Judy Judy Judy

“Gosh, Mr. Ward, you answered the door in your underwear!” exclaimed Judy, my daughter’s friend. A number of things went through my head, but I blurted out, “I was just about to get into the shower, would you rather I answer the door naked?”

At that Judy smiled broadly, but did not answer. Finally after a few seconds of dead silence, I remembered my manners and opened the door further to let Judy in. She hardly took her eyes of my crotch. I was wearing a new type of underwear that is a cross between boxers and briefs that has a specially designed pocket for your ‘package’. Basically it just makes you look like you have more than you have. Since Judy couldn’t take her eyes off of it, I began to get a little excited which just added to the effect.

Finally she got around to the reason for her visit. She wanted to get my daughter’s address at her Grandma’s (where she was staying for the summer). We walked on into the kitchen where I pulled two sodas out of the ‘fridge and handed her one. As we talked I don’t think her eyes ever met mine, she was so busy dividing her attention between my bulge and the backyard pool. I took advantage of the opportunity to check her out as well. Judy is 18, about 5’4″ and her figure is not fully developed, but nice. Her tight fitting tank top was revealing smallish breasts with very pronounced ‘puffy’ aureoles.

Her navel was exposed and pierced. The ‘Daisy Duke’ shorts she had on revealed a lot of her ass. The more I noticed the more my bulge grew. This had the same effect on Judy, as the more my bulge grew, the more she stared. In turn, the more she stared the harder I got. Finally I had a full blown boner with the head peeking out the top.

When I looked down and saw a drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip, the reality of the situation set in and I pulled my underwear up and said, “Oh God Judy, I’m sorry! Please don’t tell your parents you saw that!”

She giggled and said, “Don’t worry Mr. Ward, I won’t say anything.” A huge relief came over me as I heard that. I said, Listen, I’m going to go take my shower, if you want to go swimming, help yourself.”

Judy beamed, “Thanks Mr. Ward, I’ll borrow one of Cheryl’s suits.” I still had a raging hard-on as I climbed into the shower. It didn’t take me long to come to a mind-blowing climax to help get my mind off of Judy.

After drying off, I put on a new pair of boxer-briefs, and went out onto the patio to see if Judy wanted another soda. Judy is about thirty pounds heavier than Cheryl and three to four inches taller. When she came out of the water with Cheryl’s bikini on, there wasn’t enough material to cover everything! Boing! There came another raging hard-on. The triangle tops just covered the nipples, and the bottoms were so tight that the material went up into the crack of her cunt. She obviously shaved to be able to wear a French cut type bikini!

When she bent over to pick up the towel, I just about jumped her right then! Her ass was incredible, and her pussy lips were puffed out around the material. As I handed her the coke, she was staring again. A gorgeous smile engaged her entire face. I very nervously smiled back. I knew I better get back inside before I DID jump her!

I made some lame excuse that I had some house work to do and Judy asked, “Do you need any help Mr. Ward?”

Unthinking, I said, “Sure if you want to.” She followed me to the door where I gentlemanly opened it for her. I watched her gorgeous ass as she took the lead into the kitchen.

She asked, “What would you like me to do?” Fortunately I thought before answering, otherwise I might have said what I truly wanted her to do. I eventually asked if she would help with the dishes. Her reply was, “Do you want me to wash or dry?” I asked her to wash so that I would be able to check her out from behind without being seen.

I still had a major hard-on when we got started. She prepared the sink for washing as I got the dish cloths and drying towels. I was enjoying the view, and I felt like a school kid peeking through the window of a neighbor. Judy acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary, so to keep any suspicion down, so did I. She did keep checking out my bulge every time she could. We talked very little, mostly small talk about school. She asked, “Where is Mrs. Ward today?”

I told her, “Mona was out of town visiting her sister and brother-in-law. She will be getting back next Sunday.”

We finished the dishes and that was about all the work to do in the kitchen. I walked into the living room and started picking things up off the floor. Judy followed suit and I was afforded a fantastic view of her ass. I got down on my knees to gather up the newspaper. Judy came over and bent over straightening out the pillows on the couch. This put her pussy only inches from my face. I know she had to feel my hot breath, she was that close! It took every bit of my willpower to keep from running my tongue through the crack of her ass.

I said, “Well Judy it looks like we are done. Thanks for the help.”

“Any time Mr. Ward, I’m glad to help out a man who doesn’t have a woman around for awhile.”

I tried to change the subject and replied, “Judy, why don’t you go back out and go swimming, and I’ll join you in a little while?”

“OK Mr. W. I’ll be waiting.” She turned and I watched as she walked very seductively away from me. I went into my bedroom where I could see the pool area. As I watched Judy walk around the pool digging out leaves, my hand went straight to my Dick. It found its way out of the pocket, and I slowly stroked it. In my excited state, it didn’t take long to come to a knee weakening orgasm.

After cleaning up my mess, I pulled on some trunks and joined Judy out at the pool. She had finished cleaning the pool by the time I joined her and was laying out soaking up the sun’s ray’s. I took in all of her beauty as I sat in the chaise lounge next to her. When I first sat down, Judy was on her stomach with her top untied, but then she turned over. What a sight! Those puffy nipples came into view, and my jaw dropped.

It was Judy’s turn to be embarrassed. She said, “Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Ward. Please don’t tell my parents.”

