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Cum Filled Fantasy Cums True

This is a true story of living out a fantasy while on vacation with my husband during the winter of 1995. We were on vacation in the San Diego area, a coast away from where we lived. Business had brought my husband here and he took me along for the trip. At that time, we had been married for over 10 years, and although we had a good sex life, we were always looking for ways to spice things up a bit.

We had been talking about my feeling less sexually attractive to men during the plane ride out. My husband disputed this, saying that despite being almost 40 years old, with my smooth skin and 5’4″well toned body, I was still a fox.

This made me feel somewhat better, but I still had that lingering doubts about what men really would think of me sexually. This discussion continued during the first several days of our trip in Southern California. My husband pointed out men who would turn to get an extra long look at me as we walked by and directed my attention to those that guys who would stare a little too long when I was out at pool side sunning in my string bikini.

The resort hotel that we were staying at was perched on the edge of a calm Pacific Ocean bay and complemented with wonderful grounds and facilities. Clusters of palm trees, tropical plantings and the warm California weather gave a certain sensual note to the resort.

On Friday night, the day before we were scheduled to fly back home, we had planned to go to the bar at the resort and listen to some live music that was advertised. We then planned to enjoy some drinks while listening to the music, have a romantic dinner together at one of the resorts restaurants and then retire to our room for some adult fun.

The bar was situated along the bay side area of the hotel. It featured an open air stage for the band, a large wooden bar with places to both sit and stand at the bar and groups of tables tucked into a myriad of tropical plantings all accented by dim, romantic lighting.

That afternoon, my husband surprised me by suggesting that we begin by sitting apart when we got to the bar just to see if anyone would “hit” on me. I thought it was more likely that they would hit on him than on me, but my interest was aroused by his suggestion.

We had shared a long time fantasy about me making love to another guy or guys with his knowledge and consent. This fantasy had remained strongly stimulating to us in bed, but one that we had never had either the opportunity nor the ability to carry any further.

It would probably help the reader if I provided some further insights about myself. There are several things in life are great turn-ons for me and the strongest of these has always included feeling a man cum inside of me. I love feeling cum any place as long as it is inside of me somewhere. For some reason, I just adore the feeling that a cock makes as it squirts it’s thick liquid into me. I absolutely relish all of the feelings, the smells, the tastes, indeed everything about it.

This feeling, or even just the fantasy about it, had always served as a very big sexual turn on for me. I guess by some definitions then I could be called a “cum slut”. I just never had the opportunity to experience two or more men sexually before and therefore enjoyed what cum the men in my life could individually give me when we had sex, feeling lucky to get what I could get.

My mind turned to the pleasant task of getting ready to go to the bar for our evening out. I had decided that I would dress in a short black skirt with a special pair of crotch-less pantyhose that I had been saving for a special occasion. This seemed like that occasion. For my top, I chose a halter-top without a bra to accentuate my 36B firm breasts. My medium blond hair was brushed back at the shoulders and with my makeup on, I thought that I really did look more like 20 something than 40 something.

I discreetly placed my wedding and engagement rings in the room safe as well, without my husband being aware of this action. I just figured it would make for fewer questions if something were to possibly happen. I really felt that this was just an exercise in advanced fantasy play more than anything else, but at least my rings would not raise any issues if something should potentially happen.

We entered the bar about 9 pm, with my husband taking a seat at a table near the entrance and me finding the one single seat still available at the bar. From this point, we could still see each other fairly well. The band was just beginning, playing very danceable oldies type music. I ordered a margarita and enjoyed both the drink and the music for a while.

A group of young men were seated next to me and we eventually struck up a conversation. I was attracted to one guy who had long dark brown hair, blue eyes and an expressive face to go with it. He was about 5′ 11″ or so, slim build with just the right amount of muscular definition to his chest and arms. His looks could be described as “cute” in a grownup, handsome manner.

I waited until he looked in my direction to make eye contact and say “Hi”. As we began talking, I found out that we had several things in common, including both being originally from Ohio.

They were all from LA and were part of a band that was in between tour dates and were staying at the resort. They were all at the bar thinking that they would catch some of a competitors show and wind down after a month of nightly gigs. After another round of drinks, he asked if I danced. I told him that I did, not bothering to tell him that my husband never did, so that this would be a wonderful treat for me too.

Up on the dance floor, I found him to be a good dancer, and I followed his lead though several songs until the band played a slower tune. It was at that point that he let his left hand wander down to the small of my back and began gently pushing my body closer to his and alternately softly rubbing the top of by buttocks. We kissed, tentatively at first, progressing quickly to full open mouth tongue kissing. The rhythm of the music combined with the effects of the alcohol in the drinks. His touch was intoxicating and I floated away to all of the myriad sensations I was experiencing.

By the end of the song, his hand was firmly massaging my ass and my body was pressed close enough to his that I could feel that he was indeed already quite hard as well as nicely endowed. I was sure that I must be dripping wet too as we walked off the dance floor after all of this excitement.

It was then that he spoke those magic words, “Do you want to go somewhere else? “I really didn’t know what to say because I really hadn’t thought that things were ever going to get anywhere near this point tonight or ever. I mean I was a happily married woman, who, unless I missed my guess, my husband had just gotten an eyeful of all of this as well.

I scanned the crowd, pretending to think about his offer and found my husband’s eyes. He was smiling and subtlety nodded his head “yes”. I took that for his acceptance of what ever I might want to do.

I turned to my new friend and said, “Yes, I have a car parked in the parking lot, lets go there”. He smiled and let me lead him to our rental car. We had rented a Mustang Convertible for the trip to enjoy all that Southern California had to offer. Now I guess it would have more to offer than we had ever imagined!

I let him into the passengers seat, and got into the driver’s seat. I had left the top down and so we were bathed in both the wonderful moonlight and warm sea breezes. He produced a joint from his pocket and asked if I would like to join him in a smoke. I said sure, not having smoked much since I had been married, but in for a penny in for a pound as they say. We passed the joint back and forth and it was quickly apparent to me that this was strong pot.

My head was very definitely spinning and any sense of reality that I ever had was quickly leaving. His hands found my breasts under my top as I struggled with his zipper. I leaned over the center rest area and took out his cock. He was still semi hard and had precum on the tip of his cock. I licked that off and began sucking on his ever-hardening member. He was obliging and was rock hard before too long. As I sucked him deep into my mouth, I looked up and saw him leaning back in the car’s passenger seat, eyes shut, face lighted by the glow of the moon, mouth slightly open. It seemed that I hadn’t lost my touch after all of these years of marriage. He placed a hand on my head and helped guide me to the rhythm that he wanted.

Before too long I was rewarded by the feeling of his balls beginning that “about to cum” spasm, his cock beginning that “humming” vibration, his mouth making grunting sounds and then finally, his cock erupting into my mouth with a load of cum that tasted delicious. I swallowed it all and looked up to see his satisfied face. He told me that I was great and asked me to come back with him to his room. I was so high at that point that I would have accepted any invitation by anyone to anywhere.

We left the car and somehow he guided me back to his room on the hotel’s expansive property. All of the rooms at this resort were “suite” style with a main living room, a kitchen area and the bedroom towards the back. All were on a single level and each had it’s own balcony and porch areas. As soon as we arrived in the bedroom, my clothes just seemed to fall away. I worked on his clothes and managed to get his pants and underwear off.

