Midwest Trip

Not too long ago my wife had the idea of traveling to a resort town in the midwest. It is the type of town that offers antique shopping, hillbilly shows, country music and shops that sell small homemade crafts. Not exactly my type of long weekend trip. I had no interest in this trip whatsoever. However, she convinced me we could make it exciting for both of us. My wife and I are in our late twenties and work out regularly. Susan is 5’2″, weighs 105 lbs, 34D, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Needless to say she attracts attention wherever we go and no matter how she is dressed. When she wants to, she can dress to kill.

Susan and I have a very active sex life. We like to make love in very unusual places, where there is a chance we could get caught. It has always been a fantasy of ours to make love in a public place knowing someone is watching, but without it being obvious we know they are there. However, this was just a fantasy and we knew we could not actually go through with it. We have never involved anyone directly in our sex life except for the occasional flashing Susan loves to do.

Susan loves to show off her body. She wears the type of cloths that reveal all of her lovely curves and an occasional “see through” dress. I love for Susan to wear a short skirt or dress with no underwear and flash men whenever she is in the mood. She has flashed the young shoe salesmen, pizza delivery boys, waiters, truck drivers, bellmen and various other men as we were traveling. This is exactly what she meant by making the otherwise boring trip to the midwestern resort area interesting for both of us. It is also exactly how she talked me into making the trip.

We arrived at the hotel around 2:00 PM and Susan changed into a very sexy, short, transparent beige sundress with no underwear. Now I have an interest in walking up and down the street shopping for whatever she is interested in shopping for. We drank margaritas all day and hit almost every little shop in town. The men on the street and in the shops got an eye full all day long and I was loving it. She and I were both very excited and I was ready to go back to the hotel by nine o’clock. Susan still wanted to see what else the town had to offer and told me I would be even more ready later. I don’t think I could have been any more ready. As usual, I was wrong.

Along the strip we noticed an Old Time Photography Studio and decided to check it out. We poured another margarita and went inside. The photographer was a tall thin young man in his early thirties. He spoke to us as we walked in and took a double take at Susan. He told us he was almost finished with the family he was with and that it was almost closing time, but if we could find a costume right away he would take a few pictures.

I was very excited about the prospects. Susan told me she needed to talk to me before the photographer took any pictures. We stepped outside and she told me to remember she did not have a bra or panties on. How could I forget, I asked her. She was concerned about changing into one of the very revealing costumes with no way to hide anything. I explained the only difference in that and what she had been doing all day was a captive audience. Flashing the photographer wasn’t the part that bothered her, it was the fact that she would have no way to cover up in some of the costumes when she wanted to. I told her to just go for it. It is not like we would ever see this place or the photographer again anyway. A huge smile came over her face as she said “lets go in and have some fun.”

Tim, the photographer, seemed to be very pleased we came back in. He let us look through the old time costumes to see if anything caught our attention. The first costume we picked was a saloon girl dress. Susan slipped into a very small dressing room with a fairly sheer curtain that pulled much like a shower curtain. When she stepped out of the dressing room Tim and I almost had a heart attack. The dress was very low cut and very loose at the top because she could not pull the laces in the back tight. The dress came almost to her knees with a very long slit up the side. She was holding her boobs in with her arms as she came to me to tighten the laces. Tim told her he would take care of the laces as soon as she was in position on one of the bar stools. She just smiled and agreed.

Tim walked her over to the bar area and asked her to have a seat, which she did while still holding her boobs in the dress. Tim and I stood behind her and Tim started to mess with the laces. He told her she would need to move her arms so he could get everything in place properly. When she moved her arms, her boobs were totally exposed to us. Tim said “what a great view” and Susan relaxed a little and smiled. After moving her to one of the higher bar stools he pulled out a garter belt and started to pull it up her leg. When she looked at me, I could tell she was very nervous. I just smiled and looked down at her legs and mouthed the words go for it. She immediately relaxed a little and let Tim move her legs apart a little so he could move the garter belt up above her knee. Susan always keeps her blonde bush trimmed very close so I can see her lips protruding and when she is very excited her clit sticks out so it is very visible. She was still a little too nervous to open her legs enough to give us a full view. As Tim stepped back to start taking a few pictures he spoke to Susan and she began to relax a little more. As he took the pictures he would go over to Susan and move her into various positions for the next set of pictures. A little more leg and a little more boob would be revealed with each picture.

After the first costume, Susan decided she needed another margarita. Tim thought that would be a good idea and I told them I would go out to the car and get us one. I told Susan to go into the dressing room and Tim and I would pick out her next costume and I would bring it to her with her new drink. When she walked into the dressing room I explained to Tim how much fun we were having and that he could dress her however he liked, the sexier the better, but go kind of slow at first because she was very nervous.

Tim picked out a saloon dance girl costume that was equally as low cut as the first costume but was so short that standing up would almost show the cheeks of her ass. I took the costume and the margarita to her in the dressing room and asked her how she was doing. Susan said she was very nervous, very excited and very wet. I told her Tim picked the costume out on his own and was very much getting into this as well.

When she walked out of the dressing room you could almost see the tops of her nipples above the dress and you could see the cheeks of her but if she moved at all. She commented that it must be the little girl size and Tim and I said at the same time “perfect”. Tim walked her over to the bar and helped her step up on a chair so she could sit on top of the bar. When Susan stepped up on the chair Tim and I got a full view of her beautiful blonde bush. Susan was well aware of exactly what she was showing and was now very much getting into this. As she sat on top of the bar there was no hiding anything. Tim got a little braver and had her straighten one leg and leave the other one bent as he stepped back to take the pictures. Her pussy was glistening and showing from every angle. He took several pictures moving her body to various positions between shoots. He would touch her legs high on her soft, silky thighs to move her legs into position but did not actually touch her most private parts. He asked her to sit back, relax and have another drink while he started the automated film developer.

