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Virgin Schoolgirl Needs Better Grades

“Mr. McCoy, I just have to start getting higher grades in your class if I’m going to get admitted to any of the best colleges. I’m acing every class but yours and I’d do anything to get straight A’s from you too.

“Anything? Do you really mean that?” His smile widened as he asked her that and lecherous thoughts swirled through his mind.

“Yes, I do. Anything. Anything at all. I would even be willing to have sex with you but I’m a virgin and I have to stay that way until I’m married. My parents are very strict and so are the mother and father of my fiancé. Even so, I would be willing to have sex with you but it would have to be some any way I can do it and still keep my virginity?”

“I’m quite sure we can work something out, Ruth. Suppose you come to my office after school ends today and we’ll see if we can think of something.”

Dennis McCoy already knew what he was going to be thinking of and he hoped Ruth would be as willing as she said she would be. She was about the hottest girl in the high school where he taught Geometry, with long red hair, green eyes and a few scattered freckles that enhanced her perfect ivory complexion. Her breasts were big and shapely too but neither they nor her face was Ruth’s main attraction. As he watched her walk out the door of his office in her long knit dress, he knew what was. He was a man who loved female asses and the body he was eying had a bottom that was as close to perfect as any he had ever seen, big and curvy with a truly delightful sway. He would talk with her after classes ended for the day but he already knew what he wanted to do to her later when her dress would be bunched up above her waist and she would be leaning over his desk.

Shortly after the bell rang ending the school day, Ruth returned to his office. Although inexperienced, she knew there was a way for a woman to have sex with a man without breaking her maidenhead, and she had done it, but she was naively hoping Mr. McCoy would not have thought of it. If he had, and he insisted on it, she would let him have his way with her because a first class college was so very important in her plans. She was willing to go that far but would still refuse to let anybody fuck her pussy before marriage and after the wedding, it would be only her bridegroom.

She needn’t have worried about her maidenhead because the lecherous Dennis McCoy had been thinking of only one thing since watching her ass swaying as she left his office earlier that day. The first thing he had done was to look up the sexy redhead’s date of birth in her high school records and learn she had turned 18 over a month ago. He had made sure he had a squeeze bottle of good quality lubricant because he was aware it would be necessary but had decided to pass on the condoms. He knew Ruth couldn’t possibly become pregnant from being fucked in her ass and he was confident she would have no STD or AIDS. The last thing he did before her anticipated visit was to put a roll of paper towels on his desk but otherwise clean off everything there so she could bend over it while he raised her dress and peeled down her panties.

Ten minutes after classes ended, Ruth arrived in Mr. McCoy’s office and was rather dismayed to see him there and not wearing his coat or tie. She had hoped he would have left already, thereby relieving her of her promise but, since he hadn’t, she was determined to go through with it. “I’m here,” she announced and turned around to lock the door and pull down the shade before sitting on the chair next to his desk. “Have you decided what you want to do?”

She expected him to want to be sucked off, which would not be that much of a problem to her. Although a virgin, as she said, Ruth had sucked her fiancé’s cock several times and it been rather fun. The young man had never done anything to reciprocate but her own fingers on her clit had taken care of her climaxes. She expected that would be what she was called on to do that day and started to go around the desk so she could get to her knees while the teacher remained in his chair and enjoyed her attentions. The only things she was concerned over were how long it would take and what his semen would taste like and whether or not he would expect her to swallow it as her fiancé liked her to do when he came into her mouth. Therefore, Ruth was surprised when he got up from his chair and guided her to a spot in front of his desk.

“Put your hands here,” he instructed her, referring to an area that was free of any clutter. “Lean forward and press your legs against the edge of the desk.”

Still wondering what was going to happen, she did as she had been told and watched as Mr. McCoy went back to the drawers of his desk, removed some objet or other and returned to stand behind her. She felt him unbuckle the belt around her waist, place his hands on her hips and stroke slowly downward until he reached the hem of her dress. Not until she became alarmed when he started to raise her dress did she say anything to him.

“Mr. McCoy! What are you doing?”

“I’m getting you ready to do what you said you would do.”

“But I can’t do that! I can’t let you take my virginity.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to get near your cherry.”

Ruth began to realize what the teacher’s intentions might be. Occasionally, she had heard an angry man say something like “Fuck you in the ass” to another man but she had never thought about that as even being possible. Ruth had also, while taking a shower, inserted a finger in her own nether hole and it had felt rather good but that was just a finger. She was certain the cock of the geometry teacher would be much thicker and longer and doubted it would even fit inside such a small opening the way he seemed to want. She had made a promise to him but had not known at the time what might be involved.

“Wouldn’t that hurt? I mean what I think you might be thinking about.”

“No. Well, just a little at first but it should feel good once we get going. If it hurts too much, I’ll stop but millions of people do it every day and most of them really like it.”

“Can’t I just give you head instead of that?”

“No. You made a promise to me and I expect you to keep it.”

“But I don’t want to do that.”

“Oh? Do you want to go to a quality Ivy League university or some other place equal to that or would you rather have to enroll at Podunk Community College? Because that’s the only place that’ll accept you with the D Minus you’ll get in my class.”

That gave Ruth something else to think about. Straight A’s would get her the scholarship she needed and admission to the best schools in the state – in the world even – with all the benefits that would be involved after graduation.

“Will you really stop if it starts to hurt too much?”

“Of course. I have no intention of hurting you. I just want to have some fun and I really think you’ll like it too. Gay men do and a lot of women like it better this way too.”

“Alright. Just tell me what I have to do.”

“For now, just keep leaning against the desk with your feet together.”

With Ruth doing what he wanted, Dennis finished raising her dress above her waist and gathered it so it would rest on his desk and be out of their way. Thinking he might need something nice to hold onto, he reached up even farther, unhooked Ruth’s bra and pulled it off to leave it draped over the back of the chair she had used briefly. He sat on that same chair and removed his shoes, socks, pants and underwear, grinning at his stiff cock when he finished. She was still wearing her shoes and sox but he didn’t worry about them. Naked below the waist, he stood behind Ruth and slowly pulled down her white cotton panties, taking his time about it because he considered the stripping to be comparable to the unveiling of a work of fine art.

With her panties off, he gazed raptly at the spectacularly beautiful ass he was about to fuck. It was probably the most gorgeous one he had ever seen naked, with her hips curving out from her waist and back in to merge with her thighs. The lovely cheeks were two perfect hemispheres that jutted from her back, curved around and down and back and slightly up until they met the backs of her legs. The skin covering this marvel may have been the most beautiful part of all, creamy white and unblemished, and Dennis could hardly wait to get his body pressed against her while he was plunging his cock in and out of this place of spectacular beauty.

But there was one detail that had to be attended to first. “You certainly have a beautiful bottom, Ruth,” he told her. “But I need you to reach back and spread your cheeks for me. And move your feet apart,”

She reached back with her hands to part the halves of the gorgeous globe and he gazed at the new glory – her lovely pink rosebud between the satiny white hillocks. When he reached in to open the pink bud, his hand brushed against the skin that was like Damask and lined the insides of those cheeks. She was so gorgeous, he thought of licking her but he didn’t want to take the time to do the thorough washing that would have been needed. Although distracted by her beauty, he concentrated on prying her open enough to insert the tip of the squeeze bottle of lubrication.

“Oh!” the sexy redhead responded as the cool liquid squirted into the place where nothing but her own fingers had ever been before. “That feels good. Funny but good.”

“I’m glad, Ruth. It’s supposed to feel good.”

After removing the nozzle of the bottle from her ass, Dennis slowly eased the middle finger of the same hand into the oily hole that had become much more easily accessible. Ruth’s body squirmed against the desk because the digit was going so far into her and felt even better than her own soapy fingers had while in the shower. So far, she was really enjoying her first anal sex experience but she was also aware that a man’s dick, at least that of her husband-to-be, would be much bigger than anything that had ever penetrated her before.

When he finished covering his cock with the lubricant, everything was ready. Dennis reached back between the teenager’s cheeks with the same hand, pried open a small opening again and moved closer while guiding his hard organ with the other hand. When he made contact between the tip and the tiny orifice that he was about to stretch, he stopped and rubbed the head of his cock against it to spread the lubricant better and to make the first shallow insertion.

“That still feels really good, Mr. McCoy. So far, everything has.”

“I’m glad to hear that. But the next thing I do will hurt just a little and, after that, everything should feel good.” Having said that, he pushed forward and the head of his cock wedged its way into the slippery hole before him.

“Oh!” Ruth gasped as she felt the thick invader squeeze its way into her ass. “Ahhh,” she continued as the small amount of initial pain immediately started to evolve into pleasure.

“How does that feel? Does that hurt?”

“Oh, no. Just a little at first but it feels great now.”

“Good.” Dennis thrust forward again and almost an inch of his cock burrowed into the place that was being so hospitable.

Ruth sighed in bliss and spread her succulent cheeks slightly farther, believing if the small penetration felt that good, deeper would be better. She was right in that belief. The hard shaft burrowed its way almost another inch into her, and the currents of joy rippling through her body more than doubled. She moaned loudly from the extreme delight she was feeling and her body started squirming against the edge of the desk. Wanting more, Ruth kept holding her soft, white cheeks spread as widely as she could until she felt a hand being placed gently on either of her hips.

From the way the teenager was acting, it was obvious she was getting as much fun as he was which made Dennis happy. He preferred the woman have a good time during sex with him and he knew the antics Ruth would soon be going through would make the fucking so much better for him. His cock was deeply enough inside her ass that he no longer needed to guide it so he used one of the paper towels to wipe the excess lubricant from his hands and placed them on her soft hips. He enjoyed the contact and would be able to pull back on them for leverage as he drove his cock farther into her.

With the next stroke, Ruth felt Mr. McCoy pulling back on her hips so she thrust her ass back to meet him. A wave of unmitigated pleasure washed over her body as his cock imbedded itself inside her and she groaned in bliss. The fabulous sensation of having her ass stretched and the adjacent channel crammed so full was like nothing she had ever known or even felt in her most lurid adolescent dreams. The horny teacher kept his cock in place while her whole body was writhing in joy and she was shifting back and forth from one foot to the other as wave after wave of intense carnal delight crashed through her body.

Finally, he slowly withdrew and Ruth felt a small sense of loss but that didn’t last very long. When she felt his cock surging back into her ass, Ruth was in such a hurry to have the hard giver of joy imbedded again, she fucked back to meet it. Once again, she groaned in pleasure as their bodies came together, this time burying his cock so deeply that his pubic hair was tickling the very sensitive insides of her ass cheeks. They stayed like that for over a minute while great breakers, not merely waves, of joy crashed through her whole form.

Dennis was having a great time too. Ruth’s extremely tight ass was probably the best place his cock had ever been and the movements of her body made the fucking even better for him. For this purpose, he had bought the best quality personal lubricant he could find and it was worth the small extra price. The oil had completely liquefied and he felt no friction as he plunged his entire shaft in and out of her, just the tightness and the massaging by her internal muscles.

Over and over, Dennis McCoy’s cock plowed into Ruth’s ass and she fucked back to meet every stroke. The pleasure she was receiving was excruciating but there was another feeling also mounting within her body. While sucking off her fiancé and, occasionally at other times, she had brought herself to a climax by fondling her clit and the new sensation was a little like that, except for being so massive those other times paled in comparison.

From the erratic movements of the teenager’s body and her sounds of delight, Dennis knew Ruth was getting close to coming, as was he. “Do you want me to play with your clit,” he asked.

“Yes! Please, can you do that? I think I’m gonna come any minute.”

Dennis reached around her hip and found her clit, which was so swollen with her lust it had crowded its way out from behind its protective hood. Ruth’s whole pussy was dripping wet from her juice and he scooped some of it up on his fingers, being careful to avoid making a penetration, and licked it off. The fresh honey was delicious and he repeated this several times, while hoping he might get a chance to eat her pussy during some future tryst in his office or elsewhere. After licking his fingers for the last time, he gently used his thumb and forefinger to squeeze Ruth’s clit between two folds of her inner lips.

He started slowly stroking the engorged morsel, in the same tempo as the thrusts of his cock into her and Ruth matched his pace as she rammed her ass back to meet him. Knowing they were both on the verge of coming, he started plunging his cock into her at a faster pace. Her movements became wilder; she kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other, as if in some kind of strange dance, and her upper body swung and swayed from side to side. Whatever her other movements, she continued to jam her ass back to meet the strong, deep thrusts of the hard cock in and out of her thoroughly fucked ass.

“Oh! Oh, my god, I’m coming,” the happy redhead sang out and Dennis was glad the walls were thick enough to muffle her voice.

