My Affair

My name is Heather, I’m 30 years old and I have a secret. I’ve recently had an affair. Well to be honest, it was more of a fling than an affair, but it still involved cheating on my husband. I’ve never cheated on him before and now that I’ve sampled what another man can give me, I can safely say I’m not likely to do so again. I don’t regret what I’ve done at all, I just need to tell someone what I’ve done, get it off my chest so to speak. Let me explain.

I met my husband, David, when I was 19. David is a couple of months older than me. We got married when we were both 23. We’ve been together for 11 years and married, happily, for 7.

I had a number of boyfriends before David but he was the first that I ever slept with. This isn’t to say that I never gave any of my previous boyfriends any action, not at all!

I’d been going out with boys since I was 13, although in those days it was nothing more than kissing and the odd fumble with all our clothes on. When I was 15 I met Steve. He was 17 and was the first “man” to see me naked. He taught me the joys of erotic massage and oral sex, both giving and receiving. In the year we spent together I learned and perfected all the skills that my subsequent boyfriends, David included, have enjoyed. I experienced the full range of sexual activities, learning to take delight in the differences of style and technique. The only thing I never did was fuck any of them.

Why? I don’t know. Some romantic notion of saving myself for Mr. Right? Seems unlikely since I was happy to do everything else. Anyway, if that was the case, then David was certainly Mr. Right!

We’d been together about 6 months when I surrendered my somewhat dubious virginity to him. We were at his flat and had spent hours pleasuring each other with our hands, lips and tongues. Kissing and caressing, licking and sucking. David has always loved my skill when it comes to giving fantastic blow-jobs. He claims that I give the best he’s ever had and often teases me about my “training.” From the start we’ve always been completely honest about our sexual experiences.

David had his face buried in my pussy and had just eaten me to a massive orgasm. I was still trembling as he moved his body up mine to hold me in his arms. I love the closeness of being held as my body slowly recovers from a cataclysmic release. He began to kiss me and I could taste my pussy on his lips. As we kissed my hands sought out his cock which was hard and fully recovered from releasing an earlier load of cum into my eager mouth.

I stroked it absently, marveling, as I always do, at the effect I have on it. Slowly, I began to tease myself with its head, sliding it up and down the length of my wet pussy. Everything felt so right as, unconsciously, I began guiding the tip towards my waiting hole.

Without any hesitation, David took his cue and slowly began to slide his cock into me. I bit my lower lip as inch by delicious inch pushed its way deep inside me, stretching me, filling me completely until his cock was buried to the hilt inside my pussy.

We lay there, motionless for a while, savouring the feeling of our bodies joined together for the first time. I gripped his cock with my pussy as we lay there, kissing deeply. Then, ever so slowly, David began to move. His cock began to move in and out. I sighed with pleasure as his cock worked its way in and out.

David began to increase his pace and my hips began to move, rising up to meet each thrust of his cock, our bodies moving in a harmonious counter beat. A warm glow spread over me as his body moved, both on top of mine and inside mine, pinning me to the bed.

Yet again, David increased his pace. His cock was pounding into my pussy, his balls slapped against me with every thrust. I brought my knees up and took him in deeper, gripping him tightly with my pussy. We fucked at an ever more furious pace for several minutes until David’s breathing became more and more strained. “I’m going to cum,” he said in a hoarse whisper. I closed my eyes and nodded, caught up in the sensations, then suddenly I felt his cock begin to twitch violently inside me as it emptied its load of hot, sticky cum deep inside my pussy.

David collapsed on top of me and we lay there, holding each other close. Whilst David had cum, I hadn’t. That didn’t detract anything from how much I enjoyed it. In fact I seldom cum from being fucked alone. I need the more direct attention of a tongue or finger on my clit.

Since then, sex between us has always been fantastic, even after the 11 years we’ve been together, I still feel the same excitement that I felt the very first time. So why did I have an affair? It’s not that I don’t love David, I do! I probably love him even more now than I did all those years ago. I’m also certain that David has never cheated on me, so why did I do it? The answer, I guess, is fairly simple. No matter how fulfilled David makes me, and believe me he does, there’s one thing he couldn’t give me and that was the feeling of another man’s cock inside me. Why should this bother me when David is everything I want? I don’t really know. I guess there was a simple longing to see if it would feel different. As I said earlier, I’d had plenty of boyfriends and I’d been pretty adventurous with them but only David had ever fucked me. As the years we spent together went by I felt a kind of “regret” for all those wasted opportunities. I convinced myself that if I’d gone all the way with even a couple of my previous boyfriends I’d appreciate what I had with David even more.

Despite this, I never really intended to do anything about it. I was more than happy with what I had and the idea of letting myself be picked up by a complete stranger for a one night fling was completely against my nature. So how did it come about that I had an affair?

