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Highway Masturbation

My husband was away on business yet again. As is normal for us, we text back and forth trying to keep in touch. Silly little texts all morning long about how our days were going, flirting some but keeping it light as we were both pretty busy.

But somewhere around lunchtime his texts become slightly naughty. He had never done this before so it completely caught me off guard. He texted saying he missed me which is nothing new, but went on to type he missed not just me but very specific parts of me, his favorite parts of me. He described those favorite parts in great detail, the way my nipples looked all puckered up with desire, desire he caused with his hands and his mouth. The supple skin that starts on the underside of my breast and continues along my rib cage and how when he traces it with his fingertip it makes me giggle. The back of my knee and the goose bumps that a lick of his tongue can cause. My long fingers and how they softly grace his own skin.

I could not keep my eyes off the screen of the phone as I anticipated every text and they were really starting to heat me up. I only encouraged him by describing how my body was responding to his words; my nipples were stiffening and I could feel them rub against the silky material of my bra. My pussy was starting to pulsate and began moistening my panties. I was chewing on my lower lip.

This only egged him on and made his texts even dirtier. He was becoming more descriptive telling me what he now wanted to do to me. His mouth wanted to take in the hard nubs of my breasts, suck profusely until they were achingly stiff and then tease them with a flick of his tongue. His tongue desired to swirl its wetness in my belly button and then trail southward to warmer more parts. Then he wanted to take my toes in his mouth, savoring them and then softly suck until I was wiggling uncontrollably. I was starting to squirm in my chair with the pictures he was painting in my mind.

About mid afternoon, he texted that he was in a boardroom style meeting and had a raging hard on that was only being controlled by the waistband of his slacks and thankfully concealed by his sweater. He wished he could rub his palm up and down his hard cock a few times and how if we kept up this texting he was going to fly home early so he could pick me up, throw me on the bed and fuck my brains out. I envisioned him at this meeting with his pants tented and giggled.

I proceeded to text back how I wanted to walk right into that boardroom with high heels, skirt taught against my ass and nipples pricking through my blouse and my shoes clicking on hardwood flooring, kneel before him, unzip his pants, grasp his stiff cock, lick the precum then envelope his swollen purple head with my hot wet lips and let him slide down the length of my warm tongue. He could then sit back and watch my head bob up and down in his lap while he felt the pleasurable skill of my mouth on his rigid cock.

He texted me back telling me how that was making his cock twitch for my sweet pussy and he was losing concentration for the meeting right quick.

When I was finished teasing him with my oral abilities, he was going to pick me up, place me on that boardroom table, slide my skirt up my hips, tear off my panties off with his teeth, spread my legs wide and eat me like the dinner he was hungry for. He wanted to part my sopping wet pussy lips, fuck me with his tongue and fingers until I was begging for his cock. Only then would he give me the satisfaction of a good hard fuck, a slap on the ass and a quick yank of my hair.

At this point we had been texting for most of the afternoon and we so thoroughly wound each other up, my hands were shaking slightly, my heart was racing and I wasn’t able to focus my thoughts on work. Unfortunately we weren’t able to do anything about this crazy state of arousal we were in until we were backing home together in a few days.

His meeting was now finished and I needed to wrap some work up before heading home. We both texted each other about how much fun sexting was and we would certainly have to do it again but only when we could meet each other at home to finish what we started. He did ask me if I was going to do anything about my state of arousal and I said I might if I still felt horny enough when I got home.

He asked me to do him a favor. I readily agreed even without knowing what that favor might be, but knew that he wouldn’t ask me to do anything to out of the ordinary. I was a little taken aback when his favor turned out to be for me to masturbate. I explained that it would be risky at work, but he said he thought in the car was a better idea. He explained that knowing how aroused I was and knowing that I was releasing myself in sort of a public way was a huge turn on for him. I hesitantly agreed to it and that I would tell him about it later.

I was certainly nervous about our agreement. I had never done anything quite like that before yet alone in the car in the parking lot of work and in the light of day but the more I thought about it the more I really wanted to fulfill his favor. My nervous state of arousal, the anticipation of the entire afternoon and the culmination of our sexting drove me to my final decision.

When work was finally done, I walked out to my car, got in and sat there for a brief second thinking about what I was going to do, how turned on I still was and how I really was going to have absolutely no problem fulfilling his favor.

I settled into the driver’s seat, draped the shawl I was wearing that day over my shoulder and down over my knee to cover up what I was going to be doing just in case someone came along. I looked around for any watchful eyes then reached beneath the shawl, unzipped my slacks, slid my hand underneath my panties and continued even further down until my fingers touched the warm folds of my pussy. The amount of wetness there took me by surprise. I was very slippery wet indicating that our afternoon of sexting had a very powerful effect on me.

Once my fingers were there and very happy to be playing, I just sort of let my inhibitions loose and allowed my hand to take over. I plunged my middle finger deep into my pussy like an oil dipstick to draw out even more wetness so I could then smear it around and start playing with my clit. I moaned at how good I was feeling and knew it would not take me long to reach my goal and grant my husband his favor.

I was basking in the pleasure of my play and really wanted to just sit in the car until I was completely sated, but I was reminded by the mass exodus from our office building that it was Friday and I really needed to get on the road or traffic was going to be terrible. So I started up the car and with my hand still down my panties swirling my clit which was now hard and so very swollen pulled out of the parking space.

As I was driving, I could feel my body respond so strongly and knew my release was so close, I wanted it and I needed it so bad that I was hoping to catch a red light so I could stop driving for just a moment, drive my clit to orgasm quickly, and hopefully avoid an accident. But no luck there. I drove for about two miles with my hand down my pants.

My finger finally finding that spot on my clit, you know that one that takes you to an orgasm very quickly was seriously concentrating on it now, swirling in slow motion building myself up to that crest.

I finally reached that red light right before I had to get on the expressway and pressed down hard on the brake pedal with my foot. I was oblivious of the cars around me as I leaned back, closed my eyes and thought about your earlier seduction. I started panting as I envisioned his head between my legs, his warm tongue on my clit and fingers fucking my steamy pussy.

I continued stroking that spot and knew that I was only seconds away from that much needed orgasm. My face started to flush with rushing blood, the lips on my face felt hot and swollen, my nipples grew achingly hard, my hands shook a bit and then the final thought of his hand slapping my ass and that yank of my hair made me cum like a sparked explosion right there in the seat of my car.

My entire body stiffened and I actually stopped breathing for just a moment as I rode the pulsating waves of white hot orgasm out for few brief exhilarating seconds before I was forced to recover quickly as the light turned green.

I merged into traffic panting and feeling a little dizzy, but after a minute felt completely and utterly relaxed.

Hot Wife Loves To Swallow

Callie was sitting at her desk at work, her mind wandering back to the previous night with her husband. Paul, her husband of two years, was three years her senior at twenty-six years old. They had met when she was just nineteen, he had proposed to her less than a year later and they were married just a month after her twenty-first birthday. Their sex life was both active and satisfying for both of them, and last night was no exception. Paul had just returned from a week out of town on business and the young married couple had sucked and fucked for almost three hours before he rewarded her with the load he had been saving up over the past several days. She had swallowed it greedily, the mouthful of cum triggering her own orgasm as it usually did.

Callie was fully aware of how unusual it was to be able to climax simply as a result of swallowing cum. She could trace it back to her teen years and her first sexual partner. One afternoon when his parents weren’t home they were in his living room on the couch, fooling around completely naked. He was sitting on the couch with his cock pointing straight up in the air, while she was kneeling beside him. As she leaned over him, sucking his cock, he was reaching between her legs to finger her pussy. He had warned her that he was about to cum so that she could pull away, but she had decided that it was time to swallow his load for the first time. She ignored his warning and continued to suck, and it was only a couple of minutes later that he started to cum in her mouth. Coincidentally, it happened at the exact same time that he made her cum with his fingers. From that point forward, any time she swallowed a guy’s cum it triggered an orgasm as though it were some kind of Pavlovian type response.

From that point forward she had always finished guys off with her mouth. She hadn’t been with a lot of different guys, but the ones she did hook up with her thrilled to find someone so eager to swallow their load. In fact, she was fairly certain that it was one of the reasons why Paul had been so eager to marry her. To this day, every time they would fuck he would finish off by shooting his cum into her mouth. Last night had been especially good for both of them because it had been over a week since he had last cum and had therefore given her a nice big load to swallow.

She snapped out of her daydream, remembering that she needed to go talk to her boss. She and Paul were hoping to take a trip to Belize later in the year, and she needed to clear the holiday time with John, the owner of the company.

She stood from her dress to stretch her legs, thankful that the company was so casual that she could wear shorts to work on a sunny day like this. The shorts she had chosen were cut very high, showing off every inch of her thighs and barely covering her tight, round, bubble-shaped butt. At just over five feet tall, Callie normally wore short skirts and shorts in order to make her legs appear longer than they actually were. She had also worn a cami-style tank top with spaghetti straps, something that would surely violate the dress code of most companies. Because of her small, A-cup breasts, she rarely wore a bra, as was the case today. The air conditioning seemed to be turned on higher than usual today and it had caused her nipples to poke through the fabric of her shirt all day long.

