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Strip Club Slut

Chas had been going on at me for quite a while now about taking me to one of the sleazy amateur strip clubs that he had told me about since talking to some of the guys at the motorcycle club. You see I was a bit of a slut, well alot of a slut, and was really keen to strip in front of a load of horny guys, especially as he had said they were allowed to touch the strippers as well. Finally I had given in and he said he would have another word with the guys to see which was the best strip joint to go to.

That Wednesday at the club after speaking to them he had been told of a couple and one which they had advised him to give a miss as it was really a dump and the clients that went there were usually real rough types and there was always trouble there. I thought if he took me to that one perhaps he would be satisfied.

We went a couple of days later. I had been even more highly sexed since Chas had told me and I had worn him out, wanting to be fucked all the time. Not that he was complaining as I was an reasonably attractive sexy women, and one hell of a fuck. As Chas waited for me in the hall to come down from getting ready I was thinking of what may happen that night, how far I would want to go. My musing was cut short when I appeared at the top of the stairs.

Hell, Chas said. You look stunning.

I was dressed in a very short tight skirt which just about covered my ass and was split to the waist on one side. When I bent over you could see my tiny red thong panties I was wearing. I had a tight crop top on which my nipples stuck out through as I wasn’t wearing a bra and showed all my bare stomach, and black high heel shoes, my long tanned legs naked, just my toes and finger nails painted blood red. All this was finished off with dark eye makeup and ruby red lips. With what I was wearing it was just as well it was a warm evening as we were going on Chas,s motorbike.

“God, you look stunning, you sure you want to go out,” he said as he had an instant erection on seeing me. I pouted and laughed,

“Yes I do,” I replied.

“You better get you jacket and helmet on then and let’s be off before I change my mind,” Chas replied.

I slipped the leather motor cycle jacket on and the helmet and we got on the bike. Christ I must of looked like one of them gang sluts you see in hells angle films, as all my legs were visible as I hung on to Chas tight as we sped off.

The club was hard to find as it was on the outskirts in a real rough area of the city. After riding around for a while we found it down an alley way. It was a real sleazy run down looking place. A lot of noise was coming from inside and it sounded as there was a lot of people in there. This was made obvious by the amount of motorbikes, and old cars and vans that were parked in the alleyway and a piece of waste ground alongside.

We went inside, the bouncers on the door eyeing me up and down as we went in. I heard one of them say to the other,

“She should go down well,” to which the other replied,

“Yes, bet the whore gets a good fucking as well”. They both laughed.

The inside looked no better than the outside. The floor was bare with spilt drinks, fag ends and god knows what else, the tables looked no better and the décor was old and tatty. None of this mattered though as all eyes were fixed on the naked blond on stage showing all she had to the crowd of people who were shouting comments to her, with some of the front row reaching out and pawing the girls legs and anything else they could grab hold of. There must have been about forty or more people in there, with about three quarters of them men the rest women. They were all shapes and sizes and all ages. The only thing they all seemed to have in common were they all looked rough and dirty.

We found a table and I sat down while Chas went to get a few drinks. A lot of men had stared at me as I walked in and I had heard a lot of comments from others mainly about fucking the ass off that tart. Chas brought the drinks back and sat down. I was transfixed on watching another girl now on stage taking her clothes off for all the leering men, and she had her hand between her legs openly rubbing her pussy as I watched. I could see men on the other nearby tables grinning and making comments to each other as they watched her masturbating herself.

“Your slut going to do a turn mate,” one of them shouted over to Chas.

“Yes, I recon so,” he replied. They all laughed and cheered.

We watched the other girls for a while; Chas could see I was dying to be up there myself. This ended when the guy shouted

“When’s your whore going to strip then,”

“Right now then,” Chas said looking at me.

