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Virgin Schoolgirl Needs Better Grades

“Mr. McCoy, I just have to start getting higher grades in your class if I’m going to get admitted to any of the best colleges. I’m acing every class but yours and I’d do anything to get straight A’s from you too.

“Anything? Do you really mean that?” His smile widened as he asked her that and lecherous thoughts swirled through his mind.

“Yes, I do. Anything. Anything at all. I would even be willing to have sex with you but I’m a virgin and I have to stay that way until I’m married. My parents are very strict and so are the mother and father of my fiancé. Even so, I would be willing to have sex with you but it would have to be some any way I can do it and still keep my virginity?”

“I’m quite sure we can work something out, Ruth. Suppose you come to my office after school ends today and we’ll see if we can think of something.”

Dennis McCoy already knew what he was going to be thinking of and he hoped Ruth would be as willing as she said she would be. She was about the hottest girl in the high school where he taught Geometry, with long red hair, green eyes and a few scattered freckles that enhanced her perfect ivory complexion. Her breasts were big and shapely too but neither they nor her face was Ruth’s main attraction. As he watched her walk out the door of his office in her long knit dress, he knew what was. He was a man who loved female asses and the body he was eying had a bottom that was as close to perfect as any he had ever seen, big and curvy with a truly delightful sway. He would talk with her after classes ended for the day but he already knew what he wanted to do to her later when her dress would be bunched up above her waist and she would be leaning over his desk.

Shortly after the bell rang ending the school day, Ruth returned to his office. Although inexperienced, she knew there was a way for a woman to have sex with a man without breaking her maidenhead, and she had done it, but she was naively hoping Mr. McCoy would not have thought of it. If he had, and he insisted on it, she would let him have his way with her because a first class college was so very important in her plans. She was willing to go that far but would still refuse to let anybody fuck her pussy before marriage and after the wedding, it would be only her bridegroom.

She needn’t have worried about her maidenhead because the lecherous Dennis McCoy had been thinking of only one thing since watching her ass swaying as she left his office earlier that day. The first thing he had done was to look up the sexy redhead’s date of birth in her high school records and learn she had turned 18 over a month ago. He had made sure he had a squeeze bottle of good quality lubricant because he was aware it would be necessary but had decided to pass on the condoms. He knew Ruth couldn’t possibly become pregnant from being fucked in her ass and he was confident she would have no STD or AIDS. The last thing he did before her anticipated visit was to put a roll of paper towels on his desk but otherwise clean off everything there so she could bend over it while he raised her dress and peeled down her panties.

Ten minutes after classes ended, Ruth arrived in Mr. McCoy’s office and was rather dismayed to see him there and not wearing his coat or tie. She had hoped he would have left already, thereby relieving her of her promise but, since he hadn’t, she was determined to go through with it. “I’m here,” she announced and turned around to lock the door and pull down the shade before sitting on the chair next to his desk. “Have you decided what you want to do?”

She expected him to want to be sucked off, which would not be that much of a problem to her. Although a virgin, as she said, Ruth had sucked her fiancé’s cock several times and it been rather fun. The young man had never done anything to reciprocate but her own fingers on her clit had taken care of her climaxes. She expected that would be what she was called on to do that day and started to go around the desk so she could get to her knees while the teacher remained in his chair and enjoyed her attentions. The only things she was concerned over were how long it would take and what his semen would taste like and whether or not he would expect her to swallow it as her fiancé liked her to do when he came into her mouth. Therefore, Ruth was surprised when he got up from his chair and guided her to a spot in front of his desk.

“Put your hands here,” he instructed her, referring to an area that was free of any clutter. “Lean forward and press your legs against the edge of the desk.”

Still wondering what was going to happen, she did as she had been told and watched as Mr. McCoy went back to the drawers of his desk, removed some objet or other and returned to stand behind her. She felt him unbuckle the belt around her waist, place his hands on her hips and stroke slowly downward until he reached the hem of her dress. Not until she became alarmed when he started to raise her dress did she say anything to him.

“Mr. McCoy! What are you doing?”

“I’m getting you ready to do what you said you would do.”

“But I can’t do that! I can’t let you take my virginity.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to get near your cherry.”