She walked down the short hallway to John’s office, noting that the door was closed. Normally this would mean that he was either on the phone or meeting with someone, although occasionally it simply meant that he was looking for some peace and quiet to eat his lunch, take a quick nap, or just simply gather his thoughts. Hoping that he was available, but not wanting to disturb an important meeting or phone call, Callie put her ear to the door and listened. Rather than hearing John’s calm and strong voice speaking with someone, however, she was surprised to hear the sounds of what could only be a pornographic video. She listened for another moment or two, silently wishing she could see what it was he was watching. She raised her hand up and gently knocked on the door. Apparently John had failed to shut the door all the way until the latch had clicked, so the door swung open just a bit from the force of her knock. Taking advantage of the open door, she pushed it open further and leaned her head inside.

“John?” she said, softly, as she took in the scene in front of her. John’s desk was perpendicular to the door and his computer screen was on the far side of the desk, facing his seat on a slight angle, meaning that it faced the door as well. The video being played on the monitor instantly explained the noises she had heard. There were four women in the scene, all of them naked. Two of the women were performing oral sex on each other in a sixty-nine position while one of the others was lying back on the bed with her legs spread as the fourth plunged a large dildo in and out of her pussy. John was sitting in front of the computer, leaning back in his leather chair. He was still fully clothed but he had taken his cock out of his pants and was rapidly stroking it.

John was shocked to hear a voice behind him, so he quickly reached one hand out to his mouse and closed the video player while the other one covered his engorged member.

“Shit, Callie!” he said, turning to face her and wheeling his chair under his desk to hide his cock. “Don’t you ever knock?”

“I did!” she said. “The door just swung open! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“It’s okay, really,” he said. “Let’s just keep this between us, okay? Now what can I do for you?”

“It’s nothing, I’ll just go back to my desk.”

“Callie, it’s okay,” he said. “What’s up?”

Callie stood there, somehow unable to think about the reason she had come to talk to John in the first place. She suddenly realized that her panties were getting wet and that she really wanted to swallow John’s cum.

“Callie?” he asked, snapping her out of her trance.

She said nothing as she turned and closed the door, making sure that it actually clicked shut.

“Why don’t you finish?” she suggested.


“Finish stroking your cock,” she said.

“Callie, I don’t think that’s appropriate.”

“Why not?” she asked. “I already saw it, and I saw what you were stroking it to. Why don’t you finish?”

John sat in shock, saying nothing.

“I’ll let you cum in my mouth,” she added. Still John said nothing, so Callie walked towards him and pulled his chair out. His cock was still rock-hard, standing at somewhere between five and six inches. Not very big, Callie thought, but he wasn’t going to be fucking her, so it didn’t matter. She grabbed his hand and put it on his cock and then reached over to the mouse. She opened up the recent documents menu and found the video he had been watching. She opened it up and then knelt down in front of him on the floor.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked. “Start rubbing your cock.” He did as she suggested, starting slowly, but rather than looking at the video he looked down at her beautiful face. Her long, curly brown hair framed soft and delicate features. John, like every other guy in the office, had spent more than a few evenings at home, masturbating to the fantasy of fucking Callie.

“This is so hot,” he said as he watched her staring at his cock. He was hoping she would lean forward and start to suck it, or maybe stroke it herself, or at least start playing with herself while she watched, but she did none of that. She simply sat, her eyes transfixed on his cock as she rested her hands on his thighs. It was clear at this point that neither of them cared about the video playing on the computer, but they left it on anyway.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said to her, making her smile and blush ever so slightly. He started stroking himself faster, watching her lick her lips and hearing her moan softly. “I can’t believe you’re watching me play with my cock!”

“Mmmm,” Callie moaned. “I feel so naughty.” She watched him rub it faster and harder, knowing that he was nearing his orgasm.

“Are you really going to swallow my cum?” he asked.

“I sure am,” she said. “I want to feel it slide right down my throat.”

“Oh god!” he said. “I’m about to cum!”

Callie instantly leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, sucking hard and pushing him over the edge.

“That feels so fucking good!” he said as his cock pulsed, shooting stream after stream of his hot cum into her mouth. He could feel her swallowing every last drop of it as it filled her mouth, continuing to suck as though she wanted more. As always, the feeling of his cum filling her mouth had brought Callie to orgasm as well, causing her to suck even harder.

“Yummy,” she said, pulling her face back after he had finished cumming. “Nothing like a belly full of cum. That was amazing, thanks boss.” His eyes were glazed over as he smiled and reached over to close the video player on the computer. “Can I talk to you now about some vacation time?” she asked, staying on her knees.

“It’s yours,” he said. “Take as much as you want.”

“Thanks boss!” she said, giving his cock a little kiss on the head before standing up and leaving the office.

Her Sister The Slut

My girlfriend Kim and I have been going out for about 5 months. She is 23, about 5’4″, with auburn wavy hair and bright green eyes. Her skin is a little pale, and she has a hint of freckles on her face and shoulders. Kim has a thin build, with perky B cups and a tight apple ass. The first time I saw her walk away from me in tight little panties, slightly sucked up between her hard cheeks, I was hooked. I am three years older, 6′ even, muscular but not huge. Kim likes when I have a beard, so I keep a trimmed one that matches my short brown hair.

Kim’s little sister Katie has fallen on hard times. Frankly, she’s a bitch. I don’t often use that term, but she really is. Drugs, skipping school, sexting, all before she even came close to graduating high school. She got kicked out when she tried to seduce a teacher for an A. Once Katie hit 18, her parents kicked her out, and now she is living on Kim’s couch. Now she is causing Kim stress. Now she is causing me not to get laid.

“Come on, Kim, let me relax you with a nice shoulder rub… and then I’ll lick you until you cum.” Just a head shake no. I was trying to kill two birds with one stone, but I missed. Kim loves when I talk dirty. Maybe I’ll try that. 

“How about we put on that porn where the Asian chick takes on a couple? The one where her face is covered in pussy juice and it drips off her chin?” Kim is in a phase lately where her fantasy is to have a girl on her face while I fuck her. When I bring it up during sex, she licks her lips in anticipation. But not now.

“She’s just sitting around. She promised to be looking for a job. I feel like her parent, and I’m sick on not being able to relax on the couch after work. She doesn’t even make her ‘bed’ anymore.” It’s true. Katie sleeps on the couch, and has been getting sloppier by the day. She started out so clean and neat, picking up after herself. Two weeks later and she leaves her clothes all over the place.

She also dresses more scantily by the day. It’s summer in Las Vegas, but the apartment is air conditioned. Still, Katie is starting to hang out in panties and a long t-shirt. Kim almost lost it when Katie ditched the t-shirt for a tank top. I guess having your boyfriend around your little sister while she’s exposing her tight little ass in cute panties was too much. That, or the low cut tank top that revealed her D cups. I hope Kim is not jealous.

“You want me to talk with her? She sort of listens to me. She’s just ignoring you at this point.”

“Sure,” Kim replied, “give her a stern talking to I guess. But not now, let’s go to sleep. Tomorrow.”

In 10 minutes, Kim was out. I decide to go to the kitchen for a drink. Water, maybe. Maybe I’ll have a beer and watch some TV. Fuck, Katie’s on the couch. Man, she really ruins everything. As I head to the kitchen, I hear some movement on the couch. I hope Katie is not bringing guys over to fuck. That’s the last thing we need. 

As I walked past the backside of the couch, I glance over. Katie is sprawled, her legs askew with one up and one extended. The blanket is barely up to her mid things. I see one hand on her inner thigh, right up where the edge of her panties barely covers her lips. I could swear her fingers glistened in the moonlight, but it’s probably wishful thinking. As I pull my eyes away, feeling guilty from staring so long, I take a glance at her big, firm tits. Hard nipples poke through the thin cotton of her t-shirt. I feel guilty, but not from checking out such a nice rack. I’m a man, after all.

I hesitate coming back out from the kitchen. I definitely hear something now. A slight moan. A wet slurping. “You little slut” I think to myself. She had to know I went by. I drink my glass of water, thinking frantically. I want to take a peek, but I certainly don’t want to get caught. Kim is a dynamite girl, and she’s a sexual savant to boot. Why screw that up to catch a hot 18 year old fingering herself on the couch? 

Still, I wait several minutes before heading out. As I stand there, I get the familiar scent of wet pussy wafting through the air. Wow, that’s intoxicating. Similar to her sister, but just different enough to notice. Kim tastes divine, and I love when she cums on my face and drips as I suck her pink lips. I can imagine Katie tastes wonderful, and from the sound of it she is sopping wet. 

As I come back into the living room, I make a slight cough as a warning. Katie is not moving when I look at her, but her panties are slightly askew and I catch a glimpse of the edge of her lips. She is wet, soaking her panties and making her fingers glisten. I take in a big smell as I stare, and as I do I hear her moan. A soft moan, but definitely a moan. I sniff again, and she moans again, this time her lips slightly parting in desire. Damn, Katie is such a dirty girl.

As I walk away, I hear the distinct sound of Katie sucking her fingers. I know the sound so well because Kim loves it when I make her taste her own sweet pussy juice off my fingers. I love when Kim does it, and my cock has a bit of pre-cum at hearing Katie do it. One last moan before I head into the bedroom.

Kim is asleep, but Katie’s little games have left me almost bursting. Kim wakes up to me licking her pretty little pink pussy, lips spread wide so I can get to her little nub. She wakes up horny, and as soon as she’s up I push her down and enter her harshly. I smack her ass loudly, and she yelps in pain and surprise. Kim loves to be handled firmly, with a little choking and slapping and hair pulling. I don’t hold back when I fuck her, slamming into her as she tries desperately to push her ass up in the air and fuck me back. I usually last a long time, but I’m so worked up by my sexual frustration and Katie’s show that I know I won’t last long. 

