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Virgin Schoolgirl Needs Better Grades

“Mr. McCoy, I just have to start getting higher grades in your class if I’m going to get admitted to any of the best colleges. I’m acing every class but yours and I’d do anything to get straight A’s from you too.

“Anything? Do you really mean that?” His smile widened as he asked her that and lecherous thoughts swirled through his mind.

“Yes, I do. Anything. Anything at all. I would even be willing to have sex with you but I’m a virgin and I have to stay that way until I’m married. My parents are very strict and so are the mother and father of my fiancé. Even so, I would be willing to have sex with you but it would have to be some any way I can do it and still keep my virginity?”

“I’m quite sure we can work something out, Ruth. Suppose you come to my office after school ends today and we’ll see if we can think of something.”

Dennis McCoy already knew what he was going to be thinking of and he hoped Ruth would be as willing as she said she would be. She was about the hottest girl in the high school where he taught Geometry, with long red hair, green eyes and a few scattered freckles that enhanced her perfect ivory complexion. Her breasts were big and shapely too but neither they nor her face was Ruth’s main attraction. As he watched her walk out the door of his office in her long knit dress, he knew what was. He was a man who loved female asses and the body he was eying had a bottom that was as close to perfect as any he had ever seen, big and curvy with a truly delightful sway. He would talk with her after classes ended for the day but he already knew what he wanted to do to her later when her dress would be bunched up above her waist and she would be leaning over his desk.

Shortly after the bell rang ending the school day, Ruth returned to his office. Although inexperienced, she knew there was a way for a woman to have sex with a man without breaking her maidenhead, and she had done it, but she was naively hoping Mr. McCoy would not have thought of it. If he had, and he insisted on it, she would let him have his way with her because a first class college was so very important in her plans. She was willing to go that far but would still refuse to let anybody fuck her pussy before marriage and after the wedding, it would be only her bridegroom.

She needn’t have worried about her maidenhead because the lecherous Dennis McCoy had been thinking of only one thing since watching her ass swaying as she left his office earlier that day. The first thing he had done was to look up the sexy redhead’s date of birth in her high school records and learn she had turned 18 over a month ago. He had made sure he had a squeeze bottle of good quality lubricant because he was aware it would be necessary but had decided to pass on the condoms. He knew Ruth couldn’t possibly become pregnant from being fucked in her ass and he was confident she would have no STD or AIDS. The last thing he did before her anticipated visit was to put a roll of paper towels on his desk but otherwise clean off everything there so she could bend over it while he raised her dress and peeled down her panties.

Ten minutes after classes ended, Ruth arrived in Mr. McCoy’s office and was rather dismayed to see him there and not wearing his coat or tie. She had hoped he would have left already, thereby relieving her of her promise but, since he hadn’t, she was determined to go through with it. “I’m here,” she announced and turned around to lock the door and pull down the shade before sitting on the chair next to his desk. “Have you decided what you want to do?”

She expected him to want to be sucked off, which would not be that much of a problem to her. Although a virgin, as she said, Ruth had sucked her fiancé’s cock several times and it been rather fun. The young man had never done anything to reciprocate but her own fingers on her clit had taken care of her climaxes. She expected that would be what she was called on to do that day and started to go around the desk so she could get to her knees while the teacher remained in his chair and enjoyed her attentions. The only things she was concerned over were how long it would take and what his semen would taste like and whether or not he would expect her to swallow it as her fiancé liked her to do when he came into her mouth. Therefore, Ruth was surprised when he got up from his chair and guided her to a spot in front of his desk.

“Put your hands here,” he instructed her, referring to an area that was free of any clutter. “Lean forward and press your legs against the edge of the desk.”

Still wondering what was going to happen, she did as she had been told and watched as Mr. McCoy went back to the drawers of his desk, removed some objet or other and returned to stand behind her. She felt him unbuckle the belt around her waist, place his hands on her hips and stroke slowly downward until he reached the hem of her dress. Not until she became alarmed when he started to raise her dress did she say anything to him.

“Mr. McCoy! What are you doing?”

“I’m getting you ready to do what you said you would do.”

“But I can’t do that! I can’t let you take my virginity.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to get near your cherry.”

Ruth began to realize what the teacher’s intentions might be. Occasionally, she had heard an angry man say something like “Fuck you in the ass” to another man but she had never thought about that as even being possible. Ruth had also, while taking a shower, inserted a finger in her own nether hole and it had felt rather good but that was just a finger. She was certain the cock of the geometry teacher would be much thicker and longer and doubted it would even fit inside such a small opening the way he seemed to want. She had made a promise to him but had not known at the time what might be involved.

“Wouldn’t that hurt? I mean what I think you might be thinking about.”

“No. Well, just a little at first but it should feel good once we get going. If it hurts too much, I’ll stop but millions of people do it every day and most of them really like it.”

“Can’t I just give you head instead of that?”

“No. You made a promise to me and I expect you to keep it.”

“But I don’t want to do that.”

“Oh? Do you want to go to a quality Ivy League university or some other place equal to that or would you rather have to enroll at Podunk Community College? Because that’s the only place that’ll accept you with the D Minus you’ll get in my class.”

That gave Ruth something else to think about. Straight A’s would get her the scholarship she needed and admission to the best schools in the state – in the world even – with all the benefits that would be involved after graduation.

“Will you really stop if it starts to hurt too much?”

“Of course. I have no intention of hurting you. I just want to have some fun and I really think you’ll like it too. Gay men do and a lot of women like it better this way too.”

“Alright. Just tell me what I have to do.”

“For now, just keep leaning against the desk with your feet together.”

With Ruth doing what he wanted, Dennis finished raising her dress above her waist and gathered it so it would rest on his desk and be out of their way. Thinking he might need something nice to hold onto, he reached up even farther, unhooked Ruth’s bra and pulled it off to leave it draped over the back of the chair she had used briefly. He sat on that same chair and removed his shoes, socks, pants and underwear, grinning at his stiff cock when he finished. She was still wearing her shoes and sox but he didn’t worry about them. Naked below the waist, he stood behind Ruth and slowly pulled down her white cotton panties, taking his time about it because he considered the stripping to be comparable to the unveiling of a work of fine art.

With her panties off, he gazed raptly at the spectacularly beautiful ass he was about to fuck. It was probably the most gorgeous one he had ever seen naked, with her hips curving out from her waist and back in to merge with her thighs. The lovely cheeks were two perfect hemispheres that jutted from her back, curved around and down and back and slightly up until they met the backs of her legs. The skin covering this marvel may have been the most beautiful part of all, creamy white and unblemished, and Dennis could hardly wait to get his body pressed against her while he was plunging his cock in and out of this place of spectacular beauty.

But there was one detail that had to be attended to first. “You certainly have a beautiful bottom, Ruth,” he told her. “But I need you to reach back and spread your cheeks for me. And move your feet apart,”

She reached back with her hands to part the halves of the gorgeous globe and he gazed at the new glory – her lovely pink rosebud between the satiny white hillocks. When he reached in to open the pink bud, his hand brushed against the skin that was like Damask and lined the insides of those cheeks. She was so gorgeous, he thought of licking her but he didn’t want to take the time to do the thorough washing that would have been needed. Although distracted by her beauty, he concentrated on prying her open enough to insert the tip of the squeeze bottle of lubrication.

“Oh!” the sexy redhead responded as the cool liquid squirted into the place where nothing but her own fingers had ever been before. “That feels good. Funny but good.”

“I’m glad, Ruth. It’s supposed to feel good.”

After removing the nozzle of the bottle from her ass, Dennis slowly eased the middle finger of the same hand into the oily hole that had become much more easily accessible. Ruth’s body squirmed against the desk because the digit was going so far into her and felt even better than her own soapy fingers had while in the shower. So far, she was really enjoying her first anal sex experience but she was also aware that a man’s dick, at least that of her husband-to-be, would be much bigger than anything that had ever penetrated her before.

When he finished covering his cock with the lubricant, everything was ready. Dennis reached back between the teenager’s cheeks with the same hand, pried open a small opening again and moved closer while guiding his hard organ with the other hand. When he made contact between the tip and the tiny orifice that he was about to stretch, he stopped and rubbed the head of his cock against it to spread the lubricant better and to make the first shallow insertion.

“That still feels really good, Mr. McCoy. So far, everything has.”

“I’m glad to hear that. But the next thing I do will hurt just a little and, after that, everything should feel good.” Having said that, he pushed forward and the head of his cock wedged its way into the slippery hole before him.

“Oh!” Ruth gasped as she felt the thick invader squeeze its way into her ass. “Ahhh,” she continued as the small amount of initial pain immediately started to evolve into pleasure.

“How does that feel? Does that hurt?”

“Oh, no. Just a little at first but it feels great now.”

“Good.” Dennis thrust forward again and almost an inch of his cock burrowed into the place that was being so hospitable.

Ruth sighed in bliss and spread her succulent cheeks slightly farther, believing if the small penetration felt that good, deeper would be better. She was right in that belief. The hard shaft burrowed its way almost another inch into her, and the currents of joy rippling through her body more than doubled. She moaned loudly from the extreme delight she was feeling and her body started squirming against the edge of the desk. Wanting more, Ruth kept holding her soft, white cheeks spread as widely as she could until she felt a hand being placed gently on either of her hips.

From the way the teenager was acting, it was obvious she was getting as much fun as he was which made Dennis happy. He preferred the woman have a good time during sex with him and he knew the antics Ruth would soon be going through would make the fucking so much better for him. His cock was deeply enough inside her ass that he no longer needed to guide it so he used one of the paper towels to wipe the excess lubricant from his hands and placed them on her soft hips. He enjoyed the contact and would be able to pull back on them for leverage as he drove his cock farther into her.

With the next stroke, Ruth felt Mr. McCoy pulling back on her hips so she thrust her ass back to meet him. A wave of unmitigated pleasure washed over her body as his cock imbedded itself inside her and she groaned in bliss. The fabulous sensation of having her ass stretched and the adjacent channel crammed so full was like nothing she had ever known or even felt in her most lurid adolescent dreams. The horny teacher kept his cock in place while her whole body was writhing in joy and she was shifting back and forth from one foot to the other as wave after wave of intense carnal delight crashed through her body.

Finally, he slowly withdrew and Ruth felt a small sense of loss but that didn’t last very long. When she felt his cock surging back into her ass, Ruth was in such a hurry to have the hard giver of joy imbedded again, she fucked back to meet it. Once again, she groaned in pleasure as their bodies came together, this time burying his cock so deeply that his pubic hair was tickling the very sensitive insides of her ass cheeks. They stayed like that for over a minute while great breakers, not merely waves, of joy crashed through her whole form.

Dennis was having a great time too. Ruth’s extremely tight ass was probably the best place his cock had ever been and the movements of her body made the fucking even better for him. For this purpose, he had bought the best quality personal lubricant he could find and it was worth the small extra price. The oil had completely liquefied and he felt no friction as he plunged his entire shaft in and out of her, just the tightness and the massaging by her internal muscles.

Over and over, Dennis McCoy’s cock plowed into Ruth’s ass and she fucked back to meet every stroke. The pleasure she was receiving was excruciating but there was another feeling also mounting within her body. While sucking off her fiancé and, occasionally at other times, she had brought herself to a climax by fondling her clit and the new sensation was a little like that, except for being so massive those other times paled in comparison.

From the erratic movements of the teenager’s body and her sounds of delight, Dennis knew Ruth was getting close to coming, as was he. “Do you want me to play with your clit,” he asked.

“Yes! Please, can you do that? I think I’m gonna come any minute.”

Dennis reached around her hip and found her clit, which was so swollen with her lust it had crowded its way out from behind its protective hood. Ruth’s whole pussy was dripping wet from her juice and he scooped some of it up on his fingers, being careful to avoid making a penetration, and licked it off. The fresh honey was delicious and he repeated this several times, while hoping he might get a chance to eat her pussy during some future tryst in his office or elsewhere. After licking his fingers for the last time, he gently used his thumb and forefinger to squeeze Ruth’s clit between two folds of her inner lips.

He started slowly stroking the engorged morsel, in the same tempo as the thrusts of his cock into her and Ruth matched his pace as she rammed her ass back to meet him. Knowing they were both on the verge of coming, he started plunging his cock into her at a faster pace. Her movements became wilder; she kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other, as if in some kind of strange dance, and her upper body swung and swayed from side to side. Whatever her other movements, she continued to jam her ass back to meet the strong, deep thrusts of the hard cock in and out of her thoroughly fucked ass.

“Oh! Oh, my god, I’m coming,” the happy redhead sang out and Dennis was glad the walls were thick enough to muffle her voice.

