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Pulling The Bridal Train

Mary sat looking into the large mirror that rose above the antique dressing table and smiled at her image in the glass. She looked stunning with her golden blonde hair flowing down out of the wispy wedding veil, framing her creamy white cheeks in an almost angelic halo. Her silky white wedding dress dipped down in the front revealing her milky cleavage and she felt her breasts rising as her breathing grew short. Her nipples, always sensitive, reacted to her thoughts and rose up creating dimples in the otherwise smooth cloth that barely covered her breasts. She smiled at the sight, enjoying the idea of all of her guests seeing her like this.

It was still two hours before her wedding would start. Two hours and she would become Mrs. Greg Stevens. Her hair was not yet done up into the hairstyle she had chosen and she still had to put her makeup on, but still she was beautiful. Her face glowed with the inner happiness of knowing that a wonderful life was ahead of her. Greg was a kind and gentle man, who took her as she was and didn’t wish to change her. He was handsome, successful and very good in bed. Best of all he enjoyed her sluttish nature as much as Mary herself did. Mary smiled at herself and her own thoughts, beaming with delight as she studied herself in the mirror.

“Radiant!” Becky, her long time friend and bridesmaid, said as she looked over Mary’s shoulder. “You are radiant.”

“Well I’m supposed to be, aren’t I? In two hours I’ll be Mrs. Stevens. Newly married and headed to Paris for my honeymoon.”

“Paris is tomorrow honey. You spend tonight at the Palace Hotel, in the bridal suite.”

“Yeah, and what a night it’s going to be too!” Mary smiled broadly, showing her perfect white teeth before she turned serious and looked at her friend. “Can you believe I am actually nervous? I thought it was the groom that was supposed to be sweating.”

“Maybe you need something to take your mind off of it for a while. Want me to arrange something for you?”

“Ooh, you nasty girl. What did you have in mind?” Mary grinned at her friend.

“Well, let me get rid of your mother first. I’m sure that whatever I can come up with she’ll not approve.” Mary’s mother was the one who had insisted on having the wedding in a church, performed by her minister. Mary’s lifestyle really didn’t mesh very well with the traditional religious views, but she had given in to her mother, mostly because fighting would be futile anyway.

“That would be a start. She has been driving me crazy today. Where is she now anyway?”

“The caterer arrived and she is down stairs making their life a living hell.” Becky laughed. “They will probably kiss me when I send her off on an errand. Now let’s see. What do we need that’s important enough to require her personal care?”

“Here, ” Mary said taking off one of her shoes and twisting the heel roughly finally breaking if from the shoe, “send her down to the bridal shop to get this fixed.”

Becky laughed and took the broken shoe. “Perfect, perfect. It’ll take them a while to fix it. She won’t be back until just before the wedding starts.”

Just then a knock sounded on the door to the dressing room. “Are you decent in there?” A deep baritone voice called through the closed door. Greg’s father had the most sensuous voice Mary had ever heard and she felt a tingle start between her legs just from hearing his voice.

“Yes, but you can come in anyway.” She called out causing Becky to playfully slap her shoulder as the door opened.

Carl Stevens was a little taller than his son Greg, but had the same rugged good looks and the same large hands. Mary could only imagine that his cock was as big and beautiful as his son’s. The thought brought her nipples back to full attention and she smiled as he entered the room.

“Hi Carl, what’s up?” Mary said, taking the time to let her eyes drift down over his muscled chest, past his trim waist and onto the bulge in the tuxedo pants that he was wearing.

“Just checking to see if everything is okay.” Carl said, smiling at his son’s fiance as he noted her checking him out. She was beautiful and if half of what Greg said about her was true, then Carl was looking forward to having her in the family.

Becky held up the shoe. “Actually I was just about to send Linda on an errand. Would you like to stay here and keep Mary company until I get back?”

“Sure, no problem at all.” Carl felt his cock twitch inside his pants at the thought of being alone with Mary, even for a few minutes. Nothing had ever happened between them, but the sexual tension had been there for a long time. He shook his head, how could he think that, it was his son’s wedding day! And here he was thinking about a quicky with the bride.

Mary noted the twitch in Carl’s pants and smiled broadly. She had wanted to have him since the first time Greg had taken her to meet his parents. The opportunity had never arisen, however, but now she thought he might just be the distraction she needed. As Becky slipped out of the room, closing the door behind her, Mary twisted in her chair, pulling her legs out from under the dressing table. Her wedding gown was long in the back, trailing back into a long formal train, but the front was cut short enough to reveal her knees and as she turned she purposefully spread her legs and pulled the dress up just a little hoping to give Carl a flash of panty. Carl saw her turn and saw her skirt ride up but from his standing position he could only see about four inches above her knees. He smiled at her and moved to sit down on a small folding chair in front of her, hoping to improve his view.

As soon as he sat down Mary caught him off guard by raising one foot and setting it into his lap. “Would you mind rubbing my foot? Those shoes have made it sore.” She pouted, pursing her beautiful lips and batting her eyelids slowly. It was corny and Mary was sure that Carl saw right through it, but she didn’t care, it got his big firm hands onto her and that was what she wanted.