“I’m going to cum down your throat, Kim!” I yell at her. 

“Oh yeah, fuck my face and cum in my mouth!” she exclaims, excited by the sudden dirty talk. Man, any dirty talk makes her hornier. 

“My cock will be covered with your pussy juice when I fuck your face. Lick it all off.” I command.

“Mmmm yeah I love to taste my pussy juice, baby! Give me that cock!”

I pull out of her pink and bring my cock up to her face. She quickly licks all her juices off before taking it deep in her mouth. Within 30 seconds, I am ready to explode.

“Swallow my cum, baby! I’m going to cum.. I’m cumming!” I erupt in her mouth, my cock shooting blasts of my seed into her tiny little mouth. Kim’s only recently started taking my loads in her mouth, and a little bit slips out of the corners of her mouth and she valiantly attempts to swallow it all.

“Oh yeah, that tastes so good, baby!” she cries once she’s swallowed most of it down. “I love the taste of my juice and your cum together!” As she says this, we hear a bump in the hallway. “What was that? Was that Katie?” Kim asks.

“I don’t know” I say, while secretly hoping that it is. “If it is, she now knows how slutty her sister is.”

“Only for you, baby. Only for you. I’m going to check it out.” Kim slides on her panties, and I fall asleep to the hypnotic view of her pantied ass swaying away.

I woke up early, and Kim was still asleep. I headed out to find Katie already up.

“Coffee?” she asks? I am a little surprised to see her holding a cup out for me. She looks adorable with short shorts, a tiny tank top, and knee-high socks. 

“Sure, thanks. I’m surprised you know how to make it.” As I take a sip, I run my eyes up and down her body, which is turned away to pour herself a cup. The socks are a nice touch, accenting her smooth legs and giving her a naughty schoolgirl look. As if I needed more reason to think about her after last night. Oh, Katie, you’re killing me.

I sat down to catch a college football preview show. Katie sat on the couch as well, and as I looked over I noticed the same pink and gray striped panties she had on last night jammed in the couch cushions, just a hint of fabric peeking out. Fuck, I would love to get those. No, no, no. I just fucked Kim like she was a whore last night, because she is my whore and she’s amazing. I can’t be thinking about the cute little panties that her little sister soaked last night. Still, I wonder if she listened to us fuck last night.

Throughout the morning, Katie is helpful. She cleans, she cooks, and she is polite. What’s going on? For one thing, I swear she’s teasing me. Sure, she’s cleaning, but must she bend over so far, exposing just a bit of underwear through the leg of her tiny shorts? Or does she have to wipe her hands off on her shirt by rubbing her palms over her tits? Or drop some eggs down her shirt and clumsily retrieve them by almost popping her boobs out of her top? 

Kim comes out about an hour after I first did, and she immediately notices how clean the living room and kitchen are. “Cleaning are we? After you had no energy to finish me off last night?” I can’t believe how open she’s being about our sex life in front of her little sis.

“No, it wasn’t me! Katie did all of this; she’s been a real superstar this morning.”

“Well, she must think a lot of you for her to listen to you. Does every girl just do what you tell them to or is it just girls in my family?” Kim asks.

“So, Kim, you always do what he tells you? Anything at all?” Katie asks with a raised eyebrow.

“I knew you were listening last night!” Kim exclaims.

“What are you talking about? I was asleep last night. Not like I haven’t heard you two going at it before, but I haven’t for a while. Besides, no one asked me to clean. I decided to help out. And I’m fully clothed!”

“Yeah, barely you slut!” Kim teased.

“Now, ladies, I’m sure you’re both as slutty as you want to be, but I’m trying to watch a show.” I say this hoping they will continue.

“Whatever, we’re going shopping. Come on, Katie, let’s see if we can find something for me that will keep this guy awake long enough to satisfy me.” Ouch. Fall asleep once, and a thousand pussy eatings disappear, apparently.

After the girls are gone, I lay out on the couch and smell something familiar, something delicious. I see the cute little panties that Katie left stuffed in the couch and just stare. My cock starts to swell. I try to look away, but I’m only human. I pull them out and I am almost overwhelmed by lust as I smell the sweet young pussy that soaked them. After a few minutes, I put them back and try to forget about it.

Later that night, I again go to the kitchen for a glass of water. This time, I smell pussy as soon as I get to the living room. I see Katie laying on her stomach, a hand definitely in her panties; I can see a little movement at the crotch. Once again I am in the kitchen for a few minutes listening. This time, Katie moans a bit more. I hear her fingers slide in and out almost violently, fucking her little hole and sloshing around her juices. Every minute or so I hear her sucking her fingers and I want to run out and fuck her. But I resist. After a few minutes, I walk out. This time Katie is on her stomach, panties pushed to the side, fingers in her pink slit, and her ass just begging to be smacked. 

Once again, I wake up Kim with a tongue bath and conclude by shooting a load in her mouth. This time, I talk dirtier. “You’re such a little slut!” “You want your pussy juice in your mouth, don’t’ you?” “Swallow my load, cum slut!” Kim cums as I fuck her, and I cum in her mouth. I swear I hear a noise in the hallway, but this time Kim is too worn out to hear it. But I know. 

The next night I again sneak out for a drink of water. This time, Katie has her shirt pushed up, her right tit out and her fingers pinching her erect nipple. Her left hand is in her panties, and she appears to be rubbing her clit in circles. Before I can head to the kitchen, she pulls a wet finger out and rubs it around her nipple. Then Katie takes her right tit into her mouth and moans. As she does so, she opens her eyes and sees me. She does not miss a beat, but locks her eyes with mine as she pulls her panties to the side, exposing her dripping pink slit. 

“Mmmmmm” she moans as her finger goes back to her pussy. She is no longer looking at me, but has her eyes screwed shut. I stand, watching. “I’m such a little slut… I’m a cum slut!” she moans as puts two fingers in her snatch. Soon, her shirt is up and both tits are exposed. She spends some time playing strictly with her tits, her body contorting with pleasure. As she looks at me again, she glances down to my crotch, which is hidden behind the couch. I step around, my dick clearly outlined in my boxer briefs and a wet spot where my pre-cum has oozed out. As she stares at my cock, she reaches down to spread open her pink pussy lips, and I get a beautiful view at her wet hole. Damn, she looks remarkably similar to Kim

Kim! I think to myself. I shouldn’t be staring at Kim’s 18 year old little sister masturbating. I take one more look at Katie, her pussy spread open and thrust up off the couch, and head back to the bedroom. This time, I awaken Kim by rubbing my cock on her face, putting pre-cum on her lips. We end up in a 69, with my cock erupting in her mouth as I clamp down on her clit. She cums as she swallows, and I drink up her dripping juices. 

“I think Katie needs to get fucked.” Kim says.


“I found her panties in the couch. They were… let’s just say she was definitely having a good time with them. Didn’t you notice it’s smelled like pussy out there for a couple of days?”

“Where did you find them?” I ask.

“In the chair. Don’t tell me you didn’t see the green panties, you horn dog!”

Green panties in the chair? I must have missed them. “No, I did not! I always notice yours when they’re snugged up to your pussy, but otherwise I haven’t noticed any panties.”

“Well, if she’s behaving so well after getting off every night, I need to make sure she doesn’t get bored. She needs some dick!”

“Ha! I thought it was my commands that made her behave?” I teased.

“Oh, maybe the commands made her horny. After all, you know how being bossy to me makes me gush!” In that moment, I was convinced that if I told Kim and her sister to fuck me, I would have them both dripping and ready to go. I love girls that get off on taking orders!

The next night, I again went for a glass of water. This time, Katie was just teasing her soft teenage body. Her fingers traced over her thighs. She traced around her nipples through her shirt. She made eye contact with me early, and glanced down. Again, I stepped around the couch and she stared at my cock, held back by my boxer briefs, as she pulled her shirt up and began playing with her tits. She fondled them. She kneaded them. Katie even licked them before really going to town on her nipples. 

“Sit down, please?” She asked hesitantly. I wanted to say no, but just the she pushed her hand into the top of her white and pink panties. They had little bows on them, and I could see her labia through the thin fabric. I saw down, half reluctantly and half excitedly. Her hand manipulated her pussy inside her panties and I sat and watched, mesmerized. Her eyes were barely visible over her heaving chest, and she would occasionally squeeze and play with her right boob.

“Please let me see your cock, sir!” Katie said almost breathlessly. “Please, sir, I want to see it. I will be a good girl if you let me look at your throbbing cock.” With that, I froze. On the one hand, Kim would probably be pissed if I showed my dick to her little sister, barely 18. On the other hand, it’s just a look.

Soon, my boxer briefs were down my thighs, my thick cock throbbing with each heartbeat. Katie sat up on her knees and I instinctively pulled back. “I just want to see it,” she said, “honestly. I just want a good look at what you’re giving Kim every night.” 

“Be a good little girl,” I commanded, “and you can take a close look.” She practically jumped up onto her knees, her head bent forward. 

“I’ll be a good little girl for you,” she moaned, “just let me look.” She was within inches of my cock, her lips pursed in concentration. I noticed one of her hands between her legs, although between her D cups and her shirt I could not see anything. Her breath hit my balls, warm and moist. I felt it on my dick, and a little pre-cum oozed out.

