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A Very Horny Birthday

I’m a single father raising two teenage kids: Sara, who is 19, and Mike, 18. My wife Julie decided after three years of marriage that she wasn’t the family type and left us. It’s been just the three of us since.

For Mike’s 18th birthday I decided to rent a skin flick, buy a six pack of beer, and just have a “guy’s night” with him. Mike has always been a little introverted, always studying to get good grades, and shy toward the girls. I figured our celebration might loosen him up a bit and let him have some fun.

We were about ten minutes into the flick and had just finished our first brew when Sara walked into the room. Immediately I became uncomfortable because I didn’t know what she would think about what we were watching. She was the type who would consider a porno movie chauvinistic or immature. To my surprise, she just asked if she could watch too. I said sure and she plopped down on the couch next to Mike.

During the slow parts of the movie I glanced over at the two of them to see their reactions. Mike was riveted to the TV; I was sure he was a virgin and that this was the first time he had witnessed sexual acts. He studied every scene intently. Sara seemed nonchalant. Unlike Mike, I knew Sara had been sexually active because she had asked me to buy birth control pills for her since she was sixteen.

As the movie neared the end, Sara began to shift her legs around during each of the hot scenes. She had shared a beer with us and I figured the movie was starting to get her aroused. Mike’s face was still glued to the TV. It had an effect on him too: the lump on the inside of his left leg was growing quite long. Sara became increasingly fidgety and finally placed her hand on Mike’s leg. This startled him out of his gaze for a moment, as if he realized for the first time that his sister was sitting next to him. He immediately turned his attention back to the TV, not wanting to miss a moment of the action.

Undaunted, Sara slid her hand up Mike’s leg and firmly gripped the lump in his pants. He jolted to an upright position and looked at her with the most shocked expression I had ever seen. She just looked back at him, with a half “I need you” look and half sly smile, as if she was thinking “you have no idea what you’re about to experience.”

Mike looked at me puzzled, not saying anything. He was expecting me to do something to stop his sister. I just shrugged and gave him a “whatever” look. Surprisingly, Sara was acting as if I wasn’t even in the room. I was sitting in my recliner, separated from the two of them on the couch. I guess that gave her enough space to make her feel like they were alone, yet I was close enough to clearly see everything that went on.

Mike looked back into Sara’s face. Without removing her gaze from him, she took his right hand and placed it firmly on one of her tits. He recognized his cue and squeezed it gently, trying to gauge its size and firmness through her bra. As Mike continued to fondle his sister’s tit, she continued to stroke his throbbing rod.

“Stand up in front of me,” Sara said, as she grasped his upper arm, trying to help him up.

Her words jolted me out of what seemed like a dream. I suddenly realized I was watching my daughter come onto my son. Mixed emotions flooded in: this isn’t right. But the movie, beer, and the teens’ actions so far made me a little horny, and I wanted to see more. I decided to sit back and see what would happen.

Mike was standing and Sara had positioned him directly in front of her. Sitting on the edge of the couch, she unfastened his pants, slid her fingers under the waistband of his shorts, and pulled his pants and shorts down with a single jerk. Mike’s cock sprang out to meet her, pointing directly at her face. It was white and smooth, not having experienced the joys of sex. His balls were clearly swollen, probably from watching the movie and experiencing Sara’s strokes.

The movie ended. The TV was nothing but snow and hiss now. I didn’t want to shut it off for fear that my actions would break the chain of events. Sara caressed the inside of Mike’s thighs, being careful not to touch his cock or balls. She was teasing him, making his passions rise. While doing this, she stared at the youthful rod in front of her face, admiring its length and thickness. Finally, she let her hand slide up to his balls and cupped them in her hand. Mike let out a moan. His cock jerked up in a spasm. Sara could tell her brother wasn’t far from shooting his load so she wasted no more time. Grasping his cock firmly in her hand, she gave it a few strokes and then slipped it into her mouth. Mike let out another moan. My own member started to throb as I imagined what Mike must be feeling as his cock slides into a warm, wet mouth for the first time.

Sara worked Mike’s cock like an expert. She licked it up and down, then rammed it into her mouth a few times. She looked up at him with a smile on her face as her tongue flicked over the sensitive underside of his rod. When I saw his swollen balls suck up into his crotch I knew he was nearing orgasm. Mike started to look anxious. His voice cracked and wavered as he said, “I… I… think you should stop now!” Sara ignored his plea as her head continued to bob up and down on his rod.

“Aaaahhhh,” Mike yelled, as he unloaded his cum into his sister’s throat. Sara kept the throbbing member in her mouth as it continued to spurt form its steaming stream.

Mike’s cock quickly shrank and slipped out of Sara’s mouth. She gave it a kiss, then Mike collapsed on the couch, his legs and arms sprawled out.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, as his shriveling member oozed out the last few drops of cum. Sara giggled, then stood up.

“It’s my turn now,” she said as she began to unbutton her blouse. She quickly removed her blouse and jeans, leaving only her bra and panties on. She stood still for a moment, giving Mike time to survey her body. I realized that I was seeing it for the first time since she was very small. Sara had been athletic in school and she was a cheerleader. Her body was toned and smooth. She was at that perfect stage when her body was taking on the sexy curves of an adult woman, yet still maintained a youthful firmness and glow.

As she stood in front of Mike she placed her hands on her hips, then crossed her arms as she slid her hands across her belly. Her hands slid up her sides, arms still crossed, until they reached her shoulders. This made her tits squeeze together and it produced the most amazing mounds bulging out of her bra. She uncrossed her arms as she slid her hands up her neck, over her ears, and through her hair. She stretched out her arms over her head, clasping her hands together. Then she stood on her tip toes, leaned slightly forward and arched her back. It was a wonderful sight: her young body was stretched out, her wide legs were long and slender, her ass was hiked up and out proudly, her belly was sucked in, her tits were pushed forward, and her head was tilted back.

Mike just stared, his mouth hanging open. My cock began throbbing again. Sara held that pose for a moment, then stood flat on her feet. She let her bra straps down, then held the cups over her tits as she slipped her arms out of the straps. After a short pause, she slowly peeled the bra cups down, revealing her ample tits. They were pointed, full, and sticking straight out. The little white triangles from her bathing suit and her bright pink nipples stood out like neon signs against her well tanned body. Her nipples were little pink mounds on the ends of her tits, like cherry halves on scoops of ice cream.

After removing her bra, Sara began rubbing her crotch. She pressed her panties into her slit and pulled them up slightly so that the shape of her pussy was clearly visible. Turning around so that her back was facing Mike, Sara leaned forward slightly, put her hands on her hips, then slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. She slowly pulled them down, revealing the finest heart-shaped ass I had ever seen. When her panties fell to the ground, I noticed they were wet.

Mike’s flaccid cock began to stir. My heart was racing. Sara spun around, leaned over Mike, and steadied herself by holding onto the back of the couch. This move placed one of her tits right in her brother’s face. Mike wasted no time taking her luscious tit into his mouth and sucking on it with abandon. He massaged her other tit vigorously. Still standing, Sara spread her legs wide, making her legs look like an upside down V. At this point, I had the most awesome view of her pussy. It was shaved around her slit, revealing a smooth, light colored mound. Her lips peeked out of her slit, pink and moist.

Sara took Mike’s hand that was massaging her tit and guided it down to her snatch. He groped around awkwardly, unsure of what to do. Sara took one of his fingers and parted her pussy lips with it. Then she guided it up to her clit and rubbed it for a while. Her hips swayed back and forth while she did this, giving me a wonderful show. She let go of Mike’s hand, letting him continue as she closed her eyes. My cock was aching as I watched Mike’s finger spreading her slit, exposing her opening to me. I wanted to plant my long hard cock deep in that sweet young pussy, and it took all the self control I could muster to remain in my chair.

By this time, Mike had a full erection again. Sara kneeled down in front of the couch and took his throbbing rod into her mouth. After getting it nice and wet, she stood up, turned around, and lowered herself onto her brother’s cock.

“Let’s see what you learned from that movie,” Sara said as she began sliding up and down on Mike’s shaft. Her tits jiggled playfully as she bounced up and down. Mike’s hands were on her hips, then he slid them up her sides until they covered her tits. He held onto them like handles. In the meantime, I was watching Sara’s snatch; it was hypnotic to see her soft pink lips glide up and down on Mike’s virgin white rod. Soon his cock was glistening from Sara’s orgasms; seeing it really turned me on. My cock was throbbing and straining to get out of my pants. I felt sure I was going to explode at any minute.

For the first time since this episode began, Sara looked over at me. Seeing the big bulge in my pants and the pained expression on my face, she motioned for me to stand next to her. I sprang from my chair and moved across the room. As I approached her, she reached out and stroked my bulge. Unlike Mike, I didn’t need to wait for anyone to undress me; I quickly dropped my pants, liberating my swollen, pulsing rod. Sara’s eyes widened. My cock is much larger than Mike’s, and my balls were enlargened from watching all the action.

Mike looked at me briefly and gave me a strange expression. I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. It didn’t matter though, because he quickly returned to watching his sister’s ass bounce up and down in front of him.