Ruth’s movements were so erratic, he was also glad he could continue to press her thighs against the edge of the desk and use his arms to prevent her from falling to the side. He kept driving his cock in and out of her perfect ass until his own climax bubbled up and exploded, shooting a big wad of cum into her bowels. Dennis continued driving his cock in and out until he had ejaculated two more times and was through, at least for that day.

Before his last burst of semen gushed into her, Ruth uttered a subdued cry of ecstasy as she also reached her orgasm. Her muscles clenched and relaxed immediately after and her upper body sprawled across the desk. Dennis was right on top of her but he kept his hands splayed on the wooden surface to avoid putting too much of his weight on her young body. Their fucking was over but they stayed in that position for a few minutes to rest and catch their breaths.

Although they both felt bad about ending the connection, Dennis’s cock grew soft and he had to withdraw it from the gorgeous ass where it had given and received so many delights. There was still one more moment of pleasure waiting for him and it was ready to happen. Even with his cock no longer inside, Ruth’s ass remained dilated and, as he watched, his white cum, combined with the used lubrication trickled out, with some of it joining the juices from her pussy, and ran slowly down the insides of her legs. After he used paper towels to wipe off most of the trickle, it was time for him to live up to his part of the bargain.

“You will get close to perfect grades in my class for the rest of the year, Ruth, but here’s how we’ll have to do it. I’ll provide you with advance copies of the midterm and final exams and all the answers will be included. You can get grades as good as you want but I suggest you get slightly less than 100%, just to keep anybody from getting suspicious enough to say anything.”

“Thanks, I’ll do that. One thing though,” she added with a lascivious grin on her face. “Can I come back here a couple times a week to do more of the same thing for extra credit?”

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Ass Fucked In the Elevator

It’s a crowded elevator, in one of those interminably tall city buildings, and you, of course, work very near the top floor. You’re being squished between crowds of people. A wonderful start to the day, you think.

Suddenly, you feel it. There, again! Definitely more than just accidental contact. A pair of hands is stroking your ass through your skirt. You’d normally be offended, but the contact feels so good, strong, yet tender. This is not aggressive groping. These hands are exploring the contours of your butt as though it were a work of art. Stifling a low moan, you push ever so slightly back into the hands, and are rewarded with more vigorous stroking. Because of the crowd in the elevator, you can’t turn your head to see who it is that is feeling you up.

The hands are becoming bolder now, lifting your skirt up and feeling your bare flesh. You sigh softly, hoping no one notices. No one does – at this time, in this situation, everyone is looking straight ahead, wrapped up in their own thoughts. The fingers trace around the lacy edges of your panties. You feel hot, sweet smelling breath on the back of your neck and in your hair. It feels incredible, and you feel your panties getting soaked as your pussy grows wetter and wetter.

The elevator continues to ascend. The hands now push down your panties slowly, sliding them over the smooth curves of your butt. You’re amazed that no one seems to notice – all you can focus on is the delicious sensation of being felt up, and the growing wetness between your legs. One of the hands now slides up beneath your skirt and begins stroking your pussy from behind. You try to stifle a gasp, ending up with a slight hiccup. You’re finding it harder and harder to concentrate.

But you know that this is hardly a fair situation, Reaching your hand back, you feel for the hard lump you know is there. You hear a low grunt as your hand finds the hard shaft in the dress slacks. Somehow, you manage to squeeze and stroke it without disturbing the other passengers.

The elevator dings and the doors open. Some people get out, and some get on. As the car unloads, you feel the hands between your legs gently pull you back towards the corner of the elevator. You’re amazed that no one can see. However, you soon realize in this position, your coat and bag are helping to shield your activities from obvious detection. The hands lift up your long skirt from behind and continue their assault on your pussy. The fingers are also returning to your ass. In this position, in the corner of the elevator, no one but you knows what is going on. You gently ease the zipper down on the pants behind you and pull the hard flesh out, stroking all around the knob with your thumb. You grin as the finger pushing into your pussy increases its tempo.

The elevator stops again, and more people get out and in as the hands continue working on you and you continue working on the cock behind you. Your pussy feels like it’s on fire, and your body aches with need. You can’t stand it anymore, you need to feel something more than this maddening, teasing stroking. Releasing the cock behind you, you reach into your purse and pull out the tube that you always keep in there just in case your plans have you staying somewhere other than home. You press the tube into the hand behind you. A long, maddening delay, and suddenly you feel the slickened head of a cock pressing against your asshole. You push back, and feel the hard shaft, slick with the lubricant, slide into your tight butt. Good thing you decided to wear heels today, you think. The extra height makes it easier to work the hard cock up inside you. Soon, it’s sunk balls deep into your ass. It starts moving against you, only very slight movements, but enough to do the job. You push back against the invading shaft, slowly, subtly, careful not to alert the others in the elevator. As the elevator ascends, more and more people get out, and fewer get in. Unconsciously, you push faster against the cock in your ass. It’s down to just three in the elevator you, the mystery cock in your ass, and one other man – not too old, not too young. You recognize him – he works on the same floor of your building.

The elevator rises up towards the top floor. You can see the other man looking at you, now obviously in the throes of ecstasy as you’re bouncing on the dick up your butt. The other man’s cock is obviously hard in his pants. He moves towards the control panel of the elevator and pulls the stop button. The car lurches to a halt, and as the other man turns around, you see that he has unzipped his pants and released his own cock. He moves towards you and you suck him into your mouth without a second’s hesitation. You’re being pounded from both ends as the elevator alarm sounds around you. It’s all too much, and you feel your orgasm rip through you like a tidal wave. Your screams are muffled by the cock in your mouth. Dimly, you’re aware of the sensation of hot jizz shooting up your butt. Then, more vividly, you’re aware of the salty flavor in your mouth. You almost let a little dribble out of your mouth, but catch it on your finger and push it back in.

The security intercom crackles, a voice asks if you’re OK. Slowly coming back to reality, you press the button and answer that everything is fine. The voice on the other end tells you that it may be a few hours before someone comes to get you out of the elevator. You ask why it’s going to take so long, and the voice on the other end tells you that they want to see the rest of the show. You spy the security camera in the other corner of the elevator. Smiling in understanding, you wave and tell them that it’s OK. Turning around, you see two cocks being fisted back to hardness. You lick your lips and unbutton your blouse . . .

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Filthy Sorority Initation

I spent all afternoon and evening working on my research paper. It was now 8:00 pm and I headed back to my dorm room. The college campus was rather quiet this evening as I walked across the grounds. There was never much activity until the weekends. For a Wednesday night all there was to do was return to my room, have a few beers and watch T.V.

As I continued to my dorm room I was approached by this cute blonde named Karen. I didn’t really know her that well, but she was in one of my classes. “Excuse me, but aren’t we in the same English class together? Apparently she recognized me. For a few minutes we just exchanged some idle conversation. I thought it strange and began wondering what she really wanted. Finally she got around to it.

She asked, ” would you be interested in helping out the girls at my sorority?”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

She explained, “We have an initiation tonight. You would be just perfect to help us out. I was looking for a big guy and you’re exactly right. You must be, what, 6’5” tall or so?

“Yes that’s right,” I replied. “What’s this all about?”

“Well, the girl being initiated into the sorority has to do whatever we tell her all night. She’s a very attractive girl and you would have to be willing to… a… screw her… and in front of the rest of the girls. We would all love to watch a big guy like you fuck her. That’s her initiation, only she doesn’t know it yet. I’m sure you would have a good time. Are you interested?”

How could I turn this opportunity down? I eagerly accepted. I wondered as we walked to the sorority house what this girl really looked like. This definitely had the making of a better evening than I expected. I just hoped she was at least somewhat attractive.

When I entered the sorority house there were twelve girls waiting for the entertainment to start. Karen introduced me to Jennifer, the girl to be inducted. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was an extremely beautiful girl with pure blonde hair. Jennifer was about 5′ 7″ tall, had a slender body, long gorgeous legs and a fantastic set of well proportioned breasts. Her long blonde hair flowed down to the middle of her back just above an incredible firm ass. This girl was some knockout. What a beautiful body on this young lady and I was going to get to fuck her.

After the introductions we talked for awhile. As it turned out, Jennifer really had no idea what was about to happen to her. Actually, the secrecy of the situation made it even that much more exciting. Jennifer was a very prim and proper young lady. This was her freshman year at the college and she wanted to make some new friends and be quickly accepted on campus. Joining the sorority was the quickest way, she thought, to get to know college life.

Karen finally started to explain the initiation.

“Okay, Jennifer. You’re sure you want to be a member of our sorority?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” she replied.

“All right then. Your initiation starts tonight. You will do exactly as I say for the remainder of the evening. If you don’t, then you will not be accepted in our group. Do you understand that and agree?

“Yes, I’ll do as you say.” Jennifer replied.

“Okay, Jennifer. You are the entertainment for tonight. You’re going to give us the best sex show ever.”

“What! ” Jennifer exclaimed in a frightened voice. “Are you expecting me to do it with him in front of all of you?”

“That’s right,” Karen said. “So just shut up and do as your told, like you agreed.”

Karen instructed Jennifer to strip. Everyone watched as Jennifer reluctantly began to remove all her clothes. When she was down to just her bra and panties, I felt my cock start to grow. Jennifer unhooked her bra and it fell to the floor revealing those delicious soft breasts. Her tits were perfect, standing out from her chest at full attention. My eyes stared at her nipples that were large and soft begging for my mouth to make them erect from the caress of my tongue. As her panties fell to the floor my cock was straining in my pants. She had a perfect body. Jennifer was tanned all over except for a small area around each breast and a small patch around her pubic hair. I could only imagine how revealing she must look in a bikini for even her ass was tan.

“Take his cock out and start sucking it,” Karen ordered. Jennifer hesitated at first, but then knelt down unzipping me and pulled out my hard stiff rod. I began unbuckling my pants to give her better access. She licked the head of my cock as I dropped my pants and underwear and stepped out of them. My shirt came off just as quickly. Jennifer took me in her mouth, but not very deep. She licked the head of my cock and took it through her lips only a couple inches, which drew some comments from the crowd. “All the way down,” they yelled.

Jennifer managed to take about half of my 10 inches in and out of her mouth, but the other girls insisted she take more.

“I can’t swallow it. It’s too big,” she responded back to them. “I’ve never been able to deep throat a cock.”

Jennifer continued sucking me in and out trying to get it deeper. I don’t think she was trying to hard or had any intention of deep throating me. Karen knew that too and decided to help her along. She came up from behind Jennifer, grabbed her head and started pushing her face into my groin. My cock hit the back of Jennifer’s throat as Karen kept pushing. I could feel the tightness as my cock hit the back of Jennifer’s mouth then it started to stretch her throat open. Jennifer tried pulling her head back to avoid my penetration into her throat, but Karen had a tight hold and maintained her force on the back of Jennifer’s head.

Karen insisted, “You’re going to swallow his cock, so you may as well get ready for it.” I could see the fright in Jennifer’s eyes as I looked down at her. The inevitable was about to begin and she knew it.

Karen resumed pushing until the head of my cock squeezed into Jennifer’s throat. I immediately knew she was choking. I could feel the spasms in her throat around my cock, but no sounds could come out. The head of my cock had her throat blocked. Karen pushed harder forcing my hot, hard meat down Jennifer’s tight passage and into the depths of her mouth. Jennifer’s throat was incredibly tight as my cock inched its way down. I could hear a soft gurgling sound coming from her as my ten inch throbbing meat stuffed and stretched her throat plunging its’ way down. I knew Jennifer was in agony having never experienced swallowing a hot hard cock before, but it felt great. She was so wet and warm as I traveled down, down deep in her throat.

Still Karen pushed, forcing more and more of my cock deeper and deeper. Finally, Jennifer had all 10 inches of me lodged in her, with my balls resting on her chin. I don’t know what kept me from cumming right then as I looked down into her frightened blue eyes seeing her beautiful face with mouth stretched and virgin throat violated with my throbbing piece of cock meat. Her throat muscles had a tight grip on me until finally she began to relax, allowing me to easily pull out to let her breathe. She gasped for air as soon as I was out. “Take it again,” Karen ordered. “Fuck his cock with your throat.” Jennifer barely had regained her breath, but she slowly swallowed my cock again, but on her own this time. She took my shaft in her mouth but Karen insisted on helping by pushing and forcing it down her throat again. I think she got used to it sliding in to her this time. She swallowed it much quicker and easier. Karen helped her begin a fucking motion with her mouth, making her suck my shaft in and out of her tight oral passage. Over and over my cock squeezed down Jennifer’s tight hot throat. I was almost ready to cum in her mouth when Karen had some other orders for Jennifer.