While I busied myself in sucking his cock hard again, he reached into the nightstand drawer and took something out. I really didn’t know nor care what he was doing. At that point the whole world focused around his cock and I was so horny that all I wanted was to get it hard again so that I could be fucked senseless by it.

The thought crossed my mind that I hoped it was a condom, but I was so far beyond rational caring about safe sex at that point that it really didn’t factor.

I began rubbing my clit with my free hand and was not at all surprised with myself that I was indeed dripping wet! As I sucked his cock back to its full beauty and rubbed my clit into a furious coming storm, my new friend pulled my head up off of his cock for a moment and placed a small amount of a white powder on the head of his cock.

A passing thought ran through my mind that he was flavoring it with something. “How nice” I thought, but unnecessary. I went back to sucking. The powder really had no taste that I could discern.

He did this several more times though, stopping my bobbing head to place more powder on his cock. I was already pretty stoned and in addition to the drinks that I had had earlier was in my own little universe. I had never done cocaine before, which was quite obvious from my not knowing what I was so eagerly sucking off of his cock.

I soon began to feel absolutely marvelous without a care in the world and happier than I had ever known was possible. I attributed that to living out my biggest fantasy and being stoned. In retrospect all of that was true, in addition to the several lines of coke that I had just sucked off of his cock.

Anyway, I didn’t mind. I was quite happy being on all fours, sucking away on his gorgeous cock, feeling the entire myriad of textures about it and tasting all of the wonderful flavors from it. I really wanted to have it in me so that I could feel that as well.

It wasn’t long before I felt myself being penetrated by a large stiff hot cock. It felt so good that I moved my hips backwards to take it all into me. It felt exquisitely wonderful.

It was about that point that I realized that I still had a cock in my mouth. I was able to sneak a quick peek back over my shoulder while not missing too much of an opportunity to suck the cock cramming my mouth, to see that there were other people in the room with us now and one of them had his cock very definitely buried in my hot, wet cunt.

It vaguely occurred to me that these must be some of the other band members that my new friend (I never really bothered to get his name) had been with at the bar. How they got in the room with us, I don’t know. Nonetheless, they were all in the bedroom and were all undressed and getting into the theme of the moment if you know what I mean.

From here on, things became somewhat of a blur to me. I spent plenty of time on my hands and knees taking cock after cock in my mouth and pussy at the same time. I felt cocks cum in my mouth as well as in my pussy.

Sometimes I felt two cocks shooting into me at the same time. I remember sitting down on a particularly large cock and being pushed forward onto him by another guy who then slid his cock into me next to the first guy, double stuffing my pussy. It was tight and wonderful at the same time.

I can’t remember just how many orgasms I had that night. I don’t know if I stopped counting or if they all just blended into one giant one. It really didn’t matter at all to me. The sensuality of having all of the erotic parts of ones body stimulated at the same time and in ways different from anything I had ever experience before, and not thinking nor caring about any of the moral/ethical/social etc issues associated with this behavior was unworldly.

I happily received several loads of cum in my pussy that would then would run down my legs and help to lubricate me more for yet another guy to then plow into me with his cock. The feeling of all of that warm cum gushing into me over and over from cock after cock was unspeakably delicious!

I recall at one point a guy commenting that my pussy was getting too wet from all of the cum that I had had poured into me, and pushed into my ass with his larger than average sized cock. I had not had that many men’s cocks in my ass and so I was not really used to things like that. This felt heavenly though. He began by using some of the cum that was still running out of my pussy to begin lubricating my ass. Some of the guys had already had their fingers in my ass while they were fucking my pussy too, so it was already lubed up a bit.

He gently put one and then two fingers in my ass, moving them slowly back and forth as I got used to each new finger. By the time he got to the third finger, I was moaning and moving my ass back towards his advancing fingers. The stimulation just felt awesome!

I was surprised when the thought flew through my foggy brain that I really wanted to feel his cock in my ass and so I asked him to fuck my ass. He obliged and gently pressed the head of his cock into me.

He patiently waited for me to accommodate to his size and then began to slide the rest of his length into me. I looked around to see his face as he finally got all of his cock inside of my ass. He was looking upwards with a wonderful smile on his lips. He began to stroke back and forth, beginning slowly but then speeding up and picking up rhythm as he went.

I felt that he couldn’t keep up this pace for too long and was right as I was soon rewarded with the feeling of his cock pumping yet more cum into me, this time up my ass. He finished his orgasm and pulled his cock out of me with a small popping sound, followed by what felt like gallons of his cum running out of my ass.

The group of guys didn’t leave my now opened ass unoccupied for too long and soon another young man was using my ass for his personal cum depository.

Several of the guys took advantage of the situation by fucking both my ass and pussy at the same time. I really can’t describe how absolutely amazing the sensation is of having both holes stuffed with cock simultaneously. The only thing that was even more of a turn on for me was when two guys came inside my ass and pussy at the same time!

After several hours of taking as many loads of cum as 5 or 6 young guys could produce, I made up some story about an early morning flight and excused myself. I stumbled back to the room that I was sharing with my husband. I hoped that he would be waiting up for me so that I could tell him about the events of my evening.

It was after 3 AM and I was wrapped in a towel that I had taken from the guy’s room, my clothes being nowhere to be found. Fortunately, there weren’t many people up and about at that hour, and those that I passed on the walk back to my room hopefully just thought that I had come from a dip in the hotel’s hot tub and not from a gang bang. Although I don’t know how they would have reconciled the unmistakable musky sexual smell that prevailed around me as I passed by.

When I got to our room, I dropped the towel, turned on some lights and a cursory inspection revealed cum just about everywhere on me. There were patches of cum in my hair, dried cum streaked down my breasts and legs and of course, still plenty of fresh cum seeping out of both my ass and pussy.

My husband was indeed waiting for me with a smile on his face. “So, tell me about your evening won’t you dear?” he said. I proceeded to describe my evening’s adventures as best as I could, stroking his cock with my hands during the process. Needless to say I got a load of cum from him to add to my evenings totals. I will always have very fond memories of that special night and have no regrets concerning anything that happened.

Oh, and by the way for those of you that were wondering or concerned, I have tested repeatedly negative for any and all types of sexually transmitted diseases that I could have potentially acquired that night. I guess one could say that I got very lucky in more ways than one!!

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Wifes Anal Massage

Brett was becoming frustrated with his wife of five years. First it had been all about showing Jan what a gentleman he was and taking her out the old fashioned way. They got to know each other but Jan was slow to come out of her shell. Brett still wondered if there was more he could have done to make her let loose more and give in to the sexual pleasures he could bring her. But she was so shy and he was not big on communication so he just went to the pub instead and dreamed of Jan in ways that would make her blush. If she only knew what he had done to her in his mind…she would probably leave him on the spot!

The day had finished early for Brett and he was on his way home from work two hours earlier than usual. Jan would be surprised and seeing as it was Friday, he would make a nice lamb curry for dinner to give her the night off for a change. He parked his Jeep in next to her hatch in the drive and let himself into the house. Jan was nowhere in sight so he assumed she must be in her garden or green house with her prize orchids. He decided to get a start on dinner so there would be less to do later on. He had just washed his hands and began preparations when he heard what sounded like moaning coming from the bedroom. His stomach twisted at the thought that someone else was in their house and fear gripped him when he thought that Jan might actually be in some sort of danger.

