he thought wickedly.

Anniversary Trip Goes South

To my knowledge, my wife Sally had never cheated on me in 14 years of marriage. We have two great sons (12 and 10) and have always enjoyed a good sex life. Sally has blond hair and is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 140 lbs. She is attractive and keeps herself in good shape. Neither of us are heavy drinkers but occasionally we like to get hammered and it inevitably leads to great uninhibited sex. We always reserve at least one night on any vacation for a big night out. This particular incident occurred on an anniversary trip to Bermuda and has both haunted and aroused me ever since. I have never spoken to my wife about what happened and probably never will.

It all started at the airport on the trip over. We met a nice couple from Georgia (Mellie and Jim) who were also heading to Bermuda for a getaway. Jim was bigger than me standing about 6 feet 3 inches and was pretty well built at around 210 lbs. Mellie was cute and slightly overweight but with very nice boobs. They had already been drinking and we had a great time talking to them prior to boarding. We talked to them again after landing in Bermuda and said our farewells as we all took cabs to our resorts.

On out third day we ran into Mellie and Jim while shopping. Mellie was on crutches and had a big bandage on her foot from stepping on a piece of glass. Jim told us the story and as usual he had us in stitches with his southern humor. We all decided to go have a drink and by late afternoon we were all feeling pretty good. I could tell this was going to be a big drunk for Sallie and me and I knew that if I kept feeding her margaritas that this would be a great night of sex. Sallie and I like tequila and it invariably leads to incredible love making.

We invited Mellie and Jim to go to dinner with us at a restaurant at our resort and we said our goodbyes to go get showered before dinner. Sallie and I kept drinking as we got ready for dinner. She put on a short clingy dress that came to mid thigh. Underneath she wore a lacy bra and white silk panties that I was already imagining taking off of her later in the evening. We met Mellie and Jim at the restaurant and had dinner on the terrace overlooking the ocean. The drinks were flowing freely and all four of us were getting really drunk. I always know my wife is drunk when she demands to go dancing and sure enough Sallie suggested we hit the dance floor. We debated going to into town and finding a hopping bar but decided that would take too long. I suggested we go back to our room where we had our iPod dock and crank some dance tunes. Everyone agreed and off we went.

The room dancing was fun with Mellie hopping around on crutches and the four of us doing our best dirty dancing moves. I spent as much time dancing with Mellie as I did with Sallie and I must admit I was having a good time brushing up against her boobs. Mellie was absolutely wasted due to some painkillers she was taking for her foot. As I danced with her I had to pretty much hold her up which gave me great access to her hooters. I ordered several rounds of room service margaritas as the dancing continued. I could see that Sallie was incredibly drunk and she was showing all of her best dirty dancing moves. Jim was hilarious on the dance floor as well but he never missed a chance to put his hands on Sallie or grind into her. It seemed like harmless fun.

Our suite was one room but it was large. We had moved the furniture so we could dance and were obviously making too much noise. A resort employee was dispatched to our room to tell us to quiet down which suited me because I was ready for Jim and Mellie to leave so I could go after Sallie. Suddenly I looked up to see Mellie sitting in a chair completely asleep. I suggested we end it but Sallie was having the time of her life dancing and Jim was in no mood to leave with his passed out wife. While Jim and Sallie kept dancing I moved Mellie to the bed and elevated her foot. It was sensational as I literally had my hands all over and was inches from her thong as I rested her foot atop a pillow. Sallie and Jim were oblivious. I grabbed my drink and sat down beside Mellie on the bed to watch the dancing. I must have nodded off in my drunken stupor because the next thing I knew Jim was shaking me trying to wake me up.

I really wanted him to leave so I pretended to sleep. He turned to Sallie and said that I was passed out cold and to my surprise she called me a light weight and said that she always could handle her liquor better than me – a true statement. So here I was pretending to be asleep on the bed with the comatose wife of Jim lying beside me. Sallie came over and shook me and told me to get up and start dancing. I simply lay there with my eyes shut hoping Jim would get the message and leave. Unfortunately that was not what he had in mind.