Sara stroked my cock as she continued to fuck her brother. I was about to shoot my load all over her when she suddenly stopped. Panting from the workout, she let go of my cock and leaned forward. She raised herself up until Mike’s cock was about to slip out, then she began to slide up and down in small movements, not taking the whole thing in. I figured out what she was doing: she was letting Mike see his rod slide in and out of her pussy. Mike was taking it all in. As I watched, I realized that my daughter was a great fuck – no wonder she needed the pill.

Sara stood up and got down on the floor. She was on her hands and knees with her ass facing us. After arching her back so that her ass pointed up in the air, she spread her pussy lips wide open, exposing her gaping hole. My disappointed cock jerked at the sight.

“Come and get it!” Sara said to Mike. He walked toward her, his young hard cock swaying. Kneeling behind her, he took his rod in his hand and guided it into her soft, warm and wet hole. I was ready to cum again. How I wished that was my cock sliding in there!

Mike started pumping with long slow strokes at first, but it wasn’t long before he picked up the pace. Sara looked around at me and motioned for me to stand in front of her. As I stood in front of her she looked up at me and patted the floor directly below her.

“Lay down here,” she said. I sat down in front of her, letting my legs slip between her arms so that they were directly under her body. I leaned back, propping myself up on my elbows. My cock was directly below Sara’s face. As she began to suck on my swollen member I watched Mike fuck her from behind. His eyes were closed and he had an intense look on his face – I could tell he was really enjoying the ride. Sara pulled my cock out of her mouth.

“Fuck me harder!” she screamed at Mike. Mike picked up the pace some more. I slid over to my left a little so I could see more of Sara’s body. She continued to work on my cock.

“Ram me! Ram your cock in me!” Sara screamed again. Mike slammed into her with everything he had. Her ass rippled from the impacts and her tits were swaying wildly.

It was more than I could take – the recent years without sex, the porn movie, teens fucking… My balls were about to unleash the biggest load they’d ever had. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I sat up and grabbed Sara’s head as I felt the warmth welling up inside me.

“Aaahhh,” I moaned as my cock exploded inside her mouth. Sara gave out a strained “Mmmmph” as she tried to contain the buckets of cum I was shooting down her throat. I watched my cock pulsate as it continued to deliver its long overdue load into my daughter’s waiting mouth. I laid back and closed my eyes, savoring the peacefulness of my release. I thought about what had just happened. Did Sara really understand my need? Where did she learn all this?

I heard Mike let out a yell as he delivered his final strokes. His pace slowed rapidly until he finally stopped and collapsed on Sara’s back. I thought about his hot cum spurting deep inside her sweet young pussy. What a lucky guy. I was satisfied though. Sara looked up at me and gave me a sly smile.

“Happy birthday, brother,”she said as she continued to look at me.

In the months that followed out little episode, nothing was said about it. It was like we had an unspoken understanding that it was a one time thing. Our lives have continued pretty much the same as before, except for one thing… Mike isn’t as introverted now.

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Her Sister The Slut

My girlfriend Kim and I have been going out for about 5 months. She is 23, about 5’4″, with auburn wavy hair and bright green eyes. Her skin is a little pale, and she has a hint of freckles on her face and shoulders. Kim has a thin build, with perky B cups and a tight apple ass. The first time I saw her walk away from me in tight little panties, slightly sucked up between her hard cheeks, I was hooked. I am three years older, 6′ even, muscular but not huge. Kim likes when I have a beard, so I keep a trimmed one that matches my short brown hair.

Kim’s little sister Katie has fallen on hard times. Frankly, she’s a bitch. I don’t often use that term, but she really is. Drugs, skipping school, sexting, all before she even came close to graduating high school. She got kicked out when she tried to seduce a teacher for an A. Once Katie hit 18, her parents kicked her out, and now she is living on Kim’s couch. Now she is causing Kim stress. Now she is causing me not to get laid.

“Come on, Kim, let me relax you with a nice shoulder rub… and then I’ll lick you until you cum.” Just a head shake no. I was trying to kill two birds with one stone, but I missed. Kim loves when I talk dirty. Maybe I’ll try that. 

“How about we put on that porn where the Asian chick takes on a couple? The one where her face is covered in pussy juice and it drips off her chin?” Kim is in a phase lately where her fantasy is to have a girl on her face while I fuck her. When I bring it up during sex, she licks her lips in anticipation. But not now.

“She’s just sitting around. She promised to be looking for a job. I feel like her parent, and I’m sick on not being able to relax on the couch after work. She doesn’t even make her ‘bed’ anymore.” It’s true. Katie sleeps on the couch, and has been getting sloppier by the day. She started out so clean and neat, picking up after herself. Two weeks later and she leaves her clothes all over the place.

She also dresses more scantily by the day. It’s summer in Las Vegas, but the apartment is air conditioned. Still, Katie is starting to hang out in panties and a long t-shirt. Kim almost lost it when Katie ditched the t-shirt for a tank top. I guess having your boyfriend around your little sister while she’s exposing her tight little ass in cute panties was too much. That, or the low cut tank top that revealed her D cups. I hope Kim is not jealous.

“You want me to talk with her? She sort of listens to me. She’s just ignoring you at this point.”

“Sure,” Kim replied, “give her a stern talking to I guess. But not now, let’s go to sleep. Tomorrow.”

In 10 minutes, Kim was out. I decide to go to the kitchen for a drink. Water, maybe. Maybe I’ll have a beer and watch some TV. Fuck, Katie’s on the couch. Man, she really ruins everything. As I head to the kitchen, I hear some movement on the couch. I hope Katie is not bringing guys over to fuck. That’s the last thing we need. 

As I walked past the backside of the couch, I glance over. Katie is sprawled, her legs askew with one up and one extended. The blanket is barely up to her mid things. I see one hand on her inner thigh, right up where the edge of her panties barely covers her lips. I could swear her fingers glistened in the moonlight, but it’s probably wishful thinking. As I pull my eyes away, feeling guilty from staring so long, I take a glance at her big, firm tits. Hard nipples poke through the thin cotton of her t-shirt. I feel guilty, but not from checking out such a nice rack. I’m a man, after all.

I hesitate coming back out from the kitchen. I definitely hear something now. A slight moan. A wet slurping. “You little slut” I think to myself. She had to know I went by. I drink my glass of water, thinking frantically. I want to take a peek, but I certainly don’t want to get caught. Kim is a dynamite girl, and she’s a sexual savant to boot. Why screw that up to catch a hot 18 year old fingering herself on the couch? 

Still, I wait several minutes before heading out. As I stand there, I get the familiar scent of wet pussy wafting through the air. Wow, that’s intoxicating. Similar to her sister, but just different enough to notice. Kim tastes divine, and I love when she cums on my face and drips as I suck her pink lips. I can imagine Katie tastes wonderful, and from the sound of it she is sopping wet. 

As I come back into the living room, I make a slight cough as a warning. Katie is not moving when I look at her, but her panties are slightly askew and I catch a glimpse of the edge of her lips. She is wet, soaking her panties and making her fingers glisten. I take in a big smell as I stare, and as I do I hear her moan. A soft moan, but definitely a moan. I sniff again, and she moans again, this time her lips slightly parting in desire. Damn, Katie is such a dirty girl.

As I walk away, I hear the distinct sound of Katie sucking her fingers. I know the sound so well because Kim loves it when I make her taste her own sweet pussy juice off my fingers. I love when Kim does it, and my cock has a bit of pre-cum at hearing Katie do it. One last moan before I head into the bedroom.

Kim is asleep, but Katie’s little games have left me almost bursting. Kim wakes up to me licking her pretty little pink pussy, lips spread wide so I can get to her little nub. She wakes up horny, and as soon as she’s up I push her down and enter her harshly. I smack her ass loudly, and she yelps in pain and surprise. Kim loves to be handled firmly, with a little choking and slapping and hair pulling. I don’t hold back when I fuck her, slamming into her as she tries desperately to push her ass up in the air and fuck me back. I usually last a long time, but I’m so worked up by my sexual frustration and Katie’s show that I know I won’t last long. 

“I’m going to cum down your throat, Kim!” I yell at her. 

“Oh yeah, fuck my face and cum in my mouth!” she exclaims, excited by the sudden dirty talk. Man, any dirty talk makes her hornier. 

“My cock will be covered with your pussy juice when I fuck your face. Lick it all off.” I command.

“Mmmm yeah I love to taste my pussy juice, baby! Give me that cock!”

I pull out of her pink and bring my cock up to her face. She quickly licks all her juices off before taking it deep in her mouth. Within 30 seconds, I am ready to explode.

“Swallow my cum, baby! I’m going to cum.. I’m cumming!” I erupt in her mouth, my cock shooting blasts of my seed into her tiny little mouth. Kim’s only recently started taking my loads in her mouth, and a little bit slips out of the corners of her mouth and she valiantly attempts to swallow it all.

“Oh yeah, that tastes so good, baby!” she cries once she’s swallowed most of it down. “I love the taste of my juice and your cum together!” As she says this, we hear a bump in the hallway. “What was that? Was that Katie?” Kim asks.

“I don’t know” I say, while secretly hoping that it is. “If it is, she now knows how slutty her sister is.”

