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My Best Friend

As I awoke it felt as if a freight train was actually traveling through my head. I immediately hugged the pillow again. ‘Too much wine last night’ was the main thought going through my mind. Of course, without all that wine, I probably would not have experienced one of the best nights of my life. Despite the freight train rattling around in my head, I smiled as I closed my eyes and relived what had happened just a few hours ago. The memory brought some relief.

When I came home from work yesterday, Josh, my boyfriend of 10 months, was sitting on my porch waiting for me. I ran up to him and tried to give him a kiss, but he pushed me away and told me we had to talk. Warning bells went off. Did he lose his job? Did someone die? Looking miserable, he sat back down on the porch swing. Giving him a moment to compose himself, I joined him on the swing.

“Baby, you know I love you. This is really hard for me to tell you this.”

He took my hand in his. He looked to be in agony. My thoughts went to his grandmother, who we both loved with all of our hearts. Did something happen to her?

“Is it Granny?”, I asked with rising panic in my voice.

“ …shit, hon. This isn’t working, me and you. I love you, I swear I do.. but…”

I went half numb with shock. I thought I would be spending the rest of my life with Josh. He tried to explain why he couldn’t be with me any longer. “. No matter what he said, the words “We are through” was all I could hear. He tried to ease my shock some, no doubt, but in the end, he simply walked off of my porch and out of my life.

I sat there staring into space for a while, the reality not really hitting home. As I stood up and walked into my now “empty” house, overwhelming pain seized me along with denial. I looked around and some of the memories of our relationship began to relive themselves in my imagination. I needed to blank this pain out.

I went inside and grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge. I laughed ironically, remembering that we had bought this bottle together, planning on toasting mushy sentiments to each other in front of the fireplace one evening. Anger began to well up inside me now – “Well.. fuck.. I can’t let this go to waste now, can I?” I had started the fire and drank from the bottle as I stared into the flames. I must have sat there for hours, ignoring everything but the sweet warm liquid as it erased my pain and reduced the anger temporarily.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and dropped the bottle. For a split second I thought that maybe Josh had had second thoughts. Turning around, I saw my best friend Cheri close to me. She took one look at my face and dropped to her knees, pulling me close to her.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?”, she had asked so softly, her question tinged with fear.

I couldn’t talk; reality came swarming back. The tears that I had so successfully managed to hide for the past few hours suddenly surfaced again. I just curled into her, feeling so small as she wrapped her arms around me.

“Talk to me, hon. – I saw your lights on but you did not answer your phone. I was so worried.”

She told me that she had let herself in with the key I had given her because I had not answered her knocking at my door either.

Between my muffled sobs I finally managed to get a few words together:

“Josh… it’s over.. he.. he broke up with.. me.”, I managed to cry out.

She had proven to be a good friend. She didn’t say she was sorry, she didn’t bad mouth him. She simply got up and got two more bottles of wine from the fridge and sat beside me. Opening them for us, she took a swig from her bottle and held my hand, telling me she loved me and she was there for me. We sat there just drinking, not talking much, losing ourselves into the flames. By this point, I was feeling pretty mellow from the second bottle of wine.

“Lay on your tummy, I know just what you need.”, she whispered to me.

As if in a trance, I listened. She started rubbing my back, talking softly to me about our high school pranks, our trip to Disney World, our dreams of our grandchildren playing together one day. Her voice was very serene, very hypnotic. I felt myself starting to relax even more.

“Sit up for a minute, hon. I can make this even better.”

I sat up, just looking at her. She raised my arms and took my shirt off, then wrapped her arms around me and unsnapped my bra, letting it fall between us. She looked me in the eyes and smiled. Her smile told me volumes… I still had her, I always would. I lay back on my tummy, wearing only my skirt and panties now. She had such a gentle touch. Massaging me again, she continued to talk about our past and our dreams.

“There’s one dream I never told you, sweetie.”

“What’s that?”, I mumbled.

“I have always had this dream of…. you.”

Cheri stopped massaging me with her hands and leaned down, licking the small of my back slowly. I just lay there in my drunken haze, confused…. ‘of me’? She started kissing her way up my back, to my shoulders, my neck, nibbling on my ears.

“You are so beautiful. Let me take your pain away tonight.”

I turned over, now lying on my back, looking at her. She gave me that special smile again. She reached down and took both of my nipples between her fingers, squeezing them softly. She started sucking on my left nipple while pinching my right one harder. Uncontrollably, I moaned… she knew my weakness… that my nipples were extremely sensitive. She expertly removed my skirt and panties with one hand, never abandoning my nipples.

I was totally naked in front of my best friend…who was sucking my nipples! I tried to comprehend what was truly happening but my thoughts kept getting interrupted. Cheri would suck my nipples then tease them unmercifully by pinching and tugging on them even harder. Her fingers slid down my tummy, running through my pubic hair, finally resting on my clit. My legs spread on their own free will.

“You are so fucking beautiful…I have always wanted to do this to you.”

She straddled my body, one leg on each side, and looked down at me. Feeling her clothed body against my nudeness made me squirm even more. She traced my lips with her fingers, parting them slightly. Sliding one finger in, she moaned softly as my tongue betrayed me and welcomed her.

She was being so soft, so sensual. I simply stopped thinking at this point and sucked her finger into my mouth slowly. Tomorrow I would think of the ramifications of this, but for now, I needed this love. She moved her finger in my mouth, teasing my tongue. I tried to sit up, but she wouldn’t allow me.

“Sweets, this is for you…just lose yourself in me.” She was so generous with her healing touches. She slid her finger out of my mouth and kneeled down beside me. Running her tongue over my lips, she finally slid it in. Our tongues did an erotic dance together. She left nothing untouched, nor did I. I am a huge fan of kissing – I could do just that for hours. I have only kissed guys in the past and have gotten to the point of near orgasm simply from that. I thought I knew all there was about it, but I was proven wrong. She explored every bit of my mouth, our tongues sparred with each other, nothing was left untouched.

I was shaking from the intensity of our kiss. I could feel how wet I was becoming. She teased my lips once more before moving down slightly. Her tongue left a wet trail down my throat, along my neck. She continued her tongue bath at my breasts. Licking every bit of them before moving on towards my nipples, Cheri took one in her mouth, tugging on it. I couldn’t stop moaning, it felt so good. She licked, sucked, tugged, bit.

I have the type of nipples where I can cum just from extreme stimulation to them, but she wasn’t about to let me do that. She licked downwards, tickling my belly button with her tongue. She spread my legs further apart and laid down between them on her tummy. I rested on my elbows, wanting to see as much as I could. She stared at my pussy for a minute, a look of complete and utter love evident in her gaze. I have never felt so loved just from a look before. She traced my pussy lips with her finger, getting some of my juices on it. Smiling up at me, she slid her finger in her mouth, tasting me.

I couldn’t stop myself from shaking. Cheri’s smile, her look, just the total experience had me forgetting everything but her. She slid her tongue between my pussy lips, tasting even more of my juices. Her fingers teased my clit as she slid her tongue into me as far as she could. She started to slowly make love to me with her tongue. I usually like oral to be fast, because I would rather please than be pleased, but this…it was so new, so wonderful…I didn’t want it to ever end. She tasted every bit of me, jabbing her tongue everywhere, twisting it to reach far away spots, lapping up every drop of my juices.

Her finger massaged my clit as she did this. Taking it between two fingers, she rubbed it a bit harder and faster. My hips were raised, trying to meet this sweet assault head on, thrusting towards her. She alternated her technique every few minutes. Her tongue would be inside me as her fingers played with my clit, then she would move her tongue to my clit as she finger fucked me. GOD, how fucking sweet she is.

I didn’t think I could take anymore…I wanted to cum so badly. Every time I would get close though, she would back off, wanting to prolong her sweet torture. She removed her fingers from my pussy and didn’t lick them this time. Instead, she slid her hand under me. I nearly came when I felt her finger sliding into my ass. She teased me unmercifully until I couldn’t wait any longer. The feelings building up inside me were too much.

With her finger in my ass, her tongue in my pussy, and another two fingers on my clit, I thrust toward her one final time. The feelings that coursed through me were like those I had only read about. It was the longest orgasm of my life. She didn’t stop what she was doing. Instead she increased her speed, bringing me to a second orgasm within minutes. By the time she had licked up every drop of me, I had cum more times than I ever had at one time before.

She crawled back up to lay beside me, kissing me softly one last time. I wanted to please her, but she wouldn’t allow me. She explained that she wanted me to have time to think about it, she didn’t want me to do anything I may later regret. She held me throughout the night, talking more about life and our dreams. Eventually I fell asleep in her arms. When I woke up, she was gone.

I know it wasn’t a dream. My best friend made love to me as no one ever had before. She was completely unselfish, wanting only to ease my pain. The pain is still there, of course. My love for Josh wont disappear overnight. What she did has put it in a new perspective though. Never before have I been so cared about. It opened my eyes to the different ways that I let Josh take advantage of me, and how I catered to him without getting a lot in return.

Yeah, the pain is still there.. but so is a chance for new opportunities. I’ll be okay, I know I will.

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“Let me guess,” the bartender asked, setting the glass of water in front of me. “You’re here looking for some company.”

She stared at me expectantly, a slight smile on her glossy-pink lips. I smiled ruefully at her, taking a sip of the icy liquid. “Gee, what gave me away?” I meant it sarcastically, because anyone in the bar could see what I was after, especially another woman. The little black dress gave me away, one of those sparkly knit gowns that clung to every curve, just short enough to make you appreciate a hint of thigh and wonder just how far my legs went up. Or maybe it was the heels, best described as “fuck me” pumps in glossy black patent leather. Combined with the carefully arranged hair and the makeup, I made quite a package for some lucky male to pick up. Problem was, the bar seemed devoid of lucky men, save for a few older men who knew better than to press their luck.

The bartender shrugged and proceeded to polish some glasses while talking with me. “Well, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and I assume you’re here on business. So your partner isn’t here, and you’re looking for a little entertainment to pass a holiday that’s best not spent alone. Especially here in Las Vegas, the city of sin herself,” she laughed. I was amazed, because she really had hit my situation right on the nose. I was here to teach seminars to new real estate recruits, and was miles away from my husband. Not that being home on Valentine’s Day would have mattered anyway, because the bastard would probably be wooing his mistress on the side. Our marriage had deteriorated down to one simple fact: I wasn’t divorcing him because it would cost me too much hard-earned cash. So he played his field, and I played mine, and we basically put up with each other.

“Pretty much right,” I acknowledged, raising my water glass to her. “How’d you know?”

“Past experience,” she confided. “I was sitting in this very bar about three years ago for the same reason, and the bartender working then asked me the same thing.”

“And did you find what you were looking for?” I asked. She found this very funny, exploding in a sudden peal of laughter that had me raising my eyebrows. “Oh, I found it alright,” she grinned. “A nice little lass from the front desk took me home with her that night, and introduced me to a whole better ballgame.” I nearly choked on my water at her answer, staring at her with slight shock. This bartender really didn’t seem the lesbian stereotype. She wasn’t masculine in her features, and she didn’t seem like some of the feminist lesbians I’d known in college.

Her long reddish-blonde hair was pulled up in a loose ponytail, and her makeup was careful and elegant, not much more than a sweep of pink lip-gloss and rose-colored eyeshadow. She wore the standard bartender/waitress garb, a white button dress shirt and black slacks. The most masculine thing on her was her uniform bowtie, which sparkled with rhinestones. “Well,” I stammered, a blush rising to my cheeks. She knew her response had caught me off guard, and I struggled to regain my composure. “That’s….nice. Do you still see her often?”

“No, we went our separate ways a few months into it. Now the only person I pamper at nights is my cat, Patches.”

“I’m sorry,” I murmured. “Wish I could work up the will to do that with my husband.” She looked at me for a long moment, and I wondered what she was thinking behind those blue eyes. She moved over to the bar, and began mixing several different liquids together in a frosty glass. Coming back over, she plopped down in front of me. “Don’t worry, it’s not too strong. On the house.”

“Thanks,” I said. It smelled like limes, a heavenly scent, but before I could raise it to my lips she clapped a hand on my wrist. Her grip was warm, firm and strong. “Wait,” she smiled. “I forgot the important part.” She reached into a mini-refrigerator beneath the bar, and came up with a single whole cherry, scarlet against her white fingers. She twirled the stem between her thumb and forefinger so I could see it, then raised it up to her mouth and pressed her pink lips to the firm skin.

“For luck,” she grinned, plopping it in my drink. “Good luck with your manhunt. It’s time for my break.” Then she went in the back to fetch another bartender, and I was left alone. The drink was very good, hardly tasting of alcohol. I wondered what she’d put in it. Most of the Las Vegas men must have been elsewhere on that night, for no one even approached me as I drank. Somehow I wasn’t quite as concerned with that as I was thirty minutes previously.

Instead, I kept thinking about the bartender, and the way her pretty pink lips looked pressed against that red fruit. When I had totally drained the cup of liquid, I stared down at that round plump cherry resting on the crushed ice. I picked it up, and raised it to my mouth, biting into the flesh of the scarlet treat. It may have been my imagination, but I could have sworn I tasted the faint hint of bubblegum lip-gloss as I devoured the fruit.

My nerves were shot for the next day, Valentine’s Day. Despite whatever I tried, I couldn’t shake the thought of the pretty bartender from my mind. I’d always considered myself a straight woman, but my blood burned every time I recalled that sassy smile and the gentle kiss she’d bestowed on that cherry. Would her lips be that tender on another woman’s, or would she play the aggressive, butch type? I thought about the swell of her breasts beneath that white shirt and brought my hands up to cup my own breasts. I was a considerable B-cup, and I wondered as I caressed myself if her chest would feel as soft and round as my own.