Carl started massaging her foot gently. He had definitely improved his view by sitting down and now he was able to see just a hint of white between her legs. Mary shifted in her seat, scooting down just a little, pushing her foot farther onto Carl’s lap and in the process she managed to spread her legs even wider and push her dress up a little farther. Carl almost choked. He could easily see her panties, even the small mounds made by her pussy lips were clearly visible. He continued stroking her foot, moving his hands up over her firm calf, loving the feel of her skin under his fingers.

Mary groaned a low moan of intense pleasure and leaned back slightly. She felt her pussy heating up and knew that she was getting wet. She hoped that Carl could see her panties, that he would notice the wet spot growing between her legs, maybe even smell the aroma of her sex as her excitement grew. She dropped her eyelids almost shut and watched him as he massaged her. He moved her foot deeper into his lap, letting his hands flow up her leg past her knee and onto her silky thighs before drawing them back down to her ankle. She stretched her foot a little pressing it into the growing bulge in his trousers, feeling his cock with her toes and he groaned in pleasure. Mary smiled and pulled her foot from his lap causing him to look up in alarm suddenly hoping he had not offended her. Maybe he had gotten the wrong signal. But his fears were allayed when she lifted her dress up, showing him her wet panties.

“Now you’ve done it Carl. Look at that, I’ve made my panties all wet. Will you help me get them off? I mean I can’t wear them like this. I suppose I’ll just have to go without.”

Carl grinned and immediately knelt in front of her. He let his hands slip up the outside of her creamy thighs to the thin strings that held her panties on. He pulled the wisp of material down slowly, inch by inch. His eyes never left her crotch as he breathed in her intoxicating fragrance. Her sex was in full bloom and as he lowered her panties farther he saw her swollen lips slightly parted below her carefully trimmed blonde pubic hair. Her clit was erect and flushed red with her excitement. As he continued to remove her panties he leaned forward and nuzzled her dripping pussy with his nose and mouth, drinking in her rich aroma, tasting her sweet juices on his lips.

Mary couldn’t take anymore so she dropped her dress down over his shoulders and pulled his head into her pussy. “Oh, yes, Carl. Eat me, lick my pussy, make me cum with your mouth. Mmm, I need to cum so bad. Oh yes, yes, fuck me with your tongue.” It felt so wicked to be doing this. Letting her fiance’s father lick her pussy in a church on her wedding day. Her mind reeled with the sheer eroticism of what she was doing. She felt like such a wonderful slut and she knew that Greg would be pleased when she told him the story.

Carl swirled his tongue into her pussy, letting it part her lips gently and then lifting it to flick it over her clit then quickly back down to stab into her sweet hole and taste her juices. His cock was fully erect now and uncomfortable inside his pants, but he wasn’t about to stop for fear that she would not let him resume. He sucked her clit into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue as he gently bit it and then he released her clit and sucked her engorged pussy lips letting her nectar flow into his mouth. He could tell that she was near orgasm from her breathing and the force her hands were putting on his head, but he didn’t let up. Instead he increased his assault, laving her obscenely and smearing her juice all over his face and bringing her to an intense climax that almost caused her legs to buckle.

She had just regained some of her composure when she heard the door to the dressing room open and then shut quietly. She looked up and saw Becky standing by the door grinning like a Cheshire cat. She raised a finger to her mouth, motioning for Becky to be quiet. Her friend took the hint quickly and stood without a sound watching as Carl performed his artistic cunnilingus.

Mary smiled at her friend and then looked back down at Carl. “Yes baby, that was so good, suck my pussy, make me cum again and again. You can do it, be my big daddy, fucking his daughter-in-law. I’m going to love being a part of your family. Oh, god, I need you to fuck me. Come up here and give me your cock, put your cum in my pussy so Greg can lick it from my pussy tonight, our wedding night. I want him to suck your cum from my pussy and to know where it came from. Please, oh please, fuck me now. Fuck me in my wedding dress. Oh yes, yes, yes.”

Carl was a little surprised by Mary’s coarse language but it just served to make him hotter. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and he rose up in front of her. He grabbed her hair roughly and kissed her full on the lips, pressing his tongue into her willing mouth. As they kissed Becky moved a low coffee table around into a better position. Finally Mary and Carl broke the kiss and Carl realized they weren’t alone. He blushed and began to stammer an apology, but Mary grabbed his hand and held him tight, keeping him from leaving.

“It’s okay. She is a good friend. Now, are you going to fuck me or not?”

Carl stared at her and then looked over at Becky. Surprise and shock fought arousal on his face but finally his sexual needs won out. He watched as Becky helped Mary lay down on the coffee table, hiking her dress up around her waist and spreading her legs wide. Carl shook his head for a half second and then smiled and reached down and opened up his pants. He took out a cock that was longer and thicker than his son’s and he wasted no time moving between Mary’s legs and pushing his cock deep into her wet and ready pussy.

Mary gasped at the size of his cock and then smiled up at him. “Oh yeah, fuck me good with that big cock!” She moaned out as she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him even deeper into her. It wasn’t the biggest cock she had ever had but it was big enough and she moaned loudly as he pushed himself deep into her waiting sex. They began to fuck wildly as Becky watched, smiling. They were so engrossed in their sex that they didn’t hear the soft knock on the door. Becky did and she quickly moved to intercept whoever was out there. It was Paula, Mary and Becky’s friend and fellow adventurer. Becky quickly pulled Paula into the room, pressing her hand over her mouth as she did and then an evil idea welled up in Becky and she grinned at her friend.