“Only for you, baby. Only for you. I’m going to check it out.” Kim slides on her panties, and I fall asleep to the hypnotic view of her pantied ass swaying away.

I woke up early, and Kim was still asleep. I headed out to find Katie already up.

“Coffee?” she asks? I am a little surprised to see her holding a cup out for me. She looks adorable with short shorts, a tiny tank top, and knee-high socks. 

“Sure, thanks. I’m surprised you know how to make it.” As I take a sip, I run my eyes up and down her body, which is turned away to pour herself a cup. The socks are a nice touch, accenting her smooth legs and giving her a naughty schoolgirl look. As if I needed more reason to think about her after last night. Oh, Katie, you’re killing me.

I sat down to catch a college football preview show. Katie sat on the couch as well, and as I looked over I noticed the same pink and gray striped panties she had on last night jammed in the couch cushions, just a hint of fabric peeking out. Fuck, I would love to get those. No, no, no. I just fucked Kim like she was a whore last night, because she is my whore and she’s amazing. I can’t be thinking about the cute little panties that her little sister soaked last night. Still, I wonder if she listened to us fuck last night.

Throughout the morning, Katie is helpful. She cleans, she cooks, and she is polite. What’s going on? For one thing, I swear she’s teasing me. Sure, she’s cleaning, but must she bend over so far, exposing just a bit of underwear through the leg of her tiny shorts? Or does she have to wipe her hands off on her shirt by rubbing her palms over her tits? Or drop some eggs down her shirt and clumsily retrieve them by almost popping her boobs out of her top? 

Kim comes out about an hour after I first did, and she immediately notices how clean the living room and kitchen are. “Cleaning are we? After you had no energy to finish me off last night?” I can’t believe how open she’s being about our sex life in front of her little sis.

“No, it wasn’t me! Katie did all of this; she’s been a real superstar this morning.”

“Well, she must think a lot of you for her to listen to you. Does every girl just do what you tell them to or is it just girls in my family?” Kim asks.

“So, Kim, you always do what he tells you? Anything at all?” Katie asks with a raised eyebrow.

“I knew you were listening last night!” Kim exclaims.

“What are you talking about? I was asleep last night. Not like I haven’t heard you two going at it before, but I haven’t for a while. Besides, no one asked me to clean. I decided to help out. And I’m fully clothed!”

“Yeah, barely you slut!” Kim teased.

“Now, ladies, I’m sure you’re both as slutty as you want to be, but I’m trying to watch a show.” I say this hoping they will continue.

“Whatever, we’re going shopping. Come on, Katie, let’s see if we can find something for me that will keep this guy awake long enough to satisfy me.” Ouch. Fall asleep once, and a thousand pussy eatings disappear, apparently.

After the girls are gone, I lay out on the couch and smell something familiar, something delicious. I see the cute little panties that Katie left stuffed in the couch and just stare. My cock starts to swell. I try to look away, but I’m only human. I pull them out and I am almost overwhelmed by lust as I smell the sweet young pussy that soaked them. After a few minutes, I put them back and try to forget about it.

Later that night, I again go to the kitchen for a glass of water. This time, I smell pussy as soon as I get to the living room. I see Katie laying on her stomach, a hand definitely in her panties; I can see a little movement at the crotch. Once again I am in the kitchen for a few minutes listening. This time, Katie moans a bit more. I hear her fingers slide in and out almost violently, fucking her little hole and sloshing around her juices. Every minute or so I hear her sucking her fingers and I want to run out and fuck her. But I resist. After a few minutes, I walk out. This time Katie is on her stomach, panties pushed to the side, fingers in her pink slit, and her ass just begging to be smacked. 

Once again, I wake up Kim with a tongue bath and conclude by shooting a load in her mouth. This time, I talk dirtier. “You’re such a little slut!” “You want your pussy juice in your mouth, don’t’ you?” “Swallow my load, cum slut!” Kim cums as I fuck her, and I cum in her mouth. I swear I hear a noise in the hallway, but this time Kim is too worn out to hear it. But I know. 

The next night I again sneak out for a drink of water. This time, Katie has her shirt pushed up, her right tit out and her fingers pinching her erect nipple. Her left hand is in her panties, and she appears to be rubbing her clit in circles. Before I can head to the kitchen, she pulls a wet finger out and rubs it around her nipple. Then Katie takes her right tit into her mouth and moans. As she does so, she opens her eyes and sees me. She does not miss a beat, but locks her eyes with mine as she pulls her panties to the side, exposing her dripping pink slit. 

“Mmmmmm” she moans as her finger goes back to her pussy. She is no longer looking at me, but has her eyes screwed shut. I stand, watching. “I’m such a little slut… I’m a cum slut!” she moans as puts two fingers in her snatch. Soon, her shirt is up and both tits are exposed. She spends some time playing strictly with her tits, her body contorting with pleasure. As she looks at me again, she glances down to my crotch, which is hidden behind the couch. I step around, my dick clearly outlined in my boxer briefs and a wet spot where my pre-cum has oozed out. As she stares at my cock, she reaches down to spread open her pink pussy lips, and I get a beautiful view at her wet hole. Damn, she looks remarkably similar to Kim

Kim! I think to myself. I shouldn’t be staring at Kim’s 18 year old little sister masturbating. I take one more look at Katie, her pussy spread open and thrust up off the couch, and head back to the bedroom. This time, I awaken Kim by rubbing my cock on her face, putting pre-cum on her lips. We end up in a 69, with my cock erupting in her mouth as I clamp down on her clit. She cums as she swallows, and I drink up her dripping juices. 

“I think Katie needs to get fucked.” Kim says.


“I found her panties in the couch. They were… let’s just say she was definitely having a good time with them. Didn’t you notice it’s smelled like pussy out there for a couple of days?”

“Where did you find them?” I ask.

“In the chair. Don’t tell me you didn’t see the green panties, you horn dog!”

Green panties in the chair? I must have missed them. “No, I did not! I always notice yours when they’re snugged up to your pussy, but otherwise I haven’t noticed any panties.”

“Well, if she’s behaving so well after getting off every night, I need to make sure she doesn’t get bored. She needs some dick!”

“Ha! I thought it was my commands that made her behave?” I teased.

“Oh, maybe the commands made her horny. After all, you know how being bossy to me makes me gush!” In that moment, I was convinced that if I told Kim and her sister to fuck me, I would have them both dripping and ready to go. I love girls that get off on taking orders!

The next night, I again went for a glass of water. This time, Katie was just teasing her soft teenage body. Her fingers traced over her thighs. She traced around her nipples through her shirt. She made eye contact with me early, and glanced down. Again, I stepped around the couch and she stared at my cock, held back by my boxer briefs, as she pulled her shirt up and began playing with her tits. She fondled them. She kneaded them. Katie even licked them before really going to town on her nipples. 

“Sit down, please?” She asked hesitantly. I wanted to say no, but just the she pushed her hand into the top of her white and pink panties. They had little bows on them, and I could see her labia through the thin fabric. I saw down, half reluctantly and half excitedly. Her hand manipulated her pussy inside her panties and I sat and watched, mesmerized. Her eyes were barely visible over her heaving chest, and she would occasionally squeeze and play with her right boob.

“Please let me see your cock, sir!” Katie said almost breathlessly. “Please, sir, I want to see it. I will be a good girl if you let me look at your throbbing cock.” With that, I froze. On the one hand, Kim would probably be pissed if I showed my dick to her little sister, barely 18. On the other hand, it’s just a look.

Soon, my boxer briefs were down my thighs, my thick cock throbbing with each heartbeat. Katie sat up on her knees and I instinctively pulled back. “I just want to see it,” she said, “honestly. I just want a good look at what you’re giving Kim every night.” 

“Be a good little girl,” I commanded, “and you can take a close look.” She practically jumped up onto her knees, her head bent forward. 

“I’ll be a good little girl for you,” she moaned, “just let me look.” She was within inches of my cock, her lips pursed in concentration. I noticed one of her hands between her legs, although between her D cups and her shirt I could not see anything. Her breath hit my balls, warm and moist. I felt it on my dick, and a little pre-cum oozed out.

“Ooooh!” she exclaimed, “that looks tasty.” Her head got closer, but when she looked up I shook my head no. “But I want a taste!” she said. I again shook my head no. “I need to taste something!” she almost moaned. 

I often compare sexual situations to a roller coaster. There is great anticipation on the way up, and at some point you hit a tipping point. Going over the top, there is no going back, and the ride will be exhilarating and bring you through twists and turns. 

Just then, Katie brought me to the point of no return. As if in slow motion, she slowly brought her right hand up from between her thighs. I could see her sticky juice like a spider’s web between her first two fingers. She first rubbed her juices into her puffy lips, her tongue snaking out and taking a taste. “Mmmmm,” went the low, guttural moan from her throat. Her tongue then shot out and licked her first finger, and I could see her juices coat her tongue. 

