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Kristine At the Restaurant

“Don’t you want to fuck me too?”

The 18-year-old babysitter’s words echoed in my mind in the next few days at my soulless office, which was lit in a permanent florescent noonday glow. The night after she gave me the blowjob, I paid Kristine for her time babysitting, and told her to go home. As much as I wanted to take her up to my bedroom and have my way with her, I simply couldn’t risk the fact that my son might hear us.

After his mother’s passing Luke had had trouble at school. Not acting out, really, more like the opposite. He withdrew and stayed alone on the playground. A teacher found him sitting in the sandbox where the younger children play, quietly sifting the sand through his hands, staring into the dust it stirred up when it hit the ground.

“It’s like he’s having an existential crisis, and he’s only ten,” Mrs. Lehmann, the school counselor, told me. She didn’t know if this was normal behavior for children who had lost parents. She didn’t have any recommendations, except that I keep an eye on him and try to get him to talk about his feelings, which I did anyway. Her eyes were visibly moist, and when she talked about the teacher finding Luke alone with the sand she even seemed to suppress a sob.

I didn’t know if it was normal for counselors to be unable to control their emotions, and I decided it didn’t matter. I had a hard time myself sometimes.

For this reason and many others, I decided I could not see Kristine again. The moments of lust that we had shared for time that she was stretched across my lap and while she sucked my cock had been a welcome change from the constant drudgery of my life after my wife’s death, which consisted of the gym, office and home. I loved my son and I loved every moment that I was able to spend with him, but I sorely missed my wife’s touch. For the first few months after her passing, I couldn’t be aroused by anything.

I even tried sleeping with a friend of my wife’s who had more or less thrown herself at me during the funeral. She was a quite attractive 40-year-old mother of two who was in great shape from her job teaching bikram yoga. We fucked for almost an hour in a variety of positions until I had to admit to her that I couldn’t feel anything and was never going to cum. She never called me back afterwards, even though she assured me that she understood. I went months without even thinking about sex. Kristine had been the first to change this.

After my decision not to see Kristine anymore, I had to hire a new babysitter. I really disliked the process. Mike, my poker buddy, had recommended Kristine to me because his oldest daughter was a classmate of hers. I couldn’t ask him for another recommendation without telling him about our encounter. I went through the process of placing ads. I knew that I was going to have to explain to Luke at some point why Kristine wasn’t coming back, so I stayed around the house for the next several weeks and did without seeing my friends or any kind of adult contact outside of work.

In the meantime, several calls came from local girls who wanted to babysit. I interviewed three of them, but they all seemed immature. I considered hiring a 19-year-old college student named Katie who seemed responsible enough, but when she mentioned her boyfriend I couldn’t help but flash back to the night I saw Kristine giving head to her friend from school, and so I told her I’d think it over, but I never called her back. I couldn’t risk hiring a slutty sitter for a second time.

Finally, I ran into an older woman from the church we used to go to who offered to sit for Luke anytime that I wanted to go out. She told me that her daughter, recently divorced, was ready to date again. Thinking I should take my mind off of Kristine, I decided to take the woman up on her offer, and to give her daughter a call as well.

Her daughter’s name was Mara, she was 28 years old, and she worked in human resources for a local company but was passionate about writing. I had no idea what this particular combination of qualities would add up to in person.

She was obviously expecting my call, so we moved past the formalities quickly and arranged to meet at a local TGI Fridays. I was afraid my choice of restaurant would insult her writerly pretensions but we both lived nearby and the closest non-chain restaurant was an hour in every direction.

As Friday approached, I was nervous about the date, but not for the normal reasons. I was afraid of disappointing Mara because of my general apathy; I was afraid she would feel like I was using her as a foothold on my way out of my pit of despair.

She was already at the bar when I arrived. I recognized her from the pictures we had exchanged via e-mail. She had dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and a sympathetic face. Thankfully she was slim, which was by no means something that goes without saying the in Midwestern united states. I was relieved to see her drinking beer, and a Samuel Adams at that, which spoke volumes for our potential future compatibility.

We sat at a booth and ordered an appetizer, an assortment of small bits of food, each of which had lost its individual particularities of appearance and flavor during its trip through the deep fryer. I was relieved to discover that Mara was not a vegan.

After the appetizer, our beers were almost empty. Now was the time to decide whether or not we would have a second drink. Mara had proven herself to be an engaging conversationalist. She had worked for newspapers, had lived abroad, and had taken the job in the HR firm as a way to save money before launching a career as a freelancer. I was pleasantly surprised.

As we asked the waitress for another round, my cell phone vibrated in my pocket. Thinking it might be from Mara’s mom who was sitting for Luke, I excused myself quickly and took it out to read it. I was completely unprepared for what it said:

“Hi Mr Richards. So you decided to come see me at my new job? I’ll meet you in the men’s room in 5 min. – Kristine.”

“Everything ok?” asked Mara as I stared at the screen.

“Yeah. Yeah everything’s fine. It’s the phone company telling me they’re going to deduct my bill for this month,” I said.