“You stay here and guard the fort while they fuck.” Becky whispered to Paula, “I’m going to see if anyone else wants to join the party.” Paula grinned at her mischievous friend but nodded and smiled at her. Becky slipped out the door and then made her way downstairs to where the caterers were setting up. After she was gone Paula locked the door and then went to Mary’s side and knelt down. She leaned over her friend and kissed her gently on the lips. Once again Carl was surprised and he almost panicked when he realized that the girl beside them was not Becky. This was starting to get a little weird, who would show up next? Not his wife, he hoped, but he was almost to the point of climax and couldn’t stop. Besides the sight of Mary and Paula kissing was a great turn on for him. He continued to fuck Mary, pumping into her with renewed vigor and eliciting small animalistic groans and grunts from her as his cock hammered into her pussy. Paula heard a light knock on the door and went to answer it just as Carl began to cum.

“Oh fuck, Mary, you are such a beautiful little slut. I’m cumming, do you want me to cum inside you?”

“Yes, fuck, yes, put your cum in my pussy. I want to feel your cum inside me as I walk down the aisle.”

It was too much for Carl and his cock exploded deep into her hole. He slammed forward, pressing as deep into her as he could and let his balls empty themselves into the hot confines of her womb. He stayed that way for a long minute, relishing the release of orgasm and then as his cock began to soften he pulled out.

“Next!” Becky had returned to the room and she pulled Carl away from Mary and a thin young man from the caterers stepped in and rammed his cock deep into Mary without any warning. Mary’s eyes went wide as she realized that the room was actually full of men with their cocks out, standing in a line to fuck her. She smiled and mouthed a silent “I love you” to Becky and then concentrated on the boy between her legs. He fucked her hard and fast and all too quickly he began to add his cum to Carl’s.

Immediately another man dressed in a dark suit stepped up. He was an older man, in his late forties or early fifties, but he hadn’t forgotten how to use his cock. He moved inside her, not just pounding, but really fucking her and Mary felt herself flow into her second orgasm of the day. The man between her legs felt her orgasm explode inside her pussy and was unable to hold back. He drove his cock deep into her messy hole and let loose a huge load of cum. Her pussy was so full of cum already that it began to leak back out of her used pussy, flowing down her thighs and over her round ass cheeks.

She moaned in erotic ecstasy as another young man wearing a tuxedo slipped between her spread legs and drove his cock into pussy. Becky came to her side as she was fucked again and Mary managed to grunt up to her friend.

“Who are all these men I’m fucking?”

“Wedding guests that got here early, caterers, and three guys from the wedding band. That’s the guitar player whose doing you right now. I’ve got fourteen men and two women who want to fuck you. Greg’s sister, Lynn, is here too. Are you up for it?”

“Mmm, yeah, you are the best Beck. Give me Lynn next, let her lick my pussy, ‘kay.”

“Sure baby, no problem.” Becky went to arrange the guests and noticed Carl sitting at the dressing table, his jaw hanging loose as he watched his son’s fianc‚ taking each man in turn. She stopped by him and grinned. “She is quite the little slut isn’t she?”

“She is beautiful. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life.” He said still staring at Mary.

“Yeah, I know.” Becky said with a smile.

When the guitarist had at last emptied his load into Mary’s swollen and very messy pussy, Becky guided a sweet looking girl with light red hair between Mary’s legs. The girl hesitated for just a second and then dove forward lapping at Mary’s dripping slit. She sucked and licked for all she was worth and bringing Mary to another orgasm. Becky saw her friend climax and then gently eased Lynn up and away, letting another man take her place. Lynn, leaned over and kissed Mary on the lips, letting her taste her own pussy juice on her face and tongue.

“Love ya sis!” Lynn said softly and then moved away as the next man began to fuck Mary with abandon.

He fucked her quickly and only took a couple of strokes before he filled her pussy with his cum and was quickly replaced by the next man in line. Then one of the men in line got a little impatient and he pressed his cock into her mouth. Mary took it down her throat easily, sucking him eagerly, and quickly bringing him off. She tried hard to swallow the huge load of cum that he shot into her mouth but some dribbled down her cheek. Paula was there immediately, licking the cum from her face, and keeping it from getting on her dress. Another saw what Paula was doing and stepped forward. He lifted Mary’s shoulders up and gently unzipped the back of her dress. Carefully he helped Mary pull her arms from the sleeves and then pushed it down. This not only kept it away from the cum on her face it also exposed her heaving breasts and the helpful man quickly knelt beside Mary and began to suckle her nipple.

Another man took his place in her mouth. He wasn’t quite all the way hard and Mary tasted pussy juice and cum on his cock as she sucked it. It only took a few minutes before his cock was hard again and he moved back into line to await his next turn at her pussy.

The next man who stepped up leaned forward and kissed her gently even though she already had another cock in her mouth. “Would you mind if I fucked your ass?” He asked her gently.

