Virgin Schoolgirl Needs Better Grades

“Mr. McCoy, I just have to start getting higher grades in your class if I’m going to get admitted to any of the best colleges. I’m acing every class but yours and I’d do anything to get straight A’s from you too.

“Anything? Do you really mean that?” His smile widened as he asked her that and lecherous thoughts swirled through his mind.

“Yes, I do. Anything. Anything at all. I would even be willing to have sex with you but I’m a virgin and I have to stay that way until I’m married. My parents are very strict and so are the mother and father of my fiancé. Even so, I would be willing to have sex with you but it would have to be some any way I can do it and still keep my virginity?”

“I’m quite sure we can work something out, Ruth. Suppose you come to my office after school ends today and we’ll see if we can think of something.”

Dennis McCoy already knew what he was going to be thinking of and he hoped Ruth would be as willing as she said she would be. She was about the hottest girl in the high school where he taught Geometry, with long red hair, green eyes and a few scattered freckles that enhanced her perfect ivory complexion. Her breasts were big and shapely too but neither they nor her face was Ruth’s main attraction. As he watched her walk out the door of his office in her long knit dress, he knew what was. He was a man who loved female asses and the body he was eying had a bottom that was as close to perfect as any he had ever seen, big and curvy with a truly delightful sway. He would talk with her after classes ended for the day but he already knew what he wanted to do to her later when her dress would be bunched up above her waist and she would be leaning over his desk.

Shortly after the bell rang ending the school day, Ruth returned to his office. Although inexperienced, she knew there was a way for a woman to have sex with a man without breaking her maidenhead, and she had done it, but she was naively hoping Mr. McCoy would not have thought of it. If he had, and he insisted on it, she would let him have his way with her because a first class college was so very important in her plans. She was willing to go that far but would still refuse to let anybody fuck her pussy before marriage and after the wedding, it would be only her bridegroom.

She needn’t have worried about her maidenhead because the lecherous Dennis McCoy had been thinking of only one thing since watching her ass swaying as she left his office earlier that day. The first thing he had done was to look up the sexy redhead’s date of birth in her high school records and learn she had turned 18 over a month ago. He had made sure he had a squeeze bottle of good quality lubricant because he was aware it would be necessary but had decided to pass on the condoms. He knew Ruth couldn’t possibly become pregnant from being fucked in her ass and he was confident she would have no STD or AIDS. The last thing he did before her anticipated visit was to put a roll of paper towels on his desk but otherwise clean off everything there so she could bend over it while he raised her dress and peeled down her panties.

Ten minutes after classes ended, Ruth arrived in Mr. McCoy’s office and was rather dismayed to see him there and not wearing his coat or tie. She had hoped he would have left already, thereby relieving her of her promise but, since he hadn’t, she was determined to go through with it. “I’m here,” she announced and turned around to lock the door and pull down the shade before sitting on the chair next to his desk. “Have you decided what you want to do?”

She expected him to want to be sucked off, which would not be that much of a problem to her. Although a virgin, as she said, Ruth had sucked her fiancé’s cock several times and it been rather fun. The young man had never done anything to reciprocate but her own fingers on her clit had taken care of her climaxes. She expected that would be what she was called on to do that day and started to go around the desk so she could get to her knees while the teacher remained in his chair and enjoyed her attentions. The only things she was concerned over were how long it would take and what his semen would taste like and whether or not he would expect her to swallow it as her fiancé liked her to do when he came into her mouth. Therefore, Ruth was surprised when he got up from his chair and guided her to a spot in front of his desk.

“Put your hands here,” he instructed her, referring to an area that was free of any clutter. “Lean forward and press your legs against the edge of the desk.”

Still wondering what was going to happen, she did as she had been told and watched as Mr. McCoy went back to the drawers of his desk, removed some objet or other and returned to stand behind her. She felt him unbuckle the belt around her waist, place his hands on her hips and stroke slowly downward until he reached the hem of her dress. Not until she became alarmed when he started to raise her dress did she say anything to him.

“Mr. McCoy! What are you doing?”

“I’m getting you ready to do what you said you would do.”

“But I can’t do that! I can’t let you take my virginity.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to get near your cherry.”

Ruth began to realize what the teacher’s intentions might be. Occasionally, she had heard an angry man say something like “Fuck you in the ass” to another man but she had never thought about that as even being possible. Ruth had also, while taking a shower, inserted a finger in her own nether hole and it had felt rather good but that was just a finger. She was certain the cock of the geometry teacher would be much thicker and longer and doubted it would even fit inside such a small opening the way he seemed to want. She had made a promise to him but had not known at the time what might be involved.

“Wouldn’t that hurt? I mean what I think you might be thinking about.”

“No. Well, just a little at first but it should feel good once we get going. If it hurts too much, I’ll stop but millions of people do it every day and most of them really like it.”

“Can’t I just give you head instead of that?”

“No. You made a promise to me and I expect you to keep it.”

“But I don’t want to do that.”

“Oh? Do you want to go to a quality Ivy League university or some other place equal to that or would you rather have to enroll at Podunk Community College? Because that’s the only place that’ll accept you with the D Minus you’ll get in my class.”

That gave Ruth something else to think about. Straight A’s would get her the scholarship she needed and admission to the best schools in the state – in the world even – with all the benefits that would be involved after graduation.

“Will you really stop if it starts to hurt too much?”

“Of course. I have no intention of hurting you. I just want to have some fun and I really think you’ll like it too. Gay men do and a lot of women like it better this way too.”

“Alright. Just tell me what I have to do.”

“For now, just keep leaning against the desk with your feet together.”

With Ruth doing what he wanted, Dennis finished raising her dress above her waist and gathered it so it would rest on his desk and be out of their way. Thinking he might need something nice to hold onto, he reached up even farther, unhooked Ruth’s bra and pulled it off to leave it draped over the back of the chair she had used briefly. He sat on that same chair and removed his shoes, socks, pants and underwear, grinning at his stiff cock when he finished. She was still wearing her shoes and sox but he didn’t worry about them. Naked below the waist, he stood behind Ruth and slowly pulled down her white cotton panties, taking his time about it because he considered the stripping to be comparable to the unveiling of a work of fine art.

With her panties off, he gazed raptly at the spectacularly beautiful ass he was about to fuck. It was probably the most gorgeous one he had ever seen naked, with her hips curving out from her waist and back in to merge with her thighs. The lovely cheeks were two perfect hemispheres that jutted from her back, curved around and down and back and slightly up until they met the backs of her legs. The skin covering this marvel may have been the most beautiful part of all, creamy white and unblemished, and Dennis could hardly wait to get his body pressed against her while he was plunging his cock in and out of this place of spectacular beauty.

But there was one detail that had to be attended to first. “You certainly have a beautiful bottom, Ruth,” he told her. “But I need you to reach back and spread your cheeks for me. And move your feet apart,”

She reached back with her hands to part the halves of the gorgeous globe and he gazed at the new glory – her lovely pink rosebud between the satiny white hillocks. When he reached in to open the pink bud, his hand brushed against the skin that was like Damask and lined the insides of those cheeks. She was so gorgeous, he thought of licking her but he didn’t want to take the time to do the thorough washing that would have been needed. Although distracted by her beauty, he concentrated on prying her open enough to insert the tip of the squeeze bottle of lubrication.

“Oh!” the sexy redhead responded as the cool liquid squirted into the place where nothing but her own fingers had ever been before. “That feels good. Funny but good.”

“I’m glad, Ruth. It’s supposed to feel good.”

After removing the nozzle of the bottle from her ass, Dennis slowly eased the middle finger of the same hand into the oily hole that had become much more easily accessible. Ruth’s body squirmed against the desk because the digit was going so far into her and felt even better than her own soapy fingers had while in the shower. So far, she was really enjoying her first anal sex experience but she was also aware that a man’s dick, at least that of her husband-to-be, would be much bigger than anything that had ever penetrated her before.

When he finished covering his cock with the lubricant, everything was ready. Dennis reached back between the teenager’s cheeks with the same hand, pried open a small opening again and moved closer while guiding his hard organ with the other hand. When he made contact between the tip and the tiny orifice that he was about to stretch, he stopped and rubbed the head of his cock against it to spread the lubricant better and to make the first shallow insertion.

“That still feels really good, Mr. McCoy. So far, everything has.”

“I’m glad to hear that. But the next thing I do will hurt just a little and, after that, everything should feel good.” Having said that, he pushed forward and the head of his cock wedged its way into the slippery hole before him.

“Oh!” Ruth gasped as she felt the thick invader squeeze its way into her ass. “Ahhh,” she continued as the small amount of initial pain immediately started to evolve into pleasure.

“How does that feel? Does that hurt?”

“Oh, no. Just a little at first but it feels great now.”

“Good.” Dennis thrust forward again and almost an inch of his cock burrowed into the place that was being so hospitable.

Ruth sighed in bliss and spread her succulent cheeks slightly farther, believing if the small penetration felt that good, deeper would be better. She was right in that belief. The hard shaft burrowed its way almost another inch into her, and the currents of joy rippling through her body more than doubled. She moaned loudly from the extreme delight she was feeling and her body started squirming against the edge of the desk. Wanting more, Ruth kept holding her soft, white cheeks spread as widely as she could until she felt a hand being placed gently on either of her hips.

From the way the teenager was acting, it was obvious she was getting as much fun as he was which made Dennis happy. He preferred the woman have a good time during sex with him and he knew the antics Ruth would soon be going through would make the fucking so much better for him. His cock was deeply enough inside her ass that he no longer needed to guide it so he used one of the paper towels to wipe the excess lubricant from his hands and placed them on her soft hips. He enjoyed the contact and would be able to pull back on them for leverage as he drove his cock farther into her.

With the next stroke, Ruth felt Mr. McCoy pulling back on her hips so she thrust her ass back to meet him. A wave of unmitigated pleasure washed over her body as his cock imbedded itself inside her and she groaned in bliss. The fabulous sensation of having her ass stretched and the adjacent channel crammed so full was like nothing she had ever known or even felt in her most lurid adolescent dreams. The horny teacher kept his cock in place while her whole body was writhing in joy and she was shifting back and forth from one foot to the other as wave after wave of intense carnal delight crashed through her body.

Finally, he slowly withdrew and Ruth felt a small sense of loss but that didn’t last very long. When she felt his cock surging back into her ass, Ruth was in such a hurry to have the hard giver of joy imbedded again, she fucked back to meet it. Once again, she groaned in pleasure as their bodies came together, this time burying his cock so deeply that his pubic hair was tickling the very sensitive insides of her ass cheeks. They stayed like that for over a minute while great breakers, not merely waves, of joy crashed through her whole form.

Dennis was having a great time too. Ruth’s extremely tight ass was probably the best place his cock had ever been and the movements of her body made the fucking even better for him. For this purpose, he had bought the best quality personal lubricant he could find and it was worth the small extra price. The oil had completely liquefied and he felt no friction as he plunged his entire shaft in and out of her, just the tightness and the massaging by her internal muscles.