“Oh fuck!” I said out loud, unable to help myself as my girlfriend’s little slutty sister tasted her own pussy juice. Katie took that as a sign, and she smeared the pussy juice on her second finger on my balls. Before I could even protest, her tongue was licking it up. She snaked her tongue up my shaft and back down, again taking in my balls before moving back around my cock. As she reached the tip, her tongue scooped up my pre-cum and she savored it in her mouth. Never using her lips, just her tongue, she proceeded to lick my cock up and down.

My eyes were closed, my head tilted back, and I enjoyed the sensation of Katie’s eager tongue. I heard another moan, but it wasn’t coming from Katie. Alarmed, I looked up to see Kim, only wearing a blue thong, standing not ten feet away. She was staring at her little 18 year old sister lick her boyfriend’s cock. For a moment, I braced for the worst.

Kim wasn’t even looking at me, though, she was transfixed on Katie. Her eyes wandered from Katie’s head to her ass, sticking up off the couch, her pink and white panties taught on her firm ass. Just as Kim started to move slowly around the couch, Katie took my cock in her mouth, her lips touching me for the first time. 

Kim was staring at Katie’s ass. She sunk to her knees, her face level with Katie’s surely dripping pussy, covered in only flimsy material. From what I had seen earlier, I knew Kim could see Katie’s labia through the material as it hugged her folds. I watched as Kim, almost in a trance, leaned in and inhaled Katie’s scent. She shuddered, her hands going to her B cups and tugging on them roughly. She looked at me for just a moment, her eyes almost begging for permission.

“Go for it,” I say softly, “go for it you dirty slut.” I was talking to Kim, but Katie moaned as if I was calling her a slut. What a filthy family. If only Katie knew what was to come. Kim pressed her face forward, and her mouth gave Katie’s pussy a delicate kiss through the cotton fabric. Soon, Kim was making out with her sister’s slit, her tongue pushing against the fabric and her lips teasing the exposed outer edges of her lips.

“Mmmm, yeah,” I heard Katie mumble with my dick in her mouth. Kim reached up, and in the slowest undressing I’ve ever seen, she pulled those pretty little panties off her sister’s ass and down her legs. Kim pulled the panties up to her face, taking in the scent, and then tossed them at my head. I caught them, pulling the soaked garment to my mouth and getting just a little taste. Divine. Almost like her sister, but maybe a bit thicker and sweeter. 

I saw Kim reach out to spread her sister open before sticking her face in. Katie increased her pace, moaning as she got eaten out, the moans reverberating on my cock. I heard Kim’s slurping sounds, as if she was trying to suck her sister dry all at once. I looked down as Kim pulled her face back, her bee stung lips swollen with pleasure and covered in her sister’s juices. That did it. 

“Suck his cock you little fucking whore! Get that cum and share it with your slut sister!” Kim has such a dirty mouth. My balls swelled up, my body stiffened, and I started to cum in a huge wave. I stared at Kim, her mouth covered by her sister’s juices. I smelled Katie’s panties. Mostly, I felt that hot, young mouth as I shot rope after rope of hot cum in Katie’s mouth. She could not hold it all, and as she stood up it dripped on her tits.

Kim was over in a heartbeat, her mouth licking her sisters firm D cups titties and lapping up my cum. They shared a dirty, cum filled kiss, tits pressed together as they grabbed and groped each other like sluts on a rampage. As I began to recover, I watched to two sisters suck on each other’s tits in a 69. They started sliding down each other’s bodies, Katie’s big tits on top scraping down Kim’s stomach as she kissed towards that sweet little pussy that I love to eat.

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Catching Sis

My name is Andrew. At the time of the story I was 18 years old, going on 19 in several months. I was a student at a local public high school, and I was, as I am now, a popular kid. I have black hair, blue eyes, and I played tennis and basketball. I also had a body the girls sure seem to like.

I worked out some, so I was a bit muscular, but not overly ripped. I made good grades, but my very strict parents limited my “opportunities” in life. I had a lot of friends, but they always seemed to be more successful with girls then I did.

I wasn’t completely without experience though. Although I never had a girlfriend for more then a couple of months, I have gotten laid my fair share of times. Every time I would get with a girl though, it seemed like the sex just didn’t have the “feelings” that I thought should be associated with it.

When I wasn’t having much success with girls, it seemed like I was constantly masturbating. I sometimes got myself off three times a day when I was really horny. Usually my sessions were pretty dull with an occasional Internet site, but other then that my sexual fantasies were played out in my head. But anyway, I would like to tell you about an experience of mine, it happened just a year ago, the spring of my senior year in high school…

I grinned as Michael handed me the cassette tape. School was out; it was a Friday. I just couldn’t wait to get home and relax. The tape I referring to was a porn, something my eyes rarely feasted on. I was unusually excited because my parents were going to be away the evening, allowing me to carry out my sexual fantasies without fear of getting caught. I hurried to my car, and sped away from the high school towards my home.

Upon arriving at my house I could already feel the bulge beginning to grow between my legs as I unlocked and walked through the front door. I rushed to my room, and quickly put up my stuff, and changed into a comfortable pair of shorts, and a new shirt.
After quickly cleaning up my room, I took the videotape and stuck it into the VCR. As it began to rewind, I quickly went over and shut the blinds, and locked my door, causing my room to darken. As the video continued to rewind I though about what a rare opportunity this was for me. By this time my boner had subsided, but I figured that it certainly would appear again soon.

I settled down onto the floor with my back leaning against the edge of my bed. Then it hit me; I stood up and ran to the bathroom to get some KY jelly I had found in my childhood. I figured it was my parents, but seeing as how they were gone, I grabbed the tube and brought it back into my room.

Just as I once more settled down I heard the clicking of the VCR as it stopped rewinding. I grabbed the remote in my hand, and pressed “play” causing the video to start. Eager to get to the good stuff, I quickly fast-forwarded through the credits and copyright warnings.

The screen then flashed to a scene of a young male and female passionately making out. It wasn’t long before the girl’s top was off and he was greedily licking her breasts and nipples. Seeing how no one was home, and I was already getting hard I decided to go ahead and remove my shorts and shirt.

As I continued to watch, the outline of my cock in my briefs became increasingly visible. I subconsciously began to rub my hand over the outline of my cock. The man on the screen then moved south, as he pulled off the girls soaking panties, and began running his tongue all throughout the girls slit.

My boner then became even more evident, as I watched the events unfolding on screen. Overcome I reached into my briefs, and grabbing the band pulled them down to my knees, and kicked them across the room.

Now completely naked, my complete manhood came into view. It was six and three-fourths inches in length, and about 5 inches in circumference. I knew this well, since I measured it often. At its base was a large of patch of curly dark pubic hair. The shaft was thick, and was turning purple because of all the pressure running through it.

At the top was a large mushroom head, which looked almost unproportional to the thickness of the shaft. I had been circumcised, and my foreskin was pulled tight due to my raging erection. Just at the tip, my opening was already beginning to emit drops of pre-cum.

I slowly reached towards the ground, and cupped my balls with my left hand gently running a hand over each of them. With my other hand, I reached for the KY jelly and generously applied it into my hand, and then grasped onto my cock. I slowly began to stroke, being careful to make this last.

From there, I turned my attention back to the screen, where by now the girl had just experienced an orgasm, and was positioning herself for doggy-style sex. The man on the screen had a massive cock, and I could feel my cock harden as the moans of pleasure filled her, as his cock did. As the man began to pound away, the girl’s tits began to jiggle, only causing me to stroke harder. After a horny day at school, I was already close to cumming, and slowed things down again to see if I could hold off for another scene.

Eventually, they both ended up in orgasm, much to my relief. Then, the screen switched, only leaving me to wonder if I could hold out much longer. On screen appeared two women. I was excited at the idea of group sex, but was surprised to see that the two girls began passionately making out. It wasn’t what I suspected, but I was turned on by the idea of lesbian sex. Being from the sheltered family I was, I certainly didn’t have much exposure to this type of thing.

As the two girls continued making out, one reached down and grasped the breast of the other. It wasn’t long before they both stepped out of their skirts, leaving them exposed only in their bras and panties. Then one of the girls took control of the situation. She began by kissing the neck, and eventually wound up with her face resting just between the two breasts of her friend.

The two boobs were still bra-clad as she ran her hands over them, paying special attention to the nipples. Then, in one swift motion she reached behind the girl, and undid her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor. I then noticed as the one girl reached to the nightstand beside the bed and grabbed something. As she twisted the end of the device it began to emit a low humming noise. It was at this point that I realized it was a vibrator.

The skillful girl then massaged and licked one breast, while working the tip of the vibrator over the other. After kneading and thoroughly working each of the breasts, the girl then moved between the thighs of the other.

I was close to cumming, and was furiously beating my cock. I decided that I should try to come with the girl on the screen.

The girl’s panties were soaking wet, as the girl removed them, and threw them to the side. The girl had a small patch of pubic hair, nicely trimmed, covering her wet slit. The girl then positioned the other, and thrust her face in and out of her pussy. Already been extremely turned on by the earlier tit sucking. The girl began to emit audible groans of pleasure.

Since no one was home, I turned up the volume rather loud so I could heighten my own experience. As the girl worked the slit, and clit of the other, she once again got out the vibrator. First using her fingers, she reached around the girl and began massaging her anal entrance.

