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My Girlfriends Mother

My girlfriend Elsie told me her mother, Linda, was going to stay the weekend with us. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but it was the beginning of an incredible summer.

I was 23 when I met Elsie. Elsie was 22. We had been dating for about a year and living together for almost 6 months. She was a dancer at one of the local gentleman’s clubs. I had no problem with her being a dancer. When she came home, she was usually very horny and our sex life was very good.

When I first met her mother Linda, we hit it off well. Linda was in her mid-forties and was a hairdresser. She was very classy-looking….I saw where Elsie got her body. A woman in her late forties, Linda looked incredible. She had been dating Ted for about a year, but their relationship was in trouble, so she wanted to get away for a few days.

Back to the weekend that started it all……

Elsie was called in to work Friday night until closing; she asked me to spend time with her mother, which I didn’t mind at all. Linda and I had dinner at the house. Linda loved wine, so we had a few glasses and were totally relaxed. We had great conversation and laughed a lot. We were borderline tipsy.

Linda suddenly said, “Elsie tells me you take very good care of her. I appreciate that you take good care of my baby girl.”

I was flattered and told her how much I liked Elsie.

Linda continued, “You know, Elsie tells me everything. And I mean, everything.”

I got a little nervous, wondering what she was implying.

“You fuck my daughter great and she loves it. She tells me you’re a fantastic pussy eater as well. Ted doesn’t eat pussy.”

I didn’t know what to say, but I noticed her previous smile had now become a frown. I wondered what my answer should be, not wanting to get myself into trouble. With my buzz in full force now, I decided to be just as blunt as she was.

I said to Linda, “Ted has no idea what he is missing. If I were Ted, I’d be eating you out every night. I bet your pussy is delicious.”

Linda’s smile returned. She hugged me and told me I was sweet. I had a raging hard-on by then; I knew she felt it pressing against her. I hugged her back. My hands found their way to her tight ass. I gave her cheeks a squeeze and felt no resistance. She moaned softly in my ear as she grabbed my cock. She slowly got down to her knees, pulled my dick out and started to give me the most intense, pleasurable blowjob I ever received.

Elsie gave great head, but her mother’s skill was in a class by itself. Linda continued licking and sucking as my pre-cum flowed freely. She paused for a moment, looked lovingly into my eyes and told me to cum in her mouth.

Her mouth went back to work and as she came up for air, she started talking dirty. “Do I suck dick as good as Elsie? I get so jealous when she tells me about you fucking her so hard. My pussy gets so fucking wet. Afterwards, I end up fingering my hot pussy and ass, fantasizing about you until I cum.” That sent me over the edge and I came harder than I had in a long, long time. We kissed passionately after my orgasm. I slowly removed her clothes and worked my way down. Her scent was intoxicating. I licked and nibbled her neck and sucked on her rock-hard nipples. She moaned loudly and led me down to her clean-shaven pussy, which was swollen and dripping.

“Eat me. Eat my pussy now! Make me cum all over your face! Make me cum like you make my daughter cum!”, Linda screamed out.

I was more than happy to oblige and I kissed, licked, and sucked her sweet pussy, hoping the pleasure I gave her was just as great as the pleasure she gave me when she sucked my cock.

“OOOOOHHHHHHHHH fuckkkkkkkkk!”, she wailed. “You’re so fucking good!”

Then I did something I had never done before. I started to lick her ass. I couldn’t help it. Linda was just so damn sexy in front of me with her legs spread wide open.

Linda moaned, “Holy shit! Elsie never told me about this! Oh my god! That feels so fucking good. So fucking sexy!”

With her moan of approval, I stuck a finger in her ass as I sucked her swollen clit. That did it. She came….she came hard. Her body trembled and tensed up.

“I’m cummmmmmmmmmming! Oh my fucking god I’m cumming!”

Then she went limp. After a moment, she smiled as I held her in my arms. My cock was hard again, and she grabbed a hold of it.

Linda whispered, “Elsie won’t be home for another 3 hours. You’re mine until then.”

The Ride Home

I guess I should start out by first describing myself since that seems the way these stories start off. My name is Denise, I’m a 19 year-old enjoying my summer vacation after my freshman year at Princeton. I’m 5’4″ 120 lbs 34B-25-36 with dark hair and brown eyes and of Italian descent. I have olive skin that gets golden in the summer time. I’ve been told that I am pretty and I generally have no problems getting a date. I lost my virginity in October and had one other lover at school this year. So that’s my personal data.

This summer for graduation, my dad arranged a trip to Greece with him and his fiancée and myself. I knew it was his attempt to get me and Cindy to get along. I didn’t like her at first. Of course, I was like most children of divorced parents who had the fantasy that mom and dad would get back together some day. My dad is a big time attorney and as usual, he cancelled out at the last minute because of an important client who got arrested. He said he would try to join us, but that never happened.

The other reason I didn’t like Cindy was she was only 30 and I figured she was a gold digger after dads money. My dad is a very handsome man but he’s 56, what could they possibly have in common. The other strike against her was she was gorgeous. Dad met her while he was in Vegas, she was a showgirl or something. Cindy was the typical blonde bombshell, pretty face awesome body and 36DD breasts which I saw along with a few hundred Greeks while we were away. She dragged me to a nude beach and although we only went topless, all eyes were on Cindy. It was like I didn’t exist when I was around her.

Worst of all, after being in Greece with her for a week or so I realized that she was pretty cool and that I really liked her. Once that hill was crossed, we had a great time and it didn’t matter that dad never joined us. The fact is, I developed a crush on Cindy while we were away. I had a strange attraction towards one of my roommates at school but I didn’t dare act on it, so the tingly feeling I got when I saw her topless at the beach and after that I saw her walk around the hotel suite barely dressed after showering was nothing new to me.