Ruth’s movements were so erratic, he was also glad he could continue to press her thighs against the edge of the desk and use his arms to prevent her from falling to the side. He kept driving his cock in and out of her perfect ass until his own climax bubbled up and exploded, shooting a big wad of cum into her bowels. Dennis continued driving his cock in and out until he had ejaculated two more times and was through, at least for that day.

Before his last burst of semen gushed into her, Ruth uttered a subdued cry of ecstasy as she also reached her orgasm. Her muscles clenched and relaxed immediately after and her upper body sprawled across the desk. Dennis was right on top of her but he kept his hands splayed on the wooden surface to avoid putting too much of his weight on her young body. Their fucking was over but they stayed in that position for a few minutes to rest and catch their breaths.

Although they both felt bad about ending the connection, Dennis’s cock grew soft and he had to withdraw it from the gorgeous ass where it had given and received so many delights. There was still one more moment of pleasure waiting for him and it was ready to happen. Even with his cock no longer inside, Ruth’s ass remained dilated and, as he watched, his white cum, combined with the used lubrication trickled out, with some of it joining the juices from her pussy, and ran slowly down the insides of her legs. After he used paper towels to wipe off most of the trickle, it was time for him to live up to his part of the bargain.

“You will get close to perfect grades in my class for the rest of the year, Ruth, but here’s how we’ll have to do it. I’ll provide you with advance copies of the midterm and final exams and all the answers will be included. You can get grades as good as you want but I suggest you get slightly less than 100%, just to keep anybody from getting suspicious enough to say anything.”

“Thanks, I’ll do that. One thing though,” she added with a lascivious grin on her face. “Can I come back here a couple times a week to do more of the same thing for extra credit?”

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18th Birthday Picture

For Maggie Crane’s 18th Birthday, her bestfriend Lisa surprised her with a free birthday photo shoot by a famous cameraman, John Lucy.

Lisa is envy of her bestfriend Maggie. She thought Maggie was beautiful, though Maggie didn’t think so herself. She didn’t like how pale white her skin was. She didn’t like the fact that she was really tall. Like around 5’8 or 5’9. She thought her feet were kind of big because she wears a size 10 in shoes. Her dirty blond hair is just plain looking and she always had it either tied in a ponytail or straight down. Her ass was pretty much the only thing that looked right on her body. The biggest problem Maggie had was her enormous breasts.

She outgrew all the other girls in high school by the time she was 15. She was already wearing a double d bra. As she grew, her bra size increased and now that she was 18, her tits are now a whopping 34FF.

Her ample breasts started low on her chest and sloped out to huge mountainous soccer balls. The bottoms of her mighty mounds rested just above her belly button with natural sag. If she had the money to get her breasts deduced, she sure would have done it.

Lisa knows that her bestfriend Maggie is kind of shy about getting her pictures taken. That’s why she wanted to surprise her. Over the years in recent pictures, every camera had zoomed in or focuses on Maggie’s upperbody. No one besides her family has ever taken just a regular face shot without including her huge tits in the frame.

Since Maggie had no idea where Lisa was taking her in the middle of the afternoon, she didn’t get all dressed up for the surprise photo shoot. Instead, Maggie wore her favorite double X-Large light blue tee shirt, with a picture of a dolphin stretched out and distorted across her large chest. A pair of dark blue jeans and her favorite tennis shoes. Maggie was never into dressing up for any occasion and wanted to feel as comfortable as possible.

“Can I take this stupid blindfold off please?” asked Maggie as Lisa drove the both of them to the photo shop.

“Not yet?” said Lisa as she pulled up into the parking lot.

Lisa got out of the car and opened the door for her friend. She guided Maggie into the photo shop. Once inside, Lisa guided Maggie to a long, black leather sofa and Maggie fell backwards on it. Her enormous breasts bobbed underneath her shirt and Lisa couldn’t take her eyes off them.

“Gosh! Maggie’s breasts are HUGE!” Lisa said to herself. “Ok Maggie! You can remove the blindfold now,” said Lisa.

Maggie took off the blindfold and saw she was in a photo studio.

“LISA! How could you set me up to take pictures for my birthday?” questioned Maggie.

“It’s my present to you Maggie… So please just get a couple pictures taken for your birthday. Then I promise we will go somewhere fun,” Lisa pleaded.

“I guess someone doesn’t like having her picture taken,” said a man’s voice.

“Oh my god Maggie! It’s John Lucy. The famous cameraman for the stars,” gasped Lisa.

“Oh yeah! He does take the prettiest pictures of the celebrities. Even the ones that are not so pretty,” Maggie said.

“How do you do girls,” John Lucy greeted them.

John walked out from the shadows to reveal his tall, dark, and handsome self.

Lisa and Maggie were both drooling over the hot blond 25-year-old cameraman.

“Please! Tell me why don’t you like getting your pictures taken birthday girl Maggie?” John asked.

“Well….because…I never turn out right in pictures,” Maggie said slyly.

“Well Maggie. That’s all going to change tonight. I think you have a very beautiful face for photographing,” John said.

“Thanks!” Maggie said blushing.

“You’re gorgeous too Lisa,” John flirted.

“Thank you John! You’re very gorgeous yourself,” Lisa commented.

“Why don’t you take a seat next to your friend Maggie? I would like to see how you guys work together,” John said smiling.

Both Lisa and Maggie were memorized by John’s good looks and muscular body, which showed in his tight shirt and black jeans. They were so memorized by him that they would end up doing anything the man wanted. And John knew that.

Lisa took a seat next to Maggie. Lisa’s body was nowhere near voluptuous as Maggie’s. She was thinner the Maggie and shorter. She had dark black curl hair and was prettier then Maggie but Lisa didn’t want to gloat it to her bestfriend.

John started taking pictures of the duo. He had move close together. So close that, Maggie’s massive double F cups crushed against Lisa’s C cups. John started to get very hard and it showed as a large bulged formed in his jeans.

“Wow! You girls are so hot! Lisa with that pretty face and smile and Maggie…Oh Maggie…Excuse my French but those are the biggest pair of tits I’ve seen on an 18-year-old,” John commented.

Maggie hesitated a minute to respond.

“…Thanks John,” Maggie slyly spoke.

“No problem. As you can see, those wonderful breasts of yours have turned me on,” John said.

“Her breasts are her best assets,” Lisa said as she reached over and squeezed both of Maggie’s breasts. “These things are so big, I can’t even grasp them.”

“Hmmmm. I like that Lisa. Keep squeezing your friend’s breasts,” John requested as she snapped pictures of the action.

Maggie’s face turned red and she felt uncomfortable but she enjoyed the massage Lisa was giving her breasts.

Lisa squeezed and mauls the clothed breasts. She lifted them up and pressed them together.

“God Maggie! I wish I had a pair of funbags like you. I would play with these things all night,” moaned Lisa.

“Could we please see those juicy breasts uncovered?” requested John.

Maggie looked at Lisa and lifted her arms up.

“With pleasure,” Lisa agreed.

Lisa grabbed the bottom of the oversized shirt and lifted it up over Maggie’s head. Maggie’s big titties wobbled inside a humongous tan colored bra.

“Please. Pull those delicious mounds from their cups,” commanded John.

Lisa stuck one hand into Maggie’s right bra cup and slowly scooped up the massive flesh of Maggie’s breasts. The palm of her hand pressed hard against Maggie’s erected nipple.

“Oh yes! That’s it,” groaned John as he snapped pictures.

Lisa pulled the incredible white creamy breast from its container. The breast rested on top of the bra cup and hung down enormously. Thick and round as large juicy natural breasts should be. Her areola was the size of the bottom of a soda can, with small pumps circling on it. Her nipple was pink, thick, and small. Lisa’s mouth drooled over the bare tit of her bestfriend.

“Why don’t you go head and taste that tit Lisa?” suggested John as he rubbed his large bulge and couldn’t take his eyes off the giant juicy tits.

Lisa bended her head to Maggie’s chest and slowly planted kisses all over her breast. She pressed her nose against the soft breast tissue as she captured the small nipple between her lip. Lisa used both hands to caress and squeeze the massive orb she nursed on.

Maggie moaned lightly to the sucking. Maggie has had her tits sucked before but never by a girl. Her friend Lisa knew just what to do as she sucked and slurped on the hard little nipple. Lisa puckered her lips and sucked the areola into her mouth as well. Maggie really started to moan louder and caress the back of her bestfriend’s head a she sucked her tit.

Lisa released the nipple with a pop sound and trailed her tongue over the nipple and areola. Her tongue slowly ran over all the little pumps on Maggie’s areola.

“Ohhh Lisa! That feels so good,” moaned Maggie.

“Hmmmm and it taste so good,” Lisa moaned as she sucked on Maggie’s hard nipple again.

“I want to see the other gorgeous tit too,” John requested.

Lisa removed her lips from Maggie’s right breast and once again scooped a hand down inside Maggie’s bra cup and pulled out her left tit. Both large, creamy white tits were now bare for Lisa and John’s eyes. Lisa immediately sucked on the left nipple and made it just as hard as the right nipple. She ran her hands up and down Maggie’s chest and pushed her enormous knockers together and buried her head inbetween them.

“Oh god! These tits feel so fucking soft and fluffy against my head,” moaned Lisa as she kissed and licked Maggie’s cleavage, while engulfed between her giant white melons.

“Get those pants off her quickly,” said John as the swell in his pants got bigger.

Maggie kicked off her tennis shoes while Lisa unzipped her jeans. Lisa pulled Maggie’s jeans down and off her sock-covered feet. Maggie unhooked the back of her bra straps and dropped the bra to the floor. Lisa returned her lips to sucking Maggie’s breasts. Her hands roamed over Maggie’s thick thighs and legs. Her white cotton panties were moist in the middle and Lisa lightly brushed her hand over the moist spot.

“I think she’s nice and wet for some dick,” moaned Lisa as she planted one last kiss on Maggie’s nipples.

Lisa stood up and let John take a seat next to an almost nude Maggie. John’s hands immediately groped and mauled Maggie’s tits. He weighted her large tits and wobbled them in his hands. His thumb ran back and forth over the thick wet nipples. He kissed Maggie wildly, sucking on her lips and slithering his tongue in and out of her mouth.

Lisa sat on another couch and watched her friend being felt up by the famous cameraman.

John cupped a large mass of tit flesh in both hands and sucked on it. A good amount of Maggie’s breast was sucked between John’s lips. He squeezed the big tit into a cone shape and continued to feast on it. Lashing his tongue over her hard nipple and slightly chewing on it. The more John sucked her tits, the more wet her pussy became.

John alternates between both tits for nearly 15 minutes. He left no skin on neither breasts dry. He squeezed to fondle and squeeze her massive melons as he felt Maggie’s hands rub on his throbbing bulge.

“I think its time for you to return the favor,” said John.

John stood up, kicked his shoes off, and pulled both his jeans and boxers down in front of Maggie’s face. His big swollen cock popped out right in front of Maggie.

Maggie didn’t waste anytime and started sucking on John’s cock. The huge eleven-inch penis throbbed painfully between Maggie’s slurping lips.

“Ughhh!” moaned John.

Maggie wrapped her lips further down John’s big dick until she reached the base. She used one of her hands to cup and fondle his cum-filled balls.

“Oh shit! Oh Maggie! Ugh!” groaned John as he grabbed the back of Maggie’s head and pushed her face deeper into his shaved crotch. Maggie’s nose pressed against the lower part of John’s stomach. Her lips were fully wrapped around his entire shaft as her tongue worked his cock from the inside of her mouth.

Maggie tightly squeezed John’s asscheeks apart and brushed her fingers inside his ass crack.

After the long deep throating session, Maggie lifted her head from John’s dripping wet cock and began stroking it. She lifted his cock up and pressed the big wet meat against his stomach, while she sucked on both of his wrinkled balls. Maggie maneuvered her tongue between both balls, around them, and on them. She used the tip of her tongue and tickled his balls at the bottom.

“Ahhhh Maggie! I want you to eat my asshole. Please Maggie,” moaned and begged a hot John.

Maggie moved her head further below John until her tongue slithered between his asscheeks. Maggie buried her face between John’s firm asscheeks and licked his anus. She dropped his cock and squeezed his buttocks.

“Ughhh fuck! Eat my ass bitch! Oh god yes!” moaned John as he pressed his ass further in Maggie’s face. He reached down and grabbed Maggie’s dangling knockers and squeezed them roughly to each intense tongue drilling Maggie did inside his asshole.