She shook her head around the cock and tried her best to smile at him. He apparently understood and raised both of her legs high in the air. He dipped his cock into her sloppy pussy once to lubricate it and then slowly began to push it into her ass. She moaned around the cock in her mouth as she felt her dark hole spread apart and allow the man’s cock to slide inside. He groaned at the heat and tightness of her ass and she playfully squeezed his cock inside her. It was too much for him and even though he had only just begun to fuck her he came hard, filling her bowels with his seed.

The next man didn’t ask permission, he simply lined his cock up with her now dripping ass and pushed inside. Mary screamed in pleasure as she felt the assault but the cock in her mouth muffled her cries. The new man lasted longer and was able get into a steady rhythm fucking her ass. The second woman, an older lady with just a hint of gray in her hair knelt beside Mary and began to lap at her pussy as the man continued to pound into her ass. Soon Mary felt another orgasm rising from deep inside her and she relaxed and let her climax sweep her along. After that it was just a progression of men choosing to fuck either her sloppy ass or her sloppy pussy and a few women or men sucking her pussy or tits. Each man after he finished fucking her pussy or ass would move up and push his cock into her mouth letting her lick and suck her own juices from them. She lost count of the men who fucked her but she was sure that it was more than the fourteen that Becky had promised, finally the last man shot his cum deep into her pussy and pulled out. Becky and Paula shooed the men from the room telling them that it was time to get Mary ready for the wedding and then the three girls were alone.
“Wow, that was fantastic!” Mary said once she had caught her breath. “I don’t know how many orgasms I had, but I feel great!”

“Not just a little sore?” Paula asked smiling.

“Mmm, maybe a little, but it’s feels great!”

“Well the ceremony starts in thirty minutes so we better get you ready.” Becky said, already fussing with Mary’s hair.

They worked quickly and right on time Mary’s hair and makeup was done and her mother showed up with her shoe fixed and ready to go.

“Oh dear you look so beautiful. My sweet innocent daughter! What am I going to do without you?” Linda began to sniffle and she didn’t really understand why Becky and Paula giggled and turned away quickly.

The music started and Mary, walking a little bowlegged, and Becky quickly headed down the stairs to get into position. Mary’s father, old and stodgy but terribly sweet, waited to give her away and Mary wondered if he could smell the sex that was still wafting up from her used pussy. In a dream Mary floated down the aisle, all eyes were fixed on her and soft murmurs of “Oh how beautiful she is,” followed her as she made her way to Greg and his best man, waiting with the minister. As she drew nearer she looked up and with just a little start realized that the minister was one of the men who had fucked her less than an hour ago. Some of the cum that was leaking down the insides of her thighs was probably his. She couldn’t wait to tell Greg she had fucked the minister, and Carl, and so many others. She couldn’t wait to let her husband eat their cum from her pussy and then fuck her good.

The minister smiled at her and a tinge of red showed in his cheeks but she smiled and winked at him. When the ceremony was through she kissed Greg passionately and then whispered into his ear.

“You’ll never guess what I did today. But I’ll tell you all about it once we’re alone.”

Greg just smiled and kissed her again. “I’m looking forward to hearing about it.” He said as they turned and were presented to the guests. Mr. and Mrs. Greg Stevens!

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What A Night

I left the movie theater still laughing, laughing so much my sides hurt, tears were streaming down my face and I was getting hoarse. I had laughed through the entire movie, sometimes howling and sometimes just chuckling. It was the best movie I had seen in a long time.

I was hungry and figured the night was young, so I went over to the IHOP down the road a bit. The parking lot was getting full and it seemed that quite a few others from the movie had converged to this spot, as it is open late into the night. I was a little embarrassed that I was alone, since most of the crowd waiting to be seated were in groups of at least 3 or more.

As I was waiting I couldn’t help but stare at the hunk standing in front of me. He was skin was tan, his hands strong, his ass tight, with tiger eyes and dark brown, almost black hair. He had a wonderful smile that flashed perfect pearlie-whites. His voice was deep, not Barry White deep, but a sexy-deep that got my juices flowing. I guess it didn’t help that the movie I had just seen was full of sexual innuendoes and that sex was on my brain. I hadn’t gotten laid in a while, since Joe and I had broken up a month ago. Masturbating was cool if it was the only thing available, but I was getting tired of my toy collection. I needed some meat that was attached to a living breathing man!

Back to this guy in front of me. It looked like he must work out or has a job that keeps him buff. He has strong looking hands and with a short sleeved shirt on I could see the muscle definition in his arms. Gawd! I’d love to feel them around me. Well, a table for me cleared up before a table for him and his buddies, so I sat down and figured out what I wanted to order. Once that was done I concentrate on trying to make eye contact with the hunk. Joe had gotten me into some “bad” habits– one of which was to not wear any panties under my skirts. I had a short skirt on today and I was feeling a little moist since I had been checking out the stud. I sipped on my water while waiting for my food and saw the group of guys being led to a table near me. If only he would sit so he could see my legs and I could make eye contact with him!

As luck would have it, tonight was going to be a good night after all! He wound up sitting so that all he had to do was look straight across the table he was at to look at me. Granted there was one of his pals sitting in his line of view, but I could fix that by moving slightly to my left at the table I was at. I did this when my food was brought to me, moving my chair rather than pushing my plate over. Very subtle if you ask me.