I was close, as was the girl, and when the girl stuck the vibrating cylinder into the other, it was enough to send us both over the edge. As the girl on the screen screamed in pleasure, and thrust her hips against the face of the other, the first shot of cum came erupting from my cock.

Shot after I shot of cum shot on to my stomach, and on to the floor. As my orgasm subsided, so did that of the girl on the screen. I then entered the period right after orgasm where you are no longer interested in sex, so I decided to wait and watch the rest of the video later.

I removed the video from the VCR, and hid it under my bed so no one else could find it. I got a towel, and cleaned myself up, as well as the floor. I clothed myself, and fixed up everything so that it looked like nothing ever happened.

I then left my room, and proceeded to run around the still empty house. I thought I would just relax a while, and maybe have a friend over later. I moved into the kitchen, and had a coke, while I looked over the beautiful spring day outside.

I then planned to go into the recreational/computer room of the house and get on the computer to see if any of my friends were online. I doubted they would be, after all it was a Friday afternoon, but I thought I should check anyway.

I proceeded down the hallway, past my room, and opened up the door, only to find my sister inside. Well, you see that our recreational room, was not actually that, but instead it was my sisters room.

She was 21 years old, just 3 years ahead of me. She attended an out of state college, so she lived on campus. Once she moved out of the house, we converted her room over to a playroom, and part a guestroom. She didn’t really come home that often, so I was surprised to see her. She only came home for Spring Break, and some of the other major holidays.

I think I should tell you that my sister was a pretty attractive girl. Her name was Brynne. She was not a bombshell, but still very cute. She had long flowing blonde hair, and deep green eyes. She was of a slim build, and was pretty average in height.

I never viewed my sister in a sexual way, but my friends always seemed too. I had only seen her naked a couple of times, but that was only a quick peek, when we were much younger then we are now. I do think it was safe to say that she had a nice body. If I had to guess, I would say that she had probably high B to low C size breasts.

It wasn’t so much seeing my sister that surprised me, it was what she was doing! She had a friend in the room with her, one that I had seen a couple of times before, I think her name was Jaime. My sister and her friend both had their eyes locked on the computer screen, while they were working there hands inside of there pants. It became quickly apparent to me that they were both masturbating to something on the computer screen.

Almost instantly after opening the door, my sister and her friend recognized what was going on, and they tried to hide themselves. They did a pretty good job, since they were both still clothed, and I wouldn’t have noticed If I didn’t see what was going on earlier. After a long silence, my sister tried to start whatever conversation she could.

In a low tone she managed to say, “Hey Andrew….I thought you would be at the game tonight..”

As I slowly started my way into the room, my sister tried to block my view as to whatever was on the computer screen. Meanwhile, her friend sat there, embarrassed that I might have known what was going on. I could only stand there with a slight grin on my face.

Realizing what I was thinking, my sister relaxed her shoulders and let out a bit of a sigh. She then looked me in the eye and said “OK…..So…..You caught me, just please don’t tell mom and dad.”

She then got more serious, and her facial expression became serious as well. She said almost in a meager tone “I will do anything.”

Standing there at the doorway, it seemed as if the word “anything”, just kept ringing throughout my head. I walked into the room, and shut the door behind me. Glancing at the computer screen I saw what they were looking at, an image of some guy jerking his huge cock.

Disgusted, I looked towards my sister and said, “First off, how about you close that.”

She quickly moved towards the computer screen, and killed the window. Meanwhile, her friend remained on the bed in the corner of the room, trying to avoid the situation altogether.

Still thinking about what my sister had said, I began to become a little excited about getting anything I wanted. I threw myself down onto the bed, and my sister came and sat down beside me.

She looked at me and said, “So what do you want me to do for you?”

I replied, “Well, you DID say anything didn’t you?”

With a look of fear in her eyes, all she could seem to get out was an affirmative, “Yea.”

After a long period of silence, I said, “OK then, I want you to finished what you have already started.”

My words were met with both excitement and fear. She was excited because she obviously saw that I was cool with what was going on, but scared because she did not know exactly what I meant.

I sat down on the bed, as I directed my sister and her friend to stand in front of me. My sister’s friend was not nearly as outgoing as my sister was, as she timidly got up from the bed. Leaning against the wall behind me, you could already see as a slight bulge poked out from the thin material of my shorts. Seeing this brought a slight grin to my sister’s face, so I really didn’t care what I was exposing.

Once they were both standing in front of me, they looked towards me, almost waiting for me to tell them what to do next. So, I glanced at them and said in a very serious way, “Undress each other.”

My sister looked somewhat enthusiastic, but her friend looked a bit scared. As far as I knew, my sister was straight, but she seemed unusually excited about having a lesbian experience such as this.

They stood still for a long period of time, neither one of them taking the first action. Then, slowly, and deliberately, my sister moved her face towards the lips of her friend. Then, their lips met, and they engaged in a passionate kiss. At first, Jaime didn’t give in easily, but eventually the passion gave in, allowing my sisters tongue to explore her friends mouth.

As they were kissing, my sister’s hand explored Jaime’s body, first caressing her ass, then by roughly rubbing her hand across Jaime’s breasts. It seemed at this point, all inhibition had been lost, and they were freely exploring each other.

Looking down at my midsection, my raging cock was now pointing almost at a right angle from my body. I thought about relieving my sexual tension myself, but I thought I might as well save that for later.

Back to the action, my sister took her friend, and gently laid her onto the ground where she could work more easily. My sister, let her tongue wander away from Jaime’s mouth, and brought it down to her neck, eventually letting it rest just between her breasts, at the crest of her halter-top.

Then, with her hands, my sister began cupping Jaime’s breast, then slowly working her hands over them through the fabric. Becoming turned on, Jaime went ahead and removed her top for my sister. This exposed her nicely filled, silk-lace bra. My sister then skillfully moved her tongue across the edges of her breast, then in the sensitive area where they both meet. Finally, in one swift motion, she reached behind Jaime, and undid the bra strap, allowing the flimsy material to fall to the floor.

Her breast now visible, I only truly realized how large they were. On top she had dark, small, yet pointy nipples. My sister then lowered her face, and began licking one large boob, while working the other with then hand. Throughout this process I noticed she purposely ignored her nipples.

All this time, Jaime continued laying down, and urged my sister on by working her hands through her hair. Once each of the boobs had been thoroughly worked, my sister then worked on each of nipples, sucking, and gently biting at each one. As she worked one with the mouth, she would use her hand to roll the nipple thorough her fingers,

Once my sister felt she had done enough work up top, she licked her way down to the top of Jaime’s shorts, where she quickly removed them. This exposed her soaking wet, blue panties. As my sister bent down to go to work, Jaime had other ideas. Not wanting to be outdone, she rolled my sister over, so that she was on top of her.

Not wasting anytime, she helped my sister in removing her shirt. This revealed my sister’s bra-clad breast. Through the bra my sister’s fully erect nipples were already visible. Jaime worked her nervous hands over my sister’s body, cupping and massaging her breasts in her hands. It was not long before the bra was undone, and my sister’s ripe boobs fell before my eyes.

My sister’s tits were not nearly as large as her friends, but were nicely proportional to her body. Despite there lack of size, they were much more firm, and she had substantially longer nipples. Jaime worked her tongue all across the nipples, while grabbing my sister’s ass with her hands.

Soon, after Jaime had done all she could get out of the upper half of my sister’s body, she decided to move down south to give even more pleasure. All it took was one swift motion to remove my sister’s pants, only to reveal another set of dripping panties.

My sister, wanting to share in the giving of pleasure, turned Jaime around into a sideways sixty-nine position. Both faces were met by a pair of soaking wet panties, as they were just inches away from each other’s pussies.

My sister was the first to go into action, licking an outline just around the edge of Jaime’s panties. It was not long before Jaime was doing the same. Then, almost simultaneously, two pairs of panties went flying across the room. At this point, it was almost if I was not even there.

My sister’s slit was the first one my eyes focused on. You could already see the glistening juices freely flowing from her pussy. My sister had a nicely shaven, patch of dark pubic hair.

Jaime on the other hand, was almost completely shaven. All that hid her soaking cunt was several thin strands of blonde hair.

They both went to town on each other’s pussies, working both the slit and the clitoris. It became evident each time someone’s clit was flicked because you could see there body shudder, and they also emitted a low groan. It seemed like only a matter of minutes before the groans became louder as their orgasms were mounting.

Soon, I heard a loud groan, shortly followed by another. Both of their backs arched as they tried to push each other’s cunts harder into each other’s faces. As they continued to groan, I noticed as there bodies began to spasm as orgasm hit them both at the same instant.

As their orgasms subsided, they both rolled away from each other, exhausted. After laying there for several minutes, they awoke. They looked up at me, almost shocked as if I was there. Looking down towards my still bulging cock, my sister and Jaime got a sly grin on both of their faces.

They both got up onto the bed, and pushed me onto my back. First, they removed my shirt, throwing it with the increasingly growing pile of clothes. As Jaime worked her hands across my chest, my sister moved downward and undid my shorts, removing them as well.