“Lick his balls,” Karen barked out. Jennifer immediately spit out my cock and started sucking my balls into her mouth. I think she would have done anything to stop my cock from penetrating her throat. I sat down on the sofa and Jennifer continued bathing my balls with her hot tongue. She would suck one into her mouth and gently let it slip out before moving on to the other. My balls were drenched in her saliva. Karen had moved behind Jennifer and was fingering her pussy. That started to turn Jennifer on. Her mouth and tongue began working more intensely on my balls. Then I watched her stuff my entire nut sack into her mouth. She could barely manage to move her tongue across my balls her mouth was so full. It was obvious this girl was getting hot and would now do about anything she was told. I couldn’t take any more, so when Jennifer released my balls from her mouth, I drove my cock back in her mouth grabbing her head and penetrating her throat in one motion. I pumped her a few short strokes, then gripped her head into my groin penetrating her throat fully as I started cumming. My hard cock spasmed for what seemed like minutes in the deepness of Jennifer’s tight wet throat depositing my hot sperm into her. I pulled my throbbing meat out in time to shoot a couple more wads of white sticky cream on Jennifer’s face. She was turned on alright. She went after my cum like it was candy. I smeared it around her face as she licked and ate what she could before scraping the rest off of her own face with her finger and eating it.

Karen then pulled Jennifer away and had me turn around and kneel on the floor. Karen pushed Jennifer’s face toward my ass. “Start licking his ass,” she ordered. I felt her tongue lick its way from my balls all the way up my asscrack. Then she lightly started licking my asshole. “You can do better than that,” Karen complained. “Get your face in there and suck his asshole.” With that I could feel Jennifer’s lovely face between my ass cheeks as her tongue fluttered up and down my crack. Her tongue was all over my ass licking my entire crack clean. She took her hands to spread my cheeks apart and placed her gorgeous lips on my anus and started sucking on my asshole. Never in my life have I ever had such a feeling. Those beautiful lips of hers were stuffed between my ass cheeks kissing and sucking my asshole. Occasionally she would dart her tongue out to lick around the rim of my hole and then poke at it as if trying to stick in me. She was literally eating my anal hole.

She backed off for awhile and started fingering my ass. She ran her finger around my anus and then probed inside. I could feel her finger push in probing deep inside twisting in my ass scraping the walls of my rectum. I watched over my shoulder as she smiled at me and continued to wiggle her finger inside me, then pull it out, look directly at me and place her finger in her mouth sucking off the taste of my ass from her finger. My cock was getting hard again watching that. And this was the prim and proper girl from earlier.

I could see Karen come up behind me carrying a long 12″ dildo. While Jennifer was still sucking her fingers, Karen surprised me when she began pushing the big dildo into my ass. At first it was tight, for never having something that size in my butt before. But as I relaxed it felt nice sliding in and out of my rectum. She pushed and twisted about half of it in and out of my ass before slowly pulling the dildo out. It glistened with moistness from inside my ass. Karen then inserted it into Jennifer’s awaiting mouth to lick it clean.

Karen turned to the other girls, “Isn’t she a terrific slut.” Jennifer’s actions met with approval from the rest of the sorority.

Confident that dildo was well cleaned, Karen shoved the entire 12″ up Jennifer’s wet cunt while she went back down on my ass again. Jennifer began fingering and sucking my asshole again like the cheapest whore you would ever find, while Karen continued fucking her cunt with the giant rubber prick. I felt Jennifer insert one finger then another into my ass. Then she started pulling to spread my asshole open. I relaxed to let her spread my asshole open wider. Then she began giving me an incredible rimming. She forced her face in my crack to stuff her tongue in my opened anus. I almost came when I felt her tongue licking around the inside of my asshole. I was delirious with pleasure.

“That’s it Jennifer, lick my asshole. Shove your tongue deep inside.”

“Oh! God, yes. Suck my ass.”

“Ohhhhhh!… Yessss!…”

“Ohhhhhhh!… Ohhhhhh!…”

“Lick my asshole.” Lick the inside of my ass, baby”

Jennifer kept tongue fucking my ass over and over scooping her tongue in and out. She licked and probed in my anal hole in a crazed frenzy like she were on the brink of an orgasm. All she wanted was to taste my ass. What a fucking slut she was. She was really enjoying eating the scum out of my ass. I didn’t want her to stop. I had a goddess eating out of my asshole and loving it.

Jennifer’s anal attack was driving me crazy besides keeping my cock hard. I couldn’t take any more. I had to fuck her, and now. I stood up and walked around behind Jennifer who was still kneeling. I pushed her head down to the floor and wiped my cock up and down her asscrack.

“Relax baby,” I said, “I’m going to get your ass ready for my cock.”

I reached between her legs sticking two fingers in her cunt and brought them out coated with her wet juices. I spread and worked it all around her asshole and gently stuck one finger into her puckered little anus. I could feel her tighten around my finger. I pushed further and further up her ass until my finger was all the way in. Then I forced a second finger in. Gradually I pushed and twisted my fingers to get them both inside her ass. Jennifer was beginning to enjoy me playing with her asshole. She started pushing back to get my fingers deeper into her butt. I kept twisting them in her ass while using a finger on my other hand to spread her anal hole open. She relaxed even more, thus allowing me to put three fingers in her. Her asshole was unbelievably hot. I was able to shove my fingers all the way inside her. Jennifer liked the finger fuck so much she wanted more.

She was begging me, “I want your cock in my ass. Fuck me in the ass, baby. Put your cock in my asshole.”

I’ve never had any girl beg me to fuck her in the ass. I certainly wasn’t going to pass up fucking the ass of this gorgeous cunt. She was like a bitch in heat and her ass was eating my fingers up. I squeezed my fourth finger together with the other three and managed get part of it in too. Jennifer let out a yell but I pushed harder shoving all four fingers into her rectum. I couldn’t believe I had most of my hand inside Jennifer’s asshole. Still she begged me, “Fuck my ass, baby. I want your cock in my ass.” I couldn’t believe how much I had stretched her anal ring. I was ripping her ass apart and she loved it.

I was so close I had to continue. I gently pulled my four fingers out a bit just so I could curl my thumb into my palm. Then I started pushing ever so slowly. Jennifer’s asshole was stretching and stretching wider and wider. Jennifer was at the point of making low out of control guttural sounds as my fist ripped into her ass..

“Fuuuccckkk my assssshole “

“Ahhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggg! Fuuuuuuuuuck!”

“Fisssst Me Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

My hand was at its’ widest point now as the base of my thumb passed through her anus. Her asshole had to be stretched three inches across, maybe more. I continued forcing my fist inside until it slowly began to disappear. The hardest part was over for Jennifer now, as her asshole wrapped around my wrist. I was all the way in. I actually shoved my entire fist up Jennifer’s asshole. I gently moved with an in and out motion fist fucking her. This was incredible. I’ve never done anything like this to a woman that made me so hot and horny. I kept fisting her ass and Jennifer continued with her out of control moaning. That was it. I just had to get my cock inside this hot ass. I was careful when I started pulling out so as not to tear her anus. I eased my fist out very, very slowly. Once my fist passed back through her anus, I just stared at her beautiful wide-open asshole as it started closing up. What an incredible sight looking into Jennifer’s overstretched gapping asshole. I could see inside her ass for while until it slowly closed up becoming tight and puckered again.

I only gave her a minute’s rest before sliding my hard cock up her crack to her back entrance and started pushing my hot prick into her asshole. Slowly I kept pushing my 10-inch cock up her loosened anal hole.

Jennifer still begged me for more. “Deeper, baby. Shove it all the way in. I want you all the way in my ass.”

Even though I fucked her asshole with my hand, this was still one of the tightest asses I’ve ever had. The friction on my cock as it forced through her bunghole was incredible. I knew I wouldn’t last very long. Inch by inch I shoved my cock into her ass. My cock had Jennifer’s asshole spread apart wide, as she accepted my anal penetration until my balls hit against her butt. What a hot ass. My cock felt like it was on fire buried in her rectum.

Jennifer was out of control moaning, “Fuck me, Fuck me. Fuck my ass hard Ram it up my ass, baby.”

As Jennifer started to relax I began pumping her hot tiny anal hole. Within minutes I was ramming her with all 10 inches. I pulled almost out and slammed my cock all the way in again over and over. Each time Jennifer would scream out, “Fuck my ass harder. Fuck my ass harder.” Over and over I rammed her hot asshole as everyone watched my cock appear and disappear from Jennifer’s ass. I was going to be sure Jennifer would never forget this buttfucking. Jennifer was screaming at me as my ten inches of hot meat continued to fuck in and out of her tiny shithole. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” She cried out.

Her frenzy made me ready to explode. In my frenzy I yelled to all the girls.

“Want me to cum in her mouth? Yesss,” everyone yelled together. “Make her eat it.”

I pulled out of Jennifer’s ass just as her orgasm started. She was delirious with waves of pleasure as she began cumming too. Jennifer slowly knelt up and I shoved my cock in her mouth and all the way down her throat. My cock tightened ready to explode. I quickly pulled back out and instructed Jennifer to keep her mouth open. Just as I pulled from her throat the first spurt of cum shot into her mouth followed by four more heavy thick streams directly on her tongue. I was filling her mouth with my hot creamy sperm. “Eat it, baby,” I whispered. “Swallow my cum.” The rest of my sperm dribbled from my cock into her mouth as I wiped it across her lips. Jennifer’s tongue was coated with my hot sticky cum. All the girls coaxed her on. “Swallow it, swallow it.”

Jennifer closed her eyes, closed her mouth, then we watched her throat muscles as she gulped my hot slimy load down. Then she licked and sucked the remaining drops from the end of my cock and proceeded to suck me clean. She continued licking and eating every drop of sperm off my cock until finally I had no more to give.

Karen moved back up to Jennifer along with the rest of the girls and accepted her into their group of the sorority. Jennifer smiled happy to be one of them. And I was happy to have had such a great time with Jennifer.

This night was definitely the best experience I ever had. Every so often I see Jennifer on campus and we exchange glances and smiles. We never got together again, but I know we both enjoyed each other, at least for one night.

Anal Fucking For the Office Slut

Being known as the office tease or slut doesn’t bother me, I enjoy sex a lot in all its forms so being known as promiscuous suits me fine as it means I get a lot of guaranteed action!

There was an occasion I remember well during a meeting, round a table of 7 people, my colleague to the right of me began feeling my leg. Most girls might feel this as an intrusion of privacy, I don’t, I love being fondled in inappropriate situations! Don’t get me wrong if I know the guy to be a creep I’ll brush him off but in most cases I’m all for some sexual groping!

My colleague, Scott, is a good looking, athletic guy. I knew he had a girlfriend but that was a minor detail and if he chose to feel me up and turn me on then that’s his prerogative! During the meeting his hand moved further up my stockinged thigh till it was at the top of my black stockings. During a part of the meeting where I was required to speak Scott un clasped my stocking and began to push it down my leg, knowing this would put me in an awkward situation at some point! I wasn’t annoyed, rather, very much turned on by this forwardly flirty behaviour!

As Scott moved his hand further up my thigh I spread my legs as wide as I could, giving him room to stroke my moist pussy through my lace knickers. He expertly rubbed me softly, locating my clit which was swelling under his perfect strokes!

The meeting came to an end and in effort to somewhat keep my decency and my job I stayed behind, pretending to sort my papers and notes. Scott left me with a wink and a smile. I redid the clasps on my stockings and fixed my tight pencil skirt which had ridden up. I had a quick feel of my pussy and right enough it was dripping wet!

Later, as I was leaving the office Scott came up to me and whispered that I follow him. I knew that this was going to lead to some sex and in the frustrated state I was in after the meeting I was gagging for a good slamming!

He led me into an empty office where he shut the door, pinned me against it and we kissed passionately. His hands were all over me, gripping my firm ass and feeling the curve of my back. It felt great and I was filling with lust fast! I dropped my bag on the floor and tried to undo his belt and trousers to free the swelling cock I could feel grinding against my stomach.

Scott pulled off my jacket as I took out his cock. I made to fall to my knees but as I did so he pushed me over to the desk and bent me over it. I looked over my shoulder to see him standing back admiring the view of me bent over the desk. Standing in my black high heels spread slightly apart, my long toned stockinged legs leading up to my tight pencil skirt, perfectly showing off the slight curve of my firm ass and my tailored blouse framing the curve of my torso. He was slowly stroking himself and his eyes were filled with lust.

He moved forward and sank to his knees to pushed his hands up legs, pulling my skirt up as he went. He then pulled down my knickers slowly and removed them from my feet. He then felt my ass with his strong hands, all over moving to my pussy lips and back round. Pulling apart my ass cheeks he kissed my ass and began to tongue my asshole. It felt so amazing, the nerves sent shocks of pleasure up my spine making me quiver with lust! Pushing two fingers into my pussy sent more shocks and really got my juices going!