“Ooooh!” she exclaimed, “that looks tasty.” Her head got closer, but when she looked up I shook my head no. “But I want a taste!” she said. I again shook my head no. “I need to taste something!” she almost moaned. 

I often compare sexual situations to a roller coaster. There is great anticipation on the way up, and at some point you hit a tipping point. Going over the top, there is no going back, and the ride will be exhilarating and bring you through twists and turns. 

Just then, Katie brought me to the point of no return. As if in slow motion, she slowly brought her right hand up from between her thighs. I could see her sticky juice like a spider’s web between her first two fingers. She first rubbed her juices into her puffy lips, her tongue snaking out and taking a taste. “Mmmmm,” went the low, guttural moan from her throat. Her tongue then shot out and licked her first finger, and I could see her juices coat her tongue. 

“Oh fuck!” I said out loud, unable to help myself as my girlfriend’s little slutty sister tasted her own pussy juice. Katie took that as a sign, and she smeared the pussy juice on her second finger on my balls. Before I could even protest, her tongue was licking it up. She snaked her tongue up my shaft and back down, again taking in my balls before moving back around my cock. As she reached the tip, her tongue scooped up my pre-cum and she savored it in her mouth. Never using her lips, just her tongue, she proceeded to lick my cock up and down.

My eyes were closed, my head tilted back, and I enjoyed the sensation of Katie’s eager tongue. I heard another moan, but it wasn’t coming from Katie. Alarmed, I looked up to see Kim, only wearing a blue thong, standing not ten feet away. She was staring at her little 18 year old sister lick her boyfriend’s cock. For a moment, I braced for the worst.

Kim wasn’t even looking at me, though, she was transfixed on Katie. Her eyes wandered from Katie’s head to her ass, sticking up off the couch, her pink and white panties taught on her firm ass. Just as Kim started to move slowly around the couch, Katie took my cock in her mouth, her lips touching me for the first time. 

Kim was staring at Katie’s ass. She sunk to her knees, her face level with Katie’s surely dripping pussy, covered in only flimsy material. From what I had seen earlier, I knew Kim could see Katie’s labia through the material as it hugged her folds. I watched as Kim, almost in a trance, leaned in and inhaled Katie’s scent. She shuddered, her hands going to her B cups and tugging on them roughly. She looked at me for just a moment, her eyes almost begging for permission.

“Go for it,” I say softly, “go for it you dirty slut.” I was talking to Kim, but Katie moaned as if I was calling her a slut. What a filthy family. If only Katie knew what was to come. Kim pressed her face forward, and her mouth gave Katie’s pussy a delicate kiss through the cotton fabric. Soon, Kim was making out with her sister’s slit, her tongue pushing against the fabric and her lips teasing the exposed outer edges of her lips.

“Mmmm, yeah,” I heard Katie mumble with my dick in her mouth. Kim reached up, and in the slowest undressing I’ve ever seen, she pulled those pretty little panties off her sister’s ass and down her legs. Kim pulled the panties up to her face, taking in the scent, and then tossed them at my head. I caught them, pulling the soaked garment to my mouth and getting just a little taste. Divine. Almost like her sister, but maybe a bit thicker and sweeter. 

I saw Kim reach out to spread her sister open before sticking her face in. Katie increased her pace, moaning as she got eaten out, the moans reverberating on my cock. I heard Kim’s slurping sounds, as if she was trying to suck her sister dry all at once. I looked down as Kim pulled her face back, her bee stung lips swollen with pleasure and covered in her sister’s juices. That did it. 

“Suck his cock you little fucking whore! Get that cum and share it with your slut sister!” Kim has such a dirty mouth. My balls swelled up, my body stiffened, and I started to cum in a huge wave. I stared at Kim, her mouth covered by her sister’s juices. I smelled Katie’s panties. Mostly, I felt that hot, young mouth as I shot rope after rope of hot cum in Katie’s mouth. She could not hold it all, and as she stood up it dripped on her tits.

Kim was over in a heartbeat, her mouth licking her sisters firm D cups titties and lapping up my cum. They shared a dirty, cum filled kiss, tits pressed together as they grabbed and groped each other like sluts on a rampage. As I began to recover, I watched to two sisters suck on each other’s tits in a 69. They started sliding down each other’s bodies, Katie’s big tits on top scraping down Kim’s stomach as she kissed towards that sweet little pussy that I love to eat.

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Wife At The Movies

It was hard not to stare at the three of them standing in front of her. They were tall, tanned, and had great shoulders under their tee-shirts. And, from the look of their hands she was sure she had nice cocks to match. I’d like to ride one of those, she thought.

“Excuse me?” one of them turned and said to her. 

She was mortified as she realized the words had left her mind and come right out of her mouth. “Oh, sorry,” she said. At this point all three of them were looking at her with coy grins. 

“No problem,” the tallest one said. Then they took their tickets and headed through the door. They talked under their breaths as they moved and then all three turned to look at her before the door shut behind them. 

She took her ticket and headed into the dark theater. There were quite a few people in the room, but as she scanned the dimly lit arena she saw the three guys in the back corner gesturing in her direction. She took a quick look around and, when she realized they were truly calling her, she headed in their direction. Her heart was beating so fast and her panties were getting wetter and wetter with each step. 

“Hi” she said as she stepped beside them. She took her place in the middle of two of them; the third one was just over from them. 

Minutes after the movie started she felt an arm over her shoulder and fingers tickling her nipples. Suddenly another hand was on her knee and slowly sliding up her skirt and into her sopping pussy. She could have come from the mere excitement rushing through her body. Although hands were now fondling her both guys kept their eyes straight ahead on the screen. 

She let her knees fall apart a little more so that big hand could finger fuck her a little better. He was working slowly, though; his fingers teasingly circled her clit, pushing her to want big cock even more. She turned to the guy with his fingers in her pussy and as they caught eyes he pulled his hand from between her legs and stuck his fingers in her mouth. With pussy on her lips she then turned to the other guy and licked his lips to give him a taste. That was all he needed to encourage him to slip down on the floor and bury his face between her legs. 

The guy that had started with his fingers in her pussy now had his cock out and grabbed her hand to stroke him. His cock was exactly what she thought it would be – hard, fat, and long. She stroked it hard, trying not to come as the guy between her legs now had fingers in her ass and pussy while he licked like crazy. There was no shame by now as the third guy slid in for some action, too. All of a sudden she had a second cock in her hand and, again, it was nice. Here she was: legs spread, a hottie eating her pussy, a big cock in each hand, and all she could think about was getting fucked. 

Since they were at the back of the theater she didn’t see any problem with getting the cock she wanted. She pushed the guy out from between her legs, sat him down on the chair, and knelt in front of him to pull his cock out and see what she was dealing with. He had a good one, but not what she wanted. 

It was the second guy she wanted first. So, she pulled up her skirt, used her fingers to spread her pussy lips apart, and lowered her body right over his fat dick. Since her back was to him as she rode him he reached around to pinch her nipples with each pussy stroke she gave him. She still had the middle guy’s cock in her hand and soon she was riding his cock just as hard. 

The third guy leaned over in her ear as she was grinding her pussy on his buddy and said, “Isn’t it my turn yet?” 

She nicely obliged and took position on his dick… and boy, it was the best of them all. He grabbed her hips and gently pushed them in a little circle to get her moving. He slipped his hand around to play with her at the same time and, without warning, she started coming all over that nice pole. 

She must have been making more noise than she thought because a couple in front of them turned around to see what the commotion was about. She didn’t care. She rode as hard she could and then he was ready to come. She jumped off and bent over to stick his cock in her mouth so she could enjoy every drop. Seeing her pussy was free one of the other guys didn’t hesitate. Instantly she had another cock pounding away. 

She had sucked everything she could off her first guy and, with a big dick still inside her, she turned to the third guy and took his cock in her mouth. She couldn’t get it deep enough in her mouth! She sucked and sucked and all of a sudden felt warm cum all over her thighs from the guy behind her. She reached between her legs and started finger fucking herself as she brought the third guy to climax in her mouth. She came again just as he shot his wad all over her lips. All three guys were now reclined back in their chairs and breathing hard.

At this point she needed some fresh air and a cold drink. She stood up, pulled her skirt down, and stepped over the guys and out into the isle. The movie wasn’t that good anyway, she though, as she headed out the exit.

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Bad Habits

“What are we going to do with that girl,” a very frustrated Marie Downs asked her husband, “she’s eighteen years old and still can’t stop touching herself in public!?!” “Don’t look at me, dear,” Ed Downs replied quickly, “if you wanna say something to her, go ahead, but leave me out of it!” “Some help you are,” Marie said with exasperation, “your daughter’s behaving like a monkey in the zoo and all you can do is say keep me out of it, what kind of father are you anyway!?!” “The kind that feels uncomfortable talking about sex with his grown up daughter,” he shot back at her, “come on, Marie, give me a break will ya, this is the kind of thing that a mother should handle, now leave me alone, I’m gonna finish reading the sports page!” Marie just stared at her husband for a few seconds, and then shrugged her shoulders in disgust and stalked away vowing to come up with some sort of plan to curb her daughter of her public self abuse!