Over and over, Dennis McCoy’s cock plowed into Ruth’s ass and she fucked back to meet every stroke. The pleasure she was receiving was excruciating but there was another feeling also mounting within her body. While sucking off her fiancé and, occasionally at other times, she had brought herself to a climax by fondling her clit and the new sensation was a little like that, except for being so massive those other times paled in comparison.

From the erratic movements of the teenager’s body and her sounds of delight, Dennis knew Ruth was getting close to coming, as was he. “Do you want me to play with your clit,” he asked.

“Yes! Please, can you do that? I think I’m gonna come any minute.”

Dennis reached around her hip and found her clit, which was so swollen with her lust it had crowded its way out from behind its protective hood. Ruth’s whole pussy was dripping wet from her juice and he scooped some of it up on his fingers, being careful to avoid making a penetration, and licked it off. The fresh honey was delicious and he repeated this several times, while hoping he might get a chance to eat her pussy during some future tryst in his office or elsewhere. After licking his fingers for the last time, he gently used his thumb and forefinger to squeeze Ruth’s clit between two folds of her inner lips.

He started slowly stroking the engorged morsel, in the same tempo as the thrusts of his cock into her and Ruth matched his pace as she rammed her ass back to meet him. Knowing they were both on the verge of coming, he started plunging his cock into her at a faster pace. Her movements became wilder; she kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other, as if in some kind of strange dance, and her upper body swung and swayed from side to side. Whatever her other movements, she continued to jam her ass back to meet the strong, deep thrusts of the hard cock in and out of her thoroughly fucked ass.

“Oh! Oh, my god, I’m coming,” the happy redhead sang out and Dennis was glad the walls were thick enough to muffle her voice.

Ruth’s movements were so erratic, he was also glad he could continue to press her thighs against the edge of the desk and use his arms to prevent her from falling to the side. He kept driving his cock in and out of her perfect ass until his own climax bubbled up and exploded, shooting a big wad of cum into her bowels. Dennis continued driving his cock in and out until he had ejaculated two more times and was through, at least for that day.

Before his last burst of semen gushed into her, Ruth uttered a subdued cry of ecstasy as she also reached her orgasm. Her muscles clenched and relaxed immediately after and her upper body sprawled across the desk. Dennis was right on top of her but he kept his hands splayed on the wooden surface to avoid putting too much of his weight on her young body. Their fucking was over but they stayed in that position for a few minutes to rest and catch their breaths.

Although they both felt bad about ending the connection, Dennis’s cock grew soft and he had to withdraw it from the gorgeous ass where it had given and received so many delights. There was still one more moment of pleasure waiting for him and it was ready to happen. Even with his cock no longer inside, Ruth’s ass remained dilated and, as he watched, his white cum, combined with the used lubrication trickled out, with some of it joining the juices from her pussy, and ran slowly down the insides of her legs. After he used paper towels to wipe off most of the trickle, it was time for him to live up to his part of the bargain.

“You will get close to perfect grades in my class for the rest of the year, Ruth, but here’s how we’ll have to do it. I’ll provide you with advance copies of the midterm and final exams and all the answers will be included. You can get grades as good as you want but I suggest you get slightly less than 100%, just to keep anybody from getting suspicious enough to say anything.”

“Thanks, I’ll do that. One thing though,” she added with a lascivious grin on her face. “Can I come back here a couple times a week to do more of the same thing for extra credit?”

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Ass Fucked In the Elevator

It’s a crowded elevator, in one of those interminably tall city buildings, and you, of course, work very near the top floor. You’re being squished between crowds of people. A wonderful start to the day, you think.

Suddenly, you feel it. There, again! Definitely more than just accidental contact. A pair of hands is stroking your ass through your skirt. You’d normally be offended, but the contact feels so good, strong, yet tender. This is not aggressive groping. These hands are exploring the contours of your butt as though it were a work of art. Stifling a low moan, you push ever so slightly back into the hands, and are rewarded with more vigorous stroking. Because of the crowd in the elevator, you can’t turn your head to see who it is that is feeling you up.

The hands are becoming bolder now, lifting your skirt up and feeling your bare flesh. You sigh softly, hoping no one notices. No one does – at this time, in this situation, everyone is looking straight ahead, wrapped up in their own thoughts. The fingers trace around the lacy edges of your panties. You feel hot, sweet smelling breath on the back of your neck and in your hair. It feels incredible, and you feel your panties getting soaked as your pussy grows wetter and wetter.

The elevator continues to ascend. The hands now push down your panties slowly, sliding them over the smooth curves of your butt. You’re amazed that no one seems to notice – all you can focus on is the delicious sensation of being felt up, and the growing wetness between your legs. One of the hands now slides up beneath your skirt and begins stroking your pussy from behind. You try to stifle a gasp, ending up with a slight hiccup. You’re finding it harder and harder to concentrate.

But you know that this is hardly a fair situation, Reaching your hand back, you feel for the hard lump you know is there. You hear a low grunt as your hand finds the hard shaft in the dress slacks. Somehow, you manage to squeeze and stroke it without disturbing the other passengers.

The elevator dings and the doors open. Some people get out, and some get on. As the car unloads, you feel the hands between your legs gently pull you back towards the corner of the elevator. You’re amazed that no one can see. However, you soon realize in this position, your coat and bag are helping to shield your activities from obvious detection. The hands lift up your long skirt from behind and continue their assault on your pussy. The fingers are also returning to your ass. In this position, in the corner of the elevator, no one but you knows what is going on. You gently ease the zipper down on the pants behind you and pull the hard flesh out, stroking all around the knob with your thumb. You grin as the finger pushing into your pussy increases its tempo.

The elevator stops again, and more people get out and in as the hands continue working on you and you continue working on the cock behind you. Your pussy feels like it’s on fire, and your body aches with need. You can’t stand it anymore, you need to feel something more than this maddening, teasing stroking. Releasing the cock behind you, you reach into your purse and pull out the tube that you always keep in there just in case your plans have you staying somewhere other than home. You press the tube into the hand behind you. A long, maddening delay, and suddenly you feel the slickened head of a cock pressing against your asshole. You push back, and feel the hard shaft, slick with the lubricant, slide into your tight butt. Good thing you decided to wear heels today, you think. The extra height makes it easier to work the hard cock up inside you. Soon, it’s sunk balls deep into your ass. It starts moving against you, only very slight movements, but enough to do the job. You push back against the invading shaft, slowly, subtly, careful not to alert the others in the elevator. As the elevator ascends, more and more people get out, and fewer get in. Unconsciously, you push faster against the cock in your ass. It’s down to just three in the elevator you, the mystery cock in your ass, and one other man – not too old, not too young. You recognize him – he works on the same floor of your building.

The elevator rises up towards the top floor. You can see the other man looking at you, now obviously in the throes of ecstasy as you’re bouncing on the dick up your butt. The other man’s cock is obviously hard in his pants. He moves towards the control panel of the elevator and pulls the stop button. The car lurches to a halt, and as the other man turns around, you see that he has unzipped his pants and released his own cock. He moves towards you and you suck him into your mouth without a second’s hesitation. You’re being pounded from both ends as the elevator alarm sounds around you. It’s all too much, and you feel your orgasm rip through you like a tidal wave. Your screams are muffled by the cock in your mouth. Dimly, you’re aware of the sensation of hot jizz shooting up your butt. Then, more vividly, you’re aware of the salty flavor in your mouth. You almost let a little dribble out of your mouth, but catch it on your finger and push it back in.

The security intercom crackles, a voice asks if you’re OK. Slowly coming back to reality, you press the button and answer that everything is fine. The voice on the other end tells you that it may be a few hours before someone comes to get you out of the elevator. You ask why it’s going to take so long, and the voice on the other end tells you that they want to see the rest of the show. You spy the security camera in the other corner of the elevator. Smiling in understanding, you wave and tell them that it’s OK. Turning around, you see two cocks being fisted back to hardness. You lick your lips and unbutton your blouse . . .

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Wife Supports College Football

My wife and I met in college, during the drunken party days of fraternity-sorority life. We are now in our late twenties, and we have been married for three blissful years. We have no children, as we live rather casually and are sort of putting it off. Even though we had a rather crazy and promiscuous lifestyle in college, at the time we had no idea that our real sexual adventures would really begin when we became married, full-time working adults. Now, we find this pretty ironic.

My wife Lisa is a total knockout. She’s quite a health nut, which is nice for me because she’s always tanning and working out to keep in good shape. Her breasts are not enormous, but 36C’s with a very round and natural feel, and very perky. She is 5’7″, and her abs, thighs and ass are made of steel. Some guys say they like her because she looks like she could kick their ass. One friend from college who had slept with her before we met said it was the best work-out he’s ever had. What first drew me to Lisa were her bright blue eyes which seem to just pop in comparison to her dark skin. Her dark brown hair is thin and straightened which she keeps parted and framed around her beautiful face.

I’m not exactly unattractive, I’m pretty average build-wise, and I’ve gained a few pounds since college, but I like to think I’m a good-looking guy. Deep down I know Lisa is physically attracted to more athletic types, but she loves me and only me, and I can still pleasure her better than any man, that’s for sure. In public she is the one turning heads obviously.

Although our first swinging experience was very hot, we wanted to save it for later and instead tell everyone about a really crazy night we had last weekend.

Our college football team had lost a pretty bad game, one of the first important ones of this season. We always go to home games in our normal college t-shirts and “team spirit” type clothes. Then, if we’re not too tired, we like to go home, shower and change before we hit the bars. Luckily we live near campus, so shortly after this travesty of a football game we were ready to get hammered and have some fun.

We picked the busiest and most packed bar out of the several on campus. The second we walked in, I already noticed a few of the young college boys staring at Lisa. She was wearing tight jean shorts and a sort of stylish black tank-top. She smelled absolutely amazing and I myself kept staring at her well exposed cleavage, building a rather sizeable erection I hoped to make use of later.

After two drinks sitting at the bar (which we hate), a table in the corner finally opened up and we made a dash for it. Just as we got there, a couple of guys sighed as if they were going to use the table. As we were sitting down and I noticed their disappointment, I realized who they were. All three of them were football players from our team; however they had been benched for this game. We generally don’t see football players out in public, so we were excited and told them they could join us if they like.

After several more drinks, we got to that point where we were all best friends and everyone was laughing at everything going on. As expected, the guys were flirting rather shamelessly with my wife, and complimenting me on my taste whenever she wasn’t paying attention. I got used to this a long time ago, and I’ve always been proud of her. Plus, as we had a somewhat open relationship, I was curious about where this would go.

Lisa started rubbing my thigh under the table, and it was definitely about that time. We usually can’t keep our hands off each other if we get drunk enough. She slowly ran her hand along my crotch, teasingly brushing against my cock. I leaned over and started whispering in her ear.

“Why did you dress so slutty tonight?” I asked with a grin.