As my asshole relaxed with his tongue teasing it Scott pushed his finger in and began to tease it wider! Once wide enough he stood up, spat into the hole and slowly but firmly pushed his sizeable cock into my tight ass. It sent me into a lustful daze! I could feel his every inch in me and with my asshole contracting he pushed harder and harder, heightening the pleasure!

Scott occasionally pulled out his meat to spit into the gaping hole, the cool of the natural lube sent shivers down my spine but in my aroused state it felt good! After what seemed an age of amazing anal, Scott pushing his large cock into my tight ass I could feel him grow even harder, this naturally felt even better bringing me close to a climax. Scott was obviously close too, telling my his groaning and swelling cock. All of a sudden I could feel the shots of warm spunk filling my ass. Scott his groaning immensely as he sent load after load of his hot cum into me. The feeling of this sent me into an orgasmic bliss, I screamed and bucked against him, pushing his meat further into me, making the orgasm so powerful!

Once Scott was done he pulled out his cock and watched me twitch in my post orgasmic state. I could barely support myself against the desk I was so weak. Once recovered I pulled down my skirt, adjusted my stockings and wiped up the spunk that was running down my leg with my knickers which I picked up from the floor. Scott smiled and took the knickers from my hand and pushed them into his pocket.

He left the office leaving me to ponder what just happened. Amazing anal in a colleagues office at work. What more could an office slut want!

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Wifes Anal Massage

Brett was becoming frustrated with his wife of five years. First it had been all about showing Jan what a gentleman he was and taking her out the old fashioned way. They got to know each other but Jan was slow to come out of her shell. Brett still wondered if there was more he could have done to make her let loose more and give in to the sexual pleasures he could bring her. But she was so shy and he was not big on communication so he just went to the pub instead and dreamed of Jan in ways that would make her blush. If she only knew what he had done to her in his mind…she would probably leave him on the spot!

The day had finished early for Brett and he was on his way home from work two hours earlier than usual. Jan would be surprised and seeing as it was Friday, he would make a nice lamb curry for dinner to give her the night off for a change. He parked his Jeep in next to her hatch in the drive and let himself into the house. Jan was nowhere in sight so he assumed she must be in her garden or green house with her prize orchids. He decided to get a start on dinner so there would be less to do later on. He had just washed his hands and began preparations when he heard what sounded like moaning coming from the bedroom. His stomach twisted at the thought that someone else was in their house and fear gripped him when he thought that Jan might actually be in some sort of danger.

He picked up the lower half of a pool cue and crept quietly up the stairs. Once at the top of the stairs Brett turned down the hallway and saw what looked to be a massage table set up in their bedroom with Jan naked and lying face down on top of it. A very hunky looking muscular man was giving Jan a massage and she was moaning with pleasure. Brett could see why too because the man obviously knew what to do with his hands. Boy did he know what to do with his hands! In fact, his hands were sliding all over Jan’s smooth creamy ass cheeks and it looked as though the tips of his fingers were slipping into her ass crack with each move. The dirty bastard! Brett had a good mind to storm into the room and put an end to this right now. However, something about the way his wife was moaning and the sight of her naked and being obviously pleasured was turning Brett on. He knew this because his cock was pushing up against his jeans with some urgency.

Brett decided to remain standing where he was as they didn’t know he was there and he could watch what went on and get off on the sound of Jan moaning. He could see her ass arching upwards towards the guy’s hands as he worked her and Brett quietly unzipped his jeans to free his desperate member from confinement. Gripping his cock with one hand, he began to pull as he looked and once again his mind went off into dirty places. He dreamed it was his hands working on Jan’s ass instead, with maybe a tongue involved as well…

Jan was moving her legs apart now so the man had better access to her inner thighs. He was rubbing one thigh now with both hands, moving upwards towards her ass again but his hands were staying quite low. Brett just knew the guy was brushing against her thick juicy pussy lips as he got closer. There was no way he could be avoiding making contact with that area when his hands were so close and low. Brett’s cock jumped in his hand. How he longed to be between her legs now, nudging his fat cock head into her wet open pussy.

She moaned suddenly and said “Oh yes!” The man felt encouraged and continued to rub, moving onto her other thigh now for more of the same. Her ass was going up and down as his hands moved up and down in opposing motions. She was enjoying ever second of it. Sweat broke out all over Brett’s body as he pumped his cock excitedly. The guy stopped working on her thighs then and began to gently tickle Jan’s ass all over, making her giggle like a school girl. He tickled her sides, up over her rib cage and Jan’s whole upper body came up off the massage table so he could get to her breasts!

He rubbed his hands over them once or twice but his focus was more on the delicious curve of Jan’s bottom as it wiggled around just inches from his face. He parted her cheeks then and began tonguing her ass! Brett got ready to run as he expected her to take fright or offence at the man’s actions. But he need not have worried because Jan was staying right where she was and continuing to moan in pleasure. The man’s tongue was dipping in deeply into her ass crack and obviously pausing to probe her asshole along the way. Jan spread her legs even wider so her ass and pussy were more accessible. The guy got really excited about that and why wouldn’t he? Jan had a fine ass which never grew any hair at all so it was naturally smooth and obviously very tasty. Brett’s mouth watered at that thought.

Excitement went into over drive as the guy reached around under her thighs to pull her ass up high into the air. Now she was on all fours while he continued to eat her ass. Her full tits swayed beautifully back and forth as she pushed back against his face. She couldn’t seem to get close enough and watching her hard nipples caused Brett to begin cumming. He stopped himself letting go all the way, managing to catch some cum with his other hand. He willed his mind to go blank for a few seconds while he closed his eyes and calmed down enough to continue watching. It took more than a few seconds for his cock to settle down a bit but then he was left with a pool of cum in the palm of his hand. He wished it was a pool of his cum in the small of Jan’s back instead…

That was when her moans of pleasure turned into words of filthy demands for more and more! Brett couldn’t believe his ears when he heard his wife yell:

“YES, YES, stick your hot tongue in my tight little asshole!”

“CUM ON, stick more fingers in my shit hole!”

“Make me cum NOW!!!”

He had never ever heard his wife so excited and almost hysterical with lust. This was such a first and it was truly blowing his mind as well as nearly causing his cock to blow up.

The guy was really excited which became suddenly obvious when he dropped his pants and stood there with a raging hard on. He moved around to the side of Jan’s face and she turned her head to look at his big hard cock. He grabbed a fist full of her curly blonde hair and pulled her mouth down hard on his cock. She sucked him and gagged when he filled her mouth with his meat. Then he took it out of her mouth and slapped her cheek with it.

“SMACK, SMACK!” went his cock over and over again and she loved it!

“MORE!!!” She urged in a loud, commanding voice.

He smacked her several more times and then moved around to her ass again. He reached for the massage oil and poured some onto her ass. It ran around into her crack and he spread it with his hands, dipping into her asshole and pussy with his big strong fingers. She moaned so long and loud as he began to rub oil onto his thick veined cock while her ass wiggled invitingly in the air. He wasted no more time lining his cock up at the entrance to her asshole. Then he drove into her well prepared hole and began fingering her clit with precision and expertise. Brett had no time to feel any jealousy as he watched his wife get fucked in the ass by a complete stranger. She just let go and continued to say filthy things in rhythm with his thrusts:

“That’s, it, fuck, me, oh, fuck, fuck, oh, god, yes, fuck, me!”

It was unbelievable. His shy little wife who had trouble just saying the word “cock” yelling as she got her ass pounded. Brett used the pool of cum in his hand as lube and began pulling himself again. He watched and wanked as Jan bounced back and forth to the rhythm of the cock slamming into her over and over again until she suddenly screamed with a big orgasm and began to beg him to stop:

“Oh, fuck, stop, fuck, oh, fuck, stop, oh, stop, stop, stop!”

He pulled his cock out of her ass and walked around to her face once more. She gladly sucked his fat dick until he came, blowing a huge load of cum all over her face and hair. At the sight of another man’s cum spewing all over his wife, Brett let loose with his own silent orgasm without a care about where his cum landed. He quickly moved back out of sight and retreated silently down the stairs. Once back in the kitchen he continued on with dinner preparations as if nothing had happened. The only difference this time was a slight shaking in his hands as he cut the onions and of course, the raging thoughts inside his head.

He heard the man say good bye to Jan before walking down the stairs. As he came into view and saw Brett making dinner he smiled without missing a beat.

“Hi mate, what’s for dinner?” He asked, smiling.

“Lamb curry” Brett replied calmly.

“Sounds tasty,” He said, adding, “But not as tasty as your wife.” Then with a big wink, he and his massage table walked out the door.

Brett’s jaw dropped at the man’s audacity but an idea of what he really wanted to eat for dinner began to formulate in his mind and once again he put dinner preparations on hold and quietly crept up the stairs. Jan was in the shower so he got undressed and waited for her on the bed. He grinned to himself as he thought about what he would do to her. His wife was in for one hell of a surprise tonight! So much for giving her the evening off, he thought wickedly.

Friend Fucks Wife In Every Hole

We had known Dave and Mary for years, our friendship having grown after we were introduced by a mutual friend at a birthday party fifteen years earlier. We had hit it off straight away and before long we were socialising with them regularly. Dave was two years younger than me at 42, but looked 10 years younger. He was 6’2″ and built like a tank as he should be with the amount of exercise he does.

Mary at 40 years old, stands five feet six, has dark brown hair, usually worn up and has a body even at her age, which turns heads. Her tits, which always look as though they are about to burst through what is covering them, defy all gravitational laws. You can see some age in her face, but it suits her. She is one of those MILFS who are just eminently fuckable and she knows it!

My own wife Sam is no bad looker either. She is just over five feet tall, shoulder length brown hair, green eyes and a killer body, with good firm tits. I know Dave has had a thing for her for years, – you get to notice the looks, but Sam has never encouraged him and despite our previous adventures with other people (see previous stories), she would never compromise our friendship.

On the particular Friday night in question, we were preparing to meet Dave and Mary for a drink in a local country pub. As Sam was in the bathroom, we got chatting about our friends and how close we felt to them. I joked that Dave wouldn’t mind getting much closer to her. She turned to me completely naked and said, “What do you mean.”

She seemed surprised by my comment. I said “Oh come on, – surely you’ve seen the looks he gives you when Mary’s not watching him. “He’d give his right arm to fuck you.”

She blushed and I knew I had hit a nerve. “What if I were to suggest it to him” I said. “What if we asked him to fuck you while Mary and I watched? Or even better, while I fucked Mary?”

She moved closer to me now and began gently rubbing my semi — erect cock through my trousers. I could feel her large tits gently rubbing against me. “Do you really think they would go for it?” she said, as she unzipped my trousers and reached in to gently take hold of my now raging erection.

“Enough drink and merriment and I think they would.” I replied.

I could tell I had fired her lustful imagination because in a few seconds she had undone my trousers, dropped to her knees and taken my cock deep into her throat. Now I know from personal experience and from the reaction of other men I have watched her fuck that my wife gives awesome head. I felt my balls tighten and stir as I watched her bob her head.

Knowing that a great deal of the eroticism of a blowjob is in the watching of a cock disappear into her mouth, she gently moved her hair to the side to give me the perfect view. I gently held the back of her head as I began to fuck her face, feeling the sap rising in me and knowing that with each thrust, my blowing a load into her mouth was closer and closer. “I’m cumming,” I grunted and in response she took me deep as I felt my muck blow into her throat. Good little girl that she is, she didn’t stop sucking for a second and took the entire load into her mouth and swallowed.

“Is that a taste of what you have in store for Dave later?” I asked. She smiled, winked and turned towards the shower. I couldn’t wait!

After showering, Sam entered the lounge to reveal her outfit for the evening. She looked awesome! She was wearing a low cut clingy black top which displayed her 36D tits to perfection. She had coupled this with a knee — length black skirt and knee — high ‘take me home and fuck me’ black leather boots. Dave would cum in his pants just looking at her.

We entered the Pub at 7pm to find Dave sitting alone. Apparently Mary had been called away at the last minute as her mother was ill and she had to go look after her. I was a bit disappointed, but at least the evening still had possibilities.

After much merriment and flirty talk between Dave and Sam we decided to leave the cars on the pub car park and get a taxi back to our place. I persuaded Dave, rather than go back to an empty house that he should spend the night with us in our spare room. He didn’t take much persuading; – I think the idea of spending more time near Sam was very appealing to him.