He picked up the lower half of a pool cue and crept quietly up the stairs. Once at the top of the stairs Brett turned down the hallway and saw what looked to be a massage table set up in their bedroom with Jan naked and lying face down on top of it. A very hunky looking muscular man was giving Jan a massage and she was moaning with pleasure. Brett could see why too because the man obviously knew what to do with his hands. Boy did he know what to do with his hands! In fact, his hands were sliding all over Jan’s smooth creamy ass cheeks and it looked as though the tips of his fingers were slipping into her ass crack with each move. The dirty bastard! Brett had a good mind to storm into the room and put an end to this right now. However, something about the way his wife was moaning and the sight of her naked and being obviously pleasured was turning Brett on. He knew this because his cock was pushing up against his jeans with some urgency.

Brett decided to remain standing where he was as they didn’t know he was there and he could watch what went on and get off on the sound of Jan moaning. He could see her ass arching upwards towards the guy’s hands as he worked her and Brett quietly unzipped his jeans to free his desperate member from confinement. Gripping his cock with one hand, he began to pull as he looked and once again his mind went off into dirty places. He dreamed it was his hands working on Jan’s ass instead, with maybe a tongue involved as well…

Jan was moving her legs apart now so the man had better access to her inner thighs. He was rubbing one thigh now with both hands, moving upwards towards her ass again but his hands were staying quite low. Brett just knew the guy was brushing against her thick juicy pussy lips as he got closer. There was no way he could be avoiding making contact with that area when his hands were so close and low. Brett’s cock jumped in his hand. How he longed to be between her legs now, nudging his fat cock head into her wet open pussy.

She moaned suddenly and said “Oh yes!” The man felt encouraged and continued to rub, moving onto her other thigh now for more of the same. Her ass was going up and down as his hands moved up and down in opposing motions. She was enjoying ever second of it. Sweat broke out all over Brett’s body as he pumped his cock excitedly. The guy stopped working on her thighs then and began to gently tickle Jan’s ass all over, making her giggle like a school girl. He tickled her sides, up over her rib cage and Jan’s whole upper body came up off the massage table so he could get to her breasts!

He rubbed his hands over them once or twice but his focus was more on the delicious curve of Jan’s bottom as it wiggled around just inches from his face. He parted her cheeks then and began tonguing her ass! Brett got ready to run as he expected her to take fright or offence at the man’s actions. But he need not have worried because Jan was staying right where she was and continuing to moan in pleasure. The man’s tongue was dipping in deeply into her ass crack and obviously pausing to probe her asshole along the way. Jan spread her legs even wider so her ass and pussy were more accessible. The guy got really excited about that and why wouldn’t he? Jan had a fine ass which never grew any hair at all so it was naturally smooth and obviously very tasty. Brett’s mouth watered at that thought.

Excitement went into over drive as the guy reached around under her thighs to pull her ass up high into the air. Now she was on all fours while he continued to eat her ass. Her full tits swayed beautifully back and forth as she pushed back against his face. She couldn’t seem to get close enough and watching her hard nipples caused Brett to begin cumming. He stopped himself letting go all the way, managing to catch some cum with his other hand. He willed his mind to go blank for a few seconds while he closed his eyes and calmed down enough to continue watching. It took more than a few seconds for his cock to settle down a bit but then he was left with a pool of cum in the palm of his hand. He wished it was a pool of his cum in the small of Jan’s back instead…

That was when her moans of pleasure turned into words of filthy demands for more and more! Brett couldn’t believe his ears when he heard his wife yell:

“YES, YES, stick your hot tongue in my tight little asshole!”

“CUM ON, stick more fingers in my shit hole!”

“Make me cum NOW!!!”

He had never ever heard his wife so excited and almost hysterical with lust. This was such a first and it was truly blowing his mind as well as nearly causing his cock to blow up.

The guy was really excited which became suddenly obvious when he dropped his pants and stood there with a raging hard on. He moved around to the side of Jan’s face and she turned her head to look at his big hard cock. He grabbed a fist full of her curly blonde hair and pulled her mouth down hard on his cock. She sucked him and gagged when he filled her mouth with his meat. Then he took it out of her mouth and slapped her cheek with it.

“SMACK, SMACK!” went his cock over and over again and she loved it!

“MORE!!!” She urged in a loud, commanding voice.

He smacked her several more times and then moved around to her ass again. He reached for the massage oil and poured some onto her ass. It ran around into her crack and he spread it with his hands, dipping into her asshole and pussy with his big strong fingers. She moaned so long and loud as he began to rub oil onto his thick veined cock while her ass wiggled invitingly in the air. He wasted no more time lining his cock up at the entrance to her asshole. Then he drove into her well prepared hole and began fingering her clit with precision and expertise. Brett had no time to feel any jealousy as he watched his wife get fucked in the ass by a complete stranger. She just let go and continued to say filthy things in rhythm with his thrusts:

“That’s, it, fuck, me, oh, fuck, fuck, oh, god, yes, fuck, me!”

It was unbelievable. His shy little wife who had trouble just saying the word “cock” yelling as she got her ass pounded. Brett used the pool of cum in his hand as lube and began pulling himself again. He watched and wanked as Jan bounced back and forth to the rhythm of the cock slamming into her over and over again until she suddenly screamed with a big orgasm and began to beg him to stop:

“Oh, fuck, stop, fuck, oh, fuck, stop, oh, stop, stop, stop!”

He pulled his cock out of her ass and walked around to her face once more. She gladly sucked his fat dick until he came, blowing a huge load of cum all over her face and hair. At the sight of another man’s cum spewing all over his wife, Brett let loose with his own silent orgasm without a care about where his cum landed. He quickly moved back out of sight and retreated silently down the stairs. Once back in the kitchen he continued on with dinner preparations as if nothing had happened. The only difference this time was a slight shaking in his hands as he cut the onions and of course, the raging thoughts inside his head.

He heard the man say good bye to Jan before walking down the stairs. As he came into view and saw Brett making dinner he smiled without missing a beat.

“Hi mate, what’s for dinner?” He asked, smiling.

“Lamb curry” Brett replied calmly.

“Sounds tasty,” He said, adding, “But not as tasty as your wife.” Then with a big wink, he and his massage table walked out the door.

Brett’s jaw dropped at the man’s audacity but an idea of what he really wanted to eat for dinner began to formulate in his mind and once again he put dinner preparations on hold and quietly crept up the stairs. Jan was in the shower so he got undressed and waited for her on the bed. He grinned to himself as he thought about what he would do to her. His wife was in for one hell of a surprise tonight! So much for giving her the evening off, he thought wickedly.

Work Surprise

Just try and imagine my surprise when I stopped by my wife’s office the other day, only to find her begging for one of her workers to “Fuck her harder, to bang her like the she was.”

A little bit of history, I’m 46, my wife just turned 40, we’ve been married for 10+ years and live a comfortable life in a quiet small town.

Our sex life hasn’t exactly been anything to write home about for the past four or five years, mostly because she refuses to use birth control, and I refuse to get a vasectomy. I guess most of our lack of intimacy can be blamed on my. I don’t want to have any more children, I’ve already fathered four, and don’t wish to have any more. Yet I have this fear of surgery, so I refrained from having the vasectomy surgery done.

Anyway, back to the story…

Our offices are only a couple of blocks away, so I thought I’d surprise my wife and show up on her in the late afternoon. Even though we’ve not been close sexually, we’ve always been able to talk business and each others jobs. I figured I’d stop by and get her away from work and go have a drink or two and shoot the breeze. Truth be known, I just wanted a head start on my daily routine of getting shit-faced.

