Elaine Wants To Be Watched

Simon Hanson considered himself a normal guy. Six feet tall, short brown hair, average build. He wasn’t an Adonis by any measure, but he kept himself in shape as much as he could. He worked in an office, doing an unexciting job, earned an decent wage and owned his own flat in the west end of Glasgow. He’d seen a couple of his friends get married and seen the changes it made to their lives. He almost got married once, but late on in the relationship had suddenly had a moment of clarity and told his girlfriend that she might be getting married, but it wouldn’t be to him. He was thirty years old, and didn’t want to do the acceptable thing and settle down.

He spent a lot of his time thinking about sex, and had had plenty of experiences over the years some of which seemed to fall into his lap in the weirdest circumstances and he enjoyed the freedom that life gave him.

Simon was at a works night out in a pub in West George Street in Glasgow, on a Friday, which was the usual pub for them. It was getting late and he knew he’d need to be heading home quite soon. He’d been talking to a colleague of his, Elaine, earlier and as usual she’d offered him a lift home, as she lived only a couple of miles from him.

Elaine was a couple of years older than him. Average height, pear shaped body with beautiful round hips and ass, not too big. She was probably about a size 12 with nice sized boobs, maybe a 36 C or D he guessed. He spent long enough looking at them. He’d noticed long ago that her blouses gaped open at just the right height to allow an enquiring eye a good view of a boob, or her bra at least. Her hair had always been cut relatively short, in a sexy brown bob. She was sexy as hell all over.

About 11pm, they were sitting at the end of a long table with everyone sitting round it. No-one was listening to their conversation and they were talking about quite personal stuff, and she told him about her last holiday to Las Vegas, where she’d seen a guy in a convertible pull alongside the bus they were in and start to wank himself. She’d told the same story at a team lunch they’d had a week before, and he said this, but she replied;

“I made out like I was disgusted when I was telling everyone, but I actually kind of enjoyed it…it was weird watching him, but it was also…sort of …erotic…seeing him do that to himself in front of me.” She seemed a bit embarrassed to admit it and Simon;

“Well, it’s normal to be turned on watching other people like that.”

“I know. Have you ever seen anyone do that or anything else?” she asked.

“I’ve seen a few things. What did you think of it?” he said, deflecting it back to her.

“I think the guy must like being watched if he was doing that in front of a bus full of people.”

“Yeah, he must get off on it, but I wouldn’t have the nerve to do that in front of a whole bus full of passers by” he said, hoping she’d pick up on something.

“What about in front of a couple of people?” she asked.

“Probably…’ he said “but they’d either need to be very good friends or complete strangers. Someone you could trust not to cause any problems later or someone you’d never see again.”

“When was the last time you did it?” she asked.

“Uh, what do you mean?” He didn’t want to start admitting anything at this point.

“I mean when did you last masturbate?” she said. He would normally have felt weird about talking about this with someone else apart from his best friends, but he was quite drunk by now, though he was still taken aback by the question, so he fired it back at her.

“Well you tell me first, when did you last do it…when did you last masturbate?”

“‘What makes you think I do?”

“Doesn’t everyone?”

“Come on then, tell me.” she said.

“Well, do you?” he pushed.

“Right, yes, I do, but I asked you first when you last did it.”

“Two days ago….” he said “…..now what about you?”.

“This morning, before work” she replied. He immediately got horned up at the thought of her playing with her pussy.

“Yeah?!” he said a bit too loudly.

“Yes.” she replied.

“So, you think you would be able to do it in front of other people?” she asked.

“I could, yes.”

“You seem very sure. Have you actually done it before? In front of someone?” He nodded.

“Who was it?” she asked.

“A friend of mine.”

“When was this?”

“A few years ago and…umm…well more recently I suppose” he replied. Her eyes widened at this.

“More recently? How recently?”

“I don’t know, a few months ago.”

“You actually wanked off in front of a friend a few months ago?!”

“Yeah”. Silence.

“I’d like to have seen that” she said quietly, and looking right at him. Silence again.

“You’d like to have seen that?” he asked slowly. She nodded.

“What exactly?” he asked.

“What do you mean, ‘what’?”

“I mean why…..is it watching two guys wanking themselves, or just watching a guy having a wank?”

“No, I can see that at home” she paused, looking down, “I’d like to have seen you wanking off.”

“Me?” he said incredulously.