“I’m just at my wits end,” Marie said to her best Veronica, “she’s acting like a little slut and there doesn’t seem to be a thing that I can do to stop her!” Veronica poured each of them another cup of coffee and joked, “So she has a hot pussy, it must run in the family!” “Very funny,” Marie replied, “I don’t deny I love sex, but there’s a time and place for everything, and in our living room with the whole family around is definitely not the place!” “Hmmmmmm, I guess not,” Roni replied thoughtfully, “you mean like it wasn’t the time or place to screw Ed in the broom closet last year after Janet’s wedding, or the time you sucked him off in the parking lot in the mall parking lot, you mean like that!?!” “Don’t change the subject,” Marie snapped, “I’d had a lot to drink at Janet’s wedding, and as far as the parking lot thing was concerned, Ed practically forced me to do him, and besides, no one could see us!” “I know, I know,” Roni replied, “all I’m just saying is that Paige isn’t the only one who has a streak of exhibitonism in her, you could almost say like mother like daughter!”

The two woman sat and gabbed awhile longer while finishing up there coffee, when out of the blue Marie exclaimed, “I’ve got it, I know what I’m gonna do about Paige!” “What,” Roni asked a little nervously, “it’s not something crazy is it!?!” “Crazy,” Marie asked quickly, “why would you think something like that, I’m surprised at you, girl!?!” “Yeah, right,” Roni replied while rolling her eyes, “like who was the one who put a piece of black tape over the red engine light in her car because it was annoying!?!” “Okay, okay,” Marie retorted, “maybe some of my ideas haven’t worked out for the best, but it’s the thought that counts, right!?!” “Yeah, right,” Roni said while shaking her head, “so tell me about this great idea of yours!” “Well,” Marie said excitedly, “if I show Paige exactly how dumb she looks with her hands up her skirt maybe she’ll get the hint!” “And just how are you ganna show her,” Roni asked warily!?! “Like this,” Marie replied quickly while jerking down her jeans and panties and casually masturbating her pussy, “what do ya think!?!”

Roni sat and stared wide eyed as her best friend continued finger her blonde hairy pussy, until she finally stammered, “Y-you’re nuts, do you know that, you’re absolutely nuts!” “Oh, call me a fool,” Marie sighed while working over her now very erect clitoris, “but if this doesn’t work nothing will!” Roni squirmed uncomfortably in her seat while Marie neared an orgasm, and just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, Marie jerked open the front of her blouse, pulled one of her big nipples to her mouth, and began sucking it urgently! “My god,” Roni gasped softly, “you’re gonna cum aren’t you, right here in the kitchen in front of me, ohhhhhhhh man, I don’t believe you!” Marie closed her eyes as she furiously fingered her buttery snatch, but much to Roni’s shock and surprise, she spread her legs even wider, and in an incredibly strained voice begged, “Please, baby, suck me off, my pussy’s on fucking fire!” Roni recoiled at the mere thought of sucking a woman’s cunt, but as much as she abhorred the thought, something in her was drawing her like a magnet to Marie’s drooling groin, and before she knew what was happening, she was on her knees with her mouth open lapping at her friend’s hot burning pussy!

“Oh myyyyyy,” Marie sighed, “you suck my pussy and I’ll suck my tits!” Roni’s mind was spinning as she lapped at Marie’s swollen labia, and much to her consternation, her own vagina began throbbing uncontrollably in anticipation of an orgasm of her own! Marie stared down at her friend’s mouth pressing into her bulging vagina, and in a panting voice offered, “I feel like such a slut with my legs spread wide and your mouth sucking my hairy cunt, ohhhhhhhhh god, I feel like a fucking whore!” Just hearing Marie talking in such a lascivious manner only drove Roni closer to the edge of cumming, and in a fit of absolute passion, she jumped up, practically tore off her clothing, and then with gentle tenderness, squished her own dripping vagina against Marie’s until both of their clits were lined up and rubbing together! Marie’s eyes rolled back into her head while the two little clits snapped back and forth over each other, and much to her delight, Roni had leaned over and taken one of her big nipples into her mouth and was sucking it gently while standing between her open legs as she simulated fucking her like a man!

Roni continued pressing her clitoris hard against Marie’s, and while the two women edged closer and closer to their orgasms, Roni kissed her friend on the lips and then whispered into her ear, “You know you’re not gonna be able to do anything about Paige’s problem don’t you!?!” “W-why not,” she replied with a moan, “she’s acting like a bad girl!?!” “Of course she is, dear,” Roni replied, “but think about this, her pussy is probably at least as responsive as yours is, and if that’s true, how are you ever going to control it, it’s just impossible!” “B-but she touches herself when other people are watching her,” Marie replied while gasping for breath, “what ever will they think!?!” “Who gives a damn,” Roni replied as she cupped Marie’s big boobs in her hands while tweeking her hard nipples, “all that matters is that she’s basicly a good kid who’s just experiencing her body for the first time, as she matures everything will work out just fine, wait and see!” “D-do you really think so,” Marie replied as her pussy began jerking wildly as her climax slammed into her like a semi truck hitting a rabbit on a deserted Texas road in the middle of the night, “oh, fuck, I’m cumming all over your pussy!” Roni let Marie’s big tits slip from her hands and instead reached around and grabbed her by her plump ass while violently rubbing her clit over Marie’s quavering little member! A-are you cumming, too,” Marie gasped while fighting to keep her clit in contact with Roni’s little erection!?! “Oh god, yes,” Roni moaned as her cunt wrenched over and over again in orgasmic delight, “our clits are rubbing back and forth over each other and it feels so fucking fantastic, ohhhhh god I’m blowing my fucking load!”

“Holy maloney,” Marie whispered hoarsely, “are you sure that you haven’t done this before!?!” “Have you,” Veronica retorted while kissing and nibbling on Marie’s big chest, “you seemed awfully experienced at girl-girl sex to me, honey!?!” “Okay, touche’,” Marie replied with a sigh, “but this doesn’t really help me with Paige’s problem, I still don’t know what to do with that girl!?!” “I’ve got an idea,” Roni replied sweetly, “why don’t you invite her over for one of our little girl to girl get togethers, how’s that sound to ya!?!” “I’ve got a better idea,” Marie replied softly while pulling Roni’s mouth to her own, “let’s just forget about Paige, cuz like you said, everything’s gonna work out anyway right,” and just before their lips pressed softly together, Roni looked Marie in the eye and replied, “That’s exactly right, everythings gonna work out just fine!”

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Tanning Salon With Perks

We live in a college town in Missouri. My husband and I own two small tanning bed salons on each end of the University campus here. We have a pretty steady client business, but it definitely picks up a lot before spring break as everyone tries to get that base tan before they head down to the beaches.

As a whole, it is a pretty easy career. We sign people up for packages and then they come in, scan their card and head on back to the bed. All I really do is collect the money and then I have to disinfect the bed after someone lies and sweats in it. What I have learned though is just how horny college guys are. They can’t even go 13 minutes without jacking off. I know, because I empty the garbage cans. They usually clean up the bed pretty good, but the tell tale sign is the wadded up paper towels in the garbage that sometimes have the look of cum on them.

So about me, I am 43 years old and in pretty good shape. I am 5’4 and weigh 128 lbs. I have a pretty face, great tan, and a nice C cup on top. Scott, my husband, is a good lover and we have regular sex and I have never really felt an urge to be with another man.

Now when the peak season starts just before spring break, we keep one store open 24 hours. Scott and I take turns working the midnight shift every other night. I do a lot of reading and we have cable in there so it’s not too bad…especially when I see the numbers at the end of the month.

Working at the tanning salon, I see every shape, good bad, ugly and good looking. One young man who I always remembered was Carl. He is 19 years old and he plays football for the school team. Even though he is a great looking kid, it’s his personality that is his strongest characteristic. He always asks how my day is going and has a warm smile every time he comes in. On the looks side, he has it all. He is about 6’2 with sandy blond hair and has a very fit body that I have seen get bigger from the football workouts in the year that he has been coming to our store.

Our store has 48 beds and all the rooms are small and private. Customers come in, head to their bed, apply tan accelerator lotion, and then hit the bed for 13 minutes.

One day, Carl came in a week before spring break and he had a cast from his elbow to his wrist. He told me that he had broken his wrist playing pick up basketball and that he now wasn’t going to go to spring break, because it would be too much of a pain between the beach, the pool, and the sand. He was upset, but I guess those are the breaks.

A few days went by, and then spring break officially started and the hustle and bustle of our college town had deteriorated to a ghost town. When 35,000 students get a break, they take off. Since the rush was over, we scaled back to our regular hours where we close at 11pm.

It was 11:05 and I was cleaning up getting ready to leave when Carl showed up. “Sorry hon, but we closed at 11. We went back to regular hours.”

“Any way that I can get in for a quickee? I didn’t know and I need a pick me up. Please!! I’ll be quick and the bed will be spotless.”

“Yeah sure, come on in.”

As I was walking Carl back to his bed, he asked me if I knew of a way to get the lotion on his back, because he could only cover half his back with his good hand because of his cast. I didn’t know of a solution, but said, “Well, why don’t you have someone oil you up before you come in for now on. I guess I can do your back this time…off with the shirt.”

Carl, pulled his T shirt off and revealed a beautifully sculpted body. He had a great tan and very defined pecs with a nice stomach. This boy was definitely eating well and not missing his workouts.

I poured some lotion in my hand and started to run it into his back. His back was so hard. It was all muscle. I rubbed in a good layer, excused myself and let him do his thing.

