18th Birthday Picture

For Maggie Crane’s 18th Birthday, her bestfriend Lisa surprised her with a free birthday photo shoot by a famous cameraman, John Lucy.

Lisa is envy of her bestfriend Maggie. She thought Maggie was beautiful, though Maggie didn’t think so herself. She didn’t like how pale white her skin was. She didn’t like the fact that she was really tall. Like around 5’8 or 5’9. She thought her feet were kind of big because she wears a size 10 in shoes. Her dirty blond hair is just plain looking and she always had it either tied in a ponytail or straight down. Her ass was pretty much the only thing that looked right on her body. The biggest problem Maggie had was her enormous breasts.

She outgrew all the other girls in high school by the time she was 15. She was already wearing a double d bra. As she grew, her bra size increased and now that she was 18, her tits are now a whopping 34FF.

Her ample breasts started low on her chest and sloped out to huge mountainous soccer balls. The bottoms of her mighty mounds rested just above her belly button with natural sag. If she had the money to get her breasts deduced, she sure would have done it.

Lisa knows that her bestfriend Maggie is kind of shy about getting her pictures taken. That’s why she wanted to surprise her. Over the years in recent pictures, every camera had zoomed in or focuses on Maggie’s upperbody. No one besides her family has ever taken just a regular face shot without including her huge tits in the frame.

Since Maggie had no idea where Lisa was taking her in the middle of the afternoon, she didn’t get all dressed up for the surprise photo shoot. Instead, Maggie wore her favorite double X-Large light blue tee shirt, with a picture of a dolphin stretched out and distorted across her large chest. A pair of dark blue jeans and her favorite tennis shoes. Maggie was never into dressing up for any occasion and wanted to feel as comfortable as possible.

“Can I take this stupid blindfold off please?” asked Maggie as Lisa drove the both of them to the photo shop.

“Not yet?” said Lisa as she pulled up into the parking lot.

Lisa got out of the car and opened the door for her friend. She guided Maggie into the photo shop. Once inside, Lisa guided Maggie to a long, black leather sofa and Maggie fell backwards on it. Her enormous breasts bobbed underneath her shirt and Lisa couldn’t take her eyes off them.

“Gosh! Maggie’s breasts are HUGE!” Lisa said to herself. “Ok Maggie! You can remove the blindfold now,” said Lisa.

Maggie took off the blindfold and saw she was in a photo studio.

“LISA! How could you set me up to take pictures for my birthday?” questioned Maggie.

“It’s my present to you Maggie… So please just get a couple pictures taken for your birthday. Then I promise we will go somewhere fun,” Lisa pleaded.

“I guess someone doesn’t like having her picture taken,” said a man’s voice.

“Oh my god Maggie! It’s John Lucy. The famous cameraman for the stars,” gasped Lisa.

“Oh yeah! He does take the prettiest pictures of the celebrities. Even the ones that are not so pretty,” Maggie said.

“How do you do girls,” John Lucy greeted them.

John walked out from the shadows to reveal his tall, dark, and handsome self.

Lisa and Maggie were both drooling over the hot blond 25-year-old cameraman.

“Please! Tell me why don’t you like getting your pictures taken birthday girl Maggie?” John asked.

“Well….because…I never turn out right in pictures,” Maggie said slyly.

“Well Maggie. That’s all going to change tonight. I think you have a very beautiful face for photographing,” John said.

“Thanks!” Maggie said blushing.

“You’re gorgeous too Lisa,” John flirted.

“Thank you John! You’re very gorgeous yourself,” Lisa commented.

“Why don’t you take a seat next to your friend Maggie? I would like to see how you guys work together,” John said smiling.

Both Lisa and Maggie were memorized by John’s good looks and muscular body, which showed in his tight shirt and black jeans. They were so memorized by him that they would end up doing anything the man wanted. And John knew that.