After a couple of minutes of getting his ass ate out by Maggie, John removed his ass from Maggie’s face and bended her over on all fours. He grabbed Maggie’s panties and pulled them down off her feet. Her bald pussy leaked with juices, which ran down her thighs.

John rubbed his big cock at her pussylips and shoved his cock in. John immediately pounded her pussy with no mercy. Maggie buried her head on the ground as her pussy was filled with a large cock. The biggest cock she had ever let inside her. Her ass bounced and slammed against John’s crotch as he fucked her hard and deep. Maggie cried out and could feel him rearranging her organs with each thrust.

Lisa watched with lust in her eyes and had her fingers moving in and out of her pussy. She watched from behind as John’s asscheeks got tighter and Maggie’s enormous sweaty breasts swung from her sides.

“Aghhhh!” Maggie cried as her fingernails tore at the ground.

“Ahhhh yeah! John groaned as he climbed up higher on Maggie’s back and pressed his muscular chest against her back.

He buried his face in her neck and wrapped his arms around her wrist as he thursted his large member hard and deep between her cunt tight cunt muscles.

Both John and Maggie were sweating like they’ve been in a steam room at a spa.

John lifted his upperbody off Maggie’s back gripped tightly on her firm buttocks. He squeezed them while his cock drilled her moist snatch. He watched her massive mammaries flop and swing wildly underneath and his cock got bigger and harder inside her.

“Uhhhh John! You’re so bigggg!” cried Maggie as she wiggled her toes inside her socks and pushed her ass up against his thrusting crotch.

The sounds of they’re fucking could be heard all over the empty photo shop. Not to mention the smell of sex filled the room they were in. Lisa fingered herself in a mind-blowing orgasm but continued to watch her bestfriend being rode doggy-style.

After giving Maggie her first earth-shattering orgasm, John lifted Maggie up and bended her over the leather sofa. He trapped her legs inbetween his and continued fucking her dripping wet cunt from behind. Her creamy large knockers, dripped in sweat and flopped over the sofa.

John slammed his hips into her harder and harder and couldn’t believe how wet and juicy Maggie’s pussy was. Her previous cumming only made her pussy more slippery and wet to thrust into.

John changed positions once again and sat with his back on the sofa. Maggie climbed up on his cock with her back facing him, her feet up on his knees, and his cock buried between her large cuntlips.

While John pounded her pussy, he rubbed her clitoris with a finger.

“Oh yeah baby! Take his cock! Oh Maggie. You’re fucking hot with your big fucking titties,” moaned John

John thrusted harder and harder and caused Maggie’s mammoth knockers to flop in all directions. John reached up and cupped her tits. He squeezed them at the bottoms and then held them on the sides. He helped smash her big slippery orbs into each other, to make those thunder slaps he enjoy so much from big tittied woman. Of course, none of his previous women wore an 34FF cup.

“Oh John! Oh John! Aghhhh fuck! Harder, please harder!” cried Maggie.

John squeezed Maggie’s jugs hard and rested his cock in her pussy. Maggie busted a nut all over John’s big prick. Her juices oozed down his shaft and tight balls. John wobbled and bounced Maggie’s fluffy melons in his hands. He moved his head to the side and capture a breast between his lips. He let his saliva drip all over her areola while sucking her nipple.

“I have to fuck these big boys,” groaned John.

Maggie lied on her back and John straddled himself on Maggie’s chest. He slipped his huge cock between her bulging mounds. John held Maggie’s tits from the sides and started to pound her tender flesh.

“Oh god yes! Uhhhhh!” John groaned as he fucked Maggie’s breasts.

Maggie took hold of her enormous breasts as John pinched and pulled on her nipples. Her breasts wobbled and squished against John’s dick and thighs. John felt his balls become tighter and heavier.

“Ohhhhh shit!” John grunted as a thick layer of cum, blasted from his swollen cockhead and sprayed Maggie’s face and neck.

John lifted his cock from between Maggie’s knockers and sprayed them in thick layers of his jizz. John felt weaken as his cum quickly spurted onto her breasts.

Maggie groaned as her tits got drenched in gooey cum.

John stayed on Maggie’s chest and let his limp cock rub his cum into her breast skin and nipples.

“Say cheese!” shouted Lisa.

Lisa took a picture of John on top of Maggie, with her double F cups drenched and dripping with cum from all sides.

“This picture will be a reminder of the best birthday gift I’ve ever gave you Maggie Crane.”

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After School Help

Finally, the bell rang. Class was over. Seth sighed a heavy sigh of relief.

“Alright, guys, remember! The test on Chapter 4 is when?”

The class sighed, grumbled and in a collectively defeated unison, replied, “Tomorrow.”

“Right. Also, remember, if you do better on this test than the previous one, I will drop your first test grade and count this one twice.” A little incentive and hopefully, the class would appreciate his teaching a little more. No excited responses. The life of a teacher, he thought. You give them a treat and they still think you’re a fucking prick. He moved to his desk, settling in for his afternoon break. One class period off, one more after that and the day was done. He glanced up, watching his students file out, picking out some of their conversations and smiled to himself. I remember when I was in your shoes, guys. It’s not as bad as you think, you’ll see.

He became so engrossed with his grade book, that he didn’t see her quietly approach the desk.

“Mr. Allen?”

When she spoke his name in her husky voice, he jumped, startled right out of his train of thought. “Ah, yes, Ms. Wolfe? How can I help you?”

Jadyn Wolfe was a knockout for her 18 years of age. Her silky blue-black hair framed her delicate face, and those sapphire blue eyes were enough to pierce your heart. Her blue blouse and short skirt, perhaps a little too tight, hugged her perfect curves in all the right places and when she walked with those long slender legs, she seemed to glide untouchably through a crowd. Jadyn gave off a seductive aroma of mystery; all the men wanted her, all the girls hated her. She paid them all no mind, and mainly kept to herself. She seemed unbreakable, and even sexier, untouchable.

She brushed her long hair over her shoulder and tilted her head to the side. “Um, I was wondering if you had any time later on today, after school, if you could help explain some concepts from the chapter to me. I didn’t do so hot on the first test and I’m really worried about tomorrow’s.”

Seth pressed his fingertips together, trying not to look into her piercing eyes for too long. He freely admitted to himself the first time he saw her that she was sexy, but all teachers know it’s suicide to have an affair with a student. The thought had crossed his mind before, her naked body engulfing his member as he pumped into her, their sweaty bodies making sweet music together on his desk…

He shook his head, erasing the image out of his head. Jadyn narrowed her eyes slightly, smirking slightly as if she had telepathically read his desires. “Well, Ms. Wolfe, I normally don’t tutor students. I encourage you to study with others from the class so you can all benefit the same and perhaps help each other learn something new. I don’t want it to seem like I’m playing favorites….” his voice trailed off.

She nodded. “I understand. Um, thanks anyways.” She turned to leave.

“But,” he continued. What are you doing? “I suppose I could help you a bit later. I have some time around say, 2:45. Is that okay for you?” No playing favorites, Seth!

Jadyn smiled that sexy smile of hers. “That’s perfect. Thanks so much, Mr. Allen. I really appreciate it.”

“No problem, Jadyn. See you then.” She smiled again, and strolled out of the room, that sexy body teasing him all the way out.

His smile quickly turned to confusion. Control yourself, Seth, he thought. She’s a student. She probably just wants help for the test. No big deal. “Yeah,” he said aloud. “No big deal.”

The rest of the day flew by. As 2:45 rolled around, Seth was engulfed in correcting the homework assignment handed in by his 8th period class. C’mon, this is not brain surgery. You need to study a little more. His red pen scribbled comments and he added it to the already critiqued work. He sighed. He loved teaching, but it always pissed him off when students did poorly. He glanced out the window, watching the rain pattering against the windows. He was so engrossed in his work that he didn’t even realize it had begun to rain. Hopefully, it would taper off after he and Jadyn were through. Jadyn. Even the sound of her name in his mind turned him on. He let his mind wander to fantasy as the bulge in his pants grew, imagining Jadyn in the showers after gym class. The hot steamy water running down her skin, her body gliding soap to clean off the dirt from the day. Her mouth parts, and she sighs as she discreetly slides her hand down toward her sex. With her fingers, she strokes herself up and down along her lips. Moaning, she dares further to slide her fingers into her pussy, letting her juices guide her fingers towards an amazing release. Harder and faster she thrusts, moaning louder and louder until she climaxes and collapses to her knees, sighing out “Seth…” as she comes down from heaven…

A soft knock on the door startled him back to reality. Seth cleared his throat and pushed himself closer to the desk to disguise his bulge. “Come in!” he called out.

Jadyn walked in with her bag over her shoulder. She quietly shut the door, silently locking it when he looked down. “Thanks again, Mr. Allen. I hope this helps me get my grades up,” she said as she sat in the seat next to his desk. Seth flashed her a quick smile, as he picked up the piles of papers and put them in his briefcase. “No problem, Ms. Wolfe. Now, what questions do you have for me?”

She inched the chair closer to him; her blouse was unbuttoned slightly, giving him a nice view of her perfect breasts. He glanced down quickly, a small wave of passion running down to his already solid member. He looked back up to find her blue eyes piercing him. Shit. Caught.

“I was wondering if you could explain to me the difference between Britain’s Parliament versus our form of government. I can’t seem to understand it,” her husky voice milking the words out, almost as if she was teasing him. Her eyes studied him closely as he fumbled for words to speak. Relax, Seth. She’s just a student. Somehow that didn’t seem to have an effect anymore. “Sure” was all he could manage to sputter out.

The lesson continued, and as he tried to stay focused, he couldn’t help get the thought of pleasuring Jadyn out of his head. Running his tongue everywhere on her skin, exploring her body with his strong hands…it was all too tempting. He sighed heavily when she finally nodded her head, smiled and said, “Ok, I think I got it. Thanks for your help, Mr. Allen.”

“You’re welcome Jadyn. I hope I’ve been at least slightly helpful.” Seth reclined back in his chair as she got up to pack her bag. You’ve survived Seth, good job. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back.

Jadyn cleared her throat and brushed her hair behind her ear. “You know, I really appreciate this.” She turned around to face him. “I owe you a favor.”

She silently slinked in between Seth and his desk and sat down on the edge. Seth opened his eyes to find her sitting in front of him, her hands gripping the edge of his desk, her eyes rested on his. “No, no, Ms. Wolfe.” He stammered. “I’m your teacher. I get paid to teach you. You don’t have to do anything for me.”

“What if I want to?” She kept her eyes on his, her gaze not shifting. Seth swallowed. “Jadyn, I, uh…I…can’t accept any, um, favors…”

He watched her hand move up to her blouse and one by one, she unbuttoned it, exposing her black lace bra. “This isn’t a favor, Mr. Allen. This is called lust. I saw you staring at my breasts earlier, and I’ve seen the way you look at me during class. I know you want me, I can see it in your eyes.” She slid her blouse off her shoulders and tossed it aside. “I’m ready and willing, Seth. I’m yours for the taking.”

When she said his name, his desire consumed him. He stood up and put his hands on her shoulders. “I can’t Jadyn. You know how much trouble…”

She interrupted him by passionately kissing him. Her tongue probed his as her fingers ran through his hair. He lost control and kissed her back, running his hands down her back onto her ass, giving it a tight squeeze. He pushed her back on the desk, breaking their kiss. “God, I want you,” he growled in a low voice as he attacked her neck with his mouth. Jadyn sighed as she tilted her head back. “I know,” she whispered into his ear.

Seth ran his hands up to her breasts. Fondling them through the lace material, he heard Jadyn moan softly. He moved his mouth back up to hers, letting all the desire that built up for the past month and a half flow out. Jadyn grabbed his shirt and ripped it open, revealing his chiseled chest. She ran her fingernails down his abdomen, causing Seth to growl as his tongue ran across her lips. He grabbed the zipper of her skirt, until Jadyn stepped back and shimmied out of it. She turned around and bent over, showing off her matching lace thong as she stepped out of her skirt. Seth ran his hands over her ass cheeks and sighed. She grabbed the desk as he laid over her, kissing her back as he undid the clasp to her bra. Her breasts fell out as he threw her bra to the floor; he cupped her naked breasts and grinded his stiff member into her backside. She seductively laughed and turned around. His mouth trailed down her collarbone and onto her nipple, licking and sucking it as he cupped her other breast. Jadyn moaned as he nibbled her nipple softly and grabbed his hair again. “God, Seth, that feels so good,” she panted. He continued to suck on her nipple as she felt down to his belt, undoing it and pulling his pants and boxers off. She ran her finger along his erect member, causing Seth to tilt his head back in pleasure. She stood up and stared into his lust filled eyes. “Sit down,” she commanded, her sapphire eyes weakening his knees.