As I came to the front door of her office, the front door was locked. I knew she was there because her car was parked out front. I also knew of the back door entry through the alley behind the movie theater. I walked around to the alley and walked in the back door.

As I entered the door I heard what I can only describe as total passion. It was Debbie, she was proclaiming how much she loved “his” black dick. How “her” pussy was his, and that she was his little white fuck slut. I couldn’t believe my ears, as I slowly crept around and down the small flight of stairs. As I crept down those stairs I heard more and more, I heard a deep voice proclaiming “you ride that black dick you white whore.”

My mind raced as to what the hell must have been going on as I peeked around the corner, and what I saw dropped me dead in my tracks.

There was my lovely white bride of ten years straddling a black man whom was sitting on the toilet. Her panties were on the floor, her skirt was bunched up around her waste, and she was naked from the waste up. She was bouncing up and down on the biggest dick I’d ever seen and begging for more. She was out of control as she rode his fat black cock, his hands and mouth were busy on her tits as he told her to ride his fat black dick.

I couldn’t actually believe what I was seeing. Here was my bride of the past ten years telling this black man how much she loved his fat black cock, which by her reaction was very obvious. She must have cum five times riding him before he all but lifted her up and placed her on the sink counter.

He roughly spread her legs and began rubbing his bloated fat black cock all over her wet pussy lips. I then noticed whom he was, it was Oscar, he’d been working for her for the past year. He was in his mid- 50’s and would have been the last guy I’d have thought would hit on my wife.

As soon as Debbie’s ass hit the counter of the sink, Oscar sunk his black dick into her, and it wasn’t gentle by any means. He grabbed both of her legs behind the knees and was driving his fat black cock into her while she was lost in yet another orgasm begging him to fuck her white pussy.

Debbie’s left hand was busy working her clit, while her right hand was pulling on the nipple of her right breast as she looked Oscar in the eye, telling him to fuck her white pussy with his big black dick. After slamming his old fat black dick into her for what seemed like forever, he finally pulled out and told her he was going to cum.

She begged for him to cum for his white slut, and spurted his cum all over her. I was amazed at how much this old man came, he shot jets of his cum not only on her tits, and up onto her face. Debbie had one hand working her clit, and one rubbing the spurts of his cum over her tits and face as she came again.

She was obviously his, and I suddenly couldn’t figure out how to get the hell out of there. There passion was hard to describe. Their fucking was the hottest thing I’d ever witnessed. I can never let her know what I saw, I can never let her know how turned on I was by her infidelity.

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Fucking Her Best Friend Raw

“Oh my God!” she yelled at the top of her lungs “we should not be doing this” as her best friend’s boyfriend pounded his eight inch dick into her tight 23 year old pussy. Jane buried her face into the pillow as she accepted a serious pounding as he continued to crash into her from behind, pounding her relentlessly despite her weak protests for him to stop. He couldn’t help but admire her young tight body. She was quite the site to see bent over – even better than he had imagined.

Jane had just about all she could take as her best friend’s boyfriend fucked her harder than she had ever been fucked before. To think she was getting fucked by the guy Andrea would probably marry and in the bed that the couple shared. It was so wrong and they both knew it but her insatiable lust was something she could no longer deny.

He slapped her ass hard to let her know she was just a slut that he was fucking, even though the two of them had been friends for over a year. They had met through his girlfriend, Andrea. Andrea and Jane had been best friends since they were ten, so for Jane to be fucking her best friend’s boyfriend behind her back, Jane knew that both relationships would be ruined if Andrea ever found out. The stakes were incredibly high and the situation was so incredibly hot.

She met his powerful thrusts by pushing on the bed’s headboard with one hand while fingering her clit with the other. Doggy style was her favorite position because she always came when getting it doggy style. “Fuck me harder, she yelled” as he increased his speed to meet her demands. The little dirty blonde was loving every minute of the fucking she was getting from his rock hard raw cock. Under normal circumstances, she would never even consider fucking without a condom, but this situation was just so hot, she didn’t care anymore. She was so close to coming and knew it would be a big one.

He was loving how dirty this girl was. He had his suspicions but the way she was behaving with his dick in her, it was only a matter of time until he exploded a huge load on her… or perhaps in her? He wasn’t sure when he came what to do – from talking to Andrea, he knew Jane was not on the pill but he also was so turned on he didn’t care that he had been fucking her for the past ten minutes without a condom. It was taking him every last bit of energy not to come because he loved how hot it was to be fucking her 110 pound body.

“You dirty slut!” he yelled.

She hated hearing him call her a dirty slut as he slapped her ass while fucking her as hard as he could but deep down she knew based on this act alone, she was the dirtiest slut of all of her friends. This was the worst kind of betrayal one could commit but the harder she got fucked, the less she seemed to care.

“Oh I know I am a slut this is so bad!” she screamed. “Fuck me with that hard cock… oh my God it feels amazing” she cooed. She sensed that he was close to coming and she wanted to make it an orgasm that neither of them wouldn’t soon forget.

“Do you fuck Andrea like this?” asked Jane.

He retorted, “Like this, no I love her too much to fuck her like the slut you are.”

“This is so wrong,” she reiterated “but I don’t fucking care. Keep fucking me but just whatever you do don’t come in me.”

“I am going to do whatever the fuck I want. If I want to come into that tight pussy I am going to. I haven’t decided where I want to come yet.”

As he commanded her and just told her how it was, she realized how little control she had in the situation. Would he really just come in her even if she didn’t want him to? Who was she going to complain to? Certainly not her best friend. She wasn’t even on the pill and he knew that because she told him right before his unshielded dick slipped into her tight bare snatch.

“No I want you to come on my stomach and tits its such a turn on.”

He just shook his head, and let her know that wasn’t good enough.

Trying to regain some of the control, she offered “No please don’t come in me I will suck it all when you come. Just pull out and I will suck it you can even come on my face. I will be a good girl and swallow it all.

He considered her tempting offer while he continued to pound away into her pussy. “Oh God I am coming!” she yelled, burring her face into the pillow again to muffle the sound. She clenched both of her fists so tightly as she came. She lost complete control. Seeing her tight body react to her orgasm the way it did, he knew he was ready to come. He picked her up like a rag doll and sat her down on the edge of the bed with her back to him, he thrusted as deep as he could and held both of her legs down as she sat on his lap.

“I am going to come!” he told her. She was barely able to move as wave after wave of pleasure from her orgasm kept hitting her making her a slave to his cock. He pushed her legs down hard and thrusted upwards into her. He started to come harder than he had ever remembered into her tight, bald pussy. She didn’t even try to get off, partially because she knew she couldn’t because he was holding her and also because she knew deep down she didn’t want to. She had never actually let anyone come in her before and Andrea had told her how good it felt so she pushed her ass down towards his dick as he clenched her waist and let an enormous load into her tight pussy. She could feel spurt after spurt enter her as she clenched her jaw and bore the brunt of the assault on her pussy.

Jane was still in shock that within the last twenty minutes, she ruined a relationship, ruined a friendship, had the best orgasm of her life, and then on top of that, let a guy shoot a massive load into her young box.

As she came back to reality after that insanely intense orgasm, there was a massive puddle on the bed and running down her legs. They both knew Andrea would be home soon and how could she not notice that lake Michigan had formed on the edge of her bed?

Jane got up to start cleaning up the bed to ensure Andrea would never find out about the indiscretion. As she tried to move her tight ass out of the bed, he grabbed her by her forearms and pulled her back in.