Even as Sallie was trying to wake me Jim was behind her dirty dancing. I heard him tell her to keep on dancing and to my surprise she did. Jim was running his hands all over Sallie and she was not stopping him. I saw him try and kiss her but she laughingly pushed him away. He kept after her telling her to loosen up and have some fun and I was amazed that she was giggling and having fun with it. Mellie and I might as well have been in another room.

At one point Jim was behind my wife dancing and I could see that he was running his hands all over her tits and even brushing her crotch. Finally Sallie stopped him when he tried to pull her straps off her shoulders but she still was good natured about it. I saw Jim whisper something to her and to my disbelief; Sallie walked over to me and shook me. I did not move. She then went and turned down the music and turned off the lights and went back to Jim. They started dancing again but this time they were grinding into each other and Sallie had her head against Jim’s chest. I could not believe she was doing this but I could not make myself stop it.

Jim grabbed her hand and led her to a chair. He sat down with Sallie facing him and pulled her straps off her shoulders and pulled her bra down below her tits and began sucking her nipples. She offered token resistance but was not about to stop him. Sallie loves having her nipples licked and I could tell she was at the point of no return. Jim pulled her down so she was straddling him on the couch. I could not believe my wife was letting him do this. I could not see his right hand but I knew he was rubbing her pussy under her dress. Her hips were rocking and she was clutching his head to her chest. This went on for several minutes and I could hear her breathing over the music. Suddenly she stood up and knelt down in front of him. Sallie has always liked to suck cock and when she gets really horny she demands it. She went down on him and I watched as my beautiful wife was balling Jim. Jim pulled her up and turned her around. I saw him reach up under her dress and remove her panties. He then pulled her down on him and inserted his cock between her legs. She was on fire with her eyes closed and trembling with pleasure. Jim turned her around again and she faced him and again sat on his cock. Her dress was bunched around her waist and I watched with both arousal and horror as he reached around and gripped her ass and eventually shot his load inside her. She orgasmed with him as she always does when I shoot off inside her and she continued to buck for what seemed like minutes. Finally, she rolled off of him and lay down on the couch and shut her eyes.

Jim stood up and straightened himself up and went straight to Mellie. He picked her up and headed for the door. We never saw them again.

When I woke up that morning Sallie was asleep in the bed with me having showered at some point during the night. Sallie and I have never spoken about her having sex with Jim that night although I think she knows that I know something happened.

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Highway Masturbation

My husband was away on business yet again. As is normal for us, we text back and forth trying to keep in touch. Silly little texts all morning long about how our days were going, flirting some but keeping it light as we were both pretty busy.

But somewhere around lunchtime his texts become slightly naughty. He had never done this before so it completely caught me off guard. He texted saying he missed me which is nothing new, but went on to type he missed not just me but very specific parts of me, his favorite parts of me. He described those favorite parts in great detail, the way my nipples looked all puckered up with desire, desire he caused with his hands and his mouth. The supple skin that starts on the underside of my breast and continues along my rib cage and how when he traces it with his fingertip it makes me giggle. The back of my knee and the goose bumps that a lick of his tongue can cause. My long fingers and how they softly grace his own skin.

I could not keep my eyes off the screen of the phone as I anticipated every text and they were really starting to heat me up. I only encouraged him by describing how my body was responding to his words; my nipples were stiffening and I could feel them rub against the silky material of my bra. My pussy was starting to pulsate and began moistening my panties. I was chewing on my lower lip.

This only egged him on and made his texts even dirtier. He was becoming more descriptive telling me what he now wanted to do to me. His mouth wanted to take in the hard nubs of my breasts, suck profusely until they were achingly stiff and then tease them with a flick of his tongue. His tongue desired to swirl its wetness in my belly button and then trail southward to warmer more parts. Then he wanted to take my toes in his mouth, savoring them and then softly suck until I was wiggling uncontrollably. I was starting to squirm in my chair with the pictures he was painting in my mind.