I tried to smile as if nothing had happened. On the one had I was angry that Kristine was trying to ruin my date with Mara, but on the other hand, I couldn’t forget the image of my spunk coating her beautiful teen face and her licking it up with gusto. In the end, my cock made the decision for me.

“Could you excuse me for a second?” I asked, “I have to go to the restroom.”

The men’s room was handicapped-accessible, that is, it was a large room with no stalls and a lock on the door. A few seconds after I went in, I heard a faint knock. My heart pounded as I turned the knob and Kristine bounded in, her perky breasts poking out from under her unflattering TGI Friday’s uniform. She turned quickly to lock the door behind her then jumped up to give me a peck on the cheek.

“Happy to see me Mr Richards?” she asked.

“Surprised is more like it.”

“But you’re a little happy?”

“Part of me is happy.”

“What part is that Mr Richards?”

“Why don’t you find out?”

She dropped to her knees and slowly unbuttoned her shirt to expose her ample cleavage. This time, her bra was black. She looked up at me playfully as she unzipped my pants.

“Are you sure your girlfriend won’t mind?”

“Are you sure your boyfriend won’t mind?”

“We broke up.”

I gasped as she took my cock in her mouth.

“What happened?”

She bobbed up and down for a moment before coming up for air.

“He caught me sucking his friend’s cock in the school parking lot.”

“Imagine that,” I said, watching my cock disappear between her thick, full lips.

“I guess my secret’s out,” she said, taking my rock hard cock out of her mouth, standing up and pulling down her uniform pants.

“Oh?” I asked, stroking my cock as she pulled down her black thong panties and leaned forward to support herself against the wall.

“I’m a total slut,” she said, taking my cock in one hand and guiding it into her moist pussy.

“Mmm,” I said, savoring the first thrust inside her, “you certainly are, aren’t you?”

I began to fuck her like I hadn’t fucked anyone before but my wife. I started out slow, then sped up, then slowed down again. I twisted my hips and Kristine moaned as my cock stroked unknown pleasure points inside her pussy. I reached around and teased her clit with my fingers. I slapped her ass so hard I left a big red handprint on it. I was so lost in the moment I almost forgot I was on a date and that Mara was waiting for me at the table.

“Cum for me you little slut,” I said as I sped up.

“Oh yes,” she cried, “Your cock feels so good.”

“Tell me you want it.”

“Oh yes Mr Richards. I want your cock.”

“Yell it. Scream it so they can hear you outside.”


“Yes, take it you little whore,” I said, fucking her harder and slapping her ass.


She came hard on my cock, her inner muscles trembling in pleasure.

“I’m going to cum inside you,” I announced, speeding up.

“Oh yes,” she moaned, coming down from her orgasm, “fill up my pussy with your cum.”

I came in a hard burst, shooting stream after stream of hot cum into her tight 18-year-old pussy. After I had loosed the last volley, I pulled out and caught my breath. To my surprise, Kristine turned around, got on her knees, and sucked the last few drops of cum from my cock. Then she smiled up at me and said “You can go back to your girlfriend now. I hope she doesn’t smell my pussy on you when you fuck her later tonight.”

“She’s not my girlfriend,” I said, zipping up my pants and inspecting my clothing for traces of our encounter.

“Whatever,” said Kristine, “you’ve got my number. We should do this again sometime.”

She gave me a peck on the cheek, zipped up her pants and disappeared out the door. As I washed my hands I got another text message on my phone:

“I can feel your cum dripping down my leg ;-).” It said.

God, I thought, how am I going to deal with this woman?

Elevator Ride

Standing alone in his dorm room John pondered what his next move should be. It was Christmas break and there was barely anyone left on campus. Looking around he saw the picture of his family sitting on his dresser which was empty due to having no class over the break. Sitting to the right of that was his laptop which was open to facebook, his usual procedure to burn a couple hours while having nothing to do. 

His dorm room was really quite empty, except for a Chicago Bulls calendar and some family photos, the walls were bare. He never really was the decorating type, he always thought when he found the right girl she would decorate their house for them. In truth he really didn’t care that much, he was fine with the walls being empty; it was always the people who visited him who had the problem, always saying how his room was so bland and boring, he didn’t care. 

As he began to pace thoughts returned to what he was going to eat for dinner. Since it was Christmas break the cafeteria was closed, so he couldn’t count on that. There was always Burger King a couple blocks down he thought. With how cold it was outside in the dead of winter, traveling down the block really wasn’t appealing. 

So with that in mind he was going to the ole standby and gets some food out of the vending machines. Crossing the floor he readjusted his sweat pants and made sure everything was in order. Opening the door he reached down and re-adjusted himself and started walking down the halls. With no one around he really didn’t have to worry about crashing into someone with his hands down his pants. 

The walls were a boring white color, with every ten feet or so a new room with a corresponding number. His room was number 10, which was perfect because it was right in the middle of the hall which meant it was right across from the bathroom. Sure that meant hearing the door open and close during the night, but on those drunken nights when you have to get to the bathroom quick, nothing was better. His floor was completely abandoned; he was the only soul living there the entire month. He kind of liked it that way, but it also got lonely. 