I did not need to be told again and got up and walked to the stage to a load of whistling and cheers. I climbed up on to the low platform and as the music played I began to gyrate my body to the beat. After a few minutes I began to remove my clothes. First my top showing off my tits, then my skirt. For a while I danced around in just my tiny red thong until to a round of get the fucking panties off, I slowly slipped them down my legs and off then throwing them to the crowd. I was now naked except for my high heels. My naked body twisting and swaying to the music. My hands caressing my breasts, pinching my erect nipples, then down my stomach and between my legs. I got down on my hands and knees in front of the men, and crawled to them, letting them reach out and fondle my hanging tits, or grab my ass as I wriggled it in front of them. Then lying on my back with my legs opened wide to he audience showing the pink insides of my smooth wet shaven pussy as I played with myself, rubbing myself, and inserting two fingers into my wet hole.

The men were going wild, shouting and whistling until one of the men climbed up onstage and said

“I can do that for you honey,” and with that began to finger me himself, inserting one, then two fat grubby fingers up my cunt and frigging me hard.

I was moaning and arching my back as he brought me to an orgasm there on the stage, I screamed out as he did so.

“Time I had some fun as well,” He said as started to unfasten his dirty jeans.

“Fuck the whore,” I heard a female voice shout out to a chorus of others shouting the same.

He pulled his jeans down to his knees. I could see his large unwashed cock, precum showing on the tip and dirty looking and the base of the head of his cock. His balls looked slimy and glistened. I reached up taking hold of his big fat hard cock and guided it to my open cunt.

“Get your fucking cock in me,” I shouted at him.

He didn’t need telling again and rammed his cock fully up my waiting cunt. I sighed out loud as he first entered then started grunting like an animal as he pounded into me.

“That’s it, fuck me, fuck me,” I was shouting at him.

“Oh, I’m going to, all the men are going to fuck you slut,” he said back through gritted yellow teeth.

As he banged away all the other men had moved to the front, a lot of them on the stage watching and waiting their turn. The women had moved up also and were shouting abuse at me and urging all the men to fuck the cum slut legless, bore out her holes with their cocks good. The fat guy was now grunting hard and was about to shoot his load.



With a last lunge he emptied his sack up my cunt and over my belly. Then withdrawing and putting his smelly cock to my lips telling me to clean his cock off. I hungrily took him in and licked and sucked until all traces of cum and dirt had been cleaned from it, then went down to his ball bag and sucked and licked all around his sweaty smelly sack, sucking his balls into her mouth and up to his ass hole until all off him was clean.

By now another cock was pounding into my cunt and another man had positioned himself at the top of me. Taking hold of a handful of my hair he pulled my head to his groin, forcing his cock into my mouth until his full length was in then using my hair pulling me back and forth on to his ridged cock. I gagged and coughed a bit until I got accustomed to it then like a pro deep throated him until with a groan he emptied his full load into the back of my throat.

The second man had now shot his load into my cunt and another was fucking me. Cum was squeezing around his cock as he bored in. Another was deep throating me again. Other men were mauling and pinching my tits and nipples making them large and red. After those had emptied their seed into me, I got onto my hands and knees and crawled to another group and told them to fuck my ass. An old guy of about sixtyfive was the first in the queue and shoved his old cock up my ass hole after spitting a large amount of gooey spit on it to lubricate it.

“Oh yes, I like my ass being fucked hard,” I said.

The old guy said he hadn’t had a whore with a good piece of ass like this for a long time.

“Fuck it good then. Destroy my fucking asshole then you old bastard,” I shouted at him.

He soon shot his load into me ass then ordered me to suck all the mixture from my ass off his cock. I buried my face into his crutch and sucked the mess off him. His stale piss smelling pubic hair buried against my face as I sucked on his old cock, as I was again being fucked up my ass.

“Lets triple fuck the slut,” somebody shouted out.