By mid-afternoon, I’d made my decision, and hoped it wouldn’t come back to bite me in the ass. I dressed differently, emboldened by my decision to seduce this woman. I wore a black skirt this time, made of loose folds of black silky material, and a red halter that held my braless breasts for best display. On second critical glance, I painted my lips red and added a splash of perfume.

There was no need for full makeup; my cheeks were already flushed from the excitement and my eyes were made bright by the red top. I fussed with my blonde hair for a moment, then headed down to the bar. As I had hoped, she was working, and the place was crammed with couples out for a drink. Still, she managed to wave me over, clearing a seat for me in the far corner of the bar as she pushed one of the overly-drunk into leaving. “Well, don’t you look nice tonight,” She smiled. “Find what you were looking for?”

“I hope so,” I breathed, staring into her blue, blue eyes. “That is, if you’re free after you get off of work.” Her face looked surprised for a moment, and she studied me to make sure it wasn’t a joke.

Finally she gently asked, “Are you sure you want that, hon? I don’t like to be led on and let down.”

“Why don’t you come to my room and find out?” I countered. I scribbled my room number on a napkin, and then pressed my mouth to the paper, leaving her a scarlet promise there to think about. Pushing it across to her, I smiled and saw her eyes grow warm as she returned the grin. I got up and left then, leaving her with much to anticipate, feeling her eyes burning on my back as I headed out of the bar. Back in my room, I spent the next few hours nervously preparing.

I changed out of my outfit into some exquisite lingerie, intended for seducing my partner of choice. Staring at the bathroom mirror, I wondered if she’d like it. It was black lace and satin, an open-cup teddy that made my pale breasts and nipples really stand out of the open circles. The crotch had a convenient snap that let you access my most intimate regions, and the garters held up matching satiny black thigh-highs.

I wore my black pumps from the night before, which lifted my buttocks and gave me a sexy, hip-swinging walk. I felt like I was floating on a high I’d never experienced before, and had never felt more feminine than I did at that moment. Around ten, there came a soft knock at my door. I threw a robe over my pretty lingerie and went to answer it. It was she, and she stood in the hallway with a smile pasted from ear to ear, drinking in the black satin robe I wore. She carried a bucket of ice with a bottle of good champagne already chilling inside, and some gold-wrapped package that was as of yet unidentified.

“I hope you’re ready for this,” she growled softly, “because you left me so wet while I was working that I had to excuse myself off to the ladies room for a little relief.” I took the ice bucket from her, moving to set it on my room’s end table as she let herself in the room and locked the door behind her. When I turned around, I found her already standing behind me, and the smile had left her face. She tilted my chin up, being the taller by a few inches, and kissed me.

Her mouth was so sweet I thought I’d die, exploring my lips like no man had ever done, kissing me with tongue sweeps and teeth and soft lips. Her lipstick tasted like bubblegum, and I felt an arrow of pleasure spear straight to my belly, making my nether regions full and heavy and tingling with anticipation. “Jesus,” I swore when we parted for breath. “I’ve never been kissed like that before.”

“Oh, believe me, there’s much more I can’t wait to show you,” She crooned. “But first, get me out of these work clothes.” My hands came up, working the buttons on her blouse with trembling fingers. I noticed for the first time her shiny brass name badge that read “Sabrina” and murmured that name gently, rolling it over my lips. Sabrina chuckled.

“That’s right. What’s your name anyways, little flower?” I told her and she purred her approval. My undressing didn’t go as fast as she liked, and she swatted my hands away, finishing the job herself. Stepping out of the heels she wore, she made short work of the shirt and the slacks, leaving her standing in a simple white bra and thong. Her breasts were larger than mine, nearly a D-cup on sight estimation, and she wasn’t a slender girl, which turned me on greatly.

I feasted on her as she peeled away the bra, exposing those plump pale mounds with their pink pretty nipples, already hard for my mouth to lavish. Her waist tapered in, flaring out into soft hips and a belly that wasn’t rock-hard but soft and slightly pouting. Her thighs were full and muscled, her calves well shaped as she skimmed the thong down over them to pool at her feet. Sabrina bore a thatch of pubic hair the same reddish-gold shade as her hair, and it stood out in contrast to her white skin. My mouth went dry at her perfection, and I reached my palms out to cup her breasts but she stopped me.

“Robe off,” she ordered, and when I dropped it she smiled at my lingerie. “Oooh, I like that,” she moaned.

“I have a surprise for you, my valentine.” She moved over and claimed the small gold box she had plunked on the table. “Lie on the bed,” Sabrina asked, and as I lay flat on my back, she climbed on with me. I felt strangely vulnerable under her gaze, even though she was the one naked and I was the one clothed. She opened the box, and tossed the top to the hotel room floor. Inside were several dark chocolates.

Pulling one from the box, Sabrina lifted it to her lips and sunk her teeth into the sweet. She turned the half-exposed chocolate to me, and I saw the inside was hollow, filled with pureed cherries.

“Chocolate-covered cherries,” she smiled, savoring the half bite of the chocolate. “My favorite.” Taking the other half in her teeth, she bent her head and offered it to me from her mouth. Eating the treat from her full lips was erotic, the red dripping center flowing over our lips and tongues as we half-kissed, half-nibbled it down. When the flavor was gone from our mouths, she selected another, breaking it open with her fingers.

“You are my new favorite cherry,” Sabrina murmured, and I felt with surprise her hands rubbing the sticky center over my exposed nipples and breasts. When she bent her head to eat it from my flesh, I couldn’t hold back my sighs of approval. Her mouth was warm, heated as her flesh was, sucking and licking the food from my body until I was writhing under her mouth, swearing to gods I never believed in. I buried my fingers in her long hair, freeing it from her trademark ponytail to flow around her pale shoulders. The silky strands spread over the black teddy as she suckled my breasts, using three chocolates to tease and torment me until I was begging her to move lower, pushing at the top of her head. I was a waterfall between my thighs, my nether lips swollen and waiting for her kisses and caresses.

If Sabrina didn’t taste me soon, I’d die from the sweet sting of her skillful foreplay. She obliged my requests and begs, chuckling as she pulled the snaps of my teddy open. I was on fire, my breasts exposed and now my pussy, the exposure of my tender flesh wrenching a cry from my throat. Sabrina blew lightly on the dampness that clung to my pink slit, and I bucked my hips under the sensation. I needed her mouth on me, working me towards that little death that my loins craved more than anything else.

Instead, she ran a playful finger over the wet sticky evidence of my need and brought it to her lips, looking me in the eyes as she sucked it clean. A shudder ran through my body. “Sabrina, please,” I begged. “Give it to me.”

“The last cherry,” she said instead, ignoring my pleas, pulling it free from the box. Holding it up for me to see, she popped it her mouth for a moment to soften the chocolate. Then to my great surprise, she pulled it out again, and smiled. “You want this?”

“I want you…”

“You’ll have me,” she promised, and without warning, she brought the chocolate down to my sex. She ran it in circles over my hardened clit, teasing that little red marble into a panic frenzy, until I was raising my hips off the bed and nearly screaming with frustration. Sabrina snapped the coating open, and I felt the oozing center running down the outer lips of my sex and over the folds. “Oh my GOD!” I moaned, as she pushed the crumbled chocolate into my warm wet depths with two fingers. “Yummy,” she announced, and bent her head.

I felt the tickle of her hair on my thighs, but it was nothing compared to the first moment I felt her tongue on my pussy, licking away the combination of cherries and my own personal lubrication. I think I was calling her name, humping her face out of control while she cleaned me of her chocolate plaything. She spread me open with two fingers, and I felt her mouth and tongue pulling the chocolate bits from my hot slit. “Sabrina,” I whimpered, and then I felt the coil burning, urging me into the tempest of my orgasm. She felt my clit harden to bursting, knew I was going to explode from her eating me, and brought me to the edge by flicking her tongue in rapid and quick strokes over the wet button.

Before I could find my personal release, she stopped, and moved up to kiss me, letting me lick my own scent and taste from her mouth and chin. “Are you ready, little baby?” She crooned, and when I moaned she reached down and lightly pinched that little hooded bud. Feasting on my mouth as I fucked her hand, Sabrina swallowed my screams as I writhed under her, my pussy spasming again and again like a hungry mouth swallowing my pleasure. It was the hardest orgasm I’d ever felt, and it left me covered in a sheen of sweat. I was still pulsing with the aftershocks when I turned the tables, rising up and pushing her back to the rumpled covers. She was pliant, letting me explore her body with my virgin mouth, cupping her full breasts for my tongue to tease and groaning when I found the points she liked best.

“Do it,” she whispered. “Lick me.” And for the first time, I tasted another woman, delving my nose and mouth against that salty-sweet sex. I ate her with abandon, trying my best to copy the skillful strokes she had done to me, reveling in the feel of her hips rising to press tighter against my sucking mouth. She had a big pussy, engulfing most of my fingers as I plunged them in and out, sucking on her clit like a vacuum. Sabrina was beautiful when she came, her fingers fisting into the covers helplessly, every muscle in her legs and abdomen quivering with the shock of the orgasm that racked her beautiful body.

She flooded my face with her pleasure, the juices coating my face, and I felt my body reacting without being touched, felt a second orgasm screaming through my loins with all the force of a subway train hitting a wall. We drank the champagne and explored much that night, until falling asleep exhausted in each other’s arms, soft woman pressed against soft woman. I’d never been that contented, dozing against the hot weight of her breasts, waking up to claim her one last time before I relinquished her to the job she had to return to.

My husband doesn’t know, but since then I’ve made preparations to leave him. I don’t care about the money anymore. All I know is next Valentine’s Day, I know where I want to be: at Sabrina’s home, bearing a bottle of champagne and the chocolates she loves. After all, a cherry can be a girl’s best friend.

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Initiation Night

Julie Gates was in her glory. All she’d ever wanted since she came to State College was to be a Delta. Her mother, and her grandmother, had been in the Delta sorority, and to this day it remained THE sorority to belong to. It was initiation night.

The sisterhood was tight. Secrets never left the house. Help was always seconds away if you were in a jam and professors went a little easier on the Delta girls. Life was good. Julie couldn’t wait for the ceremony, the details of which were kept a closely guarded secret. Not even her mother would discuss the ritual with her. All she knew is she would have the ceremonial robe laid out on her bed for her at 9pm that evening.

Only 4 girls were being inducted in to the house. Julie’s room mate Gina, and 2 girls that lived on the first floor of the house as well, Amy and Carlie. There were 21 sisters that would be at the ceremony, Julie and the other pledges would round out the 25 that made the house complete.

At 9 pm there was a knock on the door. Julie and Gina looked at each other anxiously.

Julie’s big sister Ashley opened the door. Big sisters took a pledge under their wing and guided them through to initiation night. Ashley said nothing, she simply laid the white robe on the bed neatly and made her exit. Gina’s big sister Donna did the same thing not 5 minutes later. The girls looked at the robes. They were beautifully laced with gold trim and the Delta insignia.

A soft noise drew the girls attention to the door. A note had been slipped underneath, folded just once. Gina picked it up and read it out loud to Julie.

“You must be in the attic wearing nothing but your ceremonial robe at 9:30pm. Your hair must be worn away from face in ponytail style. Wear no make up, perfume or jewelry. Do not be late.”

Julie drew a deep breath. “I was wondering if we were supposed to be naked under the robe.”

“Well,” Gina replied, “I’m not going naked. How will they know? It’s no ones business what I’m wearing underneath.”

With eyebrows raised Julie whispered to Gina. “I would do just as the note says. You don’t want to mess this up.”

Gina didn’t respond. She simply took off the shirt and shorts she was wearing and slid the robe on over her bra and panties. There was no way anyone was going to see her pudgy body making lumps in the robe. Gina had always been a little heavy and self conscious of anyone seeing her naked. She rarely dated just from fear of a boy making fun of her once her clothes were off.

Julie however did as instructed. Being modest, she turned away from Gina and stripped down to nothing. She loved the cool, soft feel of the silk garment covering her skin. She tied the belt loosely into a knot to keep it closed.

At 9:25 the girls headed for the attic. They met Amy and Carlie on the way, and judging from the patterns Julie could see through the silk they were also naked underneath. Carlie was very busty and her nipples showed through the fabric easily. The girls all smiled nervously at each other, but none of them spoke. They ascended the attic stairs and knocked once on the door that led into the attic proper.

Hannah, the sorority president, opened the door. There were dozens of candles lit, in varying heights and widths, it was quite lovely to see. All of the other sisters were arranged in a semi circle. There were four small bedroll type cushions on the floor. Hannah directed the four pledges to lay down on them. Once the girls were on the floor, the semicircle closed around them. They were now surrounded, circled by all of the sisters.

Hannah spoke. “We gather this evening to initiate our pledges into our sisterhood. Amy, Gina, Carlie and Julie. There will be no secrets between us, and we shall all know the true face of intimacy. You will now pledge your loyalty to the house.”

Julie had been thinking about this moment. She had never been given anything to memorize, no scouts honor so to speak. She didn’t have a clue as to what she and the other pledges were supposed to say, if anything. Luckily, Hannah continued to speak.

“There is no truer face we can show our sisters than the face of ecstasy. Having seen so deeply into each others souls, we are forever bound. Pledges, please disrobe.”

There was only silence. Julie and the 3 girls lying beside her were digesting what Hannah had been referring to. Why did they have to disrobe? Julie was proud of her body and really had no reservations being naked in front of anyone. She reached down and untied the knot on her robe. She let the silk material fall to either side of her body, exposing her small but firm breasts, and her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Once Julie had done as told, the other 3 girls followed suit. Gina was the odd one out, laying there in her bra and panties. Gina saw Hannah’s face tense, but was not reprimanded in any way. She breathed a sigh a relief. The other girls were thin and looked fine, she did not want to be compared to them.

Hannah stood in front of Julie. “Julie, you are a much loved pledge and we welcome you as a sister. You will show us your face in orgasm, and be one of us forever.”

Hannah handed Julie a wand type vibrator.

