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Anniversary Trip Goes South

To my knowledge, my wife Sally had never cheated on me in 14 years of marriage. We have two great sons (12 and 10) and have always enjoyed a good sex life. Sally has blond hair and is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 140 lbs. She is attractive and keeps herself in good shape. Neither of us are heavy drinkers but occasionally we like to get hammered and it inevitably leads to great uninhibited sex. We always reserve at least one night on any vacation for a big night out. This particular incident occurred on an anniversary trip to Bermuda and has both haunted and aroused me ever since. I have never spoken to my wife about what happened and probably never will.

It all started at the airport on the trip over. We met a nice couple from Georgia (Mellie and Jim) who were also heading to Bermuda for a getaway. Jim was bigger than me standing about 6 feet 3 inches and was pretty well built at around 210 lbs. Mellie was cute and slightly overweight but with very nice boobs. They had already been drinking and we had a great time talking to them prior to boarding. We talked to them again after landing in Bermuda and said our farewells as we all took cabs to our resorts.

On out third day we ran into Mellie and Jim while shopping. Mellie was on crutches and had a big bandage on her foot from stepping on a piece of glass. Jim told us the story and as usual he had us in stitches with his southern humor. We all decided to go have a drink and by late afternoon we were all feeling pretty good. I could tell this was going to be a big drunk for Sallie and me and I knew that if I kept feeding her margaritas that this would be a great night of sex. Sallie and I like tequila and it invariably leads to incredible love making.

We invited Mellie and Jim to go to dinner with us at a restaurant at our resort and we said our goodbyes to go get showered before dinner. Sallie and I kept drinking as we got ready for dinner. She put on a short clingy dress that came to mid thigh. Underneath she wore a lacy bra and white silk panties that I was already imagining taking off of her later in the evening. We met Mellie and Jim at the restaurant and had dinner on the terrace overlooking the ocean. The drinks were flowing freely and all four of us were getting really drunk. I always know my wife is drunk when she demands to go dancing and sure enough Sallie suggested we hit the dance floor. We debated going to into town and finding a hopping bar but decided that would take too long. I suggested we go back to our room where we had our iPod dock and crank some dance tunes. Everyone agreed and off we went.

The room dancing was fun with Mellie hopping around on crutches and the four of us doing our best dirty dancing moves. I spent as much time dancing with Mellie as I did with Sallie and I must admit I was having a good time brushing up against her boobs. Mellie was absolutely wasted due to some painkillers she was taking for her foot. As I danced with her I had to pretty much hold her up which gave me great access to her hooters. I ordered several rounds of room service margaritas as the dancing continued. I could see that Sallie was incredibly drunk and she was showing all of her best dirty dancing moves. Jim was hilarious on the dance floor as well but he never missed a chance to put his hands on Sallie or grind into her. It seemed like harmless fun.

Our suite was one room but it was large. We had moved the furniture so we could dance and were obviously making too much noise. A resort employee was dispatched to our room to tell us to quiet down which suited me because I was ready for Jim and Mellie to leave so I could go after Sallie. Suddenly I looked up to see Mellie sitting in a chair completely asleep. I suggested we end it but Sallie was having the time of her life dancing and Jim was in no mood to leave with his passed out wife. While Jim and Sallie kept dancing I moved Mellie to the bed and elevated her foot. It was sensational as I literally had my hands all over and was inches from her thong as I rested her foot atop a pillow. Sallie and Jim were oblivious. I grabbed my drink and sat down beside Mellie on the bed to watch the dancing. I must have nodded off in my drunken stupor because the next thing I knew Jim was shaking me trying to wake me up.

I really wanted him to leave so I pretended to sleep. He turned to Sallie and said that I was passed out cold and to my surprise she called me a light weight and said that she always could handle her liquor better than me – a true statement. So here I was pretending to be asleep on the bed with the comatose wife of Jim lying beside me. Sallie came over and shook me and told me to get up and start dancing. I simply lay there with my eyes shut hoping Jim would get the message and leave. Unfortunately that was not what he had in mind.

Even as Sallie was trying to wake me Jim was behind her dirty dancing. I heard him tell her to keep on dancing and to my surprise she did. Jim was running his hands all over Sallie and she was not stopping him. I saw him try and kiss her but she laughingly pushed him away. He kept after her telling her to loosen up and have some fun and I was amazed that she was giggling and having fun with it. Mellie and I might as well have been in another room.

At one point Jim was behind my wife dancing and I could see that he was running his hands all over her tits and even brushing her crotch. Finally Sallie stopped him when he tried to pull her straps off her shoulders but she still was good natured about it. I saw Jim whisper something to her and to my disbelief; Sallie walked over to me and shook me. I did not move. She then went and turned down the music and turned off the lights and went back to Jim. They started dancing again but this time they were grinding into each other and Sallie had her head against Jim’s chest. I could not believe she was doing this but I could not make myself stop it.

Jim grabbed her hand and led her to a chair. He sat down with Sallie facing him and pulled her straps off her shoulders and pulled her bra down below her tits and began sucking her nipples. She offered token resistance but was not about to stop him. Sallie loves having her nipples licked and I could tell she was at the point of no return. Jim pulled her down so she was straddling him on the couch. I could not believe my wife was letting him do this. I could not see his right hand but I knew he was rubbing her pussy under her dress. Her hips were rocking and she was clutching his head to her chest. This went on for several minutes and I could hear her breathing over the music. Suddenly she stood up and knelt down in front of him. Sallie has always liked to suck cock and when she gets really horny she demands it. She went down on him and I watched as my beautiful wife was balling Jim. Jim pulled her up and turned her around. I saw him reach up under her dress and remove her panties. He then pulled her down on him and inserted his cock between her legs. She was on fire with her eyes closed and trembling with pleasure. Jim turned her around again and she faced him and again sat on his cock. Her dress was bunched around her waist and I watched with both arousal and horror as he reached around and gripped her ass and eventually shot his load inside her. She orgasmed with him as she always does when I shoot off inside her and she continued to buck for what seemed like minutes. Finally, she rolled off of him and lay down on the couch and shut her eyes.

Jim stood up and straightened himself up and went straight to Mellie. He picked her up and headed for the door. We never saw them again.

When I woke up that morning Sallie was asleep in the bed with me having showered at some point during the night. Sallie and I have never spoken about her having sex with Jim that night although I think she knows that I know something happened.

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Friend Fucks Wife In Every Hole

We had known Dave and Mary for years, our friendship having grown after we were introduced by a mutual friend at a birthday party fifteen years earlier. We had hit it off straight away and before long we were socialising with them regularly. Dave was two years younger than me at 42, but looked 10 years younger. He was 6’2″ and built like a tank as he should be with the amount of exercise he does.

Mary at 40 years old, stands five feet six, has dark brown hair, usually worn up and has a body even at her age, which turns heads. Her tits, which always look as though they are about to burst through what is covering them, defy all gravitational laws. You can see some age in her face, but it suits her. She is one of those MILFS who are just eminently fuckable and she knows it!

My own wife Sam is no bad looker either. She is just over five feet tall, shoulder length brown hair, green eyes and a killer body, with good firm tits. I know Dave has had a thing for her for years, – you get to notice the looks, but Sam has never encouraged him and despite our previous adventures with other people (see previous stories), she would never compromise our friendship.

On the particular Friday night in question, we were preparing to meet Dave and Mary for a drink in a local country pub. As Sam was in the bathroom, we got chatting about our friends and how close we felt to them. I joked that Dave wouldn’t mind getting much closer to her. She turned to me completely naked and said, “What do you mean.”

She seemed surprised by my comment. I said “Oh come on, – surely you’ve seen the looks he gives you when Mary’s not watching him. “He’d give his right arm to fuck you.”

She blushed and I knew I had hit a nerve. “What if I were to suggest it to him” I said. “What if we asked him to fuck you while Mary and I watched? Or even better, while I fucked Mary?”

She moved closer to me now and began gently rubbing my semi — erect cock through my trousers. I could feel her large tits gently rubbing against me. “Do you really think they would go for it?” she said, as she unzipped my trousers and reached in to gently take hold of my now raging erection.

“Enough drink and merriment and I think they would.” I replied.

I could tell I had fired her lustful imagination because in a few seconds she had undone my trousers, dropped to her knees and taken my cock deep into her throat. Now I know from personal experience and from the reaction of other men I have watched her fuck that my wife gives awesome head. I felt my balls tighten and stir as I watched her bob her head.

Knowing that a great deal of the eroticism of a blowjob is in the watching of a cock disappear into her mouth, she gently moved her hair to the side to give me the perfect view. I gently held the back of her head as I began to fuck her face, feeling the sap rising in me and knowing that with each thrust, my blowing a load into her mouth was closer and closer. “I’m cumming,” I grunted and in response she took me deep as I felt my muck blow into her throat. Good little girl that she is, she didn’t stop sucking for a second and took the entire load into her mouth and swallowed.

“Is that a taste of what you have in store for Dave later?” I asked. She smiled, winked and turned towards the shower. I couldn’t wait!

After showering, Sam entered the lounge to reveal her outfit for the evening. She looked awesome! She was wearing a low cut clingy black top which displayed her 36D tits to perfection. She had coupled this with a knee — length black skirt and knee — high ‘take me home and fuck me’ black leather boots. Dave would cum in his pants just looking at her.

We entered the Pub at 7pm to find Dave sitting alone. Apparently Mary had been called away at the last minute as her mother was ill and she had to go look after her. I was a bit disappointed, but at least the evening still had possibilities.