Well the answer boils down to a chance series of circumstances. My work means that occasionally I have to travel to different offices around the country. “It” happened on my last trip, just a couple of months ago. My company has an office in Dublin and I had to spend a week there, meeting up with my colleagues from that office. I flew there on Sunday afternoon and would be home on the Friday, getting put up, as usual in some fancy hotel. The first few days passed uneventfully. It was Thursday, as I was going for my evening meal that I bumped into Roy.

Roy and I had worked together several years ago and we’d been pretty good friends. Nothing underhand, just pals. He’d left about two years ago to take up a job in London and I hadn’t seen him since. He joined me for dinner and afterwards asked me if I’d join him for a drink. I said yes as I thought It’d be nice to actually have someone I knew to chat to for a change.

Conversation at first consisted of the usual formalities. We chatted about old times, exchanged gossip about old friends and acquaintances and generally had a good laugh. Roy had always been an easy going person, very friendly, we’d always got on well. Finally he told me that he was going to be emigrating to Australia soon. His marriage had broken up and this was an opportunity to make a fresh start. I think it was then that I sensed that this could be my chance, although I didn’t know what to do about it. I liked Roy, so it wouldn’t be a stranger, he was leaving to start a new life in another country, so it could never be serious. I was getting turned on just thinking about it. The problem was that I didn’t know how to make a move.

The problem solved itself near the end of the evening. We’d been in the bar for about three hours and I was a little merry. My heart almost sank when Roy told me he’d had a lovely evening but was going to have to retire for the night. I resigned myself to the fact that my chance had come and gone.

He stood up to go and I stood up to kiss him goodnight. It was just a brief peck. A kiss between friends was all it was really meant to be. Our lips touched, parted then were together again. We kissed deeply and I knew I couldn’t let this pass me by. Our lips separated and we looked at each other, there was a longing in his eyes that matched my mood. I simply nodded and without a word he led me back to his room.

The door closed behind us and our lips met again. As our tongues explored each other’s mouths our hands struggled with each other’s clothes, pulling, tugging, shedding them carelessly on the floor. Roy was already hard. I stroked his cock lightly as we kissed, then I pushed him against the wall and dropped to my knees in front of him. I ran my tongue up the length of his cock, stroking it, as I did, with one hand whilst gently playing with his balls with the other. I kissed and licked my way up and down his shaft, covering it in a fine film of saliva. I opened my lips and slowly took him into my mouth.

Roy began to murmur softly as my lips began to glide up and down the length of his cock. I sucked him eagerly, changing my pace frequently between fast and slow, hard and gentle. As I sucked I gently teased the area between his balls and his arse causing his hips to buck, forcing more of his cock into my mouth.

Roy’s hands were on my head, pushing me on to his cock. I slid him out of my mouth and ran my tongue round the head of his cock, round and round, swirling one way then the other. Then I took him into my mouth again.

I was vaguely aware of Roy saying things like, “Oh God. That feels so good.” and “Go on, suck me harder you little bitch.,” as my lips worked there way relentlessly up and down his pole. He was losing himself to the sensations I was giving him and I was loving every minute of it. I always get turned on enormously when men start talking dirty to me as I suck them. It gives me a feeling of power over them.

As I sucked I began to wank him; my fingers and lips meeting midway along the length of his cock. I could feel it begin to throb as my fingers pounded his shaft. I could taste the pre-cum dribbling from the end.

Roy’s hips began to buck uncontrollably. “Oh Heather!” he cried, “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum in your sweet little fuckin’ mouth! I’m gonna fill your mouth with my cum!”

My hand jerked furiously on his cock, my lips slid back until only the head was in my mouth. I gave one final suck and then Roy exploded. A huge spurt of hot, sticky cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed rapidly as a second and a third followed. His cock slid from between my lips as two more jets took me full in the face. I gulped down his cum, licking my lips a the final few spurts landed on my tits. I sat back as Roy sagged to the floor. I wiped his cum from my face then rubbed it into the skin of my tits. Finally I licked my fingers clean then turned my attention to his semi-erect dick, licking the last drops of cum that oozed from the end. I stood up, gave Roy my hand and led him over to the bed.

We lay down. Within seconds Roy was kissing me. He kissed me lightly on the lips, working his way down my neck and shoulders, driving me wild with desire. I moaned as he started to kiss and lick my tits.

With a circular motion, starting at the outside and working in to the nipple, he licked each in turn, making the skin slick with his saliva.

I sighed as his hands slid over my wet skin. My tits are quite large, firm and very, very sensitive. Roy pushed them together, teasing my nipples between his thumb and fingers.

“Mmm,” I moaned, as he gently teased each nipple with his teeth. “Aahh!” I gasped as he pushed my tits together and rapidly licked from side to side. I bit my lip to stop myself from screaming as he sucked as much of each tit as he could into his mouth and flicked the nipple with his tongue. I was caught up in the ecstasy of having my tits licked and squeezed, sucked and caressed.

With a final kiss he left my tits and moved down. Roy parted my legs, dropped his head to my pussy and ran his tongue lightly along its length. His tongue lapped at my swollen clit sending bolts of pleasure coursing through my body. His tongue parted my pussy lips and gently probed into my soaking hole.