“Yes, I’d like to have watched you having a wank” she said very seriously, looking back up at him. He was stunned.

“Did you like being watched by your friend?” she asked.

“Yes” he nodded.

“Would you like someone else to watch you sometime?” she asked slowly.

“What are you getting at?…what…are you offering?” he said, half laughing. She didn’t reply for a few moments, and he thought he had gone a little too far.

“I was talking to Alan a few days ago, cos that’s something we have talked about, you know, being watched, and…we both quite like the idea of being watched, you know…having sex” she said, and he stayed quiet, wondering what the hell she was going to say next.

“We were talking about how to do it, how we’d get someone to get involved, and we thought about advertising for someone over the internet, but though that could be a bit dangerous, then we thought of someone we knew and thought of a few people, but thought it could spoil a friendship if it went wrong…” he stared at her and kept quiet while she spoke “… but then I started to think of other people, and….I thought about you, cos I know you’ve got quite a dirty mind…” she laughed “….and we do get on well, and it had to be with someone I thought was…..you know….someone I was umm…who I thought was nice, like, who I fancied, and I wanted to speak to you about this sort of thing to see what you thought about it, and God I am going on a bit……..and you seem to like the idea of watching, so I thought I’d ask whether you’d want to……if you’d be interested in seeing…watching us, Alan and me… having… sex. What you do you think?”

“Fuckin hell” he said slowly and he went quiet.

“What do you think…..would you want to?” she asked looking for a reaction.

“Yeah, I would want to….yes…..please” he said dumbly.

“Seriously!? You will?. I was so scared of asking someone, and of asking you to do it.”

“Yeah, I’ll do it. It means I’ll be able to see those boobs of yours after all these years of only seeing little glimpses” he laughed a little.

“What do you mean?”

“Your blouses always gape open at the front and I try to look in to see what I can see.”

“And what did you see?”

“A good bit, but never enough” he laughed.

“Well, I know you’ve looked cos I saw you a few times, standing beside my desk.”

“Christ, was it that obvious?” He felt bad he’d been so obvious about it.

“Don’t worry, you’re not the only one and I used to….well, help it along a little so you could see some flesh, and see if it would have any effect on you, but I never noticed…….did it?” she said.

“Did it have an effect? Yes”,

“You got a hard-on?” she asked, looking surprised.

“Frequently. I wish I’d known you were flashing little bits for me, it would have made it so much better.”

“And I wish I’d known I was giving you hard-ons” she smiled at him looking deep into his eyes. He looked around to make sure no-one had heard her comment, but the rest of the group were engaged in some very drunken conversations.

“Well, you did, and…you do” he said looking back at her and giving his crotch a quick press to check, even though he could feel it throbbing “…..cos I’ve got one right now.”

“Have you…..really?” she said sounding amazed, her eyes widening. He squeezed his dick through his trousers, to show the shape of it.

“See?” He could see her looking at it for a few seconds.

“Can……can… I touch it?” she asked glancing along the table, feeling nervous herself about the conversation they were having.

“Go on” he said, and she did. Her slender fingers pressed down on his bulge at the tip of his cock sending feelings through his body, and it pulsed which she felt immediately. He saw her eyes staring at it, and she pressed her palm onto his bulge and ran it along the length of his penis, then withdrew it quickly knowing how risky it was.

“That felt nice” he said, breathing slightly harder. “Does Alan know you were going to ask me tonight?”

“Yeah, I’ve to phone him and let him to know what you said.”

“When were you wanting to do this?”

“Soon, not tonight. What about tomorrow night?”

“Excellent……” he said “….and what about, like, some groundrules. How far do we go?”.

“Well I’m going to fuck Alan in front of you” she said plainly.

“I know, but what about me, can I have a wank when you’re doing it?”

“God, yeah, you’re not just going to sit there and watch, I want you to join in” she said. He was trying to find out exactly what his role was, and whether he’d be able to touch her, as he’d fantasised about for years, and if she would give him a hand with his cock.

“When you say join in, what do you mean…..exactly?”

“Well, I’ve always wanted to play with two guy’s dicks at the one time, so if you’ve got no objections, you could lend me your dick to play with when Alan’s fucking me.”

“Sure, no problem there.” He was surprised at her admission but horned up at the thought of it.

“Will I be able to touch you as well, or is it just one way?” he asked very hopefully.

