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Two Girls On The Beach

It was about 1130am on a hot March mid-week day in Perth, Western Australia. I am a 30 year old male, and was heading to a small beach about 40kms north for a day of sunbathing. I tend to go to this beach as it’s a short walk across and around rocks to the beach from the carpark, so it doesn’t get too busy, even on weekends. When I say it doesn’t get busy, usually you only see the odd person or 2, so it allows me to work on my all over tan without heading to the official nude beach further down the coast. Plus, sometimes you get lucky and you get to perve on a young mother or group of sexy young coeds sunning themselves topless, or even better nude. As it’s not a nude beach, people that do swim topless or nude are generally left alone to enjoy the suns rays in peace without the fear of being perved or pestered by dirty old men.

Anyway, as I was rock hopping across the rocks I notice 2 girls (one brunette, one blonde, both the same height at about 5 foot 10’) walking a couple of hundred meters in front of me. All of a sudden, the hat in the brunette’s bag falls out and drops to the sand, and the owner is unaware that the hat was missing.

By the time I get to where the hat was, I glance up the beach and see the girls setting themselves up behind a small sand mound a couple of hundreds meters up the beach, near where I usually go. It wasn’t hard to see where they were as there wasn’t anyone else on the beach on this glorious summer’s day. I pick up the hat with the intensions of returning the hat to its owner once I get to where they are sunning themselves on my way to my sunning place.

As I approached them, I noticed that they had already removed their bikini tops and were rubbing tanning lotion into their young skin. Both girls were beautiful, and either had a day off university or work. I estimate they would have been about nineteen or twenty years old, both with lovely tanned skin and perk boobs that stood straight out like proud beacons.

‘This is your hat, I saw it fall out of your bag a few hundred metres back’, I said. ‘Thanks’ said the brunette, ‘I didn’t even notice that it fell out’. Myself, the blonde and brunette made small talk for a minute or two, without the girls covering themselves up. Trying not to be obvious, I was happy they didn’t as I could have boned up right there and then without thinking too hard about it. They introduced themselves as Nicole (the brunette) and the blonde was Lisa. I was just about to leave when Lisa was frantically search through her bag ‘Damn, I left the SPF 30 suntan lotion back home, looks like we only got the tanning lotion (which is about SPF 4, which you can easily burn under the sun)’. I could see they were concerned about this, so I volunteered mine saying ‘I usually carry 2 bottles of lotion just in case, you are welcome to use this one (handing it to them) and return it when you are finished, I will just be working on my tan just over there. Plus I don’t want you burning your lovely bodies’. ‘Thanks, that’s really kind’, they said in unison.

On that, I walked about 30 metres away and laid my towel out in a small sand depression, where I could see the girls and they could see me. Watching them finish off applying lotion to themselves was erotic to say the least, as I stripped down to my bathers and standing there, slowly applied lotion to my body. I am particularly careful about ensuring that I am covered, however there is always a small section on my back that I can’t reach.

I glanced across to see what the girls were doing, who were stretched out, Lisa on her back and Nicole on her stomach. I had a feeling Nicole was watching me, so with a quick hand movement I removed my bathers and laid down on my towel. It was liberating to feel the sun on my bum, and I rubbed sunburn cream in just in case. Just as I finished, I glanced out of the corner of my eye, and noticed that Nicole had nudged Lisa and both were looking in my direction, having a good perve themselves, not that I minded though as I am a bit of an exhibitionist.

After about 15 minutes I was getting ready to turn over and tan my chest and stomach, I see Nicole getting up and with my sunburn cream in hand, walk over to me. I remain on my stomach, and Nicole sits down on the corner of my oversized towel and returns my cream. We chit chat for a few minutes, when she said she is now going for a swim, and am I going to join her in the water. With that, I stand up, grab her by the hand and stride off to the water. I could see she was glancing at my cock as we went towards the water, and then dove into the cool waters. Nicole yells out to Lisa, who rolls over, stands up and approaches the water. I am amazed how her breast are rock hard, and point straight ahead. She enters the water and swims across to where Nicole and I are. The water is only chest deep, so it’s not a problem for all three of us to stand.

The conversation got around to nude sunbathing and swimming. Both girls said they usually only go topless on the beach, sometimes in G-Strings, but not nude. They said they were a little hesitant, but I insisted it was the only way to swim, and how liberating it was, and suggested they should try it. They were a little hesitant, but Nicole said why not and removed her bikini bottom. She kicked away on her back, and I could just see her bush, which looked trimmed and neatly shaved. With that, Lisa removed hers as well. We continued to swim a bit more, and then decided to get out and sun a bit more. The sight of the 2 naked girls leaving the water with their neatly trimmed bushes was nearly too much for me, and luckily I didn’t have a weak heart. Nicole suggested I get my towel and come and join them. I didn’t need a second invitation, and went to get my towel, quickly. As I got back, the girls were still drying themselves. I laid my towel out, and Nicole laid hers out on my left, and Nicole on my right. I was a little surprised that I was sandwiched between them, but didn’t mind.