Ruth began to realize what the teacher’s intentions might be. Occasionally, she had heard an angry man say something like “Fuck you in the ass” to another man but she had never thought about that as even being possible. Ruth had also, while taking a shower, inserted a finger in her own nether hole and it had felt rather good but that was just a finger. She was certain the cock of the geometry teacher would be much thicker and longer and doubted it would even fit inside such a small opening the way he seemed to want. She had made a promise to him but had not known at the time what might be involved.

“Wouldn’t that hurt? I mean what I think you might be thinking about.”

“No. Well, just a little at first but it should feel good once we get going. If it hurts too much, I’ll stop but millions of people do it every day and most of them really like it.”

“Can’t I just give you head instead of that?”

“No. You made a promise to me and I expect you to keep it.”

“But I don’t want to do that.”

“Oh? Do you want to go to a quality Ivy League university or some other place equal to that or would you rather have to enroll at Podunk Community College? Because that’s the only place that’ll accept you with the D Minus you’ll get in my class.”

That gave Ruth something else to think about. Straight A’s would get her the scholarship she needed and admission to the best schools in the state – in the world even – with all the benefits that would be involved after graduation.

“Will you really stop if it starts to hurt too much?”

“Of course. I have no intention of hurting you. I just want to have some fun and I really think you’ll like it too. Gay men do and a lot of women like it better this way too.”

“Alright. Just tell me what I have to do.”

“For now, just keep leaning against the desk with your feet together.”

With Ruth doing what he wanted, Dennis finished raising her dress above her waist and gathered it so it would rest on his desk and be out of their way. Thinking he might need something nice to hold onto, he reached up even farther, unhooked Ruth’s bra and pulled it off to leave it draped over the back of the chair she had used briefly. He sat on that same chair and removed his shoes, socks, pants and underwear, grinning at his stiff cock when he finished. She was still wearing her shoes and sox but he didn’t worry about them. Naked below the waist, he stood behind Ruth and slowly pulled down her white cotton panties, taking his time about it because he considered the stripping to be comparable to the unveiling of a work of fine art.

With her panties off, he gazed raptly at the spectacularly beautiful ass he was about to fuck. It was probably the most gorgeous one he had ever seen naked, with her hips curving out from her waist and back in to merge with her thighs. The lovely cheeks were two perfect hemispheres that jutted from her back, curved around and down and back and slightly up until they met the backs of her legs. The skin covering this marvel may have been the most beautiful part of all, creamy white and unblemished, and Dennis could hardly wait to get his body pressed against her while he was plunging his cock in and out of this place of spectacular beauty.

But there was one detail that had to be attended to first. “You certainly have a beautiful bottom, Ruth,” he told her. “But I need you to reach back and spread your cheeks for me. And move your feet apart,”

She reached back with her hands to part the halves of the gorgeous globe and he gazed at the new glory – her lovely pink rosebud between the satiny white hillocks. When he reached in to open the pink bud, his hand brushed against the skin that was like Damask and lined the insides of those cheeks. She was so gorgeous, he thought of licking her but he didn’t want to take the time to do the thorough washing that would have been needed. Although distracted by her beauty, he concentrated on prying her open enough to insert the tip of the squeeze bottle of lubrication.

“Oh!” the sexy redhead responded as the cool liquid squirted into the place where nothing but her own fingers had ever been before. “That feels good. Funny but good.”

“I’m glad, Ruth. It’s supposed to feel good.”

After removing the nozzle of the bottle from her ass, Dennis slowly eased the middle finger of the same hand into the oily hole that had become much more easily accessible. Ruth’s body squirmed against the desk because the digit was going so far into her and felt even better than her own soapy fingers had while in the shower. So far, she was really enjoying her first anal sex experience but she was also aware that a man’s dick, at least that of her husband-to-be, would be much bigger than anything that had ever penetrated her before.

When he finished covering his cock with the lubricant, everything was ready. Dennis reached back between the teenager’s cheeks with the same hand, pried open a small opening again and moved closer while guiding his hard organ with the other hand. When he made contact between the tip and the tiny orifice that he was about to stretch, he stopped and rubbed the head of his cock against it to spread the lubricant better and to make the first shallow insertion.

“That still feels really good, Mr. McCoy. So far, everything has.”