Lisa took a seat next to Maggie. Lisa’s body was nowhere near voluptuous as Maggie’s. She was thinner the Maggie and shorter. She had dark black curl hair and was prettier then Maggie but Lisa didn’t want to gloat it to her bestfriend.

John started taking pictures of the duo. He had move close together. So close that, Maggie’s massive double F cups crushed against Lisa’s C cups. John started to get very hard and it showed as a large bulged formed in his jeans.

“Wow! You girls are so hot! Lisa with that pretty face and smile and Maggie…Oh Maggie…Excuse my French but those are the biggest pair of tits I’ve seen on an 18-year-old,” John commented.

Maggie hesitated a minute to respond.

“…Thanks John,” Maggie slyly spoke.

“No problem. As you can see, those wonderful breasts of yours have turned me on,” John said.

“Her breasts are her best assets,” Lisa said as she reached over and squeezed both of Maggie’s breasts. “These things are so big, I can’t even grasp them.”

“Hmmmm. I like that Lisa. Keep squeezing your friend’s breasts,” John requested as she snapped pictures of the action.

Maggie’s face turned red and she felt uncomfortable but she enjoyed the massage Lisa was giving her breasts.

Lisa squeezed and mauls the clothed breasts. She lifted them up and pressed them together.

“God Maggie! I wish I had a pair of funbags like you. I would play with these things all night,” moaned Lisa.

“Could we please see those juicy breasts uncovered?” requested John.

Maggie looked at Lisa and lifted her arms up.

“With pleasure,” Lisa agreed.

Lisa grabbed the bottom of the oversized shirt and lifted it up over Maggie’s head. Maggie’s big titties wobbled inside a humongous tan colored bra.

“Please. Pull those delicious mounds from their cups,” commanded John.

Lisa stuck one hand into Maggie’s right bra cup and slowly scooped up the massive flesh of Maggie’s breasts. The palm of her hand pressed hard against Maggie’s erected nipple.

“Oh yes! That’s it,” groaned John as he snapped pictures.

Lisa pulled the incredible white creamy breast from its container. The breast rested on top of the bra cup and hung down enormously. Thick and round as large juicy natural breasts should be. Her areola was the size of the bottom of a soda can, with small pumps circling on it. Her nipple was pink, thick, and small. Lisa’s mouth drooled over the bare tit of her bestfriend.

“Why don’t you go head and taste that tit Lisa?” suggested John as he rubbed his large bulge and couldn’t take his eyes off the giant juicy tits.

Lisa bended her head to Maggie’s chest and slowly planted kisses all over her breast. She pressed her nose against the soft breast tissue as she captured the small nipple between her lip. Lisa used both hands to caress and squeeze the massive orb she nursed on.

Maggie moaned lightly to the sucking. Maggie has had her tits sucked before but never by a girl. Her friend Lisa knew just what to do as she sucked and slurped on the hard little nipple. Lisa puckered her lips and sucked the areola into her mouth as well. Maggie really started to moan louder and caress the back of her bestfriend’s head a she sucked her tit.

Lisa released the nipple with a pop sound and trailed her tongue over the nipple and areola. Her tongue slowly ran over all the little pumps on Maggie’s areola.

“Ohhh Lisa! That feels so good,” moaned Maggie.

“Hmmmm and it taste so good,” Lisa moaned as she sucked on Maggie’s hard nipple again.

“I want to see the other gorgeous tit too,” John requested.

Lisa removed her lips from Maggie’s right breast and once again scooped a hand down inside Maggie’s bra cup and pulled out her left tit. Both large, creamy white tits were now bare for Lisa and John’s eyes. Lisa immediately sucked on the left nipple and made it just as hard as the right nipple. She ran her hands up and down Maggie’s chest and pushed her enormous knockers together and buried her head inbetween them.

“Oh god! These tits feel so fucking soft and fluffy against my head,” moaned Lisa as she kissed and licked Maggie’s cleavage, while engulfed between her giant white melons.