“No, that’s okay, you can touch me if you want”


“Yeah, anywhere. Let’s just say for just now there’s no rules, alright?” He took a sip of his pint, conscious of his massive hard-on and wondering what the fuck was going to happen the next night.

She said she was going to call Alan to pick her up, and give him a lift home as well, as arranged.

When they went outside, Alan was there in his car, and Simon got into the back seat, Elaine in the front. Simon and Alan didn’t know each other very well as they only ever seemed to meet when Simon was getting a lift home. She’d told him on the phone that Simon had agreed to it, and Alan looked a bit uncomfortable when he first got into the car, but Elaine got talking and was saying to him she’d spoken to him about it and about what would happen. Alan turned to Simon and said;

“Are you alright with this then, you don’t think it’s a bit weird?”

“No, I’m okay with it, what about you though, you won’t think it’s weird me seeing Elaine like that?” although he had to admit to himself that it was a weird situation to be in.

“That’s part of it for us, knowing someone we know, well Elaine knows, watching us doing that.”

“He’s turned on right now…” she said, and Simon saw her hand in Alan’s lap as he drove “…aren’t you darling?”, and Alan nodded.

“So am I, to be honest” Simon said. She looked at Alan, then back to Simon.

“Do you want to come back and watch us just now?”

“What about tomorrow night?” he asked.

“Yeah, I still want to do that, but because Alan’s so horny just now, I’ll need to suck him off when I get home, so you might as well come with us to watch.”

“Yeah, okay” he mumbled, trying to imagine what he was about to witness.

Alan drove to their house, and Simon followed them in, starting to feel very nervous, although he was quite drunk. Elaine was drunk as well. In their living room, Alan sat down on the large red sofa, and Elaine beside him. Simon sat opposite in a single chair, waiting. Alan relaxed back in his own chair and let Elaine run her hands over his chest then down to his crotch.

“Still hard…..” she said “…it must be bursting in there, let’s get it out” and she unzipped his trousers, and pulled them open and down a little, fumbling around inside trying to prise his cock from the restraints of his trousers. It flipped out, and she held it firmly with her slim fingers round the shaft, and looked across at Simon.

“He has got a nice cock hasn’t he?”.

“I suppose so” he said. He had never seen her looking so sexy. Looking into his eyes with a cock in her hand and about to take it into her mouth. Those days in the office would never be the same again. He knew this picture would flash constantly through his mind.

She started to wank him, slowly, using the full length of his cock, and then bent down, licked the tip, and slipped her mouth just over the knob. He gasped loudly. He looked down at her, then over at Simon and they just smiled nervously at each other. She was running her lips down the whole length of his cock, and he rolled his head back, and closed his eyes. Simon could hear the quiet slurping noises of her saliva on his penis as she sucked him. She broke off, and masturbated him, and looked over at him.

“Are you still hard?” she asked.


“Get it out then.”

“I don’t know if…I don’t really want to…I’ll wait til tomorrow” he said stumbling over his words.

“Go on. Even if you don’t want to wank just now…just let me see it.”

He unzipped his jeans, and pulled his boxers down, so his shaft was sticking right up. He pressed his thumb against the base to make to it stand more vertically.

“Let me see your balls too.”

He pulled his clothes down further so his balls were on view and automatically grasped his cock to give himself a little release from the feelings that were coursing through it. She was staring at it, and still wanking her husband.

“Are you bald down there?”

“Yeah, I keep it trimmed.”

“You shave yourself? Alan doesn’t do that”

“It also makes it look a bit bigger, which is handy”

“How big are you?” she asked, her hand stopping as she looked at this other man’s cock.

“Just over eight inches.”

Her hand started moving again as she took in the view of Simon’s cock.

“Nice” she said, as she slipped her mouth over Alan’s dick again. Simon wanked himself gently, not even trying to make himself come, as it would be difficult anyway, with the amount he’d had to drink. She sucked Alan as she looked across at Simon. Alan moaned that he was going to come soon, and she lifted off.

“Can I not come in your mouth?” he gasped.

“I want to see it. And I want Simon to see it as well.” She wanked his cock, speeding up, and Simon could see him concentrating. His eyes were closed, and he started to push his hips forward, and they were both watching his cock as he started to come, grunting as he spurted a massive fountain of spunk into the air, splattering down on his belly and over Elaine’s hand.