This was the first time he wasn’t able to go home for the holidays because his parents were on a cruise they book months ahead of time. They didn’t think about him of course, they never did. As he walked by room number six, he could smell the sweet scent of pot. His friend George lived in that room and was a huge pothead, always skipping class to go get high with his girlfriend, but naturally a straight A student. 

Reaching the elevator he clicked the button and only had to wait a matter of seconds before the elevator arrived, another perk of being one of the few in the building. His building was newly renovated so the elevators were exceptionally nice, wood panels and carpeted floors. The amber colored floor brought out the wood of the elevator but looked strange next to the white walls of his floor. Each floor had different colored walls ranging from light blue, white, to brown and even red. He always thought he picked the right floor sense he was always told he had a boring personality.

The elevator slowly descended until it reached the lobby and he exited onto the ceramic tile. Walking across the floor he could hear his footsteps slap the tile, echoing around the corridor. With the lobby vending machines down the hallways on the right, he walked that direction. As he turned the corner he could hear grunts and heavy breathing from where the vending machines were. A metallic crack sounded off into the air as if someone was kicking the machine. With his heart beat quickened he picked up the pace to see if someone needed help. 

“You piece of crap give me my Snickers bar!” he heard a women scream down the hall. 

It was nice to hear another person’s voice he though, you get cabin fever after being alone for too long. In his mind he was going over all the scenarios of what she could look like. With his luck it was be some girl he was not attracted to, he never caught the breaks. 

Before turning the corner he called out, “Do you need help?” he was hoping that she did.

“Oh thank god, I’m starving and this machine won’t give me my candy bar,” she yelled back.

As he turned the corner he saw the source of the voice, and it took his breath away. Standing ten feet away was the most elegant women he had ever seen. Standing perpendicular to the machine he could see she was thin, around 5’10 and had beautiful brown hair about shoulder length. Even though it was winter she had pink short shorts on that left little to the imagination. Her cream colored appeared soft and smooth. To top it off was a white Illinois State sweatshirt that appeared brand new. Our eyes meeting for the first time seemed to go on forever, but was really only a second on two. 

Visually regaining her composure she brushed some hair away from her face before putting them on her hips.

“I’m sorry but I’m really hungry and this dumb machine won’t work,” she explained. 

Closing the gap between the two of them, he walked right up next to the machine to get a closer look. 

“Well it looks to me as if your candy bar won’t fall,” he said jokingly. 

Throwing her hands up in the air she said, “Well duh smarty pants.”

Breaking his attention away from the machine he came face to face with her and could smell her delicious perfume. She smelled of strawberries. Looking directly into her eyes he was about to speak when she got her words out first.

“Hey I’m Carol”

“Nice to meet you I’m John, what are you doing here, its Christmas break shouldn’t you be at home with your family?

“I would but I work at the community center down Williams’s road doing charity work over the holidays. How about you, what are you still doing here?”

Looking back toward the machine his hands started to lightly shake the device hoping he could cause the food to fall. 

“My parents thought it was a good idea to go on a vacation without me,” he explained while tending to his task of helping the girl out. 

While he was trying different way to get the candy for her they made small talk about how abandoned the campus was and how there was no where to eat. Thus explaining why the both went to the vending machines for food. After a minute or two and more rough housing the machine, the candy finally dropped. 

“Ah there we go,” he said as he put his hand into the slot and handed her the candy bar. 

“Thank you so much! I don’t know what I was going to do if this didn’t work out.”

“Not a problem, glad to help,” he said

“Well it was nice meeting you John, I won’t forget this,” she said as she turned to walk away. 

They shared a smile and like that she started to walk away. Naturally when a good looking girl is in need of help, it’s one that doesn’t find him attractive he thought. Hearing her footsteps he wished he would have asked for her number, an opportunity like that doesn’t happen every day. She had to be the most beautiful women he had ever seen, and he just let her walk away.

As he kept kicking himself over the mistake, and picking out his food, which of course was Doritos, his favorite chips, he could hear footsteps coming closer to him. As he bent over taking his bag of chips out of the slot, he looked back and saw Carol walking back toward him. His mind began to race, why is she walking back to me for he thought. A smile spread across her face as she walked up next to him.

“Hey by any chance would you be interested in hanging out? I’m very bored and you look like a nice enough guy to hang out with.” 

The sound of her voice was enthralling, all he knew was the wanted to keep hearing it. 

“Yea sure, that sounds like a great idea. I really don’t know what there is to do but I’m sure we can think of something.” 

With that we take off from the vending machine down the hallway. For some reason the hallways seem just a little brighter than when I arrived just ten minutes earlier. We decide that neither of us was ready to go back to our rooms so walking sounded right. Luckily we had the largest dorm on campus and had plenty of places to walk around. 

As were walking we talk about our roommates and how we both despise them. It turns out she is from Michigan and wants to be a nurse, pretty much all small talk. Her charity work resolves around her cooking the meals for the elderly at the community center. 