Julie’s gut wrenched. Sure, she masturbated often, but like this? In front of her sisters? In a flash so much made sense. Now she knew why her mother could not speak of this ritual. She had done the very same thing in this very same attic.

For Julie there was no choice but to be a Delta. She closed her eyes and turned on the vibrator. At first she simply let it rest on her trimmed mound, but as the sensation grew she spread her legs apart. She let her feet touch and her legs fall open. One hand instinctively went to her breasts, where she gently rolled a nipple between her fingers. The faster she came, the faster this was over with.

She was breathing hard and moving her hips rhythmically when the orgasm surged within her. She held her eyes closed so she wouldn’t be looking anyone in the face when she was in the throws of orgasmic spasms. She let out a cry as it happened, and felt her body doing little involuntary sit ups as the waves washed over her. She rode the pleasure for a minute more, then shut off the vibrator. It was over.

All at once the sisters spoke in unison. “We welcome our new sister.”

Hannah motioned to Julie to stand. She walked to Julie and closed her robe for her. “Stand with us now in the circle of trust.”

Julie took her place as a Delta. She looked at her 3 pledge mates and found her self a little turned on thinking that now she was going to watch their faces in orgasm.

Amy was next. Hannah walked to her and handed her a rabbit type vibrator and repeated the same instruction she had given Julie.

“Amy, you are a much loved pledge and we welcome you as a sister. You will show us your face in orgasm, and be one of us forever.”

Julie saw the look of panic on Amy’s face and felt for her.

Amy took the toy from Hannah and whispered some thing. Hannah smiled and knelt down next to Amy. “I will get you started, it’s really quite easy.

Hannah assisted Amy with the controls as she had never used a toy before. Amy brought her knees up to her chest and Hannah turned on the vibrating “rabbit” part that would kiss Amy’s clit, and she activated the dildo part that would spin inside of Amy’s anxious pussy.

Hannah slowly inserted the toy into Amy’s wet hole and was pleased to feel it slide in so easily. She replaced her hand with Amy’s and stepped back to watch. Amy couldn’t believe how good this felt. The dildo was long and thick and the spinning inside of her was amazing. As she went deep the clit attachment hit the right spot and sent shivers up her spine as she responded with a gasp. She glanced around and saw several sisters touching themselves as they watched. Amy then closed her eyes and fucked herself with the rabbit in front of 22 sorority sisters.

She was having a hard time cuming with an audience. She kept fucking herself hard, legs spread wide. She used her hand as well to rub her clit, as that was how she was most used to masturbating. Try as she may, she wasn’t cuming.

Hannah could see the frustration on her face. Motioning to another sister, Hannah got down on the floor next to Amy. She and her helper each took a nipple into their mouths and began sucking gently. Amy opened her eyes and was instantly turned on by the sight and sound of these two women assisting her. Shortly after Amy grunted and let out a cry of such pleasure Hannah giggled. “Oh my God I’m cuming…..” was all Amy could muster.

Amy was brought to her feet and her robe tied. She took her place next to Julie and heard the group say, “We welcome our new sister.”

Hannah glanced at Carlie. This would be easy. Carlie already was glistening on her inner thighs and her nipples were hard as rock. She was totally shaved, and her big tits were lovely to look at. Because she was so ready and willing to please Hannah decided she would take care of Carlie herself.

Hannah said the introductory words, then she knelt between Carlie’s legs and began to lick her wet slit. Carlie couldn’t believe her luck. She had always been bi-curious, and thought Hannah was beautiful. Looking down now at Hannah’s long blonde hair and her hands holding her thighs apart was heaven.

It didn’t take 5 minutes of Hannah tonguing her pussy and asshole before Carlie was writhing on the floor in orgasm. “Lick my fucking pussy, make me cum” she cried as she arched her back and saw her sisters smiling down at her. Some of the girls standing were now naked and touching each other, not just themselves.

Hannah pulled Carlie to her feet and kissed her deeply. Carlie loved tasting herself on Hannahs sweet, full, sensual lips. Carlie took her place and heard her sisters welcome her.

Only Gina remained. Hannah had intentionally left her for last, there was going to be hell to pay. Who was this insolent bitch to show up clothed for this sacred ceremony, she thought to herself. If Gina wanted to stand in the circle, she was going work for it. Maybe even humiliate herself. She would learn to do as told quickly.

Hannah gave her short speech and told Gina to stand up. Gina did so, and Hannah quickly disrobed her.

“Why aren’t you naked?” she hissed at Gina.

Gina’s face flushed red. “I, I didn’t know…”

“Shut up” Hannah spat. “If you want to be a sister this night you will take off those grandma panties and that bra NOW.”

Gina quickly did as instructed, mortified that all of these girls could see her flab. She covered her large breasts and unshaven mound with her hands as best she could.

Hannah laughed at her. “Put your hands to your sides, girl. And bend over.”

Gina did so, panicked as to what Hannah was going to do to her. Within seconds she found out as Hannah spanked her ass, and hard. She hit her 24 times, one for each sister she had disrespected. Gina was screaming out in the end, tears of pain and humiliation rolling down her cheeks. Hannah instructed her next to get on her knees.

“You will now crawl on your knees to each pussy in this room, and lick it 5 times. Do it now!”

All robes were instantly dropped to the floor. Gina went crying to each pussy, and gave her licks. Some were so wet that by the end of 24 girls her face was dipping with cunt juice. Gina started to apologize when Hannah grabbed her by the hair savagely.

“NOW you will cum, you insolent bitch. You get no toys, no help. You will lay on that floor, spread your legs and finger yourself for as long as it takes. We’re not leaving until we see your chubby face twisted in orgasm.”

Gina couldn’t imagine how she was going to do this. Her ass hurt, her face was sticky and she was feeling an inch tall. She considered running away and never coming back. However, the prestige of being a Delta was what she wanted. She laid down on the floor and spread her legs.

She began to masturbate furiously when Hannah slapped her face. “Open your eyes!! You do not get the privilege of closing them. You will look at each face and let them see your humiliation!”

To make matters worse, Hannah drew all of the girls in close, so that Gina felt smothered. All eyes were on her as she rapidly fingered herself with her legs splayed wide open. Finally her clit responded and the orgasm came. Gina grunted and groaned, and felt her eyes roll back into her head. She lay back on the floor, spent. Hannah gave her pussy one last slap for good measure. She was allowed to take her place as a Delta. She had earned it.

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Sorority Party

My best friend Dee belongs to a sorority. They were having a party tonight and she invited my new boyfriend Brian and I. Not that anybody really needed invitations to a sorority beer bash.

Brian picked me up dressed in jeans and a green shirt, looking almost exactly like he did when I first bumped into him. I would have to do something about his wardrobe. I had dressed to kill. My red mid-length skirt was slit to my waist. My black silk blouse was backless and cut to my navel in front. My braless tits bounced seductively as I moved.

Brian was speechless when he saw me. I planned on surprising him later when I revealed that I wasn’t wearing any panties. I was having way too much fun being the aggressor in our budding relationship.

I spotted Dee as soon as we got there. Dee is shorter than I am, but much more voluptuous. Although she has perfectly huge tits, her waist is relatively narrow. Her hips and ass are five pounds away from being too big. Her dark brown hair and wide, innocent brown eyes have been the undoing of many frat boys.

“Amanda!” she squealed.

We hugged, having to shout to be heard over the music. I introduced her to Brian, whom she also hugged. He seemed a bit uncomfortable, and I assumed he wasn’t used to strange women giving him hugs, let alone one this pretty. I elbowed him good naturedly to remind him that I was his date for the evening, and that I wasn’t exactly chopped liver. My cornsilk blonde hair is long and straight, which accentuates my pale blue eyes. I’m taller than Dee, standing 5′ 8″. My curves are more proportionate than hers. I have a perky C cup with a nice, round ass.

I went to get beers for Brian and I. The woman pouring drinks looked me up and down. Dee had warned me that there were a few lesbians in the sorority. She was very attractive, although a bit masculine. She was slightly taller than Brian, with dark brown hair and an angelic face. Her trim, athletic figure was clothed in jeans and a deep red shirt.

“Well, don’t you look fine tonight, honey,” She said.

“Thanks,” I replied uncomfortably. I could feel her gaze on my back as I made my way to the dance floor.

I was right about Brian’s lack of dancing skills. A number of guys tried to cut in as we danced. A couple of them were pretty hunky, and all of them had big egos. I got a kick out of turning them all down.

Hours later, and more than a few beers, I was in the mood for some dirty dancing.

“Can I use your room?” I asked after I cornered Dee. She lived in one of the house’s rooms on the second floor.

“What for…oh!” She said, blushing. “You mean right now? With Brian? While the party is going?”

“I haven’t been laid in almost a month,” I pouted. “I’m horny and I’m afraid we’ll both be too drunk to do it if I wait.”

“Okay,” she said reluctantly. “But only if you do my laundry tomorrow. I’m not going to sleep those sheets.”

“You’re the best!” I gushed, giving her a big hug. I pushed my way through the crowd and found Brian.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I shouted in his ear. “I have a surprise for you.” He looked confused, so I pressed myself up against him, grinding my hips into his and tickling his ear with my tongue. When I pulled away, I could see the fire in his eyes and knew that he had caught my meaning.

“I’ve gotta pee first,” he shouted back into my ear.

“Okay. Meet me upstairs then. It’s the second door on the right”

The noise was much more tolerable in Dee’s room. I kept the lights out and lay down on the bed. My head was spinning from the alcohol. It wasn’t long before the door opened. I saw Brian’s dark silhouette outlined by the hall light.

The bed was oriented so that my feet were facing the door. I slowly spread my legs and raised my knees. I knew Brian was getting an eyeful. The hallway light had to be shining right up my dress and on my exposed pussy. So little hair grows on my pussy that I just shave it all off, leaving nothing to the imagination. I was already wet.

“Surprise! Like what you see?” I asked seductively.

Without answering, Brian stepped into the room and closed the door. Our eyes would need a few minutes to adjust to the darkness, and I felt him fumbling at the foot of the bed.

His hands found my foot and slid up to my thigh. I felt the bed shift as he climbed on. His hands easily slid my skirt up to my waist. My hips were undulating on the blanket, begging him to touch my pussy. His touch was strong and confident without being aggressive and demanding.

Brian’s hands slid down to my inner thighs and gently pushed my legs wide and my knees high. I was fully exposed, my wet pussy wide open and waiting. His hands stroked the sensitive skin of my inner thighs, gliding from my knees down to my ass cheeks.

I was breathing raggedly, desperately wanting him to touch my slick, lower lips. Somehow Brian had taken control. I was delirious with desire.

The electric touch of his tongue on my pussy lips made me inhale sharply. A low, guttural moan escaped from my lips. His tongue licked the outside of my pussy, avoiding the sweet, tender inner flesh. His hands slid under my hips to cup my ass cheeks.

I was wriggling and moaning uncontrollably on the bed. His tongue was driving me wild. My hands were clawing at his short hair, trying to force his face deep inside my aching pussy. He licked at the hollows between the tops of my thighs and my throbbing labia.

Finally his tongue split my pussy lips. It softly explored the sensitive inner flesh, still avoiding my throbbing clit. His lips gently nibbled on my labia, the tip of his tongue rimmed my hole. God, if I had know he was this good I would have jumped his bones on our first date!

Brian’s hands slid out from under my ass and up over my flat belly. Easily pushing aside the flimsy top, they captured my tits. While his mouth was taunting my pussy, his fingers danced across the smooth skin of my tits. His fingers brushed against the nipples, but flitted away to stroke the soft undersides.

“Oh god,” I moaned. “Please do it already! I can’t take any more.”

Without a word, his hands cupped my large tits, his fingers trapping both my nipples. As he gently pulled and tweaked them, his tongue raked my clit. With each flick of his tongue I felt my passion rising. My swollen nipples were sending currents of pleasure to my brain.

Suddenly the door opened. The noise of the party downstairs and the light from the hall spilled into the room. The room light flicked on. I heard a gasp and looked up to see Brian standing in the doorway.

My head was already spinning from the beer and sex. Confused, I looked down at my own body. The beer girl had her head buried between my legs. My blouse was pulled out and my skirt bunched obscenely around my waist. Her hands were snaked under my hips and widespread legs, and cupping my tits.

Shocked and confused, I heard the door slam shut, but didn’t actually see Brian leave. The girl never slowed her oral assault. I weakly tried to push her away. With the lights on, I could see her wide open mouth covering my pulsating pussy.

She rolled my clit between her lips and I exploded. My body shook and trembled as a powerful orgasm rocked it. Her fingers pulled and pinched my nipples as I writhed in ecstasy. Her tongue flicked the exposed tip of my clit as she held it between her lips. My hips snapped up off the bed and rockets of pleasure shot through my brain.

I had never experienced sex that was even half as intense before. My body began to drift back down to earth when she began humming directly onto my clit. Another gut wrenching orgasm ripped through me. I could hear myself distantly crying out in pleasure and moaning in delight.

Finally showing me mercy, she lifted her face from my pussy and released my aching tits. I lay there, wantonly naked and splayed open. I was dazed and weak as a kitten.

After a couple of tries, I was finally able to focus my eyes. She had shed her clothes. Her slim body was athletic yet feminine with well defined muscles. Her small tits were firm and high, with stiff, erect nipples. Any woman would have been jealous and any man would have been aroused.

All of that fled from my mind as I watched her finish strapping on a huge, rubber dildo. My eyes grew wide with surprise. The rubber cock must have been nine inches long, and molded to look like the real thing.

“No…” I gasped. “Please…”

“Oh yes,” she whispered, her face glowing with lust.

I tried to scoot away, toward the head of the bed. I closed my shaking legs. The girl easily forced my weak knees apart. Gripping my hips, she pulled me toward her. I had no strength to resist.