“Get those pants off her quickly,” said John as the swell in his pants got bigger.

Maggie kicked off her tennis shoes while Lisa unzipped her jeans. Lisa pulled Maggie’s jeans down and off her sock-covered feet. Maggie unhooked the back of her bra straps and dropped the bra to the floor. Lisa returned her lips to sucking Maggie’s breasts. Her hands roamed over Maggie’s thick thighs and legs. Her white cotton panties were moist in the middle and Lisa lightly brushed her hand over the moist spot.

“I think she’s nice and wet for some dick,” moaned Lisa as she planted one last kiss on Maggie’s nipples.

Lisa stood up and let John take a seat next to an almost nude Maggie. John’s hands immediately groped and mauled Maggie’s tits. He weighted her large tits and wobbled them in his hands. His thumb ran back and forth over the thick wet nipples. He kissed Maggie wildly, sucking on her lips and slithering his tongue in and out of her mouth.

Lisa sat on another couch and watched her friend being felt up by the famous cameraman.

John cupped a large mass of tit flesh in both hands and sucked on it. A good amount of Maggie’s breast was sucked between John’s lips. He squeezed the big tit into a cone shape and continued to feast on it. Lashing his tongue over her hard nipple and slightly chewing on it. The more John sucked her tits, the more wet her pussy became.

John alternates between both tits for nearly 15 minutes. He left no skin on neither breasts dry. He squeezed to fondle and squeeze her massive melons as he felt Maggie’s hands rub on his throbbing bulge.

“I think its time for you to return the favor,” said John.

John stood up, kicked his shoes off, and pulled both his jeans and boxers down in front of Maggie’s face. His big swollen cock popped out right in front of Maggie.

Maggie didn’t waste anytime and started sucking on John’s cock. The huge eleven-inch penis throbbed painfully between Maggie’s slurping lips.

“Ughhh!” moaned John.

Maggie wrapped her lips further down John’s big dick until she reached the base. She used one of her hands to cup and fondle his cum-filled balls.

“Oh shit! Oh Maggie! Ugh!” groaned John as he grabbed the back of Maggie’s head and pushed her face deeper into his shaved crotch. Maggie’s nose pressed against the lower part of John’s stomach. Her lips were fully wrapped around his entire shaft as her tongue worked his cock from the inside of her mouth.

Maggie tightly squeezed John’s asscheeks apart and brushed her fingers inside his ass crack.

After the long deep throating session, Maggie lifted her head from John’s dripping wet cock and began stroking it. She lifted his cock up and pressed the big wet meat against his stomach, while she sucked on both of his wrinkled balls. Maggie maneuvered her tongue between both balls, around them, and on them. She used the tip of her tongue and tickled his balls at the bottom.

“Ahhhh Maggie! I want you to eat my asshole. Please Maggie,” moaned and begged a hot John.

Maggie moved her head further below John until her tongue slithered between his asscheeks. Maggie buried her face between John’s firm asscheeks and licked his anus. She dropped his cock and squeezed his buttocks.

“Ughhh fuck! Eat my ass bitch! Oh god yes!” moaned John as he pressed his ass further in Maggie’s face. He reached down and grabbed Maggie’s dangling knockers and squeezed them roughly to each intense tongue drilling Maggie did inside his asshole.

After a couple of minutes of getting his ass ate out by Maggie, John removed his ass from Maggie’s face and bended her over on all fours. He grabbed Maggie’s panties and pulled them down off her feet. Her bald pussy leaked with juices, which ran down her thighs.

John rubbed his big cock at her pussylips and shoved his cock in. John immediately pounded her pussy with no mercy. Maggie buried her head on the ground as her pussy was filled with a large cock. The biggest cock she had ever let inside her. Her ass bounced and slammed against John’s crotch as he fucked her hard and deep. Maggie cried out and could feel him rearranging her organs with each thrust.