This left me completely naked, except for my briefs. You could already begin to see the head of my cock as it poked out from the band of my underpants. Just at the top of my briefs you could also see where I had already accumulated a small amount of precum.

Jaime then left her position at my chest, and moved downward to inspect what was going on there. She rubbed her hand over the outline of my cock, causing me to emit a moan of pleasure. Then, excited to get to the action, my sister reached into the band of my briefs, and pulled them to my knees in one swift motion.

Then, they both stood back, and looked at my cock in awe. My sister pointed out that should she would take care of the upper half, and pointed to Jaime to give attention to the lower part of my penis.

My sister then took the tip of her tongue at began to flick it at the tip of my cock. Soon, she began to work her thick lips over the shaft of my cock. She started slowly at first, but in a matter of moments she was sucking all that she could handle.

Meanwhile, on the bottom half, Jaime took my balls into her hands, massaging each of them. With her mouth, she skillfully licked the portions my sister couldn’t reach.

After watching the girls show, I was already close to cumming, and all this attention was about to push me over the edge. I provided encouragement to the girls, by reaching down and gently pinching their nipples and they continued to blow my cock.

It only took several more strokes before, I moaned in pleasure. The only warning I could manage to get out was an, “I am cu……”, before my throes of my orgasm began.

My sister backed off, as I shot load after load of hot fuck juice onto my chest and pubic hair. Then both Jaime and my sister bent down into my chest, and began to lick my cum from my body. After I was pretty well clean, they both had a passionate kiss, sharing the taste of my salty cum between them.

I was pretty well spent from my orgasm, but after giving that blowjob, it appeared as if the girls were both ready for some more sexual attention. It only took a matter of seconds before my cock was once more standing at full attention.

Between my sister and Jamie, they came to the “mutual” agreement, that they would both get to fuck my cock. They decided so that I wouldn’t cum to many times, I could fuck one of them, while the other would work on the clit and tits of whoever was getting fucked. Sure did sound like a good plan to me, after all we didn’t have too much longer until my parents would be home.

Jaime was the first to volunteer, clearly leaving the timid image she had earlier behind. She bent over the edge of the bed, indicating to me she wanted it in a doggie-style type position. I was eager to come over, and take my position behind her. She whispered into my ear that she hadn’t done this to often, so to take it nice and slow.

She reached behind her and grasped onto the shaft of my cock. She slowly took it to the entrance of her wet slit, where she allowed me to push inwards. Meanwhile, she steadied herself using her hands against the edge of the bed. I gently pushed against the entrance of her cunt until my cock gently began to sink deep into her pussy.

Jaime was clearly someone who hadn’t had much experience. The feeling of her tight silky walls was almost enough to send me over the edge right there. As my cock balls slapped her ass, I began to slowly pull out. I was soon in the rhythm as my sister came over, and positioned herself on her knees in front of Jaime.

As my sister began to lick the clitoral area of Jamie, I could sense an almost immediate jump in stimulation. As I began to thrust, I could feel her as she pushed back against me, driving me ever deeper into her cunt.

With the stimulation provided by my sister, I could already tell that Jaime was close to cumming, so I quickened my thrusts. As Jaime began to moan and groan, I reached around and began working her nipples. This brought obvious pleasure as she bucked even harder against my cock.

Soon, Jaime came hard as her pussy latched onto my cock. It was almost enough to make me cum, but luckily I held off. Jaime let off a loud groan as she slid off of my cock, and collapsed into the floor.

We were in a hurry and my sister and I hadn’t come yet, so she came over and was ready for my hard cock. She pushed me onto my back on the floor, where she mounted me.

My sister was clearly a lot more experienced then Jaime, because as she positioned my cock, I slipped in with far less resistance. Despite this, the feeling of her pussy was still incredible.

By this time the only sounds that filled the room were moans and groans, along with the slippery sound of my cock sliding in and out of my sisters pussy. It was only at this point that I realized whom I was truly having sex with, my own sister. It was this thought of forbidden love that only caused be to drive harder into her wet slit.

With my sister on top, and in control, I was pretty sure that she would make sure she came, so I just sat back and relaxed. While she was riding my hard tool just massaged her hands across my chest, and occasionally I would lean upward and take a nipple into my mouth.

While we were thrusting away, my sister did something that caught me by surprise. She seductively belted out “ dirty to your sister while you fuck her tight cunt.”

I clearly obliged and followed by saying, “OHH yes, the feel of your tight pussy makes me want to shoot my hot fuck juice inside of you.”

As we continued fucking, she reached down and began to stimulate her own clitoris, while quickening the pace of her strokes. I soon began to feel my own orgasm build, and just as a was about to cum I reached upward and took a nipple into my mouth and gently bit it.

Her pussy was electrified as I did this, causing her own orgasm. She screamed out in ecstasy saying, “Fuck, oh fuck, yes”, as her pussy clamped down onto my still thrusting cock. This time the sensation was enough to put me over the edge. I shot what little cum I had left into her pussy, until I was pretty much completely dry.

In a hurry, my sister dismounted from me, as a combination of my cum and her juices went running down her leg. She quickly went and got a towel, as all three of us cleaned up. We quickly clothed, and I decided to go ahead and go to bed for the evening.

As I left the room I turned and said “Hey sis, so how long are you going to be in town?”, with a smirk on my face. Just as I entered the bedroom I could see the headlights of my parents car turning into the driveway. This left my mind imagining when the next time I could hook up with my sister, but in the mean time I had the rest of a video to watch!!

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Wifes Teen Age Sister

Rita is my wife’s younger sister, and at 19 she has most beautiful ass I have ever seen. It is as round as a perfect circle and best feature of Rita’s body. Her dresses all ways get pinched between those sweet buttocks. I always feel my cock erected when I watch her ass bulging out of her thin body. I wonder weather her ass hole is big like her buns and then I dream about her dark, hairy anus. I am sure that even it will taste good if I eat it.

As discussed earlier Rita telephoned me when she had settled in the metro for her higher studies. She was staying at a hostel. I reached the place in two days and met her in the hostel. She had told the warden that her big brother will be coming for an official trip and therefore she will have to stay with me for a week. When she packed her bag I reminded her to take the school uniform she had brought from home. We reached in the hotel I stay at 5.15 p.m. As soon as we entered the room Rita asked why I insisted on bringing the uniform from home. “I will answer you while we eat some desserts at the hotel”.

While we were eating ice cream I told her about the fantasies I have. Rita was exited to hear about this. She suggested that we would make real each fantasy real during coming days; one by one. We made a schedule and on the first day she has to wear school uniform .

It was day 1 evening Rita came after college, she had a shower and she changed to her good old school uniform. I felt an instantaneous hard-on when I saw her in my favorite fantasy. I stared her for sometime. She had out grown the old garments. Skirt has become short revealing those lovely pair of thighs. Also shirt was tight and her small breasts were struggling to free from that. I could see her brassiere through the shirt, which provoked me further. She had not forgot to wear tie as well as a belt, which were elements of school uniform. After I enjoyed much of the front-view I moved to her back and looked at her beautiful hips.

Her ass was popping out more than usual due to the tight skirt and belt. I could not help approaching her and embarrassing from back. Caressing her boobs I told her that I had never expected this would happen .She replied “I knew someday this would happen.”


“You were always staring on my ass and I felt a burning sensation in my asshole which tempted me to yield.” My prick, which now fully erected was pressing just bellow her buttocks since she was as tall as I was. I kissed on her lips and put my tongue into her mouth. Her great pink tongue plunged deep into my catching hold of my tongue .She closed her eyes and called my name. I felt my rod would explode in the softness of Rita’s ass. She rubbed her ass buns against my stiff cock. Same time I lifted her short skirt and caressed on those lovely thighs. Then I removed her tie, belt and unbuttoned the white shirt. Her small breasts were firmly packed in 34″ white brassier. I wrapped those tits over brassier cups with my palm.

I couldn’t help kissing on bra straps running over her soft back and cutting into her flesh. Her breathing became heavy and she knew this man is going to do wonderfully naughty things to her body. Sunny is going to penetrate where no one has dared to go and he is going to make Rita scream with intense pleasure and lust. Rita began to scratch her nails into tissue of my hairy chest. This exited me and I kissed over the fabric and then unhooked the bra. For the first time Rita was revealing her tits in front of a man.

The feeling of my lips wrapping around her hard nipple send shivers throughout Rita’s body. As my lips move down from my breasts to belly, I caressed her smooth thighs and pressed his mouth on her naval. Soon I unhooked her skirt and it fell down around her feet. Rita was now in pink panties with her ass standing out remarkably. I kneeled and kissed on both of her buttocks alternatively. Then Rita turned 180 degree and her vaginal mount was Projecting profusely, only millimeters away from my face. I stared on that and pressed my lips to it. Aha! The smell was so good.

My hands finally stopped over Rita’s vaginal mount. His palm pressed through the silkiness of her panty. I inserted my hands in the waistband of her panty and pulled down it slowly to reveal one of the best hairy cunts I had ever seen. Her pubic area was lengthy and covered with thin hairs.

I said, “I knew that your cunt is not shaved”.

How did you know?

“Rita, one day I inspected your panty you had put for drying and I found few thin pussy hairs on it”

Do you love seeing ladies panties?