I laughed and said ,”We are now even. I guess neither one of us can say anything to anyone, huh?” She joined in on the laughter and I was shocked when she didn’t make any move at all to cover up. In fact, she took her top off completely!

I said, “I don’t think that is such a good idea.”

Judy smiled and said, “Nobody can see us with your fence, and besides, you’ve already seen them.”

I couldn’t argue with the logic, and I was having a hard time concentrating on an appropriate answer. Finally I said, “Judy, it is not good for you to be topless in front of a man more than twice your age, who is also going to be without a woman for over a week.”

Judy turned everything around on me by saying, “Well. Why don’t we just get naked? Cheryl told me that you guys are nudists. She also said that while at nudist camps, people don’t stare at your body, that you are equal and one with nature.”

She had me there, I wasn’t aware that Cheryl told anybody about our activities carried over from a stint when we lived in Frankfurt, Germany. Europeans are not uptight about nudity. Several beaches that we went to were not only topless but totally nude. They called it the FKK. We were a little self conscious at first, but Cheryl wasn’t. She took off her bathing suit and went and played with the other kids. Ever since being back in the states, we have sought out and found nudist colonies for our vacations.

After my little reverie, Judy brought me back to the present with, “So what do you say?”

I tried to keep a cool head, “Judy, I uh… er. I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“Oh come on, I don’t think you would be embarrassed, I’m not!” With that being said she removed her bikini bottoms to reveal a totally bare pussy mound.

I lost all control (although I don’t think I had much left anyway). I thought to myself. “What the hell, nothing is going to happen. What would she want with a man almost twice her age?” So, hard-on and all, I stood up and pulled off my trunks. I turned away from her and sat down, trying to hide the fact that I was excited. Even though I was a nudist, I was extremely turned on by being naked with Judy. We carried on with small talk for a while, and eventually, my erection subsided.

That is until Judy got up to go to the kitchen to get us another soda. When she returned showing me all her charms, including that bald beaver, it reared its head again. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it, and I couldn’t have looked away from the spectacle before me if I tried. Judy was gorgeous in every way, but that shaved puss just topped it all off perfectly. She stood there in front of me and opened my soda for me. After handing it to me, she opened hers and remained standing there as she drank it.

I was mesmerized and then I realized I could smell her sex. She was as excited as I was! Then I noticed the slightest hint of moisture from her inner lips. I also noticed that her outer lips were a little swollen, and her clit was protruding much more prominently now. This little vixen was horny too.

I was in trouble now, knowing that she wanted me also was enough to erode any hesitation I had about fucking this teen. As she leaned back to finish her last swallow from the coke, I leaned forward and ran my tongue in and up her well-lubed cunt slit. I stopped at her clit and gave her a few twitches and some serious tongue action.

To my surprise, she did not jump back, scream, hit me, or anything. In fact her hand came down to the back of my head and pressed me closer to her twat. I was lost in the lust world, and I hadn’t laid out any bread crumbs to find my way back.

She let out a low barely inaudible moan, as I continued to manipulate her clit sideways with my tongue. She tasted awesome, and I could have licked her juices all day, but Judy had other ideas. She let go of my head and backed up a foot, then dropped to her knees. She took my purple-headed throbbing member in her small hands, and licked the underside like it was a Popsicle. Her mouth opened and she took the head in, swirling her tongue on the sensitive underside.

I warned her that her obviously experienced mouth was going to cause me to cum very quickly. All I heard and felt in response was a moan. In a few minutes her head was bobbing up and down and I was helpless in holding back. When the first gush of man cream spurted into her mouth, I let go with a very load moan. This was much needed release from the pressure she had caused in my loins by her provocative behavior. When I finally came down from the pleasure sensations of that explosive orgasm, I pulled her to her feet then we traded places.

I leaned her back and brought her legs up and over my shoulders. I wanted more of that tasty bald beaver of hers. A team of wild horses would not be able to pull me away from that. I decided to do a little teasing at first. I really wanted to make her cum so hard and intense that she would want more (hopefully from me). I licked the insides of her thighs, as he tried to pull my head to her waiting clit. I avoided it as long as I could, but then dove in like it was my first meal in days. I heard a very low guttural moan escape her lips, I knew I was giving her a tremendous amount of pleasure.

Only a few minutes later she grabbed my hair and stopped breathing as the zenith of her orgasm was reached. Her back arched and she froze in that position for at least a full minute. I did not let up on my attack of her clit until she dropped to the chaise and tried to push me away. I truly loved the taste and smell of her that was all over my face. I tickled her inner thighs with my tongue until she would let me back into her forbidden zone.

Judy experienced two more mind-blowing orgasms under the experienced jabs of my tongue. By now I was full blown rock-hard again, and needing relief. Judy noticed this and tried to pull me up to trade places with her again. I thought she was going to get on top and ride me (my favorite position).

To my surprise, she started giving me head again. I tried to pull her up but she took her mouth off of my organ long enough to say that she wasn’t ready for intercourse yet, but that she loved giving and receiving oral sex. Hey, who am I to argue with logic like that? I laid back and enjoyed her talented mouth until I was blowing my load again.

For the rest of the day we sat around the pool naked and talked. Nothing else happened except I did get to suck those luscious breasts of hers before she left with, “I’ll came back over to swim tomorrow, if you don’t mind Mr. Ward.” I, of course, told her she was welcome to come over anytime she wanted.

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