Initiation Night

Julie Gates was in her glory. All she’d ever wanted since she came to State College was to be a Delta. Her mother, and her grandmother, had been in the Delta sorority, and to this day it remained THE sorority to belong to. It was initiation night.

The sisterhood was tight. Secrets never left the house. Help was always seconds away if you were in a jam and professors went a little easier on the Delta girls. Life was good. Julie couldn’t wait for the ceremony, the details of which were kept a closely guarded secret. Not even her mother would discuss the ritual with her. All she knew is she would have the ceremonial robe laid out on her bed for her at 9pm that evening.

Only 4 girls were being inducted in to the house. Julie’s room mate Gina, and 2 girls that lived on the first floor of the house as well, Amy and Carlie. There were 21 sisters that would be at the ceremony, Julie and the other pledges would round out the 25 that made the house complete.

At 9 pm there was a knock on the door. Julie and Gina looked at each other anxiously.

Julie’s big sister Ashley opened the door. Big sisters took a pledge under their wing and guided them through to initiation night. Ashley said nothing, she simply laid the white robe on the bed neatly and made her exit. Gina’s big sister Donna did the same thing not 5 minutes later. The girls looked at the robes. They were beautifully laced with gold trim and the Delta insignia.

A soft noise drew the girls attention to the door. A note had been slipped underneath, folded just once. Gina picked it up and read it out loud to Julie.

“You must be in the attic wearing nothing but your ceremonial robe at 9:30pm. Your hair must be worn away from face in ponytail style. Wear no make up, perfume or jewelry. Do not be late.”

Julie drew a deep breath. “I was wondering if we were supposed to be naked under the robe.”

“Well,” Gina replied, “I’m not going naked. How will they know? It’s no ones business what I’m wearing underneath.”

With eyebrows raised Julie whispered to Gina. “I would do just as the note says. You don’t want to mess this up.”

Gina didn’t respond. She simply took off the shirt and shorts she was wearing and slid the robe on over her bra and panties. There was no way anyone was going to see her pudgy body making lumps in the robe. Gina had always been a little heavy and self conscious of anyone seeing her naked. She rarely dated just from fear of a boy making fun of her once her clothes were off.

Julie however did as instructed. Being modest, she turned away from Gina and stripped down to nothing. She loved the cool, soft feel of the silk garment covering her skin. She tied the belt loosely into a knot to keep it closed.

At 9:25 the girls headed for the attic. They met Amy and Carlie on the way, and judging from the patterns Julie could see through the silk they were also naked underneath. Carlie was very busty and her nipples showed through the fabric easily. The girls all smiled nervously at each other, but none of them spoke. They ascended the attic stairs and knocked once on the door that led into the attic proper.

Hannah, the sorority president, opened the door. There were dozens of candles lit, in varying heights and widths, it was quite lovely to see. All of the other sisters were arranged in a semi circle. There were four small bedroll type cushions on the floor. Hannah directed the four pledges to lay down on them. Once the girls were on the floor, the semicircle closed around them. They were now surrounded, circled by all of the sisters.

Hannah spoke. “We gather this evening to initiate our pledges into our sisterhood. Amy, Gina, Carlie and Julie. There will be no secrets between us, and we shall all know the true face of intimacy. You will now pledge your loyalty to the house.”

Julie had been thinking about this moment. She had never been given anything to memorize, no scouts honor so to speak. She didn’t have a clue as to what she and the other pledges were supposed to say, if anything. Luckily, Hannah continued to speak.

“There is no truer face we can show our sisters than the face of ecstasy. Having seen so deeply into each others souls, we are forever bound. Pledges, please disrobe.”

There was only silence. Julie and the 3 girls lying beside her were digesting what Hannah had been referring to. Why did they have to disrobe? Julie was proud of her body and really had no reservations being naked in front of anyone. She reached down and untied the knot on her robe. She let the silk material fall to either side of her body, exposing her small but firm breasts, and her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Once Julie had done as told, the other 3 girls followed suit. Gina was the odd one out, laying there in her bra and panties. Gina saw Hannah’s face tense, but was not reprimanded in any way. She breathed a sigh a relief. The other girls were thin and looked fine, she did not want to be compared to them.

Hannah stood in front of Julie. “Julie, you are a much loved pledge and we welcome you as a sister. You will show us your face in orgasm, and be one of us forever.”

Hannah handed Julie a wand type vibrator.

Julie’s gut wrenched. Sure, she masturbated often, but like this? In front of her sisters? In a flash so much made sense. Now she knew why her mother could not speak of this ritual. She had done the very same thing in this very same attic.

For Julie there was no choice but to be a Delta. She closed her eyes and turned on the vibrator. At first she simply let it rest on her trimmed mound, but as the sensation grew she spread her legs apart. She let her feet touch and her legs fall open. One hand instinctively went to her breasts, where she gently rolled a nipple between her fingers. The faster she came, the faster this was over with.

She was breathing hard and moving her hips rhythmically when the orgasm surged within her. She held her eyes closed so she wouldn’t be looking anyone in the face when she was in the throws of orgasmic spasms. She let out a cry as it happened, and felt her body doing little involuntary sit ups as the waves washed over her. She rode the pleasure for a minute more, then shut off the vibrator. It was over.

All at once the sisters spoke in unison. “We welcome our new sister.”

Hannah motioned to Julie to stand. She walked to Julie and closed her robe for her. “Stand with us now in the circle of trust.”