Simon was wanking himself harder as well but feeling as though he wasn’t getting anywhere, though it was a huge turn on to see Elaine’s hand covered in spunk, and seeing that erect penis shooting off right in front of her face made Simon’s cock throb even more.

Alan’s cock shot about five hard spurts of spunk mostly landing on his belly, but a good coating was over her hand. He looked exhausted, and just sat with his head lying back and eyes closed, his still hard cock in her hand. She let go and the strings of spunk were hanging between her hand and his cock. She wiped her hand on his thigh, but Simon could see it was still shiny with his juices. Alan looked absolutely fucked. He opened his eyes, and just muttered “Jesus…”

“Are you going to do it?” she said to Simon.

“No…..I can’t…..I’m a bit pissed. I’ll just save it til tomorrow” he said, still holding his erect shaft up straight so she could see it, which she could, and he could see her looking at it intently.

“I’d better go” he said, and pushed his cock back into his trousers, and tried to do up his zip but couldn’t. He stood up to adjust his jeans around cock, and closed up his zip.

He sorted his clothes made a move to leave. Alan said he’d get the car and Elaine wiped him down with a tissue, then the two guys left to go to the car. It was only a ten minute journey, and they talked briefly about Elaine.

“You know she wants to have two guys, don’t you?” he said.

“Yeah, she told me she wanted to play with two dicks at the one time.”

“I know, she wants to see if she can suck two at the one time, are you alright with that?” he said.

“She wants to suck my cock?”

“Did she not say?”

“She said there was no rules, but I didn’t know exactly what she meant….you know, how far I could go.”

“Like I said, she does want to suck you. She said she wasn’t sure about having sex with you, but I think she was just saying that to spare my feelings, but I want to see her do that with another guy, so you can be almost sure she’ll fuck you tomorrow night, but don’t let her know that I said that. Just go with the flow and let her say what happens.”


The next night, Alan arrived to pick up Simon, and they drove back. Simon thought he could see that Alan had a hard-on, and he did too. He had to adjust himself, and Alan noticed this.

“Looking forward to this?” he said. Simon nodded. At their house, they went into the living room again, where Elaine was sitting. Alan poured some drinks, and they wasted no time, partly because the ice had been broken the night before.

“Are you going to let him see your boobs?” Alan said, and with that Elaine stood up and walked over to Simon who was still standing and stood in front of him and unbuttoned her blouse, opened it showing her lacy bra. He looked down at her breasts, marvelling at the texture of her flesh in the swell of her deep cleavage. He’d never seen that much before.

As the pulled her blouse open unveiling her chest he could see a hint of her nipple through the lace. She dropped her blouse then quickly unhooked her bra, and shrugged it off her shoulders. Holding it at the front, she slowly slid it down her breasts, almost stopping before the lace slid over her nipples, freeing the breasts he’d thought about so many times before. They were full, and rounded, with dark smooth nipples, and swayed gently when she moved. He immediately unzipped himself, and grasped his penis, and gave it a slow wank to relieve some of pressure.

“I hope you don’t mind. I can’t help it” he said.

“Not at all, you go ahead” she replied and knelt down in front of him, and looked closely at his cock, then moved forward and brushed her tits across his knob, so it slipped in between her cleavage, then she stood up. It felt so good to have her smooth skin against his cock.

She loosened her black trousers and let them slide to the floor then bent down to slip off her panties, and Simon got a view of her ass, and a glimpse of pussy when she bent over. She turned to show him her nakedness. Her pussy looked well trimmed. She went over to Alan and sat beside him on the sofa. He took his trousers off, freeing his erect cock and then his shirt, so he was naked too. She rubbed her hand over his balls, massaging them then started to wank him. After a minute of doing this and looking over at Simon, making eye contact, then lowered her mouth onto his tool. When she leaned further over, her legs opened and Simon had an amazing view of her pussy, and he started to wank himself harder. She stopped sucking, and said:

“I need a fuck now”.

She moved and sat astride Alan, and with her back to Simon, guided his erection into her hole. She leant forward into him, and Simon could see her pussy lips being stretched around the shaft and her puckered asshole. She turned half round, to watch Simon and said; “Take your trousers right off so I can see you.” He stood up and slipped them off, and went over to the chair opposite them and sat down.

“And your shirt, you might as well get completely naked”. Simon pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor.

She looked Simon up and down as she bounced very gently on her husband’s cock, and he saw her eyes linger on his crotch.