As I got back to my cleaning, I kept thinking about that young studs hard body. Scott has a decent body, but it is much softer. I couldn’t wait to get home to it as I was feeling very horny all of a sudden.

Two nights later at around 10:30, in came Carl. I was actually happy to see him as I hadn’t had a customer in over an hour.

“How ya doing Sally?” He said with a smile. “I am great and you? ….are you doing ok with all your friends on break?”

“Yeah, I’m getting by. I have been renting a bunch of movies, but getting two papers out of the way as well. The one thing is though, that I don’t have anyone to put lotion on my back. Any chance you could hook me up again?”

Now, putting lotion on people wasn’t part of my job description but Carl was nice and I felt bad for him so I said,” Head back to room #17 and I ‘ll meet you back there.”

When I got back to 17, Carl was standing there in a pair of blue boxer shorts struggling to put lotion on his left leg. My god, he did look good. Every part of him was so muscular. He finished up his leg and I picked up the bottle. I started in on his back and tonight I took a little longer. I was actually enjoying rubbing my hands on him. His skin was smooth and warm.

I could feel my pussy getting warm as well….I blushed as I realized it. I finished up his back and let him do his thing.

Once again, I was thinking about that boys body as I cleaned up the shop. God, I was so horny! It actually crossed my mind to go back in the office and stick my hand down my pants, but I knew I would be home soon enough and Scott could do it for me.

Two nights later, in walked Carl. Late at night again when he knew noone would be around.

“Can you lube me again?”

“Meet you in #31,” I said.

When I walked in, I stopped in my tracks. Carl was standing in a pair of white briefs with his back to me. He was rubbing oil on his chest and didn’t know I was there. I stared at his perfect ass for about 10 seconds before I announced my presence. He turned around to greet me,” You don’t care about the undies do you? It’s pretty much a speedo.”

“Come on, that’s bigger than a speedo,” I laughed. I looked down at his waist and could see the outline of the head of his cock through his shorts. It looked really big. I looked up and he was looking at me. His eyes darted away quickly as did mine and I poured some lotion in my palm. As I rubbed his back, my eyes were on his butt. It stuck out and looked so firm. The way it curved under those briefs was something I had never seen.

I finished his back, and said,” Want me to do the legs? Looks like you struggle a bit with those.”

That would be great,” he said as he widened his stance a bit. I knelt down and started on his calves. I started to move my hands higher until I was massaging his hamstrings right up to the bottom of his cheeks. I did both legs and asked him to turn around.

I was keeping my eyes low and I did his feet and shins. When I finally looked up, I was shocked! His cock was coming to life and pushing towards the ground. His big head was twice the size and sticking out a little. Anything I did here, ventured into new ground. I averted my eyes and started on his knees and thighs.

Carl was talking about the weather and business and whatever else insignificant he could think of, but all I could think of was this growing dick in his underwear. I slid my hands higher up coming inches from his dick head. I was going slow because I liked it, but also because I didn’t want to touch it by accident.

I couldn’t believe how big his dick looked from my vantage point. Scott had a bigger dick than any other I had ever had and his was about 7 inches….but his paled in comparison to this one. I really wanted to see it.

I finished on his legs and said, ”Did you do your arms yet? I might as well, since I am already greased up.” I stood up and he looked down at me as I ran my hands over his muscular arms. I know I was blushing and he was obviously nervous as well. I looked down and his cock was obviously stuck in the downward position and it was actually pulling his briefs down and out a little bit.

“I’m sorry about that,” he nervously chuckled as he nodded down to his cock. “Carl, I am old lady, I have seen those before, don’t worry. Are you uncomfortable? It looks like you may be heading in the wrong direction,” I laughed.

“That is probably the best direction for us… may not work out if it went another direction.” I know was oblivious to anything but this horsecock I was looking down at. His arms were all oiled up, but I still was rubbing them. I didn’t want it to be over. I loved my husband more than anything, but this was lust.

“Do you ever go naked in the bed Carl?”

“Yeah, sometimes….no white lines on this body!” With that, I reached out to his waist band and lightly grasped it. I pulled it out about an inch to inspect his tan lines and he was right.

“You are right, no tan lines here.” I could see the beginnings of his pubes as I held the waist band out. Without putting it back, I looked up at him, “Do you want me to put lotion down here to?”

Carl got a huge smile on his face and said,” Yes please.”

I grabbed the waist band on both sides of his hips and slid his underwear down slowly. Even his pubes were beautiful. Now I could see the base of his cock and wow, was it thick. It was my own personal tease show and I was in charge. I slid the underwear straight down and saw another inch every time I moved. Finally, as I could see the beginning of his head, I reached out with my left hand and took hold of his shaft and pulled the underwear down to his ankles.

I couldn’t believe how thick and long and hard his dick was. It was looking right at me. I just stared at it. “OK, turn around,” I said as I released his wand. He turned and his cock bobbed in the air with each side step he took.

I was staring at the most beautiful hairless ass, I had ever seen. I reached out and cupped his firm cheeks. This was almost as good as his cock. I rubbed and kneaded his ass checks to my, as well I’m sure, to his delight. After I spent about 3 minutes on his butt, he turned around again.

I was staring at what had to be nine inches of thick hard cock on a rock hard body. Every once in a while, his cock would twitch, awaiting my touch. I sat in the chair next to the bed and he walked over to me. I reached out and started to put lotion around his pubes just staring at his cock. The veins were pushing against the skin. Finally, I cupped his big full balls with my left hand and reached out with my right and grabbed his shaft. I couldn’t believe the weight of his cock. There was so much. I got some more lotion and started to work it into his dick. I pumped slowly than faster than slow again.

Carl was breathing heavy and smiling, but he didn’t say much. “I can’t believe how big it is Carl. This is fucking huge. Does it feel good to you?”

“Yeah I can’t believe it…oooohh…yeahh…don’t stop.”

I pumped and pumped and now I wanted to see if I could get it in my mouth. I didn’t care about the lotion. I leaned forward as my hand kept stroking and I put the head in my mouth. I ran my tongue over the head as I slid my hand up and down. Carl started making some noises and I knew he was getting close. I went faster and faster until he started to twitch and I tasted some pre cum. I wanted to see this explosion, so I pulled back and pumped hard.

Suddenly, his dick started streaming cum. It hit me in the face, the hair, my shirt, everywhere. I was covered. I kept pumping and he kept cumming for about a minute. When he was done, I put his whole limp dick in my mouth and licked him clean. It wasn’t the best taste with cum and lotion, but I didn’t care.

When he was finally done, I still stared at his big full limp dick.

He jumped in the bed and did his thing and that was that….for that day.

Carl has been serviced by me probably 20 times now…always just a jerk and suck. I don’t think I’ll fuck him…..this is good enough for me.

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Covered With Cum

It was Saturday night – a few days earlier in the week, Rick asked me whether I wanted to go to the Club that weekend – as it turned out, it was “schoolgirl night,” and anyone dressed as a schoolgirl (knowing the Club, I assume that didn’t only mean women), would get in admission-free – the schoolgirl and her date, whether handsome football player or not. According to the Club’s Web site, the dress code included saddle shoes, cotton panties, and bobbie sox – none of which I owned. In fact, I not only was bereft of cotton panties, I owned no underwear – some eight years ago, Rick had tossed all of my underthings – cotton briefs included – out his car window. So, on Saturday, Rick and I took a shopping trip – cotton panties and bobbie sox were relatively easy, the saddle shoes a bit more difficult. However, we managed to find a pair of tennis-shoes, black stripes up the side, that – at least in the dark – would look saddle-y enough. Size 6 and only ten bucks!

So, it was Saturday night, and I was dressed in a short plaid skirt, a lacey, almost see-through white blouse, bobbie sox (Tommy Hilfiger with a palm tree print!), the not-quite saddle shoes, and, of course, the requisite cotton panties. (Rick grimaced at those!) In addition, I put my hair – long, reddish and curly – into two ponytails – a look I never wear, and never wore even in high school (though I had been a cheerleader, I usually went for the Pat Benatar look – you know, short hair with the big pouf in front). After I dressed, I walked into our bedroom – Rick was turned away from the doorway, searching for his own appropriate outfit. I started cheering, clapping my hands in rhythm, “Rick, Rick, he’s our man, if he can’t do it, no one can! GOOOOOOOOOOOO Rick!” Rick jumped, then started to laugh, “Got right into it, did you girlie?”

We drove into the City – the New Jersey Parkway and the Turnpike were no problem, but, outside the Holland Tunnel, we drove into the worst traffic I’ve ever seen. We tussled with a few SUV’s, trying to ease our 1988 Fox Station Wagon into the appropriate lane, but ended up being squeezed into the EZPass – which we don’t possess. Rick grumbled, “Good Lord, I wonder what the ticket for that will be,” and I admit that I thought longingly of my bed, a glass of wine, and the thick Antonia Fraser tome on King Henry’s wives that currently lay on my bedside table. Once through the tunnel, though, our trials weren’t over yet – we drove around for another 40 minutes, desperate for a parking spot. Finally, we found one, and I muttered to myself, thinking of the wine, the book, the bed once again – Is this really worth it?

Well, I was about to discover the answer to that particular question.