“I’m glad to hear that. But the next thing I do will hurt just a little and, after that, everything should feel good.” Having said that, he pushed forward and the head of his cock wedged its way into the slippery hole before him.

“Oh!” Ruth gasped as she felt the thick invader squeeze its way into her ass. “Ahhh,” she continued as the small amount of initial pain immediately started to evolve into pleasure.

“How does that feel? Does that hurt?”

“Oh, no. Just a little at first but it feels great now.”

“Good.” Dennis thrust forward again and almost an inch of his cock burrowed into the place that was being so hospitable.

Ruth sighed in bliss and spread her succulent cheeks slightly farther, believing if the small penetration felt that good, deeper would be better. She was right in that belief. The hard shaft burrowed its way almost another inch into her, and the currents of joy rippling through her body more than doubled. She moaned loudly from the extreme delight she was feeling and her body started squirming against the edge of the desk. Wanting more, Ruth kept holding her soft, white cheeks spread as widely as she could until she felt a hand being placed gently on either of her hips.

From the way the teenager was acting, it was obvious she was getting as much fun as he was which made Dennis happy. He preferred the woman have a good time during sex with him and he knew the antics Ruth would soon be going through would make the fucking so much better for him. His cock was deeply enough inside her ass that he no longer needed to guide it so he used one of the paper towels to wipe the excess lubricant from his hands and placed them on her soft hips. He enjoyed the contact and would be able to pull back on them for leverage as he drove his cock farther into her.

With the next stroke, Ruth felt Mr. McCoy pulling back on her hips so she thrust her ass back to meet him. A wave of unmitigated pleasure washed over her body as his cock imbedded itself inside her and she groaned in bliss. The fabulous sensation of having her ass stretched and the adjacent channel crammed so full was like nothing she had ever known or even felt in her most lurid adolescent dreams. The horny teacher kept his cock in place while her whole body was writhing in joy and she was shifting back and forth from one foot to the other as wave after wave of intense carnal delight crashed through her body.

Finally, he slowly withdrew and Ruth felt a small sense of loss but that didn’t last very long. When she felt his cock surging back into her ass, Ruth was in such a hurry to have the hard giver of joy imbedded again, she fucked back to meet it. Once again, she groaned in pleasure as their bodies came together, this time burying his cock so deeply that his pubic hair was tickling the very sensitive insides of her ass cheeks. They stayed like that for over a minute while great breakers, not merely waves, of joy crashed through her whole form.

Dennis was having a great time too. Ruth’s extremely tight ass was probably the best place his cock had ever been and the movements of her body made the fucking even better for him. For this purpose, he had bought the best quality personal lubricant he could find and it was worth the small extra price. The oil had completely liquefied and he felt no friction as he plunged his entire shaft in and out of her, just the tightness and the massaging by her internal muscles.

Over and over, Dennis McCoy’s cock plowed into Ruth’s ass and she fucked back to meet every stroke. The pleasure she was receiving was excruciating but there was another feeling also mounting within her body. While sucking off her fiancé and, occasionally at other times, she had brought herself to a climax by fondling her clit and the new sensation was a little like that, except for being so massive those other times paled in comparison.

From the erratic movements of the teenager’s body and her sounds of delight, Dennis knew Ruth was getting close to coming, as was he. “Do you want me to play with your clit,” he asked.

“Yes! Please, can you do that? I think I’m gonna come any minute.”

Dennis reached around her hip and found her clit, which was so swollen with her lust it had crowded its way out from behind its protective hood. Ruth’s whole pussy was dripping wet from her juice and he scooped some of it up on his fingers, being careful to avoid making a penetration, and licked it off. The fresh honey was delicious and he repeated this several times, while hoping he might get a chance to eat her pussy during some future tryst in his office or elsewhere. After licking his fingers for the last time, he gently used his thumb and forefinger to squeeze Ruth’s clit between two folds of her inner lips.

He started slowly stroking the engorged morsel, in the same tempo as the thrusts of his cock into her and Ruth matched his pace as she rammed her ass back to meet him. Knowing they were both on the verge of coming, he started plunging his cock into her at a faster pace. Her movements became wilder; she kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other, as if in some kind of strange dance, and her upper body swung and swayed from side to side. Whatever her other movements, she continued to jam her ass back to meet the strong, deep thrusts of the hard cock in and out of her thoroughly fucked ass.