“What is it? We have to clean place up Andrea will be home soon!” she protested.

“Trust me I don’t want her to find out either. I haven’t seen her in a week and when she gets back she is going to be horny as hell. When she sucks my dick the last thing I want her to taste is you.”

“So let me get a wet towel” said Jane.

He pulled her closer by her forearms pushing her head closer to his semi hard dick.

“Oh no.” she stammered.

“Oh yes” he responded. “You don’t get off that easy. Clean that cock off with your mouth – I want it to be clean or she is going to know what we did.”

“I can’t believe I am doing this,” she muttered. Dreadfully, she opened her mouth and wrapped it around his re-inflating cock. Never having done something like this, she winced at the taste of her juices and come.

“Its not going to clean itself now suck it you slut” She lapped up as much of the juices and she could handle until it was wet and slick. She was disgusted and yet somehow she was enjoying the humiliation of sucking the dick that had just fucked her. She couldn’t believe that the guy who is so nice to her best friend was treating her like a total slut making her do things she couldn’t believe that he and Andrea did when they were alone.

“Dont forget about my balls,” he reminded her. Reluctantly, she put her tongue in between the sack and licked up the sweat and juices from their monster orgasms. Just then, they heard keys jingle in the door. Andrea was back from her business trip. Jane jumped out of the bed and put her skirt on. But where was her thong? She could not remember where it was thrown. “Can’t think about that right now,” she thought to herself. She put her shirt back on and threw her bra into her pocketbook. Quickly glancing in the mirror she tried to look less disheveled and wanted to come up with a story as to why she was there with Andrea’s boyfriend.

“What should we tell her, she almost has the door open!”

“Figure it out, he commanded – you are the slut who just fucked her boyfriend don’t get us caught” he whispered loudly.

He threw his clothing into the bathroom and turned on the shower, leaving her to fend for herself with her unsuspecting but soon to be suspicious friend. What was Jane going to tell Andrea he reason for being in her bedroom while Andrea’s boyfriend was in the shower? And where the fuck was her thong? This was the worst possible situation she had ever found herself in.

“As the door swung open downstairs, Andrea announced “Hello, I am home.”

“Fuck” Jane thought. “Here we go…”

Massage Parlour Fun

I’d been married for about 15 years when I got a job transfer and my wife and I moved to Hawaii. We moved to the outskirts of Honolulu and enjoyed living in paradise. However our life at home had become a little stale, especially in the bedroom. She had always wanted to move to HI and now that she was here, the heat in the bed seemed to get turned down to a simmer. Sex was once a week if I was luckky and it was straight missionary. Basically she would lay back, spread her legs, and wait for me to finish, making a few token moans to try to fool me into thinking she enjoyed it. She hated oral(“I don’t want that in my mouth, gross”) and she complained other positions weren’t comfortable. Once she slipped up and mentioned that sex was one of the “wifely duties” that she had to do.

When we were married, the sex was pretty good. She wasn’t crazy about oral but would make the attempt and would try other positions without a fuss. It seemed that she was waiting for me to get her over here before putting a stop to most of it.

As a result, I would spend more and more time checking out all the eye candy that comes here to vacation. However, I’m not really good at the whole seduction thing so the most I usually did was look.

I said “most”. One day I was so horny I thought I’d check out one of the local asian massage parlors. I had heard from a friend at work some details about these places and he recommended one to go to for some stress relief. I found the place one afternoon and went inside. Once in the door I was greeted by a fifty-something mammasan who took me to a dimly lit room. I paid the house fee then she closed the door and left me alone inside.

A few minutes later the door opened and the hottest asian girl I’d ever seen walked in. She was about 5′ tall, nice petite figure with some big store-bought tits. I didn’t really care if they were fake or not, they looked great. She was wearing a small two piec bikini. She introduced herself as Annie and asked if I wanted a shower. I said sure and she helped me undress. As she squatted down and pushed my shorts down my dick, which was starting to stiffen up already, swung up and bumped her chin. She laughed, grabbed the base of the shaft, and gave it a little kiss on the tip. A little moan forced it’s way out of my lips. She looked up, smiled at me, then opened her mouth and put the whole thing inside and sucked gently on it. I gasped as I felt the tip bump the back of her throat. She started to draw back but I grabbed the back of her head and pushed deeper into her mouth. She relaxed and let me. It felt wonderful. She sucked on it for a few seconds then gentle pushed away from me. “Shower first,” she whispered with a smile. Then she stood, wrapped a towel around me, and we went to the shower.

I don’t remember much about the shower except it mainly involved me laying on a padded bench and her rubbing me down with liquid soap. She was especially thorough around my lower regions. After I was clean, we went back to the room where I laid down with a towel over me and she left for a minute.

When she came back, she locked to door and turned the lights down ever lower. She came over to me and removed the towel. Then she untied the bikini top and let it fall to the floor. Those tits were perfect, large and round with small nipples. She smiled at the pleased expression on my face then quickly took off the bottoms. I sat up as she slowly walked towards me. Then she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into those luscious tits.

I openned my mouth and sucked frantically on the nipple. Then I opened up more until my mouth was full of tit. I grabbed the other one with one hand and her ass with the other. It had been so long since I had had some good sex I couldn’t hold back. I pulled her into me and roughly sucked and squeezed her body. Once I think I was a little too rough because she tried to pull back. I let go of her ass and wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her against me even harder.

After a few minutes of that I let go of her. Immediately she knelt down in front of me, grabbed my dick, and with one quick motion took the whole thing in her mouth. She sucked frantically on it, my previous explosion of lust catching her up and affecting her. Again and again I felt the tip hit the back of her throat. Then she made an effort and took me down her throat. The tight feeling was incredible. I almost lost it and blew my load right then. She pulled it out, took a breath, then did it again. And again.

By this point the only thing I could think of was trying not to cum. She seemed to realize that. She pulled me out of her mouth, reached over to a shelf and grabbed a condom. She popped it in her mouth then slowly took my dick in her mouth again, putting the condom on. Once it was on she told me to lay down. Once I was laying flat she climbed on top of me, positioned me, then with one hard motion, dropped down, driving my dick deep inside her.

Her mouth opened in surprise and she gasped as the tip hit her cervix hard. She ground away at it then began seriously riding me. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down as I thrust into her. After only a few moments I couldn’t hold out any more. I came in an explosive fury unlike every before. Never had I orgasmed that hard. I grabbed onto her hips and held her in place, not letting her move. When the orgasm was over I gasped, released her, and lay back relaxing.

She was grinning wickedly as she climbed off of me. She pulled the condom off and got another towel, this one warm and moist with cleaner, and wiped me off. I thought that was it and was getting ready to get up and get dressed when she came back and laid down beside me. She stroked my dick and pulled gently at my balls until I started to harden again.

“Can you go again?” she asked. I blinked in surprise then said, “With the right motivation..”

She smiled and sat up. She spread my legs and got between them. She got on her hands and knees and grabbed my stiffening erection. Then with another wicked smile she took me into her mouth and started sucking. She rolled her tounge around it, pulled on it, pulled out to lick it from bottom to top, sucked the balls, then took it in her mouth again. If I didn’t know better I would have thought she was doing her best to swallow it. I was stiff in no time.

After another minute she got off of me and got another condom from the shelf. She put it on like before and kept sucking. I think she wanted to suck me off but I had other ideas. I pulled it out of her mouth and told her not to move. I stood quickly and went aroung behind her. Her knees were at the edge of the bed so she was perfectly position. I got behind her and stuck my dick betweed her legs. She grabbed it with one hand and slid me inside her.

