Girls Night Out In Sexy Text Messages

A month ago my wife Kim was invited to a friend’s 40th birthday celebration. Angela planned to have a girly night at a hotel in a nearby town and Kim and four other women were invited.

Kim was uncertain whether to go or not as she’s 49, so she’s about ten years older than the rest of them and she had found that previous social events with this group were a bit noisier than she really liked. Not that they were particularly rowdy, but Kim is rather quiet and conservative and doesn’t normally drink much.

However I told her she ought to go. It would give her a break from the domestic routine and provide a chance to relax and recharge her batteries. I think what swung the balance was when she found that she would be sharing a room with Angela. Although she knew the other women well (they were all involved in the parent teachers association for our local high school) she was definitely much more friendly with Angela than the others.

The plan was for them to check into the hotel early on the Saturday afternoon, spend a bit of time in the spa and pool, and then go out for a meal in the evening.

Kim isn’t vain, but she does like to look nice and she asked my advice about what she should wear on the Saturday evening. They were going to a reasonably smart restaurant, so she had picked out a stylish dress which I thoroughly approved of.

“What do you think about underwear?” she asked, knowing that it’s an area I normally take a keen interest in.

“Well you’ve a choice — sensible or sexy — which do you feel like?”

She said she didn’t know which was best, so I suggested that as she had plenty of room in her case she might as well take both, then she could put on whatever suited her mood in the evening. She nodded in agreement to that and as well as some sensible, comfy underwear she also packed a lacy black bra and pants set, plus some lovely lace-topped hold-ups which I had bought her recently.

Not surprisingly I had a definite preference for the sexy underwear, but funnily enough I felt that Kim would be more likely to wear them if I left the choice to her and didn’t try and tell her what to wear.

I was enjoying helping her pack and the idea of my lovely wife going out in a smart dress and with her best underwear on was distinctly arousing. After we had been married for several years I had rather hesitantly confided in her that I did sometimes fantasize about her having sex with other men.

She was surprised and rather shocked, but fortunately she wasn’t actually upset. I should add that Kim was a virgin when I met her and throughout our nearly thirty years of marriage we have always been faithful to each other. Anyway she said nothing was ever going to happen, but the subject did crop up occasionally in our pillow talk and we seemed to settle on it as an agreeable fantasy.

The fact that Kim found it okay as a fantasy made me hope that one day it might actually be realized. Clearly this night out had the potential for something to happen and that was added to by a few bits of information I knew about some of the other women. I knew that Angela occasionally went out to clubs with Denise who was divorced. Bearing in mind that Kim had told me that Angela and her husband hadn’t had sex for 18 months I found it hard to believe that there weren’t times when things happened on those nights out.

So there was definitely a subtext to this night out and if nothing else I had a pleasant time mentally running through (and picturing!) the possibilities. Nothing was actually said, but I’m sure that Kim had at least an inkling of what I was thinking.

Anyway Kim set off to pick up Angela and one of the other women at lunchtime on the Saturday and as the hotel was only twenty miles away it wasn’t long before I got a text saying they had arrived safely. The next I heard was in the early evening when my phone beeped.

All going well. Hotel is great. Off out for meal soon. Luv u. Kim. xxx

I tapped out a reply.

Good. I hope u have a lovely evening. What undies did u choose?

My phone soon beeped again and I smiled at the reply.

Trust u to ask that. I chose the sexy ones. xxx

Nice! Have fun!

After that I settled down to watch a movie. It was perfectly possible, indeed quite likely that I wouldn’t hear any more from Kim, but nevertheless I kept my phone handy just in case. In the event it was getting on towards 11pm when it suddenly beeped again.

We’re back at the hotel and there’s a disco. Is it OK if I dance with someone?

Now that was interesting because Kim clearly wouldn’t have bothered texting me unless she wanted to dance. So I replied leaving it up to her, but making it clear that she had my approval (though encouragement might be a better word).

Sure. Have a dance. Text me again if you get chance.

I hoped that Kim would realise that my request for her to text me again was basically me saying that if anything did happen I wanted to be kept informed. After that I settled down to wait. I surfed restlessly through several of the TV channels, but couldn’t really watch anything. It was over half an hour before my phone beeped again.

I’ve danced with Mike a few times and he’s trying to touch me up. Do u mind?

That did make my heart beat faster!

That’s fine. I want u to enjoy yourself but txt updates if u can.

There was an almost immediate reply.

Thanks. Luv u. xxx

I sat there looking at my phone wondering what my wife was doing at this very moment. When she texted saying that Mike was trying to touch her up, I assumed that meant he had already touched her bum and bust outside of her clothing.

In a way that wasn’t great intimacy, except that I knew that it was for Kim. In the last thirty years I was the only man who had kissed her and touched her. Untouched until now by any stranger she must have found the novelty of the situation hugely arousing (doubly so as it included the thrill of the forbidden). I could imagine that she was very wet, squirming beneath Mike’s touch, responding to the messages her body was sending her, yet very aware that what she was doing was “wrong”.

I was sure that Mike would be keen to explore. His hand would travel up the front of her dress. Kim would say no, probably push his hand away, but it would return and begin to trace a journey up her inner thigh. Still she would say no, but this time there would be no pushing his hand away. She would almost stop breathing when his hand reached her knickers and he would not be able to miss the unmistakeable message which her damp panties proclaimed. His desire would be intense as his fingers explored further. At this exact moment his fingers could be drifting across her lush pubic hair, before sliding down to their ultimate target. Parting her cunt lips and sliding his finger inside her I could imagine Mike thinking that he had to have her, he simply must fuck this lovely married pussy.

I stared at my phone; was that what was happening now? In the event there were another thirty minutes or so before the next message arrived.

Angela wants to take them upstairs. What should I do?

It’s your choice but u have my permission. R u wet? Has he felt your pussy?

I am v wet. He has touched my pussy. Luv u. xxxxx

Now my imagination was in feverish overdrive. I had a vivid mental picture of two couples stumbling into a dimly lit bedroom. My wife’s dress being removed. A stranger unfastening her bra and then licking and sucking her breasts. Hands removing those lacy black knickers, fingers delving between her legs and exploring her lush wetness. Then Kim on her back, legs spread wide and another man’s cock sliding between her cunt lips and drawing an exquisite moan of pleasure from her lips.

After an hour I realised there weren’t going to be any more texts so I went to bed. I couldn’t resist reading through the messages again and tried to picture what was taking place twenty miles away. Had anything happened — surely it must have? Perhaps the deed was done or at this exact moment was my wife gasping as another man groaned and pumped his sperm into her lustful pussy.

I jerked myself off and finally fell asleep to a pleasant mental image of my wife laid back satisfied, her pubic hairs matted with a mixture of love honey and cum and her cunt lips still gaping from the passage of her lover’s cock. Not long afterwards my phone went for the final time that night and delivered the decisive message.

I’ve just been fucked. Luv u. xxxxx

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