“Oh! Oh, my god, I’m coming,” the happy redhead sang out and Dennis was glad the walls were thick enough to muffle her voice.

Ruth’s movements were so erratic, he was also glad he could continue to press her thighs against the edge of the desk and use his arms to prevent her from falling to the side. He kept driving his cock in and out of her perfect ass until his own climax bubbled up and exploded, shooting a big wad of cum into her bowels. Dennis continued driving his cock in and out until he had ejaculated two more times and was through, at least for that day.

Before his last burst of semen gushed into her, Ruth uttered a subdued cry of ecstasy as she also reached her orgasm. Her muscles clenched and relaxed immediately after and her upper body sprawled across the desk. Dennis was right on top of her but he kept his hands splayed on the wooden surface to avoid putting too much of his weight on her young body. Their fucking was over but they stayed in that position for a few minutes to rest and catch their breaths.

Although they both felt bad about ending the connection, Dennis’s cock grew soft and he had to withdraw it from the gorgeous ass where it had given and received so many delights. There was still one more moment of pleasure waiting for him and it was ready to happen. Even with his cock no longer inside, Ruth’s ass remained dilated and, as he watched, his white cum, combined with the used lubrication trickled out, with some of it joining the juices from her pussy, and ran slowly down the insides of her legs. After he used paper towels to wipe off most of the trickle, it was time for him to live up to his part of the bargain.

“You will get close to perfect grades in my class for the rest of the year, Ruth, but here’s how we’ll have to do it. I’ll provide you with advance copies of the midterm and final exams and all the answers will be included. You can get grades as good as you want but I suggest you get slightly less than 100%, just to keep anybody from getting suspicious enough to say anything.”

“Thanks, I’ll do that. One thing though,” she added with a lascivious grin on her face. “Can I come back here a couple times a week to do more of the same thing for extra credit?”

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After School Help

Finally, the bell rang. Class was over. Seth sighed a heavy sigh of relief.

“Alright, guys, remember! The test on Chapter 4 is when?”

The class sighed, grumbled and in a collectively defeated unison, replied, “Tomorrow.”

“Right. Also, remember, if you do better on this test than the previous one, I will drop your first test grade and count this one twice.” A little incentive and hopefully, the class would appreciate his teaching a little more. No excited responses. The life of a teacher, he thought. You give them a treat and they still think you’re a fucking prick. He moved to his desk, settling in for his afternoon break. One class period off, one more after that and the day was done. He glanced up, watching his students file out, picking out some of their conversations and smiled to himself. I remember when I was in your shoes, guys. It’s not as bad as you think, you’ll see.

He became so engrossed with his grade book, that he didn’t see her quietly approach the desk.

“Mr. Allen?”

When she spoke his name in her husky voice, he jumped, startled right out of his train of thought. “Ah, yes, Ms. Wolfe? How can I help you?”

Jadyn Wolfe was a knockout for her 18 years of age. Her silky blue-black hair framed her delicate face, and those sapphire blue eyes were enough to pierce your heart. Her blue blouse and short skirt, perhaps a little too tight, hugged her perfect curves in all the right places and when she walked with those long slender legs, she seemed to glide untouchably through a crowd. Jadyn gave off a seductive aroma of mystery; all the men wanted her, all the girls hated her. She paid them all no mind, and mainly kept to herself. She seemed unbreakable, and even sexier, untouchable.

She brushed her long hair over her shoulder and tilted her head to the side. “Um, I was wondering if you had any time later on today, after school, if you could help explain some concepts from the chapter to me. I didn’t do so hot on the first test and I’m really worried about tomorrow’s.”

Seth pressed his fingertips together, trying not to look into her piercing eyes for too long. He freely admitted to himself the first time he saw her that she was sexy, but all teachers know it’s suicide to have an affair with a student. The thought had crossed his mind before, her naked body engulfing his member as he pumped into her, their sweaty bodies making sweet music together on his desk…

He shook his head, erasing the image out of his head. Jadyn narrowed her eyes slightly, smirking slightly as if she had telepathically read his desires. “Well, Ms. Wolfe, I normally don’t tutor students. I encourage you to study with others from the class so you can all benefit the same and perhaps help each other learn something new. I don’t want it to seem like I’m playing favorites….” his voice trailed off.