While Dave went to the bathroom prior to us leaving the pub, I told Sam of a plan I had. My plan was that when we got back to our place, I would feign a headache, say I was going to take some sleeping pills and make my excuses to go to bed. This would leave them alone. I would leave the bedroom door open slightly so I could peek out and over the balcony where I would have a perfect view of the lounge sofa. She was to sit with him on there and see what happened. Hopefully, Dave would take advantage of the situation and I would be able to watch her get a good fucking.

We arrived back home after ten minutes in the taxi and I got us three beers from the fridge. We were sitting in the lounge chatting, Dave and Sam on the sofa and me in my easy chair when I announced I was experiencing a visual display and that this was the prelude to a migraine. I asked Dave if he minded if I took a sleeping pill and went to bed as this was the only way to avoid it. He waved me off saying I should do whatever it takes and not to worry, he would ‘entertain’ my wife. As planned, I went off to bed, left the door slightly ajar and waited. Sam left me for ten minutes and then made out to Dave that she was going to check on me, which she did. She popped her head around the bedroom door, winked at me and went downstairs to re-join Dave on the sofa, announcing to him that I was fast asleep and that I wouldn’t surface until morning.

This statement seemed like an instant green light to Dave and I saw his hand start to rub Sam’s thigh. I could hear them chatting but couldn’t make out what they were saying although it seemed to be getting quite intimate, with Sam giving the odd ‘girly giggle’ whilst tossing her head back and thrusting her tits forward towards Dave’s face.

It wasn’t long before Dave leaned closer, obviously to kiss her. They lingered for a moment as though Dave was waiting for rejection, but when Sam didn’t pull away he proceeded to kiss her. The kisses were gentle, sensual pecks at first, but before you knew it, they were snogging away. I began to wonder when they were going to come up for air, and then I saw his hand start to massage her tits and heard her moan into his mouth in response.

The sight and sound of them kissing was incredible. I saw my wife’s hand slowly start to massage Dave’s cock through his trousers and then she gradually undid his zipper and reached in to feel his engorged cock.

They broke their kiss and my wife pulled her top off and undid her bra. I watched as I saw her firm tits swing free from their prison. Before you knew it Dave had his head between them, with the nipple from one tit in his mouth whilst he rubbed the other between his finger and thumb.

Sam gently pushed him away and told him to stand up. He duly obliged and she began to slowly undo his trousers, which dropped to the floor with his underwear. Sam took hold of his cock as he stepped out of them and she began to slowly and rhythmically wank him. I heard Dave moan as he now stood before her, cock fully erect — and what a monster it was. It had to be 9 inches plus, with a good girth too. I smiled to myself as I anticipated seeing my wife rammed with this monster cock.

Sam was sitting on the sofa, just in front of Dave who was standing before her with his cock conveniently at the height of her mouth. I saw her hands reach around to his ass and pull him closer to her, as she kissed his balls and ran her tongue up the length of his shaft. She turned Dave slightly to one side, obviously to give me a better view as she slowly closed her full lips around the head of this enormous cock. Dave began to gently rock his hips backward and forward, gently fucking her gorgeous face as she took more and more of his cock into her warm accommodating mouth with each thrust.

Before long, she was deepthroating him down to the base of his shaft, something I would have considered impossible, but there it was. She blew him like that for a good ten minutes and then Dave, as if to get a better position to fuck her mouth from, placed one foot on the sofa and held onto the back of my wife’s head. He was really ramming it down her throat now!

Dave began moaning that he was going to cum, but she wasn’t having that, she was going to make this last as long as she could and she pulled him out of her mouth and held his cock tight around the base of the shaft.

After a few moments when the urge for Dave to cum had died down, she positioned herself kneeling on the floor, with her elbows resting on the sofa cushion. She motioned for Dave to come behind her, – she wanted to be fucked doggy style.

Dave didn’t need asking twice and within seconds his cock was sliding in and out of my wife’s now stretched pussy. I could hear her moaning, – familiar sounds and knew from hearing them that she was on her way to climax. Dave started pumping harder and faster and leaned forward to reach around her and hang onto her tits, which were swinging wildly with each thrust of his cock.

They fucked like that for a few minutes with the familiar sound of Sam cumming filling the room. Then they changed position again, – this time Sam motioned for him to sit on the sofa, which he did, cock pointing into the air like a divining rod. She then sat on it, facing him so her huge breasts were rubbing in his face. This was always my favourite position with Sam, because not only did you get to fuck her, but you had the added experience of burying your head in those wonderful tits at the same time.

She began riding him, slowly at first, but soon the pace picked up and I again heard the familiar sounds of moaning as she approached orgasm. They were now bucking wildly and I heard Dave say, “I can’t hold it; – I’m cumming.” With that there were a few dull grunts as he filled my wife’s cunt with his load. They both slumped on the sofa, staying in position with his cock buried deep in Sam’s pussy.

This remained the situation for about ten minutes and then Sam swung her leg over and off him and sat down on the sofa besides Dave. I watched as the kissing and fondling continued, their tongues swirling around each other’s mouths. Sam was again rhythmically tugging on Dave’s cock again; – it looked like she was after second helpings.

This was confirmed when she broke their kiss and went down on him again, taking his entire cock into her mouth. It didn’t look to me as though Dave’s cock had much life left in it, but after a few minutes of gobbling him, it began to stir. Dave pushed her back on the sofa so she was lying on her back and started to mount her in the missionary position. I heard him call her a “dirty slut” and tell her that he was going to send her upstairs to bed with her old man with a belly full of his cum.

She moaned approval at this and they were eyeball to eyeball as I saw him enter her again. She gasped as he did and within seconds Dave was giving her long slow strokes of his huge cock. She was squirming and moaning underneath him and before long Dave picked up the pace and was again ramming her hard, – so hard I thought they would break the sofa.

The fucking lasted longer this time, with Dave already having unloaded into her once; it was taking longer for him to get there again. This meant that Sam experienced several climaxes during the next twenty five minutes of fucking in varying positions. What surprised me was when Dave took his cock out of her cunt and pressed it against her ass.

Now Sam has never let me fuck her in the ass, every time I’ve tried, she would make excuses and push my cock away towards her pussy, but she didn’t push Dave away. They were now fucking doggy style and I could see Dave’s cock pressing against my wife’s pert little asshole. What amazed me was when I saw Sam’s hand reach back to accurately guide him in.

It took a little effort, but I soon saw the head of Dave’s cock disappear into Sam’s ass. I saw her tense up as he entered her, not knowing what to expect from her first anal fucking. “Slowly, slowly” I heard her say as Dave, gently, inch by inch buried his cock deep in my wife’s ass. I had never seen anything so sexy in my life and my own hard — on was raging from the sight which was now before me.

Gradually, and tenuously, they picked up pace and the ‘slowly, slowly’ message which Sam had been giving turned to one of “Oh yes, fuck me harder.” She was clearly enjoying her first anal experience and so was Dave who was grunting his approval and now fucking Sam as hard as he could.

Another few minutes of intense fucking saw Dave unloading another dose of cum, but this time deep in my wife’s ass. They uncoupled and both sat on the sofa side by side cuddling. I heard Sam say that she had never done anal before, but that she loved it.

Dave replied by saying that anytime she wanted more, just to shout out. He then asked if they could arrange a repeat performance sometime. It was then that Sam told him of our plan to seduce both him and Mary, but said that we weren’t sure how they would react.

The reaction Dave gave was surprising; – he said that he and Mary had been talking about swinging for some time now. They hadn’t actually done anything yet, but they both felt they were ready to take the plunge. Sam said to Dave that when I woke, she would tell me and that I would be pleased.

After a few more minutes of kissing and fondling, Sam made her excuses and came to bed to find me with a raging hard on. “Did you hear that?” she said.

“Oh yes” I replied, “It looks like I’m going to get to fuck Mary!”

“Never mind Mary” said Sam. “I’ve just had the most amazing ass fucking” and pointing at my engorged cock she said “and now I’m going to deal with this!”

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Was That A Trick or A Treat

Jon and I were always ones who made the holidays fun. I think we celebrated every single holiday there was in America. I think our personal favorite is Halloween now. It use to be Christmas, but a few years ago on Halloween we had a rather interesting experience that I think made it our favorite.

It was Halloween evening and Jon and I had finished decorating the house. We had plastic ghosts and witches hanging from the trees in our yard and green and orange lights lined our doors and windows. We had those jack-o-lantern lawn bags all over our yard filled with leaves and we had carved our own jack-o-lantern together and placed it on the front steps. I think we were the only people in the neighborhood that actually decorated. Jon and I huddled together in the front yard looking at the sight and holding each other tight.

It was already very cold in Michigan then, probably 40 degrees. Jon had his arms around me and had pulled me into his large trench type coat. “Well, it’s not scary” he spoke and I just giggled. I nestled into his warm comforting chest and pressed my hourglass figure against him. His hands caressed up and down my back slowly massaging and working into my muscles. Jon always knew how to relieve my tension.

We slowly made a lap around the house looking at our work. It was quickly becoming dark and Jon and I went inside to get dressed into our costumes. I slipped into this tight little short black dress and placed on the pointed black witch hat. I wore thigh high fishnet stockings and six inch black pumps and carried a little broomstick. Jon always called me his little witch.

Jon came out of the bathroom in full vampire gear. The cape was a bit short, but other than that he was gorgeous. I always wanted to fuck a vampire. To bad they are not real. Jon and I then made our way into our living room. We had set out several candy dishes for kids to collect their candy on their own outside and Jon and I were going to go down the street to the party at our friend Brian’s house. We left about 9:00pm walking down the sidewalk and admiring all the little ghosts, goblins, werewolves, vampires, ninjas, and princesses that strolled down the streets with their parents with bags full of candy.

We decided to cut through the wooded path to get to Brian’s house quicker and we huddled together as the cold wind chapped our faces. The path was very narrow and dark, but Jon and I had walked it many times before. When we reached the center of the path Jon stopped me and pulled me to him kissing me with his sweet tender lips. “I love you, Gena” he spoke to me and I smiled returning the three words with just as much sincerity. He held me there for a moment and we then turned to continue on the path, but when we looked up there before us was a man towering over the two of us.

He must have been at least seven foot tall considering he looked down at Jon and Jon was six foot two inches. He was dressed like Jon, but so much more believable. His hair was long and black and it cascaded down over his shoulders like a waterfall over rocks. His body was perfect, trimmed and fit so that his costume hugged him so tightly I could pick out each muscle in his abdomen. I shivered. This man was completely gorgeous, but something about him did strike me the wrong way. His eyes were very pale and yellow.

“Good evening” he spoke to the two of us and Jon smiled and returned the greeting extending his hand to the gentleman. The man took his hand and I could see the look in Jon’s eyes when he shook his hand. It was almost like terror.

Jon places his hand on mine and I felt that his hand was freezing cold and I looked at him and then to the man. “Can I help you?” Jon asked the gentleman still acting a little freaked out.

“Yes” the man, said, “Yes you can” he paused a moment giving us both a sly looking smile and then before I knew it he had grabbed me.

I was motionless in these creatures’ arms and though Jon attempted to free me from the man it was no use. His strength was incredible. “Don’t hurt her please,” Jon pleaded with him, but by then I had realized that the man’s intentions were not to hurt me. His hand had begun to caress my back gently as his other arm and the cape he wore circled around my body.

Jon stood there in horror not knowing what was going to happen, but for some reason I felt safe and I gave him a reassuring smile. The man’s hand had begun to wander around my form and, though hidden from Jon by the cape, his hand had begun to caress my right breast and pinch at my nipple. I must have squirmed a bit as this happened, but it was so pleasurable so different. This man was extremely gentle though wanting.

My back was pressed to him as he continued his assault on my form. The hand that caressed my back had now slid down my thigh and lifted my dress. His cold fingers caressed my inner thigh and teased my senses. I could feel myself growing wet as I looked at Jon. I did not know if he knew what was happening, but from the look on my face he must have seen that I was very pleasured.

The man’s hand found my silk panties and he rubbed my soft shaved mound through them. He had to have felt my warm juices seeping from me slowly and soaking my panties. I pressed back against him some and I felt his member pressing against my ass through his black pants. It seemed enormous. His hand ripped my panties from me and Jon must have seen him drop them to the ground because he jumped a moment, but then went back to watching.

This turned me on even more, having my husband watch as this man seduced me. The man’s fingers rubbed at my mound then parted my wet lips and began to slide across my throbbing clit. “Mmmmmm” I spoke, letting this escape my lips as he pleasured my love button. I found that I was grinding myself against his hand and then pushing my ass harder against his rock hard cock. My hand found it’s way there to his pants and I rubbed his erection through it as it begged to get out.