“It does look bigger with no hair down there, though I think you’re big enough anyway.”

“I think it looks better.” Alan had leant round to have a look as well, and stopped fucking to look at Simon’s cock.

“Come here so I can see it.” she said. He walked over and stood naked beside them, his erection wobbling in front of him. She stared at it and gently started fucking her husband again.

“Can I touch it?” she asked. Simon nodded and she rubbed her hand across his belly, just above his cock, where the hair was very sparse.

“It feels good.”

“I mainly do my balls so they feel smooth.” She ran her hand down onto his testicles, briefly brushing her fingertips against the shaft of his cock.

“They are so smooth” as she ran her hands round and under his balls, cupping and stroking them. As she fondled Simon’s balls she ground down on Alan’s cock moving her hips in a circular motion, then started sliding up and down his cock more vigorously as she let go of Simon’s balls.

He sat on the sofa next to them, wanking himself, as they both watched. She bounced up and down on Alan quite hard to drive his cock into her, and bent over him so her tits slapped against his face. He got her nipple between his lips and sucked hard on it. After a few minutes fucking, she slowed and slipped off his dick, then knelt down in front of them both, and said to move together. Alan and Simon moved closer together, but not touching.

She then took a cock in each hand, and started to wank them with both hands.

She did it very slowly, just watching her hands sliding up and down each shaft, so their foreskins slid up and down.

“Move closer to each other” and they did, so their thighs were pressed hard against each other, she held their dicks again, and moved closer, pulling their cocks towards each other, making them have to twist until their knobs were touching. Simon looked down at his cock head sliding against Alan’s and pushed his hips forward. Elaine opened her mouth wide, and slipped her lips over both cock heads, and closed her mouth around as much as she could, swirling her tongue over the glans.

It was impossible to suck any more into her mouth, but it was enough for them. For Alan, watching his wife suck another guy’s cock was a huge turn on and for Simon it was like a dream.

She released the cocks and then put just Simon back into her mouth. She sucked firmly on his knob, and slid his whole length in.

He watched her intently, seeing her saliva shine on his skin as her lips trailed along his penis.

He reached down with both hands, and cupped her breasts which were swinging back and forth as she sucked him. They were wonderfully soft and heavy and he pinched her nipples, which made her moan and her suck harder on his cock.

“Alan, I want you to fuck me again, get behind me” she said quickly, hardly missing a stroke. Alan got on the floor, and positioned himself behind her, and eased his erection into her pussy, and she moaned which had an amazing effect on Simon’s cock, sending orgasmic feelings coursing through it, from the vibrations of her mouth.

Alan fucked Elaine, and Elaine sucked Simon. Occasionally she would take him out her mouth, as Alan started to fuck her harder, and just wank him, and his cock shaft would rub across her face. Simon just lay back and relaxed while she sucked and wanked him for ten minutes, as Alan shafted her hard from behind.

He didn’t come, and pulled out of her, and sat beside Simon on the sofa again, to his left. Elaine sat between them and took their cocks in her hands and wanked both of them again. Simon stroked her thigh, edging towards her pussy, then trailed his fingers over her pussy, which was soaking. Pressing, he slipped a finger inside her, and finger fucked her gently. He leant down and took her nipple into his mouth, licking, sucking as her nipple grew hard, and gently biting on it, for a minute. His finger alternating between her clit and her hole. She lay back and let him do it, and soon started to come, she moaned deeply, and pushed down on his hand.

Her hands were still around the two cocks, but with no real rhythm, and Alan was loving watching his wife get fingered by someone else.

Her head rolled from side to side, as her orgasm built up, her breasts heaving with her deep breathing. Her legs fell further open as she gasped and squealed as she came, her head falling forward to watch Simon’s fingers in her, her pelvis thrusting down onto his hand. Her head flew back, and he felt her pussy muscles contract around his fingers several times, and rubbed her clit harder for her. She seemed in a dreamlike state, as she moaned and groaned through her orgasm. She soon quietened, and her breathing slowed. He slowed down on her clitoris, and just rubbed gently for a minute after to bring her down slowly. She opened her eyes.

“That was good” she said quietly. “I want you to fuck me” she said looking at Simon.

“Are you sure?” he was surprised. She looked at Alan and back to him.

“Yes. Fuck me. Use that big cock to fuck me” she said simply.

