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The Yard

After a bad divorce I had moved to a new town. I found a job within a few weeks, but it was far from the ideal job. I was a mechanic’s helper in the city garage, working on garbage trucks, an often nasty job. Once in a while, after I was able to wash up enough, I stopped in at one of the local pubs, and in time got to know a couple of the other guys who seem to hang out there. I guess I bitched enough about my rotten job, until one day one of the guys who worked in the office of a big lumber yard, told me there was an opening in one of the yard crews. The next Monday morning I was at the lumber yard office applying for the open spot, and in a few hours I had a new job.

There were two yard crews, one for consumer sales, and one for commercial, with each crew having four guys. I was on the consumer crew, it would be hard work, I was told, but at least it was cleaner.

I worked with Ron, Buzz, and Frank, all good, hard working guys. I worked hard along with them, we laughed at my screw-ups, and by the end of the week I was catching on. Ron was the crew lead, and never seemed to get tired of showing me the “how-to’s,” but the other guys were just as helpful and I felt I was getting to be a part of the team.

On Friday, Ron told me he was having a barbeque get-together at his place, and did I want to come. All the other guys were married, but for some reason that weekend the wives weren’t coming. Since it wasn’t like I had anything else to do, I said sure I’d be glad to come and bring a case of beer, since the other guys were each bringing something.

Ron had a nice house on the outskirts of town with a big front porch and a detached garage where he kept a couple of rebuilt 50’s cars. He introduced his wife, Molly, who was a classic tall beautiful blonde with a great figure, I took time to note. He also introduced Molly’s sister June, who had been visiting for a few days, but who didn’t look anything like Molly. June was short with dark hair, not the beautiful type, instead was the cute tomboy type, but there was nothing tomboyish about her figure. Molly gave me her hand to shake when we were introduced, but June gave me a big hug, pressing herself firmly against me.

The barbeque area was in the back of the house, and shortly we had all the good stuff going. I had thought to bring two cases of beer, and as we cooked and ate, everything was washed down with a brew. I think Molly was drinking wine, but June was working on the beer along with the rest of us. Soon we were all stuffed with good barbeque, and found ourselves on the front porch steps shooting the bull. Molly sat on a top step with June next to her and somehow I wound up next to June. Molly and June were dressed almost alike with white blouses and short jeans shorts. Molly’s legs looked great in the shorts, and her bra-covered breasts pushed hard against her blouse. But June’s leg was feeling good against mine, and I kept glancing at the front of her blouse, trying to visualize what lay under. After one particularly long look I glanced up at her face and saw that she was looking directly at me. “Ah, busted,” I thought, then noticed that she was smiling. I was embarrassed, and looked away, then in a moment June got up and went into the house. In a minute she was back, holding two fresh brews, one of which she handed to me, then went and sat on a step below and to the side of me.

“Damn,” I thought, already missing her warm smooth leg against mine. But then I noticed she had unbuttoned one or two of the front buttons of her blouse, or was it my imagination?

No, it wasn’t, because now as she bent forward to hear what one of the other guys was saying, her blouse opened a little and I could see her white bra, and the soft creamy skin that was the beginnings of her breast. As my brain was registering this, she turned and again caught me looking, but again gave me a smile.

So I continued to half listen to the bull the other guys were shooting, and half kept looking down the front of June’s partly unbuttoned blouse. I glanced at June’s face every once in a while to see if she might be getting pissed that I was trying to see her titties, but she was facing forward, seemingly intent in what the guys were saying, but with that smile on her face still. I glanced over at Molly to see if she noticed what was going on and saw that she was looking at June with an almost-smile on her face, and I wondered what was going on in her mind.

I hadn’t yet finished the beer that June had given me, but she tilted her head back and drained her can, then got up and walked past me into the house. I assumed she was going to get another beer or to pee, or both. A few moments later she came back out and again took her seat on the step below me. I heard the guys all talking about the two old cars that Ron had in his garage and could tell that they were going to go look at them. I figured I was going to have to go too, although I’d much rather stay and try to get a glimpse of June’s tits. About that time I looked down the front of June’s blouse again, and saw that not only had she unbuttoned another button, but that I could see a nipple!

“Migod,” I thought, “She took off her bra while she was inside!” Oh, man, there was no way I was going to go look at cars now. The guys all got up and headed in the direction of the garage. June got up too, turned to go inside the house, and as she passed me she gave a little tug on my sleeve. I waited to see if the guys would notice that I wasn’t with them, but they walked on without a glance back toward me. Molly didn’t seem to know what to do, but after a second or so, she went into the house also.

After a pause I went in too, ready with an excuse that I had to use the bathroom if either of the girls questioned why I hadn’t gone with the guys. But once inside I didn’t see Molly, just June with her back toward me standing at the kitchen sink and looking out the window. I thought hell, I should just go for it, and moved in behind her and slipped my arms around her waist. She sighed a little and laid her head back against my shoulder. As I nuzzled her neck, she took my hands and moved them up onto her breasts. I caressed her soft titties for a few seconds, not really believing what was happening here, then got bolder and put my hands inside her blouse. I was getting hard by now, and as I rubbed my fingers along her nipples, June pressed back against me, pushing herself into my appreciative hard cock.