“Certainly! That day I smelled your panty and masturbated”

Have you smelled any other girl’s underwear?

” A lot. On every chance I did! Actually I Had stolen many of these as I love the feminine smell and therefore used ones are best”.

Oh! Panty thief! Saying this Rita rubbed the panties just removed from her body on my face. I inhaled deeply so that I can enjoy the smell of the little cloth that was covered her cunt and ass. . Suddenly Rita felt honey oozing from her cunt

In the room Rita laid across the bed with her legs spread and her pussy winking at me as she continued to rub and play with it ever so often letting her finger dip into her cunt and letting out a little moan as she hit her G spot ether on the in or out stroke. I dropped my robe and joined her on the bed, my cock by now was at the point of no return and there was a little dollop of pre-cum glowing on the tip.

She looked at my cock and quickly took it between her lips and slurped the droplet with her tongue and made a face while saying how good it tasted. I made a dive for her cunt and buried my face in her pussy until I thought Rita was going to take my entire head into her slit which was moist an very tasty as I grabbed her clit between my teeth and nibbled gently as she arched her back and let out a scream as my mouth was filled with her cunt juice as she came like a waterfall. “Oh shit!! put your cock in me now I need to feel it I need fucked and fucked hard”. I of course was ready to respond and I slowly entered her juicy cunt with just the tip of my cock slowly until just the head was buried up to the ridge.

“Oh you panty thief” she moaned “give me the whole thing I want to feel you hit bottom.” I slowly drew my cock out until I felt the lips of her cunt start to grip the end of my cock, then I pushed it back in till I felt the same lips grip the ridge of my cock. “Please don’t tease me” Rita said almost crying in ecstasy, “Put your cock the whole way in.” I continued to do the slow fuck with just the head of my cock until I felt her start to cum, then I plunged the entire length of my cock in to her super hot pussy, as I did several things happened, she came and it felt as though I had put my cock into a vice as she clamped down hard with her pussy muscles and I hit bottom, something I had only done one time before with a different woman, a long time ago.

I continued to pump her and noticed something real strange her cunt seemed to get deeper and tighter, then I realized that I had entered her uterus and was for the first time having a true deep fuck, something that I had only read about and thought my cock was too short to pull off. Rita continued to moan and thrust her hips as I pumped her twat in a slow steady movement.

“Don’t cum inside me she squealed I want to taste it, cum in my mouth, pleasssee.” I didn’t know if I could hold it long enough to get out of her cunt and into her mouth, but I was going to try. I slowly exited her cunt and rolled on my back, beside her on the bed, my cock was pointing toward the roof and I felt that if a fly flew past I would shoot cum to the moon. I raised to my knees and let my balls rest between her tits and the head of my cock brushed her waiting lips which opened to receive my swollen cock.

She raised her head and took my cock into her mouth and applied suction to it an I felt her throat start to give the head that swallowing feeling, she was deep-throating my cock, granted it’s not that long but by now her nose was buried in my pubic hair and my cock was down her throat, and she continued to suck for all she was worth. I felt as though my balls were going to blow-up. I told her that I was going to cum, and she only sucked harder and faster. When I did let go I thought that that I would never stop I came like I never have before I shot and shot until I noticed cum seeping out the corners of her mouth and running down on to my balls. She never missed a drop and still swallowed greedily until I stopped coming and let out a sigh of pleasure. She rose to one elbow and let my cock slip out from between her lips. As she did a drop of cum glistened on her lips and fell to my stomach, which she quickly licked up.

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Black Cock School For Girls

Carla Scott sat stiffly upright in one of the several straight back chairs that ringed the front of headmistress, Marion Elder’s large imposing desk. “Now let me make sure that I understand exactly what you’re saying, Mz. Elder,” Carla said sternly, “you’re guaranteeing that my daughter will receive daily instruction in large black erection etiquette?!?” “That is exactly what I’m saying,” the headmistress replied smoothly, “in fact we guarantee that your daughter will get at least two hard fuckings a day by black erections that are at least nine inches long!!!” “And oral sex?!?” Carla Scott asked. “Of course,” Marion Elder shot back, “that goes without saying.” “I just want to make sure that we understand each other,” Carla replied, “Meredith is my only daughter, and well, you understand that I only want what’s best for her!” “Of course I do, Mrs. Scott,” Carla replied gently, “we’ve been in the business of training young women in art of fucking huge black cocks for over seventy years.” “Of course your reputation is impeccable,” Marion answered quickly, “I just wanted to make sure for myself, that’s all.” “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Carla Elder replied. “How about a demonstration of how we operate!?!”

Meredith squirmed nervously in her seat listening to the older women discussing her sex life as casually as you would order a hamburger, but much to her chagrin she heard her own mother reply, “I think that’s a wonderful idea, Mz. Elder, please proceed!” “Very good,” Carla replied while picking up the phone and asking Jamal to come into her inner office. A second or two later a very handsome young black man dressed in a snow white terry cloth robe casually entered the room. “You called for me, ma’am?” he asked softly. “Yes, Jamal,” Carla replied, “I’d like you to meet Marion Scott and her daughter, Meredith.” Jamal smiled broadly at the two women while offering, “It’s nice to meet you, ladies.” “As you can see our young men are extremely respectful of all women,” she went on easily, “and we further feel that although our young women will become incredibly addicted to these large black erections that it remains paramount that the young men don’t take advantage of the situation.” “My thoughts exactly,” Marion replied. “And how old is Jamal?” “Let me see,” Carla replied while picking up his file, “ahhhhhh here it is, he’s twenty years old, only two years older than Meredith.” “Now, let’s get down to brass tacks,” the headmistress said evenly, “all right, young man, please expose yourself to Meredith and her mother.” With a small smile still covering his face the young man slowly untied his cloth belt, and then with a flair for the dramatic let them wait for a moment before letting his robe fall open.” “M-my god!!!” Marion gasped. “H-he’s huge, I just can’t believe it’s real!!!”

While Meredith wasn’t by any means a virgin, her tummy did a quick flip flop as she stared wide eyed at the massive coal black penis that hung low from Jamal’s groin! “Does this meet with your satisfaction?” Carla asked rhetorically all the while knowing that Marion Scott was more than pleased with what she was witnessing. “It’s just wonderful!” Marion gushed. “I knew you’d be pleased,” Carla Elder replied softly. “Okay, Jamal, allow Meredith to taste your organ.” Covering the six feet between them with two steps, Jamal let his monster pecker hang within inches of the stunned young woman’s face! Her heart was beating a mile a minute, but like a magnet is attracted to cheap metal she gingerly opened her mouth and let the fat smooth head inside. “H-how does it taste, dear?!?” Marion asked unevenly. With her mouth so full of thick black dick all her daughter managed to do was hum, “Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!”

“As you can see,” Carla observed, “our young men have incredible control over their organs.” “Not many men could control themselves with such a pretty young woman sucking their erection!” Just watching her daughter fellating the black stud was more than poor Marion Scott could take, so without even thinking she shoved her hand up her skirt and began wantonly masturbating her now drooling pussy! “God that looks good!” Marion moaned while wildly fingering her hot clit. “Would you like to see Jamal fuck her?” Carla asked softly. “Oh yesssssssssssssss!!” Marion hissed. “M-make him fuck her!!!” Jamal looked over at the headmistress, and after receiving only a slight nod of her head, he gently pulled his prick from the hungry young mouth while pulling her to her feet. With her eyes locked on the young stud’s pecker, Marion Scott watched in stunned awe while Jamal quickly ripped off her daughter’s panties before shoving her face first onto the large desk as he lined up his huge hammer with her now bulging little hair pie! Meredith groaned loudly while the young stud ran his black pecker head up and down the length of her sopping wet slit. And while Marion masturbated like a wild monkey, he slowly impaled the white assed little cunt with his ten inches of hard black cock meat!

As each inch disappeared inside of her Meredith’s groan turned into a loud scream as her poor little pussy convulsed wildly around the invading marauder! “S-she’s coming all over the place!” Marion Scott moaned. “Just look at her little hair pie, it’s getting the fucking of its life!!!” “And that’s just the beginning,” Carla said softly, “for the next nine months she’ll get it at least twice a day just like this.” “He’s so fucking huge!!!” Marion gushed. “He’ll rip her apart!!!” “D-does it hurt, dear?!?” she gasped. “Ohhhhhhhh, noooooooo!!!” Meredith moaned. “I feel so full, I just can’t explain it!!!” Just when poor Marion thought she couldn’t stand it another second Carla Elder offered, “Try this, Mrs. Scott, “it’s an exact duplicate of Jamal’s erect penis!” Marion turned her gaze to the headmistress only to find that she had handed her a huge black dildo that exactly replicated Jamal’s monster pecker! With a shaking hand she picked it up and slipped it into her mouth, savoring it’s thickness and length. When she was sure that it was wet and lubricated she shoved down her panties, and without a moment’s hesitation shoved it balls deep into her hairy cunt! Marion’s guttural moan caused Meredith to look over her should just in time to see the ten inches of thick latex to bury itself deep in her mother’s hot pussy! “Oh god!!!” Meredith gasped while staring at her mother pounding the black dildo in and out of her cunt with brutal ferocity. “M-mother,” she moaned, “we’re both getting fucked so fucking hard!!!” Even the headmistress was being swept away in the excitement of it all, and after pressing her intercom her secretary appeared at her desk and dropped to her knees and began sucking her boss’s smoothly shaved vagina!