Well, as I was lifting my link sausage to my mouth in the most sexy of ways I caught his eye. I managed to smile and wink before I blushed and had to look away. I’ve never been shy in my entire life and couldn’t figure out why I was now! Maybe because I was pursuing him in a major way instead of the other way around. Whatever it was, I had better get over it and quick!

I looked up and caught his eye again and began uncrossing my legs. I subtly pointed my finger down to my lap, hoping he would get the drift to look down. I licked my lips in the most erotic way and closed my eyes, my head tilted back. Then I behaved for a short while, but just couldn’t keep the little innocent image up. I had ordered milk to go with my omelet, so when I took a sip I accidentally let a little dribble down my chin. I gasped and giggled as I caught it with my finger, then sucked my finger into my mouth. I hoped he was getting as hot and horny as I was or I’d be frantically finger-fucking myself tonight!

He finally got the drift and looked under the table and I gave him a little peep show. You shoulda seen the look on his face when he realized I was pantiless! His eyes bugged out and strained to see more and he got this huge smile on his face! It was so worth the effort. But, then his buddies asked him what he was staring at and he must have told them, cuz all of sudden all 3 guys were looking at me. I smiled and tried to nonchalantly eat my omelet, but wound up bursting out in laughter. My efforts at seduction were over! I just couldn’t do it with a straight face.

I said to the guys “Are you waiting for me to do something or do I have food on my face or what, boys?” They chuckled a little and one of them, not the one I wanted, said “Oh, no, it’s just that Jason here swears you don’t have anything on under that skirt.” Talk about forward!!! Shit, what was I supposed to do! I decided to go for it and thought, what the hell, maybe I could have all 3 of them tonight. I was feeling FRISKY!!

It was turning out to be an even better evening that I had anticipated. “Well, if I could join you three, maybe you would be able to find out if Jason is correct.” They jumped at the chance to have me come to their table and fought about who I was going to sit in between. I insisted that I be seated next to Jason and let the other 2 squabble.

“My name is Lianne” I said to them. They introduced themselves as Jason, Phil and Tom. Jason was the first to snake his hand up my bare thigh to check on the panty situation. A huge grin broke out on his face and he just turned to me and kissed me smack on the lips! Of course I kissed him back and we drifted off into our own little world playing tonsil hockey until one of the others cleared his throat. I blushed again and started to make small talk as we all were eating. I asked them if they had just come from the movie theater and they said they had just seen the same flick as I had.

While we finished eating we talked about the movie and told each other our favorite lines and such. But I wasn’t being good, far from it. I had slipped off my shoe and had the toes of my left foot feeling up the crotch of Phil. He wasn’t sure what to do at first, but then seemed to slide down in his seat a little. I guess he liked what I was doing. Imagine that. Needless to say, suddenly everything that was coming out of our mouths had a sexual twist to it and we were all getting hornier by the minute. Poor Tom was feeling left out, so I reached over to feel him up.

He had a nice package, firm and protruding a bit, but that was to be expected, as his hand had been under my skirt for the past 5 minutes. He had found out that I shave most of my mound, leaving just a small path down the center to my pearl of pleasure. The guys willingly picked up my tab as we discussed where we were going to go now. I wasn’t comfortable going to their place, nor with them coming to mine just yet, so I suggested that we go somewhere we could dance. I had Jason ride with me and Tom and Phil followed. Little did they know I was bringing them somewhere they could watch ME dance. I pulled into the parking lot of TaTa’s.

“Isn’t this a strip joint?” Tom asks as we get out of the cars. I just motion for them to follow me inside. Once inside I seek out the owner, Big Ned, himself. While I am talking to Big Ned the guys have their eyes glued to the center stage where Ellen and Wendy are going to town, dancing and twirling on the poles. They are down to g-strings and nipple tassels, and the crowd is whooping and hollering for them to lose the rest. I have to pull on Jason’s arm to get him and the rest to follow me back to the private room. It is behind center stage, a room that has a 2-way mirror, so we can see what’s going on on the floor and have a great close-up view of center stage, but no one can see in where we are. Big Ned kisses me on the cheek and tells me to have fun and use the room as long as I want.

The guys look at me curiously and I tell them that Ned is a very close friend of the family, kinda like a foster-father to me and lets me come here from time to time if the room isn’t already rented out or in use. I tell them about the 2-way mirror and that no one can see in, but that’s not the complete truth. There are four cameras in different spots behind the walls that are recording everything that happens here. This way Big Ned can have his muscle keep on eye on us and make sure nothing bad happens to me. They all know my safe word and not to come in no matter what is going on unless I say it.

I order us a round of drinks from the waitress that comes in after kissing her full on the lips. The guys are sitting in front of the mirror watching the action on center stage. Wendy and Ellen are completely naked now and are getting it on with each other on stage. The other girls have come out to do lap dances for the patrons wishing for them.