I felt the tip of the rubber monster touch my puffy, wet pussy lips. Slowly, inch-by-inch she pulled me onto it. My pussy was so wet and open there was no resistance. My hands weakly pushed at her, but I couldn’t even summon the strength to sit up.

I was pulled up onto her lap, fully impaled, my hips snug against hers. This was far bigger than any real cock I ever had in my pussy. I whimpered as my hips undulated uncontrollably on the giant dildo.

She took her thumb and began to gently stroke my overly sensitive clit while slowly rocking her hips. The huge dildo was moving in and out of my pussy, but only a half an inch either way. Her knowing thumb on my clit was heating me up again. With a moan I surrendered to her, throwing my head back on Dee’s pillow.

She leaned forward, shifting her weight so that she hung over me in the classic missionary position, the dildo still buried deep in my pussy. She began moving it in and out. Each stroke was faster and deeper.

It felt like the dildo was reaching up into my throat. My pussy was taut around the massive girth of it. She was slamming into me now, fucking me as hard and fast as any man ever had. I came, wailing and moaning as the rubber cock filled my pussy over and over.

As my orgasm subsided, the girl’s pace did not. My pussy was coated in so much juice that it didn’t matter. She reached down between us and flicked a hidden switch. The dildo began to vibrate.

The girl’s eyes rolled back in her head. A low moan escaped from her lips. I could see her passion rising in her reddening face. Against my will, the now vibrating dildo was driving me to yet another orgasm. She plunged it relentlessly into my wide open pussy. I could feel it vibrating against my G-spot.

We came at the same time. She groaned, her body shaking and writhing between my legs. I cried out as tremors of pleasure rocked me from head to toe. The vibrating beast kept drawing my orgasm out, far longer than any I had had before.

The girl collapsed on top of me, her tits and stiff nipples poking into my larger, soft tits. The buzzing dildo still had me writhing underneath her as she reached down and turned it off.

I could scarcely breath as she rolled off of me, pulling the now silent rubber cock from my pussy with a wet sucking sound. I lay there, not able to even close me legs, let alone cover my naked body. I sobbed with relief, pleasure and shame intertwined to create a strange new emotion.

I heard her leave, and just lay there trying to regain my strength. My mind was in shock. After fifteen minutes or so, I finally found the strength to sit up. My clothes were ruined. Numbly I stole a pair of pants from Dee’s closet and a big baggy sweatshirt. The pants were too short and loose in the waist. I didn’t care. I left the sorority house without running into anyone I knew.

* * *

I heard the knock at my door. For the last two days I hadn’t left my room. In fact I was sitting here still, dressed only in my bathrobe. After the third knock I finally decided that whoever it was wasn’t going to go away.

Dee stepped inside as soon as I opened the door. Her chestnut brown hair done up in a practical ponytail. She looked worriedly at me.

“Are you alright?” she asked. “You missed all your classes yesterday and you haven’t been answering your phone.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled. I slumped back on the couch and Dee sat next to me.

“So what’s the matter?” she asked.

“I think I might be a lesbian,” I said. That was the first time I had let myself contemplate that word in the last two days.

Dee looked shocked. “What makes you say that? You’ve slept with twice as many guys as I have. There’s no way you’re gay.”

I began to tell her what had happened that night. My voice seemed to come from somewhere else, spilling details without my asking it to. At some point I began to cry and Dee hugged my tightly as I finished.

“Martina,” Dee said, an edge of anger in her voice.

“Who?” I asked.

“Martina. That’s the girl you…met.”


“She’s made a habit of seducing co-eds and other sorority sisters. I just never thought she’d stoop to rape.”

“How can it be rape if I liked it so much?” I sobbed. My tears were flowing uncontrollably. The pent up emotions of the last two days were all coming out. My doubts and fears, and the dark secret that I had really enjoyed having sex with another woman overwhelmed me.

“I suppose you’re right. Did you ever tell her no?”

“Uh…I don’t think so. By the time I knew it wasn’t Brian, I was so far gone I wanted her to finish.”

A deep numbness set in. I just sat on the couch and cried. Dee would talk and ask me questions, but it seemed like she was so far away I didn’t need to answer. After a while she gave up and switched tactics.

“Let’s get you into a shower,” Dee said. “Maybe the warm water will settle you down.”

In the bathroom she started the water and took off my robe. I just stood there, tears streaming down my face. With a worried look, Dee stripped off her clothes and pulled me into the shower with her. I stood motionless under the hot water as my best friend washed my hair. I didn’t react as she washed my body.

As some point during the shower my tears had stopped. Dee pulled me out of the shower and dried us both off. She kept up a steady patter of conversation, but I wasn’t listening. She put on a robe, but left me naked as she walked us back into the bedroom.

Even though I was dry now, my body was shivering. Dee pushed me onto the bed and under the covers. I was still shaking under the cool sheets. I felt Dee climb in with me. She snuggled up behind me and held me in her arms.

“It’s not so bad,” she said. “I don’t think you’re a lesbian anyway. I think you might be bisexual. Being seduced by a woman once doesn’t undo all the great sex you’ve had with guys.”

Her hands were rubbing my arms and brushing the hair out of my eyes. It felt very much like something my mother might do. I rolled over and hugged her tightly. My naked flesh pressed against the soft terrycloth of her robe. She kissed me lightly on the forehead and stroked my hair.

“You know, nobody got hurt,” Dee whispered in my ear. “You had sex with a woman and you liked it. That might be a bit scary at first, but there’s nothing really wrong with it.”

The warmth of her embrace and the blankets was finally relaxing me. I had stopped shivering. My mind drifted off into that twilight land of half-asleep and half-awake.

Dee gently kissed my forehead. She kissed my closed eyes and my cheeks. Her hands gently stroked my naked back, tracing lazy circle from my neck all the way down to my hips. Her lips wandered down my jawline and planted soft kisses on my earlobe.

Dreamily I rolled my head back. Dee’s lips danced down my neck, sending small, pleasant shivers through me. Her hands moved lower, brushing across my ass cheeks.

More asleep than awake, I rolled onto my back and she rolled with me. Lying against my side, Dee’s right leg was draped over mine. Her hand was momentarily trapped under my ass.

She slid her hand out from underneath me and proceeded to kiss the hollow where my neck meets my chest. One hand was stroking my forehead, the other was stroking the side of my hip.

I rolled my head back and curled my right arm around her, pulling her close. My nipples were hardening and I could feel a familiar moisture building in my pussy. It all felt very right and natural to my foggy consciousness. It was not Dee doing these delicious things to me but some formless dream lover.

Dee’s hand move across my firm stomach, still tracing lazy circles. Her lips continued their feathery wandering down my chest. Her hand came to rest on my ribs, the edge of her fingers brushing the underside of my left tit. Her lips were kissing the deep cleft between my tits, her soft cheeks caressing the smooth flesh of my cleavage.

Her hand and mouth moved simultaneously. The hand cupping one large tit and her mouth capturing the stiff nipple of the other. I arched my back in pleasure, a low purr of contentment rumbling in my throat.

Dee’s hand and mouth gently and softly played with my tits. My hands were stroking her hair and shoulders as I slowly undulated beneath her. I was drifting back from dreamland to reality. The burning desire in my groin was dispelling my drowsiness. Dee rolled the rest of the way on top of me, straddling my hips while her mouth and hands played with my tits.

“Dee…” I murmured. “I…I’m not sure about this.”

She sat up, still straddling my hips. I suddenly felt naked under her wanton gaze. She stripped her open terrycloth robe off and tossed to the floor. Although I had seen her naked before, in fact I had just taken a shower with her, I had never really looked at her.

Dee’s tits were magnificent. They were far larger than mine, but still round and firm. Her nipples were equally large, with wide areolas. Her narrow waist was soft and feminine, not as muscular as mine. The skin of her thighs and ass were soft and warm on my hips. I could feel the wet heat of her pussy pressing into my stomach.

“Just let it happen,” Dee whispered. “I doesn’t have to be like before. It can be so much better.”

She bent over and ever so gently placed her lips on mine. Her stiff nipples brushed against the sensitive flesh of my tits. She carefully licked my closed lips and rained soft kisses on them.

A fragile barrier inside my mind shattered. I opened my mouth to accept her darting tongue. My arms curled around her naked back and I pressed her body full against mine.

We kissed for many minutes. My hands wandering across her naked back and explored the smooth expanse of her ass. Her hands caressed my face and hair.

Ever so gently, Dee broke our kiss. She slid down my body, her lips and tongue licking and kissing their way down to my chest. Her hands stroked the sensitive undersides of my tits while her lips and tongue licked and sucked on my nipples.

My body writhed underneath hers and a soft whimper escaped from my mouth. I wanted to spread my legs and wrap them around her, but Dee had them trapped between her own legs.

Dee’s mouth on my nipples was driving me wild. She teased the swollen nubs with her lips, swirling her tongue all around them. She gently pulled on them between her teeth until the distended flesh popped free.

I was delirious with need when she finally began to lick her way down my stomach. With her chin rest just above my hairless pussy lips, Dee finally released my legs. They flew wide open, seemingly with a mind of their own. My pussy wasn’t just damp, it was dripping.

Dee began to kiss and stroke my inner thighs. Her soft cheek would brush against my aching pussy, but she passed it by to kiss and stroke the other thigh. I was frantically wriggling and humping my hips trying to get her mouth where I wanted it most.

Then Dee’s face pulled away. Her hands gently held my thighs wide open. I could feel her warm breath on my pleading pussy lips. I whimpered wordlessly, trying to hunch my pussy closer to her mouth.

“You have a beautiful pussy,” Dee whispered throatily. “I want to lick you all over until you scream.”

“Oh, yes,” I moaned. “Do it. Please lick me now. I need to feel your mouth on me.”

I felt the tip of her tongue touch the very bottom of my pussy where it meets my ass. I shuddered. The wide flat of her tongue slid up through the folds of my wet pussy. It slithered over my red-hot clit, sending currents of pleasure coursing through my body.

Over and over she swiped her tongue across my pussy in long, slow licks. I came hard, clutching at the sheets and bucking my pussy against her tongue. Each stroke caused a fresh spasm.

When my orgasm eased up, Dee switched to kissing and licking the outer lips of my pussy. When I regained my breath however, she renewed her oral assault. Her lips closed over my clit and she rolled it between them. My body began to quiver as a fresh orgasm built up from deep inside me.

Her hands gently pushed my thighs higher until they were almost on my chest. This seemed to extend my clit, allowing her to capture even more of it between her lips. Her right hand dipped down to my now exposed anus and began stroking the surface of the puckered hole.

I had never had anyone do that to me before. The sensation was indescribable. She wasn’t penetrating me, just stroking the outside. The surface was wet and slippery from a mixture of pussy juices and saliva.

Dee’s tongue began to flick across the tip of my clit while her lips continued their rolling caresses. I exploded, crying out and wrapping my hands in her hair. She slipped her well lubricated finger into my ass, sliding it in and out rhythmically like a small cock fucking me.

One orgasm after another rocked my body. I was shrieking and writhing on the bed as Dee’s relentless mouth and insistent finger kept me at the peak of passion.

When my trembling thighs collapsed on the bed she finally relented, pulling her face from my pussy. However, she kept her finger in my ass, sliding it slowly and gently in and out.

“I think I could eat your pussy all day,” Dee murmured.

“I don’t think I could take it,” I gasped. Her finger felt so good that my hips were undulating around it, working to slide it in deeper on each stroke.

“You like my finger in your ass?” Dee asked with a smile.

“Oh yes! I’ve never had that done to me before, but it feels so sexy.”

“We’ll have to do it again, next time.”


Dee pulled her finger from my ass and crawled up my body to give me a long passionate kiss. I returned it with the same ardor. Her face was wet and sticky with my juices. I could taste my own pussy on her darting tongue, and smell it on her face.

“I was so scared,” Dee said. “I wasn’t sure you would want a next time.”

“You mean because of how I reacted to what Martina did?”

“Yes. I’ve always wanted to make love to you, and I needed to show you that it doesn’t have to be like it was with her.”

“I guess I’m Bi, and I’m okay with that now. And I’m definitely okay with what you do to me.

After some more small talk, Dee and I drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

* * *

When I woke up, Dee was gone. She left a sweet little note telling me she had to get to class and chose to let me sleep. It also said she would see me tomorrow night. I showered, dressed and went to class myself for the first time in three days.

As I walked the campus, I had a fresh appreciation for the people around me. I found myself giving both men and women the once over. I was used to guys staring hungrily at me, but it was a bit surprising to see the occasional girl look at me that way. I had never noticed them before, unless they were blatant about it the way Martina had been.

I had a lot of class work to catch up on, having skipped classes. Although I wanted to see Dee tonight it was a good thing she wouldn’t be there, because I needed the time to work.

I was surprised to see her in the study lounge in the student hall. A warm happiness filled my heart.

“I didn’t expect to see you here,” I said with a smile.

“I’m just finishing up the prep for my afternoon lab.”

“I need to get my mail,” I said. The mailroom was in the bottom floor of the same building.

“I’ll go with you. I have a few minutes before lab class begins.”

The mailroom was built as a series of alcoves with a central hallway. The one my mailbox was in had a burnt out overhead light. I dialed the combination and opened the box. The only mail I had was a couple of junk mail leaflets advertising student activities. Without warning, Dee pressed herself up against my back.

“Mmm. I like that,” I said. “But don’t you think this is a bit risky?”

She didn’t answer. One hand snaked under my shirt and took possession of my right tit. The other fumbled with the snap on the front of my pants. Dee’s hot mouth began kissing the back of my neck, producing absolutely wonderful sensations. There was nobody else in the mailroom, but that could change at any moment.

I put my hands on the wall of mailboxes to steady myself. Dee’s hungry hands were working their magic. She squeezed and tugged on my now erect nipple through the thin material of my bra. With my pants unsnapped and half unzipped, she zeroed in on my pussy.