She giggled and replied, “Isn’t it obvious? So that guys would want to fuck my tits.”

It was at this point that we decided to expedite the process so we could both get our rocks off. We stood up to leave, and told the guys we were going take off. They said they were leaving too and that they’d walk with us to our car.

Walking through campus, I held my wife’s hand as three large football players walked along with us as if they were our body guards. One of the guys was black, named Marcus, and the other two were white guys named Trey and Brent. They were all very good-looking and I could tell that Lisa was attracted to them.

Sort of stumbling a bit, I stopped at an alley and told the guys that nature was calling, out of nowhere I needed to relieve myself. We all walked down the alley away from the busy campus atmosphere and I went behind a dumpster to do my business. Upon returning to my companions in the alley, my heart started pounding at what I saw.

Lisa was making out with Marcus, and the other two were starting to feel her up. She looked over and saw me, whispered something to the guys, and started giggling. Immediately they picked up the pace and started to grind up against her from the front and back, as if they were gangbanging her with their clothes on.

Then my wife told them that she wanted to fool around, but she wasn’t getting naked in public. She did, however, quickly pull her top down to show the guys her breasts. She then started to sink to her knees. A true gentleman, one of the guys took his shirt off and laid it on the ground for her to kneel on.

All three guys dropped their pants like it was a race. All of a sudden my beautiful wife was on her knees in an alley, with three enormous cocks hanging in front of her, only inches from her face. They circled her for a bit, their big dicks swinging.

Marcus stepped closer so that his huge black dick was rubbing against her face. She moaned and shivered, feeling the hot meat and taking in the smell of sweat all around her. Trey and Brent were standing more closely now, and started to push their cocks towards her face too. Trey, who by far had the biggest cock, nearly nine inches, made his way to the center and stepped closer to my wife. His cock started to throb and pulse, becoming bigger and bigger, and he wasn’t even stroking it.

Lisa was now just staring at his huge cock as it was now fully erect and pointing right at her face. Her mouth dropped open, and she was completely speechless. She was absolutely in awe of his enormous dick. Letting out a muffled squeal, she grabbed for it. She wrapped her small hand around this huge thick cock, and her sparkling platinum wedding ring was in full view as I watched. Slowly stroking his cock for him, she then leaned forward and took it into her mouth.

I slowly circled the group, rubbing my cock through my pants. I started to walk closer, and from my view all I could see was the back of my wife’s head bobbing up and down towards Trey’s waist as he stood there with his hands on his hips, looking down at her. I started to walk closer, and Marcus held up his hand and said “You get her any time you want man, let us enjoy this slut for now.”

Hearing this, Lisa moaned loudly and quickened her sucking pace on Trey’s dick. The other guys were now slapping her face with their cocks as they started getting harder and harder. I continued to circle the group, watching every detail. My wife looked up adoringly at Trey with her mouth full of his cock. She was completely worshipping this dominant male as she fucked his cock with her face.

Releasing his cock from her mouth to breath, Lisa was turning flush. She unzipped her jean shorts, and started rubbing her pussy through her panties.

“Man your wife is a total slut. She loves big dicks doesn’t she?” Trey said in a deep voice.

Squealing quietly, my wife responded. “Oh I love big dicks. I love huge cocks pointed at my face. I love getting slapped by big cocks. I’m such a slut for big cocks, I’m gonna suck all of you off right in front of my husband.”

My heart continued pounding. This wasn’t our first swinging experience but it was by far the most intense at that point.

She reached out and started stroking Marcus and Brent as she resumed sucking Trey’s cock. Trey reached down, took his cock out of her mouth, and started slapping my wife’s face with it. She lowered her head to get to his big balls, and took them in her mouth, swirling her tongue around them. His big heavy balls responded to this, tightening up.

Instantly, Trey grabbed my wife by the hair and started fucking her face very roughly. “Yeah you fucking slut,” he ordered, “Suck my big dick. Show us what a good cocksucker you are.”

He continued to fuck her face, and she placed one hand underneath his cock and cupped his balls for him. She placed her other hand on his huge thigh, again her wedding ring in full view, reminding me of what I was watching.

She then started going back and forth from one cock to the other, sucking each of them a view times before moving on to the next. She looked over at me while Brent’s dick was in her cheek, she moaned and resumed sucking them all off.

Trey grabbed her by the hair, hard, and started fucking her mouth again. She continued to play with his balls, and he continued calling her a slut, whore, and nasty cocksucker.

Trey commanded, “Jack me off bitch” and pulled his cock from her mouth. She reached up with one hand, the other one still cupping his balls, and she started stroking his cock for him quickly. Working the big slab of meat with her tiny hand, she knew what was coming. Trey grunted and shook some, and he started unloading on my wife’s face. He shot huge thick streams of cum which splashed right into her pretty face. Continuing to stroke his cock and cupping his balls, she tried to give him the ultimate orgasm, and I think she did. Soon he stopped shooting, and his cock slowly hung downward, still enormous but just swinging between his legs now.

Lisa turned to Marcus who was stroking his cock while all of this was going on. She took the shirt from underneath her legs and wiped all of the cum off of her face, then returned it to the ground where she knelt on it. She looked up at Marcus with her big blue eyes, and started sucking his big black dick.

Marcus stood there with his hands behind is back, “Yeah bitch suck it” he said repeatedly. “You like sucking big dicks?”

My wife moaned, trying to say “mmm hmmm” in response as she continued working his dick with her mouth. She reached up with one hand to cup his balls, and with the other she stroked half of his cock while she continued sucking the rest. Marcus began thrusting his hips, and soon he was cumming. My wife plunged into him, taking his entire meat down her throat. As I watched, I could see her throat muscles working as she was sucking all of the cum out of his cock. Marcus nearly shouted as he emptied his load into my wife’s throat.

Marcus took his cock out of my wife’s mouth and let it hang down just like Trey’s. Brent had been jacking off furiously to all of this. Lisa finished swallowing the rest of Marcus’s cum, then turned to Brent. He immediately grabbed her tits and squeezed them around his big cock.

Lisa loves getting titty-fucked almost as much as she loves giving head. “Oh yeah, fuck my tits with that big dick of yours you hot stud.” she said as she looked up at him in her submissive manner.

Brent pulled back and started stroking his cock. As if by instinct, Lisa grabbed his balls and started playing with them. She cupped them, and tickled his taint behind them with one of her fingernails. This pushed Brent over the edge. He shot huge frozen ropes of cum on Lisa’s tits. She started shaking them back and forth for him while he unloaded. As soon as he finished, he slapped her a few times with his dick and she moaned loudly. She loved being dominated by these guys.

Without saying a word, all three guys put their pants back on and walked out of the ally. I was left behind with my gorgeous wife covered in cum after sucking off three strangers. She was still panting, and looked up at me with a sort of devilish grin.

We cleaned her up a bit and walked towards the car, my cock aching in my pants as I replayed everything I saw over and over. We were both very turned on, and she whispered in my ear, “Now let’s get home so you can fuck your slutty wife’s wet pussy.”

This was the beginning of a new chapter in our swinging lifestyle, and I couldn’t imagine what might happen next.

Filthy Sorority Initation

I spent all afternoon and evening working on my research paper. It was now 8:00 pm and I headed back to my dorm room. The college campus was rather quiet this evening as I walked across the grounds. There was never much activity until the weekends. For a Wednesday night all there was to do was return to my room, have a few beers and watch T.V.

As I continued to my dorm room I was approached by this cute blonde named Karen. I didn’t really know her that well, but she was in one of my classes. “Excuse me, but aren’t we in the same English class together? Apparently she recognized me. For a few minutes we just exchanged some idle conversation. I thought it strange and began wondering what she really wanted. Finally she got around to it.

She asked, ” would you be interested in helping out the girls at my sorority?”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

She explained, “We have an initiation tonight. You would be just perfect to help us out. I was looking for a big guy and you’re exactly right. You must be, what, 6’5” tall or so?

“Yes that’s right,” I replied. “What’s this all about?”

“Well, the girl being initiated into the sorority has to do whatever we tell her all night. She’s a very attractive girl and you would have to be willing to… a… screw her… and in front of the rest of the girls. We would all love to watch a big guy like you fuck her. That’s her initiation, only she doesn’t know it yet. I’m sure you would have a good time. Are you interested?”

How could I turn this opportunity down? I eagerly accepted. I wondered as we walked to the sorority house what this girl really looked like. This definitely had the making of a better evening than I expected. I just hoped she was at least somewhat attractive.

When I entered the sorority house there were twelve girls waiting for the entertainment to start. Karen introduced me to Jennifer, the girl to be inducted. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was an extremely beautiful girl with pure blonde hair. Jennifer was about 5′ 7″ tall, had a slender body, long gorgeous legs and a fantastic set of well proportioned breasts. Her long blonde hair flowed down to the middle of her back just above an incredible firm ass. This girl was some knockout. What a beautiful body on this young lady and I was going to get to fuck her.

After the introductions we talked for awhile. As it turned out, Jennifer really had no idea what was about to happen to her. Actually, the secrecy of the situation made it even that much more exciting. Jennifer was a very prim and proper young lady. This was her freshman year at the college and she wanted to make some new friends and be quickly accepted on campus. Joining the sorority was the quickest way, she thought, to get to know college life.

Karen finally started to explain the initiation.

“Okay, Jennifer. You’re sure you want to be a member of our sorority?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” she replied.

“All right then. Your initiation starts tonight. You will do exactly as I say for the remainder of the evening. If you don’t, then you will not be accepted in our group. Do you understand that and agree?

“Yes, I’ll do as you say.” Jennifer replied.

“Okay, Jennifer. You are the entertainment for tonight. You’re going to give us the best sex show ever.”

“What! ” Jennifer exclaimed in a frightened voice. “Are you expecting me to do it with him in front of all of you?”

“That’s right,” Karen said. “So just shut up and do as your told, like you agreed.”

Karen instructed Jennifer to strip. Everyone watched as Jennifer reluctantly began to remove all her clothes. When she was down to just her bra and panties, I felt my cock start to grow. Jennifer unhooked her bra and it fell to the floor revealing those delicious soft breasts. Her tits were perfect, standing out from her chest at full attention. My eyes stared at her nipples that were large and soft begging for my mouth to make them erect from the caress of my tongue. As her panties fell to the floor my cock was straining in my pants. She had a perfect body. Jennifer was tanned all over except for a small area around each breast and a small patch around her pubic hair. I could only imagine how revealing she must look in a bikini for even her ass was tan.

“Take his cock out and start sucking it,” Karen ordered. Jennifer hesitated at first, but then knelt down unzipping me and pulled out my hard stiff rod. I began unbuckling my pants to give her better access. She licked the head of my cock as I dropped my pants and underwear and stepped out of them. My shirt came off just as quickly. Jennifer took me in her mouth, but not very deep. She licked the head of my cock and took it through her lips only a couple inches, which drew some comments from the crowd. “All the way down,” they yelled.