After much merriment and flirty talk between Dave and Sam we decided to leave the cars on the pub car park and get a taxi back to our place. I persuaded Dave, rather than go back to an empty house that he should spend the night with us in our spare room. He didn’t take much persuading; – I think the idea of spending more time near Sam was very appealing to him.

While Dave went to the bathroom prior to us leaving the pub, I told Sam of a plan I had. My plan was that when we got back to our place, I would feign a headache, say I was going to take some sleeping pills and make my excuses to go to bed. This would leave them alone. I would leave the bedroom door open slightly so I could peek out and over the balcony where I would have a perfect view of the lounge sofa. She was to sit with him on there and see what happened. Hopefully, Dave would take advantage of the situation and I would be able to watch her get a good fucking.

We arrived back home after ten minutes in the taxi and I got us three beers from the fridge. We were sitting in the lounge chatting, Dave and Sam on the sofa and me in my easy chair when I announced I was experiencing a visual display and that this was the prelude to a migraine. I asked Dave if he minded if I took a sleeping pill and went to bed as this was the only way to avoid it. He waved me off saying I should do whatever it takes and not to worry, he would ‘entertain’ my wife. As planned, I went off to bed, left the door slightly ajar and waited. Sam left me for ten minutes and then made out to Dave that she was going to check on me, which she did. She popped her head around the bedroom door, winked at me and went downstairs to re-join Dave on the sofa, announcing to him that I was fast asleep and that I wouldn’t surface until morning.

This statement seemed like an instant green light to Dave and I saw his hand start to rub Sam’s thigh. I could hear them chatting but couldn’t make out what they were saying although it seemed to be getting quite intimate, with Sam giving the odd ‘girly giggle’ whilst tossing her head back and thrusting her tits forward towards Dave’s face.

It wasn’t long before Dave leaned closer, obviously to kiss her. They lingered for a moment as though Dave was waiting for rejection, but when Sam didn’t pull away he proceeded to kiss her. The kisses were gentle, sensual pecks at first, but before you knew it, they were snogging away. I began to wonder when they were going to come up for air, and then I saw his hand start to massage her tits and heard her moan into his mouth in response.

The sight and sound of them kissing was incredible. I saw my wife’s hand slowly start to massage Dave’s cock through his trousers and then she gradually undid his zipper and reached in to feel his engorged cock.

They broke their kiss and my wife pulled her top off and undid her bra. I watched as I saw her firm tits swing free from their prison. Before you knew it Dave had his head between them, with the nipple from one tit in his mouth whilst he rubbed the other between his finger and thumb.

Sam gently pushed him away and told him to stand up. He duly obliged and she began to slowly undo his trousers, which dropped to the floor with his underwear. Sam took hold of his cock as he stepped out of them and she began to slowly and rhythmically wank him. I heard Dave moan as he now stood before her, cock fully erect — and what a monster it was. It had to be 9 inches plus, with a good girth too. I smiled to myself as I anticipated seeing my wife rammed with this monster cock.

Sam was sitting on the sofa, just in front of Dave who was standing before her with his cock conveniently at the height of her mouth. I saw her hands reach around to his ass and pull him closer to her, as she kissed his balls and ran her tongue up the length of his shaft. She turned Dave slightly to one side, obviously to give me a better view as she slowly closed her full lips around the head of this enormous cock. Dave began to gently rock his hips backward and forward, gently fucking her gorgeous face as she took more and more of his cock into her warm accommodating mouth with each thrust.

Before long, she was deepthroating him down to the base of his shaft, something I would have considered impossible, but there it was. She blew him like that for a good ten minutes and then Dave, as if to get a better position to fuck her mouth from, placed one foot on the sofa and held onto the back of my wife’s head. He was really ramming it down her throat now!

Dave began moaning that he was going to cum, but she wasn’t having that, she was going to make this last as long as she could and she pulled him out of her mouth and held his cock tight around the base of the shaft.

After a few moments when the urge for Dave to cum had died down, she positioned herself kneeling on the floor, with her elbows resting on the sofa cushion. She motioned for Dave to come behind her, – she wanted to be fucked doggy style.

Dave didn’t need asking twice and within seconds his cock was sliding in and out of my wife’s now stretched pussy. I could hear her moaning, – familiar sounds and knew from hearing them that she was on her way to climax. Dave started pumping harder and faster and leaned forward to reach around her and hang onto her tits, which were swinging wildly with each thrust of his cock.

They fucked like that for a few minutes with the familiar sound of Sam cumming filling the room. Then they changed position again, – this time Sam motioned for him to sit on the sofa, which he did, cock pointing into the air like a divining rod. She then sat on it, facing him so her huge breasts were rubbing in his face. This was always my favourite position with Sam, because not only did you get to fuck her, but you had the added experience of burying your head in those wonderful tits at the same time.

She began riding him, slowly at first, but soon the pace picked up and I again heard the familiar sounds of moaning as she approached orgasm. They were now bucking wildly and I heard Dave say, “I can’t hold it; – I’m cumming.” With that there were a few dull grunts as he filled my wife’s cunt with his load. They both slumped on the sofa, staying in position with his cock buried deep in Sam’s pussy.

This remained the situation for about ten minutes and then Sam swung her leg over and off him and sat down on the sofa besides Dave. I watched as the kissing and fondling continued, their tongues swirling around each other’s mouths. Sam was again rhythmically tugging on Dave’s cock again; – it looked like she was after second helpings.

This was confirmed when she broke their kiss and went down on him again, taking his entire cock into her mouth. It didn’t look to me as though Dave’s cock had much life left in it, but after a few minutes of gobbling him, it began to stir. Dave pushed her back on the sofa so she was lying on her back and started to mount her in the missionary position. I heard him call her a “dirty slut” and tell her that he was going to send her upstairs to bed with her old man with a belly full of his cum.

She moaned approval at this and they were eyeball to eyeball as I saw him enter her again. She gasped as he did and within seconds Dave was giving her long slow strokes of his huge cock. She was squirming and moaning underneath him and before long Dave picked up the pace and was again ramming her hard, – so hard I thought they would break the sofa.

The fucking lasted longer this time, with Dave already having unloaded into her once; it was taking longer for him to get there again. This meant that Sam experienced several climaxes during the next twenty five minutes of fucking in varying positions. What surprised me was when Dave took his cock out of her cunt and pressed it against her ass.

Now Sam has never let me fuck her in the ass, every time I’ve tried, she would make excuses and push my cock away towards her pussy, but she didn’t push Dave away. They were now fucking doggy style and I could see Dave’s cock pressing against my wife’s pert little asshole. What amazed me was when I saw Sam’s hand reach back to accurately guide him in.

It took a little effort, but I soon saw the head of Dave’s cock disappear into Sam’s ass. I saw her tense up as he entered her, not knowing what to expect from her first anal fucking. “Slowly, slowly” I heard her say as Dave, gently, inch by inch buried his cock deep in my wife’s ass. I had never seen anything so sexy in my life and my own hard — on was raging from the sight which was now before me.

Gradually, and tenuously, they picked up pace and the ‘slowly, slowly’ message which Sam had been giving turned to one of “Oh yes, fuck me harder.” She was clearly enjoying her first anal experience and so was Dave who was grunting his approval and now fucking Sam as hard as he could.

Another few minutes of intense fucking saw Dave unloading another dose of cum, but this time deep in my wife’s ass. They uncoupled and both sat on the sofa side by side cuddling. I heard Sam say that she had never done anal before, but that she loved it.

Dave replied by saying that anytime she wanted more, just to shout out. He then asked if they could arrange a repeat performance sometime. It was then that Sam told him of our plan to seduce both him and Mary, but said that we weren’t sure how they would react.

The reaction Dave gave was surprising; – he said that he and Mary had been talking about swinging for some time now. They hadn’t actually done anything yet, but they both felt they were ready to take the plunge. Sam said to Dave that when I woke, she would tell me and that I would be pleased.

After a few more minutes of kissing and fondling, Sam made her excuses and came to bed to find me with a raging hard on. “Did you hear that?” she said.

“Oh yes” I replied, “It looks like I’m going to get to fuck Mary!”

“Never mind Mary” said Sam. “I’ve just had the most amazing ass fucking” and pointing at my engorged cock she said “and now I’m going to deal with this!”

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Interracial Bachelorette Party

These are my real life stories. Short, too the point and meant to get guys across the world jacking to these stories. I am small petite girl, 23, 5’3″, 110, blonde, 32a.

Something about bachelorette parties makes us girls do all sorts of naughty stuff. My friend Jackie, 24 years old was ready to settle down for one cock for life (or at the very least till her pussy takes over and she cheats). She and I both new each others slutty side as we have partied for 3 years together. Her maid of honor, Carrie was a bigger slut than either one of us and she was responsible for organizing the bachelorette party. We knew it will be wild.

On the evening, the limo service was to pick us 8 girls from Carrie’s house and we were to show up at Jackie’s place and pick her up. We girls had our slutty party clothes, fuck us heels, sexy thongs, and lots of cleavage and skin were ready for the limo. Drinks and shots started at Carrie’s place itself, so by the time we were in the limo, some of us were already in a great mood. We reached Jackie’s place by 10 and she was ready in her naughty white short dress too. With her tiara on, sash saying ‘Naughty Slut’ we were in the limo on our way to ‘this place’. The limo was loaded with drinks and we girls were all having fun. The partition between the driver and us was also down and we were sure the driver was seeing a lot of panties as none of us were careful as we sat. We were like these teenage kids falling over each other, kissing a little and just having fun.