Dee’s mouth licked and kissed all over the back of my neck and briefly roamed to my earlobes, sending shivers down my spine. Her hips were grinding into my ass and I was grinding right back.

Her fingers went right to my clit. There was no foreplay here, just raw sex and passion. My pussy juice began to flow, coating Dee’s insistent fingers. A door opened in the distance and footsteps sounded on the tile floor.

“Someone’s coming!” I hissed.

“So what,” Dee whispered in my ear.

I abandoned myself to her desire, praying that whoever it was didn’t see us. Dee’s finger was rubbing my clit and driving me to distraction. Her other hand left my tit and eased down the back of my pants. Her foot pushed on the inside of mine, spreading my legs apart.

Dee’s hand glided over my ass, her middle finger forcing apart the quivering cheeks. She rested the tip on my puckered anus, rubbing it in a slow, gentle circular motion.

I pushed my ass back against her and her finger slid deep into my anus. I moaned appreciatively as she played with me from the front and the back at the same time.

I came hard, shaking and groaning as Dee pumped her finger vigorously in and out of my ass while rapidly stroking my clit. I didn’t know if the other person could hear me or was even still in the mailroom. I didn’t care.

Dee changed the pace, her fingers lazily stroking my now soaked pussy lips, avoiding my throbbing clit. Her other finger slowly slid in and out of my ass. God, it felt good!

I pulled my shaking legs together and stood up straight. I was somewhat sweaty and disheveled as Dee pulled her hands out of my pants. I turned around and watched as she licked my pussy juice off of her finger, her eyes locked on mine.

I folded her in my arms and kissed her passionately. My hands cupped her ass cheeks, kneading and squeezing the firm, round flesh. Dee pulled away.

“I’ve got to go,” she said. “I can’t come over tonight, but I didn’t want you to forget me.”

“God, I want you so bad,” I said.

“Me too. Tomorrow we’ll spend the night naked together.”

She winked at me as she walked away, her hips swaying hypnotically. I leaned against the wall and fixed my clothes.

* * *

I slept soundly that night. The next day was uneventful and full of classes and homework. Shortly after dinner, Dee showed up at my door. I folded her in a warm embrace, kissing her passionately. She returned my ardor, running her hands over my back and ass.

“I missed you girlfriend,” I said, breaking the kiss.

“So I’m your girlfriend now?” she asked, her eyes bright.

I cupped her huge tits in my hands, my fingers searching for her nipples. “What do you think?” I said coyly.

“I think I want you to undress me,” she said as my fingers located the stiffening nubs.

I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a lacy underwire bra. When you’re built like Dee, you need the extra support. I slid the shoulders straps down and casually unsnapped the four hooks in the back and let it drop to the floor.

Her huge tits spilled forth. The creamy flesh was smooth and round. Her nipples were stiff and pointy. I knelt down in front of her and breathed warm, moist air on them.

“Mmmm. I like that,” she purred.

My hands worked the snap and zipper of her jeans. I eased her pants down past her wide hips. She was wearing matching thong panties. I set my lips against the fabric and blew warm air through it onto her pussy.

“Mmmm, I like that even better.”

I pulled her panties down, revealing a completely shaven pussy. It occurred to me that I had never see Dee’s pussy before. Our first night together she had done all the work. In the mailroom we had both stayed dressed.

“Your pussy is beautiful,” I breathed. I gave it a quick peck of a kiss before standing up.

“Lie down on the bed,” I said. “I think it’s my turn to make love to your body.”

Once she was on her back, I laid next to her. I kissed her mouth, our tongue dueling urgently. I kissed her ears and neck as she murmured encouragement.

Her tits felt so smooth and satiny in my hands. I rained kisses on the tops, sides and the extra sensitive underside. Her hands stroked my hair and upper back.

Finally my lips captured a nipple, gently sucking and licking the erect flesh. My fingers gently tweaked and rolled the other. Dee moaned softly. I alternated between her tits until her breathing grew heavy.

I slithered down her stomach, kissing the soft flesh that surrounded her navel. I rolled on top of her, lying between her spread legs. Her hands were pushing me lower, but I resisted. Ever so slowly I kissed my way down to her pussy.

I ignored her pussy and spread her legs wide, exposing the pink inner flesh for me to see. Dee’s ass cheeks were flexing uncontrollably. Her hips were undulating, trying to find my mouth on their own.

Instead my mouth kissed and licked her inner thighs. I tasted her from her knees to the soft hollow just beside her pussy. A whimper escaped from Dee’s lips. I looked at her beautiful pussy, red and swollen with need, and covered in shiny juices.

Throwing restraint to the wind, I buried my face in her hairless pussy. My tongue slithered between the lips, stroking the tender inner flesh. My lips caressed her pussy lips. She tasted sweet and wonderful.

“My clit,” she whispered. “Suck on my clit.”

I did everything but suck on her clit. Dee’s head was thrashing from side to side. Her tits were bouncing on her chest. Her hands were frantically trying to guide me to the one place she need me the most.

My lips surrounded her throbbing clit. As I drew it into my mouth, I began to hum. The vibrations were going right into her clit and I flicked at it with the tip of my tongue.

Dee’s body quivered and shook. A low wail built up to an unrestrained shriek as she came. Her body thrashed on the bed as I hung on to her hips with both arms. I hummed louder, sucking rhythmically on her clit. Dee’s shriek turned into a quivering sob. Her hands were now frantically trying to pry my head from between her legs.

I don’t know how many times she came. I stopped when my neck and tongue grew stiff and sore. I crawled up her heaving body. She was drenched in sweat. Her face was flushed and her eyes were glazed over. I held her in my arms and we fell asleep.

* * *

I woke to the sensation of lips trailing soft kisses on my back. I was lying on my stomach and Dee was crouched next to me. I murmured my approval and wiggled my hips under the sheets.

“Good morning, lover,” Dee whispered in between kisses. “You were spectacular last night.”

“Thank you,” I said. “You’ve been pretty wonderful yourself.”

Her kisses meandered down my back. Her hands threw off the sheets. Her lips grazed the soft flesh of my ass cheeks. The familiar heat was building in my pussy. My ass was definitely becoming a prime erogenous zone.

Dee licked and kissed my ass cheeks for a while and then moved down to my thighs. Her hands stroked the soft flesh of my legs and ass while her mouth smothered them with kisses. My juices were flowing and I was breathing erratically.

Dee maneuvered behind me and lay between my spread legs. Her hands parted my ass cheeks and the stiff tip of her tongue swiped my exposed anus. I groaned and piked my hips to give her better access. She licked and tickled my asshole, eliciting groans and quivers from me.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” she asked.

“Yes,” I groaned, wriggling my butt so she would return to licking it.

“Did you like it?”


“Did it make you cum?”


“Do you have a vibrator?”

“In the top drawer.”

“Would you like me to fuck you ass with it?”

“Oh god, yes!”

I couldn’t believe I was begging Dee to fuck my ass with a vibrator. The idea was so hot though, that I didn’t care. I needed to feel it deep inside me humming away.

The cool plastic made me gasp as the tip touched my sphincter. My vibrator was smaller and obviously smoother than a real cock. I slid into my ass easily. Dee worked it in and out a couple of time to make sure I was comfortable with it.

“Roll over,” she said.

With the vibrator buried deep in my ass, I rolled over and spread my legs wide. My large tits looked small compared to the mountainous flesh dangling over me. I was gasping and groaning, undulating my hips.

Dee began kissing my lower stomach, working her way over my flat stomach and down into my pussy. As her tongue split my damp pussy lips, she turned on the vibrator. The buzz shot straight up my spine and back down to my clit.

I began to writhe on the bed, moaning and groaning uncontrollably. Dee’s tongue found my clit and she began giving it long slow licks. It only took a few of them to set me off. I came with a groan, heaving and thrashing on the bed, totally out of control.

* * *

Dee wrapped her arms around my upper thighs just as I had done to her last night. Her tongue skewered my vagina, fucking it like a small cock. The buzzing vibrator filling my cunt was relentless. My orgasm stretched out, going on and on.

“Oh, god,” I gasped. “Stop! I can’t take any more.”

Dee pulled her mouth from my pussy. She turned off the vibrator, but left it buried deep in my ass. I lay there exhausted. Her finger gently stroked the tender flesh of my pussy as I came down to earth.

When I could finally focus, she pulled the vibrator from my ass with a wet pop. We lay side by side, kissing and hugging for the next hour. She finally got up and got dressed.

“I have to go,” she said. “I’ll see you day after tomorrow.”

“Why so long?” I asked, pouting.

“I have things I have to take care. If I can get my life together I’ll be able to spend more time with you.”

“Don’t forget me,” I called as she opened the door.

“How could I?” she asked, brazenly staring at my naked body. The door closed behind her. Somehow I knew this was the real thing.

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Eat A Peach

tanding under the shower running my soapy hands between my legs, I thought back to when I first met Tracy over a month ago. She showed up at my door in short cut-offs with those tanned, dancer’s legs, a tight, shoestring halter hugging petite breasts, and mountain lake blue eyes that made my legs go weak. That image still causes my pussy to tingle.

Tracy was a sophomore scrambling to get a psychology term paper finished. A mutual friend sent her over to my apartment with the suggestion that I could help. I was a 4.0 senior psych major, and many people came to me for last minute assistance. Usually I charged a token amount to help them put their papers together.

The closer to their deadline, the more I charged; but I was always fair. If they were short on cash, I would accept favors like cleaning my apartment or washing my VW. When I opened the door and saw Tracy, charging her a fee was the last thing on my mind. Fucking her was all I could think about. She was gorgeous, and I was in love.

As it turned out, her paper was due the next day and she was desperate. When it came time to discuss payment, she said, “I’m so embarrassed, but I’m broke until my parents send my next check. If you can let me ride for a week or so, I can pay you then.”

We were sitting on my bed going over her notes, but I had spent more time looking at those smooth, tanned legs than her assignment. At one point, a few papers fell on the floor. She leaned down to pick them up, her body brushing mine so close I could feel her warmth. I wondered if she did it on purpose so I could smell her; a fragrance so fresh and clean, her shampoo or body wash was a light peach scent. Was she as juicy as the fruit? It was all I could do to resist finding out right then.

“I don’t know if I can wait that long,” I said as if deep in thought. “Most people pay me right away. Maybe we could make other arrangements.”

“What kind?” she said with a gleam in her eye.

“Well, favors or something.”

She thought for a moment then said, “I don’t mean to freak you out or anything, but can I ask you a very personal question?”

“Ask me anything,” I said, my heart melting.

“Well . . . are you by any chance into girls? You know, are you bi or lez?”

“And if I was,” I said. My pulse raced.

“Then I could pay you with pleasure.”

Her smile was innocent girl-next-door, but her eyes told me I could be in for the fuck of my life.

“I promise I will make it worth your while,” Tracy said, reaching out and running her hand along my bear leg. “It would be fun.”

I leaned forward until our lips were almost touching. “The answer to your personal question is yes, I love having sex with girls, and yes, I’m very bi. You’ve got yourself a deal.”

Our first kiss was the most sensuous I have ever had. Her lips were so soft and inviting, I never wanted to stop; her taste was heavenly. We explored each other’s mouths until our breathing started to get out of control. I pulled away and looked deep into her eyes.

“As much as I’d love to get paid in advance, if we keep going, I know we’ll never get your paper done.” My pussy was on fire and I wanted so much to go on.

“I know,” she said with a cute little pout.

I held her stack of notes out at arms-length from her, and with a wicked smile I said, “So when can I expect payment?”

“What are you doing tomorrow?”

“Dying to spent the night with you,” I said in anticipation.

“Then don’t plan to get any sleep.”

I moaned as she leaned in, kissing me hard. Her tongue was everywhere in my mouth.

We worked until two in the morning finishing her paper- much longer than it should have taken. That is because we spent more time kissing that composing. The next day, Tracy got an A+ on her paper, and that night she received another A+ for letting me eat the juiciest peach I had ever seen.

That was over a month ago. Tracy moved in with me right away and we have been fucking ever since.

Tonight, we were heading out to go dancing and partying; one of our favorite preludes to sex.

When I walked out of the bathroom after my shower, I saw Tracy lying on our bed, naked but for a pair of thong panties. Her eyes were closed and her knees were up and spread. One hand was down the front of her panties rubbing tiny, quick circles around her clit while she pinched her pink nipple with the other.

“My aren’t we horny tonight,” I said, towel-drying my hair. Even from across the room, I smelled her arousal-that sweet aroma that always made my pulse quicken. Moisture glistened off her fingers.

Tracy opened her eyes, looking at me through the fog of an approaching orgasm. Her gaze went from my face to my breasts, quickly falling on my patch of strawberry fleece. Knowing her eyes were on me caused a tingle in my belly, and I shifted my weight sideways spreading my legs. The cool air met my moist pussy as it opened slightly. Tracy licked her lips.

“If you were really a friend, you’d come over here and help me with this,” she said.

“What’s in it for me?” I watched her fingers play her clit like a musical instrument.

“This,” she said, sticking her tongue out and wiggling the tip like a snake.

“Come sit on this.”

With a high-pitched squeal, I threw the towel aside.

“Ready or not!”

I dove into her arms and we rolled around the bed laughing and hugging. I grabbed her hand from her crotch and brought it to my face smearing her girl-cum on my nose. Then I sucked her fingers clean. “We should bottle this stuff,” I said, smacking my lips.

“We could make millions.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” Tracy said with a wink. “Now get busy down below, girl. I need some loving.”

I propped up on my elbow and kissed Tracy while I reached down pulling her leg up to caress it. She ran her hand affectionately along my face as we broke the kiss and I lightly traced her left breast. I could not resist her soft, sweet mouth so we kissed again. As I kissed her, I ran my hand down her side along her leg that draped across my hip. Her skin was soft; her fragrance was that wonderful hint of fresh peaches.

And I wanted to eat her peach so bad.