Making their way around the dorm the flow of conversation goes from the normal how is your day type of chit chats to more personal questions. After walking around for about twenty minutes he stops in front of the elevator.

“I have grown tired of walking,” he said with a laugh, “but I would still appreciate your company so would you be interested in joining me to my room; we could watch a movie or something?”

He had no idea where that came from, it was so unlike him. But after talking and walking around with her, perhaps he had become more comfortable than he thought. He wasn’t even worried she would say no, a rush of adrenaline came bursting through his veins and he knew she would say yes. 

With a wide grin on her face she says, “Wow, you really are confident in yourself aren’t you.” Pausing for a second before he could answer she continued, “But I like that, normally guys around me are nervous, but not you.”

“Well that settles it then,” he said. 

Turning his back he reached for the elevator button and pressed it, it grew an orange color. Almost immediately the elevator dinged indicating it was there and the doors opened. Wasting no time Carol walked into the elevator and moved into the right back corner. With John following, he walked in pressed the button for the 9th floor and turned around facing her. Carol was leaning against the wall with her arms holding onto the side railing. Wasting no time, without even asking for permission John walking right up to her and planted a kiss on her lips. 

Ding- they had just passed the second floor. 

Opening her eyes and coming back to reality John could tell his kiss had the desired effect. 

“Wow, I am really growing more found of you John. Confident, assertive, and not even asking if I wanted you to kiss me, you’re a dangerous man. But I want more, are you willing to do that?” she asked playfully throwing her delicate brown hair over her shoulder.

“I don’t know if you can handle me,” he grinned, “I can be quite the handful.” 

Ding- they had just passed the fourth floor.

His mind was racing, who is this guy and where has he been his whole life. All he knew was he didn’t want to think too much and lose him. One kiss wasn’t enough he thought, he wanted more. Without thinking he leaned back in and began kissing her again. The intensity of the kiss escalated when she slowly parted her lips and with her tongue grazed the inside of his mouth. 

Wanting more he placed his hand above her shorts and went under her sweat shirt, to her bra. Feeling her breasts made his heart beat faster and faster, and could feel himself get aroused. Without missing a beat Carol used her hand and pulled his sweat pants open and slowly creped her hand down toward his penis. 

Ding- 7th floor

While massaging her breasts his kisses left her lips and moved to her neck and along her collar bone. Her breathing had quickened and he could feel her shivering against his hard body. Her hand finally met his penis and she grabbed it and then their eyes met. 

“You were not lying there big boy,” she said between deep labored breaths. 

Sweat began to accumulate across her brow like a light drizzle before a storm hit. She began to slowly stoke him and could see his eyes begin to roll back from pleasure. 

Ding 9th floor

The doors slide open but neither of them moved; they were not ready to get off this ride yet. Maintaining eye contact this time she leaned in and planted a more sensual kiss on his lips, slower, more romantic.

“How about we make this elevator out of order?” he said with his eyes closed looking up toward the ceiling. 

“You don’t have to tell me twice, but how do we keep this private, I want to do some dirty things with you in here,” she whispered into his ear. 

“Oh I got a trick up my sleeve, something I learned pulling a prank on my friend Eric last semester. ” 

Breaking contact for the first time, he went over and pressed the first floor button, illuminating it. Carol looking over curiously but remained silent, trusting her partner knew what he was doing. Once the elevator began to move John pressed the emergency stop button and the elevator came to a stop. 

“Wait won’t that cause an alarm to go off or something?” she asked curiously. 

“No, they had the alarm disabled because college students were abusing it and the fire department was annoyed at all the wasted trips,” he replied.

“Oh you just can’t trust college kids with 

anything these days can you,” she said with that mothering tone. 

“No you simply cannot,” he said looking her up and down, “Now where were we…?”

“You were about to put those nice strong hands back on my body Mr.”

Taking his cue they went right back to where they started except this time John didn’t go for her top but instead went for her bottoms. Sliding his hands around her back he cupped her butt and squeezed causing Carol to squeal. Still stroking his penis she could feel pre-cum slowly comes out making it easier to do. Wanting to touch her skin he went inside her shorts and pulled them down around her ankles. Wanting nothing more than to feel her wet cunt he licked his finger and went straight for it.

The warmth of her skin and softness sent a chill throughout his body. Slowly he slid one finger inside which caused carol to lose her balance and wrap he free arm around his waist. Repeatedly his finger went in and out as moans began to escape her lips. This time she pulled his sweats out and around his hot thick dick and they fell to the floor.

“I want you in me,” she gasped still holding onto him to maintain her balance. 

“My pleasure,” he said taking his place in front of her. 

With his arms he picked her up and pushed her into the side of the elevator. The sight of his muscles at work turned her on even more and she opened her legs as wide as she could. With her hand she placed his cock in front of her pussy and spread it with her two fingers. 

“You’re pretty big, please be gentle with me,” her eyes wide and full of emotion as she said it. 

Simply nodding he applied a little pressure and the tip slide inside her. Wanting more she put her hands on his ass and pulled him closer, pulling inch by inch farther inside of her until she took him balls deep and a scream escaped her mouth. 