I grabbed her hips and started fucking her as hard as I could. Her ass slapped against my stomach as I rammed into her. She started throwing herself back against me, impaling herself. After a minute her mouth opened and a shuddering gasp fell out of her mouth. Her pussy clamped down on me and she shuddered uncontrollably. I went over the edge then and shot another load into her. We both shook like that for a few moments, then relaxed. I slid out of her with my balls aching from two hard orgasms that close together.

She got another towel and cleaned me up. I got dressed and she put her bikini back on. We went to the door and as I reached for the handle she grabbed my hand. “That was really good,” she said. She then wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into a kiss. Her tongue parted my lips and touched my tongue. She ground her body into me. I turned her and pressed her against the door. The kiss deepened. Amazingly I felt my dick harden. I grabbed her ass and squeezed. She broke the kiss and started kissing my neck. I grabbed her breast and squeezed. She pushed me and we went back to the bed. I untied her bikini top and she pushed the bottoms off. My shorts were next then my shirt. We laid down with me on top of her still kissing and groping, our wearyness forgotton. She broke the kiss and looked at the shelf. “No more condoms” she said. She then rolled me onto my back. She grabbed my dick and started blowing me again, sucking hard and frantic. I didn’t know if I could come again but she was trying to make me. She sucked furiously until I felt it building up. When she felt me tense she pulled out, grabbed my dick, and started pumping. Another hard orgasm shuddered through me but only a little trickle of come came out.

She said, “Wow. I’ve never seen anyone come three times that soon.” The mammasan knocked on the door and said “times up”. She giggled again and helped me get dressed.

As I was leaving she whispered, “Ask for me when you come back. You the best.”

Talk about an ego booster…

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Bachelor Party Surprise

My Name is Derek and my wife is Kristy. We have been married for eight years and are both in our early thirties. We had just opened a Party Store where we sell party supplies and put on parties for various groups of people. We have catered parties for local dignitaries, weddings, fundraisers and even the occasional bachelor or bachelorette parties.

The business had been very successful so far. We were trying to build a solid reputation as a place you can count on for a great party. We are usually pretty busy and Kristy and I do most of the work. We have to hire temps occasionally to help out when the party is too large for just the two of us to handle.

When it comes to the bachelor or bachelorette parties we usually hire strippers, as it seems all of these parties want this type of entertainment. We also work with various local bands to work the parties.

I usually work the bachelor parties with a temp helper because Kristy feels uncomfortable around them and she usually works the bachelorette parties with a temp for the same reason. It seems that usually the guys or gals which ever it may be have a better time if someone’s husband or wife is not around.

We had a call from a local politician whose son was getting married and he wanted to pay for the bachelor party. The usual request for liquor, food and strippers was on the list. There was going to be about eight guys at the party and it was going to be in a ritzy local hotel in one of the suites.

The party was in three days, which was very short notice to get things put together. We charge more for a short-term notice party, which is nice for the bank account but makes it a mad dash to put all of it together.

Kristy got on getting the food together and I jumped on getting the temp help lined up and the dancers for the party.

Everything was set for the party and it was none too soon as the party was tomorrow night at 7pm.

The day of the party Kristy and I were loading the van with the food and decorations when my cell phone rang. It was my temp help for the evening and he had an emergency and could not make it. There was no time to set up more help, as we had to be at the hotel in one hour to begin getting ready.

Kristy shrugged and said, “I guess we have no choice but for me to go and help with this one.”

I said, “Just help me get it set up and you can leave. It’s only eight guys and I can handle that easily.”

I got in the van and she got in our car and followed me to the hotel. We got everything carried up to the room and Kristy started on decorations while I set up the food table.

We had just completed the set up and Kristy said, “I’ll go down stairs to the lobby and just hang out in case you need help you can just call me.”

She had only been gone about 5 minutes when the guys started showing up for the party. They had apparently already started the party somewhere else as they had been drinking.

I introduced myself, showed them the food table and started to pour them their first drinks. One of the guys had brought some porn movies to play on the big screen TV in the room. Things were going along just fine then my cell phone rang.

It was one of the girls we had hired to dance for the party. They had been in an auto accident on the way and were going to the hospital.

It was too late to find another dancer for the party. This party was plagued with problems from the start and it was not getting any better.

To make matters worse one of the guys came over and asked, “Are there not supposed to be girls here for this?”

I told him, “Yes, there has been a slight glitch and I was trying to find replacements.”

I called Kristy who was still in the lobby and told her of the dilemma. She said, “Let me get on the phone and see what I can do. We have to do something quickly we don’t want to screw up this party.”

I said, “See what you can do and let me know.”

I served the guys some more food and another round of drinks. So far they seemed content on eating, drinking and watching the porn movies. They were starting to get rowdier and joking with each other. About thirty minutes had passed and I had not heard from Kristy. I was getting nervous and afraid we were going to mess up this party, which would not be good considering whom, it was for.

There was a knock at the door and I went to get it hoping it was the dancers. I opened the door and there stood Kristy. She was in a long evening gown and looked fabulous.

I asked, “What are you doing here?”

She replied, “I could not find any dancers and had to do something. We cannot blow a party this early in our business or we might as well close shop. So I went to the clothing shop in the lobby and bought what I needed”

I looked at her and said, “You can’t do this.”

She looked at me and said, “I never have but I wouldn’t say I can’t”

I replied, “I didn’t mean you can’t but rather you’re my wife.”

She said, “Do you have another suggestion?”

Then one of the guys walked to the door and let out a holler, “Alright the girls are here!”

He reached past me and ushered Kristy into the room. He led her over to where the guys were and said, “Look at what I found on our doorstep.”

The guys really got excited then.

Kristy is a beautiful woman with a body that would put many strippers to shame. She stands about 5’7″ tall with long blonde hair. Her figure is a beautiful hourglass shape with large breasts, a firm flat stomach from working out and a beautiful tight little ass. She was in a pretty red sequined gown and a pair of 5″ heels that set off her dancer legs. Needless to say she looked absolutely edible.

I was very nervous about this whole arrangement and didn’t think she knew what she was getting into.

One of the guys went to put on some music with the porn movie playing on the big screen still. I saw Kristy’s eyes widen as she saw the porn movie playing.

One of the guys said, “Come on baby take it off!”

Kristy was nervous and stalling for time, “Can’t you at least buy a girl a drink first?”

One of the guys yelled over to me, “Barkeep can we get the lady a drink?”

I poured Kristy her favorite drink and made it especially strong, as I knew she was going to need it.

I carried the drink to her as she held out her shaking hand and smiled at me and said, “Thank-You.”

One of the guys patted the seat next to him on the couch and said, “Come over here babe and sit next to me and my soon to be married buddy.”

Kristy walked over to the couch and sat down between the two guys. The one immediately put his hand on her thigh that was exposed from the slit in her dress. The other guy put his arm around her shoulder. She was the center of attention, as they all seemed to huddle around her.

One of the guys asked, “Are you bringing some friends with you?”

Kristy responded, “I was but something came up and they could not make it so you just get little ole me.”

The one said, “From the looks of you one will be plenty.”

Kristy smiled and said, “I don’t know about that but I guess we will have to make due.”

I poured all of the guys another drink and mixed them strong. I was hoping I could just get them so drunk they would pass out and not need a dancer.

One of them said, “If you’re the only one coming let’s get on with the show.”