30 minute drive later we pulled at this strip mall area. A call later by Carrie, 2 black guys showed up and got in the car dressed in tight jeans and shirt. Both were 25-30 year old and really fit guys. These were our strippers for the night and the party was to start in the limo. All of us girls (all white), were soon all over these guys. Touching them, feeling them, finding our way to touch their cock through the jeans, we girls were almost mauling these guys. They slowly managed to peel us one by one off them. We sat, and hooted and hollered for the show to start.

In the moving limo, with the partition still down the guys did their best to stand and started to dance to the music. We girls were moving our hands, laughing, giggling as we saw their tshirts come off to show tight 6 pack abs. One of the girls closest to them had her hands on their tight stomach. We girls were high on drinks and obviously were not hiding much of our pussies as our thongs were all over and legs wide open. One of the girl even had her thong pushed to the side as she touched herself watching these guys. Soon the jeans were gone.

All girls sat in a L shaped area and the guys in their man thong were down on their knees walking around as dogs sniffing our pussies, licking the fabric, even pushing the fabric to the side for a few and licking the clit lightly. When Jerome (one of the guys and the on

e I wanted to fuck) made his way to my pussy, I pushed his head in my pussy hard to grind his face in my pussy. Jerome did not mind that either and was licking my pussy through my red thong. Mmmmm. I hated when he had to pull away and work his way to other pussies.

30 minutes of getting our pussies tasted, girls fingering themselves with a few already climaxed, we reached the night club. Jerome and Justin were our escorts for the night. They had 8 slutty girls and a would be bride grinding themselves to them in the VIP section we were at. Their hands were on our tits, ass, stomach and we girls were having a blast. The boys were making sure we girls were getting their attention. Other patrons at the night club were watching 9 slutty girls have fun with these 2 black guys and were surely jealous and wanted to be part of our VIP section.

During the evening, I kissed Jerome often, felt his cock, let him feel my wet pussy and once managed to sneak him into the corner while other girls danced and made him finger fuck me. God I was so horny for him. I asked if he would like to take me to his place after the night was over and fuck me? He was more than happy to take me and fuck me but he may be fucking Jackie per Carries instruction. I wondered why his friend may not do the service and he come with me. He smiled and told both of them may be tag teaming Jackie’s pussy and ass tonight. I was so jealous. All evening after that I was a little pouty. Jerome knew and he would often come and try to grind against me and I would brush him off. He slipped his phone number to me and I threw it away out of spite.

We girls were having fun and I knew Jackie will be the luckiest for the night. Not wanting my pussy to be lone for the night, I scouted the floor and saw a 6’3″, 25 something black guy moving to the rhythm. I ushered him to us in the VIP section and learned his name was Ugestra and he was from South Africa. Couple of other girls in our group took fancy to him too but I quickly let them know that Ugestra was mine for the night. the girls went ahead and found their fuck buddies. That left Ugestra grinding his cock in my ass as we danced. He was not shy and kept telling how much he enjoys fucking white American girls. I was glad to be his next notch as I just needed to fuck. Ugestra would have his hands all over my ass, on my pussy, pushing thongs to the side and fingering me.

It was 4AM and a few girls had already left with their fuck buddies. I was ready to go with Ugestra and after saying goodbye to Jackie and Carrie and giving the dirty look to Jerome, left. I was horny and once in Jerome’s car, I had one leg on the dash, other leg open wide, thong pushed to the side as I rubbed my clit. My eyes closed I gave Ugestra a show as he drove. He would often reach over and push his finger in my sloppy wet pussy. Few minutes later, i was cumming hard. That made me even more horny. I pulled out Ugestra’s cock and started to suck him while he drove. He was moaning loud as he pushed my head down on his big fat black cock.

I needed a cock now so I asked him to pull over. We pulled in a residential suburb and parked ourselves in the drive way of a random house. In the wee hours of morning, I had Ugestra’s jeans and underwear on his ankles, his cock buried deep in my pussy as I fucked him right there. He was strong and bounced my small petite frame on his cock easy. His thickness filled me completely. I was moaning, biting his neck, kissing as he fucked me till he came deep in me. His hot cum making me convulse. He squeezed out every drop out of his balls. I slumped back in my seat and as we drove I felt cum ooze out of my pussy.

Ugestra talked dirty all the way telling me how he likes small white sluts like me and how he will fuck my white pussy with his black African cock. That turned me on even more. Once at his place, Ugestra picked me up like a rag doll, walked to his bedroom and threw me down on his bed. My top slid open exposing my small tits. My mini skirt was not covering anything either and my thong had the biggest cum spot on them. Ugestra got naked and his cock was hard again. In the light of the room I could see his cock was almost as thick as my wrist and no wonder why I felt so full when he fucked me. He pulled me by my neck and had me sitting on the bed edge, his cock shoved in my mouth. He asked me to suck his black cock. his talks were so hot.

I sucked his cock like the slut I am. Minutes of bobbing my head up and down on his shaft as he pinched my nipples, face fucked me, pushed my head further deep on his cock, pushing ever inch of his cock in my mouth. Soon he has ready and pulled out and asked me to go doggy style. At the edge of the bed, he pulled my thong, leaving it on one ankle, made me spread my legs a little more and pushed his cock in my pussy. My really wet pussy. He was fucking me, smacking my ass and calling me names. His cock was completely lubed by my juices and as he fucked me, a couple of his fingers started to open my ass hole. Spitting on his finger, he lubed and opened my ass. I was not sure I culd take his thick cock in my ass.

I asked him to be gentle when he pulled his cock and placed his cock head on my ass. I dont know if he did not hear me or did not care, he was pushing his cock quick into my ass. It hurt and I tried pulling away but he held me by my waist as I turned to get away and kept pushing his thick cock in me. I yelled back but he did not slow down. Soon 2 inch, then 3 then 4 and then 5 inch of that thick cock was already in my ass. It hurt like hell and I teared up. But he kept fucking away. Soon it hit that point when it started to feel real good. So my moans turned from pain to pleasure. Ugestra knew he had me and picked his pace even more. Soon he was cumming in my ass. Filling my second hole with his cum. Once he had emptied his balls he pulled out and I fell face down on his bed.

I lay there in my top pulled down, my skirt around my waist and my thong around one ankle. Ugestra grabbed some water for both of us. After a few sips I fell back on the bed. I was used well and felt good. The sun was starting to come up and I was ready to leave. i asked him to drop me to this coffee shop close to my house but he had other plans. He got in bed next to me and put his limp cock in my mouth and asked me to suck. I was not sure why but the way he said it, I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him. My small white hands enveloped his thick black cock as I sucked him. His fingers were buys on my pussy again and I was surprised he had my pussy getting wet again.

Soon we were in 69 position going at each other. He said he wanted to cum in my mouth as that was the last hole left where he had not dumped his cum. I was eager to taste him too so started to suck and stroke him anting him to let it all in my mouth. His tongue busy in my pussy I had my leg soon wrapped around his neck as he worked on my pussy. Soon he was moaning and I knew he was ready to cum but I was not. I slowed down the sucking wanting him to last till I came but he started to face fuck me wanting to cum. So I pulled out his cock and told him I wanted him to fuck me first, make me cum and then i will let him cum in my mouth.

Ugestra was horny as hell and was fine with pulling out and fucking my pussy. He turned me on the bed on my back, spread open my legs and got on top of me. he pushed his big thick cock in my wet pussy and started to ride me hard. I was moaning and telling him I needed to cum and he should not cum till I have. I had my fingers on my clit as I was being fucked, getting closer and closer to cumming and then it happened. I shuddered hard and my pussy came. His cock was being slobbered with more cum. He knew he had done his job an immediately pulled his cock wet with my cum and shoved it in my face.

he was sitting on my breast with his cock in my mouth and I stroked, sucked and licked till it was his turn to explode. He let the remaining amount of cum in his balls in my mouth as he groaned. Once empty he fell next to me. He kept telling me how much he enjoyed fucking another white slt and how we girls love his black cock. I did not care what he thought as I got my need fulfilled and was ready to leave. Plus I knew I will never see him again and was gone in the next 15 minutes after a great night of fucking.

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Mall Parking Lot Blow Job

Nick was sitting in the middle of the mall while his wife was shopping watching a boring football game. As they showed a cutaway of the cheerleaders he laughed to himself…”Stephanie is such a frigid bitch. Why in the hell did I ever marry her?”

Just then he felt a feminine hand touch his back and turned to see a very sexy girl in a black skirt and tight spandex top, she had blonde hair and the other girl with her was a brunette and she was wearing a very flimsy sundress. “Excuse me?”

“May I help you,” Nick asked eyeing up the two women.

“I need to ask you a question,” the blonde said to him.

“Go ahead,” Nick said.

“I’m Amanda, this is Kellie, we are trying to get into a sorority and we need your help,” the blonde said.

“How can I help you ladies?” Nick asked raising and eyebrow as he hoped his afternoon was about to get a whole lot more interesting.

“Well this is kind of forward,” Amanda said with Kellie smiling sweetly standing, behind her.

“Be forward,” Nick said getting up and turning to face the two women.

“Well, we need to take you out to your car and get you to strip naked and Kellie will give you a blow job in the backseat while I sit up front and observe to make sure she doesnt cheat,” Amanda said to him.

“You look like there is something else that you aren’t telling me,” Nick said when he observed an odd look on Kellie’s face.

“Yeah after you cum you have to come around and open my door before you get dressed…kinda like being a gentleman to a whore,” Kellie said quietly her face starting to darken to a blush.

“So do you think you’re up to it, stud?” Amanda asked him.