Sweat dripping down his face and accumulating around his arms he started fucking her, going in and out. She was so tight he thought he really didn’t want to hurt her so he kept it slow and easy. The rhythmic fucking took on a life of its own as Carol arched her back and slow muffled moans came with ever pump. Wanting to get as deep as possible, he picked Carol off the side and moved to the middle of the elevator. 

Instinctively Carol placed her arms around his neck for support and began thumping off his thighs. Each strike getting deeper than the one before it, his grunting grew louder. 

“Oh John you’re so deep, I love the way you fuck me. You’re going to make me cum if you keep going,” she cried. 

Kissing her lips and savoring her smell he kept going, wanting nothing more than to have her cum all over his cock.

“Come on baby, cum for me Carol, I want it.” 

The thump of their skin hitting after each thrust grew louder, and her screams echoed off the walls of the elevator. 

“Oh John cum with me, I want us to cum together. I want to feel it inside me.”

With her on the breach of ultimate pleasure, his thrusts grew faster and harder. For the first time he didn’t feel guilty about cuming while having sex, she wants it, needs it he thought. The feeling of his balls growing tighter and a wave washing over him, he could feel he was about to cum. 

“Oh baby I’m going to cum,” he gasped while squeezing her ass in his hands. 

With her arms wrapped around his shoulders she pulled herself up to his lips and kisses him deeply. He could feel her muscles tighter around him and her legs holding onto him for dear life. Finally reaching his limit he couldn’t hold back any longer and blasted his cum deep inside her while at the same time he could feel her cunt grip him and pulsating uncontrollably. He could feel her screaming while they kissed, their eyes open, staring into each other’s soul.

Breath after breath of her screams slowly turned into moans as their climax slowly came to an end. Having received ever ounce of him from his orgasm, he could feel her wetness dripping down his legs. Still in his arms, he held her close. They could feel each other’s heartbeat in rhythm. Picking her up, his dick slowly fell outside of her and he let her down in which she immediately stumbled back into his arms. 

“Oh I’m sorry but my legs don’t quite feel up the task of standing yet,” she said shying clearly embarrassed by the ordeal. 

“Oh in that case let me see what I can do about that,” he said while he scooped her up into his arms and held her once again.

Moving toward the buttons he pressed the 9th floor once again and the elevator doors opened. Both dripping from sweat he carried her though the white halls toward his dorm room. 

“Well you really are a dangerous man John,” she said between kisses. “But I think I can handle you, how about that movie you told me about?”

Kissing her right back he responded, “I don’t know, you can’t even walk right now,” he teased. 

“Luckily I have a comfortable bed for us to lie on while we put a movie on,” he said with a wink. 

“Oh I can’t even wait,” after kissing him on the cheek.

Two Girls On The Beach

It was about 1130am on a hot March mid-week day in Perth, Western Australia. I am a 30 year old male, and was heading to a small beach about 40kms north for a day of sunbathing. I tend to go to this beach as it’s a short walk across and around rocks to the beach from the carpark, so it doesn’t get too busy, even on weekends. When I say it doesn’t get busy, usually you only see the odd person or 2, so it allows me to work on my all over tan without heading to the official nude beach further down the coast. Plus, sometimes you get lucky and you get to perve on a young mother or group of sexy young coeds sunning themselves topless, or even better nude. As it’s not a nude beach, people that do swim topless or nude are generally left alone to enjoy the suns rays in peace without the fear of being perved or pestered by dirty old men.

Anyway, as I was rock hopping across the rocks I notice 2 girls (one brunette, one blonde, both the same height at about 5 foot 10’) walking a couple of hundred meters in front of me. All of a sudden, the hat in the brunette’s bag falls out and drops to the sand, and the owner is unaware that the hat was missing.

By the time I get to where the hat was, I glance up the beach and see the girls setting themselves up behind a small sand mound a couple of hundreds meters up the beach, near where I usually go. It wasn’t hard to see where they were as there wasn’t anyone else on the beach on this glorious summer’s day. I pick up the hat with the intensions of returning the hat to its owner once I get to where they are sunning themselves on my way to my sunning place.

As I approached them, I noticed that they had already removed their bikini tops and were rubbing tanning lotion into their young skin. Both girls were beautiful, and either had a day off university or work. I estimate they would have been about nineteen or twenty years old, both with lovely tanned skin and perk boobs that stood straight out like proud beacons.

‘This is your hat, I saw it fall out of your bag a few hundred metres back’, I said. ‘Thanks’ said the brunette, ‘I didn’t even notice that it fell out’. Myself, the blonde and brunette made small talk for a minute or two, without the girls covering themselves up. Trying not to be obvious, I was happy they didn’t as I could have boned up right there and then without thinking too hard about it. They introduced themselves as Nicole (the brunette) and the blonde was Lisa. I was just about to leave when Lisa was frantically search through her bag ‘Damn, I left the SPF 30 suntan lotion back home, looks like we only got the tanning lotion (which is about SPF 4, which you can easily burn under the sun)’. I could see they were concerned about this, so I volunteered mine saying ‘I usually carry 2 bottles of lotion just in case, you are welcome to use this one (handing it to them) and return it when you are finished, I will just be working on my tan just over there. Plus I don’t want you burning your lovely bodies’. ‘Thanks, that’s really kind’, they said in unison.