Kristy said, “My, my what impatient guys you are. What’s the hurry we have all night. Let me get another drink to get the mood just right.”

She started to get up and the guy with his hand on her thigh said, “You don’t need to get up. Barkeep we need another drink for the lady.”

I knew she just wanted to get away and talk to me. I poured another drink for her and another for the guys. As I handed Kristy her drink she looked at me with a wild eyed look that I could not tell if it was fear or excitement but her hand was still shaking.

They guy who had his hand on her thigh had moved it further up her dress and his fingers had disappeared under her dress. The groom had moved his hand farther around her so that his hand was resting just above one of her heaving breasts.

My plan of plying them with drinks did not seem to be working. It was apparently only making matters worse.

One of the guys asked, “Honey can you do that?” as he pointed to the big screen. On the screen was a girl with a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth at the same time.

Kristy looked shocked and said, “I’m just a dancer not a hooker.”

The guy responded, “I know I was just wondering if you had every done that?”

Kristy said, “No I have not.”

One of the other guys piped in and asked, “Would you like to?” and laughed.

Kristy replied, “No I don’t believe I would.”

I walked more drinks over hoping to get to the pass out stage quicker. The groom now had his hand slipped completely over her breast and the other guy had his hand pushed further under her dress. I could tell by looking that he must be very near her pussy.

Kristy reached out her hand that was steadier now and took her drink. This time she could not look me in the eyes.

I wanted to jerk her out of here. If I didn’t have all of our money and our home invested, which we had mortgaged to start the business, I would have but or money and our home could potentially be gone. The groom’s father was a very influential man in town who knew a lot of people. I knew that is why Kristy was sitting there doing what she was doing. We could potentially be ruined financially if we failed a party this early on.

One of the guys got up and turned the music louder and yelled, “Let’s get this party started!”

I and I’m sure Kristy knew there was no more stalling. She had seen one other dancer at a party and kind of knew what was next.

Kristy stood up with a cheer from the guys. She turned and asked the guy sitting next to her, “You’re the groom are you not?”

He shook his head yes. She grabbed his hand and led him to a chair in the middle of the room. She sat him down in the chair and the rest of the guys moved their chairs for a better view.

My mind was racing as I thought she is really going to do this. She started dancing to the music. She was swaying her beautiful hips and running her hands along her tight body. She turned around and shook her cute ass in his face. He reached out and placed his hand on her ass. She then sat down on his lap and was grinding into his crotch. When she stood up it was evident that he had a hard on. The guys also noticed and made comment as he turned beet red.

Kristy seductively turned around and straddled the chair as she sat on his lap again facing him. She was grinding on him and pulled his head toward her cleavage. She buried his face into her abundant cleavage and shook her tits in his face.

She stood back up and the groom now had a raging hard on tenting from his slacks.

I noticed a twinge in my crotch and could not believe my cock was beginning to stir. I didn’t want it to but yet Kristy was so sexy and watching her was an incredible turn on.

Kristy danced to the music and reached for the zipper on the side of her dress. She unzipped it down to her hip then pulled the dress off of her shoulders. She had apparently purchased some lacy lingerie at the shop also. She used her arms to hold the dress up in the front to tease the guys.

All of them were completely mesmerized in watching my beautiful wife undress.

She let the dress fall and it caught at her hips. Her firm breasts were constrained by a beautiful white bra. She shook her chest at the groom and sat in his lap again. She pulled his head to her tits and this time he licked between her tits. She again stood up and wiggled out of the dress. It pooled on the floor at her feet and she stepped out of it.

She was wearing a white garter belt with matching lace thong panties and stockings that had the seam running up the back of them.

One of the guys yelled, “Take it off!”

I now noticed my cock was at full staff watching this sexy creature stripping for a room full of guys.

Kristy turned so her ass was facing the groom and bent over to grab her ankles. The guys in the room got up from their chairs to see the sight. She backed her ass right to his face and he leaned forward to meet it.

This brought a cheer from the guys watching. I could tell most of them had hard-ons in the room. I was getting real nervous about this now and wondered if I should stop it before it got out of hand.

She stood back up and faced me. She looked right at me and I knew this wild-eyed look was one of excitement. She was getting turned on by this attention and taking her clothes off in a room full of guys.

She quickly spun around and faced the groom. She reached for the snap on the front of her bra and unsnapped it holding the cups against her tits. She then slid the bra off her shoulders and it dropped to the floor.

Another cheer came from the group as Kristy was now standing with her big tits bared to the room. She had her back to me as she again climbed onto the groom’s lap. She leaned her tits into his face and as she did he quickly reached out and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. She was not planning on this and jerked back. You could here the pop as his sucking mouth left her tit. She just shook her finger at him like he was a naughty little boy. She then reached for the back of his head and pulled him between her tits and shook them so they were hitting his ears.

She quickly stood back up and placed her shoe on the seat between his legs. He reached for her shoe and took it off her foot. She then placed the other one up there and he took it off.

Kristy stepped back and reached for the hooks holding up her stockings. She slowly was swaying to the music as she unhooked each one. She again put her foot between his legs and onto his crotch this time and rubbed her foot up and down on his dick. He reached for the top of her stocking and pulled it down her long sexy leg. She raised her foot just as he pulled the stocking all the way off. She then repeated the same with her other stocking. She bent over the groom putting her hands on the back of the chair so that her tits were hanging in his face. She had to know what was going to happen next. He leaned his head back and sucked a nipple into his mouth. She did not jerk back this time and let him suck on her tit. The guys in the room were mixed on where to look as their buddy sucked her tit or at her thong covered ass and pussy visible to them.

Her ass was facing my direction and I could see a wet spot forming on her panties. She was completely turned on by this now. I was standing back by the food table and bar watching. I started rubbing my hard cock through my slacks. She stood back up and turned around so she was facing me and glanced my direction. Her eyes opened wide as she saw me rubbing my cock. She sat down on the groom’s lap and started bouncing up and down on him. Her big full tits were bouncing and her nipples were hard and she was so excited that her areola was puckered. She glanced my direction again and gave me a devilish smile at the fact that I had a hard on and was rubbing it through my pants.

The room was silent from talking and cheering at this point as most of the room was rubbing their cocks at the sight of this vixen dry humping their buddy.

Kristy stood back up and turned her ass toward the groom and reached for her panty waistband. She swayed to the music and pulled the waistband out and up and down a few times to tease. She then bent over with her ass in the groom’s face and pulled the panties down to her knees and let them drop to the floor. She shook her ass in his face and he reached out to grab her ass. I know Kristy was not a professional stripper but most strippers I have ever seen at these kinds of parties leave their panties on.

With her now completely naked in a room full of drunk, horny guys I was worried again that she had taken this way too far.

Kristy again made eye contact with me and saw that I was still rubbing my cock. She quickly turned and bent over with her head in the groom’s lap.

Her ass and pussy were splayed wide open as she simulated giving the groom a blowjob.

Then, it happened way too quickly. One of the guys was on Kristy and had shoved his cock into her pussy. I had not even noticed he had pulled it out of his pants. He was immediately humping her as she was bent over the groom. She tried to stand up but the groom had hold of the back of her head. I knew I should have gone to her rescue but my mind and my dick were telling me to watch this beautiful women being fucked. The groom used his free hand to unzip his fly and pulled out his cock. He still had Kristy held down. She had taken the groom’s cock into her mouth and was sucking it while the guy behind her was pumping away at her pussy. The groom had removed his hand and Kristy was now sucking his cock on her own free will.

