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Mall Parking Lot Blow Job

Nick was sitting in the middle of the mall while his wife was shopping watching a boring football game. As they showed a cutaway of the cheerleaders he laughed to himself…”Stephanie is such a frigid bitch. Why in the hell did I ever marry her?”

Just then he felt a feminine hand touch his back and turned to see a very sexy girl in a black skirt and tight spandex top, she had blonde hair and the other girl with her was a brunette and she was wearing a very flimsy sundress. “Excuse me?”

“May I help you,” Nick asked eyeing up the two women.

“I need to ask you a question,” the blonde said to him.

“Go ahead,” Nick said.

“I’m Amanda, this is Kellie, we are trying to get into a sorority and we need your help,” the blonde said.

“How can I help you ladies?” Nick asked raising and eyebrow as he hoped his afternoon was about to get a whole lot more interesting.

“Well this is kind of forward,” Amanda said with Kellie smiling sweetly standing, behind her.

“Be forward,” Nick said getting up and turning to face the two women.

“Well, we need to take you out to your car and get you to strip naked and Kellie will give you a blow job in the backseat while I sit up front and observe to make sure she doesnt cheat,” Amanda said to him.

“You look like there is something else that you aren’t telling me,” Nick said when he observed an odd look on Kellie’s face.

“Yeah after you cum you have to come around and open my door before you get dressed…kinda like being a gentleman to a whore,” Kellie said quietly her face starting to darken to a blush.

“So do you think you’re up to it, stud?” Amanda asked him.

Nick smiled broadly at the two women and asked them, “Are you serious?”

“Hell yes,” Kellie said.

“Then I am definately up to it,” Nick said adjusting his jeans to hide his hard on to the best of his ability.

“Then take us to your car, stud,” Kellie said as she walked past him and started wagging her finger for him to follow her.

Nick took a quick look back at the dress store and realized that this wife was nowhere to be found. Then he followed the two women as they walked toward the exit of the mall.

Once in the parking lot the two girls fell in behind Nick as he led them to his wife’s brand new Honda Civic…At that moment a thought popped in his head and he thought, “What if Steph walks out and catches me right in the middle of this?”

Then Kellie reached over and stroked his hard on through his pants and he forgot about Steph immediately. He pulled out his keys and opened the door, Amanda smiled as she watched Nick and Kellie slide into the backseat. Nick was behind the driver side seat and Kellie was behind the passenger side seat. Amanda then sat down in the front passenger side seat and looked back at Nick. “Ok, big boy, strip down,” Amanda demanded.

Nick took off his shirt and Amanda said, “Give me your clothes as you take them off.”

“Sure,” Nick said as he handed her his shirt. Both women watched carefully as he next removed his shoes and handed them to Amanda who smiled as she noticed Kellie lick her lips. As Nick’s hands started to unbuckle his belt both women’s eyes followed them. It was obvious he was hard and he wasn’t even naked yet. Soon he removed his pants and underwear and handed both of them to Amanda who giggled as she looked at the man’s eight inch hard on waving in the air in the cramped back seat of the car.

“Socks off too,” Kellie said. “You have to be completely naked. That was how I cheated last time.”

“Oh, ok,” Nick said as he removed his socks. Once Amanda had his socks, Nick looked at Kellie expectantly.

“Lean back,” Kellie told him.

“Aren’t you going to get undressed?” Nick asked.

“You are only getting a blow job, stud. Not full blown sex,” Kellie smiled at him.

“Oh ok,” Nick said leaning back. Slowly Kellie lowered her mouth over his hard cock. Nick groaned in pleasure and closed his eyes. Kellie’s mouth began to slide up and down his cock faster and faster and Nick slowly opened his eyes to see that Amanda was looking straight at the action that was going on between his legs. He smiled at her and Amanda smiled back. Without warning Kellie’s hand went to Nick’s balls and started massaging them. Nick groaned loudly as Kellie started to pick up speed with her mouth.

“Jesus, you’re good at this,” Nick said to her.

Kellie took her mouth of his cock long enough to say, “I love sucking dick! Might as well be good at it!”

Kellie slowly slid her mouth back over his cock until it slid down the back of her throat and her lips touched his hairy nuts. Nick groaned out, “Fuck, that’s amazing!”

Amanda spoke up and asked, “You’ve never been deep throated before, have you?”

“Oh my God, no,” Nick gasped.

Amanda said, “Kellie, make him lose his load with your throat since he likes it so much!”

Kellie started really working his cock and deep throated him several times.

“I’m going to cum!” Nick yelled.

“Oh, yeah,” Amanda said from the front seat. “Blow your hot load into her sexy mouth

“Ohhhhh, God,” Nick groaned as his cum came shooting out from the head of his cock and deep into Kellie’s throat as she swallowed each and every drop. Then while his cock was still sensitive Kellie, kept on sucking until there was no cum at all left in his balls. As his cock started to go limp she slowly slid her mouth off his softening cock. While she still continued to lick the small drips of cum that were still oozing from the head of his cock.

Nick lay his head back on the seat and Amanda said, “Wait a sec, buddy, you don’t get to rest just yet. She just gave you a super blow job, now get out of the car and open the door for her like a lady.”

“Yeah, I was just trying to catch my breath,” Nick said to her.

“Now,” Kellie said as she sat up and stared at him.

Nick quickly got up and got out the driver side door and went around the car, but as he got out he heard keys jingle. When he got around to passenger side to open the door he found that it was locked and Kellie was just sliding into the driver’s seat. Amanda cracked the window and said, “Sorry, gotta go, thanks for the car!”

Then Kellie jammed the gas and they sped away with Nick’s wife’s car and Nick’s clothes and he quickly realized that he was standing naked in the middle of the mall parking lot.

He lowered his hands to cover his cock and realized that he was very exposed and really had no way to hide or cover anything. He dashed into the row of cars and crouched down.

Then he heard a sound that chilled him to his very soul, Steph’s voice rang out, “Nick, where are you?”

Nick crouched lower as he realized that his wife was looking for him and he was completely naked, and two college girls had just stole her car.

Nick heard the click of shoes on the pavement beside the car he was crouching in front of and when a high heeled shoe hit the ground in front of him he slid his eyes all the way up to Steph’s cold cruel eyes staring down at him.

“I’m betting that there is a perfectly logical explanation for why you are naked out here in the middle of the mall parking lot, isn’t there?” she asked him.

“No, not really,” Nick said to his wife.

Just then the Honda pulled up behind the car where Nick had been hiding. Steph looked over and said, “I see you met Amanda and Kellie, got you!”

“Shit,” Nick said, “so this was all a set up?”

Stephanie walked over and got in the car with the girls then she said, “No actually, you still have to find a way home, naked!” Then as the car drove away, Nick stood in horror as he grasped the gravity of the situation.

“How am I going to get home?” Nick wondered, as he lowered his hands exposing his full nude body to the sun.

Just then an SUV with the word “Security” written on it pulled up behind where Nick was standing and he just thought his day was getting bad….

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