She dropped to her knees and spread his legs. As she ran her nails on the inside of his thighs, Seth moaned, anticipating her mouth on his cock. Her tongue ran slowly up his thigh, and down the other, just missing his sensitive spot. “Please…” he whispered.

Jadyn smiled at him and wrapped her mouth around the head, gripping the base of his penis. “Like that?” she teased. “Yes…” Seth begged. She stroked his penis as she took him all in. He rolled his eyes back into his head, amazed at her talents. She began to bob up and down slowly, sensually licking his member like an ice cream cone to slow his climax. He ran his fingers into her hair and guided her head on his cock. She twisted her grip in the opposite directions as she twisted her mouth. Seth glanced down to look at her sucking him off. The voyeurism was too much for him to handle. He felt his balls begin to tighten, and anticipated an amazing orgasm. “Oh fuck, Jadyn. I’m gonna come soon…” he said in a hoarse whisper. She tightened her grip on his cock and began to suck harder and faster. The combination of the wetness of her mouth and the grip of her hand was too much for him. He moaned as he unleashed spurt after spurt of semen into her mouth, gasping for air after every cry. He watched as she swallowed it all, not spilling a drop of come out of her mouth. After what seemed an eternity of pleasure, he came down from his high as he member softened. He sighed as she stood up, “That was incredible. But now it’s my turn.” Jadyn flashed him her wicked smile. “So take me.”

Seth pushed her back on the desk and pulled off her thong. He laid her down as his tongue trailed down her midsection, towards her navel. He teased her a bit by running the tip of his tongue around it, and slowly moved it down to her thighs. He spread her legs apart, inhaling the addictive aroma of her womanhood, moist and wet from all their foreplay. He rubbed her breasts and he slowly inched his tongue towards her slit. As Jadyn moaned, he whispered, “Not yet” and sank his fingers into her wet pussy. He pumped them up and down as she moved her hips in synchronous motion to his fingers. He leaned down again and found her clitoris, which he flicked with the tip of his tongue. Jadyn yelped and pulled his head towards her pussy. “Lick me,” she commanded, which he happily obliged.

As he continued to thrust his fingers deep inside her, Seth licked her pussy lips in figure eights, moistening every inch of her sex with his tongue. Jadyn bucked her hips against his face, engulfing every lick, suck, kiss and nibble he offered into her pussy. He finger fucked her harder and licked her faster, stopping only to ask her, “You want more?” Jadyn felt her orgasm approaching. “Oh my god Seth, lick me. I’m gonna come!” Her breathing became heavy as the sweat appeared on her breasts. As her orgasm engulfed her, she cried out. Her orgasm was so sexy; his member stiffened at the sight of her flushed face and she sighed as Seth drank up her juices.

“Oh my god,” she sighed as she sat up. “That was amazing.” She opened her eyes and glanced at his stiff cock. She kissed him as she commanded to him. “Fuck me, Seth,” she moaned. “I need to feel you inside me.”

That’s all he needed to here. His wildest fantasy was about to come true.

Seth guided his cock to her opening. There, he teased her by slowly rubbing the head up and down her slit. She sighed and pierced him with her eyes. “Tease,” she moaned.

“You’re one to talk.” Seth growled as he plunged his cock all the way inside her. Once he was all the way inside, he stopped to look at Jadyn recover from taking him all in. Her mouth hanging open, a sigh resting on her tongue, she slowly began to rock her hips into Seth’s. He grabbed her hips and began to grind her back. She opened her eyes and kissed him. “Fuck me harder,” she whispered her command. Seth slowly began to buck harder; her wet pussy swallowed his throbbing cock entirely with each thrust. This is what you’ve been waiting for, Seth. Make the most of it. Sweat began to pour fro their bodies as they slapped their hips together on the desk. “Faster. Harder. Oh god, Seth, fuck me!” Jadyn groaned. Their bodies began to grind faster and Seth could feel his balls tightening again. Jadyn wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer. Together, they moaned and released their orgasm, and Seth pumped her full of his cum. Jadyn sighed as she collapsed into his arms, her head resting on his shoulder. Once she came down from coming, she turned to face Seth and tenderly kissed him in between her gasping breaths. “Thank for all your help,” she whispered as she bit his lower lip. Seth smiled. “My pleasure. Let me know if you need any more after school help.”

Jadyn grinned. “Well, I do need help with the essay you assigned for next week. Is tomorrow ok?”

“Definitely.” Seth replied, a wicked glint flashing in his eye. I guess not all the students think I’m a fucking prick when I give them a treat.

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A Very Horny Birthday

I’m a single father raising two teenage kids: Sara, who is 19, and Mike, 18. My wife Julie decided after three years of marriage that she wasn’t the family type and left us. It’s been just the three of us since.

For Mike’s 18th birthday I decided to rent a skin flick, buy a six pack of beer, and just have a “guy’s night” with him. Mike has always been a little introverted, always studying to get good grades, and shy toward the girls. I figured our celebration might loosen him up a bit and let him have some fun.

We were about ten minutes into the flick and had just finished our first brew when Sara walked into the room. Immediately I became uncomfortable because I didn’t know what she would think about what we were watching. She was the type who would consider a porno movie chauvinistic or immature. To my surprise, she just asked if she could watch too. I said sure and she plopped down on the couch next to Mike.

During the slow parts of the movie I glanced over at the two of them to see their reactions. Mike was riveted to the TV; I was sure he was a virgin and that this was the first time he had witnessed sexual acts. He studied every scene intently. Sara seemed nonchalant. Unlike Mike, I knew Sara had been sexually active because she had asked me to buy birth control pills for her since she was sixteen.

As the movie neared the end, Sara began to shift her legs around during each of the hot scenes. She had shared a beer with us and I figured the movie was starting to get her aroused. Mike’s face was still glued to the TV. It had an effect on him too: the lump on the inside of his left leg was growing quite long. Sara became increasingly fidgety and finally placed her hand on Mike’s leg. This startled him out of his gaze for a moment, as if he realized for the first time that his sister was sitting next to him. He immediately turned his attention back to the TV, not wanting to miss a moment of the action.

Undaunted, Sara slid her hand up Mike’s leg and firmly gripped the lump in his pants. He jolted to an upright position and looked at her with the most shocked expression I had ever seen. She just looked back at him, with a half “I need you” look and half sly smile, as if she was thinking “you have no idea what you’re about to experience.”

Mike looked at me puzzled, not saying anything. He was expecting me to do something to stop his sister. I just shrugged and gave him a “whatever” look. Surprisingly, Sara was acting as if I wasn’t even in the room. I was sitting in my recliner, separated from the two of them on the couch. I guess that gave her enough space to make her feel like they were alone, yet I was close enough to clearly see everything that went on.

Mike looked back into Sara’s face. Without removing her gaze from him, she took his right hand and placed it firmly on one of her tits. He recognized his cue and squeezed it gently, trying to gauge its size and firmness through her bra. As Mike continued to fondle his sister’s tit, she continued to stroke his throbbing rod.

“Stand up in front of me,” Sara said, as she grasped his upper arm, trying to help him up.

Her words jolted me out of what seemed like a dream. I suddenly realized I was watching my daughter come onto my son. Mixed emotions flooded in: this isn’t right. But the movie, beer, and the teens’ actions so far made me a little horny, and I wanted to see more. I decided to sit back and see what would happen.

Mike was standing and Sara had positioned him directly in front of her. Sitting on the edge of the couch, she unfastened his pants, slid her fingers under the waistband of his shorts, and pulled his pants and shorts down with a single jerk. Mike’s cock sprang out to meet her, pointing directly at her face. It was white and smooth, not having experienced the joys of sex. His balls were clearly swollen, probably from watching the movie and experiencing Sara’s strokes.

The movie ended. The TV was nothing but snow and hiss now. I didn’t want to shut it off for fear that my actions would break the chain of events. Sara caressed the inside of Mike’s thighs, being careful not to touch his cock or balls. She was teasing him, making his passions rise. While doing this, she stared at the youthful rod in front of her face, admiring its length and thickness. Finally, she let her hand slide up to his balls and cupped them in her hand. Mike let out a moan. His cock jerked up in a spasm. Sara could tell her brother wasn’t far from shooting his load so she wasted no more time. Grasping his cock firmly in her hand, she gave it a few strokes and then slipped it into her mouth. Mike let out another moan. My own member started to throb as I imagined what Mike must be feeling as his cock slides into a warm, wet mouth for the first time.

Sara worked Mike’s cock like an expert. She licked it up and down, then rammed it into her mouth a few times. She looked up at him with a smile on her face as her tongue flicked over the sensitive underside of his rod. When I saw his swollen balls suck up into his crotch I knew he was nearing orgasm. Mike started to look anxious. His voice cracked and wavered as he said, “I… I… think you should stop now!” Sara ignored his plea as her head continued to bob up and down on his rod.

“Aaaahhhh,” Mike yelled, as he unloaded his cum into his sister’s throat. Sara kept the throbbing member in her mouth as it continued to spurt form its steaming stream.

Mike’s cock quickly shrank and slipped out of Sara’s mouth. She gave it a kiss, then Mike collapsed on the couch, his legs and arms sprawled out.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, as his shriveling member oozed out the last few drops of cum. Sara giggled, then stood up.

“It’s my turn now,” she said as she began to unbutton her blouse. She quickly removed her blouse and jeans, leaving only her bra and panties on. She stood still for a moment, giving Mike time to survey her body. I realized that I was seeing it for the first time since she was very small. Sara had been athletic in school and she was a cheerleader. Her body was toned and smooth. She was at that perfect stage when her body was taking on the sexy curves of an adult woman, yet still maintained a youthful firmness and glow.

As she stood in front of Mike she placed her hands on her hips, then crossed her arms as she slid her hands across her belly. Her hands slid up her sides, arms still crossed, until they reached her shoulders. This made her tits squeeze together and it produced the most amazing mounds bulging out of her bra. She uncrossed her arms as she slid her hands up her neck, over her ears, and through her hair. She stretched out her arms over her head, clasping her hands together. Then she stood on her tip toes, leaned slightly forward and arched her back. It was a wonderful sight: her young body was stretched out, her wide legs were long and slender, her ass was hiked up and out proudly, her belly was sucked in, her tits were pushed forward, and her head was tilted back.

Mike just stared, his mouth hanging open. My cock began throbbing again. Sara held that pose for a moment, then stood flat on her feet. She let her bra straps down, then held the cups over her tits as she slipped her arms out of the straps. After a short pause, she slowly peeled the bra cups down, revealing her ample tits. They were pointed, full, and sticking straight out. The little white triangles from her bathing suit and her bright pink nipples stood out like neon signs against her well tanned body. Her nipples were little pink mounds on the ends of her tits, like cherry halves on scoops of ice cream.

After removing her bra, Sara began rubbing her crotch. She pressed her panties into her slit and pulled them up slightly so that the shape of her pussy was clearly visible. Turning around so that her back was facing Mike, Sara leaned forward slightly, put her hands on her hips, then slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. She slowly pulled them down, revealing the finest heart-shaped ass I had ever seen. When her panties fell to the ground, I noticed they were wet.

Mike’s flaccid cock began to stir. My heart was racing. Sara spun around, leaned over Mike, and steadied herself by holding onto the back of the couch. This move placed one of her tits right in her brother’s face. Mike wasted no time taking her luscious tit into his mouth and sucking on it with abandon. He massaged her other tit vigorously. Still standing, Sara spread her legs wide, making her legs look like an upside down V. At this point, I had the most awesome view of her pussy. It was shaved around her slit, revealing a smooth, light colored mound. Her lips peeked out of her slit, pink and moist.

Sara took Mike’s hand that was massaging her tit and guided it down to her snatch. He groped around awkwardly, unsure of what to do. Sara took one of his fingers and parted her pussy lips with it. Then she guided it up to her clit and rubbed it for a while. Her hips swayed back and forth while she did this, giving me a wonderful show. She let go of Mike’s hand, letting him continue as she closed her eyes. My cock was aching as I watched Mike’s finger spreading her slit, exposing her opening to me. I wanted to plant my long hard cock deep in that sweet young pussy, and it took all the self control I could muster to remain in my chair.

By this time, Mike had a full erection again. Sara kneeled down in front of the couch and took his throbbing rod into her mouth. After getting it nice and wet, she stood up, turned around, and lowered herself onto her brother’s cock.

