Elevator Ride

Standing alone in his dorm room John pondered what his next move should be. It was Christmas break and there was barely anyone left on campus. Looking around he saw the picture of his family sitting on his dresser which was empty due to having no class over the break. Sitting to the right of that was his laptop which was open to facebook, his usual procedure to burn a couple hours while having nothing to do. 

His dorm room was really quite empty, except for a Chicago Bulls calendar and some family photos, the walls were bare. He never really was the decorating type, he always thought when he found the right girl she would decorate their house for them. In truth he really didn’t care that much, he was fine with the walls being empty; it was always the people who visited him who had the problem, always saying how his room was so bland and boring, he didn’t care. 

As he began to pace thoughts returned to what he was going to eat for dinner. Since it was Christmas break the cafeteria was closed, so he couldn’t count on that. There was always Burger King a couple blocks down he thought. With how cold it was outside in the dead of winter, traveling down the block really wasn’t appealing. 

So with that in mind he was going to the ole standby and gets some food out of the vending machines. Crossing the floor he readjusted his sweat pants and made sure everything was in order. Opening the door he reached down and re-adjusted himself and started walking down the halls. With no one around he really didn’t have to worry about crashing into someone with his hands down his pants. 

The walls were a boring white color, with every ten feet or so a new room with a corresponding number. His room was number 10, which was perfect because it was right in the middle of the hall which meant it was right across from the bathroom. Sure that meant hearing the door open and close during the night, but on those drunken nights when you have to get to the bathroom quick, nothing was better. His floor was completely abandoned; he was the only soul living there the entire month. He kind of liked it that way, but it also got lonely. 

This was the first time he wasn’t able to go home for the holidays because his parents were on a cruise they book months ahead of time. They didn’t think about him of course, they never did. As he walked by room number six, he could smell the sweet scent of pot. His friend George lived in that room and was a huge pothead, always skipping class to go get high with his girlfriend, but naturally a straight A student. 

Reaching the elevator he clicked the button and only had to wait a matter of seconds before the elevator arrived, another perk of being one of the few in the building. His building was newly renovated so the elevators were exceptionally nice, wood panels and carpeted floors. The amber colored floor brought out the wood of the elevator but looked strange next to the white walls of his floor. Each floor had different colored walls ranging from light blue, white, to brown and even red. He always thought he picked the right floor sense he was always told he had a boring personality.

The elevator slowly descended until it reached the lobby and he exited onto the ceramic tile. Walking across the floor he could hear his footsteps slap the tile, echoing around the corridor. With the lobby vending machines down the hallways on the right, he walked that direction. As he turned the corner he could hear grunts and heavy breathing from where the vending machines were. A metallic crack sounded off into the air as if someone was kicking the machine. With his heart beat quickened he picked up the pace to see if someone needed help. 

“You piece of crap give me my Snickers bar!” he heard a women scream down the hall. 

It was nice to hear another person’s voice he though, you get cabin fever after being alone for too long. In his mind he was going over all the scenarios of what she could look like. With his luck it was be some girl he was not attracted to, he never caught the breaks. 

Before turning the corner he called out, “Do you need help?” he was hoping that she did.

“Oh thank god, I’m starving and this machine won’t give me my candy bar,” she yelled back.

As he turned the corner he saw the source of the voice, and it took his breath away. Standing ten feet away was the most elegant women he had ever seen. Standing perpendicular to the machine he could see she was thin, around 5’10 and had beautiful brown hair about shoulder length. Even though it was winter she had pink short shorts on that left little to the imagination. Her cream colored appeared soft and smooth. To top it off was a white Illinois State sweatshirt that appeared brand new. Our eyes meeting for the first time seemed to go on forever, but was really only a second on two. 

Visually regaining her composure she brushed some hair away from her face before putting them on her hips.

“I’m sorry but I’m really hungry and this dumb machine won’t work,” she explained. 

Closing the gap between the two of them, he walked right up next to the machine to get a closer look. 

“Well it looks to me as if your candy bar won’t fall,” he said jokingly. 

Throwing her hands up in the air she said, “Well duh smarty pants.”

Breaking his attention away from the machine he came face to face with her and could smell her delicious perfume. She smelled of strawberries. Looking directly into her eyes he was about to speak when she got her words out first.

“Hey I’m Carol”

“Nice to meet you I’m John, what are you doing here, its Christmas break shouldn’t you be at home with your family?

“I would but I work at the community center down Williams’s road doing charity work over the holidays. How about you, what are you still doing here?”

Looking back toward the machine his hands started to lightly shake the device hoping he could cause the food to fall. 

“My parents thought it was a good idea to go on a vacation without me,” he explained while tending to his task of helping the girl out. 

While he was trying different way to get the candy for her they made small talk about how abandoned the campus was and how there was no where to eat. Thus explaining why the both went to the vending machines for food. After a minute or two and more rough housing the machine, the candy finally dropped. 