Nick smiled broadly at the two women and asked them, “Are you serious?”

“Hell yes,” Kellie said.

“Then I am definately up to it,” Nick said adjusting his jeans to hide his hard on to the best of his ability.

“Then take us to your car, stud,” Kellie said as she walked past him and started wagging her finger for him to follow her.

Nick took a quick look back at the dress store and realized that this wife was nowhere to be found. Then he followed the two women as they walked toward the exit of the mall.

Once in the parking lot the two girls fell in behind Nick as he led them to his wife’s brand new Honda Civic…At that moment a thought popped in his head and he thought, “What if Steph walks out and catches me right in the middle of this?”

Then Kellie reached over and stroked his hard on through his pants and he forgot about Steph immediately. He pulled out his keys and opened the door, Amanda smiled as she watched Nick and Kellie slide into the backseat. Nick was behind the driver side seat and Kellie was behind the passenger side seat. Amanda then sat down in the front passenger side seat and looked back at Nick. “Ok, big boy, strip down,” Amanda demanded.

Nick took off his shirt and Amanda said, “Give me your clothes as you take them off.”

“Sure,” Nick said as he handed her his shirt. Both women watched carefully as he next removed his shoes and handed them to Amanda who smiled as she noticed Kellie lick her lips. As Nick’s hands started to unbuckle his belt both women’s eyes followed them. It was obvious he was hard and he wasn’t even naked yet. Soon he removed his pants and underwear and handed both of them to Amanda who giggled as she looked at the man’s eight inch hard on waving in the air in the cramped back seat of the car.

“Socks off too,” Kellie said. “You have to be completely naked. That was how I cheated last time.”

“Oh, ok,” Nick said as he removed his socks. Once Amanda had his socks, Nick looked at Kellie expectantly.

“Lean back,” Kellie told him.

“Aren’t you going to get undressed?” Nick asked.

“You are only getting a blow job, stud. Not full blown sex,” Kellie smiled at him.

“Oh ok,” Nick said leaning back. Slowly Kellie lowered her mouth over his hard cock. Nick groaned in pleasure and closed his eyes. Kellie’s mouth began to slide up and down his cock faster and faster and Nick slowly opened his eyes to see that Amanda was looking straight at the action that was going on between his legs. He smiled at her and Amanda smiled back. Without warning Kellie’s hand went to Nick’s balls and started massaging them. Nick groaned loudly as Kellie started to pick up speed with her mouth.

“Jesus, you’re good at this,” Nick said to her.

Kellie took her mouth of his cock long enough to say, “I love sucking dick! Might as well be good at it!”

Kellie slowly slid her mouth back over his cock until it slid down the back of her throat and her lips touched his hairy nuts. Nick groaned out, “Fuck, that’s amazing!”

Amanda spoke up and asked, “You’ve never been deep throated before, have you?”

“Oh my God, no,” Nick gasped.

Amanda said, “Kellie, make him lose his load with your throat since he likes it so much!”

Kellie started really working his cock and deep throated him several times.

“I’m going to cum!” Nick yelled.

“Oh, yeah,” Amanda said from the front seat. “Blow your hot load into her sexy mouth

“Ohhhhh, God,” Nick groaned as his cum came shooting out from the head of his cock and deep into Kellie’s throat as she swallowed each and every drop. Then while his cock was still sensitive Kellie, kept on sucking until there was no cum at all left in his balls. As his cock started to go limp she slowly slid her mouth off his softening cock. While she still continued to lick the small drips of cum that were still oozing from the head of his cock.

Nick lay his head back on the seat and Amanda said, “Wait a sec, buddy, you don’t get to rest just yet. She just gave you a super blow job, now get out of the car and open the door for her like a lady.”

“Yeah, I was just trying to catch my breath,” Nick said to her.

“Now,” Kellie said as she sat up and stared at him.

Nick quickly got up and got out the driver side door and went around the car, but as he got out he heard keys jingle. When he got around to passenger side to open the door he found that it was locked and Kellie was just sliding into the driver’s seat. Amanda cracked the window and said, “Sorry, gotta go, thanks for the car!”

Then Kellie jammed the gas and they sped away with Nick’s wife’s car and Nick’s clothes and he quickly realized that he was standing naked in the middle of the mall parking lot.

He lowered his hands to cover his cock and realized that he was very exposed and really had no way to hide or cover anything. He dashed into the row of cars and crouched down.

Then he heard a sound that chilled him to his very soul, Steph’s voice rang out, “Nick, where are you?”

Nick crouched lower as he realized that his wife was looking for him and he was completely naked, and two college girls had just stole her car.

Nick heard the click of shoes on the pavement beside the car he was crouching in front of and when a high heeled shoe hit the ground in front of him he slid his eyes all the way up to Steph’s cold cruel eyes staring down at him.

“I’m betting that there is a perfectly logical explanation for why you are naked out here in the middle of the mall parking lot, isn’t there?” she asked him.

“No, not really,” Nick said to his wife.

Just then the Honda pulled up behind the car where Nick had been hiding. Steph looked over and said, “I see you met Amanda and Kellie, got you!”

“Shit,” Nick said, “so this was all a set up?”

Stephanie walked over and got in the car with the girls then she said, “No actually, you still have to find a way home, naked!” Then as the car drove away, Nick stood in horror as he grasped the gravity of the situation.

“How am I going to get home?” Nick wondered, as he lowered his hands exposing his full nude body to the sun.

Just then an SUV with the word “Security” written on it pulled up behind where Nick was standing and he just thought his day was getting bad….

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My Trophy Wife

When I look back on what happened last month, I definitely blame myself to a large extent. I’ve been married to my gorgeous and sexy wife for 12 years. My wife Lea has an incredible body – the kind that all men dream about getting to screw at least once in their lifetime. She has long legs leading up to a great shapely ass, the most amazing tits that I’ve ever seen and to top it all off, her face is beautiful with stunning eyes and sexy lips. Lea and I met during my junior year in college and after many attempts, she finally accepted an offer to go on a date with me. The rest as they say is history, as we were inseparable from then on.

Also attending that college were two guys that to this day are my best friends. The three of us; myself, Ray and George had a lot in common, from playing division 1 baseball, to partying, to chasing great looking girls. It was in our junior year that we first saw Lea. She was a transfer student that had all of the guys drooling over her, and the three of us were no different. From the moment we saw and met her, she became the most sought after girl for each of us.

Ray, who is a light-skinned African-American was the first to pursue her and George also tried to get a date set up with her. Fortunately for me, Lea turned down each of them multiple times, which still left the door open for me. At the time, she was not dating anyone and politely told anyone that asked her out that she was just focusing on her studies and getting acclimated to the new school. That worked perfectly for me, because even though I was a jock and partier, I tended to be a little quieter, especially around the girls.

So, when I was not playing fall baseball, I was spending time in the library, as Lea was there a lot. I think I spent more time in the library that one semester than I did the entire rest of my college career. But it worked. We eventually became study partners and I even signed up for a Social Dance class she was taking in the spring semester at her request.

I finally got her to accept a request for a date on Valentine’s Day, when I sent her what I thought was a corny card, but it worked. When Lea and I first started dating, Ray and George were always begging for details and trying to steal her from me. But, Lea’s and my relationship just got stronger and we ended up getting married 18 months later, after we each graduated with our degrees.

George and Ray were two of our groomsmen and even after we got married, hung out at our place most of the time for the first few years after graduation. They would regularly tell me how lucky I was to have landed a babe like Lea, and I’d frequently rub it in their faces that she turned them both down multiple times before she started dating me. Eventually George and Ray each found a lady that he was serious about and by the time Lea and I were celebrating our 3rd anniversary, each of them had gotten married as well.

George married Rachel, who was tall and fairly attractive and Ray ended up marrying a white girl named Cindy, who was just over 5 feet tall but cute. Neither of these women had the sexy looks or killer body that Lea did, so over the next few years, the macho talk continued between George, Ray and I. Lea, Rachel and Cindy became good friends, so the three of us couples would go out frequently together, not to mention the ladies going on shopping Saturdays, while us guys played any sports we could find.

It was after one of those Saturdays of playing in a softball tournament that I probably pushed George and Ray too far. We stopped by a bar on the way home to have a few beers and order some lunch. As was pretty common, the talk eventually turned to women and Ray made a comment that he still could not believe that I could have landed somebody as hot as Lea. And even though it had been a dozen years since we all graduated, she still looked as hot as ever, especially compared to their wives. George then made a remark that if she had not accepted that date with me, he definitely would have eventually convinced her to let him take her out and he would have tapped that great looking body.

I told them both to just dream on, because never in a million years would either of them be able to score with someone as hot as Lea. And I reminded them that they each did alright for themselves with the wives they have, who although they are not as hot as my wife, that they are still better looking than I would have thought either of these guys was capable of scoring with. Ray muttered something under his breath, but then we all started laughing and I thought it was forgotten. Boy was I wrong, as after that George and Ray began to hatch their plan their led up to the night a month ago.

George was in the construction business and in the process of building a new commercial property that consisted of office space and a storage warehouse. The storage warehouse had been completed a few months before it was needed, so George had installed a basketball hoop in there for his men to be able to shoot hoops while on their lunch hour since they were still building out all of the office space. Ray, George and I ended up spending a few evenings there as well, as it was much less crowded than our local gym. He had even placed a couple of mattresses in the corners in case his employees needed to lie down, as they tended to work long hours. It was one of those evenings that Ray said he had a “great idea for a game”. Even though George knew exactly what their overall plan was, he played along perfectly when we both asked Ray what it was.