Jennifer managed to take about half of my 10 inches in and out of her mouth, but the other girls insisted she take more.

“I can’t swallow it. It’s too big,” she responded back to them. “I’ve never been able to deep throat a cock.”

Jennifer continued sucking me in and out trying to get it deeper. I don’t think she was trying to hard or had any intention of deep throating me. Karen knew that too and decided to help her along. She came up from behind Jennifer, grabbed her head and started pushing her face into my groin. My cock hit the back of Jennifer’s throat as Karen kept pushing. I could feel the tightness as my cock hit the back of Jennifer’s mouth then it started to stretch her throat open. Jennifer tried pulling her head back to avoid my penetration into her throat, but Karen had a tight hold and maintained her force on the back of Jennifer’s head.

Karen insisted, “You’re going to swallow his cock, so you may as well get ready for it.” I could see the fright in Jennifer’s eyes as I looked down at her. The inevitable was about to begin and she knew it.

Karen resumed pushing until the head of my cock squeezed into Jennifer’s throat. I immediately knew she was choking. I could feel the spasms in her throat around my cock, but no sounds could come out. The head of my cock had her throat blocked. Karen pushed harder forcing my hot, hard meat down Jennifer’s tight passage and into the depths of her mouth. Jennifer’s throat was incredibly tight as my cock inched its way down. I could hear a soft gurgling sound coming from her as my ten inch throbbing meat stuffed and stretched her throat plunging its’ way down. I knew Jennifer was in agony having never experienced swallowing a hot hard cock before, but it felt great. She was so wet and warm as I traveled down, down deep in her throat.

Still Karen pushed, forcing more and more of my cock deeper and deeper. Finally, Jennifer had all 10 inches of me lodged in her, with my balls resting on her chin. I don’t know what kept me from cumming right then as I looked down into her frightened blue eyes seeing her beautiful face with mouth stretched and virgin throat violated with my throbbing piece of cock meat. Her throat muscles had a tight grip on me until finally she began to relax, allowing me to easily pull out to let her breathe. She gasped for air as soon as I was out. “Take it again,” Karen ordered. “Fuck his cock with your throat.” Jennifer barely had regained her breath, but she slowly swallowed my cock again, but on her own this time. She took my shaft in her mouth but Karen insisted on helping by pushing and forcing it down her throat again. I think she got used to it sliding in to her this time. She swallowed it much quicker and easier. Karen helped her begin a fucking motion with her mouth, making her suck my shaft in and out of her tight oral passage. Over and over my cock squeezed down Jennifer’s tight hot throat. I was almost ready to cum in her mouth when Karen had some other orders for Jennifer.

“Lick his balls,” Karen barked out. Jennifer immediately spit out my cock and started sucking my balls into her mouth. I think she would have done anything to stop my cock from penetrating her throat. I sat down on the sofa and Jennifer continued bathing my balls with her hot tongue. She would suck one into her mouth and gently let it slip out before moving on to the other. My balls were drenched in her saliva. Karen had moved behind Jennifer and was fingering her pussy. That started to turn Jennifer on. Her mouth and tongue began working more intensely on my balls. Then I watched her stuff my entire nut sack into her mouth. She could barely manage to move her tongue across my balls her mouth was so full. It was obvious this girl was getting hot and would now do about anything she was told. I couldn’t take any more, so when Jennifer released my balls from her mouth, I drove my cock back in her mouth grabbing her head and penetrating her throat in one motion. I pumped her a few short strokes, then gripped her head into my groin penetrating her throat fully as I started cumming. My hard cock spasmed for what seemed like minutes in the deepness of Jennifer’s tight wet throat depositing my hot sperm into her. I pulled my throbbing meat out in time to shoot a couple more wads of white sticky cream on Jennifer’s face. She was turned on alright. She went after my cum like it was candy. I smeared it around her face as she licked and ate what she could before scraping the rest off of her own face with her finger and eating it.

Karen then pulled Jennifer away and had me turn around and kneel on the floor. Karen pushed Jennifer’s face toward my ass. “Start licking his ass,” she ordered. I felt her tongue lick its way from my balls all the way up my asscrack. Then she lightly started licking my asshole. “You can do better than that,” Karen complained. “Get your face in there and suck his asshole.” With that I could feel Jennifer’s lovely face between my ass cheeks as her tongue fluttered up and down my crack. Her tongue was all over my ass licking my entire crack clean. She took her hands to spread my cheeks apart and placed her gorgeous lips on my anus and started sucking on my asshole. Never in my life have I ever had such a feeling. Those beautiful lips of hers were stuffed between my ass cheeks kissing and sucking my asshole. Occasionally she would dart her tongue out to lick around the rim of my hole and then poke at it as if trying to stick in me. She was literally eating my anal hole.

She backed off for awhile and started fingering my ass. She ran her finger around my anus and then probed inside. I could feel her finger push in probing deep inside twisting in my ass scraping the walls of my rectum. I watched over my shoulder as she smiled at me and continued to wiggle her finger inside me, then pull it out, look directly at me and place her finger in her mouth sucking off the taste of my ass from her finger. My cock was getting hard again watching that. And this was the prim and proper girl from earlier.

I could see Karen come up behind me carrying a long 12″ dildo. While Jennifer was still sucking her fingers, Karen surprised me when she began pushing the big dildo into my ass. At first it was tight, for never having something that size in my butt before. But as I relaxed it felt nice sliding in and out of my rectum. She pushed and twisted about half of it in and out of my ass before slowly pulling the dildo out. It glistened with moistness from inside my ass. Karen then inserted it into Jennifer’s awaiting mouth to lick it clean.

Karen turned to the other girls, “Isn’t she a terrific slut.” Jennifer’s actions met with approval from the rest of the sorority.

Confident that dildo was well cleaned, Karen shoved the entire 12″ up Jennifer’s wet cunt while she went back down on my ass again. Jennifer began fingering and sucking my asshole again like the cheapest whore you would ever find, while Karen continued fucking her cunt with the giant rubber prick. I felt Jennifer insert one finger then another into my ass. Then she started pulling to spread my asshole open. I relaxed to let her spread my asshole open wider. Then she began giving me an incredible rimming. She forced her face in my crack to stuff her tongue in my opened anus. I almost came when I felt her tongue licking around the inside of my asshole. I was delirious with pleasure.

“That’s it Jennifer, lick my asshole. Shove your tongue deep inside.”

“Oh! God, yes. Suck my ass.”

“Ohhhhhh!… Yessss!…”

“Ohhhhhhh!… Ohhhhhh!…”

“Lick my asshole.” Lick the inside of my ass, baby”

Jennifer kept tongue fucking my ass over and over scooping her tongue in and out. She licked and probed in my anal hole in a crazed frenzy like she were on the brink of an orgasm. All she wanted was to taste my ass. What a fucking slut she was. She was really enjoying eating the scum out of my ass. I didn’t want her to stop. I had a goddess eating out of my asshole and loving it.

Jennifer’s anal attack was driving me crazy besides keeping my cock hard. I couldn’t take any more. I had to fuck her, and now. I stood up and walked around behind Jennifer who was still kneeling. I pushed her head down to the floor and wiped my cock up and down her asscrack.

“Relax baby,” I said, “I’m going to get your ass ready for my cock.”

I reached between her legs sticking two fingers in her cunt and brought them out coated with her wet juices. I spread and worked it all around her asshole and gently stuck one finger into her puckered little anus. I could feel her tighten around my finger. I pushed further and further up her ass until my finger was all the way in. Then I forced a second finger in. Gradually I pushed and twisted my fingers to get them both inside her ass. Jennifer was beginning to enjoy me playing with her asshole. She started pushing back to get my fingers deeper into her butt. I kept twisting them in her ass while using a finger on my other hand to spread her anal hole open. She relaxed even more, thus allowing me to put three fingers in her. Her asshole was unbelievably hot. I was able to shove my fingers all the way inside her. Jennifer liked the finger fuck so much she wanted more.

She was begging me, “I want your cock in my ass. Fuck me in the ass, baby. Put your cock in my asshole.”

I’ve never had any girl beg me to fuck her in the ass. I certainly wasn’t going to pass up fucking the ass of this gorgeous cunt. She was like a bitch in heat and her ass was eating my fingers up. I squeezed my fourth finger together with the other three and managed get part of it in too. Jennifer let out a yell but I pushed harder shoving all four fingers into her rectum. I couldn’t believe I had most of my hand inside Jennifer’s asshole. Still she begged me, “Fuck my ass, baby. I want your cock in my ass.” I couldn’t believe how much I had stretched her anal ring. I was ripping her ass apart and she loved it.

I was so close I had to continue. I gently pulled my four fingers out a bit just so I could curl my thumb into my palm. Then I started pushing ever so slowly. Jennifer’s asshole was stretching and stretching wider and wider. Jennifer was at the point of making low out of control guttural sounds as my fist ripped into her ass..

“Fuuuccckkk my assssshole “

“Ahhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggg! Fuuuuuuuuuck!”

“Fisssst Me Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

My hand was at its’ widest point now as the base of my thumb passed through her anus. Her asshole had to be stretched three inches across, maybe more. I continued forcing my fist inside until it slowly began to disappear. The hardest part was over for Jennifer now, as her asshole wrapped around my wrist. I was all the way in. I actually shoved my entire fist up Jennifer’s asshole. I gently moved with an in and out motion fist fucking her. This was incredible. I’ve never done anything like this to a woman that made me so hot and horny. I kept fisting her ass and Jennifer continued with her out of control moaning. That was it. I just had to get my cock inside this hot ass. I was careful when I started pulling out so as not to tear her anus. I eased my fist out very, very slowly. Once my fist passed back through her anus, I just stared at her beautiful wide-open asshole as it started closing up. What an incredible sight looking into Jennifer’s overstretched gapping asshole. I could see inside her ass for while until it slowly closed up becoming tight and puckered again.

I only gave her a minute’s rest before sliding my hard cock up her crack to her back entrance and started pushing my hot prick into her asshole. Slowly I kept pushing my 10-inch cock up her loosened anal hole.

Jennifer still begged me for more. “Deeper, baby. Shove it all the way in. I want you all the way in my ass.”

Even though I fucked her asshole with my hand, this was still one of the tightest asses I’ve ever had. The friction on my cock as it forced through her bunghole was incredible. I knew I wouldn’t last very long. Inch by inch I shoved my cock into her ass. My cock had Jennifer’s asshole spread apart wide, as she accepted my anal penetration until my balls hit against her butt. What a hot ass. My cock felt like it was on fire buried in her rectum.

Jennifer was out of control moaning, “Fuck me, Fuck me. Fuck my ass hard Ram it up my ass, baby.”