She rubbed up and down against me for a few moments, then murmured “Oh, Jeez, it’s been a damned long time since I’ve been touched like that. You better be careful or I’ll cum right here!” I smiled at that, but only for a second as she turned to take my face in her hands and gave me a deep kiss. As we kissed she took a hand and rubbed it along my stiff cock. I guess my hard cock passed the test, and she then took my hand and led me down the hall to what I figured was her room.

Once inside, I pushed the door closed with my foot as June sat down on the edge of the bed. I walked up to her, and as I did so, she slid down so that she was sitting on the floor with her back against the bed and at eye level with my crotch. She rubbed her hand along my hard dick for a moment, then reached up, undid my belt, pulled down my zipper, and tugged my pants down to my knees. She stroked my cock through my under shorts for a minute, then they were dragged down to my knees too. My hard dick was sticking out straight toward her face, and June just gazed at it for a few moments before taking it in her hand. Her hand felt soft and cool, and oh, so good as she stroked it softly. But then in another minute it was in her mouth, and if I thought her hand felt good on my cock, that was nothing compared to how it felt in her mouth.

Her lips pulled up and down along my cock skin as her head moved up and down. My cock could feel the softness and wetness of her mouth, and I could feel the fire beginning in my groin. She stroked my cock with her hand in rhythm as her mouth moved deeper along my cock. I moved forward, forcing June’s head back against the edge of the bed’s mattress, then leaned on the bed and began moving my hips back and forth. I was actually fucking her mouth now, with all the movements being mine, and pushing my cock deeper into her mouth with each stroke.

But I knew that I wouldn’t last long like that, so I moved back so that June could move her mouth away. But she didn’t stop her sucking and I knew I had to warn her that I was close to cumming.

“June, you had better stop,” I gasped. “I can’t hold back much longer!”

She stopped just long enough to take my cock out of her mouth and smile up at me while she continued to stroke me with her hand, then she bent back to me and started sucking and stroking faster.

“Oh, jeez,” I panted. “I’m gonna cum,” I warned once more, but June didn’t slow down. Then it was there, that hot movement down through my belly then out through my cock. I could feel the gush of cum going into June’s mouth. She hesitated for just a second as the first spurts went into her throat, then she continued milking my cock, taking shot after shot of my cum. As the last gushes subsided she smeared the leftover drops from the end of my prick around her lips, then with it back in her mouth, she continued to milk my softening dick.

In a few moments, after I had caught my breath, I lifted her to a sitting position on the end of the bed, then eased her back until she was lying with her butt on the end of the bed and her legs hanging down to the floor. Kneeling in front of her, I unzipped her shorts, and as I was pulling them off of her, she was already pulling down her panties. I gazed at her pussy for a second or two, then brushed against it lightly with my fingers. Her pussy was shaved, except for a small patch just above, and as I touched her smooth lips she shivered and let out a soft sigh. She was already so wet that I easily slid a finger inside of her, then two. She squirmed a little as my fingers entered her, then pushed against my hand so that my fingers were buried in her. I started a slow fucking movement with my fingers and in a moment she was moving her hips in time to my strokes. When my thumb found her clit she let out a soft moan and started moving harder against my hand.

Still kneeling, I took June’s legs and moved them over my shoulders, then leaned in and started to lick her pussy. I licked her outer lips at first, then pushed my tongue inside, softly at first, then more insistent, licking up and down and feeling her pushing against me, wanting my tongue in deeper. When I moved my lips to her clit, she gave a little yelp and pushed her hand to the back of my head, pushing my lips against it. I put my two fingers back into her and moved them in and out in time with sucking her clit. I could hear her breathing harder, giving little cries as I licked and finger fucked her. Then when I pressed against her asshole with my thumb and with all her dripping wetness it popped just inside, she gasped, then bucked wildly as my mouth, fingers and thumb brought her to a thrashing, moaning orgasm.

When she slowed and came down off her high, I pushed her up onto the bed and finished taking off my clothes, then took her blouse off her. June’s titties weren’t much bigger than my hand, but her nipples were large and hard. I slipped one into my mouth, then the other.

“Ummm,” she said, very contentedly. She soon pushed them up at me, mashing them into my face, and I could feel myself starting to get hard again.

I moved up to position my half-hard cock at her mouth and she greedily sucked me down. Her hand stroked me up and down as her lips tightened around me. I bucked my hips, feeding my cock in and out of her tight mouth, and in just a little bit I was as hard as ever.

I moved down between her legs and she spread them in invitation. I put her legs over my shoulders, moving her pussy up to meet my cock which was at her entrance. I rubbed it there for just a second or two, then in one hard thrust I buried myself in her.

“Oh, my God,” she gasped, then whimpered as I pushed as hard as I could, just grinding myself into her. I moved my cock out slowly until only the head was in her, then slammed into her pussy again. I pushed her legs back until her knees were up around her ears, and was able to lean into her, banging my cock into her, over and over.

