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The Sauna

Heather wiped the sweat off her damp face with a small white towel while accompanying her work out partner back to the locker room. Having been her exercise buddy for the past year, Ashley knew her well and understood her need for encouragement, thus congratulating her on a good set.

They decided that in honor of their 1 year “fitness anniversary” they would treat themselves to a private sauna followed by frozen yogurt. Affording it would be no problem of course, being that they were both extremely successful despite their ages.

The man at the counter didn’t give a second glance when they purchased the private sauna for 2 time slots. After all this was a very classy, upscale sports club and no assumptions of any kind were to be made about any guests. The funny thing was, a great number of guests did in fact enjoy “renting out” the totally private luxury saunas for hours at a time. And in all actuality everyone, both employee and guest was quite aware of the private sauna possibilities.

Heather and Ashley had no such intention however and truly were just wanting to celebrate their year of hard work together. Back in the locker room they undressed, toweled up, and headed for the match to their key: PS7 (private sauna 7). Ashley unlocked the windowless door and held it open for Heather who stepped inside, holding her towel on her body up with both hands. They found themselves in a teeny tiny entryway to yet another door, this time with a window which opened with the same key. This next room was the sauna…. a great beautiful wooden room with thick long benches attached to the walls. Ah, what a treat!! Heather made a comment about how they deserved it; her friend agreed.

With that Ashley released an enormous groan as she stretched her arms upward and outward then let them fall at her sides. Heather, feeling a little self-conscious (although enjoying the luxury of a private sauna) sat on a bench and stiffly leaned in a sitting position against a wooden paneled wall, closing her eyes. Ashley, being somewhat of an exhibitionist and determined to enjoy the privacy she had helped pay for (and wanting to make her friend feel at ease) let her towel fall to the floor. Deep down, a part of her really wanted to see Heather naked, not so much to compare to her own body, but just to see what she really looked like without all of those baggy clothes. She felt pretty sure that she had awesome legs b/c even with the baggy shorts, she could see how tan and smooth and muscular they were, at least from the lower thigh down.

Heather tried desperately not to pop her eyes open as she heard the sound of Ashley’s towel crumpling onto the wooden floor. The next sounds she heard were of her friend adjusting her body onto the wooden bench across from her and laying down followed by another relaxed moan.

Heather took this opportunity to glance sideways through slightly slit eyes over at Ashley’s incredible body. She was truly amazed. Never had she realized just how well that woman took care of herself. Her lightly bronzed skin was taut, slick, and shiny over her perfect form. Little beads of sweat hung carefully at every crevice. Her blond hair, thick and healthy hung hot and limp off the side of the bench. With her eyes closed, she was nearly the image of an angel. Wondering if perhaps, her companion was asleep, she took the opportunity to shed her own towel, but very slowly, watching cautiously, so as not to awaken her friend. She took a moment to revel in this newfound freedom, this daring, totally exposed feeling of nakedness…. nakedness in front of another person! Her body began to increase a little in temperature, and in the depth of her mind she wondered some if perhaps it wasn’t just the heat of the sauna affecting her.

Ashley felt goosebumps as the feeling hit her that she was being stared at. Knowing there was only one more person in the room, she opened her eyes very slowly not wanting to make Heather feel bad via catching her in the act. Many people, many times had stared at her body. She knew she was beautiful and she had come to accept it a long time ago.

As Ashley’s eyes began to open, Heather had a slight feeling of panic. It would be foolish to re-dawn the towel at this point b/c it would make her discomfort all too obvious and thus add an aire of immaturity to the whole situation. The last thing she wanted to do was create weirdness between her friend and confidant. So instead she placed her entire bottom on the bench and awkwardly laid down, hands on her stomach.

Finding a quick excuse for having opened her eyes Ashley recovered the shock of seeing Heather naked by turning her body over onto her stomach and saying something about how great it felt.

Her friend nodded acquiescence and replied with some sort of comment about how perhaps the sweat loss could help her lose a few pounds, following it with a short giggle. Ashley took this as her opportunity to take a slightly longer glance at her shy female friend.

“Actually” she told her looking up from the bench, “You have an incredible body.” Heather blushed, flattered yet embarrassed that her acquaintance had in fact checked her out.

Heather thanked her quietly and responded by telling her partner that in fact “she” was the one with the amazing body. Ashley laughed, to which Heather felt slightly insulted. She really had meant that and wanted her to know she was sincere, so she began listing her partner’s assets: her hair, her breasts, her arms, and her tight ass. Truly, she really did have the most incredible breasts Heather could have imagined.

Ashley hesitated at the sudden eagerness in her friend’s voice. Not knowing where it came from but wanting to keep her comfortable, she piped back in with her own admirations. Now was her chance to be completely open and honest with Heather about the body parts she had always admired on her! Heather’s eyes grew wider by the word as Ashley went into a very detailed and explicit description of what she considered to be her companion’s best assets. These included but were not limited to: her face, her red hair, her stomach, her thighs, her legs and her back… god what a beautiful, graceful, feminine back!!

Before they knew it there they were, two women standing up next to one another like teenagers and comparing body parts from head to toe. Who had the bigger breasts? Who had the best ass? Etc. Etc. It was when they got to legs that things started to feel a little different. They were in the process of laughing at themselves when Heather’s eyes locked onto Ashley’s honey-colored mound. “May I ask you a personal question?” she inquired. Ashley nodded. Heather then probed about why she shaved there and whether or not it was for sexual reasons. Her answer was straight forward and honest. She simply felt sexier that way, and liked the way it felt to touch. Heather herself hadn’t ever done it, although she had considered it. Upon explaining that, Ashley took Heather by surprise by asking if she would like to touch it. The young redhead surprised herself by coming out with a pretty eager sounding yes!