About mid afternoon, he texted that he was in a boardroom style meeting and had a raging hard on that was only being controlled by the waistband of his slacks and thankfully concealed by his sweater. He wished he could rub his palm up and down his hard cock a few times and how if we kept up this texting he was going to fly home early so he could pick me up, throw me on the bed and fuck my brains out. I envisioned him at this meeting with his pants tented and giggled.

I proceeded to text back how I wanted to walk right into that boardroom with high heels, skirt taught against my ass and nipples pricking through my blouse and my shoes clicking on hardwood flooring, kneel before him, unzip his pants, grasp his stiff cock, lick the precum then envelope his swollen purple head with my hot wet lips and let him slide down the length of my warm tongue. He could then sit back and watch my head bob up and down in his lap while he felt the pleasurable skill of my mouth on his rigid cock.

He texted me back telling me how that was making his cock twitch for my sweet pussy and he was losing concentration for the meeting right quick.

When I was finished teasing him with my oral abilities, he was going to pick me up, place me on that boardroom table, slide my skirt up my hips, tear off my panties off with his teeth, spread my legs wide and eat me like the dinner he was hungry for. He wanted to part my sopping wet pussy lips, fuck me with his tongue and fingers until I was begging for his cock. Only then would he give me the satisfaction of a good hard fuck, a slap on the ass and a quick yank of my hair.

At this point we had been texting for most of the afternoon and we so thoroughly wound each other up, my hands were shaking slightly, my heart was racing and I wasn’t able to focus my thoughts on work. Unfortunately we weren’t able to do anything about this crazy state of arousal we were in until we were backing home together in a few days.

His meeting was now finished and I needed to wrap some work up before heading home. We both texted each other about how much fun sexting was and we would certainly have to do it again but only when we could meet each other at home to finish what we started. He did ask me if I was going to do anything about my state of arousal and I said I might if I still felt horny enough when I got home.

He asked me to do him a favor. I readily agreed even without knowing what that favor might be, but knew that he wouldn’t ask me to do anything to out of the ordinary. I was a little taken aback when his favor turned out to be for me to masturbate. I explained that it would be risky at work, but he said he thought in the car was a better idea. He explained that knowing how aroused I was and knowing that I was releasing myself in sort of a public way was a huge turn on for him. I hesitantly agreed to it and that I would tell him about it later.

I was certainly nervous about our agreement. I had never done anything quite like that before yet alone in the car in the parking lot of work and in the light of day but the more I thought about it the more I really wanted to fulfill his favor. My nervous state of arousal, the anticipation of the entire afternoon and the culmination of our sexting drove me to my final decision.

When work was finally done, I walked out to my car, got in and sat there for a brief second thinking about what I was going to do, how turned on I still was and how I really was going to have absolutely no problem fulfilling his favor.

I settled into the driver’s seat, draped the shawl I was wearing that day over my shoulder and down over my knee to cover up what I was going to be doing just in case someone came along. I looked around for any watchful eyes then reached beneath the shawl, unzipped my slacks, slid my hand underneath my panties and continued even further down until my fingers touched the warm folds of my pussy. The amount of wetness there took me by surprise. I was very slippery wet indicating that our afternoon of sexting had a very powerful effect on me.

Once my fingers were there and very happy to be playing, I just sort of let my inhibitions loose and allowed my hand to take over. I plunged my middle finger deep into my pussy like an oil dipstick to draw out even more wetness so I could then smear it around and start playing with my clit. I moaned at how good I was feeling and knew it would not take me long to reach my goal and grant my husband his favor.

I was basking in the pleasure of my play and really wanted to just sit in the car until I was completely sated, but I was reminded by the mass exodus from our office building that it was Friday and I really needed to get on the road or traffic was going to be terrible. So I started up the car and with my hand still down my panties swirling my clit which was now hard and so very swollen pulled out of the parking space.

As I was driving, I could feel my body respond so strongly and knew my release was so close, I wanted it and I needed it so bad that I was hoping to catch a red light so I could stop driving for just a moment, drive my clit to orgasm quickly, and hopefully avoid an accident. But no luck there. I drove for about two miles with my hand down my pants.