Ray said that since the warehouse is so big and pitch black with the lights out, as there were no windows, that we should get the girls to come over here some night after a few drinks and play “find your mate”. He explained that we would put a time limit on the game of about 1 hour and the men would start at one end of the warehouse, with the women on the other. Once the lights were off, everyone would strip and you’d have to find your mate without any speaking. He said that as kind of a prize if you found your spouse early, you could take her to one of the corner mattresses and have fun. George right away said that would be a blast and that we could even have the women keep their panties on if that would make them more comfortable.

We had all been boating or hanging out at the pool together a number of times, so we had all seen each other’s wives in fairly skimpy swimsuits anyway. I asked how we were supposed to find our spouse if there was no talking and Ray said use your hands moron. I told him that it would probably work for us guys being able to feel for our wives boobs, but it would make it nearly impossible for the women to identify us, as we all had roughly the same build, height and weight. I assumed that would probably mean we were similar below the waist too. So, George said we could put some kind of identifier on our bodies, so the ladies could tell exactly who was who. Ray said that sounded like a great idea, as long as we put it somewhere near our cocks, so the ladies would have to feel us up too. As crazy as it sounded, I actually liked the idea and figured that the worst thing that could happen is that Lea would get felt up by my friends while trying to find their wives. For all of the times we’ve had chicken fights in the pool or at the beach with each other, I figured there’s probably been just about as much accidental touching then.

So, we agreed, as long as we could convince the wives and come up with some kind of identifier for us guys to wear. We were all getting together for a cookout the following day, so we decided to bring up the idea then with the ladies. I think we were all kind of surprised when the wives agreed to the idea right away, as long as they were allowed to keep their panties on. That night I mentioned it to Lea that I was surprised that all 3 of them agreed so quickly and she said why not. She figured that each of us have gotten to check out each other’s wives in very small bikinis over the years, while we’ve worn loose swimsuits, so it will be a chance for them to even the score a little. She said that the thought of George and Ray possibly feeling her tits did not make her happy, but that as long as she could quickly detect whether the feeler was me or not, she could quickly move on. And, the thought of finding each other quickly and then screwing on one of the corner mattresses while our friends were in the same room with no idea really turned her on.

It was determined that we’d play our game the following weekend after going out for some drinks and dancing. We all met at the club and I noticed how everyone seemed to be a bit more reserved then normal. While at the club, I asked Ray if he had figured out how we would be identifiable to the ladies in the game. He said that he had gotten some stickers that would stick to our skin that had a different number of dots on each one. The dots were like brail and could easily be felt above the surface of the sticker. He said if we placed them a little below our belly buttons, that the women would be bound to touch our dicks while feeling for the sticker and they would not interfere with anything if we got our wife onto the mattress for some action. We stayed at the club long enough for each of us to have a few drinks and loosen up a bit.

From there, we were off to the storage warehouse. When we got there, the lights were on and you could tell that George had the place cleaned up. There were even sheets and pillows on the mattresses. Ray again explained the rules and pulled out the stickers that we’d be wearing. He then handed a sticker to each of the ladies and told them to put it on their man, so they’d be sure they knew what it felt like. The sticker that Lea placed on me had a single dot on it, Ray’s had two and George’s had three. Ray then pulled out a clock that would be set to go off in 60 minutes. We all agreed to wait for 5 minutes after the alarm went off before turning the lights on to ensure everyone at least had some time to get his or her clothes back on. When no one had any additional comments or questions, Ray sent the ladies to one end of the room and us guys went to the other. The room itself was probably about 4,000 square feet, so I figured it may take us a little bit of time to find each other.

When we were at opposite ends of the room, George turned off the lights and we removed our clothes. What I did not know then, but found out a week later was that George and Ray also removed their stickers and replaced it with one like mine, with a single dot. When we started walking out into the pitch darkness it was much more difficult than I had expected it would be. I initially planned to just walk straight across the room to where the girls were starting from. I was even counting to myself the number of steps I’d taken, so I’d know when I was about half way across the room. I finally bumped into someone. I reached up to the chest area and pulled my hand back quickly when I felt a hairy chest. As I continued to go around the room, it seemed like it was taking forever and I could only occasionally hear foot steps in the distance.

I found out later that Ray had bumped into Lea within about 5 minutes. He immediately knew it was her when we groped her tits and she thought it was me when she felt down below his waist and found the sticker with a single dot hiding behind his erect cock. Once she thought she had me, she softly grabbed his sac and then his hand to lead him to a mattress. They found a mattress within minutes and he was all over her. Lea loves to have her tits sucked on and played with and he was doing exactly that. This had been dream of Ray’s since he was in college. He had always preferred white women and this he felt was the best he’d ever seen. Eventually Ray worked his way down to Lea’s shaved pussy and began to lick her out. While finger fucking her with up to 3 fingers, he also stuck a finger up her tight ass, which really got her going. Ray finally could not hold off any more and moved back up her body with his mouth to her incredible tits while he slid his cock right in to the hottest babe he had ever seen. He started slow, wanting to be sure to enjoy it, but with Lea moving her hips, he quickly got into a fast pace fucking. Within a few minutes, he was shooting his black seeds into my gorgeous wife’s body. As soon as he came, he caressed her tits for a few last minutes before getting up quickly and walking away.

Lea thought that was unusual, but figured that she might as well get up too and see if she could at least feel the cocks of Ray’s and George’s. She had remembered who had how many dots on their sticker, so she knew she’d be able to tell who’s cock it was. As she was beginning to walk back around in the dark, I was beginning to think I was alone in this huge dark room, when I finally bumped into someone. The good news was that at least in brushing across this person’s arm, it felt soft and smooth like a woman’s would. So I slowly turned towards this person and reached up to feel her chest. To my disappointment, it was not my wife, but at least it wasn’t another guy again. I quickly realized it was Cindy, because she had the smallest breasts of the ladies and Rachel’s were size DD or bigger. So, as I groped Cindy’s small boobs for a few seconds, her hand made it down to my cock and she felt and found the sticker. Even though she realized it was not her husband’s cock, she seemed to linger a bit while running her hand up and down my shaft and cupping my balls. At that point we both broke away and resumed our searches for our spouses.

Within a few minutes, I bumped into another person and determined it was Rachel very quickly, based on her huge tits. She did not even seem to feel for my sticker as she was just groping my cock and balls. I tried to pull away, but she grabbed my cock and pulled me back to her. She continued to stroke my cock and reached around to grab my ass too. I figured that while I’m there, I might as well feel up those huge melons. While doing it though, I again realized how perfect my wife’s tits were and that I needed to find her quickly so we could get to a mattress. So, the next time Rachel loosened her grip, I moved away quickly into the darkness.

About that time, George managed to bump into my wife. He too, quickly knew it was Lea when he grabbed her tits. Lea was surprised that when she reached down to identify her groper that it was once again a sticker with a single dot. She was even more surprised to find a hard cock figuring this game must really get me worked up as I was already hard again. George wasted little time in grabbing Lea by the arm and heading to find one of the mattresses. Once there, they climbed onto the mattress and he immediately went for her hard nipples. After a few minutes of sucking on her breasts, George shifted his cock up to her sensuous lips for a blow job. George knew he was taking a chance, as he had a bigger than average cock. But, although Lea sensed that it felt bigger, she just figured it was due to the whole eroticism of the night. After receiving head from Lea for a few minutes, George was ready to mount his dream fuck. He did not care about her getting any pleasure as he jumped between her legs and slammed his big cock into her pussy. He pounded her hard for several minutes while mauling her perfect tits with his mouth and hands. Once he had shot his load into her tight pussy, he got up and left, just as Ray did before him.

Lea was still recovering from the hard fucking when the alarm went off, so everyone was then trying to find their way back to their pile of clothes at the opposite ends of the room. After about 5 minutes, George flipped on the light switch as each of us was just doing the final straightening of the clothes we put on in the dark. As we were walking back into the middle of the room, George and Ray were whispering to each other and then gave each other high fives. I figured it just meant that each of them had found their spouse and had some fun on the mattress.

On the way home, I was rubbing Lea’s leg and slowly working my way up her thigh. She then shocked me by saying that little game must have really had an effect on me, but after two times, especially the second one, she’d need to call it a night. At first, I was about to ask what the hell was she talking about, but then thought it would be better if I didn’t. Ray was on the road for the next week and George was putting in long hours, so it wasn’t until the next weekend that the three of us were finally together. I wasted no time in asking what happened. After just smiling and saying they had no idea what I was talking about, they finally came clean.

Ray explained that after our discussion a few months ago, when I was again rubbing it in about having won the trophy wife, that they were determined to make me eat my words about them never being able to screw someone that hot in a million years. They explained how they spent many late nights over the next few weeks trying to devise a way that could screw Lea legally, hopefully without jeopardizing our friendship. So, they came up with their plan and explained to me how they switched their stickers and even went into some details about the time they spent with Lea on that mattress. Both commented that as hard as it was to believe, it was even better than they had imagined it would be since she has such a killer tight body.

I sat there in shock as they explained the details, apologized to me and then attempted to blame me for it happening. Each of them even said they’d gladly figure out a way that I could screw their wives without anyone knowing and I just told them I’m not interested. They each told me that they hoped we could remain tight friends and that for them it was just living out a one time fantasy. It’s taken a few weeks to get back to normal since then, but I will definitely be careful if either of them should happen to suggest any games in the future. As for Lea, I never told her what really happened. I kind of feel she may suspect something went wrong and she’s even told me that as horny as I was that night, I’m a much better lover on normal nights. So, at least I feel good about that, but I don’t think I’ll be bragging about it to Ray and George any time soon.