On that, I walked about 30 metres away and laid my towel out in a small sand depression, where I could see the girls and they could see me. Watching them finish off applying lotion to themselves was erotic to say the least, as I stripped down to my bathers and standing there, slowly applied lotion to my body. I am particularly careful about ensuring that I am covered, however there is always a small section on my back that I can’t reach.

I glanced across to see what the girls were doing, who were stretched out, Lisa on her back and Nicole on her stomach. I had a feeling Nicole was watching me, so with a quick hand movement I removed my bathers and laid down on my towel. It was liberating to feel the sun on my bum, and I rubbed sunburn cream in just in case. Just as I finished, I glanced out of the corner of my eye, and noticed that Nicole had nudged Lisa and both were looking in my direction, having a good perve themselves, not that I minded though as I am a bit of an exhibitionist.

After about 15 minutes I was getting ready to turn over and tan my chest and stomach, I see Nicole getting up and with my sunburn cream in hand, walk over to me. I remain on my stomach, and Nicole sits down on the corner of my oversized towel and returns my cream. We chit chat for a few minutes, when she said she is now going for a swim, and am I going to join her in the water. With that, I stand up, grab her by the hand and stride off to the water. I could see she was glancing at my cock as we went towards the water, and then dove into the cool waters. Nicole yells out to Lisa, who rolls over, stands up and approaches the water. I am amazed how her breast are rock hard, and point straight ahead. She enters the water and swims across to where Nicole and I are. The water is only chest deep, so it’s not a problem for all three of us to stand.

The conversation got around to nude sunbathing and swimming. Both girls said they usually only go topless on the beach, sometimes in G-Strings, but not nude. They said they were a little hesitant, but I insisted it was the only way to swim, and how liberating it was, and suggested they should try it. They were a little hesitant, but Nicole said why not and removed her bikini bottom. She kicked away on her back, and I could just see her bush, which looked trimmed and neatly shaved. With that, Lisa removed hers as well. We continued to swim a bit more, and then decided to get out and sun a bit more. The sight of the 2 naked girls leaving the water with their neatly trimmed bushes was nearly too much for me, and luckily I didn’t have a weak heart. Nicole suggested I get my towel and come and join them. I didn’t need a second invitation, and went to get my towel, quickly. As I got back, the girls were still drying themselves. I laid my towel out, and Nicole laid hers out on my left, and Nicole on my right. I was a little surprised that I was sandwiched between them, but didn’t mind.

I laid down on my stomach, and asked if one of the girls would apply some cream into my back. Both said yes, but Nicole was first to it, rubbing cream into my shoulders and upper back. Lisa, who didn’t want to be left out, grabbed some cream and rubbed it into my lower back and then went even further and rubbed it into my bum cheeks, every now and then just brushing my arsehole and balls. I was feeling like a king at this point. The girls finished, and laid down on their stomachs, and said they needed cream as well. I kneed up, and my cock was now enlarging but only into a semi state. I pushed my leg against Nicole’s thigh, and started rubbing cream into her back. She didn’t mind when I massaged cream with both hands into her firm bum, and down her legs. She moaned with approval, and a sweet ‘Thanks’ was whispered as I finished. I then moved across to Lisa and started rubbing cream into her. Lisa jumped slightly when I started rubbing cream into her bum, but also voiced her approval when I finished. I then laid down, not quite believing how lucky I was to get my hands on two such hotties.

After about 5 minutes, I rolled over onto my back, and started rubbing cream into my chest. Just as I started, Nicole said ‘let me’. I transferred the rest of the cream I had on my hand to hers, and she expertly started rubbing cream into me. It felt like heaven.

Lisa, again not wanting to be left out, stayed on her stomach but started rubbing cream into my shoulder. Nicole worked her way down towards my feet, and stopped to lift my cock from side to side, stroke it a couple of times with cream, and then massage my balls. She said ‘you can’t be too careful now, as the sun can get anywhere.’ I nodded with approval.

Nicole then rubbed the rest of the cream into her breasts, and laid back. She then reached across and started stoking and playing with my balls. I moved my hand across and started sliding it through her trimmed bush, until I found her lips wide and waiting. I started moving my hand and working her pussy with expert technique from years of practice. I moved my other hand onto Lisa, down her bum (she shivered as I touched her arsehole), and found her pussy as well. Soon Lisa’s juices were now flowing as well as I inserted a couple of fingers into her. So here I was lying on my back with an absolute huge erection by now, Lisa on her stomach with my hand rubbing and probing her pussy, and Nicole on her back with me fingering her love hole.