My finger finally finding that spot on my clit, you know that one that takes you to an orgasm very quickly was seriously concentrating on it now, swirling in slow motion building myself up to that crest.

I finally reached that red light right before I had to get on the expressway and pressed down hard on the brake pedal with my foot. I was oblivious of the cars around me as I leaned back, closed my eyes and thought about your earlier seduction. I started panting as I envisioned his head between my legs, his warm tongue on my clit and fingers fucking my steamy pussy.

I continued stroking that spot and knew that I was only seconds away from that much needed orgasm. My face started to flush with rushing blood, the lips on my face felt hot and swollen, my nipples grew achingly hard, my hands shook a bit and then the final thought of his hand slapping my ass and that yank of my hair made me cum like a sparked explosion right there in the seat of my car.

My entire body stiffened and I actually stopped breathing for just a moment as I rode the pulsating waves of white hot orgasm out for few brief exhilarating seconds before I was forced to recover quickly as the light turned green.

I merged into traffic panting and feeling a little dizzy, but after a minute felt completely and utterly relaxed.

Work Surprise

Just try and imagine my surprise when I stopped by my wife’s office the other day, only to find her begging for one of her workers to “Fuck her harder, to bang her like the she was.”

A little bit of history, I’m 46, my wife just turned 40, we’ve been married for 10+ years and live a comfortable life in a quiet small town.

Our sex life hasn’t exactly been anything to write home about for the past four or five years, mostly because she refuses to use birth control, and I refuse to get a vasectomy. I guess most of our lack of intimacy can be blamed on my. I don’t want to have any more children, I’ve already fathered four, and don’t wish to have any more. Yet I have this fear of surgery, so I refrained from having the vasectomy surgery done.

Anyway, back to the story…

Our offices are only a couple of blocks away, so I thought I’d surprise my wife and show up on her in the late afternoon. Even though we’ve not been close sexually, we’ve always been able to talk business and each others jobs. I figured I’d stop by and get her away from work and go have a drink or two and shoot the breeze. Truth be known, I just wanted a head start on my daily routine of getting shit-faced.

As I came to the front door of her office, the front door was locked. I knew she was there because her car was parked out front. I also knew of the back door entry through the alley behind the movie theater. I walked around to the alley and walked in the back door.

As I entered the door I heard what I can only describe as total passion. It was Debbie, she was proclaiming how much she loved “his” black dick. How “her” pussy was his, and that she was his little white fuck slut. I couldn’t believe my ears, as I slowly crept around and down the small flight of stairs. As I crept down those stairs I heard more and more, I heard a deep voice proclaiming “you ride that black dick you white whore.”

My mind raced as to what the hell must have been going on as I peeked around the corner, and what I saw dropped me dead in my tracks.

There was my lovely white bride of ten years straddling a black man whom was sitting on the toilet. Her panties were on the floor, her skirt was bunched up around her waste, and she was naked from the waste up. She was bouncing up and down on the biggest dick I’d ever seen and begging for more. She was out of control as she rode his fat black cock, his hands and mouth were busy on her tits as he told her to ride his fat black dick.

I couldn’t actually believe what I was seeing. Here was my bride of the past ten years telling this black man how much she loved his fat black cock, which by her reaction was very obvious. She must have cum five times riding him before he all but lifted her up and placed her on the sink counter.

He roughly spread her legs and began rubbing his bloated fat black cock all over her wet pussy lips. I then noticed whom he was, it was Oscar, he’d been working for her for the past year. He was in his mid- 50’s and would have been the last guy I’d have thought would hit on my wife.

As soon as Debbie’s ass hit the counter of the sink, Oscar sunk his black dick into her, and it wasn’t gentle by any means. He grabbed both of her legs behind the knees and was driving his fat black cock into her while she was lost in yet another orgasm begging him to fuck her white pussy.

Debbie’s left hand was busy working her clit, while her right hand was pulling on the nipple of her right breast as she looked Oscar in the eye, telling him to fuck her white pussy with his big black dick. After slamming his old fat black dick into her for what seemed like forever, he finally pulled out and told her he was going to cum.