As Jennifer started to relax I began pumping her hot tiny anal hole. Within minutes I was ramming her with all 10 inches. I pulled almost out and slammed my cock all the way in again over and over. Each time Jennifer would scream out, “Fuck my ass harder. Fuck my ass harder.” Over and over I rammed her hot asshole as everyone watched my cock appear and disappear from Jennifer’s ass. I was going to be sure Jennifer would never forget this buttfucking. Jennifer was screaming at me as my ten inches of hot meat continued to fuck in and out of her tiny shithole. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” She cried out.

Her frenzy made me ready to explode. In my frenzy I yelled to all the girls.

“Want me to cum in her mouth? Yesss,” everyone yelled together. “Make her eat it.”

I pulled out of Jennifer’s ass just as her orgasm started. She was delirious with waves of pleasure as she began cumming too. Jennifer slowly knelt up and I shoved my cock in her mouth and all the way down her throat. My cock tightened ready to explode. I quickly pulled back out and instructed Jennifer to keep her mouth open. Just as I pulled from her throat the first spurt of cum shot into her mouth followed by four more heavy thick streams directly on her tongue. I was filling her mouth with my hot creamy sperm. “Eat it, baby,” I whispered. “Swallow my cum.” The rest of my sperm dribbled from my cock into her mouth as I wiped it across her lips. Jennifer’s tongue was coated with my hot sticky cum. All the girls coaxed her on. “Swallow it, swallow it.”

Jennifer closed her eyes, closed her mouth, then we watched her throat muscles as she gulped my hot slimy load down. Then she licked and sucked the remaining drops from the end of my cock and proceeded to suck me clean. She continued licking and eating every drop of sperm off my cock until finally I had no more to give.

Karen moved back up to Jennifer along with the rest of the girls and accepted her into their group of the sorority. Jennifer smiled happy to be one of them. And I was happy to have had such a great time with Jennifer.

This night was definitely the best experience I ever had. Every so often I see Jennifer on campus and we exchange glances and smiles. We never got together again, but I know we both enjoyed each other, at least for one night.

Cum Filled Fantasy Cums True

This is a true story of living out a fantasy while on vacation with my husband during the winter of 1995. We were on vacation in the San Diego area, a coast away from where we lived. Business had brought my husband here and he took me along for the trip. At that time, we had been married for over 10 years, and although we had a good sex life, we were always looking for ways to spice things up a bit.

We had been talking about my feeling less sexually attractive to men during the plane ride out. My husband disputed this, saying that despite being almost 40 years old, with my smooth skin and 5’4″well toned body, I was still a fox.

This made me feel somewhat better, but I still had that lingering doubts about what men really would think of me sexually. This discussion continued during the first several days of our trip in Southern California. My husband pointed out men who would turn to get an extra long look at me as we walked by and directed my attention to those that guys who would stare a little too long when I was out at pool side sunning in my string bikini.

The resort hotel that we were staying at was perched on the edge of a calm Pacific Ocean bay and complemented with wonderful grounds and facilities. Clusters of palm trees, tropical plantings and the warm California weather gave a certain sensual note to the resort.

On Friday night, the day before we were scheduled to fly back home, we had planned to go to the bar at the resort and listen to some live music that was advertised. We then planned to enjoy some drinks while listening to the music, have a romantic dinner together at one of the resorts restaurants and then retire to our room for some adult fun.

The bar was situated along the bay side area of the hotel. It featured an open air stage for the band, a large wooden bar with places to both sit and stand at the bar and groups of tables tucked into a myriad of tropical plantings all accented by dim, romantic lighting.

That afternoon, my husband surprised me by suggesting that we begin by sitting apart when we got to the bar just to see if anyone would “hit” on me. I thought it was more likely that they would hit on him than on me, but my interest was aroused by his suggestion.

We had shared a long time fantasy about me making love to another guy or guys with his knowledge and consent. This fantasy had remained strongly stimulating to us in bed, but one that we had never had either the opportunity nor the ability to carry any further.

It would probably help the reader if I provided some further insights about myself. There are several things in life are great turn-ons for me and the strongest of these has always included feeling a man cum inside of me. I love feeling cum any place as long as it is inside of me somewhere. For some reason, I just adore the feeling that a cock makes as it squirts it’s thick liquid into me. I absolutely relish all of the feelings, the smells, the tastes, indeed everything about it.

This feeling, or even just the fantasy about it, had always served as a very big sexual turn on for me. I guess by some definitions then I could be called a “cum slut”. I just never had the opportunity to experience two or more men sexually before and therefore enjoyed what cum the men in my life could individually give me when we had sex, feeling lucky to get what I could get.

My mind turned to the pleasant task of getting ready to go to the bar for our evening out. I had decided that I would dress in a short black skirt with a special pair of crotch-less pantyhose that I had been saving for a special occasion. This seemed like that occasion. For my top, I chose a halter-top without a bra to accentuate my 36B firm breasts. My medium blond hair was brushed back at the shoulders and with my makeup on, I thought that I really did look more like 20 something than 40 something.

I discreetly placed my wedding and engagement rings in the room safe as well, without my husband being aware of this action. I just figured it would make for fewer questions if something were to possibly happen. I really felt that this was just an exercise in advanced fantasy play more than anything else, but at least my rings would not raise any issues if something should potentially happen.

We entered the bar about 9 pm, with my husband taking a seat at a table near the entrance and me finding the one single seat still available at the bar. From this point, we could still see each other fairly well. The band was just beginning, playing very danceable oldies type music. I ordered a margarita and enjoyed both the drink and the music for a while.

A group of young men were seated next to me and we eventually struck up a conversation. I was attracted to one guy who had long dark brown hair, blue eyes and an expressive face to go with it. He was about 5′ 11″ or so, slim build with just the right amount of muscular definition to his chest and arms. His looks could be described as “cute” in a grownup, handsome manner.

I waited until he looked in my direction to make eye contact and say “Hi”. As we began talking, I found out that we had several things in common, including both being originally from Ohio.

They were all from LA and were part of a band that was in between tour dates and were staying at the resort. They were all at the bar thinking that they would catch some of a competitors show and wind down after a month of nightly gigs. After another round of drinks, he asked if I danced. I told him that I did, not bothering to tell him that my husband never did, so that this would be a wonderful treat for me too.

Up on the dance floor, I found him to be a good dancer, and I followed his lead though several songs until the band played a slower tune. It was at that point that he let his left hand wander down to the small of my back and began gently pushing my body closer to his and alternately softly rubbing the top of by buttocks. We kissed, tentatively at first, progressing quickly to full open mouth tongue kissing. The rhythm of the music combined with the effects of the alcohol in the drinks. His touch was intoxicating and I floated away to all of the myriad sensations I was experiencing.

By the end of the song, his hand was firmly massaging my ass and my body was pressed close enough to his that I could feel that he was indeed already quite hard as well as nicely endowed. I was sure that I must be dripping wet too as we walked off the dance floor after all of this excitement.

It was then that he spoke those magic words, “Do you want to go somewhere else? “I really didn’t know what to say because I really hadn’t thought that things were ever going to get anywhere near this point tonight or ever. I mean I was a happily married woman, who, unless I missed my guess, my husband had just gotten an eyeful of all of this as well.

I scanned the crowd, pretending to think about his offer and found my husband’s eyes. He was smiling and subtlety nodded his head “yes”. I took that for his acceptance of what ever I might want to do.

I turned to my new friend and said, “Yes, I have a car parked in the parking lot, lets go there”. He smiled and let me lead him to our rental car. We had rented a Mustang Convertible for the trip to enjoy all that Southern California had to offer. Now I guess it would have more to offer than we had ever imagined!

I let him into the passengers seat, and got into the driver’s seat. I had left the top down and so we were bathed in both the wonderful moonlight and warm sea breezes. He produced a joint from his pocket and asked if I would like to join him in a smoke. I said sure, not having smoked much since I had been married, but in for a penny in for a pound as they say. We passed the joint back and forth and it was quickly apparent to me that this was strong pot.

My head was very definitely spinning and any sense of reality that I ever had was quickly leaving. His hands found my breasts under my top as I struggled with his zipper. I leaned over the center rest area and took out his cock. He was still semi hard and had precum on the tip of his cock. I licked that off and began sucking on his ever-hardening member. He was obliging and was rock hard before too long. As I sucked him deep into my mouth, I looked up and saw him leaning back in the car’s passenger seat, eyes shut, face lighted by the glow of the moon, mouth slightly open. It seemed that I hadn’t lost my touch after all of these years of marriage. He placed a hand on my head and helped guide me to the rhythm that he wanted.

Before too long I was rewarded by the feeling of his balls beginning that “about to cum” spasm, his cock beginning that “humming” vibration, his mouth making grunting sounds and then finally, his cock erupting into my mouth with a load of cum that tasted delicious. I swallowed it all and looked up to see his satisfied face. He told me that I was great and asked me to come back with him to his room. I was so high at that point that I would have accepted any invitation by anyone to anywhere.

We left the car and somehow he guided me back to his room on the hotel’s expansive property. All of the rooms at this resort were “suite” style with a main living room, a kitchen area and the bedroom towards the back. All were on a single level and each had it’s own balcony and porch areas. As soon as we arrived in the bedroom, my clothes just seemed to fall away. I worked on his clothes and managed to get his pants and underwear off.

While I busied myself in sucking his cock hard again, he reached into the nightstand drawer and took something out. I really didn’t know nor care what he was doing. At that point the whole world focused around his cock and I was so horny that all I wanted was to get it hard again so that I could be fucked senseless by it.

The thought crossed my mind that I hoped it was a condom, but I was so far beyond rational caring about safe sex at that point that it really didn’t factor.

I began rubbing my clit with my free hand and was not at all surprised with myself that I was indeed dripping wet! As I sucked his cock back to its full beauty and rubbed my clit into a furious coming storm, my new friend pulled my head up off of his cock for a moment and placed a small amount of a white powder on the head of his cock.

A passing thought ran through my mind that he was flavoring it with something. “How nice” I thought, but unnecessary. I went back to sucking. The powder really had no taste that I could discern.

He did this several more times though, stopping my bobbing head to place more powder on his cock. I was already pretty stoned and in addition to the drinks that I had had earlier was in my own little universe. I had never done cocaine before, which was quite obvious from my not knowing what I was so eagerly sucking off of his cock.

I soon began to feel absolutely marvelous without a care in the world and happier than I had ever known was possible. I attributed that to living out my biggest fantasy and being stoned. In retrospect all of that was true, in addition to the several lines of coke that I had just sucked off of his cock.

Anyway, I didn’t mind. I was quite happy being on all fours, sucking away on his gorgeous cock, feeling the entire myriad of textures about it and tasting all of the wonderful flavors from it. I really wanted to have it in me so that I could feel that as well.

It wasn’t long before I felt myself being penetrated by a large stiff hot cock. It felt so good that I moved my hips backwards to take it all into me. It felt exquisitely wonderful.

It was about that point that I realized that I still had a cock in my mouth. I was able to sneak a quick peek back over my shoulder while not missing too much of an opportunity to suck the cock cramming my mouth, to see that there were other people in the room with us now and one of them had his cock very definitely buried in my hot, wet cunt.