She nodded. “I understand. Um, thanks anyways.” She turned to leave.

“But,” he continued. What are you doing? “I suppose I could help you a bit later. I have some time around say, 2:45. Is that okay for you?” No playing favorites, Seth!

Jadyn smiled that sexy smile of hers. “That’s perfect. Thanks so much, Mr. Allen. I really appreciate it.”

“No problem, Jadyn. See you then.” She smiled again, and strolled out of the room, that sexy body teasing him all the way out.

His smile quickly turned to confusion. Control yourself, Seth, he thought. She’s a student. She probably just wants help for the test. No big deal. “Yeah,” he said aloud. “No big deal.”

The rest of the day flew by. As 2:45 rolled around, Seth was engulfed in correcting the homework assignment handed in by his 8th period class. C’mon, this is not brain surgery. You need to study a little more. His red pen scribbled comments and he added it to the already critiqued work. He sighed. He loved teaching, but it always pissed him off when students did poorly. He glanced out the window, watching the rain pattering against the windows. He was so engrossed in his work that he didn’t even realize it had begun to rain. Hopefully, it would taper off after he and Jadyn were through. Jadyn. Even the sound of her name in his mind turned him on. He let his mind wander to fantasy as the bulge in his pants grew, imagining Jadyn in the showers after gym class. The hot steamy water running down her skin, her body gliding soap to clean off the dirt from the day. Her mouth parts, and she sighs as she discreetly slides her hand down toward her sex. With her fingers, she strokes herself up and down along her lips. Moaning, she dares further to slide her fingers into her pussy, letting her juices guide her fingers towards an amazing release. Harder and faster she thrusts, moaning louder and louder until she climaxes and collapses to her knees, sighing out “Seth…” as she comes down from heaven…

A soft knock on the door startled him back to reality. Seth cleared his throat and pushed himself closer to the desk to disguise his bulge. “Come in!” he called out.

Jadyn walked in with her bag over her shoulder. She quietly shut the door, silently locking it when he looked down. “Thanks again, Mr. Allen. I hope this helps me get my grades up,” she said as she sat in the seat next to his desk. Seth flashed her a quick smile, as he picked up the piles of papers and put them in his briefcase. “No problem, Ms. Wolfe. Now, what questions do you have for me?”

She inched the chair closer to him; her blouse was unbuttoned slightly, giving him a nice view of her perfect breasts. He glanced down quickly, a small wave of passion running down to his already solid member. He looked back up to find her blue eyes piercing him. Shit. Caught.

“I was wondering if you could explain to me the difference between Britain’s Parliament versus our form of government. I can’t seem to understand it,” her husky voice milking the words out, almost as if she was teasing him. Her eyes studied him closely as he fumbled for words to speak. Relax, Seth. She’s just a student. Somehow that didn’t seem to have an effect anymore. “Sure” was all he could manage to sputter out.

The lesson continued, and as he tried to stay focused, he couldn’t help get the thought of pleasuring Jadyn out of his head. Running his tongue everywhere on her skin, exploring her body with his strong hands…it was all too tempting. He sighed heavily when she finally nodded her head, smiled and said, “Ok, I think I got it. Thanks for your help, Mr. Allen.”

“You’re welcome Jadyn. I hope I’ve been at least slightly helpful.” Seth reclined back in his chair as she got up to pack her bag. You’ve survived Seth, good job. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back.

Jadyn cleared her throat and brushed her hair behind her ear. “You know, I really appreciate this.” She turned around to face him. “I owe you a favor.”

She silently slinked in between Seth and his desk and sat down on the edge. Seth opened his eyes to find her sitting in front of him, her hands gripping the edge of his desk, her eyes rested on his. “No, no, Ms. Wolfe.” He stammered. “I’m your teacher. I get paid to teach you. You don’t have to do anything for me.”

“What if I want to?” She kept her eyes on his, her gaze not shifting. Seth swallowed. “Jadyn, I, uh…I…can’t accept any, um, favors…”

He watched her hand move up to her blouse and one by one, she unbuttoned it, exposing her black lace bra. “This isn’t a favor, Mr. Allen. This is called lust. I saw you staring at my breasts earlier, and I’ve seen the way you look at me during class. I know you want me, I can see it in your eyes.” She slid her blouse off her shoulders and tossed it aside. “I’m ready and willing, Seth. I’m yours for the taking.”