Once Trish bring in our drinks I have her shut the door. I go sit on Justin’s lap and start to kiss him. I reach down and arrange my skirt so that my bare bottom is on him. Jason is holding me close, kissing me deeply, barely coming up for air. Then Tom and Phil start to complain, telling Jason he has to share. Little do they know that I intend on having my way with all 3 of them before the night is over. Jason continues to kiss me all over my face and neck while Phil starts unbuttoning my blouse. I am working on getting Jason’s clothes off, too and have started with his belt and pants. I have gotten them down far enough to have a good grip on his manhood. I stop kissing him to look down to see what I will get to taste later. He already has a string of precum at the tip, and I could never resist licking up precum, so I lean down I stick out my tongue to lap it up. Jason shivers as I do this and a soft moan escapes. Phil has my blouse off and is kissing my breasts through the thin material of my bra. I go back to kissing Jason and Tom comes over to put his face between my legs. Damn! I never thought this would happen tonight!!

None of us are aware of what is happening outside of this room, as we are completely absorbed in what we are doing. I ask the guys if they would like a little show of their own, just for them. I get a unanimous reply “YES!” I turn up the music a little that is coming in through the speakers and start to feel the music. My arms go over my head and I begin swaying back and forth, getting carried away by the beat. I dance with abandon, swinging my hips, shaking my breasts, eyes closed, completely absorbed in what I am doing. I don’t even notice that all three of them have started to touch themselves.

I touch my nipples, pulling on them, rolling them between my fingers, my head back. I am moaning, but the guys don’t hear me because the music is so loud. My hands slowly move down my body, caressing every part, lingering at my stomach and hips, feeling what makes me different as a woman from you men. Wider hips, made for giving birth to propagate the human species. My hands travel to my nether regions, and I smooth the fine hairs beneath my fingers, feeling that the ones closest to my folds are moist. I bring my fingers to my nose and smell my juices before tasting them. I lick my fingertips one at a time, slowly sliding them all the way in and then out of my mouth.

I open my eyes to see the reaction I am causing in my lovers. There is precum at the tip of all three dicks and I go to each of them, starting with Jason, and take the head in my mouth and suck the precum up, twirling my tongue in and out and around the hole from which the nectar flows. My tongue moves around the entire head, then under in slow circular motions and a soft sucking sensation. I move to Phil, then Tom to complete the circle. I lick my lips and tell them how good they taste and that I can’t wait for more. I press the buzzer near the door and Trish comes back in.

I show her the 3 of them, dicks out and standing strong, and say I need more to drink. She also knows to bring me a large spinach and romaine lettuce salad. I have only done this a few times before, but Trish knows me better than most, as we have been friends since high school and are lovers on occasion. She can tell by the gleam in my eyes and the grin on my face that these guys are really in for a treat tonight! My cunt is dripping wet, and my juices are flowing onto my thighs. I continue dancing for them, tweaking my nipples with one hand, and the other playing with my pussy. I don’t even notice Trish come back in with the tray.

She sets it down on the table in the back and sits down to watch the show for just a bit. I spread my pussy lips open wide and begin inserting my finger, first one and then two, finger-fucking myself. I let the thumb of my left hand slide up to my clit, which has peeked out from under it’s hood, and begin to rhythmically stroke it. My knees begin to tremble and I have to sit down on the platform. Phil walks up to me and starts to kiss me, hands exploring my body. Next Tom comes over, gets on his knees and starts eating my pussy again. Jason is watching this, dick hard in his hand and decides that his buds shouldn’t get to have all the fun. He comes over and takes my left breast into his mouth. He sucks on my nipple, biting it gently, until I am moaning.

I have taken his shaft in my hand and am working it up and down, until I break away from Phil and pull Jason closer to me. I position him so that I can take him fully into my mouth, while Tom continues to lap at my fountain. Phil moves to take Jason’s spot at my breast and licks the right nipple until it is standing out and is rock hard, burning for more. I am getting ready to cum and start bucking my hips. I take Jason’s rod into my mouth and start to suck furiously, humping my face up and down on him, sucking, tonguing and licking, all while moaning through my orgasm. Phil has reached over to the nearby table and grabs a condom. I hate these damn things, but we gotta be safe, he thinks.

Tom moves off my pussy and Phil replaces him, slamming his hard dick into my throbbing hole. I gasp at his thickness, not expecting him to be quite so big! I continue to give Jason a blow job, taking him deep into my mouth, the tip of his dick hitting the back of my throat. I swallow on his dick, so he can feel my throat contract on his swollen head. I continue to move my tongue over his shaft, causing Jason to feel multiple sensations at once. His dick vibrates every time I moan with pleasure from the fucking I am getting in my pussy. I grab ahold of Jason’s rod at the base, both balls in my hand, and squeeze, prolonging his erection and not letting him cum just yet.
As Phil is pounding in my pussy Tom has gotten down on the floor and under me. He dips his finger into my flowing juices, pulls my ass cheeks apart and starts to massage my asshole. Every few seconds he pushes the tip of his finger in, seeing if I will allow admittance. Jason’s head is throbbing and he begs me to let him cum, so I release the hold I have on his shaft and start massaging his balls. I feel his balls squeeze up and know that Jason is right on the verge. What can I say, I am a bitch. I open my mouth and let Jason’s cock fall out just before he cums. I tell Phil to get off of me so we can reposition. It is then that I notice that Trish is still in the room, silently rubbing her clit. I figure it does no harm to let her keep watching, so I don’t say anything. This is all on tape anyway, so what difference does it make, eh?

I ask Jason where he would like to cum. He looks at me with a surprised expression on his face and asks what I mean. I reply that there are 3 places he can cum and for him to pick one of them. He looks at me with wonder and picks my pussy. I have him lie on his back on the platform. I take the condom in my mouth and roll it down his shaft with my tongue and lips.