“Let’s see what you learned from that movie,” Sara said as she began sliding up and down on Mike’s shaft. Her tits jiggled playfully as she bounced up and down. Mike’s hands were on her hips, then he slid them up her sides until they covered her tits. He held onto them like handles. In the meantime, I was watching Sara’s snatch; it was hypnotic to see her soft pink lips glide up and down on Mike’s virgin white rod. Soon his cock was glistening from Sara’s orgasms; seeing it really turned me on. My cock was throbbing and straining to get out of my pants. I felt sure I was going to explode at any minute.

For the first time since this episode began, Sara looked over at me. Seeing the big bulge in my pants and the pained expression on my face, she motioned for me to stand next to her. I sprang from my chair and moved across the room. As I approached her, she reached out and stroked my bulge. Unlike Mike, I didn’t need to wait for anyone to undress me; I quickly dropped my pants, liberating my swollen, pulsing rod. Sara’s eyes widened. My cock is much larger than Mike’s, and my balls were enlargened from watching all the action.

Mike looked at me briefly and gave me a strange expression. I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. It didn’t matter though, because he quickly returned to watching his sister’s ass bounce up and down in front of him.

Sara stroked my cock as she continued to fuck her brother. I was about to shoot my load all over her when she suddenly stopped. Panting from the workout, she let go of my cock and leaned forward. She raised herself up until Mike’s cock was about to slip out, then she began to slide up and down in small movements, not taking the whole thing in. I figured out what she was doing: she was letting Mike see his rod slide in and out of her pussy. Mike was taking it all in. As I watched, I realized that my daughter was a great fuck – no wonder she needed the pill.

Sara stood up and got down on the floor. She was on her hands and knees with her ass facing us. After arching her back so that her ass pointed up in the air, she spread her pussy lips wide open, exposing her gaping hole. My disappointed cock jerked at the sight.

“Come and get it!” Sara said to Mike. He walked toward her, his young hard cock swaying. Kneeling behind her, he took his rod in his hand and guided it into her soft, warm and wet hole. I was ready to cum again. How I wished that was my cock sliding in there!

Mike started pumping with long slow strokes at first, but it wasn’t long before he picked up the pace. Sara looked around at me and motioned for me to stand in front of her. As I stood in front of her she looked up at me and patted the floor directly below her.

“Lay down here,” she said. I sat down in front of her, letting my legs slip between her arms so that they were directly under her body. I leaned back, propping myself up on my elbows. My cock was directly below Sara’s face. As she began to suck on my swollen member I watched Mike fuck her from behind. His eyes were closed and he had an intense look on his face – I could tell he was really enjoying the ride. Sara pulled my cock out of her mouth.

“Fuck me harder!” she screamed at Mike. Mike picked up the pace some more. I slid over to my left a little so I could see more of Sara’s body. She continued to work on my cock.

“Ram me! Ram your cock in me!” Sara screamed again. Mike slammed into her with everything he had. Her ass rippled from the impacts and her tits were swaying wildly.

It was more than I could take – the recent years without sex, the porn movie, teens fucking… My balls were about to unleash the biggest load they’d ever had. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I sat up and grabbed Sara’s head as I felt the warmth welling up inside me.

“Aaahhh,” I moaned as my cock exploded inside her mouth. Sara gave out a strained “Mmmmph” as she tried to contain the buckets of cum I was shooting down her throat. I watched my cock pulsate as it continued to deliver its long overdue load into my daughter’s waiting mouth. I laid back and closed my eyes, savoring the peacefulness of my release. I thought about what had just happened. Did Sara really understand my need? Where did she learn all this?

I heard Mike let out a yell as he delivered his final strokes. His pace slowed rapidly until he finally stopped and collapsed on Sara’s back. I thought about his hot cum spurting deep inside her sweet young pussy. What a lucky guy. I was satisfied though. Sara looked up at me and gave me a sly smile.

“Happy birthday, brother,”she said as she continued to look at me.

In the months that followed out little episode, nothing was said about it. It was like we had an unspoken understanding that it was a one time thing. Our lives have continued pretty much the same as before, except for one thing… Mike isn’t as introverted now.

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Eighteen and Ready To Get Fucked

When I was eighteen years old I was still living at home, saving up a bit of money before I moved out of town to go to university. I had taken the year off after graduating high school, working as a hostess in a restaurant a few nights a week. My job gave me plenty of free time during the day, something that I valued greatly as spring led into summer. I spent many afternoons at the beach or even just hanging out in my parents’ backyard working on my tan.

Although I’ve fluctuated a few pounds here and there over the years, my body is very much the same now as it was then, over twelve years earlier. I was very petite, standing about five-foot-two and weighing not much more than a hundred pounds. I’ve never had to work very hard to keep my figure; in fact, the times in my life when I didn’t exercise at all actually added weight to my hips and my breasts in a way that most of the guys I’ve been with actually seemed to prefer.

At eighteen, I had been seeing the same guy for over two years. He was, at that point, the first and only guy I had ever slept with. Unfortunately, however, we had started to grow apart and it was only a matter of time before one of us would have the guts to break up with the other.

In the meantime I was really lusting after Sean, the guy who had been living with us for the last few months. Sean’s dad was a close friend of my dad’s and he had just moved into the area for a new job. He was hoping to save up some money to buy a place of his own, so my dad offered to let him stay with us for a little while. He was in his mid-twenties, tall and fit with short, brown hair. As cute as he was, he was also quite shy, or at least that’s what I thought. I’m pretty sure I had seen him checking me out on more than one occasion, but I had never detected anything resembling any real interest on his part. Although I was a little more outgoing, I had never done anything more than smile at him and make sure I looked nice any time he was around.

It was late on a weekday morning when I had decided to lie down in the backyard and get some sun. My parents were both at work and my brother was at school, and Sean was probably working as well. I changed into my little yellow string bikini and grabbed a towel before heading outside. I had been blessed with tolerant skin, so I rarely wore sunscreen when I was out in the sun. I spread the towel out on the lawn and sprawled out on my back, soaking in the rays. After about twenty minutes I flipped onto my stomach, undoing the ties on my bikini top so that I wouldn’t wind up with any tan lines on my back. I had just untied myself when I heard the phone ringing inside the house. I ignored it, knowing that by the time I had tied up my top and gotten inside I would have missed the call anyway. It was only a few seconds later that I heard Sean’s voice calling to me from the house.

“Hey Christine, the phone’s for you,” he said.

Because I thought I had the house to myself, his voice startled me. I jumped a bit and turned my head to face the house. This wound up exposing my right breast for a brief moment before I remembered that I was topless.

“Shit!” I said. “You scared me!”

“Sorry about that,” he said. I could see his eyes on my breast during that quick exposure and it turned me on. “Should I say you’re not available?”

“No, it’s okay,” I said. “I’ll be right there.” He stepped back inside as I tied up my top and then got up. I went inside and picked the phone up off the counter, hearing one of my friend’s voices on the line. As I stood there in my bikini, Sean busied himself in the kitchen, making himself a sandwich. A couple of times I looked over at him and caught him staring at my body. I glanced down at his crotch and noticed the substantial bulge in his pants. I had always wondered about what he was packing in there. Many times I thought about sneaking into the bathroom while he was showering so I could see his entire body, especially his cock. Each time I would chicken out and wind up playing with myself in my room, imagining him fucking me.

Seeing his obvious erection gave me the encouragement I needed to take things a bit further. I kept talking on the phone as I brushed past him, my ass rubbing against his crotch as I went to the fridge for a glass of juice. On my way back from the fridge I repeated the same action, lingering for just a bit longer that time. I could feel the swollen package in his pants and all I wanted was to feel it inside me. I leaned forward against the counter and arched my back, sticking my ass out towards him, knowing that he would be watching. Sure enough, when I turned my head to look at him, he was staring right at my ass. He hadn’t seen me catch him, so I stood back up and turned around. He looked up into my eyes and I gave him a look that told him he had been caught, then I looked down to his crotch once again, this time making sure he saw me do it. I licked my lips and then finished up my phone conversation, walking towards him. As I was saying goodbye to my friend, I reached out with one hand and began rubbing the bulge in his pants. I hung up the phone and then stared at him in silence. I stopped rubbing his cock and then pulled his shirt up over his head, tossing it to the floor. He grabbed onto my ass and pulled me tight against him, grinding our bodies together.

“You feel really big,” I told him. “I’ve wanted this for so long.” He smiled and then undid his pants, pulling them down and kicking them off.

“Your body is incredible,” he said to me. “I want to touch every last inch of it.”

“I really shouldn’t do this when I have a boyfriend,” I said to him. He ignored my comment, so I proceeded to take off my bikini top, revealing my small breasts. “This just feels so right,” I said. He led me over to the family room, adjacent to the kitchen, and then pulled his underwear off, giving me my first glimpse at his cock. The only cock I had ever seen at that point in my life was my boyfriend’s, which was average in every way. Sean’s cock was much bigger, still one of the largest I’ve seen outside of porn, and it was uncircumcised. He also shaved his balls, something that I obviously hadn’t seen anyone else do at that point in my life. I took off my bikini bottoms, exposing my trimmed pussy, and all of a sudden we were both naked.

“I want to suck it,” I said to him. I had always enjoyed sucking my boyfriend’s cock, and having seen Sean’s made my mouth water just thinking about it. He sat down on the couch and I knelt in front of him, holding his cock in my hand. I was overcome by the desire to fit his entire cock into my mouth, so I leaned forward, opened my mouth and took him in. I struggled to fit it into my mouth, finally bottoming out with at least a couple of more inches to go. Since I knew from my experience with my boyfriend that I could fit about six inches down my throat, I figured that Sean’s cock was at least eight inches, if not nine. He held my hair out of the way as I bobbed my head up and down, taking him as deep as I could.

“My jaw is getting sore,” I said a few minutes later, pausing to stroke his shaft and play with his balls. I sucked him for a little while longer and then he pulled me up off the floor. I got on my back on the couch as he hovered over me, his cock just inches from my pussy. “Do you think we should use a condom?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “It’ll feel better this way.” I had been on the pill for a couple of years, so I knew I was unlikely to get pregnant, but I still probably should have stopped him. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down the length of my slit, making me squirm. I tried pulling him into me, but it didn’t work at all. He kept teasing me, making my pussy even wetter.

“Stop teasing me and put it in!” I said to him. He smiled and continued to tease me for a while before pushing in gently. I had no idea how much I would love a big cock until I had one stretching me out. It hurt, but that pain was no match for the intense pleasure that accompanied it. He looked straight down into my eyes as he pulled out and then pushed it back in, starting nice and slow so that I had time to adjust.

“Is it too big for you?” he asked. I bit my lips and responded by shaking my head from side to side. As my pussy started to relax he began thrusting a bit harder, making me moan. It didn’t take long for my first orgasm to hit, my entire body convulsing underneath him. I was even wetter after I had cum, so he was now able to fuck me relatively hard and fast.

“I love your sexy body,” he said to me. “You’re so fucking tight!” He sat back on his knees, continuing his rhythm of thrusting as he reached down and rubbed my clit. “You feel so good, Christine! I want to make you cum again!”

“I love your cock!” I said. “It feels so fucking good!”

“And I love this tight, wet little pussy!” he said.

Seconds later I was cumming again, gasping for air. Once my orgasm had subsided he pulled out and sat back on the couch, pulling me on top of him. I straddled his hips and then lowered my pussy onto his cock, grinding my hips down onto his.

“That feels so fucking good!” I said. “Your dick is so big!” He continued to rub my clit as I rode his cock. “God, you’re making me wet! My boyfriend never feels this good!”

“Maybe your boyfriend isn’t big enough,” he said to me. “Keep cumming for me, baby!”

I was getting close to cumming again when he pushed me off of him and had me turn around before pulling me back onto his cock again. I was facing away from him but leaning right back against him as I ground myself down into his hips, taking his cock as deep as it would go as he fondled my tits.

“You look so fucking good riding me like this!” he said.

“You’re so deep inside me!” I said. “I love your fucking cock!”

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” he asked. “Are you going to cum for me again?” I reached down and started to rub my clit.

“God yes!” I said. “Your dick is so big!” A couple of minutes later, just as I was nearing another orgasm, he pushed me off of him and then had me turn around and kneel in front of him. My boyfriend had tried to get me to suck his cock after it had been inside me on a few occasions, but I hadn’t enjoyed it. For some reason, however, I was eager to do it for Sean. I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth, tasting my own pussy on it. Again I sucked about six or seven inches of it as I played with his balls.