It vaguely occurred to me that these must be some of the other band members that my new friend (I never really bothered to get his name) had been with at the bar. How they got in the room with us, I don’t know. Nonetheless, they were all in the bedroom and were all undressed and getting into the theme of the moment if you know what I mean.

From here on, things became somewhat of a blur to me. I spent plenty of time on my hands and knees taking cock after cock in my mouth and pussy at the same time. I felt cocks cum in my mouth as well as in my pussy.

Sometimes I felt two cocks shooting into me at the same time. I remember sitting down on a particularly large cock and being pushed forward onto him by another guy who then slid his cock into me next to the first guy, double stuffing my pussy. It was tight and wonderful at the same time.

I can’t remember just how many orgasms I had that night. I don’t know if I stopped counting or if they all just blended into one giant one. It really didn’t matter at all to me. The sensuality of having all of the erotic parts of ones body stimulated at the same time and in ways different from anything I had ever experience before, and not thinking nor caring about any of the moral/ethical/social etc issues associated with this behavior was unworldly.

I happily received several loads of cum in my pussy that would then would run down my legs and help to lubricate me more for yet another guy to then plow into me with his cock. The feeling of all of that warm cum gushing into me over and over from cock after cock was unspeakably delicious!

I recall at one point a guy commenting that my pussy was getting too wet from all of the cum that I had had poured into me, and pushed into my ass with his larger than average sized cock. I had not had that many men’s cocks in my ass and so I was not really used to things like that. This felt heavenly though. He began by using some of the cum that was still running out of my pussy to begin lubricating my ass. Some of the guys had already had their fingers in my ass while they were fucking my pussy too, so it was already lubed up a bit.

He gently put one and then two fingers in my ass, moving them slowly back and forth as I got used to each new finger. By the time he got to the third finger, I was moaning and moving my ass back towards his advancing fingers. The stimulation just felt awesome!

I was surprised when the thought flew through my foggy brain that I really wanted to feel his cock in my ass and so I asked him to fuck my ass. He obliged and gently pressed the head of his cock into me.

He patiently waited for me to accommodate to his size and then began to slide the rest of his length into me. I looked around to see his face as he finally got all of his cock inside of my ass. He was looking upwards with a wonderful smile on his lips. He began to stroke back and forth, beginning slowly but then speeding up and picking up rhythm as he went.

I felt that he couldn’t keep up this pace for too long and was right as I was soon rewarded with the feeling of his cock pumping yet more cum into me, this time up my ass. He finished his orgasm and pulled his cock out of me with a small popping sound, followed by what felt like gallons of his cum running out of my ass.

The group of guys didn’t leave my now opened ass unoccupied for too long and soon another young man was using my ass for his personal cum depository.

Several of the guys took advantage of the situation by fucking both my ass and pussy at the same time. I really can’t describe how absolutely amazing the sensation is of having both holes stuffed with cock simultaneously. The only thing that was even more of a turn on for me was when two guys came inside my ass and pussy at the same time!

After several hours of taking as many loads of cum as 5 or 6 young guys could produce, I made up some story about an early morning flight and excused myself. I stumbled back to the room that I was sharing with my husband. I hoped that he would be waiting up for me so that I could tell him about the events of my evening.

It was after 3 AM and I was wrapped in a towel that I had taken from the guy’s room, my clothes being nowhere to be found. Fortunately, there weren’t many people up and about at that hour, and those that I passed on the walk back to my room hopefully just thought that I had come from a dip in the hotel’s hot tub and not from a gang bang. Although I don’t know how they would have reconciled the unmistakable musky sexual smell that prevailed around me as I passed by.

When I got to our room, I dropped the towel, turned on some lights and a cursory inspection revealed cum just about everywhere on me. There were patches of cum in my hair, dried cum streaked down my breasts and legs and of course, still plenty of fresh cum seeping out of both my ass and pussy.

My husband was indeed waiting for me with a smile on his face. “So, tell me about your evening won’t you dear?” he said. I proceeded to describe my evening’s adventures as best as I could, stroking his cock with my hands during the process. Needless to say I got a load of cum from him to add to my evenings totals. I will always have very fond memories of that special night and have no regrets concerning anything that happened.

Oh, and by the way for those of you that were wondering or concerned, I have tested repeatedly negative for any and all types of sexually transmitted diseases that I could have potentially acquired that night. I guess one could say that I got very lucky in more ways than one!!

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Mini Skirt At The Party

I’ve eyed you across the room for awhile now. That short mini skirt first caught my attention and then I looked down at those long, smooth, sexy legs. I felt my cock jump at first sight of them. I glance at your legs crossing and uncrossing every few minutes and it gives me a brief view of your green thong.

Our eyes meet when you catch me staring at your long legs and the treasure that is between them. You gave me a smile and a little wink. I could see the devilish twinkle in your eye and I felt my bulge grow even larger. I was ready for anything except this… You stood up and walked across the room taking my hand and leading me to one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Once in the room you closed and locked the door and wrapped your arms around my neck and kissed me deeply, swirling your tongue inside my mouth and wrestling with my own tongue. You grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up over my head and tossed it in a heap to the floor. You gently raked your nails across my muscular chest and ripped abs. I slowly unbuttoned your silky smooth blouse and slid it off your arms that were busy unbuttoning my jeans. I gazed at your bra-covered tits and yearned to suck on their nipples. I fumbled for a second with the clasp of your bra and finally removed it throwing it to the pile of clothes on the floor.

You finally managed to get my jeans unbuttoned and unzipped and got to your knees and slid them down. My hard on sprung a tent in my boxers and you looked up at me in the eyes and licked your lips while you ever so slowly pulled my boxers down. Your eyes went wide when you saw the size of it and couldn’t wait to devour it. Wasting no time you swallowed the head of my cock and ran your tongue around the pee hole sending small shockwaves through my body.

I moaned and sighed at the same time and gripped the back of your head forcing more of my cock into your mouth. You sucked fast and then slow, adjusting your speed gradually. Your left hand squeezed and massaged my balls while your right hand held onto the base of my cock. Your head started to bob up and down on my long tool going faster and taking more and more of my dick into your mouth. I felt the head of my cock touch the back of your throat and grunted loudly. You took more still of my cock into your mouth pushing your nose into my neatly trimmed pubic hair.

That sent me over the edge. I let a load of hot white cum flood into your mouth with some escaping down your chin and onto your big round tits. You got on the bed on all fours with your mini skirt and thong covered ass waving it in front of me teasingly. I grabbed your ass cheeks and then rolled you onto your back. I threw up your skirt and grabbed the elastic band of your tiny thong and pulled it down your smooth sexy legs waiting a second for your foot to stop massaging my dick, which was already at full length again. I gazed between your legs and your glistening cunt and got on my knees between your legs. I first gently licked from your knees, up the inside of your thighs to your hot wet pussy. Finally reaching your puss, I licked all the way up and down your slit and stopped at your hard clit, gently sucking it and nibbling on it. I glanced up at you pinching your nipples and kneading your tits together then got back to the task at hand.

I dove my tongue into your wetness tasting your sweet pussy juices. I lapped at your cunt, gobbling down all the juices that flooded out. Your breathing got heavier and heavier and I knew you were about to cum. I took my right middle finger and slid it into your love tunnel and pumped it in and out furiously and attacked your clit with my tongue and teeth. I relentlessly licked and sucked on your cunt and heard you scream a blood-curling scream of ecstasy. I think you liked it.

Before you could calm back down, I climbed on top of you, spread your thighs ever more, and pushed the tip of my cock inside you and then thrust all the way in making you gasp sharply. I felt your pussy contracting around my cock, trying to accommodate the much-welcomed intruder. I began to slowly push my cock in and out of your fuck hole getting faster with each pleasure giving thrust. Your hips moved up to meet mine. Our bodies moved in unison and soon we were fucking like wild animals. We moaned and grunted in pleasure. You wrapped your legs around me and pulled me into you wanting more of my cock.

Your nails scraped my back as I fucked your cunt faster and harder. We screamed and moaned like this was our very last fuck on earth. Your cunt squeezed my cock and sent me over the edge. My cum sprayed inside you and it sent you over the edge screaming like a wild banshee. I collapsed on top of you, both of us trying to catch our breath.

We slowly regained our composure and silently got dressed. You took out a pen and took your thong. You wrote your name and telephone number on it and handed it to me and gave me a deep, sensual kiss saying, “Call me sometime.” I opened the door where the rest of the party people were pressed up to the door listening; some with cum all over them and some with tits, cocks, and pussies showing. We both laughed and as you walked by you pressed against my cock through my jeans with your hand. I slowly watched you walk downstairs and out the door. That’s one fuck I’ll never forget.

Party Dare

It was late at night at the residence of Maya Murdock. Her parents had left for a week-long conference across the country and it was the middle of summer. Maya, who was twenty-two, feeling ever so lonely, decided to call up some friends to hang out.

Maya invited Jenny, Lucy, Amber, Patricia, Christine, and Rebecca. As Maya waited for her friends to arrive, she kicked off her socks and began reading one of her dad’s golf magazine. Less than a minute after she began reading, she threw it away, quickly discovering her hatred of golf.

Amber and Rebecca arrived first in their blue convertible. Amber and Rebecca, both of whom were about eight months older than Maya, were known to, as Maya would say, steal the show, because of their incredibly revealing outfits. They were both wearing a black bra and a blue thong that lightly exposed their butts. Maya, on the other hand, was wearing an orange blouse and jeans above her underwear.

Jenny, who was a month younger than Maya, arrived just moments later, and like Maya, she was incredibly modest, with her red dress easily reaching down to her knees, not wanting to show too much to anybody. Jenny also brought with her two bottles of wine, which she stole from her father’s liquor cabinet.

Lucy, who was a year older than Maya, followed Jenny in, but her sense of style was in-between those of Jenny and Amber. She wore just a very small tank-top, one which didn’t reach down much farther than below her boobs. However, she was wearing a pair of jeans, and was also wearing underwear. Lucy brought three bottles of tequila, which she bought from the local liquor store.

Patricia, who was six and a half months older than Maya, came in just a moment later, and on her, she had a very long skirt that went to her crotch, and then just a pair of panties to cover her clit. Patricia brought to the party a bottle of scotch, which was part of her mother’s salary, since her mother works for a brewery.

Christine, who was two months younger than Maya, was the last one to arrive, living the farthest away from Maya, and her sense of coverage was a short-sleeve shirt that reached just above her navel, which she had a ring pierced in, and a pair of shorts. However, unlike the girls, she did not wear any underwear. She also brought a bottle of vodka with her, which her father told her to get rid of, since he was entering Alcoholics Anonymous.

With everybody there, Maya asked everybody to play a game of dares. After Amber brought a bottle of John Hopkins beer to the circle of seven, Maya spun the bottle and it landed on Patricia. Maya’s first dare to Patricia was to write on her own leg, Sexy Mama. So, Patricia complied by grabbing a Sharpie marker and writing on her right leg the words Sexy Mama in big, black letters.