My mouth was on her breast, her nipple hard against my tongue. Tracy moaned as I sucked, my hands roaming across her warm belly. Then I moved between her legs and lay down on top of her, licking and loving her other breast. Tracy stroked my hair, whispering how good it felt.

I lay between her legs moving my eager mouth down between her breasts. I hugged her legs tight against my sides leaving wet kisses and nibbles across her stomach. Tracy stretched her arms over her head in surrender. She watched me through half-closed eyes as I worked my way down her delicious body.

Licking and kissing her inner thighs, I moved ever closer to her warm, moist sex. I bit and chewed on the soft, sensitive skin on each side of her vagina; she was in heat and her scent was everywhere. I chewed and licked that wonderful soft valley where her thigh meets her mound. A dark patch on her crotch told me how wet and aroused she was. I wiped my face across her crotch feeling the moisture on my cheeks. Tracy spread her legs as I gently rubbed her crotch through the thin fabric. She moaned, moving her hips in a slow, sexy rotation, responding instinctively to my touch.

I reached up to her breast, caressing it as I sank my face back to her crotch. Her smell was intoxicating; I was drunk on it. I moved back up and sucked her nipple into my hungry mouth. Tracy watched me as she continued to run her hands through my thick, red hair.

Then we were kissing passionately, moaning into each other’s mouths, our arms wound tight, our bodies maneuvering to bring our pussies together. Tracy’s hands were on my ass, loving me with tender strokes.

We ground our cunts together in a slow, erotic rhythm.

“I adore you,” I whispered into her ear.

“You just say that to get in my panties,” she said between moans.

“Does it work?” I ran my tongue around her earlobe. “Every time.” Then she pushed on my shoulders. “Now, do you wanna whisper sweet nothings or fuck me?”

“Both,” I said, and with a quick kiss, I was back down between her legs, licking every inch of her along the way. The cool sheets felt wonderful as I positioned myself on my stomach. Tracy raised her legs and I swung them over so she was on her side with her ass toward me. I bit and licked her sculptured hip while stroking her panty-clad pussy, the material moist and fragrant. Hooking my finger in her thong, I pulled it aside and ran the tip of my tongue along her ass, sampling the tangy flavor that was one hundred percent pure girl. Her little puckered anus looked so yummy, and as much as I wanted to spend the rest of the night loving it, it was a delicacy I would save for later.

Then I rose up over her hip, pushing my face between her legs and forcing her on her back. As I stuck my nose in her crotch, Tracy spread her legs in invitation, her panties now dripping with nectar.

I could not wait any longer-I had to taste her.

Grabbing the seam of her crotch, I pulled her panties aside, kissing her tenderly. Tracy stroked my long red hair as I give her soft licks and sweet kisses. I loved licking her pussy lips until they turned pink and puffy. As she spread her legs, her outer lips opened like a flower, and her warm honey coated my tongue.

She moaned when I took long slow licks up and down her slit, her short pubic hairs tickling my nose. I could feel my cunt dripping while little spasms quivered my sugar walls. I gently placed her panty back over her pussy and pushed her legs together up in the air. Then I took each side of her panties, pulling them as she raised her ass off the bed. My heart raced when I saw the material reluctantly peel away from the sticky wetness of her outer lips revealing the closest thing to heaven I had ever known.

I worked her panties up her legs, sliding them over her petite feet. Tracy licked her fingers and squeezed her nipples while she watched me put the panties to my nose and smell juicy peach and pussy. I was completely overcome with lust as her scent filled my head. I envied the delicate silk that snuggled her sex all day.

“When I die,” I said with a wink, “I want to come back as a pair of these.

I kissed the moist crotch.

“As long as they’re my panties,” she said, spreading her legs in surrender. She stroked her mound, getting it ready for love. Then she opened her lips wide, showing me nothing but pink. “Is this what you want, baby?”

I trembled. “More that anything.

Pulling her knees up, she said, “Come eat your peach.” Moaning with desire, I ran my tongue over her bottom and up along her pussy lips, now coated with honey. I moved her hands out of the way and spread her wide; her clit emerged, hard and round like a precious pearl. I licked and sucked it, feeling her hips respond. She gasped, telling me she was so ready to fuck.

Tracy ran her hands over her breasts, breathing heavily. Her eyes closed and I knew she was drifting toward bliss. I slowly licked her letting my tongue slip down to her anus to remind me of that hidden treasure. While I licked her, I reached back, sliding my finger up and down the moist crack of my ass and into my cunt. I was so turned on, so wet. Taking her clit between my lips, I sucked hard, moving my head back and forth. This drove her crazy and she screamed, squirming so that I could hardly hang on.

Now I increased my attack, sucking her clit up between my lips, biting it, and jerking my head side to side like a feasting shark Tracy screamed for me to fuck her harder as she thrashed around beating the sheets and arching her back in the throes of passion. She was blasting off for the stars and I was her rocket. With a final high-pitched squeal, she went into outer space. Her body stiffened and a delicious warm gush of girl-cum flowed into my mouth.

I slowed my assault, eagerly swallowing her cum. Then I placed soft kisses all over her tender lips, so flushed red and swollen.

“Come here, lover,” Tracy said, holding her arms wide. I crawled up and she wrapped them around me as we kissed passionately.

“You always know just what I need,” she said, shoving her tongue into my mouth. Then she giggled. “You taste like pussy.”

We laughed, kissed, and hugged. Then Tracy turned me over and positioned herself between my legs.

“Take me to heaven, angle” I said with a big grin. I wiggled my ass until I was comfortable. Then Tracy leaned forward, licking my breasts, going from one to another with an unquenchable hunger.

As she ravaged my nipples, she straddled my left leg, grinding her pussy into my thigh and leaving a wet trail. While she humped my leg, she reached back and played with her ass. She breathed heavily as her pussy slid along my thigh. Pre-cum flowed out, dripping down the sides of my leg. Then she lifted my right leg straight up and slid forward until our pussies met.

As I rubbed her clit with my thumb, Tracy went wild with passion and I was not far behind. I felt the fire ignite between my legs and start radiating up through my tummy; my nipples were ready to pop off. I grew light-headed and my chest heaved as we moved faster.

The sounds coming from our mouths were no longer human but had turned to animal grunts and squeals. Tracy’s eyes were closed as she arched her back, grinding her cunt into mine. Her hips were going a mile a minute.

Next to sixty-nine, this was our favorite way to girl- fuck. Doing the pink on pink, she called it.

Tracy brought my up-turned leg to her breast, stroking and kissing my calf and ankle. Then with a shudder, she slammed her cunt into mine and climaxed. I cupped my hand under her pussy, feeling warm cum flow out. I brought it to my mouth trying to lick all the honey dripping down my arm. It was warm and sweet, only seconds ago deep inside her vagina. I savored every drop as I let it flow slowly down my throat.

With a big smile, I said, “I can’t get enough of you.”

“There’s plenty more where that came from, baby,” she said. “Now turn over and show me that cute ass.”

I did not have to be asked twice as I got on my elbows and stuck my bottom up, my knees spread.

“You smell so fucking good,” she said, sniffing me like a puppy. Tracy ran her tongue up and down the length of my ass crack and then buried her noise in my butt as she ate me from behind. Spreading my lips wide with her fingers, she washed my sugar walls with her long, probing tongue.

My body trembled with lust as she made hot lesbian love to me. Her mouth was everywhere, wet and soft.

Spreading my cheeks, she ravaged my anus, pushing the tip of her wicked tongue at it.

Tracy stroked my legs and ass, licking my crack and pussy. I spread my legs as wide as I could to let her get at every part. Then she slipped two fingers into my vagina and I saw stars. “I’m getting so close,” I said, shoving my ass at her.

I felt Tracy’s fingers go deep and I clamped down on them. Then her thumb probed my anus and slipped inside. I went nuts. “Oh, you nasty girl,” I said with a squeal. “I love when you do that!”

Tracy shoved her fingers into my pussy and ass while she ran her tongue up and down my bottom. My head was about to explode; I was squealing, grunting, and screaming her name. Then Tracy bit down on my clit and I saw fireworks. My stomach sucked in, by body went stiff, and I came like a storm.

Tracy slowed down, gently stroked my pussy and ass.

“Want me to kiss it and make it better?”

“Oh, yes,” I said breathlessly.

As I caught my breath, she placed soft kisses everywhere. “Poor baby,” she said in mock sympathy.

“I promise never to do that again.”

I turned over on my back, holding my arms open.

“That’s a promise I won’t let you keep.”

Tracy kissed her way up my body until we held each other. “You’ll just have to beg if you want more,” she said, kissing me passionately.

“I’ve had my dinner,” I said, breaking the kiss. “Now I want dessert.”

“I don’t hear any begging.”


“Please, what?” she said, her finger playing with my lips and tongue, our breasts pressed together.

“Please turn around.”

“And what?” she said, slipping her finger into my mouth.

I grabbed her wrist and pulled her finger out. “You know damn well, so I can lick your ass.”

“You like my ass, do you?” Tracy said, taunting me.

“I adore it,” I said. “Touching it, smelling it, licking it, sucking it, kissing it.”

She moaned. “Well, if you put it that way.” She kissed me hard, running her tongue all over the inside of my mouth. Then she slowly got up on her hands and knees turning around. Backing up, she lowered her ass to my face. “You don’t mind if I eat some pussy while you have your dessert?”

I moaned, grabbing her hips and pulling her bottom to my mouth. There was my prize: her little rose bud, ready for loving. I had to admit, I loved Tracy, I adored her body, I worshiped her pussy, but I craved her ass. Sticking my nose in her crack, I smelled sex, salt, sweat, and a hint of peach-the ingredients of an all-girl heaven. Then I stuck my tongue out, tasting what I had patiently waited for-and my dessert was well worth the wait. As Tracy’s mouth covered my pussy and her tongue slipped inside me, I closed my eyes, hugged her hips, and made love to her most secret place. By the way, we never made it to the dance that night.

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Karin’s First Time

Anne and I had been best friend for a number of years. We did everything together. I don’t remember us ever having a fight. She came over to my house a lot, and I would go to hers. We were like two pees in a pod, though we didn’t look all that much alike. We went though puberty together, shared stories of first dates, first kisses, and every sexual experience we had. I loved her, and still do, even though she’s in another country now and we are over a thousand miles apart.

We spent many nights at each other’s houses too. This is what happened on this particular night. It was a Friday evening and we were together at my house, she was sleeping over. My Mom was out, we had showered, and had on just our t-shirts and panties. We had been laughing and giggling all evening. We had also been talking about sex almost nonstop and both of us were very horny. I had no idea Anne was as horny as I soon found out she was.

We were talking about a boy; I don’t even remember his name. I had a date with him on Saturday night and Anne had dated him previously. He was very popular and all the girls chased him, and I was nervous about our upcoming date. I was afraid I wouldn’t be as good for him as the other girls. It was scary, I didn’t want to be the laughing stock of the school if the date went wrong.

Anne could tell how worried I was, and had been talking absolute filth all evening. I was squirming on the couch with her alongside me and our talk turned me on more and more. I asked what he was like, how did he kiss, how far would he’d want to go on the first date.

Anne moved close to me and answered, “I can show you if you’d like.” With that she kissed me full on the mouth. I was stunned, frozen to the spot. My lips didn’t move, neither encouraging her, nor repulsing her. It was seconds, but seemed much longer, and before I could stop myself, I responded kissing her back, thinking that this was nothing more than “kissing practice.”

Her tongue came out gently as if not to scare me away. My lips felt it first, and then she probed slowly. I opened my mouth. Her tongue touched mine and my whole body seemed to be on fire. My best friend, her tongue inside my mouth! Waves of pleasure swept over me. The sensation was like nothing I had ever felt in my entire life.

It was a beautiful kiss, long and tender, yet so passionate, and went on and on and on. Her tongue felt so wonderful inside my mouth. My heart raced. I could feel that she was breathless and I realized that I was too, and then I felt her hand cup my breast through my t-shirt. I almost fainted I loved her so much. If another girl had touched me that way I would have run a mile, but I pressed myself further against her, pushing my breast into her hand. I heard myself moan into her mouth. She pulled my t-shirt up and her hands slipped inside to hold and caress my naked breasts while our lips continued to press together, tongues playing, exploring. I didn’t want to move – I couldn’t move. The feelings that ran through my body were incredible.

She pushed me back on the couch. I could not have stopped her if I wanted to now. She pulled my shirt up to my shoulders, knelt in front of me and cupping my breasts, covered my nipple with her hot mouth, sucking gently but insistently. I had never felt anything so sensuous in my life.

I had never felt so turned on. My hands went to her hair marveling that a girl, my best friend, was sucking my breasts. Oh, my God, I could have cum just like that, looking down at her beautiful face, her mouth moving from one nipple to the other, sucking, biting, teasing my nipples to a hardness I had never known, her hands molding, stroking my swelling breasts. The emotions that rolled over me were the most intense of my life. Little did I know that the best was yet to come.

Her hands left my breasts, I didn’t notice at first as her mouth was still so erotically sucking my nipple, her magic tongue playing over it. . Then I felt her hands pulling at the sides of my panties. My heart soared. I instinctively lifted my hips so she could pull them off. She slid them down my legs, and off.

Anne spread my legs, moving between them, lifting them up. My God, I couldn’t believe it, my best friend was opening my thighs, spreading my pussy open, looking inside me. Her head lowered, and I watched as if in slow motion, her tongue came out, and she licked me, from the bottom of my pussy to the top. The tongue that moments ago had been inside my mouth setting me on fire now set a more indescribable fire in my pussy. Her tongue was pointed, spreading my lips, wriggling inside me. She was licking my cunt, not a word had been spoken, and none was needed.