Shortly both girls were starting to buck and raise their bums up and down, and moaning with sweet ‘ohhh yehs’, and ‘oh my god’. Nicole started moaning louder, and I knew she was cumming soon. ‘I never believed nude sunbathing could be this good’ Lisa moaned, who was also starting to leak heavily and on her way to a mighty orgasm. Then all of a sudden, both girls started to buck violently and moaned and yelled their way to huge orgasms both at the same time.

‘WOW’ they both said shakingly. At that Lisa leaned across and started kissing me, and Nicole raised herself to her knees, and took my cock in her mouth and swallowed me whole. I nearly came there and then. Lisa then moved down to my cock as well, and both girls started to work on me. They were taking it in turns, Nicole would swallow me, then slide her mouth off, and then Lisa would do the same. They had obviously done this before, which was absolutely breathtaking.

I couldn’t hang on any longer and said ‘I’m cumming’. With that, Lisa who was currently going down on me, sucked even harder and stayed with her lips locked around the base of my shaft. Kaboom went the first load into the back of Lisa’s throat like a rocket shooting to the moon as she withdrew her mouth and Nicole quickly replacing her mouth where Lisa’s just was. Nicole cleaned up the rest of the cum explosions which had now subsided to a trickle.

At that, both girls leaned across to one another, and kissed each other passionately on the lips, giving each other deep tongue tickles. I felt myself getting hard again at the sight of both of them enjoying each other’s company.

They then both laid down next to me, and cuddled in and started kissing me. I was now turning my head from side to side and kissing them passionately. I could taste the salty cum on their breathe, but eagerly kissed them hard. After a bit of this, they both laid back and we all started giggling and throwing statements like ‘wow, that was great’, ‘I have never orgasmed so hard before’, etc.

After we had all calmed down, we all got up and went for another nude swim and refreshed ourselves. We stayed like this for another hour, resting and relaxing on the sand, gently stroking each other and rubbing more sunburn lotion into each other.

As it was now nearly approaching 2pm, the wind started to come in, and we made plans to leave.

As we got back to the carpark, we exchanged addresses and planned drinks that night at a hotel and then both agreed to sleep over (another story) at my place. We also made a date for another day at the beach, and after that night, it was to be another fuckin good beach day.

The Commuter Bus

Trudy awoke to the soft classical music on the alarm clock radio. As she lay there thinking about the last evening with Ginger and Scott, Trudy realized she was very horny today and needed a stiff cock in her aching pussy.

Trudy climbed out of her bed and went to the patio window to look at the morning sunshine in the wooded yard outside her apartment.

“It was going to be warm today, she thought.” as she went to take a shower.

Trudy stood under the stream of hot water in the shower. The spray felt good on her skin as the hot water cascaded down her back, past her tiny waist, and rolled off the rounded cheeks of her tight buttocks. She lathered her ample, firm breasts with the soap and picked up the large sponge on the shelf under the shower spray. Rubbing her firm, soft breasts with the sponge, her thoughts went to Scott again.

His cock was so large, as she rubbed it through his slacks last night; she remembered how she could feel the heat of his organ through the thin material. She brought the sponge across her tiny waist and flat tummy and down to the tuft of blond hair on her soft, aroused pussy.

Resting a foot on the edge of the ledge of the shower, she rubbed the sponge around her little mound and across the outer lips of her pussy. She thought about what it would be like with Scott’s’ hand rubbing her there. Her pussy was getting very hot as she fantasized about his big cock shooting his hot come into her. She turned off the water and grabbed a bath towel to dry her soft, tingling body.

She went into the bedroom to dress for work. Standing naked in front of the mirror, she put on her lipstick and carefully applied her mascara. Trudy finished combing her long, blond hair and went to the closet to get a skirt and blouse.

As she put on a yellow, nylon blouse she decided to not button the top because she liked the sexy way her breasts would shake the loose, thin material as she moved. Then she pulled on a ruffled, yellow mini-skirt with black polka dots past her narrow hips and fastened it around her tiny waist. Slipping into a pair of plain, black high heel shoes she crossed the bedroom to her dresser and took out a pair of pink, black trimmed panties. After pulling on the panties, she stepped in front of the mirror and looked at her reflection.

“Such a hot looking babe.” she thought as she examined the sexy, blonde girl in the mirror wearing the soft, yellow blouse, opened to reveal a hint of her soft cleavage peeking past the loose, nylon fabric.

Gazing down, past her narrow waist to her flared polka-dot mini-skirt, she thought about the way Scott looked at her last night when she showed him her new panties. Gazing at the ruffle on the hem of her bright yellow skirt which stopped at the tops of her tanned slim thighs, she thought about his big cock again and the bulge it made in his clothes. She could feel the wetness in her little pussy building, as she looked at the image of her gorgeous blonde body.

She reached past the hem and touched her hot, wet pussy through the little nylon panties. Rubbing the tiny opening at the top of her cunt gently, she noticed how her full breasts would heave, as her breathing became faster from the excitement building in her aching pussy.

She rubbed the sensitive, pink clitoris beneath the thin border of her panties for a moment, then reached under her little flared skirt, and pulled down her panties. She lifted her leg to take them off and stepped out of the wispy panties, leaving them lay on the floor. After taking one last look at the reflection of her freshly made-up face, the silky, yellow blouse, and very short mini-skirt, she left for her job at the office.