When she said his name, his desire consumed him. He stood up and put his hands on her shoulders. “I can’t Jadyn. You know how much trouble…”

She interrupted him by passionately kissing him. Her tongue probed his as her fingers ran through his hair. He lost control and kissed her back, running his hands down her back onto her ass, giving it a tight squeeze. He pushed her back on the desk, breaking their kiss. “God, I want you,” he growled in a low voice as he attacked her neck with his mouth. Jadyn sighed as she tilted her head back. “I know,” she whispered into his ear.

Seth ran his hands up to her breasts. Fondling them through the lace material, he heard Jadyn moan softly. He moved his mouth back up to hers, letting all the desire that built up for the past month and a half flow out. Jadyn grabbed his shirt and ripped it open, revealing his chiseled chest. She ran her fingernails down his abdomen, causing Seth to growl as his tongue ran across her lips. He grabbed the zipper of her skirt, until Jadyn stepped back and shimmied out of it. She turned around and bent over, showing off her matching lace thong as she stepped out of her skirt. Seth ran his hands over her ass cheeks and sighed. She grabbed the desk as he laid over her, kissing her back as he undid the clasp to her bra. Her breasts fell out as he threw her bra to the floor; he cupped her naked breasts and grinded his stiff member into her backside. She seductively laughed and turned around. His mouth trailed down her collarbone and onto her nipple, licking and sucking it as he cupped her other breast. Jadyn moaned as he nibbled her nipple softly and grabbed his hair again. “God, Seth, that feels so good,” she panted. He continued to suck on her nipple as she felt down to his belt, undoing it and pulling his pants and boxers off. She ran her finger along his erect member, causing Seth to tilt his head back in pleasure. She stood up and stared into his lust filled eyes. “Sit down,” she commanded, her sapphire eyes weakening his knees.

She dropped to her knees and spread his legs. As she ran her nails on the inside of his thighs, Seth moaned, anticipating her mouth on his cock. Her tongue ran slowly up his thigh, and down the other, just missing his sensitive spot. “Please…” he whispered.

Jadyn smiled at him and wrapped her mouth around the head, gripping the base of his penis. “Like that?” she teased. “Yes…” Seth begged. She stroked his penis as she took him all in. He rolled his eyes back into his head, amazed at her talents. She began to bob up and down slowly, sensually licking his member like an ice cream cone to slow his climax. He ran his fingers into her hair and guided her head on his cock. She twisted her grip in the opposite directions as she twisted her mouth. Seth glanced down to look at her sucking him off. The voyeurism was too much for him to handle. He felt his balls begin to tighten, and anticipated an amazing orgasm. “Oh fuck, Jadyn. I’m gonna come soon…” he said in a hoarse whisper. She tightened her grip on his cock and began to suck harder and faster. The combination of the wetness of her mouth and the grip of her hand was too much for him. He moaned as he unleashed spurt after spurt of semen into her mouth, gasping for air after every cry. He watched as she swallowed it all, not spilling a drop of come out of her mouth. After what seemed an eternity of pleasure, he came down from his high as he member softened. He sighed as she stood up, “That was incredible. But now it’s my turn.” Jadyn flashed him her wicked smile. “So take me.”

Seth pushed her back on the desk and pulled off her thong. He laid her down as his tongue trailed down her midsection, towards her navel. He teased her a bit by running the tip of his tongue around it, and slowly moved it down to her thighs. He spread her legs apart, inhaling the addictive aroma of her womanhood, moist and wet from all their foreplay. He rubbed her breasts and he slowly inched his tongue towards her slit. As Jadyn moaned, he whispered, “Not yet” and sank his fingers into her wet pussy. He pumped them up and down as she moved her hips in synchronous motion to his fingers. He leaned down again and found her clitoris, which he flicked with the tip of his tongue. Jadyn yelped and pulled his head towards her pussy. “Lick me,” she commanded, which he happily obliged.