Each time I stroked into her she gave a little cry, and I saw she had her fist in her mouth, biting it hard as she muffled the sounds of her oncoming orgasm. Her head was flailing back and forth, her face was sweaty, and suddenly I could feel her pussy convulse around my cock. The hand that wasn’t in her mouth was grabbing at the bedspread, pulling it, then pushing it away, and I could see all her facial muscles tense as the orgasm hit her.

I gradually slowed my strokes, then stopped, still deep in her, as her body slowly relaxed.

“Jeez, that was some screw,” she grinned. “Let me see what you did all that with.” I pulled my cock from her, all wet and glistening with her juices, and to my surprise she turned around, held my dick in her hand for a few seconds, and then took it in her mouth. I just leaned my head back and breathed deeply, realizing that my cock that just a few minutes ago had been in her wet, warm pussy was now in her wet warm mouth. Her mouth did different things than her pussy had done, but they were both oh, so good. I moved my hips in time to the motions of her hand and mouth, fucking her face as I had done before. But I had more plans in mind, so I didn’t want to cum again yet.

Reluctantly I pulled my cock from June’s mouth, and turned her over. Immediately she got the idea and got on her knees with her head down on a pillow. I moved behind her and once more slipped my dick into that inviting pussy. I started a slow steady stroking, and as I did, I moistened my thumb with her juices. As I stroked her pussy I rubbed my wet thumb around her asshole, then pushed against it until my thumb slid just a little bit inside. June gave a loud sigh, pushed back against me, and started stroking with my rhythm, pushing my cock and my thumb in and out of her.

After a few moments of this steady fucking motion, June pulled away from me, went into her bathroom, and returned with a small tube of lubricant. Wordlessly she handed me the tube, then got back on her knees. I again slid my hard cock into her wet pussy, setting up that familiar slow stroking motion. But this time I also spread the lubricant around her asshole, put some on my fingers, then pushed two fingers into her ass. She gave a loud gasp, then stroked with me, pushing my cock in and out of her pussy, and my fingers in and out of her ass.

Once I figured that I had loosened her up enough, I slipped my cock out of her pussy, put lubricant on it, and positioned it at the opening of her ass. I rubbed it around there, just playing, until June pushed herself hard up against me, and my cock slid about halfway into her ass. I stopped for a moment, letting her adjust to the feel of my cock, when just out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of some movement by the bedroom door. I know I had closed the door when I came into the room, but now it was just a little open, and what I had seen was just a flash of blonde hair as someone moved back away from the opening.

The only person I had seen there today with blonde hair was Molly, and I suddenly realized that she had been watching us, for how long I didn’t know. I fully expected her to have gone and gotten her husband and my boss Ron, and would come storming into the room at any second to break up June and I. But I figured, what the hell, I was going to enjoy the situation until they came, so I continued to slow stroke June’s ass pushing further and further in until I was completely buried in her. I pulled almost all the way out, then without warning, I slammed my cock deep into her. June let out a squeal, then when I continued to move out and slam back into her, she started to moan. “Uhh, uhh, uhh,” she groaned, each one in time to my strokes.

I glanced over at the door again, and again saw a glimpse of blonde hair, then realized that Molly was still there and hadn’t gone to get her husband to break up the enjoyment that June and I were having. She was actually staying by the door to watch.

But I was past caring about that now, let her watch, I thought. I felt the cum starting to rise in me again as June was thrashing around, and starting to cum as her ass was being fucked hard. As her squeals and moans got louder, she suddenly shivered, her whole body tensed, suddenly relaxed, then tensed again as she spasmed through her orgasm. I felt mine coming on also, but I didn’t want to cum in her ass which would give her a messy afternoon as the cum leaked back out, so I pulled out of her, intending to cum all over her soft ass cheeks.

But almost as soon as I pulled out of her ass, June quickly turned around, took a couple of strokes of my cock with her hand, then took my cock deep into her mouth. I watched as her lips slid up and down my raging hard dick, then started pumping with my hips. It felt different than pumping her ass, but still so very good and I knew my climax was coming on fast, so I quickly warned her.

“June, June, I’m going to cum,” I gasped. “I’m going to cum really quick.”

“Um,” was her response as she started to pump me faster, then it was there. I pumped her mouth as my cum spurted into her throat, spurt after spurt. I could see her swallow, but she kept on stroking me as each spurt erupted from my cock, then as I slowed she took my cock from her mouth and just held it to her face as the last few drops of cum dribbled out and dripped down her face.

I collapsed on the bed next to her, and as I did I glanced over at the door just in time to see it softly close. “Show’s over,” I thought, but wondered how much serious trouble I’d be in when word got back to my boss Ron about how I fucked his sister-in-law in his own house.

But June was murmuring in my ear. “I sure wish I didn’t have to leave tomorrow,” she said. “I know I’d be looking to do all this again. It’s been a long time since I’ve had sex, and I can’t remember ever having been fucked as well as you just did.”

I thought briefly about telling her how her sister was watching us, but thought better of it. Since I was perhaps going to have to deal with my own problem when and if Ron found out, I didn’t want to perhaps cause any sister to sister problems.

I guess I was being naive at the time, because I never expected what was going to happen next…

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