She begged for him to cum for his white slut, and spurted his cum all over her. I was amazed at how much this old man came, he shot jets of his cum not only on her tits, and up onto her face. Debbie had one hand working her clit, and one rubbing the spurts of his cum over her tits and face as she came again.

She was obviously his, and I suddenly couldn’t figure out how to get the hell out of there. There passion was hard to describe. Their fucking was the hottest thing I’d ever witnessed. I can never let her know what I saw, I can never let her know how turned on I was by her infidelity.

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Friend Fucks Wife In Every Hole

We had known Dave and Mary for years, our friendship having grown after we were introduced by a mutual friend at a birthday party fifteen years earlier. We had hit it off straight away and before long we were socialising with them regularly. Dave was two years younger than me at 42, but looked 10 years younger. He was 6’2″ and built like a tank as he should be with the amount of exercise he does.

Mary at 40 years old, stands five feet six, has dark brown hair, usually worn up and has a body even at her age, which turns heads. Her tits, which always look as though they are about to burst through what is covering them, defy all gravitational laws. You can see some age in her face, but it suits her. She is one of those MILFS who are just eminently fuckable and she knows it!

My own wife Sam is no bad looker either. She is just over five feet tall, shoulder length brown hair, green eyes and a killer body, with good firm tits. I know Dave has had a thing for her for years, – you get to notice the looks, but Sam has never encouraged him and despite our previous adventures with other people (see previous stories), she would never compromise our friendship.

On the particular Friday night in question, we were preparing to meet Dave and Mary for a drink in a local country pub. As Sam was in the bathroom, we got chatting about our friends and how close we felt to them. I joked that Dave wouldn’t mind getting much closer to her. She turned to me completely naked and said, “What do you mean.”

She seemed surprised by my comment. I said “Oh come on, – surely you’ve seen the looks he gives you when Mary’s not watching him. “He’d give his right arm to fuck you.”

She blushed and I knew I had hit a nerve. “What if I were to suggest it to him” I said. “What if we asked him to fuck you while Mary and I watched? Or even better, while I fucked Mary?”

She moved closer to me now and began gently rubbing my semi — erect cock through my trousers. I could feel her large tits gently rubbing against me. “Do you really think they would go for it?” she said, as she unzipped my trousers and reached in to gently take hold of my now raging erection.

“Enough drink and merriment and I think they would.” I replied.

I could tell I had fired her lustful imagination because in a few seconds she had undone my trousers, dropped to her knees and taken my cock deep into her throat. Now I know from personal experience and from the reaction of other men I have watched her fuck that my wife gives awesome head. I felt my balls tighten and stir as I watched her bob her head.

Knowing that a great deal of the eroticism of a blowjob is in the watching of a cock disappear into her mouth, she gently moved her hair to the side to give me the perfect view. I gently held the back of her head as I began to fuck her face, feeling the sap rising in me and knowing that with each thrust, my blowing a load into her mouth was closer and closer. “I’m cumming,” I grunted and in response she took me deep as I felt my muck blow into her throat. Good little girl that she is, she didn’t stop sucking for a second and took the entire load into her mouth and swallowed.

“Is that a taste of what you have in store for Dave later?” I asked. She smiled, winked and turned towards the shower. I couldn’t wait!

After showering, Sam entered the lounge to reveal her outfit for the evening. She looked awesome! She was wearing a low cut clingy black top which displayed her 36D tits to perfection. She had coupled this with a knee — length black skirt and knee — high ‘take me home and fuck me’ black leather boots. Dave would cum in his pants just looking at her.

We entered the Pub at 7pm to find Dave sitting alone. Apparently Mary had been called away at the last minute as her mother was ill and she had to go look after her. I was a bit disappointed, but at least the evening still had possibilities.

After much merriment and flirty talk between Dave and Sam we decided to leave the cars on the pub car park and get a taxi back to our place. I persuaded Dave, rather than go back to an empty house that he should spend the night with us in our spare room. He didn’t take much persuading; – I think the idea of spending more time near Sam was very appealing to him.