I never thought I would like watching my wife being fucked by another man. I figured I would kick the guy’s ass. Somehow the woman who had been taking her clothes off in the room full of men was not my wife she was a stripper and my mind did not register that was the case.

The guy that was fucking her was moaning. Then his knees slightly buckled and he shot his load into my Kristy.

“My Kristy,” I thought. Yes my wife was now the center of attention.

The guy who shot his load pulled out and quickly another guy took his place and started banging into her pussy with full long strokes. I looked around the room and all of the guys had their cocks out and was stroking them waiting for their turn.

My cock was hard watching Kristy’s beautiful body bent over and being fucked by these guys. She was sucking the groom for all she was worth. Her large full tits were swinging beneath her as she was being fucked hard from behind. She reached a hand back and was playing with her clit as she was being fucked.

The second guy moaned and shot his load into her pussy. Kristy then turned around and sat down on the groom’s hard cock. She was riding it up and down stroking him with her pussy.

She glanced over at me I’m sure to see what my reaction was as she was being gang fucked. I had my cock out of my pants and was stroking it. She had a look of pure lust in her eyes. One I don’t think I had ever seen in her before. Our eye contact was interrupted as another guy stepped in front of her and she sucked his cock into her mouth.

I moved to a chair and sat down with my cock in my hand. I had a front row seat to watch my wife take on these eight guys.

The groom was ready to explode and threw his head back as he shot his load into her. The guy she was sucking also moaned and jerked a load into her mouth. She swallowed all of it with only a small amount running from the corner of her mouth.

She climbed off of the groom’s cock and crawled across the floor to where I was sitting. She reached up and pulled my cock into her mouth. As she did this another guy got on his knees behind her and plunged into her pussy. I could see his cock as it slid in and out of her pussy. I looked down at her and she was looking up at me.

The kid in her pussy lasted about 30 seconds and shot his load into her. She had one hand wrapped around the base of my cock and the other was massaging her clit.

The next guy took his spot behind Kristy. This kid was well hung and showed no mercy as he plunged into her wet pussy. You could hear the squish noise as he penetrated her. I looked at her eyes as this kid slid into her and her eyes that had been almost squinted shut were now wide open. She was still massaging her clit and I could tell from her trembling she was ready to cum. She pulled her mouth off of my cock and laid her head on my lap and moaned, “OOOHHHHH FFUUUCCCKKK!” She jerked into an orgasm and I knew from experience that her pussy was contracting tightly around the guys cock. He pulled out of her pussy and laid his thick meat on her ass and shot his load onto her back and ass.

She started sucking my cock again this time she was stroking it as well. I was not going to hold out much longer as she was sucking me deeper into her throat than ever before. I shot my load deep into her throat. She gagged slightly from the intensity and volume of my orgasm.

She was still on her knees and was wobbling slightly. Another guy came up to her and stuck his cock into her face and she eagerly wrapped a hand around it and sucked it into her mouth. The one guy who had not cum yet stood next to her waiting his turn so she took her hand and started stroking his cock.

One of the first guys came back for seconds and she grabbed his cock with her other hand and was stroking it. She was sucking and bobbing on the one guys cock and stroking two others. There was a puddle of cum beneath her and the cum on her back was now running down the crack of her ass. The one guy she was stroking started to moan and shot his load onto her body. His cum splashed onto her face and tits. The guy she was sucking also started to cum and as he did he withdrew and shot his load onto her hair, face and tits. The one guy who had come back for seconds also quickly shot his load and hit her tits with his cum.

Kristy leaned back onto the floor and sat down leaning against my leg. She was exhausted. Some of the guys were coming at her with cocks in hand and I said, “Guys, that’s enough for one night.”

I got up and helped Kristy to her feet then led her to the bathroom and shut the door. I started the shower and helped her get inside it. She just stood there in a trance letting the warm water splash over her body.

I asked her, “Kristy are you ok?”

She turned and looked at me with tears welling in her eyes, “Yes. Are you ok?”

I replied, “Yes, I’m ok. You get cleaned up and I’ll be back in just a minute. I need to see what is going on in the other room.”

I went into the main room of the suite and the guys were all sitting down having another drink and eating some more food. The porno was still playing on the big screen TV. They were all laughing and talking about what just happened and how great the girl was.

One of them I overheard was, “Damn she is hot and one of the tightest little pussies I have ever fucked.”

Another one said, “That girl could suck the brass off a doorknob!”

One of them saw that I had come out of the bathroom and asked, “After she gets cleaned up can we have another go at her?

I replied after biting my lip, “Guys don’t you think that sucking and fucking nine guys in one night is enough for any girl?”

He looked at me and said, “But she is fine! I may not get another chance to fuck a babe like her!”

“Guys, there will be no more tonight with her. She is getting cleaned up and will be leaving.” I stated.

I walked around and gathered up her clothes and took them into the bathroom. She was still in the shower and when I came in she turned off the water and stepped out.

She looked at me again with tears in her eyes, “Honey I’m sorry! I don’t know what came over me. I was simply stripping like I was supposed to and then it got out of control. I was not expecting that any of this was going to happen.”

I pulled her to me and held her trembling body next to me then told her, “Honey it’s OK! I could have stopped it but, and I thought I would never say this but, I enjoyed watching you.”

She looked up at me and said, “WHAT?”

I looked her square in the eyes and said, “I never would have thought so either. You are so sexy and watching you fuck those guys and knowing you were getting off on it. I was hard the entire time. In fact if you liked it I think we may have found a solution for a dancer for all upcoming bachelor parties.”

She sat down on the toilet seat and looked at the floor soaking in what I just said.

She looked at me finally, “I don’t want to hurt your feelings or for one minute you to think I don’t love you more than the world itself. But, I did enjoy it. It was such a rush all of these guys wanting me. I felt like a slut but yet very sexy.”

I looked at her and said, “Why don’t you get dressed so we can go home. I will get things wrapped up out here and get the van loaded and then come back for you.”

She asked, “Are the guys leaving? I don’t know if I can walk through there I feel embarrassed.”

I said, “I think the guys are planning on partying the rest of the night and sleeping it off here.”

I left the bathroom to clean up our stuff and load it in the van. The guys were really drunk now and three of them had already passed out on the floor or on the couch.

I went to the bathroom for Kristy. She was dressed again in her gown and I said, “You don’t have to worry most of them are passed out already.”

I opened the door, stepped through and she followed me. One of the guys was drunk and slurred, “Hay Baby will you suck my cock again?”

Kristy looked at him and smiled, “Not tonight Hon but maybe I’ll see you at another bachelor party someday.”

We left the room and headed down through the lobby. I walked Kristy to her car and kissed her. I asked, “I guess this means you want a job as our full-time stripper for bachelor parties?”

She smiled at me, “As long as you are always in the room and it doesn’t bother you. Yes!”

I replied, “I without a doubt will be in the room, watching.”

We hugged each other. She got in her car and I walked to the van.

As I was driving home I could not get the images out of my mind. All I could see was cocks sliding in and out of my wife’s pussy and the fact that I was enjoying watching it really had me floored.

When we got home I went to the shower after unloading the van. I went into the bedroom and crawled into bed. Kristy was still awake and rolled over to kiss me. As she was kissing me she reached for my cock and started stroking it.

She said in the darkness, “You know I didn’t get to fuck my favorite cock tonight.”

I rolled her onto her back and said; “We can fix that problem right now.”

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