As he continued to thrust his fingers deep inside her, Seth licked her pussy lips in figure eights, moistening every inch of her sex with his tongue. Jadyn bucked her hips against his face, engulfing every lick, suck, kiss and nibble he offered into her pussy. He finger fucked her harder and licked her faster, stopping only to ask her, “You want more?” Jadyn felt her orgasm approaching. “Oh my god Seth, lick me. I’m gonna come!” Her breathing became heavy as the sweat appeared on her breasts. As her orgasm engulfed her, she cried out. Her orgasm was so sexy; his member stiffened at the sight of her flushed face and she sighed as Seth drank up her juices.

“Oh my god,” she sighed as she sat up. “That was amazing.” She opened her eyes and glanced at his stiff cock. She kissed him as she commanded to him. “Fuck me, Seth,” she moaned. “I need to feel you inside me.”

That’s all he needed to here. His wildest fantasy was about to come true.

Seth guided his cock to her opening. There, he teased her by slowly rubbing the head up and down her slit. She sighed and pierced him with her eyes. “Tease,” she moaned.

“You’re one to talk.” Seth growled as he plunged his cock all the way inside her. Once he was all the way inside, he stopped to look at Jadyn recover from taking him all in. Her mouth hanging open, a sigh resting on her tongue, she slowly began to rock her hips into Seth’s. He grabbed her hips and began to grind her back. She opened her eyes and kissed him. “Fuck me harder,” she whispered her command. Seth slowly began to buck harder; her wet pussy swallowed his throbbing cock entirely with each thrust. This is what you’ve been waiting for, Seth. Make the most of it. Sweat began to pour fro their bodies as they slapped their hips together on the desk. “Faster. Harder. Oh god, Seth, fuck me!” Jadyn groaned. Their bodies began to grind faster and Seth could feel his balls tightening again. Jadyn wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer. Together, they moaned and released their orgasm, and Seth pumped her full of his cum. Jadyn sighed as she collapsed into his arms, her head resting on his shoulder. Once she came down from coming, she turned to face Seth and tenderly kissed him in between her gasping breaths. “Thank for all your help,” she whispered as she bit his lower lip. Seth smiled. “My pleasure. Let me know if you need any more after school help.”

Jadyn grinned. “Well, I do need help with the essay you assigned for next week. Is tomorrow ok?”

“Definitely.” Seth replied, a wicked glint flashing in his eye. I guess not all the students think I’m a fucking prick when I give them a treat.

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Shower Girls

The girls shuffled into the locker room after what had been a brutal hour of gym class. For some unknown reason old lady Stiller had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed and taken it out on her third period group of senior girls. “Judas priest,” Matti sighed while slumping down on the bench in front of her locker, “what the fuck was that all about!?!” “I dunno,” Ricki replied while peeling off her dripping wet shorts and tee shirt, “I don’t know if I can make it to my next class!” Everyone in the locker room was in a state of shock, but after taking a few minutes to recuperate they all stripped naked and headed off to the showers. Once under the soothing streams of hot water their tired muscles began to relax a bit, and as was usually the case, most of them openly masturbated in front of each other and had no qualms about have massive orgasms while others watched. Of all the girls, however, it was Matti who was the envy of the entire class in that she had incredibly large breasts and a perfect hour glass figure!

Matti soaped her exquisite 36D’s, and then casually as you may, wandered over to little Dani Nesson and without so much as a peep pulled the surprised girl’s mouth to one of her rock hard nipples! “Oh my,” Matti sighed while caressing the young girl’s head, “you suck me sooooooo nice!” Dani nipped at the hard little nub while at the same time letting her hand wander down to Matti’s bulging vulva! After getting her fill of her nipples, she dropped to her knees and stared at the incredibly plump pussy that by now was open and ready for a good sucking! While every one else in the room looked on Dani slowly leaned forward until her mouth and tongue made direct contact with the blonde hair covered pussy of the big titted senior!