While Dave went to the bathroom prior to us leaving the pub, I told Sam of a plan I had. My plan was that when we got back to our place, I would feign a headache, say I was going to take some sleeping pills and make my excuses to go to bed. This would leave them alone. I would leave the bedroom door open slightly so I could peek out and over the balcony where I would have a perfect view of the lounge sofa. She was to sit with him on there and see what happened. Hopefully, Dave would take advantage of the situation and I would be able to watch her get a good fucking.

We arrived back home after ten minutes in the taxi and I got us three beers from the fridge. We were sitting in the lounge chatting, Dave and Sam on the sofa and me in my easy chair when I announced I was experiencing a visual display and that this was the prelude to a migraine. I asked Dave if he minded if I took a sleeping pill and went to bed as this was the only way to avoid it. He waved me off saying I should do whatever it takes and not to worry, he would ‘entertain’ my wife. As planned, I went off to bed, left the door slightly ajar and waited. Sam left me for ten minutes and then made out to Dave that she was going to check on me, which she did. She popped her head around the bedroom door, winked at me and went downstairs to re-join Dave on the sofa, announcing to him that I was fast asleep and that I wouldn’t surface until morning.

This statement seemed like an instant green light to Dave and I saw his hand start to rub Sam’s thigh. I could hear them chatting but couldn’t make out what they were saying although it seemed to be getting quite intimate, with Sam giving the odd ‘girly giggle’ whilst tossing her head back and thrusting her tits forward towards Dave’s face.

It wasn’t long before Dave leaned closer, obviously to kiss her. They lingered for a moment as though Dave was waiting for rejection, but when Sam didn’t pull away he proceeded to kiss her. The kisses were gentle, sensual pecks at first, but before you knew it, they were snogging away. I began to wonder when they were going to come up for air, and then I saw his hand start to massage her tits and heard her moan into his mouth in response.

The sight and sound of them kissing was incredible. I saw my wife’s hand slowly start to massage Dave’s cock through his trousers and then she gradually undid his zipper and reached in to feel his engorged cock.

They broke their kiss and my wife pulled her top off and undid her bra. I watched as I saw her firm tits swing free from their prison. Before you knew it Dave had his head between them, with the nipple from one tit in his mouth whilst he rubbed the other between his finger and thumb.

Sam gently pushed him away and told him to stand up. He duly obliged and she began to slowly undo his trousers, which dropped to the floor with his underwear. Sam took hold of his cock as he stepped out of them and she began to slowly and rhythmically wank him. I heard Dave moan as he now stood before her, cock fully erect — and what a monster it was. It had to be 9 inches plus, with a good girth too. I smiled to myself as I anticipated seeing my wife rammed with this monster cock.

Sam was sitting on the sofa, just in front of Dave who was standing before her with his cock conveniently at the height of her mouth. I saw her hands reach around to his ass and pull him closer to her, as she kissed his balls and ran her tongue up the length of his shaft. She turned Dave slightly to one side, obviously to give me a better view as she slowly closed her full lips around the head of this enormous cock. Dave began to gently rock his hips backward and forward, gently fucking her gorgeous face as she took more and more of his cock into her warm accommodating mouth with each thrust.

Before long, she was deepthroating him down to the base of his shaft, something I would have considered impossible, but there it was. She blew him like that for a good ten minutes and then Dave, as if to get a better position to fuck her mouth from, placed one foot on the sofa and held onto the back of my wife’s head. He was really ramming it down her throat now!

Dave began moaning that he was going to cum, but she wasn’t having that, she was going to make this last as long as she could and she pulled him out of her mouth and held his cock tight around the base of the shaft.

After a few moments when the urge for Dave to cum had died down, she positioned herself kneeling on the floor, with her elbows resting on the sofa cushion. She motioned for Dave to come behind her, – she wanted to be fucked doggy style.

Dave didn’t need asking twice and within seconds his cock was sliding in and out of my wife’s now stretched pussy. I could hear her moaning, – familiar sounds and knew from hearing them that she was on her way to climax. Dave started pumping harder and faster and leaned forward to reach around her and hang onto her tits, which were swinging wildly with each thrust of his cock.