The man dropped the cape and now Jon could see what he was doing to me. Jon looked on as though he were watching some sort of porno movie as the man continued to work on me. His long thick fingers slid into my dripping wet hole and I moaned out like crazy. The man looked over at Jon and spoke “Come over here and help me” Jon obeyed as though he were too the man’s slave. Jon knelt to his knees and only after a second I felt his hot tongue sweeping across my clit.

The man stepped back and freed his cock from its bounds and walked back to me and turned me towards him and he stuck his cockhead against my lips. “Suck it you little witch,” he demanded and I without hesitation allowed my tongue to dart out to his member and begin to suck it. Jon let his fingers begin to roam about my pussy. He slid a couple fingers in then began to move them in and out of me. I was in ecstasy as I let the man’s enormous cock slide down into my throat. He was at least 10 inches, but somehow I managed to take him all in to where his balls were resting on my chin. As I sucked the man’s beautiful cock Jon positioned himself under me and began to eat my pussy like crazy. I trembled and shivered like mad as my juices spread across his face. I sucked harder and harder on the man’s cock and massaged his balls with one of my free hands. Jon ravaged my sweet pussy.

The man stopped me and looked down at Jon and said “Now I am going to fuck this little witch like she never has been before” Jon got out from underneath me and the man pushed me forward onto my hands and knees. “Suck your man’s cock,” he commanded and with that Jon freed his member and let it meet my face. I took it in quickly seeing Jon was unbelievably rock hard. The man positioned himself behind me and I could feel the head of his large cock probing at the entrance to my pussy. I pushed my body against him wanting that cock in my pussy so bad and he reacted by slamming it all the way into me as hard as he could.

I gagged on Jon’s cock as I went forward and the man began to slam me like crazy. Jon’s 8-inch prick twitched in my mouth as my tongue played all over it. I was moaning like crazy when I heard Jon actually get verbal. “God, Gena baby suck my cock, suck it like you never have before” I rammed his cock into my mouth taking it all into my throat. He shivered and moaned like mad as I did so.

The man continued to pound away at my pussy driving his cock further and further into my warm wet hole. He pounded so hard that it felt like he was going to rip me apart, but I was loving it. The harder and faster he went, the harder and faster I wanted it. He fucked me for several minutes then stopped and looked at Jon and spoke “Lay down for her so the hot little slutty witch can ride you.” Jon lay down and I crawled over to him and sat upon his cock impaling my pussy with it and began to ride him for all he was worth, but the man was not finished with his fun. I heard him approach me and felt his fingers rub against my clit scooping up some of my juices and he the rubbed it on my tiny little asshole.

I flinched a moment as I felt one of his long fingers invade my ass and lube the inside of the hole. “I’m gonna fuck this little slutty witches ass” he spoke as he kneeled behind me. I felt the humongous head of his cock probe against my small asshole and I shivered a moment as it did. He then with no mercy slammed his entire prick into my ass and I screamed out in pleasure now having both my holes filled with beautiful cocks. He pounded into my ass as I rode Jon’s beautiful cock.

I looked down at Jon as he spoke “Oh my god, baby, I can feel his cock in you. It’s rubbing against mine. “Oh my god it feels so damn good” Jon was getting close to coming I could tell and the man continued to fuck my ass hard and fast.

“Do you like this you little witch? Do you like having my cock in your ass and your man’s cock in your pussy? I know you like it you little slutty witch.” The man spoke as he slammed into my ass.

“Yes, oh my god yes” I replied, “Fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck my pussy, oh my god it feels so good” I spoke through my moans.

Jon’s cock began to twitch in my pussy and just as I noticed it he spoke “Oh god baby I am coming. I am coming in your hot little pussy” his neck arched back as he filled my sweet pussy with his seed.

At about the same time the man began to release his load into my ass saying “God yes…. I am coming in your ass you witch! I am going to fill it full of my come. ” He screamed out in ecstasy as I felt his load invade my ass. I myself came at that very moment as well all over Jon’s twitching cock.

I was looking down at Jon and screaming out like mad “I’m coming Jon, oh my god I am coming”

The man pulled his prick free from my ass and zipped up his pants and was gone in a flash. I stood up and looked at Jon as he put away he still semi hard member. I pulled my dress down and we turned around on the path and went back home. Jon kind of giggled to himself on the way there and as we walked into the door of our house he spoke “Well honey, did you guess that I knew that was going to happen?” he laughed again as I just looked at him. He then spoke again “I guess you got your Trick and your Treat.”

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Are You Ready For Some Football?

It was really all about showing off my new flat screen TV. The plan was to have some of my best friends over for a Monday night football game. I’d had them over before. In fact, we often watched games at each other’s homes. 

I’m not that big a fan of football, these things are really social events for me – a chance to bond with my friends. My wife suggested that’s why I bought the TV in the first place, to encourage my friends to come over.

Not that it was an issue with her, as Nancy liked my friends. They were a harmless group of seven guys. Lead among them was Tom, my best friend since high school, and Gene, an older coworker for whom I have a great deal of respect.

Our guests began arriving around 7:30 for the big Raiders vs. Broncos game. When he showed up, Tom asked me if it was OK that he invited a guy who works with him. The guy, Rocky, is looking into buying a flat screen. Sure, no problem, I said.

About 10 minutes later, the doorbell rang and Nancy answered it. 

“Holy shit,” someone bellowed from the foyer.

“That’s Rocky,” Tom announced. “I guess he’s met Nancy.” Tom ran to meet him and then led him into the living room. Nancy followed them and I could see she was not happy.

The guy was a big Italian dude, at least 6’5″. He looked like he could have been playing in the game instead of watching it. Tom made the introductions and ended with me and then Nancy.

“Yeah, we met. I’m sorry baby, but I just don’t meet chicks built like you every day,” he said looking directly at her breasts. Nancy was standing there giving him a hateful stare while trying her best to downplay her body.

I’ll admit that’s not an easy task. As you probably guessed, my gorgeous 26-year-old wife has an impressive set of breasts. A description of her body always begins with her 42-inch chest. From there, he body narrows to a 23-inch waist, and then slopes out again to 36 inches. She has shoulder-length light brown hair and an angelic face. Not to be forgotten are her world-class legs; at 5’10” she’s as tall as I am.

On this evening, Nancy was dressed in a snug pair of jeans and a tight sleeveless shirt. I was always noticing the guys sneaking peeks at her body. They just weren’t as up front about it as this Rocky guy was acting. 

Nancy is an educated businesswoman with a master’s degree, who generally tries to downplay her physical assets. She’s used to men noticing her. They try to hit on her all the time, but she always cuts them down or brushes them away. 

Rocky’s attentions were obviously annoying her, so she spun on her heels and headed for the kitchen. Rocky didn’t take his eyes off her sexy ass until she was out of sight.

“Good damn. That is one hot piece of ass.”

“Hey man. That’s Dan’s wife,” Tom said, coming to our rescue. “Show a little respect to our guests.”

Trying to break the tension just a bit, Gene said it was clear that I had married way over my head, which brought a laugh from everybody.

“I’m sorry man,” the giant said to me. “But I think it is a sign of respect. You got yourself one fine lady buddy. Good work.”

“Thanks,” I said. “Let’s all sit down and watch the game.” 

The game started and the flat screen looked great. With the new speakers I bought it was the next best thing to being at the game. 

I looked over at our new guest. He was one big mass of muscle. Even his head looked muscular; it was square, like the cartoon version of Superman. 

I asked him if he ever played football. He said he had a college football scholarship, but failed out in his junior year. However, he parlayed his college notoriety into a job in sales for Tom’s company and was now doing quite well.

He was getting excited about the game as the Raiders took the lead early in the first quarter on a field goal. He said he became a Raiders fan after they had once given him a tryout. 

Nancy came back into the room about half way through the first quarter and sat down next to me. She tried to watch the game, but I could see the Rocky’s loud enthusiasm for the Raiders was just pissing her off.

“I don’t like the Raiders,” she said. “They always cheat.”

“That’s what’s so great about them,” he replied smiling at her. “I think guys should always play nasty. It’s a real man’s football team. The Broncos are so corporate; they should be wearing suits and ties out there.”

“Well the Broncos always beat the Raiders, so maybe cheating doesn’t always pay off.”

“Want to make a little wager?” It was not unusual for us to make little bets during games. In fact, Rocky had caught on to our habit of making bets from quarter to quarter.

“Are you sure you want to bet? The Raiders have lost four straight games,” I said. “I don’t care. It’s Monday night and they’re playing the Broncos. They can’t lose. Well Nancy, how about it? Let’s say a $1,000 that the Raiders win the first quarter.”

“Whoa, our limit is usually only $100,” Tom said.

“Come on. You’re not afraid are you?”

“No. I’ll take the bet,” Nancy said. Wow, I thought, she never bets, and now she’s ready to bet a grand. But I wasn’t going to say a word. She doesn’t like it when I second-guess her in front of other. She’s got money; she can handle it, I said to myself.

Unfortunately, the Raiders scored on a 98-yard interception return near the end of the quarter. Rocky was now up $1,000 and Nancy was not happy about it.

“How about I let you get even?” he asked. “Let’s say we double it over the halftime lead.”


“Honey, can I talk to you in the kitchen?” I said. She got up and followed me.

“What are you doing? The Raiders are already up 10 points.”

“Don’t worry. The Broncos can go ahead with just two touchdowns.”

There was a silence between us for a few moments. 

“I’m not going to let that asshole win, Dan,” Nancy said.

“He’s not winning; the Raiders are, and you’re just throwing money away.”

“Stop worrying. It’s only the first quarter, and the Broncos will come back.”

I didn’t push it. Again, she had the money to waste if she wanted to. The Raiders continued to add to their score with another field goal. But then things started to pick up as the Broncos scored on a long 13-play drive.

Nancy was really excited and jumped up and down when the Bronco running back took the ball in for the score. Rocky watched intently as her boobs bounced on her thin frame. 

“I don’t mind loosing if you’re going to keep doing that baby. Did you guy see her rack bounce? Holy shit.”

Nobody dared answer as Nancy’s anger returned again. Rocky wouldn’t even let her enjoy the one Bronco touchdown. She sat back down and crossed her arms like a child with a temper tantrum. The game didn’t get any better and she was down two grand by halftime. I could see that she was thinking of a way to get him back. She stayed on the sofa throughout the halftime break. When the game started again, Rocky was ready with a new offer.

“Stop being pissed off Nancy. I’ll let you get your money back.”

“What’s the bet?” I asked.

“I’ll bet the Broncos don’t score another touchdown. If she wins, I give back the two thousand. But if she loses, she has to wear a cheerleader costume for the game next week.”

“OK,” she snapped.

“Wait a minute. It won’t be your college cheerleader uniform, but the ones the Raiderettes wear.”

“You don’t want to do this honey. Just give him the two grand.”

“Don’t tell me what to do,” she snapped. “I know the Broncos can score again. You’ve got a bet mister.”

By the beginning of the final quarter, the Broncos looked beat; however, they started a drive late in the game. This meant new life for Nancy who was now up on her feet. They got the ball down to the Raider 19-yard line.

“Do you want to make it more interesting?” Rocky said. 

“What do you mean?”

“If they score a touchdown on this drive, I’ll get down and kiss your feet and admit the Raiders – you know that four letter work that begins with an “s.”

“And if they don’t score?”

“You have to sit on my lap during the entire game next week. In the Raiderette uniform no less, if they don’t score later.”

“No. Absolutely not,” I said. “I’m not going to let you do this.”

“There’re going to score right now,” she said.

“But what if they don’t.”

“They will,” she said enunciating both words slowly and carefully. She had a strange look of determination on her face. I had to relent because she was just so sure. That kind of blind faith couldn’t be reasoned with.

Unfortunately, the drive came up short and the Broncos kicked a field goal. With only five minutes left, time was running out. In fact, the Raiders scored one more time and that took the air out of their competition. The game ended 34-10.

Nancy ran off to our bedroom and I ushered our guests out.

“See you guys next week,” Rocky said with a huge fucking grin as he walked to the car with the other guys. 

“I can’t wait to see that slut all dressed up fine for us. You guys going to be there, right?” They all kind of stopped and looked at him. “Shit. That’s what I thought.”

That night, Nancy was already in bed by the time I cleaned up the house. I didn’t think she was asleep, but she was too pissed off for me to say anything. An ‘I told you so’ wasn’t really appropriate at that moment.

Tom called to apologize for bringing Rocky. I told him not to worry about it; it wasn’t his fault.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we didn’t talk much either. However, on Thursday, Nancy got a FedEx package from Rocky containing a Raiderette uniform. A note was included in the package saying he couldn’t wait to see her hot body on Sunday.

At this point I felt I had to try and talk with Nancy about this problem. I asked if she was really going through with it.

“I have to. My word will be shit if I don’t.”

“Nobody expects you to do this.”