Lisa watched with lust in her eyes and had her fingers moving in and out of her pussy. She watched from behind as John’s asscheeks got tighter and Maggie’s enormous sweaty breasts swung from her sides.

“Aghhhh!” Maggie cried as her fingernails tore at the ground.

“Ahhhh yeah! John groaned as he climbed up higher on Maggie’s back and pressed his muscular chest against her back.

He buried his face in her neck and wrapped his arms around her wrist as he thursted his large member hard and deep between her cunt tight cunt muscles.

Both John and Maggie were sweating like they’ve been in a steam room at a spa.

John lifted his upperbody off Maggie’s back gripped tightly on her firm buttocks. He squeezed them while his cock drilled her moist snatch. He watched her massive mammaries flop and swing wildly underneath and his cock got bigger and harder inside her.

“Uhhhh John! You’re so bigggg!” cried Maggie as she wiggled her toes inside her socks and pushed her ass up against his thrusting crotch.

The sounds of they’re fucking could be heard all over the empty photo shop. Not to mention the smell of sex filled the room they were in. Lisa fingered herself in a mind-blowing orgasm but continued to watch her bestfriend being rode doggy-style.

After giving Maggie her first earth-shattering orgasm, John lifted Maggie up and bended her over the leather sofa. He trapped her legs inbetween his and continued fucking her dripping wet cunt from behind. Her creamy large knockers, dripped in sweat and flopped over the sofa.

John slammed his hips into her harder and harder and couldn’t believe how wet and juicy Maggie’s pussy was. Her previous cumming only made her pussy more slippery and wet to thrust into.

John changed positions once again and sat with his back on the sofa. Maggie climbed up on his cock with her back facing him, her feet up on his knees, and his cock buried between her large cuntlips.

While John pounded her pussy, he rubbed her clitoris with a finger.

“Oh yeah baby! Take his cock! Oh Maggie. You’re fucking hot with your big fucking titties,” moaned John

John thrusted harder and harder and caused Maggie’s mammoth knockers to flop in all directions. John reached up and cupped her tits. He squeezed them at the bottoms and then held them on the sides. He helped smash her big slippery orbs into each other, to make those thunder slaps he enjoy so much from big tittied woman. Of course, none of his previous women wore an 34FF cup.

“Oh John! Oh John! Aghhhh fuck! Harder, please harder!” cried Maggie.

John squeezed Maggie’s jugs hard and rested his cock in her pussy. Maggie busted a nut all over John’s big prick. Her juices oozed down his shaft and tight balls. John wobbled and bounced Maggie’s fluffy melons in his hands. He moved his head to the side and capture a breast between his lips. He let his saliva drip all over her areola while sucking her nipple.

“I have to fuck these big boys,” groaned John.

Maggie lied on her back and John straddled himself on Maggie’s chest. He slipped his huge cock between her bulging mounds. John held Maggie’s tits from the sides and started to pound her tender flesh.

“Oh god yes! Uhhhhh!” John groaned as he fucked Maggie’s breasts.

Maggie took hold of her enormous breasts as John pinched and pulled on her nipples. Her breasts wobbled and squished against John’s dick and thighs. John felt his balls become tighter and heavier.

“Ohhhhh shit!” John grunted as a thick layer of cum, blasted from his swollen cockhead and sprayed Maggie’s face and neck.

John lifted his cock from between Maggie’s knockers and sprayed them in thick layers of his jizz. John felt weaken as his cum quickly spurted onto her breasts.

Maggie groaned as her tits got drenched in gooey cum.

John stayed on Maggie’s chest and let his limp cock rub his cum into her breast skin and nipples.

“Say cheese!” shouted Lisa.

Lisa took a picture of John on top of Maggie, with her double F cups drenched and dripping with cum from all sides.

“This picture will be a reminder of the best birthday gift I’ve ever gave you Maggie Crane.”

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