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Pool Party

Tammy and I were hanging out at Steph’s house late one afternoon, as we often do. Steph’s parents have a big two-story house only a couple blocks from campus, and it’s a nice place to escape the dorm scene for awhile. We were lounging in Steph’s bedroom, drinking coke and sharing some gossip.

Steph mentioned that her parents were going away on vacation next week. Tammy, who never misses an opportunity, blurted out, “You are so lucky—you get the whole place to yourself, to do whatever you like. Party week!”

Steph licked her lips and said, “Oh come on, like I’m gonna turn the place into a frat house or something!”

I chimed in. “You know, I could sure use some serious recreation right now. It’s summer time, and we’re not even really enjoying it. Summer session really bums me out sometimes. I haven’t even had a date in months.”

Tammy chortled. “That’s nothing, Ann, or little miss Stephanie here’s never had a date at all!” She tugged playfully on Steph’s bare leg, causing her to tumble backwards onto the bed.

“You’re such a liar!” screamed Steph in mock anger. “I have too had a date!”

“You uncle Bubba doesn’t count.”

“Greg and I went out lots in high school. But after he hooked up with Jen, I just got disgusted. Figured I had better things to do with my time.” Steph’s face wasn’t showing much emotion, it was clear she’d gotten used to talking about the breakup with detachment.

“But don’t you get horny?” I asked. Steph blushed. “Sorry,” I quickly added. “I didn’t mean to get too personal.”

“It’s OK,” said Steph. “I just usually don’t talk about things like that. But it’s OK. I fantasize sometimes, but that’s it.”

“Come on! Tell us! Tell us!” Tammy was now on the bed next to Steph, prodding her in the side. Tammy was one of those active, healthy-looking people that make the rest of us feel inadequate—smooth-skinned, toned, proportioned. Steph is small and delicate, with short dark hair and a kind of little-kid look. I could tell she was uncomfortable with Tammy’s rough-housing, but didn’t want to seem uptight, so she put up with it.

“Not much to tell, really. Mostly I fantasize about getting guys turned on . . . strangers, usually, but sometimes guys I know from class. You know, flirting, getting them worked up, maybe flashing some skin. It’s not really about the guys, it’s more thinking about myself acting sexy, that’s the turn-on.”

“And how far does it go?” I asked her.

“Well, sometimes I imagine it going on to sex, but usually I get off before then.” Steph blushed again.

“I have those kinds of fantasies too,” I confessed. “I know guys look at me a lot, and sometimes I’d really like to cut lose and play it up, you know. But then you realize everybody knows everybody, people will start to talk, and all that.”

“That’s the great thing about spring break,” said Tammy, “you’re a zillion miles away, and you know you’re not ever going to see these people again, so you can be uninhibited. I started flirting with this guy on the beach, and two hours later we were screwing in my motel room.”

“You and your stories!” groaned Steph, but I was pretty sure it was true.

“How was it?” I asked.

“It was great,” Tammy went on. “Even though it was just casual sex, he was really very affectionate. And the fact that he was someone I barely knew made it really exciting, not the predictable kind of thing you can get into with a boyfriend you see every week.”

“Maybe—gee I don’t know—is there any way we could indulge ourselves a little?” I was speaking slowly, and looking for the right words. “Have a party here, like Tammy suggested, and invite just a few guys, and have fun getting them turned on.”

“That could get way out of hand in a hurry,” muttered Steph.

“I’m game!” announced Tammy, predictably. “Maybe we could swear them to secrecy or something.”

“That never works,” I sighed. I felt confused. Somehow making such a specific suggestion made the possibility seem real, and exciting, and my mind couldn’t stay away from the idea, even though it was really no different from going to class dressed like sluts.

“Some guys don’t like gossip,” suggested Steph. I was surprised to see her start to take this seriously. “This guy in my anthropology class is really cool. I’ve never heard him disrespect anybody.”

“Yeah, but that type runs away if you start to flirt!” Tammy laughed.

“No, no, he’s not like that. I’ve seen him checking out girls and trying to make conversation. He’s really nice.”

“What’s his name?” I asked.

“Rich,” she said. And with that we were on our way. The “guest list” started to fall into place. We ended up with five names, all suggested by Steph and I. (It seems Tammy didn’t know any well-behaved guys.)

I noticed it was after eight already. “I need to go,” I said, and got up.

“Just a minute,” said Steph. “I want to get clear about what we’re actually doing here. Just how sexy are we going to get? It’s not going to be some kind of orgy, is it?”

Tammy and I giggled. “No,” I said with friendly reassurance. “It’s just a game. See how hot we can get them, but we stay cool and act like nothing special’s up. We just let them have a taste of our sexy sides.”

“How much of our sexy sides?” asked Steph with a serious expression.

Tammy couldn’t keep quiet any longer. “Look, guys, this is supposed to be fun—the whole point is to get a little uninhibited, do something spontaneous for once. We just see how it goes, OK? We’ll have the party out in the backyard, by the pool, so we’ll have an excuse for showing some skin. That right there is enough to make any guy horny. Stop biting your nails and just go for it!”

That seemed to be the final word on the subject, so I went back to the dorm and worked on my algebra homework before bed. The next day, we met in the park at lunch and set a date for the party, and went over the guest list again. We decided who would bring wine and snacks. We also agreed we would wear our sexiest swimsuits.

Only one of the guys said he couldn’t make it. The other four seemed pleased to have a female acquaintance invite them to a pool party, but since neither Steph or I are known for partying, they probably didn’t expect much.

The night before the party, I tried on the three swimsuits I owned. I didn’t feel very sexy in any of them. Hesitating—it seemed a dangerous decision, somehow—I decided to go buy a new one. There’s a little shop off campus that sells skimpy swimsuits, party wear, and the like. I found a little black suit with string straps and a thong bottom. Just trying it on in the dressing room made my whole body tingle. It made my fair skin look like alabaster, and made my wavy dark hair look like it was actually part of a “look,” for once. And just the sensation of air on the delicate skin of my butt was a turn-on. I wasn’t really sure I could go through with this. I got a nice green sarong to wrap around over the thong, so I could decide what to do on the spur of the moment. That was Tammy’s approach, after all, and she seemed to know what she was talking about.

We got together at Steph’s about an hour before the party was supposed to start. Steph was already in her suit, an athletic-looking thing that really fit her well. With clothes on, she didn’t appear to have much of a figure, but in the suit you could see that her body, although small and slim, was not at all boyish. She had soft, round curves and very smooth skin. Tammy went into the bathroom to change. I used Steph’s room. Tammy came out in a hot pink bikini, with one of those cut-off T-shirts on top. I noticed her skin was almost the same deep golden-brown color as her hair. She either sunbathes a lot or goes to one of those tanning salons. Both of them said my sarong was really stylish. It was, actually. Very sensual, but I didn’t feel at all cheap wearing it.

Rich arrived first. He was taller and cuter than I had thought from hearing Step talk about him. Short blond hair, a gentle smile, and a surprisingly deep voice. Then came Mark, a friend of my physics lab partner; I’d even had lunch with him a couple times. He was shorter than Rich, and wore a neatly trimmed beard that made him look several years older. Steph volunteered to stay by the door while Tammy and I went out to the pool with our guests. We served wine, put the cheese and crackers out, and for a while just sat around on the pool furniture and lawn, getting a little better acquainted. Tammy was on the lawn, and from time to time coyly rearranged herself, sliding her long tans legs around and running her hands down them absent-mindedly. I was on the lawn chair, and being very casual about how my sarong fell and how much leg it showed.

About ten minutes later, Steph joined us with John and Carlos in tow—she was actually holding both their hands as she walked out through the sliding glass door toward the pool. John was a bit heavy, but one of those instantly likeable people, always ready to extend a smile or a hug or make a friendly remark. Carlos was very slender, with wavy black hair and large eyes. I’d never known him to speak much, but he was an art major, and I’d seen some of his sketches—good stuff, really—strangely moving nude figures juxtaposed with colored geometrical forms.

I got off the lawn chair and settled down on the grass, very close to Mark. I made sure our arms were brushing against each other, touching. The sort of little move that says, “if being close makes you uncomfortable, you can back away—but it doesn’t bother me.” Mark stayed pleasantly close, and even put the arm he was leaning on a bit further behind my back, where I could feel his thumb and wrist, just barely grazing my bottom.

Tammy, of course, was a couple steps ahead of me. She had one of her beautiful bare legs draped casually over Rich’s knees, telling him some sort of joke, but with her voice just soft enough to convey that the conversation was for him, not the rest of us. Steph was trying to attend to both the latecomers at the same time. She was listening to John, who was being talkative, but she still had her fingers on Carlos’s hand, moving them slightly from time to time.

Mark said, “You look great. Do you work out?”

“Thank you,” I said. “No, not much, but I swim and go to the spa.”

“The spa?” he asked.

“Yes, they give great massages—and if you go when the student masseuses are there, it’s not expensive at all.”

“It doesn’t bother you to get undressed?” he asked. And I could tell that saying it was making him visualize it.

“No,” I said. “It’s professional, you know. It just feels great to be touched all over, very relaxing, almost like a nap.”

Our little conversation was suddenly interrupted by Tammy, who now raised her voice for everyone to pay attention. “This is a pool party—you guys brought swim suits, didn’t you?” Rich and John said they had, and Steph led them back into the house to show them where they could change. Mark said he didn’t bring his, and Carlos said he didn’t swim. Mark did take off his sandals and shirt, though, leaving him wearing only his shorts, and still very close to me. I rested my hand on one of his legs, and he returned the favor, but his hand moved back and forth in a kind of circular motion. It felt wonderful.