Ashley was still trying to be casual about the whole thing, but as Heather’s hand reached out and the fingertips met the short cropped hair, her breathing became a little staggered. Hearing a slight gasp from her buxom blonde friend as she felt the soft, short, silken hairs beneath her fingertips, Heather suddenly felt a twinge of excitement come over her. In fact, she realized with increased awe that she was actually feeling aroused, so much that she could hardly stand it! Never had she felt this way before!

Not wanting to lose the moment and feeling a sudden urgency to please she took an opportunity and allowed her fingertips to travel along the curves of short hair until they reached the opening of the valley. Ashley surprised her by letting her bottom fall quickly onto the bench beneath her and spreading her legs. She was getting very hot!

Not believing what she was doing but too afraid to stop, Heather took it to the next level by getting down on her knees. So many times she had wondered what it would be like. What would it feel like, taste like, to pleasure another woman this way? Could she do a good job? Now was her chance to know! Parting the hidden valley with her newly moistened fingertips she leaned forward, positioning her face in between her partner’s strong bronzed thighs. Closing her eyes, she lightly shot her tongue outward, quickly reaching pink passion. The feel of the soft, silken wetness against her tongue caused sudden droplets of her own juices to begin flowing down her inner thighs. The feeling caused her to lick more passionately, as if she were kissing a lover after a long time away.

Ashley began to moan with pleasure, her lips pressed tightly together as if savoring a delightful food item. “Mmmmmmmm.” As she continued to probe with her tongue, her hands maneuvered their way up the delicious body of her counterpart, ceasing at the lower curves of her breasts. The massaging of her delectable breasts encouraged greater amounts of thick wetness to come dribbling out between her luscious lips. As she began to manipulate and fondle the breasts more firmly, she increased the movement of her tongue and began to thrust it inside a little harder and deeper. Each flicker now brought on greater volumes of noise, filling the sound proof sauna. Sweat soaked the two beautiful women from head to toe, the slick legs of one wrapping around the neck of the other. Heather, so delighted at the increased moans and physical display of her partner, was overjoyed when suddenly her face was bathed in love liquid.

Ashley cried out at the pleasure of an extraordinary climax; had she ever felt so alive? No way would she leave things as they were now. Grabbing Heather’s arms, her face still lathered with juices, she gently pushed her backwards, moving her legs out from beneath her and lying her onto the hot wooden floor. The heat against her back and ass aroused her to greater extremes. Her fluids dripped onto the wood flowing freely. She was now way beyond the wondering stage of why she was doing this; now she just couldn’t get enough! Ashley gently inserted two fingers into the bushy, dark red entrance of her slick and moistened valley. Heather responded with a quiet, erotic “Oh.” Accepting the warm invitation, she carefully probed further and deeper, until she had only the knuckles left out. More “Ohs” followed as she began moving her fingers slowly in and out, between the satiny sheen thighs of her exotic aroused partner. She began to hasten her thrusts, and started making them harder and more forceful with all the depth she could conjure. She used her other hand to firmly caress Heather’s aching, arching body, feeling every curve, every contour, slick and wet with sweat and passion.

Knowing she could never bring her to zenith with merely two fingers, she filled in the extra space with one, then two more, filling the voluptuous red-head completely, and causing her to cry out ecstatically with pleasure. The squelching sound of most of her hand smooshing in and out brought forth a new batch of wetness from Ashley. She leaned up briefly to give Heather a long luxurious and lustful kiss and proceeded to straddle her face with her dripping potion. The crimson haired maiden graciously accepted the gift and, using both hands to grasp her thighs, eagerly ate of the forbidden fruit. Ashley continued to thrust with greater and greater force into Heather’s thick, soft, luscious depths. Leaning forward she began licking and then suckling Heather’s pink, moist love button, to which she surrendered with wild abandonment.

As the sounds of goddess-like moans grew close to an ultimate peak, Ashley knew it was time to take it all the way home. Suddenly, and without warning, she plunged, with full force her hand into Heather’s open and soaked depths. Heather cried out in shock with painful pleasure. The fulfillment rocked her inside and out; she arched her body in anxious reply. As she did, the wet warm cry at Ashley’s pink folds tightened and flexed with each curling of Heather’s tongue, which lapped furiously.

As the blond vixen’s feminine hand approached maximum thrusting speed, and the acceleration overflowed beyond all capable levels, both women closed their eyes at the sudden brightness. Their intense screams shattered around them and Ashley collapsed onto her very special sauna mate, both of them quivering in ecstasy and delight.

Breathing heavily and sweating profusely, their sweat soaked bodies warmed the hot sauna. Well into their 2nd time slot, they knew it would be time to go soon. Heather began to wonder if she should be ashamed. There they were, completely bare, and sweating. Who was going to speak first? What would they say when they did? Then, to her surprise, her golden haired companion rolled onto her side next to her, and looked into her eyes. Cupping her chin in a sticky, fragrant female hand, she brought Heather’s face up to meet hers and kissed her tenderly, longingly, lovingly.

It was then that she knew that things had only just begun between them.

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