A man positioned himself under me and I sat astride him buring his cock deep up my cunt. Another roughly pushed me down until my tits were squashed on his chest, he then pushed his cock up my ass. My final hole was filled as a real fat dirty smelly guy pushed his cock into my mouth until my face was squashed against the folds of sweaty fat of his stomach. I wrinkeled my nose as the smell from him invaded my nostrils, but I still took him in fully has he pulled my head to his groin by my hair. I made loud slurping noises as I sucked him. The other two were now ploughing into my ass and cunt both burying their cocks to the hilt up my holes at the same time. Sometimes they would shove both their cocks into my cunt or ass at the same time.

Chas could see I was in heaven having all these men fuck me. Being naked and having my body used and violated, being humiliated in front of an audience of men and other women. I heard a loud crack and felt a sharp pain, I cried out. Some of the men were slapping my ass. My ass cheeks must of been glowing red with hand prints all over them from the slapping they got.

“Use this on the slut,” a woman shouted, as she threw a thin leather belt on to the stage.

One of the men picked it up and began to whip my ass cheeks with it. I cried out with every sting of the leather but my cries were soon stifled with another hard cock being shoved in my wanting mouth.

About another five times I was tripled fucked when a group of the women got on stage and roughly turned me back over onto my back.

“Let’s have some fun with the slag as well guys’” one of them said.

I was then subjected to an hour of humiliation by these women as they wanked me off with bottles, chair legs and whatever other objects they could find to abuse my cunt or ass with. They fisted me ramming their hands up my cunt way past their wrists and slapped and whipped my cuntand tits. The other women who had stripped over the night sat on my face and I made them all cum nibbling on their clits and licking their holes, poking my tongue up as far up their cunt and assholes as I could as they ground their smelly musty cunts down on to my mouth and face. A couple of them even pissed as they were sat on me, showering me with their warm piss.

They made me crawl around the stage and then lick up any cum that had gone on the floor. I licked up every last drop. “That’s it, you dirty fucking cunt, lick it all up or we will have to whip your ass again, “they shouted at me. But still some cracked the belt on my ass for fun as I crawled around causing yelps from me as they did. They had me crawl over to men who stuck their ass in my face. The women then ordered me to lick all the assholes, telling me to make sure I stuck my tounge up as far as I could.

Finally, the women had finished with me, and handed me back to the men to get some more use out of me. I was laying there groaning on the dirty stage, my naked ravaged body covered in red marks and cum, my cunt gapping wide from all the objects and cocks that had been using it and cum dribbling from it. My ass hole couldn’t of looked much better. I was once again dragged along the stage and off onto the even dirtier floor of the bar through the stale beer and mess that was on it where I was repeatedly fucked at least another ten or more times as I just lay there letting these fat, smelly, dirty old and young men use me. Empty their cum into and onto me, use me as a receptacle for their gratification, a cum bucket. Then after either have me suck them clean or wipe their dirty slimy smelly cocks in my hair. The women stood around spitting on me and slapping my face and tits.

With all the men and women in the room now having fucked me, they all stood around me. Looking down at this piece of naked trash that was a married women. Chas was among them, watching me rub all the cum, spit, and stale beer into my tits, fingering my cunt and licking the cum of my fingers. “Fucking hell, this slag is one piece of dirty cunt,” a man said.

“Yea, lets wash some of the dirt off the piss whore shall we,” Another said.

A guy behind the bar shouted to take the cunt outside as he did not want piss all over the floor to clean up. I was grabbed by the hair and dragged out side into the alley where I was then dumped onto a pile of trash by some bins. All the men then unzipped their trousers and jeans and began to piss all over my body. It poured down over me, splashing on my tits, little pools of it in my belly button.

“Hey slut open your legs and mouth, let the men piss into your filthy cunt and mouth, taste it you whore.” a women shouted.

I spread my legs, and held my cuntlips open, and opened my mouth. Piss sprayed into my open cunt washing cum from out of it, while lots of jets were aimed at my mouth. I swallowed hard filling filling belly with piss adding to all the cum I had also swallowed. I saw some of the women pissing and spitting into an empty jar they had found then got several of the men to wank, piss, and spit into it as well. One man pushed his cock into my mouth then pissed when he did so. I swallowed fast but still loads spilled from around it, running down my cheeks onto my tits and dripping from my nipples.