The bus was very crowded with business men and people going downtown to work. There was no seat available, so she worked herself past several men in suits to the back of the bus and grabbed a rail in the crowded isle.

There was a man directly in front of her wearing a neat brown business suit. Beside her, were more men in suits standing with blank expressions on their faces as they rode the large bus towards their offices. Behind her, she could feel the presence of more men standing in the close quarters, bumping her occasionally, from the rocking action of the bus, as it hurried down the street.

She suddenly felt a warm hand on the skin at the back of her thigh and was startled at first. Nevertheless, the warm hand, as it gently rubbed the soft skin of her thigh, felt good to her. She dared not look behind her for fear he would stop, but she wondered which man was doing this to her.

“Was it the man in the black suit directly behind her, or could it be the fellow sitting in the seat next to her, reading a newspaper.” she wondered.

The strange, warm, strong hand slowly drifted to the damp, soft skin between her tingling thighs and massaged the smooth skin just below her dampening, horny pussy hiding under her flared, yellow skirt. As the warm hand massaged the soft skin, her pussy became very wet.

Then she felt his fingers travel up under her skirt, touching the sparse, blond hair at he opening of her naked sex. She gasped as her breathing quickened at the persistent rubbing near her little, wet pussy. The mysterious, warm hand continued up the back of her ruffled skirt and rested on the firm, fleshy cheeks of her little ass, naked under the sexy, ruffled skirt she was wearing.

She took a deep breath, as the hand squeezed the warm, firm globes of her cheeks. She could hear faintly, his breathing get heavier, as he rubbed the soft, warm flesh under her skirt. She felt the mans’ hand drifting back down the deep valley between her soft, round cheeks to her now, very hot pussy. His fingers lingered there, before they probed into the warm, slippery, wetness inside her.

As his fingers rubbed between the wet, outer lips of Trudy’s’ pussy, she moaned softly and closed her eyes, As she held tightly to the rail with both of her hands. Unconsciously, she pushed her little bottom rhythmically against the probing hand. As his fingers rubbed the opening of her wet pussy back and forth, she could faintly hear, above the noise of the crowded bus, the sound of a zipper opening behind her.

Suddenly the hand was gone and she started to turn around when she felt his body pressing against her back, pushing against her soft, rounded butt, draped only by the ruffles of her little yellow skirt. Then she felt the heat from the head of his hot, engorged prick as it pushed against the wet opening of her pussy from behind her.

As the crowded, noisy bus rocked gently, She could feel the strangers cock push and enter her hot, wet opening from behind, sliding easily along the slippery channel of her soaked pussy under the brief skirt. She wondered if he could see her naked ass from where he was standing. Trudy felt relief as she saw the fellow sitting down next to her, still reading his newspaper and apparently not noticing the lewd display in front of him.

The thick cock pushed in a little further and a hand again, squeezed the warm fleshy cheeks under her skirt. The rocking of the bus made his cock slide back and forth in her tight, wet pussy as Trudy flushed with sexual excitement. Trudy pushed back against the engorged, hard cock and sighed heavily to the gentle, rocking rhythm of the thick, probing organ sliding inside her soaked pussy.

Trudy bit on her lower lip, as his cock began to thrust deep into her hot, wet vagina, to stifle the moans she started to utter. His hands on her ass, under her short skirt, squeezed and pulled her soft, naked ass firmly against him. Suddenly, she heard him groan behind her as she felt the spurts of warm semen shooting against the walls inside of her pulsating cunt. She stifled a loud moan, as she felt her vagina tighten and begin the rhythmic spasms of orgasm around the thick, shooting penis deep inside her. She bent forward slightly as she hung on to the rail, and pushed her throbbing pussy hard against him.

After a brief moment, she felt him withdraw his now softening, wet cock followed by the familiar sound of a zipper behind her. Regaining her composure, she turned her head around to see her strange lover. However, there wasn’t a clue to indicate which of the several men behind her had just screwed her so well from behind. Come was dripping down her leg as her bus came to her stop. She looked behind her one more time for a glimpse of the owner of that wonderful cock and, not being able to tell which one of the suits it was, worked her way to the exit at the back of the bus. She could not avoid rubbing against the dark suits on her way to the exit, her hard nipples brushed against the smooth material inside her loose, nylon blouse. Breathless from her erotic experience, she squeezed by the crowd of business men.

Stepping off the bus into the sunshine, she smoothed down the ruffles of her little skirt and walked the short distance to her office. As she walked down the bright sidewalk, lined by tall office buildings on the busy street, her body was still warm from sexual excitement.

Her breasts shook wildly in her thin, yellow blouse, as her inflamed nipples brushed the soft nylon material, bringing her close to another orgasm.

A mild breeze was gently blowing against her face and she noticed how it would occasionally pick up the ruffles of her flared mini-skirt, exposing the little, blond hairs of her swollen pussy. She smiled at the nerve of that strange man taking such liberties with her body and was glad she had left her panties at home today.