“Does that feel good?” I asked. He nodded in response. “I love your dick, Sean.” I sucked him off for a few more minutes before he pushed me away and stood up, helping me to my feet. He led me over to the fireplace and had me lean over the mantel, my ass sticking out behind me. I felt him put the head of his cock against my pussy and then push in, impaling me from behind. “Fuck that feels good!” I said as he started to fuck me. “Take my pussy baby!” Again I reached back and rubbed my clit, growing addicted to the added sensation. It only took a few more minutes before I came hard, my knees buckling underneath me. Thankfully Sean had his hands on my waist and was able to hold me up and continue to fuck me. He reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling back on it as he pounded me harder.

“Take my fucking pussy baby!” I repeated. “It’s all yours!”

“I’m going to cum in your fucking pussy!” he warned. I said nothing in response, but moments later I felt his cock expand as it began to shoot deep inside me. His orgasm triggered another one from me, making me scream out loud. Once we were both done cumming we stood still for a moment before Sean pulled his cock out of my cream-filled pussy. I collapsed on the couch, barely conscious of the fact that his cum was leaking out of my pussy and onto the leather. He stood and looked at me for a moment before gathering our clothes, handing me my bikini.

“I’ve wanted to get inside you for so long,” he said to me. “I didn’t think you’d be willing to cheat on your boyfriend.”

“I’ll be ending it soon,” I said. “You fucked me so much better than he does.”

“Good,” he said. “I’m definitely going to want more of that pussy.” I smiled and we both started to get dressed. “That was great, Christine. I can’t wait to get you alone again.”

We agreed that this definitely wouldn’t be the last time we got together, but we also knew we needed to be discreet. Something told me that my dad wouldn’t be very cool with me fucking his friend’s son under his roof…

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Catching Sis

My name is Andrew. At the time of the story I was 18 years old, going on 19 in several months. I was a student at a local public high school, and I was, as I am now, a popular kid. I have black hair, blue eyes, and I played tennis and basketball. I also had a body the girls sure seem to like.

I worked out some, so I was a bit muscular, but not overly ripped. I made good grades, but my very strict parents limited my “opportunities” in life. I had a lot of friends, but they always seemed to be more successful with girls then I did.

I wasn’t completely without experience though. Although I never had a girlfriend for more then a couple of months, I have gotten laid my fair share of times. Every time I would get with a girl though, it seemed like the sex just didn’t have the “feelings” that I thought should be associated with it.

When I wasn’t having much success with girls, it seemed like I was constantly masturbating. I sometimes got myself off three times a day when I was really horny. Usually my sessions were pretty dull with an occasional Internet site, but other then that my sexual fantasies were played out in my head. But anyway, I would like to tell you about an experience of mine, it happened just a year ago, the spring of my senior year in high school…

I grinned as Michael handed me the cassette tape. School was out; it was a Friday. I just couldn’t wait to get home and relax. The tape I referring to was a porn, something my eyes rarely feasted on. I was unusually excited because my parents were going to be away the evening, allowing me to carry out my sexual fantasies without fear of getting caught. I hurried to my car, and sped away from the high school towards my home.

Upon arriving at my house I could already feel the bulge beginning to grow between my legs as I unlocked and walked through the front door. I rushed to my room, and quickly put up my stuff, and changed into a comfortable pair of shorts, and a new shirt.
After quickly cleaning up my room, I took the videotape and stuck it into the VCR. As it began to rewind, I quickly went over and shut the blinds, and locked my door, causing my room to darken. As the video continued to rewind I though about what a rare opportunity this was for me. By this time my boner had subsided, but I figured that it certainly would appear again soon.

I settled down onto the floor with my back leaning against the edge of my bed. Then it hit me; I stood up and ran to the bathroom to get some KY jelly I had found in my childhood. I figured it was my parents, but seeing as how they were gone, I grabbed the tube and brought it back into my room.

Just as I once more settled down I heard the clicking of the VCR as it stopped rewinding. I grabbed the remote in my hand, and pressed “play” causing the video to start. Eager to get to the good stuff, I quickly fast-forwarded through the credits and copyright warnings.

The screen then flashed to a scene of a young male and female passionately making out. It wasn’t long before the girl’s top was off and he was greedily licking her breasts and nipples. Seeing how no one was home, and I was already getting hard I decided to go ahead and remove my shorts and shirt.

As I continued to watch, the outline of my cock in my briefs became increasingly visible. I subconsciously began to rub my hand over the outline of my cock. The man on the screen then moved south, as he pulled off the girls soaking panties, and began running his tongue all throughout the girls slit.

My boner then became even more evident, as I watched the events unfolding on screen. Overcome I reached into my briefs, and grabbing the band pulled them down to my knees, and kicked them across the room.

Now completely naked, my complete manhood came into view. It was six and three-fourths inches in length, and about 5 inches in circumference. I knew this well, since I measured it often. At its base was a large of patch of curly dark pubic hair. The shaft was thick, and was turning purple because of all the pressure running through it.

At the top was a large mushroom head, which looked almost unproportional to the thickness of the shaft. I had been circumcised, and my foreskin was pulled tight due to my raging erection. Just at the tip, my opening was already beginning to emit drops of pre-cum.

I slowly reached towards the ground, and cupped my balls with my left hand gently running a hand over each of them. With my other hand, I reached for the KY jelly and generously applied it into my hand, and then grasped onto my cock. I slowly began to stroke, being careful to make this last.

From there, I turned my attention back to the screen, where by now the girl had just experienced an orgasm, and was positioning herself for doggy-style sex. The man on the screen had a massive cock, and I could feel my cock harden as the moans of pleasure filled her, as his cock did. As the man began to pound away, the girl’s tits began to jiggle, only causing me to stroke harder. After a horny day at school, I was already close to cumming, and slowed things down again to see if I could hold off for another scene.

Eventually, they both ended up in orgasm, much to my relief. Then, the screen switched, only leaving me to wonder if I could hold out much longer. On screen appeared two women. I was excited at the idea of group sex, but was surprised to see that the two girls began passionately making out. It wasn’t what I suspected, but I was turned on by the idea of lesbian sex. Being from the sheltered family I was, I certainly didn’t have much exposure to this type of thing.

As the two girls continued making out, one reached down and grasped the breast of the other. It wasn’t long before they both stepped out of their skirts, leaving them exposed only in their bras and panties. Then one of the girls took control of the situation. She began by kissing the neck, and eventually wound up with her face resting just between the two breasts of her friend.

The two boobs were still bra-clad as she ran her hands over them, paying special attention to the nipples. Then, in one swift motion she reached behind the girl, and undid her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor. I then noticed as the one girl reached to the nightstand beside the bed and grabbed something. As she twisted the end of the device it began to emit a low humming noise. It was at this point that I realized it was a vibrator.

The skillful girl then massaged and licked one breast, while working the tip of the vibrator over the other. After kneading and thoroughly working each of the breasts, the girl then moved between the thighs of the other.

I was close to cumming, and was furiously beating my cock. I decided that I should try to come with the girl on the screen.

The girl’s panties were soaking wet, as the girl removed them, and threw them to the side. The girl had a small patch of pubic hair, nicely trimmed, covering her wet slit. The girl then positioned the other, and thrust her face in and out of her pussy. Already been extremely turned on by the earlier tit sucking. The girl began to emit audible groans of pleasure.

Since no one was home, I turned up the volume rather loud so I could heighten my own experience. As the girl worked the slit, and clit of the other, she once again got out the vibrator. First using her fingers, she reached around the girl and began massaging her anal entrance.

I was close, as was the girl, and when the girl stuck the vibrating cylinder into the other, it was enough to send us both over the edge. As the girl on the screen screamed in pleasure, and thrust her hips against the face of the other, the first shot of cum came erupting from my cock.

Shot after I shot of cum shot on to my stomach, and on to the floor. As my orgasm subsided, so did that of the girl on the screen. I then entered the period right after orgasm where you are no longer interested in sex, so I decided to wait and watch the rest of the video later.

I removed the video from the VCR, and hid it under my bed so no one else could find it. I got a towel, and cleaned myself up, as well as the floor. I clothed myself, and fixed up everything so that it looked like nothing ever happened.

I then left my room, and proceeded to run around the still empty house. I thought I would just relax a while, and maybe have a friend over later. I moved into the kitchen, and had a coke, while I looked over the beautiful spring day outside.

I then planned to go into the recreational/computer room of the house and get on the computer to see if any of my friends were online. I doubted they would be, after all it was a Friday afternoon, but I thought I should check anyway.

I proceeded down the hallway, past my room, and opened up the door, only to find my sister inside. Well, you see that our recreational room, was not actually that, but instead it was my sisters room.

She was 21 years old, just 3 years ahead of me. She attended an out of state college, so she lived on campus. Once she moved out of the house, we converted her room over to a playroom, and part a guestroom. She didn’t really come home that often, so I was surprised to see her. She only came home for Spring Break, and some of the other major holidays.

I think I should tell you that my sister was a pretty attractive girl. Her name was Brynne. She was not a bombshell, but still very cute. She had long flowing blonde hair, and deep green eyes. She was of a slim build, and was pretty average in height.

I never viewed my sister in a sexual way, but my friends always seemed too. I had only seen her naked a couple of times, but that was only a quick peek, when we were much younger then we are now. I do think it was safe to say that she had a nice body. If I had to guess, I would say that she had probably high B to low C size breasts.

It wasn’t so much seeing my sister that surprised me, it was what she was doing! She had a friend in the room with her, one that I had seen a couple of times before, I think her name was Jaime. My sister and her friend both had their eyes locked on the computer screen, while they were working there hands inside of there pants. It became quickly apparent to me that they were both masturbating to something on the computer screen.

Almost instantly after opening the door, my sister and her friend recognized what was going on, and they tried to hide themselves. They did a pretty good job, since they were both still clothed, and I wouldn’t have noticed If I didn’t see what was going on earlier. After a long silence, my sister tried to start whatever conversation she could.

In a low tone she managed to say, “Hey Andrew….I thought you would be at the game tonight..”

As I slowly started my way into the room, my sister tried to block my view as to whatever was on the computer screen. Meanwhile, her friend sat there, embarrassed that I might have known what was going on. I could only stand there with a slight grin on my face.

Realizing what I was thinking, my sister relaxed her shoulders and let out a bit of a sigh. She then looked me in the eye and said “OK…..So…..You caught me, just please don’t tell mom and dad.”

She then got more serious, and her facial expression became serious as well. She said almost in a meager tone “I will do anything.”

Standing there at the doorway, it seemed as if the word “anything”, just kept ringing throughout my head. I walked into the room, and shut the door behind me. Glancing at the computer screen I saw what they were looking at, an image of some guy jerking his huge cock.

Disgusted, I looked towards my sister and said, “First off, how about you close that.”

She quickly moved towards the computer screen, and killed the window. Meanwhile, her friend remained on the bed in the corner of the room, trying to avoid the situation altogether.

Still thinking about what my sister had said, I began to become a little excited about getting anything I wanted. I threw myself down onto the bed, and my sister came and sat down beside me.

She looked at me and said, “So what do you want me to do for you?”

I replied, “Well, you DID say anything didn’t you?”

With a look of fear in her eyes, all she could seem to get out was an affirmative, “Yea.”

After a long period of silence, I said, “OK then, I want you to finished what you have already started.”

My words were met with both excitement and fear. She was excited because she obviously saw that I was cool with what was going on, but scared because she did not know exactly what I meant.

I sat down on the bed, as I directed my sister and her friend to stand in front of me. My sister’s friend was not nearly as outgoing as my sister was, as she timidly got up from the bed. Leaning against the wall behind me, you could already see as a slight bulge poked out from the thin material of my shorts. Seeing this brought a slight grin to my sister’s face, so I really didn’t care what I was exposing.

Once they were both standing in front of me, they looked towards me, almost waiting for me to tell them what to do next. So, I glanced at them and said in a very serious way, “Undress each other.”

My sister looked somewhat enthusiastic, but her friend looked a bit scared. As far as I knew, my sister was straight, but she seemed unusually excited about having a lesbian experience such as this.

They stood still for a long period of time, neither one of them taking the first action. Then, slowly, and deliberately, my sister moved her face towards the lips of her friend. Then, their lips met, and they engaged in a passionate kiss. At first, Jaime didn’t give in easily, but eventually the passion gave in, allowing my sisters tongue to explore her friends mouth.

As they were kissing, my sister’s hand explored Jaime’s body, first caressing her ass, then by roughly rubbing her hand across Jaime’s breasts. It seemed at this point, all inhibition had been lost, and they were freely exploring each other.

Looking down at my midsection, my raging cock was now pointing almost at a right angle from my body. I thought about relieving my sexual tension myself, but I thought I might as well save that for later.