Simon slid onto the floor, and moved between her legs. Putting his hands on her knees, he pushed them apart slowly, and her glistening pussy came into view, and he saw her lips peel apart. She slid down a little on the sofa, and Simon started to wank himself to get his cock as hard as possible, then he went down on his hands and knees, and said;

“I’ve got to do this.”

He got his face as close to her pussy as he could, and slowly licked up the length of her slit, up to her clitoris, which was still a little sensitive and he felt her twitch as his tongue touched it. She was looking down at him and he looked up and their eyes met as he pressed his tongue against her pussy again. He used his fingers to pull her labia apart as far as he could and he could see the pink of her vagina, shiny with her juices, and her cunt hole.

He licked her again, but this time pushed his tongue deep into her hole, so his chin was against her asshole, and his nose was squashed into her pubic hair. He tongue fucked her as best as he could, then got up on his knees, and grasped his hard-on, pulled his foreskin back to show his deep purple knob, and pushed it against her pussy, then pulled it up, so her cunt lips, pulled round it. Next push, and it slipped in easily. She was so wet. It plunged right in so he was balls deep in her, and his belly was against her pussy.

He held himself there, and could feel the warmth of her cunt around his cock. He drew out slowly, and saw her juices slick on his shaft. Slowly he entered her again, and then started to fuck her at a steady pace, occasionally shafting her hard, so his balls slapped against her asshole. She jerked her hips back at him, and really drove her pussy onto his dick. He knew he was getting closer to coming, and said so.

“Do you want me to come inside you, is that okay?”

“No, I want Alan to come inside me, and I want you to do it over me as Alan fucks me.”

He fucked her for a while longer but kept the pace slow, occasionally building up to an orgasm then controlling himself so he wouldn’t blow his load inside her. Eventually he pulled out and positioned himself beside her as Alan got between her legs.

He watched as her husband slid his cock into her and started to fuck her, and she started to wank him, pulling his cock against her tits. He loved seeing her nipple rubbing against his knob, and he rubbed his palm over her breast, down her belly, to her pussy to rub her clit and he let his fingers slide against Alan’s penis and felt his hardness rubbing against the side of his hand.

“Move up a little” she said. He did, and she took his cock in her mouth and sucked gently on him as he masturbated her. She licked very slowly around his cock head and glans. Alan watched his wife lick another man’s cock and said he was going to come soon. He started fucking her harder, and Simon watched her boobs slide up and down her chest as she took the pounding. Her mouth was still on his cock, and he felt his orgasm approaching as well. Alan slowed, stiffened and groaned deeply as he came inside her, and pumped her in rhythm with his spunk unloading into her pussy.

She let Simon’s cock out of her mouth and grasped it and wanked him hard as she felt Alan’s spunk rush into her. Her mouth was open and she wanked Simon’s cock into her face, and watching Alan coming, tipped Simon over the edge, and he came too. Elaine felt his cock pulse in her hand, and looked at it to see his come, and she did. He spurted onto her chin as his cock started pumping, then stream after stream of white come flew out, and covered her cheek, and then her tits as she pointed his cock down. She was closely watching the head of his cock as he spunked all over her and moaning as if she was coming again. She kept wanking him like an expert and drew out all his come onto her body until he was spent. He let his breath out slowly as he felt the feelings still rushing through his cock, but subsiding. She kept gently stroking him, and then wanked his cock into her open mouth so a drop of his sperm dropped onto her tongue and closed her mouth around his cock. It felt painfully sensitive as she sucked on him, tasting his spunk.

Alan withdrew from her and he saw some thick drops of come on the tip of his cock. He immediately went down and licked her tasting her juices mixed with his own. She let Simon slip out of her mouth, and his cock trailed across the spunk on her cheek, smearing it down the way. He groped her tits and smoothed his come over her nipples. Alan saw this and did the same, getting Simon’s spunk all over his hands.

Simon then relaxed back onto the sofa and watched Elaine lying there covered in his spunk, savouring the sight.

She trailed her fingers through the thin film of sperm, down to her cunt and started to finger herself, shoving several fingers into her hole. Pulling her fingers out, she offered them to Simon to taste. He leant forward to took her slim fingers into his mouth and tasted her juices, and could still recognise the taste of spunk. His own and Alans.

“Thanks for coming, we’ll do it again sometime, maybe even at work. You never know.”

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