She was like hanging out with one of my roommates. We chatted up a storm and we talked about boys and one night she made a confession to me that drove me crazy and still does. When I asked her what attracted her to my dad she asked me if I really wanted to know. We had shared a bottle of wine at dinner and I was feeling quite tipsy but I still was taken off guard by her answer. She said when she was on her first date with dad, they were slow dancing and she felt a rather impressive lump in his slacks. “Dad’s got a big one?” I asked gasping. I had never thought about him that way.

“Not that long… but thicker then my wrist,” was her answer and that’s what floored me. I’ve wanted to see daddy’s dick ever since that night as perverted as that sounds. So you see, we really bonded in Greece.

As the plane circled JFK we were both a little sad that our vacation was ending. Personally, I had gotten used to seeing her walk around naked and I even masturbated several times in the shower wondering what her big boobs felt like. They were real, which surprised me but they were still quite firm and she had the biggest, pinkest areola I’d ever seen. God, I was getting wet sitting next to her on the plane.

Dad disappointed us again when he didn’t show up to pick us up at the airport. Instead he sent Franklin, a very tall and very attractive black man from his firm. Franklin was Cindy’s age and as he retrieved our luggage Cindy whispered to me that they called Franklin tripod at the firm. Being a bit naive I asked her what that meant and she told me that dad had come home one night after the health club, Franklin had just started there, and he told me he saw him in the locker room. He said it hung there like a black hose and soft it was twice as long as his erection. She jokingly said she was going to try and brush against it by accident. So now my young, nearly virginal pussy was dripping as we drove to dads house on Long Island.

We had gotten home safe and Cindy told Franklin to come in for a drink. She told me to take him in the kitchen and get him something while she called dad. She left the room and the two of us were there in the kitchen. I liked Franklin. Although I’m normally not attracted to black men, he was tall and well built and his shaved head looked sexy. I found myself eyeing his crotch and he caught me. He gave me a strange look and asked me what I was staring at… even with my tanned skin I think I turned ten shades of red. Then for some reason, instead of making up a lie, I looked him right in the eye and said “why do they call you tripod?” I think he would’ve fallen over if he wasn’t leaning on the counter. He didn’t answer me at first, then I asked him if he was really that big. He smiled and said he would show me if I promised not to tell my dad. I lit up like a little girl on Christmas morning and promised it would be our secret.

I stood transfixed as he unzipped his expensive slacks and reached all the way in and hauled out his equipment. I stared… in awe. It was like nothing I’d ever seen, even in porno movies. He also wasn’t circumcised which I found very sexy. It was like a black hose, just like daddy had described it to Cindy. “Can I see everything?” I had taken a few steps closer and was standing right in front of him when he undid his slacks and pulled them and his briefs down. “My girl loves sucking it, hates getting hair in her mouth” he explained as I stared at his shaved cock and balls, easily 8 or 9 inches long. I reached out and touched it and it jumped in my hand.

I started to stroke it and it was growing in my hand, I was amazed to say the least. The swollen head began to peak out from under his foreskin and I leaned down and licked it. I was rewarded with a sweet droplet of his precum. It was hard now and over a foot long. I fell to my knees right there on the kitchen floor and bent to give his tight balls a tongue bath. This man had an amazing cock and I was really enjoying giving him head. “I thought we became friends in Greece… were you planning to keep that all to yourself?” I jumped at Cindy’s voice and was startled to see her standing there, unbuttoning her blouse. I kept my hand on Franklin’s cock as we both watched her undress right down to her panties. Her breasts really were amazing.

“Damn girl, you got some serious titties,” Franklin said and in a moment my future step mom was on her knees next to me. We proceeded to share Franklin’s cock for the next ten minutes or so. I could feel how wet my pussy had become in my jeans. Cindy was really outdoing me in that she was able to swallow 3/4 of Franklin while I struggled to get 4 or 5 inches in my mouth. “I need to sink this in some pussy” Franklin said gently pulling himself from me. “Go ahead sweetie” Cindy said smiling at me.

The three of us made our way to my bedroom and I was undressed quickly by Franklin and was on my back, my legs spread and my wet, hairy pussy ready for anything. Let me tell you, I’m not a virgin but it was an extremely tight fit and I had my first orgasm before Franklin was in all the way. After about ten minutes I got on my hands and knees and let him fuck me doggie style. I almost forgot Cindy was there until I heard him tell her how good it felt when she licked his balls and that he was close to cumming. I turned and looked over my shoulder and told him not to cum in my pussy.

I had my second orgasm, a real body shaker moments before he pulled his huge dick from me and I turned around quickly. Cindy and I bumped heads as we struggled to capture his squirting black hose of a dick. I have to say that Cindy drank up more of his love juice then I did but there was plenty to share.

Franklin’s sexy, naked black body was covered in sweat and looked damn good. Cindy looked good too in her sexy little panties and her large, perfect breasts with a few stray drops of Franklin’s cum on them. She said she hated to break up the party but Dad would be home in a few minutes. Franklin kissed each of us deeply and dressed and was quickly out the door. I wanted to tell my future my step mom how sexy I thought she was but before I got the chance Dad was pulling into the driveway. She smiled at me and touched my thick, black bush and told me I should give it a trim because it would look even sexier. Before I could respond she walked out of my bedroom and closed the door behind her.

I took a long shower and when I went out to get something to drink I passed dads bedroom and heard the unmistakable sound of fucking going on. I listened for fifteen minutes then went back to my room and masturbated until I fell asleep. My thoughts on not only the huge black man that had just fucked me so well, but also on my sexy future step-mom.