Back to the action, my sister took her friend, and gently laid her onto the ground where she could work more easily. My sister, let her tongue wander away from Jaime’s mouth, and brought it down to her neck, eventually letting it rest just between her breasts, at the crest of her halter-top.

Then, with her hands, my sister began cupping Jaime’s breast, then slowly working her hands over them through the fabric. Becoming turned on, Jaime went ahead and removed her top for my sister. This exposed her nicely filled, silk-lace bra. My sister then skillfully moved her tongue across the edges of her breast, then in the sensitive area where they both meet. Finally, in one swift motion, she reached behind Jaime, and undid the bra strap, allowing the flimsy material to fall to the floor.

Her breast now visible, I only truly realized how large they were. On top she had dark, small, yet pointy nipples. My sister then lowered her face, and began licking one large boob, while working the other with then hand. Throughout this process I noticed she purposely ignored her nipples.

All this time, Jaime continued laying down, and urged my sister on by working her hands through her hair. Once each of the boobs had been thoroughly worked, my sister then worked on each of nipples, sucking, and gently biting at each one. As she worked one with the mouth, she would use her hand to roll the nipple thorough her fingers,

Once my sister felt she had done enough work up top, she licked her way down to the top of Jaime’s shorts, where she quickly removed them. This exposed her soaking wet, blue panties. As my sister bent down to go to work, Jaime had other ideas. Not wanting to be outdone, she rolled my sister over, so that she was on top of her.

Not wasting anytime, she helped my sister in removing her shirt. This revealed my sister’s bra-clad breast. Through the bra my sister’s fully erect nipples were already visible. Jaime worked her nervous hands over my sister’s body, cupping and massaging her breasts in her hands. It was not long before the bra was undone, and my sister’s ripe boobs fell before my eyes.

My sister’s tits were not nearly as large as her friends, but were nicely proportional to her body. Despite there lack of size, they were much more firm, and she had substantially longer nipples. Jaime worked her tongue all across the nipples, while grabbing my sister’s ass with her hands.

Soon, after Jaime had done all she could get out of the upper half of my sister’s body, she decided to move down south to give even more pleasure. All it took was one swift motion to remove my sister’s pants, only to reveal another set of dripping panties.

My sister, wanting to share in the giving of pleasure, turned Jaime around into a sideways sixty-nine position. Both faces were met by a pair of soaking wet panties, as they were just inches away from each other’s pussies.

My sister was the first to go into action, licking an outline just around the edge of Jaime’s panties. It was not long before Jaime was doing the same. Then, almost simultaneously, two pairs of panties went flying across the room. At this point, it was almost if I was not even there.

My sister’s slit was the first one my eyes focused on. You could already see the glistening juices freely flowing from her pussy. My sister had a nicely shaven, patch of dark pubic hair.

Jaime on the other hand, was almost completely shaven. All that hid her soaking cunt was several thin strands of blonde hair.

They both went to town on each other’s pussies, working both the slit and the clitoris. It became evident each time someone’s clit was flicked because you could see there body shudder, and they also emitted a low groan. It seemed like only a matter of minutes before the groans became louder as their orgasms were mounting.

Soon, I heard a loud groan, shortly followed by another. Both of their backs arched as they tried to push each other’s cunts harder into each other’s faces. As they continued to groan, I noticed as there bodies began to spasm as orgasm hit them both at the same instant.

As their orgasms subsided, they both rolled away from each other, exhausted. After laying there for several minutes, they awoke. They looked up at me, almost shocked as if I was there. Looking down towards my still bulging cock, my sister and Jaime got a sly grin on both of their faces.

They both got up onto the bed, and pushed me onto my back. First, they removed my shirt, throwing it with the increasingly growing pile of clothes. As Jaime worked her hands across my chest, my sister moved downward and undid my shorts, removing them as well.

This left me completely naked, except for my briefs. You could already begin to see the head of my cock as it poked out from the band of my underpants. Just at the top of my briefs you could also see where I had already accumulated a small amount of precum.

Jaime then left her position at my chest, and moved downward to inspect what was going on there. She rubbed her hand over the outline of my cock, causing me to emit a moan of pleasure. Then, excited to get to the action, my sister reached into the band of my briefs, and pulled them to my knees in one swift motion.

Then, they both stood back, and looked at my cock in awe. My sister pointed out that should she would take care of the upper half, and pointed to Jaime to give attention to the lower part of my penis.

My sister then took the tip of her tongue at began to flick it at the tip of my cock. Soon, she began to work her thick lips over the shaft of my cock. She started slowly at first, but in a matter of moments she was sucking all that she could handle.

Meanwhile, on the bottom half, Jaime took my balls into her hands, massaging each of them. With her mouth, she skillfully licked the portions my sister couldn’t reach.

After watching the girls show, I was already close to cumming, and all this attention was about to push me over the edge. I provided encouragement to the girls, by reaching down and gently pinching their nipples and they continued to blow my cock.

It only took several more strokes before, I moaned in pleasure. The only warning I could manage to get out was an, “I am cu……”, before my throes of my orgasm began.

My sister backed off, as I shot load after load of hot fuck juice onto my chest and pubic hair. Then both Jaime and my sister bent down into my chest, and began to lick my cum from my body. After I was pretty well clean, they both had a passionate kiss, sharing the taste of my salty cum between them.

I was pretty well spent from my orgasm, but after giving that blowjob, it appeared as if the girls were both ready for some more sexual attention. It only took a matter of seconds before my cock was once more standing at full attention.

Between my sister and Jamie, they came to the “mutual” agreement, that they would both get to fuck my cock. They decided so that I wouldn’t cum to many times, I could fuck one of them, while the other would work on the clit and tits of whoever was getting fucked. Sure did sound like a good plan to me, after all we didn’t have too much longer until my parents would be home.

Jaime was the first to volunteer, clearly leaving the timid image she had earlier behind. She bent over the edge of the bed, indicating to me she wanted it in a doggie-style type position. I was eager to come over, and take my position behind her. She whispered into my ear that she hadn’t done this to often, so to take it nice and slow.

She reached behind her and grasped onto the shaft of my cock. She slowly took it to the entrance of her wet slit, where she allowed me to push inwards. Meanwhile, she steadied herself using her hands against the edge of the bed. I gently pushed against the entrance of her cunt until my cock gently began to sink deep into her pussy.

Jaime was clearly someone who hadn’t had much experience. The feeling of her tight silky walls was almost enough to send me over the edge right there. As my cock balls slapped her ass, I began to slowly pull out. I was soon in the rhythm as my sister came over, and positioned herself on her knees in front of Jaime.

As my sister began to lick the clitoral area of Jamie, I could sense an almost immediate jump in stimulation. As I began to thrust, I could feel her as she pushed back against me, driving me ever deeper into her cunt.

With the stimulation provided by my sister, I could already tell that Jaime was close to cumming, so I quickened my thrusts. As Jaime began to moan and groan, I reached around and began working her nipples. This brought obvious pleasure as she bucked even harder against my cock.

Soon, Jaime came hard as her pussy latched onto my cock. It was almost enough to make me cum, but luckily I held off. Jaime let off a loud groan as she slid off of my cock, and collapsed into the floor.

We were in a hurry and my sister and I hadn’t come yet, so she came over and was ready for my hard cock. She pushed me onto my back on the floor, where she mounted me.

My sister was clearly a lot more experienced then Jaime, because as she positioned my cock, I slipped in with far less resistance. Despite this, the feeling of her pussy was still incredible.

By this time the only sounds that filled the room were moans and groans, along with the slippery sound of my cock sliding in and out of my sisters pussy. It was only at this point that I realized whom I was truly having sex with, my own sister. It was this thought of forbidden love that only caused be to drive harder into her wet slit.

With my sister on top, and in control, I was pretty sure that she would make sure she came, so I just sat back and relaxed. While she was riding my hard tool just massaged her hands across my chest, and occasionally I would lean upward and take a nipple into my mouth.

While we were thrusting away, my sister did something that caught me by surprise. She seductively belted out “ dirty to your sister while you fuck her tight cunt.”

I clearly obliged and followed by saying, “OHH yes, the feel of your tight pussy makes me want to shoot my hot fuck juice inside of you.”

As we continued fucking, she reached down and began to stimulate her own clitoris, while quickening the pace of her strokes. I soon began to feel my own orgasm build, and just as a was about to cum I reached upward and took a nipple into my mouth and gently bit it.

Her pussy was electrified as I did this, causing her own orgasm. She screamed out in ecstasy saying, “Fuck, oh fuck, yes”, as her pussy clamped down onto my still thrusting cock. This time the sensation was enough to put me over the edge. I shot what little cum I had left into her pussy, until I was pretty much completely dry.

In a hurry, my sister dismounted from me, as a combination of my cum and her juices went running down her leg. She quickly went and got a towel, as all three of us cleaned up. We quickly clothed, and I decided to go ahead and go to bed for the evening.

As I left the room I turned and said “Hey sis, so how long are you going to be in town?”, with a smirk on my face. Just as I entered the bedroom I could see the headlights of my parents car turning into the driveway. This left my mind imagining when the next time I could hook up with my sister, but in the mean time I had the rest of a video to watch!!

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Cheerleaders Diary

Dear Diary,

Sorry that I haven’t written lately, but it has been a most amazing time at college. After eighteen years of being told by my parents, teachers and sometimes it seemed everyone else in my world, especially older brothers, what to do and when; these first few weeks have been amazing.

Of course, before they all drove me to college, my parents and every last one of my seven older brothers and their families threw me a fabulous eighteenth birthday party. I got all kinds of things for my dorm room and new clothes. I used the party to tell my high school boyfriend Steve that it was O-V-E-R. Since we were going to different colleges, we both knew it would never work…his fault for not making better grades so he could get into a good school like I did. I think he was cheating on me anyway; not that we ever went all the way.

That reminds me, the most exciting news of the past couple weeks…I lost my virginity. Well, had it taken is more accurate. Like in high school I tried out for the cheerleading squad. But things are different here at college. Instead of just entertaining the crowds and motivating the team at games, you have to entertain and motivate the players…off the field.

I was surprised and frightened at first when I found out. In fact, I almost decided not to try out at all, but I have ALWAYS been a cheerleader. My Mama was a cheerleader. Even Nana was a cheerleader, way back. Of course, they were only high school cheerleaders. I want to be the first girl in the family to make the college squad. I could not let a little thing like my virginity stand in the way of that.

I didn’t really know what it would be like. I heard the other girls, whose turn came before mine, talk about it though. It was simple really. You went to the dorm where most of the players lived and you signed in as someone’s study buddy. They came down and escorted you back to their room where you had sex with him…and any of his friends around. But you had to be done and out of there by ten o’clock curfew.

I was really nervous when it was my turn. At lunch, Sally May, the head cheerleader, gave me a slip of paper that contained the name and room number of the player that I was to…entertain and motivate. Wouldn’t you know it; it was Tyreese Moore, the star running back and possible Heisman Trophy candidate. I got even more scared then. I had hoped for someone more…well, like me; maybe the hot, blonde quarterback, who was known for his high grades as much as his throwing arm. If he did not make the NFL, he would certainly be a Rhodes Scholar.

Tyreese was the exact opposite of all that. He was a kid from the inner city, who could have never made it to college without football. He was also black. Having never actually been with a guy before, the thought of having a black guy as my first was terrifying. Was it really true? The size thing.

I spent the afternoon reconsidering my decision to try out, but I really, really, REALLY wanted to be a college cheerleader. So at 7 PM sharp, I signed into the visitors list. I was really nervous as I waited in the lobby for him to come collect me…for our study session. I wondered if the mini-skirt and tank top I wore was the right choice for this sort of thing. After all, he got to help decide if I actually made the squad. It would be horrid to do this and then not even make the squad after all. But he seemed to appreciate my athletic body, even if he was a full foot taller than me.

I have to be honest here (I could never admit it to anyone but you); when he took my hand in his huge, dark one, I got hotter than Steve ever made me. It was partly how much bigger he was, but mostly it was how much darker. I know that it is bad, but I can’t help how I feel.

When we got back up to his room, I was happy to see that no one else was around. I mean doing one guy like this was bad enough; I did not want a roomful of them like a couple of the other girls had. He offered me a wine cooler. I knew we were breaking all kinds of rules…no alcohol in the dorms…no alcohol to anyone under 21. But I really needed it to help me relax. I think I drank the whole thing in a single gulp as he sat down on his twin bed. When I was finished, he demanded to ‘see what you have to offer.’