I laid down on my stomach, and asked if one of the girls would apply some cream into my back. Both said yes, but Nicole was first to it, rubbing cream into my shoulders and upper back. Lisa, who didn’t want to be left out, grabbed some cream and rubbed it into my lower back and then went even further and rubbed it into my bum cheeks, every now and then just brushing my arsehole and balls. I was feeling like a king at this point. The girls finished, and laid down on their stomachs, and said they needed cream as well. I kneed up, and my cock was now enlarging but only into a semi state. I pushed my leg against Nicole’s thigh, and started rubbing cream into her back. She didn’t mind when I massaged cream with both hands into her firm bum, and down her legs. She moaned with approval, and a sweet ‘Thanks’ was whispered as I finished. I then moved across to Lisa and started rubbing cream into her. Lisa jumped slightly when I started rubbing cream into her bum, but also voiced her approval when I finished. I then laid down, not quite believing how lucky I was to get my hands on two such hotties.

After about 5 minutes, I rolled over onto my back, and started rubbing cream into my chest. Just as I started, Nicole said ‘let me’. I transferred the rest of the cream I had on my hand to hers, and she expertly started rubbing cream into me. It felt like heaven.

Lisa, again not wanting to be left out, stayed on her stomach but started rubbing cream into my shoulder. Nicole worked her way down towards my feet, and stopped to lift my cock from side to side, stroke it a couple of times with cream, and then massage my balls. She said ‘you can’t be too careful now, as the sun can get anywhere.’ I nodded with approval.

Nicole then rubbed the rest of the cream into her breasts, and laid back. She then reached across and started stoking and playing with my balls. I moved my hand across and started sliding it through her trimmed bush, until I found her lips wide and waiting. I started moving my hand and working her pussy with expert technique from years of practice. I moved my other hand onto Lisa, down her bum (she shivered as I touched her arsehole), and found her pussy as well. Soon Lisa’s juices were now flowing as well as I inserted a couple of fingers into her. So here I was lying on my back with an absolute huge erection by now, Lisa on her stomach with my hand rubbing and probing her pussy, and Nicole on her back with me fingering her love hole.

Shortly both girls were starting to buck and raise their bums up and down, and moaning with sweet ‘ohhh yehs’, and ‘oh my god’. Nicole started moaning louder, and I knew she was cumming soon. ‘I never believed nude sunbathing could be this good’ Lisa moaned, who was also starting to leak heavily and on her way to a mighty orgasm. Then all of a sudden, both girls started to buck violently and moaned and yelled their way to huge orgasms both at the same time.

‘WOW’ they both said shakingly. At that Lisa leaned across and started kissing me, and Nicole raised herself to her knees, and took my cock in her mouth and swallowed me whole. I nearly came there and then. Lisa then moved down to my cock as well, and both girls started to work on me. They were taking it in turns, Nicole would swallow me, then slide her mouth off, and then Lisa would do the same. They had obviously done this before, which was absolutely breathtaking.

I couldn’t hang on any longer and said ‘I’m cumming’. With that, Lisa who was currently going down on me, sucked even harder and stayed with her lips locked around the base of my shaft. Kaboom went the first load into the back of Lisa’s throat like a rocket shooting to the moon as she withdrew her mouth and Nicole quickly replacing her mouth where Lisa’s just was. Nicole cleaned up the rest of the cum explosions which had now subsided to a trickle.

At that, both girls leaned across to one another, and kissed each other passionately on the lips, giving each other deep tongue tickles. I felt myself getting hard again at the sight of both of them enjoying each other’s company.

They then both laid down next to me, and cuddled in and started kissing me. I was now turning my head from side to side and kissing them passionately. I could taste the salty cum on their breathe, but eagerly kissed them hard. After a bit of this, they both laid back and we all started giggling and throwing statements like ‘wow, that was great’, ‘I have never orgasmed so hard before’, etc.

After we had all calmed down, we all got up and went for another nude swim and refreshed ourselves. We stayed like this for another hour, resting and relaxing on the sand, gently stroking each other and rubbing more sunburn lotion into each other.

As it was now nearly approaching 2pm, the wind started to come in, and we made plans to leave.

As we got back to the carpark, we exchanged addresses and planned drinks that night at a hotel and then both agreed to sleep over (another story) at my place. We also made a date for another day at the beach, and after that night, it was to be another fuckin good beach day.