Roy’s tongue lapped in and out, the sensations in my pussy grew stronger. My legs were over his shoulders and Roy reached up to play with my tits as his tongue continued to explore my cunt.

Roy’s hands squeezed and teased my nipples as his tongue concentrated on my clit. I pushed my tits together as he worked on my nipples.

“Harder!” I moaned. “Squeeze my tits and lick me harder! Fuck me with your tongue. Go on fuck me!” I yelled as the sensations began to take over.

My hips were thrusting uncontrollably as Roy franticly licked and sucked on my clit. I felt my self slipping over the edge.

“Oh yes, oh yes, mmm YES!!” I cried as I came, clutching at Roy’s hair, pushing his face harder against my throbbing pussy.

As wave after wave of orgasmic bliss pulsed through me Roy’s tongue continued to lick and probe my lower reaches. My whole body was aflame as my orgasm continued to mount. Suddenly I was shaking uncontrollably. “OOOOHHH YESSSS!!” I screamed as a second, stronger climax tore through me. “AAHH!” I moaned, then I knew I needed Roy’s cock inside me.

“Stop,” I begged. “I want your cock. Fuck me.,” I pleaded. “Fuck me, I want your cock inside me. I want to feel you inside me. Fuck me, Fuck me please.” I was desperate to have him.

Roy moved up on top of me. He kissed me and his cock began to press at the entrance of my pussy. He tried to tease me but I was having none of it. I reached down between my legs, grabbed his fully engorged cock and swiftly guided it into me. “Ooohh,” I gasped as inch by delicious inch Roy slid into me, filling me totally. I brought my knees up to let him in deeper. Roy began to thrust and I tightened my pussy around what was only the second cock that had ever been inside it.

Roy quickly found his pace. His cock pumped in and out of my pussy and I dug my fingers into the cheeks of his arse, forcing him in deeper. In and out he slid with long, slow, deliberate strokes. My own hips thrust against his and my pussy contracted against his length.

We rolled over. I leaned forward, thrusting my tits into Roy’s face as I slid up and down his cock. I cried out as he took my tits in his hands and started to play with them. He raised his head and began to suck, slowly taking each one deep into his mouth.

Then Roy’s hands were on my hips, slowly lifting me up and down his cock. I slid up until only the very tip was still inside me. I held there for a moment the slammed my pussy back down his pole, impaling myself on it. At the bottom of each stroke I gripped him tightly. Up and down, my hips moved to a beat of their own. In and out, Roy’s cock filling and stretching me. I was riding him for all I was worth while he continued to lick and suck my tits.

We rolled over again. Roy shifted position slightly, pinning me to the bed. His hips thrust at an ever faster pace. “Oohh yes!” I sighed. “Harder! Harder! Fuck me harder. You feel so good inside me. Fuck me! Fuck me!” I was screaming obscenities at him, urging him on. I can’t help myself. When I’m aroused I just have to talk dirty, it adds to the sensations.

Roy was breathing hard. I wrapped my legs round his back, grabbing his arse with my hands, pushing him in deeper and deeper. Roy’s cock slammed into me with all the force he could muster. “I’m cumming.,” he cried, “I gonna cum inside you.”

“Fill me.,” I replied, “Fill me with your cum.”

Roy pulled back, his cock almost slipping out of me then he thrust, a long, hard, powerful thrust. His balls slapped against me, his cock twitched inside me and then I felt his hot, sticky cum exploding inside me. He thrust again and another jet of cum erupted from his cock, again and again he thrust, his body shaking on the verge of exhaustion as his cock spewed load after load of cum deep inside my aching cunt. Roy collapsed on top of me and we lay there just holding each other. I felt euphoric, knowing that at last I’d finally learned what another man’s cock inside me felt like, but also knowing that despite it all I still loved David more than anything.

I left shortly afterwards, knowing that in the morning Roy would be gone, soon to depart for another country. I felt a mild regret. Not at what I’d done but at the thought that it would never be repeated. Roy had been fantastic, not better than David, just different. I lay in my bed and brought myself off with my fingers before falling into a dream filled slumber.

I was in a state of high arousal the whole way home the next day. I literally threw myself on David the moment I got home. We fucked with an intensity that we’d never known, my body still charged from the night before.

It’s now almost three months since that night. I haven’t told David about it. Despite the fact that I love him dearly and don’t want anyone else, I don’t think that he’d understand. We’re even closer now than we were before although sometimes I fantasise about that night when I’m with him.

So have I really been unfaithful? Sure I’m married and I had my brains fucked out by another man, but enjoyable as it was it was, to use an old cliché, just sex. I needed to get it out in the air, so there you go. Maybe some day David will find this site and read this story and then he’ll know. I never want to hurt him. At the end of the day I wanted to find something out and now I have. Is it any different from the women he fucked before he met me? We experimented in a different order that’s all. Now that I have, as I said earlier, I’m pretty sure I won’t have to again. I know when I’m on to a good thing.

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