Julie took her place as a Delta. She looked at her 3 pledge mates and found her self a little turned on thinking that now she was going to watch their faces in orgasm.

Amy was next. Hannah walked to her and handed her a rabbit type vibrator and repeated the same instruction she had given Julie.

“Amy, you are a much loved pledge and we welcome you as a sister. You will show us your face in orgasm, and be one of us forever.”

Julie saw the look of panic on Amy’s face and felt for her.

Amy took the toy from Hannah and whispered some thing. Hannah smiled and knelt down next to Amy. “I will get you started, it’s really quite easy.

Hannah assisted Amy with the controls as she had never used a toy before. Amy brought her knees up to her chest and Hannah turned on the vibrating “rabbit” part that would kiss Amy’s clit, and she activated the dildo part that would spin inside of Amy’s anxious pussy.

Hannah slowly inserted the toy into Amy’s wet hole and was pleased to feel it slide in so easily. She replaced her hand with Amy’s and stepped back to watch. Amy couldn’t believe how good this felt. The dildo was long and thick and the spinning inside of her was amazing. As she went deep the clit attachment hit the right spot and sent shivers up her spine as she responded with a gasp. She glanced around and saw several sisters touching themselves as they watched. Amy then closed her eyes and fucked herself with the rabbit in front of 22 sorority sisters.

She was having a hard time cuming with an audience. She kept fucking herself hard, legs spread wide. She used her hand as well to rub her clit, as that was how she was most used to masturbating. Try as she may, she wasn’t cuming.

Hannah could see the frustration on her face. Motioning to another sister, Hannah got down on the floor next to Amy. She and her helper each took a nipple into their mouths and began sucking gently. Amy opened her eyes and was instantly turned on by the sight and sound of these two women assisting her. Shortly after Amy grunted and let out a cry of such pleasure Hannah giggled. “Oh my God I’m cuming…..” was all Amy could muster.

Amy was brought to her feet and her robe tied. She took her place next to Julie and heard the group say, “We welcome our new sister.”

Hannah glanced at Carlie. This would be easy. Carlie already was glistening on her inner thighs and her nipples were hard as rock. She was totally shaved, and her big tits were lovely to look at. Because she was so ready and willing to please Hannah decided she would take care of Carlie herself.

Hannah said the introductory words, then she knelt between Carlie’s legs and began to lick her wet slit. Carlie couldn’t believe her luck. She had always been bi-curious, and thought Hannah was beautiful. Looking down now at Hannah’s long blonde hair and her hands holding her thighs apart was heaven.

It didn’t take 5 minutes of Hannah tonguing her pussy and asshole before Carlie was writhing on the floor in orgasm. “Lick my fucking pussy, make me cum” she cried as she arched her back and saw her sisters smiling down at her. Some of the girls standing were now naked and touching each other, not just themselves.

Hannah pulled Carlie to her feet and kissed her deeply. Carlie loved tasting herself on Hannahs sweet, full, sensual lips. Carlie took her place and heard her sisters welcome her.

Only Gina remained. Hannah had intentionally left her for last, there was going to be hell to pay. Who was this insolent bitch to show up clothed for this sacred ceremony, she thought to herself. If Gina wanted to stand in the circle, she was going work for it. Maybe even humiliate herself. She would learn to do as told quickly.

Hannah gave her short speech and told Gina to stand up. Gina did so, and Hannah quickly disrobed her.

“Why aren’t you naked?” she hissed at Gina.

Gina’s face flushed red. “I, I didn’t know…”

“Shut up” Hannah spat. “If you want to be a sister this night you will take off those grandma panties and that bra NOW.”

Gina quickly did as instructed, mortified that all of these girls could see her flab. She covered her large breasts and unshaven mound with her hands as best she could.

Hannah laughed at her. “Put your hands to your sides, girl. And bend over.”

Gina did so, panicked as to what Hannah was going to do to her. Within seconds she found out as Hannah spanked her ass, and hard. She hit her 24 times, one for each sister she had disrespected. Gina was screaming out in the end, tears of pain and humiliation rolling down her cheeks. Hannah instructed her next to get on her knees.

“You will now crawl on your knees to each pussy in this room, and lick it 5 times. Do it now!”

All robes were instantly dropped to the floor. Gina went crying to each pussy, and gave her licks. Some were so wet that by the end of 24 girls her face was dipping with cunt juice. Gina started to apologize when Hannah grabbed her by the hair savagely.

“NOW you will cum, you insolent bitch. You get no toys, no help. You will lay on that floor, spread your legs and finger yourself for as long as it takes. We’re not leaving until we see your chubby face twisted in orgasm.”

Gina couldn’t imagine how she was going to do this. Her ass hurt, her face was sticky and she was feeling an inch tall. She considered running away and never coming back. However, the prestige of being a Delta was what she wanted. She laid down on the floor and spread her legs.

She began to masturbate furiously when Hannah slapped her face. “Open your eyes!! You do not get the privilege of closing them. You will look at each face and let them see your humiliation!”

To make matters worse, Hannah drew all of the girls in close, so that Gina felt smothered. All eyes were on her as she rapidly fingered herself with her legs splayed wide open. Finally her clit responded and the orgasm came. Gina grunted and groaned, and felt her eyes roll back into her head. She lay back on the floor, spent. Hannah gave her pussy one last slap for good measure. She was allowed to take her place as a Delta. She had earned it.

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