As Tim stepped out of the room we had another margarita and began to talk. Susan was extremely excited and wet. Now she was ready to go to the hotel as I suggested earlier. I told her Tim had a couple more costumes he would like for her to pose in first and she readily agreed. Tim stepped back into the room with a handful of the first pictures he had taken. The set of pictures taken in the first costume revealed quite a bit, but nothing compared to the second costume. We all reviewed fifteen or so pictures in various poses that were extremely revealing. A few of the pictures showed her very nicely trimmed, blonde bush with her pussy lips protruding. She almost died of embarrassment from Tim’s comments on how nice it looked and how well it showed up in the photographs. Tim and I were making comments on all of the pictures in fairly graphic detail. Susan relaxed a little and made a few comments of her own. She made a comment on one of the pictures that it was such a revealing picture that you could actually see how wet she was. We asked her to go back into the dressing room and wait for the next costume. As she walked into the dressing room, she only partially closed the curtain this time. I told her I was going to get us all another drink and that she should get undressed and wait for me to bring her a new costume and another drink.

When I came back with the drink, Tim had picked out the next costume. It was a pair of chaps and a vest that could in no way cover her boobs. For those of you who have not seen a pair of chaps, they are just leather covers for the front of the legs and have no front or back. He was going to have her sit on his model horse for the next few pictures. When he brought me the costume to take to her, I just handed him the drink and asked him to take them to her. Susan was quite surprised when Tim pulled the curtain back revealing her totally nude body standing in the middle of the dressing room. He handed her the drink and the costume and carried on a short conversation with her while she stood in the room totally exposed. As she started putting the costume on she noticed there were no pants included with the chaps and said through the curtain that there was no way she could come out and pose for the camera with everything exposed. Tim explained she would be sitting on the horse so everything wouldn’t necessarily be exposed. With very little coaxing from both Tim and me she changed and came out of the room.

Tim walked her over to the bench next to the horse to help her get on. Her beautiful ass was shinning in the light of the room. As she stepped up on the bench he put his hand on her bare butt to help her up. When she lifted up her leg to throw it over the back of the horse he softly slid his had under her pussy and gave it a little rub back and forth. Susan didn’t even flinch, she just kept getting on the horse and gave me a big smile. I smiled back at her and she knew everything was great by me. Tim had her pose in several positions and took several more pictures. He finally talked her into getting up on her knees on the back of the horse and had her lean forward to hold on to the reins. I went to the back of the horse to see what Tim’s view was as he took about ten more pictures in that position. Susan was really getting hot. She was so wet she was dripping and it was all showing up on film. Tim zoomed in for several really close shots. You could see Susan’s clit showing through her trimmed bush. What a view!

Tim helped her down from the horse in the same way he helped her get on the horse. As soon as she lifted her leg to get off the horse he started rubbing her pussy. This time he wasn’t quite as bashful about it. He told her she needed to hold the position standing on the bench leaning over the back of the horse while he took a few more pictures. She was definitely interested in keeping this pose. As she stood on the bench bent over the horse Tim moved her legs apart leaving her full exposed and went to get the camera. As he started to take the pictures I took the camera from him and whispered to him to continue rubbing her pussy while I took a few pictures. Needless to say, he loved that idea. Susan stood there trying to figure out what was going on and what we were whispering about. I told her I wanted to take a few “vacation” shots. She just smiled and bent back over the horse. Tim started rubbing her pussy again which put her in a frenzy. He ran his finger up and down her slit and rubbed her clit. Susan was going wild. He slid two fingers in her and she humped them like crazy. Within two minutes she came all over his hand and was wanting more.

Unfortunately the only prop not in the building was a bed. Tim picked Susan up in his arms and carried her over to a felt covered card table and laid her on it with her legs hanging over the edge of the table. I stood on one of the chairs and took a few pictures. Susan was all smiles and was loving every minute of our photo session. While I had Susan’s attention with the camera Tim slid his face into her pussy and started licking her clit. What a change in facial expression for the camera! She went from all smiles to focused on what Tim was doing. I forgot all about the camera and walked over to the edge of the table and unzipped my pants. Immediately she started grabbing for my cock. What a sight. My wife was having her pussy licked by a total stranger while sucking my cock. She came again almost immediately. Tim couldn’t stand it any more. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a monster cock. His cock was about eight inched long, but there was no way she could have wrapped her hand around it. Susan had not seen or felt his cock and was in for one hell of a surprise. As she continued to suck me off, Tim slowly slid the head of his dick in her and she immediately forgot about sucking me for a minute. Susan concentrated on Tim’s dick until she could get it all the way in and then remembered her poor husband. She was bucking off of the table with her legs flying straight up in the air and as far apart as they could get. The sight along with the rest of the day was too much for me and I came in her mouth instantly. Within five minutes Tim came a gusher in her and we changed positions as Susan licked his cum and her pussy juices from his cock. I slid in her soaking wet, cum filled pussy and fucked her while I watched her attempt to get all of Tim in her mouth. Susan gives the best head I have ever had. If there was any way to take him all the way down she would find it. Eventually she did.

We took a break, had another drink and Tim developed the rest of the film. When we looked at all of the erotic pictures he brought back we got extremely excited and started all over. The photographer that was closing at 9:00 finally left at 1:30. Susan and I went to the hotel and made love until 6:00 am. We missed check out time.

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