“Ah there we go,” he said as he put his hand into the slot and handed her the candy bar. 

“Thank you so much! I don’t know what I was going to do if this didn’t work out.”

“Not a problem, glad to help,” he said

“Well it was nice meeting you John, I won’t forget this,” she said as she turned to walk away. 

They shared a smile and like that she started to walk away. Naturally when a good looking girl is in need of help, it’s one that doesn’t find him attractive he thought. Hearing her footsteps he wished he would have asked for her number, an opportunity like that doesn’t happen every day. She had to be the most beautiful women he had ever seen, and he just let her walk away.

As he kept kicking himself over the mistake, and picking out his food, which of course was Doritos, his favorite chips, he could hear footsteps coming closer to him. As he bent over taking his bag of chips out of the slot, he looked back and saw Carol walking back toward him. His mind began to race, why is she walking back to me for he thought. A smile spread across her face as she walked up next to him.

“Hey by any chance would you be interested in hanging out? I’m very bored and you look like a nice enough guy to hang out with.” 

The sound of her voice was enthralling, all he knew was the wanted to keep hearing it. 

“Yea sure, that sounds like a great idea. I really don’t know what there is to do but I’m sure we can think of something.” 

With that we take off from the vending machine down the hallway. For some reason the hallways seem just a little brighter than when I arrived just ten minutes earlier. We decide that neither of us was ready to go back to our rooms so walking sounded right. Luckily we had the largest dorm on campus and had plenty of places to walk around. 

As were walking we talk about our roommates and how we both despise them. It turns out she is from Michigan and wants to be a nurse, pretty much all small talk. Her charity work resolves around her cooking the meals for the elderly at the community center. 

Making their way around the dorm the flow of conversation goes from the normal how is your day type of chit chats to more personal questions. After walking around for about twenty minutes he stops in front of the elevator.

“I have grown tired of walking,” he said with a laugh, “but I would still appreciate your company so would you be interested in joining me to my room; we could watch a movie or something?”

He had no idea where that came from, it was so unlike him. But after talking and walking around with her, perhaps he had become more comfortable than he thought. He wasn’t even worried she would say no, a rush of adrenaline came bursting through his veins and he knew she would say yes. 

With a wide grin on her face she says, “Wow, you really are confident in yourself aren’t you.” Pausing for a second before he could answer she continued, “But I like that, normally guys around me are nervous, but not you.”

“Well that settles it then,” he said. 

Turning his back he reached for the elevator button and pressed it, it grew an orange color. Almost immediately the elevator dinged indicating it was there and the doors opened. Wasting no time Carol walked into the elevator and moved into the right back corner. With John following, he walked in pressed the button for the 9th floor and turned around facing her. Carol was leaning against the wall with her arms holding onto the side railing. Wasting no time, without even asking for permission John walking right up to her and planted a kiss on her lips. 

Ding- they had just passed the second floor. 

Opening her eyes and coming back to reality John could tell his kiss had the desired effect. 

“Wow, I am really growing more found of you John. Confident, assertive, and not even asking if I wanted you to kiss me, you’re a dangerous man. But I want more, are you willing to do that?” she asked playfully throwing her delicate brown hair over her shoulder.

“I don’t know if you can handle me,” he grinned, “I can be quite the handful.” 

Ding- they had just passed the fourth floor.

His mind was racing, who is this guy and where has he been his whole life. All he knew was he didn’t want to think too much and lose him. One kiss wasn’t enough he thought, he wanted more. Without thinking he leaned back in and began kissing her again. The intensity of the kiss escalated when she slowly parted her lips and with her tongue grazed the inside of his mouth. 

Wanting more he placed his hand above her shorts and went under her sweat shirt, to her bra. Feeling her breasts made his heart beat faster and faster, and could feel himself get aroused. Without missing a beat Carol used her hand and pulled his sweat pants open and slowly creped her hand down toward his penis. 

Ding- 7th floor

While massaging her breasts his kisses left her lips and moved to her neck and along her collar bone. Her breathing had quickened and he could feel her shivering against his hard body. Her hand finally met his penis and she grabbed it and then their eyes met. 

“You were not lying there big boy,” she said between deep labored breaths. 

Sweat began to accumulate across her brow like a light drizzle before a storm hit. She began to slowly stoke him and could see his eyes begin to roll back from pleasure. 

Ding 9th floor

The doors slide open but neither of them moved; they were not ready to get off this ride yet. Maintaining eye contact this time she leaned in and planted a more sensual kiss on his lips, slower, more romantic.

“How about we make this elevator out of order?” he said with his eyes closed looking up toward the ceiling. 

“You don’t have to tell me twice, but how do we keep this private, I want to do some dirty things with you in here,” she whispered into his ear. 