Next it was Amber’s turn and her spin resulted in Lucy having to perform a dare. Amber dared Lucy to rip off her tank top, and in a very proud manner, Lucy ripped it in half and threw it off. On Rebecca’s turn, Jenny had to perform the next dare, which was to eat mustard, something Jenny despised. However, Jenny had to do the dare, and she put some mustard on her tongue and swallowed it down.

It became Jenny’s turn and on her spin, she got Rebecca, and now wanting some good old fashioned vengeance, she dared Rebecca to masturbate into her panties. Rebecca then began rubbing her panties, and her pussy inside, rapidly, moaning out loud in ragged breaths. After several minutes of moaning and rubbing, her pussy unleashed a squirt of cum into her blue thong. Rebecca then opted to take her thong off and threw it into the garbage can, exposing her shaved pussy.

Now it was Lucy’s turn and she spinned the bottle with some very intense rigor and it finally landed on Christine. Lucy then dared Christine to take off her shirt. Christine was actually glad to do so and threw it off towards Lucy, exposing her very large boobies. Now it was Patricia’s turn, and her spin was very meek, and it landed on Maya. It was payback time, and Patricia dared Maya to take off her jeans. Maya reluctantly complied and off came her jeans, leaving her just in a blouse, bra, and bright yellow panties.

At last it was Christine’s turn, and her spin landed on Amber. Christine then dared Amber to throw her bra into the garbage can. Amber then got up and gracefully unstrapped her bra before putting it into the garbage can, leaving her profound boobs showing. Now two girls had no tops and one girl had no bottoms.

It was back to Maya and her next spin landed on Rebecca. Maya dared Rebecca to spend the rest of the night completely naked. Rebecca challenged and double dared Maya back to spend the night completely naked. Then Maya counter-dared by daring Amber and Christine to spend the night naked as well, as they were already partly naked. Amber then dared the other girls to spend the rest of the night naked. Christine then dared the girls to spend the next twenty-four hours naked. All seven girls accepted the bet, and then it was on.

To ensure every girl kept their word, the girls went to Maya’s empty closet, which formerly held much of her old things. Maya was up first and slipped off her orange blouse, putting it on the top shelf of the closet. Then she unhooked her green bra and untied her yellow panties, thus exposing her well-defined boobs and clean pussy. She put them also on the top shelf and stepped away.

Next it was Amber’s turn to stow away her clothes, and she put her blue thong on the same shelf as Maya. However, Patricia reminded the girls of the bra and thong in the garbage can, so Jenny then took the garbage can. She went outside and threw everything into the garbage bin. She returned in and said there would be no dare threat from the thrown-away clothing. With Amber and Maya butt naked, it was Rebecca’s turn.

Rebecca quickly unstrapped her bra and showed her medium-sized boobs to the girls and put her bra on the shelf just below that of Maya and Amber’s clothing. Now it was Jenny’s time to strip and she slowly unzippered her red dress, exposing her bright red panties and her red bra. Putting the dress on the same shelf as Rebecca’s bra, she then unstrapped her bra and slipped out of her panties, putting them on the same shelf. Now everyone could see her little tits and small boobs, as well as her hairy pussy.

Now Lucy had to take it all off, and there went her blue jeans onto the bottom-most shelf, where soon went her torn tank top, Christine’s shirt and Maya’s own jeans. Lucy then ripped off her G-string and tore off her bra, and now came out her well-developed breasts and strip of pubic hair above her pussy. Patricia soon followed Lucy by throwing her skirt above her head and onto the middle shelf of the closet. Following that was a quick drop of her panties and a tug that took off her bra.

Last came Christine, who put her shorts onto a rack in-between that of Patricia’s skirt and Lucy’s clothes. With everybody now naked, Maya pressed the lock from inside the closet and closed the door, so nobody could open it and get to any piece of clothing. The girls then all ran outside to face the swimming pool, which had an average depth of four feet and was thirty feet by ten feet.

As it was still very dark out, Lucy went inside and brought out the bottle of scotch and Christine got out the alcohol glasses. Lucy poured out a generous shot of scotch, and soon the bottle was empty. Each girl then raised a toast to a day of girl nudity and then quickly downed the scotch. In her drunken stupor, Patricia went to an equally drunk Rebecca and the two began to kiss passionately on the ground, which was gravel and stone. The two proudly showed their breasts and pussies to everyone before Patricia began oral sex on Rebecca, licking her pussy and making Rebecca go into full-orgasm mode.

The other girls then thought Patricia had a great idea and soon sex began. Jenny began to kiss Lucy’s tits while Amber began to lick Lucy’s asshole. In this threesome, the three then fell to the ground, this time in the grass, and Lucy was licking Amber’s pussy while Amber was kissing Jenny, who was fingering Lucy’s pussy. It was a long night of moaning for those three as they went aggressively in their sex.

The last matchup of the night was Maya and Christine, who first began by kissing, which then turned into the two licking at each other’s tits and boobs. They went at it even more passionately than the other girls and it lasted all through the night. At sunrise, the seven girls awoke; they were suffering some very severe hangovers from all the scotch. Maya asked how everybody was doing. They all replied that they were hungry, but doing okay otherwise.

After a quick breakfast of some wine and granola bars Maya had in the kitchen cabinet, the seven all felt they needed to shower off. They got the water sprinkler out as well as soap and conditioner. Lucy turned on the sprinkler and the girls each stood in range of the water while applying on themselves the soap on the body and conditioner on their hair. After each girl had thoroughly washed off and been cleaned, Lucy turned off the sprinkler.

To dry off, the girls decided to take a tan, lying out in the sun as part of the dare, they could not use towels, and they wanted to get rid of all the tan lines on their crotches and boobs. During the tanning period, Jenny began feeling a little horny and began rubbing herself in the clit. However, the other girls didn’t feel the same sensation to masturbate. After the girls were sufficiently dried off and some of their tan lines were gone, they felt hot.

As a result, all seven decided to jump in the pool and began splashing each other. Patricia had a nice little game planned, which was trouble ball. She set the rules, which were that each girl had to go to the deep end of the pool, which was six and a half feet and grab the ball at the bottom. Then, they had to swim with the ball in hand to the shallow end of the pool, which was a mere one and a half feet. The last person that finishes has to spend an hour with a dildo rammed up their pussy. For places two through six, they have to drink three whole shots of tequila. Nothing would happen to first place.

The game began and it quickly became a very intense race as each girl rushed to pick up their ball and return it to the other side. After about a minute, victory belonged to Jenny. Coming in second was Maya, followed by Christine, Lucy, Amber, and Patricia. Coming in last was Rebecca, who found herself with a dildo in her pussy, which started as an incredibly uncomfortable feeling, but it gradually began to grow on her, and she felt more pleasure. The other girls, sans Jenny and Rebecca, each downed their tequila shots, which certainly was a lot of alcohol in less than a day.

Then, Lucy said that she had to pee, so Maya brought her into the house and to the bathroom, and she had to keep the door open and her private parts as visible as possible. After a long squirt of urine into the toilet, Lucy got up and flushed the toilet before returning outside. The other girls were just sitting in lawn chairs and drinking the vodka, and quickly went through the entire bottle; something Christine did not think was possible.

A couple of hours later, the girls were inside and obviously buzzed from drinking more wine and tequila throughout the day, still naked. Suddenly, an alarm rang and Maya said that the twenty-four hour nudity dare was over. Everybody could now leave, but since they were all very drunk and Maya was having difficulty unlocking the closet, they all stayed until morning.

When the sun rose, the girls were all sleeping in one giant pile, having done a whole lot of loving in the night. Maya was finally able to open the closet and every girl slowly put back on their clothing, which they still had. All the girls left and thanked Maya for the wildest time of their lives. With the house still to herself for a few days, Maya decided to take her clothes off again and go tanning.

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Shy Chinese Neighbor Wants Advice

The only thing on my mind while driving home from work on a sweaty day in mid-summer was to pull my suit pants off, get into my PJs, and laze around. Living alone I could afford to walk around the house dressed however the hell I wanted and enjoy the Friday afternoon heat in peace. I came in the door exhausted and slumped onto the couch.

Without my even thinking about it my hand slid into my pants, worked its way under the waste-band of my g-string, and rubbed and scratched at the small trail of short curly hairs growing above my vulva. Just as I unbuttoned my pants I heard the doorbell. I live in a condo with a security guard. We don’t get salespeople or Mormons, and since I didn’t have any plans for the night, I was curious who it would be at the door.

It was the little Asian girl who lives in the unit to the left of mine. I didn’t even know her name but I’d seen her in the elevator and coming and going in the halls a few times.

I opened the door and smiling warmly said, “Hey, what’s up, can I help you with something?”

She was nervous. She looked down for a moment and I felt like she was deciding whether or not to bolt back to her place and lock the door.

Finally she said, “I know we don’t really know each other but I need your advice with something. I really need to talk to you. Can I come in, or do you want to come to my place?”

The latter sounded interesting. I’d never seen any of the other condos in the building.

“OK, let’s go,” I replied, stepping out into the hall without even putting shoes on.

My curiosity was really peaked. I had no idea what she wanted but I was happy to go along and find out. Sometimes I can be too solitary of a person and I have had some of my life’s best experiences by taking advantage of sudden opportunities.

“I’m sorry but I don’t know your name.”

“My English name is Jacqueline, and yours?”

“Jane. So where you born in Ireland or…?”

“China. But I’ve been here for about 9 years. I came over as a student originally.”

She opened her door, which was unlocked, and I followed her inside. Her place was clean and very sparsely decorated. In the area to the left of the entrance way a couch stood away from any walls and facing a TV. There was a coffee table, a table in the kitchen to the right of the entrance way, which had a few chairs set out around it, and there was a large tank filled with brightly coloured exotic looking fish. The thing that I noticed most was the complete lack of any decoration on the walls. But because of their light colour, and the fact that all of the curtains were open, the place still seemed bright and cheery.

We sat on the couch and, still not knowing what exactly was up, I continued the conversation, learning that Jacqueline was 27 and worked in a travel agency. She seemed more relaxed now and I again caught the scent of wine on her breath that I had noted first at my front door. I was not wrong, as she got up and offered me a glass of a very nice red. I accepted happily, as I’d been planning on drinking anyway while watching movies.

Finally she got to the point I’d been waiting eagerly for.

“The reason I needed to talk to you so badly, Jane, has to do with my boyfriend. I really appreciate your coming over here, especially since we didn’t even know each other. Kary keeps asking me to do something and, deep down I really want to, but it is something that, I don’t know… it confuses me and it scares me too that if I do it I may regret it and feel… dirty.”

At this last word I perked up my ears and felt a very slight flush of excitement. Maybe I was getting a little drunk already having not eaten anything yet. One thing was for sure, Jacqueline’s shyness was really leaving me on edge! I wanted to just know already what the hell was up that was so important that she couldn’t call one of her friends on the phone or something, she had to come over and knock on my door.