“Did you see the faces of your friends. They expect me to. Anyway, I’ll just do it and get it over with. Then the bastard never comes back in this house.”

Monday finally came and Nancy got home before me. She was wearing a bathrobe when I got there. Man, she was pissed off. I wanted to see under the robe myself, but I didn’t have the guts to ask. I’d see her humiliation soon enough.

Rocky showed up before the other guys. He asked her to remove the robe, but she said not until game time. My friends then started to filter in, each of them looking a little guilty for even being there.

Rocky wasn’t though. He sat in the middle of our sofa with a big ass grin on his face. He was wearing a Raider T-shirt and some black sweat pants. He was watching Nancy’s every move as she paced around the living room.

At kickoff time, he motioned her over. Resigned to her fate, Nancy took off her robe and threw it on the floor. Everyone in the room, let out a kind of involuntary gasp, except Rocky who whooped it up and cheered her on. 

She looked spectacular in that little black dress and white halter top. There was a silver waist sash and also a sort of a jacket with puffy sleeves that hardly covered her huge chest. The uniform was completed by a pair of tight white knee high boots. No question, it was the sluttiest costume in the NFL. 

“Wow, you look great,” Rocky said. “Aren’t you glad you gave me your sizes.” When did that happen I wondered?

“Actually I had to adjust the top,” she said.

“I bet you did. Not many cheerleaders have hooters like those.”

She didn’t say anything, but just looked down at the carpet.

“I really hate you, you bastard,” she said, but I didn’t hear the edge in her voice I expected to accompany that statement.

“Get over here and take a seat,” he ordered patting his lap. She walked over and sat down gingerly, keeping her wait forward. Her ass was barely resting on his leg. He told her to lean back and relax, because four hours was a long time.

In just a few minutes, she was straining to stay crouched in that position and just sort of lost her balance backwards until her back rested against his chest. He tried to put his arms around her, but she pushed them down to his sides.

“That’s better baby. Isn’t that more comfortable,” he said smiling to all the guys. They couldn’t keep their eyes off the couple on the sofa. My flat screen TV was going completely to waste.

Nancy didn’t look all that comfortable to me, but at least she didn’t look pissed anymore. She kept trying to shift her weight to find a comfortable position. That only proved to stimulate Rocky even more.

Suddenly she screamed and jumped up. 

“What the Hell was that,” she said looking down at his lap. Rocky was now sporting a tent in his sweat pants – and it wasn’t a small tent. In fact, it might have been a circus tent.

“Sorry baby, but you shouldn’t have been grinding that sweet ass of yours on it,” he said throwing his arms in the air. “What did you expect?” 

“I’m not sitting on that.”

“You better find a way to sit on my lap without touching it then. I’ll tell you what. Go get me a beer and maybe it will go down by the time you get back.”

“I’m not your waitress.”

“OK. Then sit back down.” She turned and went to the kitchen. When she was gone he started telling the other guys what she was doing to him. He apologized to me, but said he thought she was trying to get him hard.

Nancy came back and handed him a beer bottle. Then she sat back down on his lap without being asked, even though the tent remained in the air. Before the first quarter was over she was leaning back again trying to get adjusted.

At first, I thought she was trying to avoid his boner, but I started to have my doubts. He began whispering something in her ear and his hands had moved to her hips. Not only was she not trying to remove his hands, but I couldn’t help noticing that her nipples were now extremely hard.

Half way through the second quarter, she started complaining that her legs were falling asleep.

“No problem, just turn around and straddle me, baby. That way you stay on the lap and get the blood back in your legs.”

She did as he suggested kneeling over his closed legs. She said that was much better. She was sitting out by his knees, looking directly into his face. He kept smiling at her and whispering things I couldn’t make out. 

She tried to turn and watch the game, but the TV was practically behind her and that was uncomfortable. She turned back to look at him, and he began rubbing the tops of her thighs.

He kept talking to her under his breath and she suddenly laughed.

“What’s so funny,” I asked. 

“I just said I need a place to rest my beer and she has a most inviting beer coozie.” He then pushed the beer bottle down between her tits and she did nothing to stop him. The other guys laughed.

She said it was too cold, so she removed it. However, she held it for him offering it to his lips when he asked her to. She was now leaning forward, so that her tits were touching his chest. His hands were rubbing against the cheeks of her ass – under the little dress.

The other guys looked at me to see if I was going to say anything. I didn’t know what to do, so I asked her if she was OK.

“I’m fine honey.”

Her chest was pressed up tight against him now, and she was obviously grinding her crotch against his. He continued to whisper in her ear. She put her arms around his neck and started to make the slightest little throaty noises.

Rocky announced that he had to take a leak. He pushed her up and started for the bathroom. Only thing was he was pulling her along with him. She looked my way when she passed, but I don’t think she saw my face.

The bathroom is down the hall. I didn’t follow them, but Gene did. Tom turned down the volume on the TV, so we could hear what was happening. We all heard some giggling coming from the hallway and then a loud stream hitting the water in the bowl.

Gene came back and announced that Nancy was aiming Rocky’s cock for him. Everybody laughed, except me. We all thought they would come back, but they didn’t.

Gene went down the hall again to take a look. He was gone about 10 minutes. When he came back, he looked at me and said, “I think you need to see this.”

On shaky legs, I got up and walked down the hall to our bedroom. Rocky was sitting on the bed without his sweat pants. Nancy was looking up at him with her mouth halfway down his shaft. There was a long string of saliva hanging from her chin.

Looking up at me, Rocky said, “This slut says she never sucks your cock. You ought to try it; she’s pretty good.” With that he grabbed and handful of hair and pumped her face while looking right at me.

“Good girl. Suck it good.” A few of the other guys were now pushing in around me and into the room. Rocky looked up and smiled to his new audience.

“I told you guys all she needed was little encouragement. Bitches like this like to talk tough, but they’re all just whores in the end.” To prove his point, he pulled his cock from his mouth and slapped her face with it.

“You’re going to be my little whore aren’t you Nancy.”

The contact seemed to bring her out of the trance she was in. She saw the other guys, and then looked at me.

“I’m sorry honey, but his cock is just so big.”

“Don’t worry about it, baby,” Rocky said. “He wants to see me fuck you as bad as you want it. Why do you think he let this happen?” He began to push his cock back between her lips.

“She didn’t answer you,” Gene said. That old fucker, why was he helping this prick?

“Yeah baby. I asked you if you were going to be my little whore?” With his cock still embedded in her face, she tried to say that she would, but it just came out as a mumble. He made her say it again and everyone laughed.

She tried to grab his cock at the base, but he pushed her hands away. Instead, he moved forward, pushing her backwards until she was leaning back on her hands. He grabbed her head and fucked her pretty mouth until she started to cough and gag. 

“That’s right my little cheerleader slut, gag on that big fucking cock.” Again everybody laughed and somebody slapped me on the back. 

He then yanked her halter down until her big tits popped out. They were so firm, that they just stood out on her chest. With her still leaned backwards, he wrapped himself in her tits and began fucking them.

“I’ll bet your husband never fucks these knockers either,” Rocky taunted.

“No, you’re the first.”

“I can’t believe it. These tits where made for fucking. You have the body of a natural whore.”

He ordered her to get out of the uniform and get on our bed. She hustled to do as she was told. She started to take off the boots, but he told her to leave them on. 

Someone had stripped the bed down to the bottom sheets. When Nancy lied down on her back, they guys circled the bed and every eye in the room was on her.

Rocky grabbed her ankles and spread her open for everyone to see. He stuffed his cock back in her mouth and asked if anyone wanted a taste of her little pussy. Gene jumped at the chance and was crawling between her legs.

The room was silent know except for the slurping of cock and pussy. Rocky was lifting her head up so she could see the older man eating her out. Gene must have been very good, because she soon was getting close to an orgasm. 

She began to close her legs around Gene’s head, but Rocky slapped the inside of her thighs until she opened them wide enough to rest flat on the bed. She started to whimper, but he told her to shut up and keep sucking.

“Don’t let your whore take charge man,” he said to the crowd. “The man’s always in charge.” To prove his point, he slapped her tits a couple of times. Some of the guys laughed, but it was the nervous kind this time.

He told Gene to get up because he was going to fuck her. He grabbed a pillow and put it under her ass. He had her place the head of his cock between her pussy lips. With no warning he drove the full length of his 10-inch monster into her slick wetness. 

Gene prepared her well, because she immediately began moaning when Rocky plowed into her. There was no love or tenderness here, just a man fucking a submissive woman as hard as he could.

“Ooohhh, Ooohh, baby. Yes. Fuck me. Ooohh.” She brought her legs up around his waist, but he grabbed them and put them over his shoulders. When he was embedded up to his balls, he stopped and gave her short powerful strokes. He was now about as far in her as possible.

She was getting closer to an orgasm. When he saw the change in her movement, he slowed down, teasing her, and even stopped for a few seconds.

“What do you want baby.”

“Please fuck me with your big hard cock.”

“I thought you didn’t like me.”

“I’m so sorry baby. I didn’t know how special you are. You’re wonderful.”

“Did you hear that guys. I think she’s in love.”

She reached up to touch his face. “I love it Rocky. Oh God, it’s so big, so strong. I never knew it could be like this.” Her submission turned him on and he began pounding her again like a jackhammer. 

All the guys shouted encouragement to Rocky as Nancy came in a screaming orgasm. In our four years of marriage, she had never had one that approached the intensity she just displayed.

“Do you like it nasty baby, just like the Raiders?” He hadn’t slowed at all and was continuing to give her his longest strokes.

“Oh yes. I like it nasty.”

“I’ll bet you’d fuck the whole team now if they were here.” His body began to jerk wildly as he deposited his seed deep in her pussy.

“You’re making me come again. Oh God, I’m such a whore.” He finished her off with a few mercy strokes with his softening organ. 

“Don’t worry honey there’s a lot more where that came from. I don’t have the Raiders here, but your husband’s friends would be glad to help out. Who wants to fuck the shit out of this cunt?”

“I will, ” Gene said, scrambling up on the bed. He was already naked and was sporting a short fat cock. He pounced on her like a horny tiger, but she was able to close her legs in a defensive move.

“Please open your legs. I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you.” He buried his face in her boobs and began to suck on one nipple and then the other.

“Oh God. I’m not sure. I don’t want to be gang banged.”

“Listen baby,” Rocky said. “If you ever want me to fuck you again, you better give my new friends a turn.” She locked eyes with him. I guess she determined he was serious, because her legs slowly opened to Gene. 

Even as my coworker pushed his fat cock into her semen-filled pussy she continued to look into Rocky’s face. I’m sure she wanted him to be fucking her instead of my friend. Rocky got off the bed and walked to the bathroom.

“Where are you going baby?” she asked, looking over Gene’s back. “Please don’t go.” 

“Don’t worry bitch. I’ll be right back,” Rocky said. When he left the room, Benny, another older coworker with a beer gut stepped up and tried to push his cock in my wife’s mouth. She turned her head away, but he grabbed her hair and forced his cock between her lips.

“Good girl,” he said. “That feels great.” Two of my friends were now sliding their cocks into my pretty wife right in front of my eyes – two men that she would never let touch her under normal circumstances. I felt a big hand on my shoulders and looked up to see Rocky guzzling a beer while still completely nude.

“That’s one hell of a slut you got their buddy. Hope we don’t spoil her for you,” he laughed.” Then he started shouting encouragement to my two friends. 

Benny was about to come and I could see he had no intention of pulling out. Nancy tried to push him away, but he held her by the wrist and continued to force himself on her. When his orgasm came you could hear her cough and sputter on the fluid filling her mouth. 

At the same time, Gene was either about to come or have a heart attack. It was a little hard to tell. He was wheezing and sweating profusely. With a loud groan, he pulled his cock from her and dumped a full load on her belly. 

Both men left the bed. My once proud wife now lay there in sweat and cum. Here eyes remained riveted on Rocky who walked to the side of the bed. He pushed her legs apart so everyone could see her open pussy. Then he grabbed a handful of hair and lifted her head up off the bed.

“What do you think guys anybody else want a shot at this whore?” The other guys looked at me and chose not to take him up on the offer. Most of them had quite visible boners, so they were passing up this chance in deference to me. Tom offered me his apologies and left along with the other guys. Even Gene and Benny were ready to leave.

I walked them to the door and then went back to the bedroom. Rocky was standing by the bed and Nancy was lying on her stomach stroking his big tapered cock. He looked my way when I entered the room, but she didn’t. She remained hypnotized by that man’s penis. 

“I’m telling you man, the bitch is addicted. They just love a big cock.”

He told her to get on her hands and knees. He mounted her from behind and started screwing that once tight pussy. He was driving it in from above while rotating his cock to give her a different angle on each stroke.