Then I ask Jason where he wants Phil to cum. He looks at Phil and says “in your slut mouth”, so Phil positions himself at Jason’s head, sitting on a stool, just at the right height for me to lean over and suck him off. “I guess I’m stuck jacking off,” says Tom. Jason has finally figured me out and replies “Nope, you’re wrong, Tom. You get her ass.” I slide myself down onto Jason’s thick dick, which has calmed down quite a bit and is going to have to rebuild his climax.

As Jason pushes himself all the way in Tom gets behind me. He has lubed up his cock with my pussy juice and k-y jelly after putting on a condom. He spreads my ass cheeks and puts the tip of his cock at my back door entrance. He very gently penetrates, pushing in then stopping to let me become accustomed to his size. I am moaning constantly now, feeling used like a whore, knowing that soon all of my holes will be filled and my fantasy come true. Jason starts moving again and Tom works his way into my ass, finally getting himself all the way in. I gasp as he buries himself in to the hilt, feeling his balls slap against my pussy. Phil pulls my head to his cock, and I start to bob in rhythm to the pounding my ass and box are getting. I am in heaven, and feel soooo full, and know this is going to be the best orgasm I have ever had in my life.

We all move in rhythm together, Jason and Tom alternating thrusts, so as my pussy gets filled my ass is emptied. It is like 2 pistons simultaneously thrusting in and out. I can hardly stand the intensity, knowing that this is just the beginning of an incredible night! The first one to start cuming is Tom. “Your ass is so tight! My dick has never been anywhere so tight. I’m going to cum!” As he starts to squirt it triggers my climax and I bite down on Phil’s rod, sucking so hard that he starts to pour his warm jism down my throat.

As my vagina spasms it takes Jason over the brink and he cums, exploding into the condom. It is then that I notice that I am completely filled. Phil’s dick is to the back of my throat, Tom’s dick is maxed in my ass and the tip of Jason’s dick is hitting my cervix. It is the most intense feeling I have ever had and I don’t want it to end. But, it has to. As the boys remove themselves from me and peel off the used condoms I go to each one and lick their dicks clean. Trish has left the room, I can only guess that she, too, has had a wonderful orgasm and that she has gone back to work.

After cleaning all 3 dicks I go to the tray and get the salad. I know the guys have been wondering what it is for and don’t want to keep them in suspense any more. I ask them if they are hungry. All three nod and I tell them I am going to give them a special dressing for their salad. I sit on the stool that is on the platform and spread my legs wide open. All three focus their eyes on my dripping wet pussy. It seems that I have a river of cum flowing out of me and some drips onto the floor. I get this way when I am very excited, it is somewhat unusual, but not unheard of and I am not the only girl I know that has copious amounts of cum.

I bring the salad bowl near to me and take a leaf of spinach. I bring it down to my nether lips and spread them open with my free hand. I then proceed to put the leaf of spinach into my snatch, coating it with my cum. I take it out and replace it with a leaf of romaine lettuce. The guys are mesmerized, just staring with their mouths open, having never seen anything like this before. I continue until I have applied dressing to each leaf of lettuce and spinach. I then walk to the tray Trish had left and divide the salad into 4 bowls. I sprinkle each of them with shredded carrots, cucumber chunks, raisins and croutons and bring them to the table with the drinks.

Tom says “you really expect me to eat this?” I just smile and lift my fork to my lips and open my mouth. I take a bite of mine and say “mmmmm.”

Then Jason decides to try his salad and after taking a tentative bite, he says “this is the best dressing I have ever had.” So, Phil gives his a try. Once he sees that his buddies have not dropped over dead, Tom lifts his fork to his mouth and tries his salad. “Not bad,” he says. As we all finish our salads I notice that all three are sporting wood again.

“Would you like me to see if Trish is free to join us,” I ask. Next thing I know I have 6 ogling eyes staring at me, bewildered.

“Are you shitting us?” Phil asks.

“I’ll bet she is,” says Tom.

“I think she’s serious,” Jason pipes in.

“I guess you don’t want to add to our merriment tonight. I thought an extra pussy, pair of tits and lips would add to the fun. I’m sorry if I misjudged you,” I reply.

All of a sudden all three are talking at once “oh, no, we didn’t mean it that way”

“it’s just that no girl has ever offered to do the things you have”

“please go get her, we want her too.” I start to laugh as I walk out of the room and return with Trish. We go to the platform and start to dance together. Rubbing our titties together, caressing each others bodies, kissing deeply, running our fingers through each other’s hair. It is as if the three of them are not here, just Trish and I, because we are so comfortable together.

Trish and I continue to dance eroticly together, working each other’s bodies into an aroused state. I gather her bosom to my face and push her breasts together so that I can lick both nipples at once. I suck and nibble on them, and they respond to my attention by becoming hard as marbles and as big as marbles, too. I start to roll one between my fingers, pulling on it, pinching it harder and harder until the tip of the nipple that is not between my fingers turns white.