John and Rich returned in their swimsuits. John went straight to the pool and dove in. Rich returned to sit next to Tammy again. She stood up, pulling him up with her. “Come on!” she said eagerly, “let’s go in the water!” With that, she lifted her short T-shirt off over her head, and there was no swimsuit top underneath. I was startled—I had just assumed she had a top on under the shirt. All the men’s eyes turned, as she strutted slowly to the edge of the pool, dressed only in her hot pink bikini briefs, and dove in. Rich was right behind her. John, perhaps feeling a bit uncomfortable, climbed out of the pool and lied down on the grass, next to Mark and I.

“God!” whispered Mark, his voice catching in his throat. “She is hot.”

“Getting turned on?” I asked, with a joking lilt in my voice, but I ran my hand all the way up his thigh, partway under the leg of his shorts. He didn’t answer, but his hand went around my waist, and then moved down, one or two fingers slipping inside the top of my sarong as he massaged the small of my back. I glanced over at Steph. She was holding Carlos’s hand close to her face, kissing his fingers. Tammy’s going topless seemed to have got things moving…much faster than I had anticipated. I watched Tammy and Rich playing in the pool. It was hard to see what they were doing, but there was sure a lot touching going on. Mark, meanwhile, was getting braver with his hand, plunging it deep under my sarong and massaging the cheeks of my ass, as well as he could reach with me still sitting on the ground. I nested my head against his neck and kissed him there, sensuously, a couple times. Then I got up, whispering softly, “Let me get this off.” I slipped the sarong off my hips and settled into his lap. We started kissing, and now his hands were caressing my breasts. I knew now that this party wasn’t going to be a flirtation game. I was already too turned on to keep that kind of control.

Just when I was loosing myself in the embrace, Tammy and Rich appeared, standing in front of us, thoroughly wet. Rich had a very obvious erection, and Tammy was fondling it, through his dripping swim shorts. “You guys having fun yet?” Tammy asked. I managed to smile. She whispered something in Rich’s ear, and the two walked across the lawn. Tammy knew how to get attention, even with two other couples starting to make out. She swung her hips as she walked away from us, her damp swimsuit bottoms clinging to her ass. Mark and I repositioned ourselves to watch the two of them.

They got to the far corner of the lawn, and we could see them standing there, tongue-kissing and groping each other. His hands were all over her naked breasts, kneading and grasping and rubbing. She was running her hands up and down his back, desperately. Then her hands plunged into his shorts, massaging his buns. After one or two caresses, she suddenly pulled his shorts down to his feet. He stepped out of them, naked, and she turned him halfway around so that everyone could see his thick hard erection.

“They’re gonna fuck!” said Mark, panting. I shifted my position on his lap so that I was straddling him, one leg on either side, but our eyes were glued on Tammy and Rich. Rich was on his back now, and Tammy was giving him head. After every few sucks, she would take his cock out her mouth and stretch the skin with her hand, glancing up to make sure the rest of were catching on. We were. Mark and I were practically humping each other through our clothes. John was lying beside us, naked now, and jacking himself off. I glanced over at Steph just in time to see Carlos stand up and drop his pants, right in front of her face.

We watched as Tammy stood up and pulled her suit bottoms off. For a moment, she stood over him. It looked like she was touching herself. Then she bent down, clasped Rich’s cock in her hand, and slid it up her cunt as she straddled him. Even from across the lawn, we could hear her moaning as they fucked. Her sensuous, tanned bodied writhed and turned. Sometimes she would rise up until he was almost completely out of her, and then plunge back down with a loud moan.

Mark was tugging at my thong now, desperately trying to grope my pussy as I was grinding it into his shorts. “I need to fuck you,” he whimpered, almost crying.

“Do it,” I said, hardly able to catch my breath. I stood up, pulled my thong off, and got down on my hands and knees. A moment later, Mark was behind me. I was so wet that the penetration was amazingly slippery: in one quick plunge he was deep inside me. His vigor was amazing. I’d only had sex with a couple men before, and it had always been indoors, in a romantic context, where things happened gradually. But this was different. It was just insatiable lust. And it was good. His strokes were fast and deep, and he was so hard that I felt completely at his mercy. My hips moved in response to his, and I ground my ass into his body with every thrust, loving the feel of his strong pelvis pressed against my cheeks. I no longer knew or cared what anyone else was doing.

I felt an orgasm building up, and then it was suddenly there, and I was squirming, arching my back, choking a cry. Still he kept fucking me, even harder now. I felt like a wild animal. Then another one. This time, I screamed, completely lost, forgetting I was in the backyard of a suburban neighborhood. Mark grabbed my waist with such force that I knew I would have bruises the next morning. With all his strength, he shoved my ass back against him, at the same time plunging his cock in as deep as he possibly could and let lose a great gush of come. He collapsed, and I collapsed with him, onto the cool grass, with the afternoon sunlight beaming down on us and the open air moving just slightly, caressing our limp and drained bodies.

It was some time before I even opened my eyes again. Mark and I staggered to our feet and looked around. Everybody was totally naked. Tammy and Eric were pouring themselves more wine, laughing, and holding each other in a playful, cuddly kind of way. And Steph…I did a double take, to be sure what I was seeing. She was in the middle of the lawn, going at it with John and Carlos, sandwiched between them. John was on the bottom, with his cock up her cunt, and Carlos was on top, fucking her asshole from behind. They were all panting and heaving.

I got a sudden memory of her intense little voice, asking, “How much of our sexy sides?” and I smirked and plunged into the pool. It was good to cool off.

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Fucking My Sister In Law

Some days, after work, I go to my mother-in-law’s apartment. Last week, when I got there, she wasn’t home. I waited in my car for her, listening to my new CDs. My sister-in-law Sylvia, lives in the same apartment complex, and five minutes later, she was outside asking if I wanted to wait inside with her. I noticed that she had a button undone on her shirt, which she never does. As she bent over through the window I could see into her shirt (or was I staring?)

Sylvia is about 5’8″ and has a slender build. Her dark hair curls around her ears and cascades over her shoulders, down to the large breasts she tries to hide with oversized shirts. The few times I’ve seen her in anything other than baggy pants, I noticed she has a nice ass, small and round. Her beautiful face showcases exotic eyes and a smile no one can say no to.

Once inside, I sat down, and Sylvia offered me a drink. When she bent down to put my soda on the coffee table, I could clearly see most of her double-Ds. I couldn’t see everything, but I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra. When she stood up, I saw cleavage, cleavage that she has never shown before. Except for the tight short or pants she sometimes wore, she always dressed very conservatively, always a high collar shirt or buttoned up to the top. Even the mini skirt that she changed into when we came in was every unusual for her.

Sylvia had her drink of choice, wine. Though she wasn’t slamming it like a shot, she was not sipping it like most people do. I have seen her get really drunk before but never taking-her-clothes-off drunk. 15 minutes and three glasses later, one more button was open on her shirt and her skirt was moving up. I wasn’t sure if I wanted my mother-in-law to come home (this was my sister-in-law in front of me) or if I wanted her to have more wine.

I was halfway done with my soda and she was getting a fourth glass. When she sat back down, she sat with her legs slightly open, and I could see she had on blue panties. I was finding it harder not to stare. ‘This is my sister-in-law,’ I told myself, ‘I can’t look,’ but at the same time I was hoping to see more.

Unexpectedly, she quickly stood up, unbuttoning one more button. Her double-Ds seemed ready to fall out. She walked over to me, lifting up her skirt. I could see little butterflies on her panties. She opened her shirt, allowing one of her breasts to show, then quickly covered it. Sitting in my lap, she put her arm around my neck and drew my face into her open shirt.

“It seems like forever I’ve wanted to do this,” she said.

She got up and walked into another room. Her skirt stayed up and I watched the bottom of her butt sticking out around the thong as she walked. When she came out of the room the skirt was missing, and her breasts were barely restrained. As she sat down her breasts came out, but she deliberately took the time to put them back in. The shirt covered her panties. Sitting down, she had her legs open and the blue panties were peeking out.

I didn’t know how much more I could take of this, but I had to do something. I got up and told her I was leaving. Wordless, she removed her shirt.

As I was opening the door, I heard, “Don’t I get a kiss goodbye?”

I turned around and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She turned and the kiss landed on her lips. I had to try very hard not to put my arms too low. Instead, I gave her a tight hug in the center of the back, which only served to push those double-Ds against my chest.

I turned around to leave. Before I could open the door, she reached around my head to keep the door closed. In her hand was a large dildo.

“Are you going to leave and make me use this,” she asked as she pushed her double-Ds against my back. “or are you going to help me?”

I didn’t turn around right away. When I did she had already gone her bedroom. Her panties were lying at my feet.

I didn’t know what to do. This was my sister-in-law, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this. Slowly walking to the room, I could hear moaning. As the moans got louder, I moved more quickly. Almost unconsciously, I was taking off my clothes. By the time I got to bedroom door, my pants were halfway off. As I entered the room, I saw Sylvia was lying on the bed face down and naked. For the first time I saw her small, round butt.

“Oh, look! One of us has clothes on,” she said to me over her shoulder. “Does that mean I have to get dressed?”

I quickly took off what remained of my clothes. Then I started to get on the bed with her. Crawling to the edge of the bed, she stopped me.

“Stand here,” she ordered, pointing at the floor in front of her. “Closer.”