After all the men had emptied their bladders over her, the women took the jar full of their piss and the men’s cum and held it to my mouth.

“Drink this, you dirty filthy cum slut, Or we’ll whip the shit out of you,” they said.

I took the jar and emptied it into my mouth, swallowing every drop then licking the jar.

“UUMMMMM, that quenched my thirst,” I said, licking my lips.

“Fucking hell, never seen such a dirty whore, and I’ve seen a few, a bearded guy said.

With everybody having finished with the slut some started wandering back into the club or off to their vehicles leaving me lying there in a large pool of piss. My body glistening with piss and my hair soaked in it. A group of about six bums who lived in the alley way had been watching all this were stood a little way back. A couple of the men shouted over to them that if they wanted a piece of this slags ass to come and get it if they did not mind the mess she was in. They run over. Of course they did not mind, they probably hadn’t seen or had a women for a long time, especially a naked ,nympho one at that, and they weren’t worried about the mess as they were filthier than her.

I was dragged by them from the alley through the mud onto the waste ground where I was held down as the bums fed their filthy cocks into my holes. Even now I still wanted cock even these disgusting unwashed ones and I sucked and licked all of their cocks after they had fucked my cunt and ass. Chas along with several of the crowd from the club watched these men pounding my ass as I was lay face down in the dirt. As they pulled my head up viciously by my hair as they pummelled my ass and cunt. Watched as I was turned over onto my back, my legs open wide wrapped around their waist or over their shoulders as I was fucked hard in this position. The men biting and slavering on my tits and nipples, kissing me, pushing their tongues into my mouth so I could taste their foul breath.

Chas had noticed through out the evening several men videoing all the action and were still recording it now. I saw him walk over to them and asked if he could have a copy of the finished tape. He told me later that they were selling them at fifty pounds each, but as it was his whore who was making them the money he could have one for nothing and to call back at the club in a few days for it, and to bring the slut with him as they added we can give her another good time, they laughed. “Maybe I will,” he said he had replied, grinning.

All the bums were spent now and wandered back to their makeshift homes in the alley way leaving me lying there panting. The others had gone back into the club leaving us alone. Chas walked over to me and helped me up. I was unsteady on my feet which was of no surprise from the fucking I had received for the last several hours.

“Fuck Kathy, better get you home for a bath you smell pretty bad now. Hope this as cured your craving for stripping and fucking for a while,” Chas said to me.

“Only for a while,” I said laughing.

“Fuck, you are a slut luv, but I love you,” Chas said and gave me a long passionate kiss. “You wait by the bike; I’ll go and see if I can find your clothes. he said.

I waited while Chas went back in but after about ten minutes all he had found was my now very badly torn skirt.

“Sorry love, this is all I could find, fuck knows where your top and panties are or your jacket. Oh found your helmet though,” He said to me handing it to me.

I took the skirt. It was torn into several pieces.

“Fucking lot of good this is,” I said and threw it into the pile of rubbish.

With that I put my helmet on and climbed on the bike.

“You’ll just have to take me home like this,” I said with a sparkle in my eyes.

“Christ I hope we don’t get stopped,” Chas replied as we rode off.

Chas picked up the video three days later like they said. He hadn’t taken me, but had promised them he would take me back in a week or so,s time, so they could fuck the shit out of me again. I said fair enough, as we settled down to watched me perform. It was hard to believe it was me on the screen taking on all those men, doing all those sex acts and being humiliated as much now we were sat at home together, but it was. Of course I wanted a good fucking afterwards as I was so turned on by it. By the end of the night Chas was half dead, but hell he and I had enjoyed it. It was one hell of a lot of fun being married to a slut he told me