He would stop every couple of strokes and pull all the way out. Then drive it in again. Her pussy was gripping his shaft in each piston-like move. She was practically screaming, begging for more cock.

Then he stopped moving and slapped her ass, making her do all the work. She was rocking back at him to capture the entire length of his cock. Just to tease her, he pulled it out and waited for her reaction.

“Please baby, don’t tease me. I need it so much.”

“What do you want baby.”

“Ooohh, fuck me. Please fuck your nasty cunt. Fuck it good.”

He drove in again, leaning forward to play with her big tits. He squeezed them, pulled on the nipples and even slapped them. This rough treatment only seemed to make her hotter.

“Oh that feels so good. I love it. You’re such a man, such a stud.” This talk drove him on. He was giving her everything he had. They went at it like this for maybe 10 minutes. She came three times and was now flat on her stomach. When it seemed like this would never end, Rocky pulled out and moved to her head. 

“Open your mouth baby, I’m going to shoot it in.”

Like a pornstar, she opened wide to receive his load. The first shot went mostly in her mouth with some hanging from her upper lip. The next shot wasn’t even close hitting her directly in the forehead. Another string flew out and landed on her cheek. 

Then he pushed it in her mouth for the final drops. There was my wife who had never sucked a cock in her life before tonight with a face covered with another man’s cum. He took his softening cock and used it as a squeegee, pushing the cum into her still open mouth.

“That’s a good slut clean up the mess you made. Good girl.” She swallowed ever last drop and even licked and smacked her lips.

Rocky left a little while later. The house was now quiet and dark except for a small lamp near our bed. I sat there for about an hour watching my wife sleep, naked and completely satisfied.

On Tuesday, we didn’t talk much, but just went to work like normal. Nancy seemed to be in a particularly great mood that evening. She was humming and prancing around the house all night. I would have thought she would feel bad about the previous night once she had come to her senses.

I didn’t know what to say to her, so I didn’t try. The phone rang later, and she answered it in the bedroom. I tried to find out who it was, but she wouldn’t tell me. She did inform me that we would be having another Monday Night Football party the following week.

I said I wasn’t inviting my friends again. That was OK with her, because Rocky was bringing a friend of his own. The rest of the week was surreal. We hardly spoke all week, just king of moved around each other. She could tell I was concerned about the change that had come over her, and I knew she was going to do what she wanted whether I liked it or not.

Monday came again and I didn’t even bother to turn on the TV. Nancy was dressed in a sexy red dress, with a short hemline and a plunging neckline. She had her face and hair done up beautifully. She looked like she was ready for a hot date.

Rocky showed up at about 9 p.m. carrying a bag and followed by a little Italian guy. This other guy was going bald and was much shorter than his companion. His face was flat an unattractive. He was dressed in a running suit, and I guessed he was in his late 50s.

“This is my Uncle Tony. Uncle Tony, this is Dan and Nancy.”

“Holy shit, you weren’t lying. What a fucking set.” The older man walked right up to Nancy and started groping her boobs through her dress. She looked a little uncomfortable, but she let him feel he up right in front of me.

Nancy asked to talk to Rocky in private. They went into the kitchen, but we could hear every word. She said Tony was too old. He said not to worry cause his uncle had a bigger cock than he did. Uncle Tony looked at me and smiled at that moment, cupping his crotch and giving it a squeeze.

She wouldn’t be disappointed Rocky said. I just want to be with you she said. You’ll fuck whom I tell you to fuck, now get back out there. She walked back into the living room and smiled at Uncle Tony. 

The old man grabbed her hand and spun her around, so he could get a good look. It was clear that she was much taller than Tony. The difference in height didn’t seem to bother him. In fact, I think it turned him on to know he would be using my pretty young wife like a toy. He bent her over at the waist and yanked her dress up above her hips.

“That’s a great ass, too. You ever take one up the ass sweetie.”


“Looks like you’re going to learn a little something tonight.” 

Rocky sat down on the sofa behind me and said to get out of his line of sight. He wanted to make sure he saw all the action. He had pulled a camcorder from the bag he brought and was taping the events of the evening.

Uncle Tony reached between my wife’s legs and rubbed her crotch. He noted that she was already wet. Next, he pulled her thong panties aside and thrust a hairy finger right into her.

Nancy was immediately affected by his manipulation. She was moving her ass to match the movements of his fingers. When he worked another fat finger into her, she lost her balance and fell forward on her hands and knees.

Uncle Tony slapped her ass a few times just to gauge her reaction. She just moaned a little and shook her ass back at him. He looked over at us and gave the thumbs up. Then he took one of the fingers that had already moistened in her pussy and pushed it into her tiny little asshole. 

At first she tried to escape the penetration, but the old man grabbed her hair and jerked her body back onto his finger. She squealed as he worked that finger and then another one into her ass.

Rocky leaned over and punched me in the shoulder. “My uncle sure knows how to treat a whore, huh. I learned everything I know from this man.” He beamed at his uncle as the old man humiliated my sweet wife. Uncle Tony pulled Nancy up into a kneeling position and tried to feed her the fingers he had just taken out of her ass. When she figured out what he was doing, she tried to push his hand away. 

“Nancy. Stop. Do what you’re told,” Rocky said. She looked at him like a hurt child. She asked if she had to. He told her to do whatever his uncle wanted. Looking at Rocky she opened her mouth and let the old bastard stick half his hand in her mouth.

He was fist fucking her mouth, which was obscenely spread open to accommodate the fat hand. He told her to make sure she sucked it clean like a good whore.

With his other hand, the old man jerked the top of her dress down achieving two goals – freeing her breasts and trapping her arms at her sides. He grabbed her braless tits and weighed them in his hands. 

This is a great rack he said. He knelt down on one knee right next to her with his face right in her face.

“What are you doing kneeling in front of a man you don’t even know ready to let him use you? Why are you acting like a slut right in front of your husband?”

“Because … because … I’m a nasty cunt.”

“You want Big Daddy to fuck you, you nasty cunt?”

“Yes sir.”

“Do you want to suck Big Daddy’s cock first and get it ready?’

“Yes please.” With that admission, he dropped his running pants to his knees. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his cock bobbed right in front of her face. It was bigger than Rocky’s and a whole lot wider. 

She gasped at the sight of it. It was not just large, but discolored and craggy. Or maybe she gasped because this huge cock was attached to such an unappealing body. He had taken off the running jacket revealing a bear-like body – a whole lot of hair covering quite a bit of fat. His big gut hung down disgustingly.

“That’s a good one, huh,” Rocky said to no one in particular. “Give it to her Uncle Tony.”

The old bastard grabbed his bulky cock by the base and guided it into Nancy’s warm, open mouth. She was obviously expecting him to do something, but he just held it there. She looked up at him and still he didn’t move. She eventually took the hint and began moving her head back and forth, sucking him deep into her mouth. 

“That’s a good girl. Make Big Daddy happy. Oh yeah. Keep sucking.”

In no time, she was getting into servicing the old man. Slurping all over it, licking down the sides and making the most incredible purring noise. Her lipstick was coating his cock. 

He pulled it up toward his navel and told her to lick his balls. My wife was now practically under this old fart sucking on his nut sack like a wanton slut.

Uncle Tony’s pants were getting in his way, so he kicked them off. He was now just wearing running shoes and white socks. His fat, hairy legs didn’t add anything to the attractiveness of his body.

Nancy had proceeded to get the old man’s cock wet and slick. He scooped the saliva hanging from her chin and rubbed it into his cock. Then, he pushed her down onto the carpet and straddled her chest. Trapping her arms under his legs, he announced his intentions to fuck her boobs. 

He started by slapping her tits with his big wet cock. He laughed at the way they rippled after he cock whipped them. He cruelly pinched her nipples and pulled on them until she cried out. Then he would let them go and watch them snap back.

He slapped his cock right in the valley between her tits and wrapped the bulk of her breasts around him. Rocky threw him a pillow to put under her head, to make it easier for her to suck the head of his prick as it stroked through her boobs. 

He grew tired of the boob play and just started pushing his cock further back in her throat. He moved forward until he was sitting on her boobs, and they were flattened under his hairy ass. She was gagging on his cock and he asked her if she could swallow it.

When she said she couldn’t, he said she needed to learn. He led her over to a chair and had her sit in it upside down, so her head was hanging off the end of the seat. 

She had trouble at first, but he was surprisingly patient. For almost 20 minutes, he worked with her until she got the cock all the way in, and his balls were smacking her nose.

Rocky punched my shoulder again and said she’d be a real pro after tonight.

Uncle Tony kept fucking her throat, taking it out every now and then to let her catch her breath. When he was ready, he’d drive it back in again. He held her tits for balance and had a couple of healthy handfuls. He was using them like handles.

He said he thought she was ready to get fucked. He pulled her down on the floor, so that she was on top of him. The contrast in their bodies was really evident now. She was tanned and lean, perfect in ever way. He looked like an old hairy 50s prizefighter way past his prime.

Yet, here she was treating him like any lover. She knelt over his body and slowly impaled herself on him. His mighty cock stood straight up for her as she dropped her weight down on his fat gut time and time again. Each time she reached the bottom, her ass ground down to try and get even more into her.

After a while, she got into a rhythm bouncing up and down, until she sent herself over the edge. She shook her head from side to side and waved her hands all about. She was totally out of control.

“Ooohh, Big Daddy, I love your cock. You’re driving me crazy.”

He sat up and kissed her deeply as she came down from her orgasm. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. They necked for a few minutes, while he was still embedded in her. 

He lifted her up and reached between them. Rocky punched my arm yet again and said here goes the old man’s specialty. Uncle Tony was trying to push his cock into her ass and she seemed to be helping him.

I couldn’t see very well between their bodies, but I could see Nancy slowly drop her weight down. She gave out a painful sound and looked toward the ceiling, but didn’t move to get off the cock. She seemed to be getting used the size of him.

He slapped her ass and told her to get going. She didn’t do as he asked, and he was looking annoyed. He hooked his arms under Nancy’s knees and picked her up. He was completely in charge now.

He was bouncing her around on his cock, forcing more of himself into her. But his age showed and he quickly tired of carrying her around. He dropped her onto the chair and really drove into. It took her awhile, but she eventually started to enjoy the ass reaming. 

“Ooohh fuck me ass. Yes Big Daddy. Fuck your whore in the ass with your big cock. I love it. Oh God yes, I love it.”

“Yeah baby. Take that thing, you nasty whore.”

“Ooohh God, I’m coming Big Daddy. You’re making me come.” 

“You like getting ass fucked, eh bitch?” He pulled out to show us how big her hole had become. It was gaping wide open. 

“Yeah Uncle Tony, fuck the bitch,” Rocky said. 

The old man impaled her again and kept on plowing. He grabbed two big handfuls of tit flesh and fucked her hard. “I’m going to tattoo ‘Big Daddy’ on your ass bitch. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes, Big Daddy.”

“I’m going to shave that pussy too. I like my whores slick.”

“Yes, Big Daddy.”

“You Big Daddy property now bitch.”

“Yes. I’m Big Daddy’s property. I’m his nasty whore.”

“Show me baby.” He stood up and waited for her to begin sucking. She didn’t disappoint him, wrapping those pretty lips around his shit-stained cock. 

“Out of the ass and into the mouth, means true love,” he laughed. Rocky laughed with him. She was cleaning him pretty good, but not good enough to get him off. He began fisting his own cock just inches from her face. 

As he got closer, he grabbed her by the hair and held her face right next to the end of his cock. The old man finally let loose with a fucking shower of cum. Her face looked like a glazed donut 

“You were right Rocky. This is one hot little cunt.” Rocky took the camera over for a close up with the big cock and the glazed face.

“Tell us what you like bitch.”

“I like to get fucked with big cocks.”

“Yeah. You’re one nasty cunt now.”

The men sent her down the hall to get cleaned up. They turned on the game and Uncle Tony thought the flat screen looked great. It was just before halftime when Rocky got up and headed for the bedroom. At halftime, Uncle Tony also went down the hall. I just sat there and watched the TV.

When the game started again, I could hardly pay any attention to it because Nancy was screaming in ecstasy. I was afraid the neighbors would think we were fighting. I went to the bedroom to ask them to keep the noise down.

Nancy was being sandwiched between the two men. She was riding Uncle Tony while Rocky was fucking her ass. They would give her a couple of coordinated strokes and then stop. They had her going completely crazy, and she was begging them for release. 

They finally let her cum, and then unloaded in her as well. Uncle Tony used the camera to get another close-up of the cum running back out of her cunt and ass. He ended the night with a slap of her ass.

“I’ll call you baby,” he said as he left the room.