“Look at Dani,” one of the other girls squealed while wildly fingering her boiling pussy, “she’s suckin’ Matti’s hot cunt!” Most of the girls were now furiously masturbating while staring at Dani literally eating the big blonde alive! Being Matti’s best friend, Ricki pressed her body up against Matti’s back and whispered into her ear, “I just love watching you get sucked off!” Matti’s pussy was now absolutely on fire and in a halting voice gasped, “Y-yessssss, pleassssssse, suck me, suck my hard fucking little clit!!!” This was truly a sight to behold! Little Dani on her knees tonguing Matti’s fat cunt while Ricki caressed and kissed her big plump ass! Pretty soon Ricki was kissing Matti deeply on the mouth while her pussy began to spasm uncontrollably as the little cunt lapper sucked and tongued her to ecstasy! Of course being best friends, Ricki and Matti took turns sucking each other almost every day, but as was usually the case, it was always just like the first time and incredibly arousing! She grabbed his friend by his tits, twisted the nipples roughly until her legs wobbled and her knees knocked while her own orgasm exploded in her own bulging cunt!!!

The shower was by now filled with sounds and smells of young women cumming in buckets all over the tile floor! What a show Matti, Ricki, and Dani had put on!!! “I just love your big chest,” Ricki sighed while slipping slowly to her knees in front of her friend, “and just to show you how much, I’m gonna suck you off!!!” “W-we don’t have much time,” Matti stammered as Ricki kissed and licked her wet crack! “Mmmmm, there’s always time for this,” Ricki sighed while nuzzling the incredible organ against her face, “I just never get tired of licking it!” “Oh my fucking god,” Matti moaned, “y-you know just what I like, you hot mouthed bitch!” Ricki loved hearing his friend extolling her oral technique, and without warning he began sucking on the bulbous clit like it was an all day sucker! In no time at all Matti was grabbing the shower head for support while her pussy wrenched hard for the second time in ten minutes, sending her over the proverbial cliff onto the rocks of Cum City!!! “You love sucking cunt, don’t you bitch?” Matti asked through gritted teeth. “Mmmm, yes,” Rick mumbled without taking her mouth off the drooling organ. Matti’s pussy shuddered out of control as it convulsed hard again, sending a gusher of hot cunt juice all over Ricki’s eager face!!

It didn’t take long for the news to get around school that Matti had let little Dani Nesson suck her off. It was almost like a badge of honor to have been allowed to suck on Matti’s bionic pussy and gravity defying breasts! For the rest of the day Dani told anyone who would listen how Matti and selected her for a good hard cunt lapping! She was in the process of regaling Tammy Dunbar of her shower room escapade when she was overheard by her American Lit teacher, Mrs. Davis. The teacher of course had heard stories of Matti’s sexual prowess, and on more than one occasion she had masturbated while wondering what it would be like to have the big titted blonde for her very own! Almost immediately her pussy drenched itself while she pictured little Dani on her knees paying homage to Matti’s incredible pussy! For the next fifty minutes she struggled through the day’s lesson with her pussy running on the ragged edge of orgasm, until when the period thankfully came to an end she asked Dani to stay late to discuss a problem.

After everyone had filed out of the classroom Dani asked quietly, “What is it you need, Mrs. Davis?” Mrs. Davis turned a bright shade of red and stammered, “W-well you see it’s like this, uh I just wondered, you see it’s like this……….” “You want to show me your pussy,” Dani whispered while staring wantonly at her teacher’s crotch. “Oh yesssssssssss,” Mrs. Davis sighed while lifting her skirt, “j-just for a minute!” Dani’s eyes were now focused on Mrs. Davis’ groin, and when her big hairy muffy popped into view she gasped audibly, “M-my god, it’s beautiful!!!” “Do you really think so?” Mrs. Davis asked proudly. “Oh my yes,” the little eighteen year old sighed while dropping to her knees with her mouth open, “you have an absolutely lovely vagina, so fat and bushy, I just adore it!” Seconds later the teacher was standing there in front of her desk with her cunt gaping open while the cutest little cunt lapper in the whole school had her way with her!!! Right away she knew why Matti had wanted the little slut to suck her! She was just so fucking adorable, and talented too!!! It didn’t really take long, only about two minutes until her entire body shuddered while Dani’s aggressive tongue bored in and brought the middle aged teacher to a stunning climx!!! And of course just like all good little cunt lappers she cleaned up the entire pussy with her mouth and tongue, leaving it spic and span and ready for more action!!!

After giving her teacher a knowing wink Dani gathered up her books and offered softly, “That’s two hot cunts in one day, I just must be living right!!!

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