My orgasm was building. Rushing forward, engulfing me, when she suddenly stopped. I almost cried out. She lifted my legs higher and moved her hungry mouth to my ass. She licked my anus, and then tried to shove her tongue into me. I screamed as I came. No one had ever touched me there, let alone licked me. I came and came and came, yelling out as she moved back to my pussy, devouring my clit. Wave after wave of intense pleasure overwhelmed me. I was coming continuously as this lovely girl, my best friend, licked and sucked at my wide spread pussy.

Fortunately, she heard she car in the driveway. I was in no fit state to hear anything. She stopped working her magic, and urgently told me to go clean myself up. Realizing that we were seconds away from being caught, I staggered to the bathroom, where I sat recovering. Eventually I could stand, put my panties back on, I didn’t remember even grabbing them as I had rushed out. I washed my hands and went to join Anne and Mother.

Anne looked so sexy at me, and asked me if my tummy was OK now. That made me giggle and took away the awkwardness’ of the moment and covered our movements. We spent the rest of the evening playing games, and waiting for Mom to go to bed. We both knew we would be together again later. I could hardly tear my eyes from her breasts, the juncture of her thighs, so thinly clad.

She was sleeping in the guest bedroom and we had made no plans for her to come to me, but I knew she would. I was naked and almost trembling waiting for her. She crept in after making sure my Mom was asleep, took her gown off, and climbed in bed with me. We were both so excited we kissed and cuddled for ages. Having her naked, soft woman’s body against mine was so fantastic. Our breasts felt so natural and wonderful against each other, our pussies rubbed together, grinding, exciting. Her lips and tongue played with mine, teaching me. She began to work her magic on my breasts again kissing, fondling them. She straddled my body, then after a while she moved upward till her breasts were over my mouth. By now I was desperate to please her. I sucked her breasts feeling the soft skin in my mouth, against my tongue, till her nipples became hard and erect. I licked and sucked them the way I enjoyed mine being worked on.

She moved upward again till she was kneeling over my mouth. I could smell her sweet sexual excitement. I was looking up at another girl’s pussy for the first time in my life. It was so overwhelmingly erotic, I can still remember clearly if I close my eyes, she lowered herself, and I put my tongue inside her. From the first taste I was hooked, I couldn’t get enough of her pussy. God, she tasted delicious, smelled divine. I licked and sucked her as if I had been doing it for years. I wouldn’t let her off of me even though she came and came and came. Finally she fell to the side spent.

It was funny because we had to keep quiet. When she had recovered, and it was my turn, I had to put a pillow over my face to keep the noise down. We made love all that night and didn’t sleep at all. The next day we looked like death warmed over. I cancelled my date with the guy. Funny I can’t remember his name, and he was the cause of my seduction by Anne.

Anne was my first and my very best. She was beautiful and it never occurred to us that what we were doing was wrong. But of course we make sure that no one knew, or there would have been hell to pay. Anne told me that her piano teacher had seduced her a couple of months previous to our first time. We made love many wonderful times after that.

When we married we were bridesmaids for each other. Even married, we still made love from time to time when we could. Time passed and we still saw each other, but our lovemaking became rarer and rarer. She had a lovely child and then her husband took a job in another country and they moved. We still e-mail each other, but never seem to talk about sex.

Anne was my first, and I still love her. She taught me everything about making love to another woman. Even after all these years she is still the best kisser I have ever known. Even now, when I am making love to another women, her face will flash before me for a glorious moment and I will smile. If she reads this I hope she recognizes herself even though the name I have used for her is different.

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Atlanta Heat

I don’t know what led me to the bar that night. I was in Atlanta on business and I just wanted to unwind so after a long hot bath I wandered downstairs. I had changed from my skirt and blouse into a pair of shorts and a loose fitting sleeveless top. My bare firm legs were still untanned thanks to the long cold winters at home New England and my skin had a natural alabaster color throughout. My dark hair hung down to my shoulders still wet and contrasted my light blue eyes nicely. I sat at the bar and ordered a merlot from the pretty blonde twenty-something girl behind the bar. She brought over my wine and told asked me if I wanted any thing to eat. I told her that would be nice and she handed me a menu. The bar was still pretty empty since it was only 7:00pm so after she got a beer for an older man at the other end of the bar she wandered back to take my order. After she put the order into the kitchen she came back to talk. We made idle conversation discussing her job and that I was in town all week for a training seminar.

“I guess I will be seeing you down here a lot, my name is Jessica,” she stated with a smile.

“Hi Jessica I am Carol and you never know. I am usually not much of a drinker, but I hate being alone. After I talked to my husband and the kids I took a long hot bath and then came down here.” I noticed that her eyes wandered slowly over my body as I was speaking, but I didn’t really think anything of it.

Jessica told me that the bar may start filling up around eight but Mondays were usually a slow night. Since it was right at the airport, she said that a lot of the airlines put up their pilots and flight attendants there. “So there may be a few good looking men and women here later.” She said matter-of-factly, but there was something about the way she emphasized the word women. Maybe it was just my imagination.

Jessica went to get my food and as I ate she stayed with me and we continued our conversation. She told me she was a student at a local college and lived with her boyfriend in an apartment just around the corner. Her boyfriend was an athlete at a different school and he was in Arizona for a basketball game. I told her that I traveled down to Atlanta about three times a year since the corporate headquarters were located here, but this was the first time at that I had stayed at this hotel. She asked me if it was tough being away from my family and I told her it was but sometimes it was nice to get away and relax.

“How long have you been married?”

“It will be twelve years this fall.”

“Yea right, so like you were married when you were what sixteen.” She said with a glimmer in her pretty green eyes.

“I wish. Add ten years and you would be closer to the truth, but thanks.”

“No way, you look like you are thirty, tops. How many kids do you have?” She asked.

“Just one an eleven year old daughter.”

“Wow that’s great, I hope I have a body like you after I have kids.” She said as her eyes lingered on the cleavage peering through the neckline of my shirt.

I felt my nipples stiffen under her gaze and my cheeks turned a bright crimson. “Was this young girl flirting with me,” I wondered. I had never really thought about a woman in that way, but some harmless flirting couldn’t hurt. Besides there was no one I knew in this place so maybe it would be fun. “Well lets not get ahead of ourselves, you are still very young, and you have a fantastic body.” I replied to her. She was wearing a short black skirt and a white silk blouse. Through her blouse I could see a lacy bra and firm breasts that were much larger than my 36b. She was a few inches taller than me. Her 5’5″ frame had about 145 curvaceous pounds, with full round hips, shapely tan legs, and a narrow waist.

“Thanks,” she said as she lifted her arms and did a quick pirouet. “You like it huh.”

“Who wouldn’t, I bet you have to fight the guys off with a stick. The horny business men and pilots must be hitting on you constantly.”

“You have no idea, but I have a boyfriend so I don’t need anymore men in my life.” She said, then shyly added “but a pretty woman like you, well that is a different story,” as she reached across the bar and filled my wine glass finishing the bottle.

I was shocked by her brazen comment but decided to continue the game. “Are you trying to get me drunk Jessica?” I asked as a mischievous smile spread across my face.

“Would it help,” she said as her fingers lightly touched my hand.

“Well it wouldn’t hurt,” I replied as her touch sent shivers through my body. I wondered why I had said that. Here I was a married woman allowing herself to be seduced by another woman. I tried to rationalize that the wine must be effecting me but the truth was that I found this pretty bar tender alluring.

I thought back to the few times I had seen women in passionate embraces. The thought intrigued me. I remembered the first time I saw two women kissing in public. It was ten years earlier when we took a family vacation to Cape Cod. We had traveled to Province Town and as we were walking down the main street there were two women kissing. One of the women was short and stocky with short gray hair and the other was a pretty woman in who looked to be in her early thirties. At the time I was shocked but that night as I thought back on it I found it titillating. A smile spread across my face as I though back and Jessica noticed.

“What are you thinking about with that mischievous grin on your pretty face,” she asked.

“The truth, I was thinking about the first time I saw two women kissing,” I said, not quite believing I had said it.

“Oh really and what did you think when you saw that?”

“I thought it was disgusting, intriguing and a total turn on.”

“You mean you wouldn’t mind if I did this,” she said as she bent across the bar and kissed me lightly on the lips. I was slightly taken aback, but the kiss was soft, gentle and not at all unpleasant. My eyes closed and I returned the kiss.

“Mmmm, that was nice, ” I said truthfully. I felt my nipples swell and a familiar tingle down between my thighs. Jessica smiled and asked me if I really wanted to continue this. I nodded and told her I did, I had never been with a woman before, but at that moment I wanted to explore the intense feelings I was experiencing.

“Good I’m glad you feel that was, because I was attracted to you the moment I saw you,” she said sincerely.

I sat at the bar while Jessica called one of her coworkers and asked if she could work the bar that night. Thankfully the girl agreed and since she lived close by it was only a half hour before she showed up.

I took the elevator up to my floor and waited for Jessica as butterflies attacked my stomach. I began to get second thoughts but as I thought back to the sweet sensual kiss we shared only an hour before I knew I had to proceed. Jessica stepped off the elevator and kissed me again. This time she pulled me close and our bodies pressed deliciously together. I could feel the soft curve of her breasts against me. Jessica’s leg slipped between my thighs and pressed against my pussy. I could feel her lips part and her tongue slid sensually along my teeth before I opened my mouth and allowed her to enter. Our tongues entwined and danced while Jessica’s hands slid under the hem of my shirt and lightly touched my bare skin. I let out a soft moan at her electric touch as our passion increased. My hands began to tentatively explore the silky fabric covering her back as we kissed like two teenagers. I could the wetness begin to soak my panties. I finally peeled myself away from her luscious lips and led her to my room.

I opened the door and Jessica slid my shirt over my head before the door was even closed. She then quickly slid my shorts and panties off in one motion leaving me standing with just a white lace bra and a pair of Nike tennis shoes. She directed me over to the bed while she unfastened my bra. I nervously kicked off the tennis shoes and sat on the bed. “Now you,” I said.

She smiled and slowly pealed off her silk blouse and her big sexy bra releasing her enormous breasts. They were a full 38d, nicely shaped with large brown areola and thick nipple that were nearly an inch long. I gasped as she ran her fingers over them and pinched her own nipples before sliding her hands down her flat stomach. She slipped the skirt over her full round hips leaving her standing naked before me.

“You weren’t wearing panties, you naughty girl you,” I said as a big bright smile spread across my face.

“Never do, never know when you might want a beautiful woman to have easy access.”

“So this seduction was you plan when you left for work today huh.”

“Not planned, but certainly a pleasant surprise, now shut up and kiss me,” she said as she lowered her mouth to mine. Her naked body descended upon mine. Her warm flesh felt wonderful as her leg slipped between my thighs and our hips began to grind together. I moaned into her mouth as out lips locked in a torrid kiss. I could feel her leg grow slick as my juices coated her with a slippery coating. My hands began to explore her soft womanly flesh. My hands moved to her soft full breasts and I played with her long hard nipples causing her to moan and grind her hips hared against my swollen sex. Our tempo increased and soon my legs began to quiver as I felt my first orgasm approach. My breathing became quick and I broke our kiss. My mouth attached to the nape of her neck and I muffled a scream on her soft flesh.

Jessica slid down my body and began to kiss and lick my small round breasts. Her hands caressed my exposed ribs as she continued to worship my aching bosom. I had never felt so completely adored as I felt in this pretty young woman’s arms. She kissed her way down the gentle curve of my tummy stopping to slip her tongue inside my quivering navel. I whispered words of encouragement when the sweet young woman settled between my legs and blew lightly on my slick wet folds. I felt a surge of wetness before she lowered her mouth to my waiting sex. Her touch was perfection, just the right amount of pressure and suction bringing me quickly to the brink of orgasm. Her tongue slipped between my lips and began to rhythmically stroke my engorged clit. I shuddered with a second small tremor, but Jessica wasn’t done yet. Her tongue dove deep inside my soft wet folds and searched out every drop of my juices. Another wave began deep in my stomach and circled outward overtaking my entire body. She slid two fingers inside me and began to pump them furiously while her mouth moved up to play with my swollen clit. My hands held her head close running through her thick blonde curls. My body was overtaken by a powerful orgasm as I breathlessly yelled out my new lovers name.

Jessica slithered her way up my quivering body and kissed me deeply. I could taste my juices on her full pouty lips. I weakly kissed her but her kisses slowly revived me. With renewed passion I whispered to my beautiful young lover that I wanted to make her feel good.

“You already have,” she said sweetly.

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Its Not Lipstick

I have known Alice for a long time, since I was only twelve. I just turned eighteen and I started college already. I’m going to a junior college and living with my folks, to save some money and because I don’t know what I want to study yet. Alice lives by herself. She is about thirty. She divorced her husband and moved into our apartment building. We liked each other right away. I found it easier to talk to her than to my mother, in fact.

Alice has long blonde hair and green eyes. She dresses very nicely but in a conservative manner. She teaches at a Christian private school so that must be why. I still ask her about makeup and clothes, what she thinks of mine. She is more like a friend than just a neighbor.

That all changed one day when she knocked on our apartment door. It was late in the afternoon but my folks had still not come home from work. “Connie,” she said, her beautiful green eyes full of tears, “I am so sorry.”

“What, what is it Alice?” I said pulling her into our apartment.

She held out a small box. “I opened your mail by mistake. I was sure it was the makeup I ordered from QVC. It wasn’t though, and then I looked at the label and saw your name. I am so sorry.”

“That’s okay, Alice,” I said. “No harm done. Let me see.” I took the box from her and realized immediately what it was.

“When I took it out, I thought it was lipstick.”

“No, it’s not lipstick, silly. It’s a vibrator.”

She looked at me with her beautiful face one big question mark. I had ordered a mini vibrator off the web and it came with a plain label, very unsuspicious, from Blahblah Research. I had ordered from them before and never aroused any suspicions from my parents. Of course, I usually got the mail before they got home. “It’s too small to be a vibrator,” she said skeptically.

“No, it is a special purpose vibrator. It’s not the kind you see in WalMart, for your back. It’s designed just for your clit.”