Being the only male in a room full of hot pussied women was finally more than poor Jamal could take, and even though he was trained in the art of restraint his pecker finally betrayed him as it pulsated out of control inside of Meredith’s cute little blonde haired pussy! “I-I’m sorry, ma’am!” he groaned loudly. “I just can’t hold it another second, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, there it goes, I’m fucking cumming!!!” Seeing the young buck lurching in and out of poor little Meredith’s helpless pussy was more than the Marion or Carla could take as they both watched in wide eyed wonder as Meredith arched her back while an orgasm of incredible dimensions slammed into her pussy like a jack hammer! Carla rammed the thick dildo harder and harder until her own organ wrenched hard in a brutally violent orgasm, while at the same time Carla Elder grabbed her secretary by the back of the head as she rode her mouth to a stunning cum of her own!!!

After it was over a very satisfied Meredith carefully cleaned Jamal’s now limp pecker with her warm mouth while Carla and Marion put themselves back together. “So,” a now composed Carla offered, “that is how we do business at the Black Cock School for Girls!”

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Two Girls

While Maggie sat at the breakfast table eating a bowl of cold cereal she didn’t even hear her mother speaking because her thoughts were far away. “Sure mom,” she said, as she gave her a peck on the cheek and headed out the door to meet her best friend Kaye down at the corner. It was a mile to school and Maggie had hardly said two words for most of the trip. “What’s bugging ya Mags,” asked Kaye? “Oh nothing,” replied Maggie. “Don’t give me that, something for sure is on your mind,” said Kaye. “Well….,” Maggie hesitated. “Give, what’s up,” pressed Kaye? “This is a little embarrassing but I’ve got trouble, you know, down there,” said Maggie as she pointed to her crotch, and after a few exchanges back and forth Maggie finally explained to Kaye that her clitoris seemed to be much bigger than it should be! And worse yet her labia seemed to be growing as well! Her whole pussy seemed to be puffed up! Kaye assured her that there was nothing wrong and told her that they would check it out after school. On entering Central High, Maggie tried to put the whole thing out of her mind, maybe Kaye was right, nothing to worry about!

On the way home from school Maggie acted as if nothing was wrong, and didn’t bring up what they had talked about that morning and hoped that Kaye wouldn’t either. No such luck! Right away Kaye wanted to get right home and check out Maggie’s privates! Maggied started to protest but Kaye just shut her up, took her by the arm, and steered Maggie towards home. Finally in Maggie’s room Kaye said, “OK, let’s see it!” Reluctantly Maggie slowly began taking off her clothes. Maggie had always been proud of her body, because in eighteen short years she really had the build of a full grown woman, with 36D breasts, a slim waist, wide womanly hips, and long slim legs!!! To be perfectly honest about it, she was a school boy’s wet dream! Now, however, she felt very self conscious undressing in front of someone who had seen her nude hundreds of times. After finally slipping of her panties Kay said, “Lay down on the bed and spread your legs.” Maggie lay back on the pillows and spread her legs completely exposing herself to her friend’s steady gaze. Kaye put her face down close enough to her pussy that she could feel her breath! “Well,” asked Maggie? Kaye took her fingers and gently parted Maggie’s bush to get a better look. What she saw was stunning, Maggie had not been exaggerating, her clit was at least two or three times its normal size, and her lips too, they were puffed up like a balloon! Another thing that Kaye quickly surmised was that Maggie’s pussy was very wet with what looked like sexual excitement! “Mags, you’re all wet, are you turned on?” “All the time, Kaye, my clit seems to itch all the time and never stops!” Kaye started to feel her own pussy starting to leak, God, what was happening to her?!? She then did something she had never even dreamed of, with the tip of her index finger she very softly brushed the tip of Maggie’s erect clit, and at it’s mere touch, Maggie suck in a gulp of air and her pussy jerked spasmodically, and before Maggie could even say a word, Kaye leaned over and took the engorged little organ into her mouth and started to suck it! “What are you doing,” a moaning Maggie asked? “I’m going to suck you off, your clit and pussy are absolutely beautiful,” her friend gasped softly!

With the state her clit was in, Maggie just closed her eyes and let Kaye take care of her pussy, and immediately she could feel her vaginal lips puffing up even bigger than before, her clit was now throbbing due to the sucking Kaye was giving it. Maggie’s hands had by now cupped her large chest and were tweaking the hard nipples as her whole body seem to revolve around that damned clit! For weeks now Maggie had been forced to masturbate at least twice a day to keep from climbing the walls, and although she never had thought of herself as gay or bi, right at this moment all she cared about was getting off, Kaye could have been the mailman, her doctor , or her teacher for that matter, and it wouldn’t have made any difference!!! Kaye was now totally into sucking Maggie’s big clit and she could tell that Maggie was about to blow her load because she was trying to push her whole cunt into Kaye’s hot little mouth! All at once Maggie’s hips bucked up, and accompaniedby a long low moan, she had a brutally hard orgasm all over Kaye’s face!

The two girls lay on the bed not moving so much as a muscle, with Kaye’s face still resting on Maggie’s pussy, so neither one heard the footsteps coming down the hall outside Maggie’s bedroom. Like a whip cracking in the air, the door seemed to burst open and standing in the doorway was a dumbfounded Mrs. Anderson, Maggie’s mother! “What on earth are you two girls doing,” stammered Mrs. Anderson?!? By now Maggie and Kaye had jumped to their feet and were desperately trying to think of an appropriate answer. “Well,” Mrs. Anderson snapped?! “Mom, uh, Mom we were, we were just..,” mumbled Maggie, unable to say much of anything! Just then Kaye stepped up and said, “Maggie was worried that her vagina and clitoris were oversized and I was checking them out, and well, things just got a little out of hand!” “Maggie, why didn’t you come to me with your problems, I’m your mother you know,” asked Mrs. Anderson?!? Maggie replied, “I guess I was just too embarrassed to ask you.” “Well I could have given you an answer to your question straight away,” Mrs. Anderson said. She the proceeded to tell Maggie that all the women in the Anderson family had very large clitorises and labia, and that it was nothing to worry about. The only “problem” would be that Maggie would probably be very highly sexed and need gratification at least twice a day!

Maggie gave and audible sigh of relief and told her mom that she already needed to cum at least once a day and sometimes more. Then Mrs. Anderson said, “You know your father takes very good care of me and gets me off in the morning and later at night, an if I need it during the day, I just slip into the rest room at work and use a small vibrator to get myself off, but your father is such a dear too, he usually fucks me in the morning and eats me at night, he’s really a wonderful cunt lapper!” “Mom, does Dad like your big vagina and clit,” asked Maggie? “He loves it,” she replied, “let me show you my cunt so you can see how yours will eventually look!!!” With that, she dropped her skirt to the floor and stood in front of the two girls in a blouse and white sheer panties. Hooking her thumbs in the band she quickly slipped the panties from her hips and kicked them away while Maggie and Kaye then stared at an unreal sight! Mrs. Anderson had shaved her cunt, leaving only the hair above her crack! Her lips and clit were totally bare! Her lips were indeed huge, much bigger even than Maggie’s, and poking it’s little head out from between the lips was a pink hard clitoris! Kaye could tell that Mrs. Anderson’s pussy was at that very moment in a state of extreme arousal and asked softly, “May I touch it Mrs. A.?!?” Without saying a word Mrs. Anderson pulled Kaye’s mouth to her slit and ground her clit into her mouth while just Maggie stood there with her mouth hanging open, while watching her best friend eat her mother’s pussy! Just seeing them go at it made Maggie’s knees go weak so she lay back down on the bed and put her finger deep into her own crack. Mrs. Anderson grabbed Kaye by the back of the head and forced her mouth all over her pussy and Kaye couldn’t believe that one pussy could leak so much juice at one time! Soon both mother and daughter were moaning as their orgasms flooded their large vaginas!

After a few moments recuperation, Maggie asked her mom if she could get her own vibrator. Mrs. Anderson said she could have hers and that she would pick up another one for herself. She then went on to tell Maggie that it was very very important for her to find an understanding boyfriend, one that would be happy to help her control her powerful sex drive. “Some nights your daddy falls asleep with his mouth on my clit,” said Mrs. Anderson, “it takes a man with a lot of patience to help you keep your clit satisfied!!!” “Mrs. A., why do you shave your lips and clit,” asked Kaye? “Well, I like the way my pussy looks, Maggie’s daddy likes to eat a smooth pussy, and I like to feel my panties push against my bare skin,” answered Mrs. Anderson.

Seeing that it was now going on five o’clock, Mrs. Anderson got dressed and went down stairs to start supper. Kaye gathered up her books and told Maggie, “You’re really lucky to have such a neat mom!” Maggie only smiled and nodded! After Kaye had left, Maggie asked herself, “Now where is that vibrator?!?”

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