We walked down the stairs, into the cellar-like (or should I say dungeon-like?) atmosphere of the Club. The man who staffs the door – the one who looks like a leather-clad Santa Claus – looked me up and down. “What do you think?” Rick asked. “She looks like a little schoolgirl to me,” he answered, and we were in. We walked past the usual suspects – a naked man, carrying a knapsack, masturbating in front of the first television screen – on which a woman, tied face first to a bed, was getting soundly whipped. Another man, masturbating in one of the Club’s cages – the heavy collar with which the cage was equipped was around his neck. (We’ve seen him before and, as far as I can determine, he cages himself.) We grabbed a table and sat – Rick went for two Cokes. The crowd at the Club was thin – it was early yet, despite the time consumed by our traffic fiasco. I tried to relax and recover, and Rick returned with the drinks. “Hey,” he said, “He didn’t even look at your cotton panties. Give them over.” “Oh,” I said, twirling a pigtail, “Do I have to?” “Yes.” He said, and I took them off – of course, this small action in itself attracted a crowd, and I noticed one man, at the bar, trying to peer between my legs. Rick tossed the underwear to another, younger observer, who immediately put them to his nose, took a deep whiff, and then stuck them in his backpocket. We looked around, and Rick commented on the dearth of schoolgirls. “Well,” I said, “There’s one,” pointing to another pig-tailed, plaid skirt clad woman, sitting at a neighboring table. “Come on,” Rick said, “Let’s take a walk.”

Rick led me into the backroom. There, a woman was leisurely whipping her submissive, who lay chained on one of the handy tables – the poor guy was hooded and his cock and balls were covered with clothespins, which she – again quite leisurely – gathered into one hand and pinched. That poor guy was still there when we left, some hours later, still hooded, still chained, his genitals pink and swollen. By that time, she was trading whip-strikes between him and a willing observer, his back towards her as he clung joyfully to a nearby pole.

Rick and I began to kiss, and he ran his hands up and down my thighs, then grabbed my neck, and thrust me against him. We made out there, on the threshold of the back room and the front, and – just for that – just for passionate kisses and careful fondling – we were drawing a crowd – more, in fact, then had been attracted to the tormented hooded slave. Rick raised my skirt – my bare ass was now turned towards the horde – I could feel cocks on my ass, on my thighs. Rick unbuttoned my skirt – it had more buttons than he anticipated, and I could feel crowd pause, waiting, expecting – the skirt fell to the ground, and I grabbed it quickly – during our last visit, I’d actually lost a dress I’d taken off, and it wasn’t about to happen again. Then, the lacy white blouse over my head, and I was naked before the throng. “Can you feel them?” Rick said, at the same time beating back the hands that continued to press forward, that continued to grope for my cunt, my clit, my ass, “Oh yes,” I muttered, and Rick continued to kiss me hard, his own hand inside my cunt. “You like this, do you?” he whispered into my ear, and I, somewhat ashamedly, answered, “I guess so.” I was, of course, dripping wet. I could feel some men, then, cumming on my ass – I could feel the stickiness of their semen on my skin, at the same time as one of the bouncers began to clear the doorway – apparently, we were causing a fire hazard. “All right, men, show’s over,” Rick bellowed, and he led me back to our seat.

There, I wiped myself off – the Club is considerate enough to provide strategically placed rolls of paper towels, and sat down. We had another drink, and I caught my breath. “All right,” Rick said, after a brief respite, “Now it’s time for your massage.”

Now, the masseur at the Club is not your ordinary massage therapist – though he certainly is that, too. He is an artist with his hands and his own special vibrator – I was stunned, the first time I took advantage of his services, to find that his aim was not only – or perhaps not even – to relax, but to stimulate – inevitably to the point of orgasm. On previous visits, I – who came with a vibrator, usually only in front of Rick, usually only on our bed, in our house, with no noise for distraction – had come on his table, under his expert touch, while a crowd watched, leered, and masturbated. Rick led me over to him, asked if he was willing to give me another massage. He answered, “I’m ready,” and Rick grinned, “So is she.”

I climbed onto the table and took off my saddle-y shoes and bobbie sox, by now the only sartorial bits left of my schoolgirl costume. I lay facedown and Kenneth, the masseur, began his work. He rubbed my back, my shoulder blades, worked his way, in short order, down to my ass. I could feel his hands running down my ass, back up – almost too quickly to realize the intent of his movement. Luckily, Kenneth had hooked up the ropes that surrounded his table, and served to keep the throng back – a crowd was already gathering. If I opened my eyes, I could see, in the mirrored wall, Rick watching, leaning against a pole, smiling. Kenneth’s hands worked down to my thighs, down to my feet, which he sprayed with water and some sweet-smelling spray. I groaned into the leather of the table. “Too hard?” he asked. I shook my head, barely able to speak. He worked his way back up to my thighs, then, and bent my knee towards me, so my pussy was now exposed to the horde, currently straining against the rope. His hands fluttered there, on my lips, then drew back, back up to my thigh and lower back. I heard the whirr of the vibrator and felt it against my ass, down my back, down to my ass again. I must admit – there is a certain pleasurable torment to being thus exposed, and so much at the mercy of someone’s hands. I imagined the men watching, waiting, and felt my submissive self give over, quite happily, to Kenneth’s magic hands. The vibrator was again thrumming on my ass, then Kenneth was shaking my arms. “Turn over,” he whispered, as though this torment was the most usual thing in the world.

I turned over, onto my back. Kenneth rubbed my hands, up my arms – the whir of the vibrator again – this time on my nipples. Kenneth vibrated, then pinched each one, then moved – so casually – down to my legs and thighs – then up once more to my pussy, now open and assuredly engorged for all to see. I groaned, tossed my head back and forth. Kenneth began to work my clit and my cunt, first with his vibrator, then, somewhat violently, with his hands, his fingers insisting on entrance, rubbing my clit hard, then retreating once more. I was in agony, I was tormented, and I knew I was being watched. At some point, Kenneth called Rick over, and Rick laughed as he rubbed my nipples and Kenneth continued to work my clit and my cunt, his vibrator coming so close – so close to my cumming – and then he would withdraw it again, his lovely instrument of torture.
At some point, I stopped thinking, and knew only that I wanted that lovely cum – that I had to have release, despite – or perhaps because of – the public venue, the watching, hungry men. At some point, I heard Kenneth chuckle, “And all these men – watching and waiting,” and then whisper, “Take your time, sweetheart,” and then, at some point, I came. I groaned, twisted, and panted on the table, and still there was Kenneth’s relentless vibrator, teasing and torturing my throbbing clit. After, as Kenneth began to wipe my arms with slightly damp paper towels, he turned to Rick and said, “She’s waiting for you to go down on her, you know.” In truth, I didn’t know if I could take any more clitoral stimulation, but Rick obligingly bent over and licked my clit and my cunt, much to the delight of the watching throng. I groaned again – I was spent, and could not cum, but it did not diminish my enjoyment.

After, Rick led me over to the table. I leaned heavily on him, feeling woozy and a bit weak. I was naked, and a bit chilled. Rick retrieved an extra shirt for me – one of his he’d thoughtfully brought along, and I sank, spent, into one of the chairs at our table. We sat and briefly chatted with a couple who had, when I was in the massage table, seated themselves at the other two available chairs. Rick bought another round of Cokes and, this time, surreptitiously slipped some rum into one of them. “You’ve earned this,” he said, and handed me the cup. Grateful, I took it from him and felt it slide all the way down my throat, into my stomach, perhaps down to my thirsting, tired clit. I felt the welcome burn of the rum – Rick had made it strong and sighed, content. But Rick was not yet done. “Hey,” he said, after I’d finished the drink, “Let’s take a walk.” So I followed him into the backroom, past the tormented hooded slave, past the bar. Towards the back, not quite against the wall, stood a narrow bench. Rick lifted me on it, so I was splay-legged on top of it. He began to kiss me as he pulled my shirt off and, again, the crowd began to gather. Rick leaned over me, lay me on the bench — he did not immediately beat the throng back, and I could feel a hand – so quickly, so stealthily – sneak into my cunt, then another into my ass. I groaned a little, a little afraid, and Rick whispered, “Don’t worry – your safe.” It was overwhelming – but though I was the vulnerable one, I also felt powerful – these men were waving their cocks – so hungrily – over my naked body – and they had gathered now, cocks out, and they did indeed surround me – a circle of hard cocks around the bench, over my body. I heard Rick say, “Look at these cocks, Kristin, reach around and touch them, they’re all hard for you,” and I followed his direction, my hands reaching out, following the circle – someone grabbed my hand and placed it firmly under his balls – another reached for my hand to wrap around his throbbing member. I lay back, moved my hands along the swollen throng, closed my eyes, and laughed.

Rick mounted me, then, and I could feel his cock slide inside me. “Oh, yes” I heard another voice – it wasn’t Rick, “Enjoy it, Baby – you’re safe – and this is all for you – and he’s going to cum in you so hard and fill you with so much cum . .” His words excited me further, and I tried to look around, to see who he was – in the crush and the dark, though, I couldn’t make out who was speaking – “Oh yes,” said the voice, “All these hard cocks for you – and he’s going to com – he’s going to fuck you.” There were hands on me, everywhere – hands on my nipples, hands on my arm, and cocks on my everywhere. Rick slipped inside me, pumped hard, groaning, whispering, “All this if for you, sweetheart, take a look at it.” I writhed against his hard cock, and I could feel I was soaking it and his balls. He came inside me, and I could feel cocks and semen on my belly, on my thighs – Rick was coming inside me, men were coming on my belly, on my thighs, in my hair, on my face. I laughed again, taking it in, excited, sated, content.