They fucked like that for a few minutes with the familiar sound of Sam cumming filling the room. Then they changed position again, – this time Sam motioned for him to sit on the sofa, which he did, cock pointing into the air like a divining rod. She then sat on it, facing him so her huge breasts were rubbing in his face. This was always my favourite position with Sam, because not only did you get to fuck her, but you had the added experience of burying your head in those wonderful tits at the same time.

She began riding him, slowly at first, but soon the pace picked up and I again heard the familiar sounds of moaning as she approached orgasm. They were now bucking wildly and I heard Dave say, “I can’t hold it; – I’m cumming.” With that there were a few dull grunts as he filled my wife’s cunt with his load. They both slumped on the sofa, staying in position with his cock buried deep in Sam’s pussy.

This remained the situation for about ten minutes and then Sam swung her leg over and off him and sat down on the sofa besides Dave. I watched as the kissing and fondling continued, their tongues swirling around each other’s mouths. Sam was again rhythmically tugging on Dave’s cock again; – it looked like she was after second helpings.

This was confirmed when she broke their kiss and went down on him again, taking his entire cock into her mouth. It didn’t look to me as though Dave’s cock had much life left in it, but after a few minutes of gobbling him, it began to stir. Dave pushed her back on the sofa so she was lying on her back and started to mount her in the missionary position. I heard him call her a “dirty slut” and tell her that he was going to send her upstairs to bed with her old man with a belly full of his cum.

She moaned approval at this and they were eyeball to eyeball as I saw him enter her again. She gasped as he did and within seconds Dave was giving her long slow strokes of his huge cock. She was squirming and moaning underneath him and before long Dave picked up the pace and was again ramming her hard, – so hard I thought they would break the sofa.

The fucking lasted longer this time, with Dave already having unloaded into her once; it was taking longer for him to get there again. This meant that Sam experienced several climaxes during the next twenty five minutes of fucking in varying positions. What surprised me was when Dave took his cock out of her cunt and pressed it against her ass.

Now Sam has never let me fuck her in the ass, every time I’ve tried, she would make excuses and push my cock away towards her pussy, but she didn’t push Dave away. They were now fucking doggy style and I could see Dave’s cock pressing against my wife’s pert little asshole. What amazed me was when I saw Sam’s hand reach back to accurately guide him in.

It took a little effort, but I soon saw the head of Dave’s cock disappear into Sam’s ass. I saw her tense up as he entered her, not knowing what to expect from her first anal fucking. “Slowly, slowly” I heard her say as Dave, gently, inch by inch buried his cock deep in my wife’s ass. I had never seen anything so sexy in my life and my own hard — on was raging from the sight which was now before me.

Gradually, and tenuously, they picked up pace and the ‘slowly, slowly’ message which Sam had been giving turned to one of “Oh yes, fuck me harder.” She was clearly enjoying her first anal experience and so was Dave who was grunting his approval and now fucking Sam as hard as he could.

Another few minutes of intense fucking saw Dave unloading another dose of cum, but this time deep in my wife’s ass. They uncoupled and both sat on the sofa side by side cuddling. I heard Sam say that she had never done anal before, but that she loved it.

Dave replied by saying that anytime she wanted more, just to shout out. He then asked if they could arrange a repeat performance sometime. It was then that Sam told him of our plan to seduce both him and Mary, but said that we weren’t sure how they would react.

The reaction Dave gave was surprising; – he said that he and Mary had been talking about swinging for some time now. They hadn’t actually done anything yet, but they both felt they were ready to take the plunge. Sam said to Dave that when I woke, she would tell me and that I would be pleased.

After a few more minutes of kissing and fondling, Sam made her excuses and came to bed to find me with a raging hard on. “Did you hear that?” she said.

“Oh yes” I replied, “It looks like I’m going to get to fuck Mary!”

“Never mind Mary” said Sam. “I’ve just had the most amazing ass fucking” and pointing at my engorged cock she said “and now I’m going to deal with this!”

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