I knew she was naïve. I also knew that she did not have a boyfriend. Neither did I and I understood her completely. It’s not just the STD’s; boys are flaky and stupid and they talk too much. I had never met one that impressed me for more than the space of time it took for him to open his mouth. Alice, of course, worked in that very stuffy school and she had had a bad time of it with her marriage. I had just assumed that she pleased herself as I did, even though we had never talked about it.

“Well, you have a vibrator, don’t you?”

“Connie, I have no idea what you are talking about. I thought vibrators were used for massages, for atheletes.”

I laughed and pulled the little gem out of the box. “You are kidding, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m not. That thing is too small. See what I mean? It looks like a libstick.”

“C’mon back here, to my room.” I motioned for her to follow me. When I got to my room, I opened my closet and pulled out a shoe box from the bottom of the stack. I opened the lid and showed her my collection. I had the standard issue, one shaped like a cock, and a strap-on butterfly that I wore to concerts sometimes, just for fun. I reached inside and pulled out a battery. I popped it into my new mini and turned it on. “You’ve seen these before, right?”

“No, Connie, and I’m tired of your asking. I led a sheltered life, even after I was married. Tell me or I’ll beat the crap out of you,” she said, laughing and pushing me playfully.

I looked at her like a teacher would look at a student, feigning authority. “They are for pleasing yourself, for getting yourself off, for having orgasms without worrying whether or not the man is going to come before you do and leave you in the lurch, horny and frustrated.”

A look of understanding dawned on her face. “Wow,” she said quietly, picking up the one shaped like a man’s penis, my least favorite, but okay for special occasions, like Halloween. She turned the dial and felt it hum in her hand. “Why do they need to vibrate?”

A good question, actually, and one I didn’t exactly understand myself. “I don’t know, Alice, but I know that it works. Put one of these babies in the right place and let it vibrate, and you will come. It’s heavenly and very therapeutic.” I smiled and she looked like she understood. “You just use your fingers?”

“Yeah,” she said. “I didn’t know there was another way. Why is this new one so small?”

“It’s just for the clitoris.”

“How do you use it?”

I smiled. “Well, I would show you but you might not like that.”

“Connie, you’ve known me for a long time. We’ve had a lot of serious talks. Why don’t you trust me now?”

“Fine,” I said, sitting on my bed. I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt with no bra, just relaxing after school. I spread my legs and raised my feet up so that only the toes of my sneakers touched the floor. I put the tip of the humming vibrator, or lipstick as Alice called it, between my legs. The tip of the vibrator touched the cloth of my shorts right above my hooded clit. I jumped a little, surprised at the intensity of the vibration. It was more concentrated than any of my other vibrators. I moved it slowly down my clit until I found the exact spot that I knew very well.

I had forgotten all about Alice at that point. I closed my eyes and felt the heat sweep up from my clit, across my belly, swelling my breasts and making my nipples get really hard. She was standing there, noting all of the sensations that I was feeling, understanding very well what I was feeling, but amazed still at the speed with which I had achieved arousal. Later, when we talked about that frightening but very electric first experience, she told me how impressed she was with my understanding of my own needs and feelings.

The moisture from my cunt now made a spot on my panties and my shorts. She could see even more clearly how aroused I was. As the vibrations did their work, she saw me spread my legs even wider and then jump and howl as the first orgasm shook my body. She moved closer. “Connie, that is amazing. Did you come already?”

I opened my eyes and nodded, still throbbing from my new toy.

She reached out but pulled her hand back. “How do you know where to put it, Connie?”

I shrugged. “Just practice, I guess.”

“Can you show me where to put it?”

I nodded and wholly aroused and hot, not caring about any consequences, took the edge of my shorts and panties and moved them away from my throbbing cunt. With my left hand, I spread the lips of my pussy and pulled up, exposing my little clit, dripping with excitement. With my right hand, I put the tip of the new vibrator right on my clit and moved it very slowly. That was even more delicious. As the swells of my second orgasm starting washing over me, I moved the little toy faster and faster. My cunt opened up when I came and the air rushed in to my hungry pussy. I felt so hot all over my body that I thought I had broken out into a sweat.

When I looked up, Alice had moved very close to me. She was sitting next to me peering over my raised legs, watching my juices flow. “Wow. That was fabulous, Connie.” She giggled.

“What?” I said, still gasping for air as the orgrams subsided.

“Well, I was hoping you would show me where to put it on me, but thank you for showing me exactly where to stimulate you.” She smiled and kissed me on the cheek.

I laughed too. “Well, I’d be happy to show you Alice.” I turned off the new little vibrator.

She smiled again and stood up slightly, pulling her shorts and panties right off and letting them drop to the floor. She was wearing a tee shirt with no bra and I could see her nipples getting really hard. I knew that she was very full breasted, maybe a 38D or more, but I had no idea her nipples were so large. She must have been really excited because they poked at the soft material of her tee shirt like two hard knobs. She spread her legs and raised her feet so that the toes of her sneakers rested on the floor.

“You know, I always wondered if you were a real blonde, Alice, or if you had a really good hairdresser. Now I know for sure that you are the genuine article.”

She smiled and spread her legs wider. “Is this what you need for me to do?” She looked so innocent, even though she was more than ten years older than I was. I didn’t think about her age, though. I considered her my junior in the realm of vibrators. As she spread her legs, I could see her folds had already enlarged and she was wet.

“That’s nice,” I said, smiling at her large labia, “I mean, that’s what you need to do. Right.” I cleared my throat. I felt really excited for some reason, more than I ever felt by myself or with a boy. I realized that her smell, the aroma of her open sex was having a direct effect on my body. I could feel my breasts swelling and my sex, already wet, getting even wetter, come running down my white thighs as I knelt in front of Alice’s open cunt. I put the little vibrator in my mouth and sucked my juices off, moistening the tip and heating it with my mouth. She smiled at me as I turned it on.

I put the tip at the top of her bush. She didn’t have a big bush and it was very light. I wanted her to get used the strong vibrations. I didn’t want her to freak out. I moved it slowly down to where the hood covering her clitoris started. When I reached the top of her wet folds she closed her eyes and moaned. I don’t think she realized that she was groaning and spreading her legs even wider. She reached out and held on to her knees so that she could be as open as possible. I moved it slowly down to the end of the hood, where the inner labia start to make the top of her wings.

Her moaning grew even louder. She was feeling the vibrations strongly now on her clit. I looked up at her beatific face. She was licking her lips. When I pushed the tip under her hooded clit and started stimulating it directly, she fell back on the bed, opening herself even more to me. I moved it up and down, circling her clit and then honing in on the hottest spot. She shook and quivered and even yelled out so loud that I was afraid the neighbors would hear and call the cops. She was a screamer.

Her come was copious. She was so wet that she had already formed a puddle on my bed. I didn’t mind. I turned off the vibrator, knowing that her clit was probably way too sensitive after just coming. I wanted to reassure her, caress her, take the sting out of her grinding orgasm. I leaned forward and licked her cunt softly with my tongue flat, moving it from the bottom of her cunt all the way to the top.

“Oh, baby,” she said, very uncharacteristically. She looked down at me in surprise.

“I’m sorry, Alice,” I said, leaning back. “I don’t know what came over me. You just looked so beautiful when you came.”

“No, no,” she said leaning forward and putting both hands in my hair. “I love it. Please.” Her eyes pleaded. She couldn’t bring herself to ask me to continue licking her cunt, but her eyes couldn’t be more direct in her request.

“I’ve never done this before,” I told her, but she pulled my head toward her hot cunt, her eyes begging me. Her fragrance beckoned me and I opened my mouth as I moved toward her blonde pussy. My tongue found her clit. I tried to imagine what I would like for her to do to me. With the tip of my tongue hard and pointed I jiggled it back and forth over her slick clit. Then I sucked all of what I could of her large lips into my mouth, sucking hard and licking at the same time. She screamed again and held my face tight against her hot juicy cunt. I didn’t mind. I buried my tongue as deep as it would go, searching for her g spot. She pushed against me with her hips so hard that I could barely breathe. I started moving my tongue in and out of her cunt as fast as I could and I could taste her flowing juices. Her vagina opened up as she came again and her hands released their hold on my hair.

I pulled a gulp of air into my lungs. She had clasped her legs together as if she wanted to hold on to the sensation of my face between her legs sucking her juices out of her steaming cunt. God, I was excited. I pushed her legs down and climbed on top of her. I kissed her forehead, her neck and her ears. She searched for my mouth with her own and groaned when our lips connected. Our tongues darted out, competing to see which could go deeper into the other’s mouth. Her come was all around my mouth but she seemed to savor the taste of her own juices mixed with my tongue and lips.

I put either hand beside her and pushed up, looking down at her with a stern face. “Now it’s time for the student to take a test.”

“Why, what do you mean, teacher,” Alice said in her mock student’s voice.

I pulled my tee shirt over my head, exposing my small but perky breasts, my nipples standing hard and impertinent, like a challenge. I hopped up on my bed, my sneakers still on, laying my head on my pillows. As I slowly spread my legs, exposing my dark bush, thicker than hers but neatly trimmed for a bikini, I said, “Now, Alice, you find MY clit.” I pointed at the little vibrator.

“With pleasure, teacher dearest,” she said, smiling and pulling her tee shirt off.

“Wow,” I said with an open mouth, “you have great breasts. All I can say is your husband must have been one dumb fuck.”

“He wasn’t much of a fuck at all,” Alice replied, putting her palms under her full breasts and pushing them up so high that she could lick both of her hard nipples. “You turn me on much more than he EVER did,” she said, reaching for the vibrator.

Watching her lick her hard nipples made me wetter than ever. I raised my knees higher and opened my legs. I reached down and with my index fingers, pulled the top of my inner labia up, exposing my clit. It protruded, open and exposed and vulnerable, waiting for Alice to jazz it with my new toy. She leaned down. She put her mouth close to my cunt and breathed her warm breath with a focused blast right on my tender clit. “Oh, Alice,” I gasped. “That feels so good.” She smiled and brought the little vibrator close. She put its tip right on my engorged clitoris, moving it slowly first clockwise, then counter clockwise.

As her motions increased, I felt the wave of the first orgasm wash over me. I lost all sense of time and space and I slowly realized that the orgasm wasn’t stopping. As long as she kept moving the device over my swollen organ, I continued to throb and pulse and drip come. Finally I begged her to stop. “On one condition,” she said with an evil grin, her mouth close to my overwrought pussy.

“What? Anything.”

“Do me next.”

“Sure. You bet.”

“I want the one that looks like a dick.”

“You got it.” I couldn’t believe my staid neighbor was acting so wild. But I should have known. Preacher’s daughter. It’s those stuffy ones that go wild when they finally break out. She had been in such a lonely dry place for so long that she was going to get whatever she could. And I was going to help her. She turned off the little vibrator and started to lie on her back. “No, get on your hands and knees,” I instructed her as I got up to fetch the cock dildo from my shoebox. I loved telling her what to do. And she was such a willing slave.

As an afterthought I brought the box with all my toys to the bed. She turned to look at what I was doing. I put the vibrator shaped like a man’s penis in my mouth to warm it up. She smiled at me. “You don’t need to make it wet because I already am very. Wet.” She reached between her spread legs and moved her fingers in her open cunt. On her hands and knees her ass and cunt were completely open and exposed to me. She was completely vulnerable to my attentions.

I touched her already soft open cunt with just the tip of the cock head. I haven’t seen that many dicks but I think my dildo is above average size. It’s about seven inches long and about an inch and a half wide. I think most men would be happy to have a tool like that. Anyway, it fills me up so much that it is almost uncomfortable. As I said, I have to be in a special mood. Alice wiggled her butt a little as if begging me to insert the dildo. “What is it, dear?” I asked, still getting off on my older neighbor depending on me so wholly (pardon the pun).

“C’mon, Connie, stop fooling around. Fuck me with the dildo.”


“Please,” she groaned and wiggled her ass some more. She even opened her cunt lips with her hand and pushed her butt up in the air to open herself. “Please, Connie, pretty Connie, pretty please, fuck me, please.” She tossed her long blonde hair.

I slipped the end of the cock in her wet cunt. She gasped and moved her hand. I let it slide deeper and deeper into her cunt until I had barely enough to hold on to. I started moving it in and out slowly and her groaning grew louder and louder. I pulled it all the way out and let the tip rest on her throbbing clit until she looked around at me, her eyes asking, begging, but her mouth without words. I turned on the graduated vibration control until it was all the way up. She closed her eyes as the vibrations warmed up her clit. I pushed it all the way in and then pumped her cunt with the big dildo. She didn’t seem to have any problem with taking its full girth and length. I twisted it a little and increased the rhythm until her cries filled the room and made me wonder about the neighbors again. I stopped the pumping and angled the throbbing dildo against the front wall of her vagina. I held it there and slapped each cheek of her butt soundly. She laughed so I spanked her until both her white cheeks had turned pink.

“Oh, sweetie, that feels so good. Put your finger in my ass.”

I put my index finger in my mouth and then slid it slowly into her pucker and I started moving the dildo again. She exploded and bucked and screamed so hard that I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to hold on. “Oh, God, Connie, you make me come so hard,” she gasped, after she collapsed on the bed.

“You’re a quick learner, Alice,” I said, smiling. I snuggled up beside her. Our nipples, still hard, brushed against each other and sent another tingle through my cunt. She turned to me and we kissed again, this time with a deep knowledge of each other’s most secret thoughts and feelings. Our tongues touched softly, moving in and out of each other’s mouths in a delicate minuet.

She pulled back and looked deeply in my eyes. “I have a confession to make.”

“What?” I asked innocently.

“I have been wanting to seduce you for months now, ever since you were seventeen, actually – but I had to wait until you were Eighteen!”

“So what took you so long,” I said, as I reached for her to kiss her and to … well, that’s another story.

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