“Well…?” I laughed, “What is it? What is it?”

She took another gulp of wine and then, looking at the floor, said, “A threesome.”

“I’m assuming he wants to do it with another girl?” I answered, wanting all the facts before I gave her my opinion.

“He does. In fact, he’s already decided which girl. He is really serious about it, and I love him and trust him completely, and… I think I want it too. The girl is you Jane.”

She was about to melt into the couch with embarrassment now. Wow. I didn’t see this coming on my drive home from work. I didn’t even think I knew who her boyfriend was. I’d seen a few guys in the elevator but didn’t know where any of them lived. I had certainly never done anything like a threesome before. Nor had I ever fooled around with another girl. But then I thought, “Ahh… what the fuck, it’s Friday.”

I put my arm around Jacqueline’s shoulder and said, “Well sweetie, if you want to do this, let’s do it.”

She finally had the courage to take her beautiful eyes off of the floor and look up to meet mine. My fingertips ran gently under her bangs rubbing her forehead. She put her hand behind my head and slowly leaned in to kiss my lips. My first kiss with a woman and it felt much more natural than I might have guessed it would. After this kiss she drew back and looked at me, beaming with relief and pleasure after so much concern over what the result of taking this risk would be.

I hadn’t really checked her out before this. Jacqueline was a petite woman with a delicate beauty and refined features. I took her small beautiful hand and held it between my own hands which completely covered it.

“Kary will be home any minute. He just went out to do some shopping and I didn’t tell him anything about this. I think he will be happy with me,” she giggled.

I was actually starting to burn up with desire for this woman. Even if her boyfriend didn’t come back I would have fucked her. “Who cares,” I rationalized to myself, “sex is supposed to feel good, if it feels good it then it’s fine.”

I kissed Jacqueline again, this time opening my lips a crack and letting the end of my tongue enter her mouth. We were making out very slowly, still fully clothed, me fondling her breasts and her running her hands through my long chestnut hair when the door opened.

Kary was a tall and very well built man. Welsh, as I would learn later. His body was on the verge of being too thick and making the transition from just strong to strong and definitely fat. I could tell that in a few years this change would irreversibly take place, but it hadn’t quite begun yet. His hairline was receding a little in the corners. I put him in his early 30s.

His smile was so broad as he gazed down at his couch and what waited there for him, that I thought it might lift him off of the ground as it grew.

He shook his head and clucked, “Jacqueline my dear you are simply incredible. Incredible.”

She bowed her head, laughing.

“I’m Jane,” I said.

“It is a pleasure Jane. My name is Kary.”

He took his boots off and came up to us from behind the couch, draping one arm around each of our shoulders and leaning his head forward to kiss the backs of our necks. Kary kissed his girlfriend deeply, and then turned to me and, very suddenly, we were making out. His left arm dropped from Jacqueline and came around to touch my cheek. I stuck my arm down over the back of the couch and searched blindly with it until it found its mark, the hard bulge in the front of Kary’s corduroys.

He stood up and took his shirt off, which gave us girls the opportunity to do the same with each other. I then unfastened Jacqueline’s bra and found myself looking at two absolutely delicious little titties. They were small but very perky, perfectly formed and capped by dark nipples. I leaned in to suck one and put my open hand lightly underneath it.

My lips bobbed rhythmically on Jacqueline’s tit and she made noises of appreciation while running her fingertips in scratching waves up my back. After a minute she leaned back further into a semi-reclined position, propped up on her elbows.

I took the cue and instead of following her down, pulled away from her tit and helped take her jeans and underwear off in a single motion. She raised her small ass off of the couch to help me undress her. Then I was looking at a cunt more closely than I had ever seen one. She kept it shaved bare. Her lips where close together, making her look tight. In spite of how horny I was, I didn’t feel any strong urge to take the full plunge and taste her just yet.

I heard Kary coming around to the front of the couch and turned to look at him. He was naked and he was big. I felt my heart move faster inside my chest as I watched him pull his foreskin back like a shield being lifted, exposing the broad shining purple of his penis head. His dick was firm, rising up so captivatingly the way only a nice big cock can. I straightened up and turned toward him while still remaining seated on the couch. My hands came forward easily, and without resistance I began touching his cock.

It was like a cricket bat as I weighed it: stiff and determined and powerful. I cupped his ball sack with my right hand and rhythmically pulled and teased it down between my fingers, rolling his testicles around slowly. I could feel the thinly distributed hairs of his scrotum tickling my palm. His sack was warm. Beads of his sweat were rubbing off onto my skin.

It was beautiful to look into his blue eyes and see how excited he was, and then to look lower down and see his cock literally waiving in the air with anticipation for my mouth. I had to take a moment and stare with appreciation at this big piece of him sticking up off of his body, so desperately wanting some attention.

I slowly ran the index finger of my left hand down, starting between his ass cheeks, farther and farther, from his ass along the skin between his legs and, in no rush, up his shaft. Jacqueline’s naked body was pressed against my back, hugging me. Her head was leaning on my shoulder as she watched the action. She kissed and nibbled at my earlobe, which felt great.

I bit my lip while I teased Kary with my finger, smiling innocently. At last I leaned in close and, turning my head to one side, put my lips tenderly on the edge of his shaft about half way up. I ran my kiss very deliberately first down the side of his shaft and then up until I reached the underside of his head. I licked him there lightly and continuously for a long while, letting my lips brush around his head without sucking him into my mouth yet.

My hand gingerly worked the base of his shaft, making circles up and down, lifting his pleasure together with my strokes. My twat was burning with excitement and I was slowly massaging my own groin inside my pants just as I was working his.

Finally I was ready and needing more, I opened by jaws wide and bobbed my head down taking most of his length into my horny throat. At the same time I rubbed my clit faster and felt a persistent warmth rise up my back and push its way to my face and my cock-filled mouth. I was in love with his dick in this moment, with its bulging veins, with its curves; I wanted it to plug me everywhere and for a long time to come.

Jacqueline was grinding her wet pussy against my lower back while I was giving her boyfriend head. She seemed content to watch from where she was for the moment.

With his shaft in my throat I allowed the fingers of the hand I wasn’t masturbating with to glide along Kary’s asshole, rubbing it lightly and spreading his hole out the slightest bit just with the very tip of my finger. I didn’t go too far in. I wasn’t sure how he’d react if I tried. I had to pull the finger back after rubbing his ass and quickly take his cock out of my mouth and run the finger under my nostrils. I breathed in a strong whiff of a man’s smells. It made me wild. I wanted to put my finger farther in, I would just try and see what he said.

I got up from the couch and nudged Jacqueline’s head towards her boyfriend’s dick to continue where I had left off. I removed my pants and came to Kary’s side, sliding my finger back down to his asshole where I began to apply pressure without actually entering him. He kissed me fervently with his tongue and, reaching down between his own legs, forcefully took my hand and guided my finger up into him.

This was so erotic to me that I couldn’t contain myself. I took my finger out for a moment, took Kary’s hand and, falling onto my back on the couch, spread my legs for him. He threw his shoulders under my calves and positioned his stiff cock at the entrance of my little hole. In the next instant he was penetrating me slowly and it felt so good that I gasped.

Jacqueline came over to where my head was resting and positioned her slit over my mouth, facing her boyfriend so she could watch him move in and out of my body. I still wasn’t so sure I wanted this, but things were going so well that I just shut my eyes and began licking Jacqueline’s cunt. This view was one I never would have guessed that I’d have. I was looking up into a woman’s cunt and ass. She was tight and perfectly proportioned with the sweetest little ass you can imagine.

Once I got started it wasn’t bad at all. I licked her everywhere, her thighs, her outer lips, her inner lips, her clit. I even tried tongue fucking her and licking her ass. She was so cute and appreciative. Her boyfriend was really laying it into me by then, making my boobs bounce to the rhythm of our fucking. I groaned and groaned with pleasure. I just continued yelling, “Fuck me,” over and over. Fuck me. Fuck me.

He was taking everything out of me, overpowering my mind with his amazing dick.

I moved my finger back up Kary’s asshole and fucked him with it as he drove his shaft into me. He moaned and rolled his head back when I penetrated him, which I just loved. I wriggled and gyrated my pelvis under his thrusts. They became even deeper and more forceful, as if he wanted to punish me for being so dirty and daring to finger fuck his ass. Maybe he wanted to prove how powerful and in control he was, that he was open enough to take a finger up his ass and still be a man.

He spread his legs out wider, pushing my thighs wider open at the same time. He arched his back more each time he pulled his cock out of me, pushing his ass back and allowing my finger deeper access. Then he would come forward again, driving his thick rod in, filling me with ripples of hot excitement. He was so strong and fit and eager. With each thrust I felt like he was hitting the very deepest place inside of me; sliding firmly and passionately into my moist slit.

Jacqueline leaned forward so that she could lick my clit while I licked her and took her boyfriend’s throbbing cock. This was likely the most overpowering set of sexual sensations that I’ve ever had.

Kary slowed down and from inside his asshole I felt everything contract. I knew that his orgasm was not far off. I rapidly rubbed my finger along the small hard bump that I knew was his prostate. He let out an unchecked moan that came from somewhere deep in his guts.

He pulled his cock out of me and I looked up from between his girlfriend’s legs just in time to see him rubbing himself and see his dick start to spasm and fire large strings of hot cum onto my belly and onto Jacqueline. His asshole clenched down firmly around my finger as he came. Jacqueline moved forward and started to suck him. I moved her legs over so that I could sit up and join in.

The two of us kissed each other around Kary’s still hard dick. Our mouths played together. Then one of us would focus on his balls while the other sucked his head. His shaft was beautiful, slick and glistening in the last light of the day, which entered through the open windows.

It was so hot to hear his noises and be so submissive while still controlling his pleasure. His erection never subsided. He took my head with both hands and fucked my mouth, then he fucked me between my tits, then back into my mouth, into Jacqueline’s mouth, and on and on like this.

Jacqueline started eating my pussy again. I wasn’t looking at her, I had a mouth full of hard dick to fuck on, I could just feel her little licks between my legs. Finally, I came. Everywhere was on fire. I sucked and stroked furiously at Kary’s manhood, begging him to cum again, pleading for his cum on my face. It would be such a nice finish to an unbelievable evening.

And then he pushed my hand away from his rod so he could hold it himself and jerk off. In a matter of seconds I had my wish, more jizz splattered onto my delirious body.

The three of us lay down together on the carpet, kissing and touching for the rest of the night.

I still visit Kary and Jacqueline from time to time. They are engaged and despite some problems from now and then, they seem to be a very good couple. Jacqueline and I have become friends although not super close. I’m glad that things happened the way they did, and that my getting involved hasn’t damaged their relationship. It certainly opened up new doors for me, ones that I hadn’t even considered exploring, like group sex and fucking other women, things which I may decide to try more of some time soon.