I moved up to the bed right in front of her. Before I could register what she had planned, she had my dick in her mouth. I didn’t need any help getting hard, as I had been hard ever since she started to unbutton her shirt.

When she rolled over those double-Ds popped out. They were full and round with nice perfect nipples, both of which were hard and sticking out. I ran my eyes down over the rest of her body to her hairless pussy. I was already hard, but I got even harder.

“You look like you have never seen anything like these,” she said as she played with one of her tits. “What, are they bigger then my sister’s?”

I immediately put the free tit in my mouth. I sucked on the free tit, first softly, then harder. I watched Sylvia’s hand move from her other tit down to her pussy. She didn’t stop to rub, however; she went directly in with one finger. I tried to move down but she stopped me, moving me over to the other tit. Then she took her free hand and grabbed my dick, stroking up and down.

She pushed me onto my back on the bed, and drew my dick into her mouth. As her tongue swirled around my dick, I gently pushed her away, so that this wouldn’t end early.

She stopped and I began to get up, but she crawled up to my face, putting her pussy on it. It was dripping wet, and with her legs wide open my tongue had no problem getting in deep. She rocked back and forth on my face. The moans were getting loader every time I plunged my tongue in as far as it would reach.

I could feel her twitching and tightening, and I thought she was going to cum on my face. I felt like I was going to cum from the excitement. She crawled off of my face and onto the floor on her hands and knees. I wasted no time getting on the floor and thrusting my dick in her bare pussy; grabbing a handful of hair and pulling. She stopped me just before I could cum, but only so she could turn onto her back. She grabbed my dick and hurriedly shoved it into her.

After that, I didn’t take long. I didn’t want to stop it, but I don’t think I could have even if I had tried. Of course, I did make sure we came at the same time.

“I’ve been waiting for this a long time” She said.

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Getting Pegged

Hank always thought his sister’s significant other Lisa was sexy. Even though she had an air ‘butchness’ about her. Lisa’s hair was done up feminine. She wore dresses occasionally to work and she used makeup. But she had a mannish way of walking and talking. She relished dirty jokes and just like men she made the occasional inappropriate sexual remark. She clearly was the ‘man’ of the relationship with his sister even though they both said that the relationship wasn’t about masculine/feminine stereotypes. Lisa was always in the man position during cuddling or snuggling. Eva, Hank’s sister, always wrapped her arms around Lisa’s neck during kissing. It their whole relationship it seemed that Lisa was the man and Eva was the woman. And Hank was jealous that his had found such a sexy and masculine woman.

Hank liked to fantasize that Lisa would make him have sex with her. Make him lick her cunt and suck hard on her small but perky tits. And for the finale, she would strap-on a dildo and stick it up his ass and fuck him til they were both exhausted.

Hank was a wimp and he had known this since he was little. He was always taken with the women who were masculine. He enjoyed watching women bodybuilders, they always turned him on. So Hank naturally thought of himself as the femme side of the equation and wanted to be with women who would be the masculine side. Hank loved to masturbate to fantasies about women doing him in his back door. From a young age he fondled and then eventually penetrated his ass. And from the first time he penetrated himself he knew that he would love a good ass fucking. When he moved out on his own he even bought a dildo to use on himself. He spent many a night in anal ecstasy picturing that a woman was giving it to him good. Now at the age of 23 he wanted a women to fuck him. Especially if the ass fucker was Lisa.

Lisa and Hank got along well because they were both big sports fans. She was a Giant fan and he was a Dodger fan. They would tease and mock each other throughout the baseball season. But since he had moved to SoCal a year ago they didn’t go to any games together anymore.

After a year in his new job, Hank finally earned a week’s vacation. He planned to go and spend a week with his sister and Lisa. He called his sister and made plans. Eva said she was happy to have Hank come up. She even mentioned that they would all go to a Giants game at the new PacBell Park.

When Hank arrived on a Saturday, the three of them spent the day wandering around town. They played a quick game of tennis in the late afternoon and then headed back to Eva and Lisa’s house for dinner. This whole time Hank couldn’t get the thought out of his head of Lisa fucking him with a dildo. And the way she was dressed didn’t help matters either. She wore a tank top with running shorts that showed her thighs up to where her butt started. Hank had to keep fighting a constant erection knowing he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it until bedtime.

When bedtime did come, Hank was finally happy he would get relief from the sexual tension he had been feeling since he had arrived. He bid a goodnight to his hosts who were also thinking of retiring for the evening. After brushing his teeth, Hank went in to his guest bedroom and quickly closed the door. He headed straight for his suitcase and found his dildo. From the side pocket he pulled out some lube and laid down on the bed. He fingered his ass for awhile fantasizing that Lisa was preparing him for a screwing. When he was ready, he slowly slid the dildo up his ass. He took his time savoring the feeling and letting his sexual imagination wander. He stroked his cock slowly, occasionally stopping to taste his precum. As the excitement built , he stroked faster. As he neared his climax, Hank moaned out Lisa’s name. “Fuck me, Lisa” he said a couple of times before finally releasing his load with an intense orgasm that made him what to shout with pleasure. He was able to somewhat mute his shout of pleasure and figured that Lisa and Eva probably didn’t hear it being that they listened to TV while they went to sleep. After resting for a few minutes, Hank got up, put on some shorts and headed to the bathroom to wash off the dildo. He came back to bed able to fall quickly into a deep sleep.

On Sunday, they were to go to the ballgame. But Eva found out that she was needed at work and wouldn’t be able to come along. So now it was just Lisa and Hank. Much like yesterday, Lisa was wearing very short shorts. Just looking at her legs while they drove to the game gave Hank an erection. Lisa seemed to be struggling with something on her mind as they drove the first few minutes in silence.

Suddenly, Lisa dropped the bombshell. “I saw you last night. I snuck into your room when you were brushing your teeth and hid in the closet. I was going to jump out and scare you when you got into bed and turned out the lights. But instead you jacked off with that dildo.”

Hank didn’t know what to say. He tried to mumble something. But Lisa continued.

“Do you want me to fuck you? You were moaning last night about me fucking you.”

Hank couldn’t look at her. He was caught and didn’t know what say. He figured Lisa was mad at him. “Did you tell my sister?” Hank finally asked.

“Yes and no. I told her I didn’t get to scare you because you started masturbating. But I didn’t tell her about the dildo or you moaning my name.” She smiled at him and added, “It’s called pegging.”

“What is?”

“Having a woman fuck a guy with a dildo is called pegging. At least in the circles I run in.” she smiled again. This made Hank feel much better. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. She at least seems amused by the thought. So Hank asked her if she ever had pegged a guy.

“No, but for the last few years it has been a big fantasy of mine. It seems it’s a big fantasy of yours, too.” She said as she looked at him with what Hank thought of as possibly lust. “Look in my backpack in the back seat. I packed especially for this trip.”

Hank did as he was told. In the backpack were two dildos and a harness to which either one could attach. “Which one would you like me to use on you?” Lisa asked playfully. This time there was no mistaking the look of lust on Lisa’s face. This gave Hank’s dick a big rush.

“This one,” said Hank, holding up the eight-inch purple dong.

Lisa smiled at his choice. It was then that Hank noticed that they weren’t headed for the ballpark.

“I know a nice secluded spot were we can have some fun.” Lisa said. Hank found his heart racing as he realized that his biggest fantasy was going to come true.

When they arrived at the spot, it was a hillside that gave them cover from three sides. They both got in the back seat and started to remove each others clothing. Lisa laid down on top of Hank and probed his mouth with her delicious tongue. While continuing to kiss, Lisa moved her hands down to Hank’s asshole and started to play with it. A jolt of electricity went up Hank’s body and she probed him with her fingers. Soon she had two fingers in him and started to thrust them in and out. Hank was in ecstasy. He played with her nipples with his fingers.

“I think now you’re ready,” Lisa said as reached for the harness. Hank helped her put it on as well as helping with attaching the dildo. “Show me that ass of yours. I think I need to fuck you good.”

Hank got on his hands and knees and showed his ass to her. She put her hands on his hips and placed the tip of the dildo against his bud. Hank quivered in anticipation. She firmly but slowly slipped the dildo into him. The pleasure was almost unbearable for Hank. He wanted her to start thrusting into him and moved his ass closer to her.

“Fuck me,” he pleaded.

“Patience, my sweet, Patience.” She finally slid the length of the dildo inside of him and slowly started to thrust. Hank moved with her tempo.

It was the most amazing feeling for Hank. The slow thrusting made his prostate come alive and his cock felt on fire. Lisa started to quicken her thrusting.

“Now, you can say ‘fuck me, Lisa” she teased and started to move the dildo almost all the way out and then quickly thrust it all the way in. Hank’s ass moved with her quick thrusts.

“Oh god! Fuck me, Lisa. Fuck me. Fuck me.” Hank yelled as his orgasm started to build. It built deep inside where he never felt it start before. Soon it seemed to take over his whole body and he unleashed a torrent of semen. While the waves of climax hit he begged to Lisa to keep fucking him. His begging sent Lisa over the edge and she too was sent into ecstasy.

Lisa kept pounding into Hank until her orgasm began to subside. Finally she stopped. For a few minutes, no sound could be heard but the sound of their heavy breathing. Finally she removed the dildo from Hank’s ass. They embraced and kissed.

Hank looked at Lisa and said, “That was incredible, You definitely know how to use a cock. I certainly do enjoying being fucked.”

Lisa laughed and looked at him, “We have a ballgame to attend. But then we’ll have time on the way back for another pegging.”

Hank couldn’t wait.

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