Fitting Room

At lunch time I nipped into Contessa on the High Street. The low cut black dress I was to wear to that evening’s party tucked in my hand bag. The dress was a lovely fit, but all my bras peaked out the top of it, so it called for something new.

In Contessa I grabbed a couple of likely looking bras and headed into the fitting room. Anticipating the fun to be had later, I absently ran my finger tips over my breasts as I unbuttoned my tight white shirt – shrugging it off and dropping it on the chair provided. Reaching round I unhooked the white sheer chiffon bra I was wearing and dropped it on top of my shirt. I pushed my short skirt over my hips and kicked it away. The air on my skin felt soothing. In a playful mood I pinched my nipples till they hardened.

Turning, I checked myself in the full-length mirror. I like the look of stockings and suspenders. I adjusted my thong on my hips, then reached for the first bra. When I slid the dress on, it showed. So did the next one. The last of my selection did not show, but pinched a bit at my back.

Sighing, I pulled the store’s blue silky robe on and stuck my head out of the curtain. There did not seem to be anyone around, except a guy in a suit by the counter.

”Excuse me, are you staff? I need some help in here,” I said. Trying to keep the robe closed with one hand and the curtain tight to me with the other, I missed the slow smile that spread over his face, as he said, ”Yes. Yes, I’m staff. My name’s Kie, how may I help you?”

As he walked over to the curtain, I whispered, ”Well, Kie, I need some help – is there a female assistant available?”

Kie laughed, and said, ”These days, Madam, guys are allowed equal opportunities.”

”Oh,…ok.” I pulled the curtain aside to let him into the fitting room, and totally missed the assistant, as she walked back into the shop from the stock room. Quite a bit taller than me, Kie smiled down, ”How may I help?”

”Um, the bra I’m trying pinches and I need you to, er, I need the straps adjusting,” I stammered, blushing.

”Ok. Just slip the robe off, turn around, and I’ll see what I can do.”

I turned to face the mirror, let the robe fall and closed my eyes. My blush spread over my chest. The bra was a quarter cup in black satin. The cups hugged the sides and bottom of my breasts, acting as a platform. It left the rest of the breast naked, including my still hard nipples.

Kie’s fingers eased the adjustment buckle up a short way. Lifting the straps from my shoulders he yanked them up a few times, making my breasts bounce on the satin platform. He repeated this process three more times.

In spite of my embarrassment, I felt a tension in my stomach, that began to creep down to my sex. Kie’s mouth was close to my ear. I could hear him breathing, and it did nothing to stop my arousal. ”Arms up over your head, please, and I’ll check the fit,” he whispered.

I tried to say ”yes,” as his hands slipped around my sides, but when I opened my mouth the word became a light moan. Kie ran his palms over the material of the bra cups. I parted my legs – I wanted him to see the dark, wet fabric of my thong.

A low noise of approval at my ear told me all I wanted to know. Then his hands squeezed the underside of my breasts, massaging through the satin. As I felt his thumbs graze my nipples, I moaned out loud, lowered my arms and placed my hands over his. Bending slightly, I pushed back to rub my ass into his crotch; a huge erection nestled between my ass cheeks.

Kie was breathing deeply at my ear, his fingers pulling at my nipples. When I felt confident to talk, I whispered, ”Will you fuck me?”

One of his hands left my breasts. I heard him unzip, and grunt softly as he freed himself. Placing two hands on the mirror, I leaned forward, presenting my cunt and ass. With one hand on my hip, Kie pulled my thong aside and pressed his cock head into my slit. The large, warm head ran up to my clit, nudging at it to make me stifle a moan. Then he pushed down to my wet, engorged cunt. With no effort he slid inside me. A couple of slow fucks confirmed I was ready to accept his length.

Teasing me, he withdrew to the very tip. Laughing softly as I sighed in disappointment and pushed back. But his hands held me in place. Grunting, Kie lunged forward, impaling me fully.

Thank god he was holding me; my legs nearly gave way, dropping my weight onto his cock. ”You’re not going to collapse are you?” he laughed, ”Because I’m just going to fuck you where you fall!” He withdrew then thrust back into me, his cock head crushing against my cervix. Again and again he stretched and opened out my aching cunt.

The wet silk of my thong chafed my clit. I opened my eyes to watch myself being fucked in the mirror. The sight snapped something inside me, an incredible tension built up behind my clit.

One of his hands left my hip, running down to stroke the sodden material covering my sex. Probing, he found the firmness of my clit and pinched it. Hard! I bit my lips to stifle the loud moans that begged to be screams.

Kie’s face at my shoulder was set, his eyes glassy. I knew he was not far from coming. His cock began to jerk and spasm, the muscles pulling his cum from his tight sac. I allowed myself to think of nothing but his pounding cock, his balls slapping at my sex……my clit being rolled between his fingers. Breathing hard through my nose, I did not trust myself to open my mouth.

My orgasm was fed by his; building until I was about to loose it, collapse, scream the place down, when I felt the first jet of hot cum hit my cervix.

Back arched, every muscle taut, my cunt milking his cock; Kie pounded into me. Blast after blast of his cum filled my spasming cunt. The force of his fucking driving his cum out of me, wetting my thighs, drenching the tops of my stockings.

His face buried in my hair, hissing words I could not hear through clenched teeth, Kie fucked himself dry.

As he lightly rested on my back, I enjoyed the feeling of his cock softening inside me. When he pulled away, I dropped to my knees. Looking up into his eyes, I said, ”May I clean you?” He smiled and nodded. Carefully, I licked all traces of our juices from his cock, then his balls.

Standing, unsteadily, I ran a hand over my breasts, ”This fits,” I said, grinning, ”I’ll be at the counter in a few minutes. Thank you.”

”You’re welcome,” Kie nodded and slipped through the curtain.

Alone, I desperately searched through my handbag for something to staunch the flow of cum from my distended cunt. Mm…one paper tissue was not going to do it! Finally my eyes alighted on the silky blue robe.

No, I couldn’t! But what other options did I have? My skirt was too short to hide the mess. Feeling slightly guilty, I dabbed my stockinged thighs clean. Then swabbed the silky material over my slit. It felt wonderfully cool and smooth on the inflamed flesh. Throwing it behind the chair, I quickly dressed, grinning at my hand prints on the mirror.

At the counter a sour-faced woman took my sale in virtual silence. I guess i had not been that quiet!

As I left the shop, across the road, the smiling figure of Kie caught my eye. Realization stormed in, and I shouted, ”Hey!” but he just winked and walked off into the crowds of lunch-time shoppers.

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