After, Rick pulled out. “All right, Gentleman,” he said once again, “Show’s over,” and he raised me from the bench. I laughed and leaned against his shoulder. “Did you like it?” He asked, “Oh, yeah,” I sighed, “Oh yeah, I liked it.”

We returned to the table, and Rick poured me another drink. While Rick was at the bar, someone walked by and whispered, “That was beautiful.” The young couple sharing our table – they’d only been there once before, and hadn’t participated in any scenes – looked at me and asked, “Okay, what did we miss?” I laughed, “Do you really want to know?” They did – I told them – and, for some reason, they were a lot friendlier after the recounting. . .

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Spiders Web

At long last the meeting was drawing to a close, we had been at it for almost three hours and if I heard one more word about web sites then I was going to scream. I only attended the meeting as my friend Michael had an idea for a web business venture and I had introduced him to a web designer. The only thing that eased the boredom as the both of them droned on was that she was extremely attractive so I had at least something to look at and fantasise about and boy did I do a lot of fantasising.

As we left the office I suggested we head for the closest bar, as I desperately needed a drink but for the first time that I can remember Michael declined and said that he would prefer a coffee and a sandwich.

We chatted for a while about his plans and I suggested we popped into my place and checked out some information on the web as I only lived twenty minutes away.

As we entered my house I could hear the faint melodic tones of Karen Carpenter coming from upstairs, I assumed my wife Sandy was either on the computer or doing some cleaning. I climbed the stairs each step increasing the sound of the music as I neared the top. Walking slowly towards the computer room I was stopped dead in my tracks, the bedroom door was slightly open and there was Sandy lying naked on the bed playing with herself. I was shocked, not because of what she was doing but because over the past year we had not had sex and I had accepted that she wasn’t interested any more and had gave up trying to screw her.

Standing transfixed I considered pushing the door fully open and scaring the shit out of her, but my perverted mind became controlled by the brain in my trousers and instead I went back downstairs and told Michael what she was doing. His eyes sparkled with lust and he asked if he could take a look, which is what I was planning on.

Quietly we climbed the stairs and we both took up a position where we could see what she was doing but she couldn’t see us. One of her hands had a tight grip on her tit pushing it upwards so that she could take her own nipple in her mouth and suck it, her other hand was busy between her legs that were spread wide open and even in the dim light the glistening juices could clearly be seen on her pubic hair.

Her breathing was getting faster as she played with her clitoris when suddenly she stopped and her hand moved to her side, I thought the show was over until her hand rose up with a massive vibrator in it, it must have been all of ten inches long. Now I knew why I wasn’t getting any sex she had found a better replacement, I almost burst into the room to confront her but Michael grabbed my arm and stopped me. He pulled me away from the doorway and whispered to me on how I could get my own back for the past years frustration. At first I was hesitant it didn’t seem right, but then being replaced by a vibrator wasn’t right either so I agreed to his plan.

Slipping through the door Sandy gasped in surprise as she saw me and began to get up, but I pushed her back down while planting my lips firmly on hers. She was horny enough not to resist as we settled down to a long passionate kiss allowing me time to slip my fingers into her pussy and take over where she left off.

She was soaking wet and it didn’t take long before her breathing got erratic and I knew she was close to an orgasm, which was my cue to stop. Sandy begged me to continue but instead I got off the bed and slowly removed my clothes to make sure that her pending orgasm had time to subside. Lying back down beside her I began teasing her by circling her nipples with my tongue while my fingers stroked around her pussy without penetrating, I knew this would drive her crazy and allow me to move the plan to the next stage.

“So my sweet you prefer a toy to the real thing,” I said with a slight tinge of bitterness. “So you just let me know when you want the real thing,” I continued while still teasing her pussy.

She started to squirm; her naked body eager for relief as she kept twisting in desperation hoping my fingers would slip inside her.

“I want you,” she softly pleaded.

“Sorry what did you say,” I responded.

“I want you now,” she said once again.

“Still can’t hear you,” I replied.

“Please fuck me, I need it now please,” she begged.

“Well you didn’t want me a minute ago, seems all you wanted was this little toy, what you mean is you want a cock and I don’t think you care whose it is, am I right,” I said with a hint of anger.

“No that’s not what I meant,” she said almost in tears.

“Why don’t you be honest with me, when you’re this horny you don’t care, just be honest for once in your life.” I said, my finger now stroking her slit.

“Yes, okay I want someone to fuck me and I don’t care who it is, if you want to pretend that someone else is fucking me then go ahead, but just fuck me,” Sandy said as her hand slipped around my stiff cock.

“Whose cock would you like sinking deep into your pussy? How about Michael’s cock would you like him to fuck you, or would you prefer me and Michael to fuck you? If Michael walked into this room now would you let him fuck you?” I questioned as I began stroking her clitoris.

“Yes you both could fuck me, I want fucking, just do me will you,” she said as her breathing got faster.

I raised my arm in the air which was the cue for Michael to enter and as I glanced towards the door he even took me by surprise as he was already naked, his cock sticking up ready for some action.

I placed my lips on Sandy’s and kissed her knowing that she would close her eyes allowing Michael to join us before she had a chance to object. Michael was between her legs in a blink of an eye his tongue quickly stimulating her clit, she struggled briefly and managed to look to see who was licking her pussy and as I suspected she was beyond the point of no return her pussy was now controlling her brain.

I moved my mouth down to her nipples and sucked them gently, Sandy was now desperate and demanded someone fuck her. Michael moved up her body until his cock was in line with her pussy, as I watched his cock slowly penetrate her cunt I almost came it gave me a most wonderful feeling seeing another man fucking my wife. He quickly struck up a steady rhythm so I moved my head away so I could watch him pounding her body while her tits bounced up and down in time with his thrusts. Sandy let out a long guttural groan as her long awaited orgasm shot through her body, her legs crossed over behind Michael’s drawing his cock deeper into her as another orgasm swept through her. Michael’s thrusting got faster and faster I could hear his balls slamming against her arse until he could hold back no longer and with one final thrust into her pussy he exploded inside her.

For a short while they lay immobile while recuperating from their exertions while all the time I kept playing with Sandy’s nipples to ensure she remained aroused and ready for more. Michael slipped his limp cock out of her hole and moved his lips to her other nipple, without hesitation I positioned myself between her legs ready for my first fuck in a year. My cock slipped into her pussy easily now that she was well lubricated from Michael’s and her own juices. I started slowly sinking my cock in and out of her pussy while increasing my speed along with her breathing, the length of time without sex meant that I didn’t last very long before my juice exploded into her pussy, leaving me exhausted but happy.

To my surprise a few minutes passed and Sandy sarcastically asked if that was it, she wanted more but for the moment all she was surrounded by was limp dicks.

I reached towards the bedside table and grasped the vibrator and gave it to Michael to do the honours. I watched as he ran the length of the toy along her puffy pussy until it was glistening with her juices. He switched it on and began slipping it into her hole, each inch it went in causing Sandy to gasp with pleasure until just the last two inches were sticking out. I watched fascinated as the toy hummed deep inside her cunt while Sandy continued to squirm with delight. Michael was obviously turned on by the sight of Sandy impaled on a vibrator and by the look of him he was ready for seconds. Michael took my hand and guided it to the vibrator and indicated that I was to keep it in her, while he positioned himself on her chest. He placed his cock in between her tits and took each of her hands in turn and placed them on each tit and showed her what he wanted. She squeezed her tits tightly together trapping his cock in the middle of them, once he could feel them firmly trapping his cock he started to tit fuck her. I watched in hope that when he came it would be all over her face, but at the last moment he released his cock and came all over her tits causing Sandy to orgasm louder than I had ever heard her before. While she was coming down from the high she rubbed his come all over her tits and nipples, no more tit sucking for me I thought.

By this time I was stiff and aroused once more and this time I was determined to do what I hoped Michael would have done. Michael took over the vibrator that was still humming away in her pussy while I positioned myself near to her face and started wanking myself off. I lasted a little longer this time before my come erupted over Sandy’s face and in her mouth, she seemed to enjoy it which baffled me as she wasn’t into cock sucking or should I say cock sucking or swallowing.

I collapsed beside her totally drained but already Michael had recovered and was ready to go again. He lifted her legs making sure the vibrator didn’t slip out and exposed her arse, I couldn’t believe what he was going to do and I was sure Sandy would object this time.

He scooped some juices from around her pussy and spread them over his cock and placed the tip at the entrance to her virgin hole and still Sandy said nothing. He applied pressure causing Sandy to let out a little yelp, I watched with disbelief as he sank further in, while all the time Sandy was groaning with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Michael started fucking her arse; the vibrator was still in action deep in her pussy so I thought it was only right that I filled her remaining hole. She hungrily took my cock in her mouth and while Michael continued fucking her arse and the vibrator fucked her pussy I happily was fucking her face.

I don’t know who came first and to be honest I didn’t care I was in heaven, all I know is that the crescendo of groans squeals and heavy breathing meant that everyone was enjoying themselves.

Half an hour later we were all lying motionless on the bed not an once of energy left in any of us. Sandy sat up and removed the vibrator from her pussy, she tapped each of us on the head in turn and said, “guys anytime you want to use and abuse me, my body is yours to do with as you want.”

I fell asleep only once disturbed by the bed rocking as I assumed Michael was fucking Sandy again. When I awoke hours later Michael was gone, but I knew that it wouldn’t be long before he came again.