“Oh I got a trick up my sleeve, something I learned pulling a prank on my friend Eric last semester. ” 

Breaking contact for the first time, he went over and pressed the first floor button, illuminating it. Carol looking over curiously but remained silent, trusting her partner knew what he was doing. Once the elevator began to move John pressed the emergency stop button and the elevator came to a stop. 

“Wait won’t that cause an alarm to go off or something?” she asked curiously. 

“No, they had the alarm disabled because college students were abusing it and the fire department was annoyed at all the wasted trips,” he replied.

“Oh you just can’t trust college kids with 

anything these days can you,” she said with that mothering tone. 

“No you simply cannot,” he said looking her up and down, “Now where were we…?”

“You were about to put those nice strong hands back on my body Mr.”

Taking his cue they went right back to where they started except this time John didn’t go for her top but instead went for her bottoms. Sliding his hands around her back he cupped her butt and squeezed causing Carol to squeal. Still stroking his penis she could feel pre-cum slowly comes out making it easier to do. Wanting to touch her skin he went inside her shorts and pulled them down around her ankles. Wanting nothing more than to feel her wet cunt he licked his finger and went straight for it.

The warmth of her skin and softness sent a chill throughout his body. Slowly he slid one finger inside which caused carol to lose her balance and wrap he free arm around his waist. Repeatedly his finger went in and out as moans began to escape her lips. This time she pulled his sweats out and around his hot thick dick and they fell to the floor.

“I want you in me,” she gasped still holding onto him to maintain her balance. 

“My pleasure,” he said taking his place in front of her. 

With his arms he picked her up and pushed her into the side of the elevator. The sight of his muscles at work turned her on even more and she opened her legs as wide as she could. With her hand she placed his cock in front of her pussy and spread it with her two fingers. 

“You’re pretty big, please be gentle with me,” her eyes wide and full of emotion as she said it. 

Simply nodding he applied a little pressure and the tip slide inside her. Wanting more she put her hands on his ass and pulled him closer, pulling inch by inch farther inside of her until she took him balls deep and a scream escaped her mouth. 

Sweat dripping down his face and accumulating around his arms he started fucking her, going in and out. She was so tight he thought he really didn’t want to hurt her so he kept it slow and easy. The rhythmic fucking took on a life of its own as Carol arched her back and slow muffled moans came with ever pump. Wanting to get as deep as possible, he picked Carol off the side and moved to the middle of the elevator. 

Instinctively Carol placed her arms around his neck for support and began thumping off his thighs. Each strike getting deeper than the one before it, his grunting grew louder. 

“Oh John you’re so deep, I love the way you fuck me. You’re going to make me cum if you keep going,” she cried. 

Kissing her lips and savoring her smell he kept going, wanting nothing more than to have her cum all over his cock.

“Come on baby, cum for me Carol, I want it.” 

The thump of their skin hitting after each thrust grew louder, and her screams echoed off the walls of the elevator. 

“Oh John cum with me, I want us to cum together. I want to feel it inside me.”

With her on the breach of ultimate pleasure, his thrusts grew faster and harder. For the first time he didn’t feel guilty about cuming while having sex, she wants it, needs it he thought. The feeling of his balls growing tighter and a wave washing over him, he could feel he was about to cum. 

“Oh baby I’m going to cum,” he gasped while squeezing her ass in his hands. 

With her arms wrapped around his shoulders she pulled herself up to his lips and kisses him deeply. He could feel her muscles tighter around him and her legs holding onto him for dear life. Finally reaching his limit he couldn’t hold back any longer and blasted his cum deep inside her while at the same time he could feel her cunt grip him and pulsating uncontrollably. He could feel her screaming while they kissed, their eyes open, staring into each other’s soul.

Breath after breath of her screams slowly turned into moans as their climax slowly came to an end. Having received ever ounce of him from his orgasm, he could feel her wetness dripping down his legs. Still in his arms, he held her close. They could feel each other’s heartbeat in rhythm. Picking her up, his dick slowly fell outside of her and he let her down in which she immediately stumbled back into his arms. 

“Oh I’m sorry but my legs don’t quite feel up the task of standing yet,” she said shying clearly embarrassed by the ordeal. 

“Oh in that case let me see what I can do about that,” he said while he scooped her up into his arms and held her once again.

Moving toward the buttons he pressed the 9th floor once again and the elevator doors opened. Both dripping from sweat he carried her though the white halls toward his dorm room. 

“Well you really are a dangerous man John,” she said between kisses. “But I think I can handle you, how about that movie you told me about?”

Kissing her right back he responded, “I don’t know, you can’t even walk right now,” he teased. 

“Luckily I have a comfortable bed for us to lie on while we put a movie on,” he said with a wink. 

“Oh I can’t even wait,” after kissing him on the cheek.

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