Trish gasps in pain/pleasure and as I release her nipple I lean down to kiss the spot I have just hurt. Trish and I find our way to the floor, groping at each other. We automatically move to the 69 position on our sides, spreading apart the other’s legs to get to the forbidden fruit. I kiss her inner thigh, licking it, my tongue feathery-light on her lips. I kiss her mons, rubbing my nose in her soft hair, breathing in the scent of female arousal. I gently spread apart her lips with my tongue and then go back to kissing the top of her pussy. I like to tease her, because she knows that the more I tease, the harder she will cum.

Trish is working on me at the same time and is planning on giving these studs a show like they’ve never seen before. She isn’t going to hold back and is going to use me like the wench I am when I get this horny. She has started to insert her fingers into my pussy, first one and then two, all while licking my clit. I don’t realize just yet what she is planning to do, so I start to try to get her to cum before me. It is a game we play sometimes, seeing who will make the other one cum first. I have found her clit, peeking out from under its hood, all hard and sensitive.

I pinch it, then lick it with long lapping strokes. I use the whole surface of my tongue to lick her vagina from top to bottom, starting at the clit, going down to her asshole and back up again. I know this drives her wild. Then I go back to her clit, point my tongue and make circles around her clit. First big circles that don’t touch her clit, then spiralling to make the circles smaller and smaller until the circles on her clit. She starts thrashing her head back and forth, gasping and calling out “oh, yeah, it feels so good, please don’t stop

Any good lover know that when someone says “please don’t stop” it really means “I’m going to cum soon,” so I start to do what makes her cum like crazy. I flick my tongue up and down, under and on top of her clit, like my tongue is going over a speed bump or something. Soon Trish is thrashing her whole body back and forth and that is when I go in for the kill. I hold her legs to my face and suck her clit into my mouth. I suck on her clit like there is no tomorrow, biting it and sucking harder and harder until she comes in wave after wave of pure bliss. Jason, Tom and Phil are mesmerized, their hands on their dicks, wanking them up and down in time to Trish’s moans and cries. None of them have ever seen 2 girls go at it live – yeah, in pornos or in mags, but never within 5 feet of them and just for them.

This whole time Trish had managed to keep two fingers inside my pussy, wiggling them back and forth, if not moving them in and out. After recovering, she starts working on me. She is licking on my clitty while keeping up the pace with her fingers. She slides in a third finger, and is using her thumb on my clit then inserts a fourth finger. Her hand is going in my pussy sideways now to accommodate her 4 fingers and when her hand is inside she spreads her fingers out, stretching my pussy wider and wider with each thrust.

I am loving it, bucking my hips with her thrusts, trying to get more inside. I realize now what she is trying to do. I love her for it, knowing she has remember what I have only told her once, one of my most intimate fantasies that I have only shared with her. And she knows that this time she will be able to fulfil it, she knows this because she has never seen me so frantically horny, so wanton, so uninhibited. I whisper to her “yes, yes! More, I want more. Do it, give it to me, please. Do it, I’m begging you!”

Then I call out to Jason, asking him to come to me, to kiss me while Trish is fucking my pussy with her fingers. He does, lying on the platform next to me, kissing me tenderly, playing with my nipples. Trish becomes a little distracted when she finds Tom and Phil behind her, Tom fingering her and Phil eating her out, but focuses on the task at hand before becoming lost in her pleasure. I feel her stretching my pussy wider and I gasp, as it hurts a little bit, but then I feel like I have never ever felt before in my life.

Trish has gotten her entire fist into my pussy and is fucking me with it. I spread my legs out as far as I can and then feel someone helping me. I open my eyes and see that Phil and Tom have each grasped one ankle and are holding me spread eagle. Trish keeps fist-fucking me and then I feel a tongue on my clit. This is almost more than I can take. Jason keeps at it, as does Trish. Tom and Phil and Jason are in awe, they have never seen anything like this before in their life. I start to cum, harder and longer that I ever have before.

Then I feel this rush, like I have to pee, but I don’t, and it builds into an even more intense orgasm and I actually squirt (as in ejaculate). I pass out after that, kinda like in a trance and all floaty. Trish begins to remove her arm from my pussy, and as she slides it out you hear a slurping noise and her arm is just coated with my cum. She and the 3 fellas taste my cum and the next thing you know her arm is clean.

Trish and Tom and Phil go over to the other side of the room to continue their little escapade, while Jason sits with me until I come to. I am only out for about 5 minutes and find him kissing me all over my face and neck. He is so tender, like he thinks I am hurt or something. I start to kiss him back most passionately and he stops to ask if I am ok. I tell him that he has just shared in the most incredible experience of my life and that I feel a bond towards him like I have not felt towards anyone else. We cuddle on the bed in the back of the room and drift off to sleep.

When we wake up we find that Trish, Phil and Tom are gone. There is a note on the table from Ned. It says to help ourselves to anything in the back kitchen or behind the bar and to lock up when we leave. He knows I have keys to the place and will set the alarm. Under the note is an unmarked videotape. I slide it in my bag before Jason sees it.

We go to the kitchen and rustle up some breakfast and bring it to the bed on a tray. After enjoying our leisurely meal and talking for a while we lie back and make sweet love over and over again. Of course, we exchanged numbers as we parted. The guys had left Phil’s car for Jason, so he went his way and I went mine, after one last lingering kiss. I know we will be seeing a lot more of each other.

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