I was really glad I had drunk the damned thing then, because my fingers were trembling as I unbuttoned my skirt and let it slide down my tanned legs. I kicked it to the side and smiled. That wine cooler must have been stronger than I thought. I pulled my tank top over my head to reveal my tits…I hadn’t bothered with a friggin’ bra, I hate those things. So there I stood in just my white cotton bikini panties.

He must have liked what he saw cause he started to touch his thingy through his track bottoms. My eyes must have gotten as wide as saucer when I noticed how big the thing was. It was half way down his thigh…no lyin’. He told me to ‘get your pretty white ass over here and suck my black cock.’ I had sucked Steve’s a couple of times, but it was no where near this big.

I don’t know how it happened, but the next thing I remember is his fingers in my blonde hair forcing my head down as he lifted his hips off the bed and slammed his cock so far down my throat I thought I would choke. Then he pulled back until just the head was between my lips. I felt his fingers then brushing my panties to the side. Then his thick fingers were trying to get inside my virgin pussy. He tried for several minutes before he finally slapped my ass and shoved his cock back down my throat. I must have opened my legs more at the shock of choking again, because suddenly I felt the biggest thing I had ever had inside me. His finger was way bigger than the tampons I used. ‘Damn, you tight, girl. You betta suck that thing good…get it real wet or it gonna hurt like hell in this hole,’ he said as his fingers mauled my tender flesh.

It already hurt like hell, I thought as I went back to sucking him. I hoped that maybe I could do like I always did with Steve; get him to cum in my mouth so he would leave my virgin pussy alone. So I sucked and licked like never before…and Steve always said I gave a good blow job. I tried to use my hands, but they would not fit around the thing. So instead I played with his balls, but those were huge too. I mean they must have been the size of a golf ball or a plum. Sure, Steve’s was the only guy I had ever seen, but something told me this one was really special.

It must have been working because I heard his breathing get faster and he was pumping his hips into my face harder. But it sure would have been nice if he had warned me before unloading in my mouth and all over my face and chest. He came A LOT more that Steve. It seemed it would never stop. But he kept holding my head there so that I had to swallow it all. But I didn’t care, because if he came in my mouth then I knew it was over.

When he was done though, he lifted me from where I had knelt on the floor and pushed me back onto his bed. ‘Your turn now, girl. Cause you gonna need to be super wet and horny to get this black cock in your virgin pussy,’ he proclaimed as he pulled my panties down my legs and tossed them aside. I was going to ask how he knew I was a virgin, but then I felt his lips, tongue and teeth on that pussy. Of course, I knew about this, but Steve had never offered to return the favor…ever. So I was shocked that this stranger would do something so…intimate.

OMG…it was amazing. He would lick my hole; a couple of times he even licked at the other one (the nasty one). He would use his sharp teeth on my clit to hold it out. Then he would actually suck it like a lollipop. It was too much. I actually came harder than I ever had with my pocket rocket or fingers. I think I might have even passed out, cause the next thing I remember is him being over me.

Then I felt his hand between my open legs and he had that thing…trying to put it inside me. I opened my mouth to say something, but he just kissed me instead. It burned and hurt like hell as I felt him trying to stretch me open down there. I felt tears slip down my cheeks and thought he might give up when it didn’t work. Instead, he smiled and said ‘Damn, girl, I gotta stretch this thing out for the brothas.’

I got real scared then, but he went back to kissing me. He was a much better kisser Steve or the couple of other boys I have kissed. Maybe because his lips are fuller and his tongue thicker? But he just kept kissing me…that and the wine cooler must have relaxed me…because then I felt it. He slammed his hips forward and I screamed, except of course it wasn’t very loud because he was still kissing me. He put it all the way in me…well as far as he could get it anyway. It hurt again when he hit the back, but he just held it there for a long while and kissed me some more.

‘Damn, girl, that’s some sweet white pussy,’ he said between kisses as he started to move inside of me. It hurt still, but not so bad. It was more like the burning feeling you have for a long time after you skin your knee. He was nice and slow at first, until it quit burning so bad.

Then he started to move faster and faster. I could tell he was going deeper too, which shocked me…where was it going anyway? Then he threw my legs over his arms and lifted my ass off the bed. That made him go even deeper. I think I must have started to moan or whimper, because he said ‘You better be quiet, girl, or we’ll have company tonight.’ I was really shocked when he brushed the side of my face and replied, ‘Since Sally May says she thought you were a virgin, I had planned to keep it just the two of us this first time. But if you start oh-ing and aw-ing like you’s in heat, this room gonna be full of horny niggas wantin’ they turn at this fine white pussy.’

I certainly did not want that, so I nodded my head as he went back to thrust inside of me. Except suddenly it wasn’t hurtin’ no more. It started to feel good…real good. I was biting my lips and scrunching the sheets in my fingers to keep from screaming as he pounded deeper into me. He was sweating too…me too for that matter. Mama may say that ladies glow, but she obviously ain’t had a cock like that inside her pussy…you sweat.

In the end, I had to turn my head to the side and actually scream into the softness of the bed. It just felt that damned good. No, it felt great. I never came like that. Then I felt him cumming too…inside of me. I would have panicked, except I was still cumming.

But afterwards I did get real scared. I couldn’t get pregnant…not my first year in college. Sally May says she’ll take me to the clinic and get me on the pill as soon as my period comes.

Anyway, Ty, as he told me to call him, bribed the guard downstairs. I stayed the whole night in his room…just the two of us. Obviously, I got the thumbs up from him. Of course, I think Sally May and the other football players ain’t too happy with us. Ty decided that he would ‘keep my sweet white ass all to hisself.’

Well, I have to run now. I am off to cheerleading practice…and then over to Ty’s room. I’ll be back…sometime.

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Black Cock School For Girls

Carla Scott sat stiffly upright in one of the several straight back chairs that ringed the front of headmistress, Marion Elder’s large imposing desk. “Now let me make sure that I understand exactly what you’re saying, Mz. Elder,” Carla said sternly, “you’re guaranteeing that my daughter will receive daily instruction in large black erection etiquette?!?” “That is exactly what I’m saying,” the headmistress replied smoothly, “in fact we guarantee that your daughter will get at least two hard fuckings a day by black erections that are at least nine inches long!!!” “And oral sex?!?” Carla Scott asked. “Of course,” Marion Elder shot back, “that goes without saying.” “I just want to make sure that we understand each other,” Carla replied, “Meredith is my only daughter, and well, you understand that I only want what’s best for her!” “Of course I do, Mrs. Scott,” Carla replied gently, “we’ve been in the business of training young women in art of fucking huge black cocks for over seventy years.” “Of course your reputation is impeccable,” Marion answered quickly, “I just wanted to make sure for myself, that’s all.” “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Carla Elder replied. “How about a demonstration of how we operate!?!”

Meredith squirmed nervously in her seat listening to the older women discussing her sex life as casually as you would order a hamburger, but much to her chagrin she heard her own mother reply, “I think that’s a wonderful idea, Mz. Elder, please proceed!” “Very good,” Carla replied while picking up the phone and asking Jamal to come into her inner office. A second or two later a very handsome young black man dressed in a snow white terry cloth robe casually entered the room. “You called for me, ma’am?” he asked softly. “Yes, Jamal,” Carla replied, “I’d like you to meet Marion Scott and her daughter, Meredith.” Jamal smiled broadly at the two women while offering, “It’s nice to meet you, ladies.” “As you can see our young men are extremely respectful of all women,” she went on easily, “and we further feel that although our young women will become incredibly addicted to these large black erections that it remains paramount that the young men don’t take advantage of the situation.” “My thoughts exactly,” Marion replied. “And how old is Jamal?” “Let me see,” Carla replied while picking up his file, “ahhhhhh here it is, he’s twenty years old, only two years older than Meredith.” “Now, let’s get down to brass tacks,” the headmistress said evenly, “all right, young man, please expose yourself to Meredith and her mother.” With a small smile still covering his face the young man slowly untied his cloth belt, and then with a flair for the dramatic let them wait for a moment before letting his robe fall open.” “M-my god!!!” Marion gasped. “H-he’s huge, I just can’t believe it’s real!!!”

While Meredith wasn’t by any means a virgin, her tummy did a quick flip flop as she stared wide eyed at the massive coal black penis that hung low from Jamal’s groin! “Does this meet with your satisfaction?” Carla asked rhetorically all the while knowing that Marion Scott was more than pleased with what she was witnessing. “It’s just wonderful!” Marion gushed. “I knew you’d be pleased,” Carla Elder replied softly. “Okay, Jamal, allow Meredith to taste your organ.” Covering the six feet between them with two steps, Jamal let his monster pecker hang within inches of the stunned young woman’s face! Her heart was beating a mile a minute, but like a magnet is attracted to cheap metal she gingerly opened her mouth and let the fat smooth head inside. “H-how does it taste, dear?!?” Marion asked unevenly. With her mouth so full of thick black dick all her daughter managed to do was hum, “Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!”

“As you can see,” Carla observed, “our young men have incredible control over their organs.” “Not many men could control themselves with such a pretty young woman sucking their erection!” Just watching her daughter fellating the black stud was more than poor Marion Scott could take, so without even thinking she shoved her hand up her skirt and began wantonly masturbating her now drooling pussy! “God that looks good!” Marion moaned while wildly fingering her hot clit. “Would you like to see Jamal fuck her?” Carla asked softly. “Oh yesssssssssssssss!!” Marion hissed. “M-make him fuck her!!!” Jamal looked over at the headmistress, and after receiving only a slight nod of her head, he gently pulled his prick from the hungry young mouth while pulling her to her feet. With her eyes locked on the young stud’s pecker, Marion Scott watched in stunned awe while Jamal quickly ripped off her daughter’s panties before shoving her face first onto the large desk as he lined up his huge hammer with her now bulging little hair pie! Meredith groaned loudly while the young stud ran his black pecker head up and down the length of her sopping wet slit. And while Marion masturbated like a wild monkey, he slowly impaled the white assed little cunt with his ten inches of hard black cock meat!

As each inch disappeared inside of her Meredith’s groan turned into a loud scream as her poor little pussy convulsed wildly around the invading marauder! “S-she’s coming all over the place!” Marion Scott moaned. “Just look at her little hair pie, it’s getting the fucking of its life!!!” “And that’s just the beginning,” Carla said softly, “for the next nine months she’ll get it at least twice a day just like this.” “He’s so fucking huge!!!” Marion gushed. “He’ll rip her apart!!!” “D-does it hurt, dear?!?” she gasped. “Ohhhhhhhh, noooooooo!!!” Meredith moaned. “I feel so full, I just can’t explain it!!!” Just when poor Marion thought she couldn’t stand it another second Carla Elder offered, “Try this, Mrs. Scott, “it’s an exact duplicate of Jamal’s erect penis!” Marion turned her gaze to the headmistress only to find that she had handed her a huge black dildo that exactly replicated Jamal’s monster pecker! With a shaking hand she picked it up and slipped it into her mouth, savoring it’s thickness and length. When she was sure that it was wet and lubricated she shoved down her panties, and without a moment’s hesitation shoved it balls deep into her hairy cunt! Marion’s guttural moan caused Meredith to look over her should just in time to see the ten inches of thick latex to bury itself deep in her mother’s hot pussy! “Oh god!!!” Meredith gasped while staring at her mother pounding the black dildo in and out of her cunt with brutal ferocity. “M-mother,” she moaned, “we’re both getting fucked so fucking hard!!!” Even the headmistress was being swept away in the excitement of it all, and after pressing her intercom her secretary appeared at her desk and dropped to her knees and began sucking her boss’s smoothly shaved vagina!

Being the only male in a room full of hot pussied women was finally more than poor Jamal could take, and even though he was trained in the art of restraint his pecker finally betrayed him as it pulsated out of control inside of Meredith’s cute little blonde haired pussy! “I-I’m sorry, ma’am!” he groaned loudly. “I just can’t hold it another second, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, there it goes, I’m fucking cumming!!!” Seeing the young buck lurching in and out of poor little Meredith’s helpless pussy was more than the Marion or Carla could take as they both watched in wide eyed wonder as Meredith arched her back while an orgasm of incredible dimensions slammed into her pussy like a jack hammer! Carla rammed the thick dildo harder and harder until her own organ wrenched hard in a brutally violent orgasm, while at the same time Carla Elder grabbed her secretary by the back of the head as she rode her mouth to a stunning cum of her own!!!

After it was over a very satisfied Meredith carefully cleaned Jamal’s now limp pecker with her warm mouth while Carla and Marion put themselves back together. “So,” a now composed Carla offered, “that is how we do business at the Black Cock School for Girls!”

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